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Hey guys let me know when you are here
Hi. Let me see... ah right, had finished helping Brass with his GM ads, and then in the middle of lunch.

Brass: "I head Rick gave you a promotion into head honcho of the nigthmare department?"

Ami: "What's that?"

Eldric: "Head of telecommunications. For a business as big as the XWF, that means hes responsible for the signal on all five continents, the moon colony project, the space stations, and when the mars colony project starts, that too."

Ami: "That sounds really impressive Ned, congratulations!"

Brass: "My condolences" -he said kindly

Ami: "Mister Wolfside! you make it sound so awful!"

Brass: "Well, I guess Ned could actually last more than a month in the job? so what's your first task on the job?"

your cue. Also totally unrelated but i liked this AMV., My opinion may be tainted by the fact I liked the movies its made from, tho

Its not that bad
fix the NASA hold up

Eldric: "Nasa still flies? werent they buying tickets from russia now?"

Brass: "Well, I assume that at least SOME of the novas in the US must be working for them now, no?"

Eldric: "Well, the ones that are into it for the money, maybe. I think most eggheads are working with Daefalus. Did you check them yet, Ned?"

Ami: "What's Daedalus?" -she says while enjoying a bit of steak

Ned: "A group of space enthusiasts. A... well, relatively large group of novas interested only on space science. They use long range teleporters, living energy types, and such, as well as mega intelligent novas, of course."

Ami: "How do you know that?"

Eldric: "Hey, I'm a card carrying Daedlite, you know? I've helped design the moon home proyect!"

Ami: "Daedlit... isin't that from a comedy... horror? ...movie?"

Eldric: "You are thinking deaditte, and I had no idea you knew what those were."

Ami: "I do like comedies, you know?"

Eldric: "Have I told you how much I love you recently? because I love you more and more the more you speak, you know?"

Ami closes her mouth shut, and blushes a lovely shade of red, looking down.

Eldric: "I mean that."

Ami: "Idiot."

Brass: *cough* "Well, what are you going to do now, Ned? go back to the office, or help the lovebirds with their work?"

your cue
"Back to the office. So, who's on bodyguard duty for the return trip?"

Ami: "Bodyguard?" -is still nibbling on a extra large steak

Eldric: "We are just worried, Ned. Besides, you know asking you to come help us its a genuine request we can make of you as our manager."

[] Go with them to the beach
[] Thank them and go back to the office
[] Other
>[] Go with them to the beach
"I know, I know, I have a huge target painted on my back right now. Still, Ami, you don't do subtle very well."

Eldric: "She didin't even know, tho."

Ami: "?" -she finishes her nova milkshake and puts the glass down- "What should I be subtle about? what am I missing?"

Brass: "Ah, we are trying to keep Ned scorted by one of us at all times."

Ami: "because of the incident a few days ago? doesn't he has the tracking implant, same as all high execs?"

Eldric: "What implant?"

Brass: "That's just a rumour, Ami."

Ami: "Oh... cant we ask the doctor to give him one, or Lyann? she's smart, right?"

[] Thats... not a bad idea
[] I'd rather not stick things under my skin, thanks
[] Other
>[] Thats... not a bad idea
"Still, I Ami randomly showing up on my front door wasn't her bodyguarding me, who had that shift?
...good question. Someone had that shift.

Eldric: "Well, we started jogging together..."

Ami: "You ditched me! now I get it, you just wanted someone with credibility to pick him up!" -bops Eldric's head-

Eldric: "Sorry."

Ami: "Well, it was fun, so it's alright? I can pick you up in the mornings like that if you want."

your cue
"I can see the tabliod headlines now... Probably better for me to just sleep in my office bedroom really. Its honestly pretty nice"

Brass: "Hah, that would be funny."

Ami: "Hey! I'm a very atttractive woman, I could seduce mister Salter if I really wanted to!"

