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Original thread can be found here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/33893248/

Long story short, a bunch of us created a crazy world of bug people trying to survive against an invading horde of Asian wasps the size of school-buses. I want to keep this idea alive and see if we can polish this idea into something great. I will try to get a more concise write up that tries to use as much of the ideas as I can from the last thread.

Feel free to discuss this world and writefag for it if you want. I will post the continuation to Chythka's story shortly.
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Oh hey. I made that thread!

Well, this is better than the excuse of a worldbuilding thread somebody started earlier, so I'm game.
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I think there is a mantis on this helmet.
My bug's bigger than your
bug. My bug's an extension of my manhood.
Human cults that worship the Hornets and those who work for the Mantids both wear these armors.
File: Spoiler Image (1.97 MB, 177x100)
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1.97 MB GIF
Important Races (these are subject to change)

Mantis or Mantids (not sure which one is accurate) They are physically frail but possible rogues or intellectuals. There was mention of them being fluent in all languages, which could be fluffed that they are just very very skilled at linguistics.

Spiders, there are various kinds but there was talk of trapdoor spiders being the dwarves of the setting. I like that idea alot.

Vinegaroons. Fuck these things are scary, but they make a great warrior race dedicated to fighting the wasps.

Humans. They are in this setting and the bugs have many myths about why they are here.

Bees: in Chythka's story they are a precurser race that died out. I have plans for them in my story, but because of their mysterious nature anyone can pretty much do what they want with them

This list is not exhaustive.
Parasites of all kind are the demons of the setting.
Wasp cults have already been established, but they have more than humans among their ranks.
File: 1401283485810.gif (1.52 MB, 250x226)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
Jumping Spiders were Wood Elves, Trapdoors were Dwarves. Vinegaroons are from the southlands, and both a philosopher-warrior race and surrealist painters.

I say we make harvestmen the drow.
Iam surprised you didnt suggest black widows for Drow

Or would those count as the halflings of the setting with how small the males are?
You forgot the Ants being Fae.
Ants and Moths, all various kinds of fae. Ill go back to the archived thread and try to make a comprehensive list tonight
Eh, I just like the idea of the traditional spider-obsessed race not actually being spiders at all.
Also, long creepy tunnel-legs.
actually, I can agree with that.
Stick Insects are nature elementals/guardians that tend to sacred groves.

Interlopers tend to be dissected slowly and placed on the boundaries.
Chythka’s eyes got wet and her vision got cloudy. Through the fog she watched in horror as Periwinkle spun into the campfire. The fire catching her wings and fur and bursting into a sudden blue flame, before the Fay-moth’s charred corpse hit the dirt. Damian and Chythka jumped to their feet and ran to Periwinkle. The poor little moth still twitched and spasmed.
Chythka’s vision cleared and she was still sitting down. Damian was still across from her, and Periwinkle was still flying laps around the fire. Adrenaline coursed through her, but nothing was wrong. “Periwinkle?” She asked, her voice shaking. There was no response. “Talk to me Periwinkle.” The Fay-moth didn’t respond. She launched herself up, over the fire, kicking up embers. She snatched the Fay-moth from the air and landed hard beside Damian.
“What are you doing?” He shouted, wiping ash off his leggings.
Chythka held Periwinkle in a vice grip, rocking gently on her legs. The Fay-moth broke from its daze and looked up at the mantid, “Chythka? I was having a nice dream. It was warm and bright.”
“You weren’t speaking to me. You scared me.”
“I wasn’t? I heard everything you two were talking about, but I...well I…” The moth turned to look at the campfire and grew silent.
Chythka shook the smaller bug. “You nearly died! I saw you fly into the fire.”
“What’s fire? Is it food?”
Chythka let go of her and pointed at the campfire. “That is fire. It keeps us warm, but it’s dangerous.”
Periwinkle resumed her loop around the flames. Luckily Damian snatched her out of the air. “I can’t believe I have to do this.” He muttered to himself as he got closer to the fire and held the moth directly over the flames for a moment.
“Ah! That hurts!” Periwinkle screamed and sped over to Chythka. “I am scared.” The little moth shivered between her arms. “Periwinkle was about to go BOOM and fizzle.” The mantid didn’t let go.
File: chitin map.png (11 KB, 1000x600)
11 KB
this map was in the original thread. I like it and think it will work for the setting. An interesting detail is that you cant pinpoint many villages and towns because of them being on the back of mobile beetles or cockroaches. However there still will be landmarks and stationary local and towns scattered about.
So is the Mothman some sort of evil Fey Moth?
you mean the mythical creature? Possibly.