Eldric: "Of course you are." -he pulls her gently to kiss the top of her head, and she blushes a little bit

Brass: "Why don't you move to Lyann's place for a while? she could surely spare a few clones to serve as your escort, right?"

Ami: "Oh, I haven't visited there yet."

Eldric: "Well, we don't mix that much, after all. Anyway, Ned, you said you were coming with us, right? we should get going."

Roll biz (product placement). Also, any suggestions at this point?
Rolled 5, 4, 5, 4, 9, 4, 7, 8, 4, 7, 3, 9, 5, 2, 9, 8 = 93

Not really. We have our interviews with potential secretaries/assistants in a day or two, a meeting with the Communication people, and a few other things to deal with.
well, if you arent going, then roll 8d10 for Ami's perform and 7d10 for Eldric's to see how well they do in the ads. We'll use the average of the two. Remember Ami gets +3 extra successes to any non combat physical activity, as well (that enhancement can be bought an extra time for a +6 total bonus, btw)
Rolled 3, 1, 7, 6, 6, 8, 9, 3 = 43

so 6 successes for Ami, since its mostly physical stuff. Surfing, playing volleyball, using the equipment at the muscle beach, etc.
Rolled 6, 4, 1, 8, 2, 3, 7 = 31

Might as well do my bit

2 successes for Eldric, plud 3 from his mega appearance enhancements..I guess the average is still 6

The add comes out on the evenings. It looks like another ad of beautiful people having fun, but Ami and Eldric work so well together, and are obviously, genuinely having fun.

That gets through to the viewers, and obesity rates drop a whooping 30% in all cities along the shoreline.

Next, the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC) gives you a call. They are interested in working with both Ami and Eldric in an ongoing campaign against obesity and drug use all across the country, with ads tailored for the areas they will be broadcasted in, showcasing local sport opportunities available to all citizens of that area,

Aritsu: "Welcome back, sir" -she says as you go back into the office.- "I have several pages worth of people who are interested in working under you,"

Ned: "I expected no less, Aritsu, thankyou."

You also have calls from NASA, Quantum Labs, and one from Okaba, which one do you want to take first?

You find Okaba in his department. Since he's in the lobby, he moves away and out of the camera's sight to answer you.

Okaba: "Ned? how are you?"

As it turns out, he wants you to tell him if you have spoken with the T2M member that's supossed to guard you during the trial.

You assure him that you haven't seen him or her yet, and he tells you he'll call Utopia to ask what's wrong and call you back.

Okaba: "For now, stay in your office."

Ned: "Sure."

Want to call the health service, NASA, Quantum Labs? or start going over the resumes of the candidates? that would take several hours, tho
Quantum Labs

Kenji Watanabe (Quantum Labs CEO): "Hey, Ned!" -he greets you cordially- "Wanted to let you know the guys here think we can help your boy Eldric in one of two ways. He said to ask you since you are the showbusiness expert, so that's what I'm doing."

Ned: "Alright, what do you have for me?"

Kenji: "Well, first, one is a flashy ranged attack. Normally, he says his fighting is not flashy enough, so we were working on a wind blast that would tear the ground on its path. You know, for dramatic effect so people could easily tell there was an attack happening. It would have quite the kick."

Ned: "and the other?"

Kenji: "Smoke weapons and armor. Since he has this knight thing going on, right? would definitively help him in hand to hand."

your cue
He doesn't have Melee right? the ranged blast seems better.
right, but i was just fluffling it as weapons. Would be the claws power.
Ah, then that will work.

Kenji: "Alright, I'll let him know, then. Will keep your boy busy for a week or so."

Ned: "Alright, call me periodically to let me know how things are going, alright? I may even drop by to check on him."

I have to go prepare lunch. Stop here for today?
Ill see you tomorrow. Take care.
Oh, a friend is inviting me to pathfinder, Are mages still gods or can I stay competent as a fighter?
The difference is less, but still present. Most half casters are actually pretty competent.
Oh, guess Ill go with a paladin then. Thanks. See you tomorrow. Oh! Ill make Eldric

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