I am not sure about directly making any one race evil. cool thing with fey is that they can all have their own alignments. There was mention of a vampiric kind of ant that could work as an Unseelie Fey (the dickish kind of fey)
So L5R reskinned with bugs and stuff?
have not read any of the lore for L5R, could you explain?
I meant as one specific evil moth. Like a dark lord of nightmares that the Fey Moths fear instinctually.
ignoring the elaborate theology of it, endless hoards of blood thirsty monsters want to kill everything. Samurai built the great wall of not-china to keep them out. One particular clan basically lives to hold the front line against the shadowlands in an ancient and endless struggle.

I didn't mean it in a snarky way. L5R is rad as fuck and I've always loved the idea of insect people in a kind of chanbara epic setting.
this setting might not be very chanbara, but might end up with a more conan feel with the level of tech everyone has. There is metal, but the most common material used for armor and weapons will be Chitin. I am still trying to figure out how a blade made out of such material would be sharpened.
Definitely go for more of a Conan feel.
Also, Vinegarrons are known to sometimes carry their children on their backs when going to battle, if I remember last thread right.
yes that was mentioned in Chythka's story. I thought it was a nice touch.
Catcher and Palama had returned and everyone retired for the night. Chythka curled up against Palama’s bulky warmth, Catcher had vehemently refused to be her pillow. She was holding Periwinkle to her chest, and pondered about what happened. She saw Periwinkle burn, and yet the Fay-moth hadn’t. Eventually she fell asleep, her last thoughts were of home.

Chythka woke to see the sun crawling above the horizon. Everyone else had woken up and were preparing for the trek ahead.

Damian was on a nearby hill, scanning the landscape. The young mantid walked up, holding an arm up to keep the sun from her eyes.

"Chythka, is that your home?" He said, taking a bite of grub jerky.

Through the glare Chythka squinted. Off in the distance, in a valley was a beetle the size of a small mountain. Its opalescent carapace glittered in the morning light. Buildings sprouted from the top of the beetle's back. The structures huddled together giving the village the look of an animal cowering from the edges of the carapace.

The Village-Beetle's gargantuan head was buried in the ground, taking massive mouthfulls of bushes, trees, and whatever living matter was careless enough to be grazed upon.

"I don't know. I never saw my village from outside of it before."

"Are there any buildings or something big you can remember?" He held out the stick of jerky.

Chythka ignored the offered jerky, "There was a belltower, but it was kind of short, I think. If the bell rang I'd know."

Periwinkle snuck up on the jerky and started to nimble on the chewed end. "Ew! Why did I think it would taste different?"

Damian ignored the Fey-moth, "We need to restock on supplies anyway, so we are going to that village whether it is yours or not."

Periwinkle alighted on Chythka's head and asked Damian, "Last night you mentioned Ruins. What are those?"
"Ruins are old buildings. Empty places that have been abandoned or forgotten along time ago. There are a lot of them."

Periwinkle bounced, her weight forcing Chythka's head to bounce with her. "Are really big holes in the ground ruins?"

Damian punctuated his answer with a bite of the jerky, "Depends on what is at the bottom of that hole."

"What about big stones and six-sided pillars and rocks."

Damian choked on his breakfast. Holding the jerky in his teeth he traced a hexagon into the dirt. "Did you see anything like this?" His voice was hurried and excited.

"Yep. A lot of them. I think. Is it important?"

Damian snatched the Fey-moth off of Chythka's head, "Important? You have no idea! Tell me where it is!"

"Sure I'll show you, but the place is boring. But Chythka needs to get to her village first. I promised her."

"You have my word, Fay-moth." He looked over his shoulder at Palama and Catcher, "Lady and Gentleman, today we get our guest home, and then, we explore a hive-ruin!"

They began their march to the grazing Village-Beetle.
File: chitin map coastlock.png (17 KB, 1000x600)
17 KB
CoastLock was mentioned in my story so I figured Id give it a place on the map.

This is one of the largest non-mobile settlements. Originally a city roach took to the water trying to pass the short gap between the shores. It died halfway across, its massive body blocking off the inland water from the ocean permanently. The believed story is that the Seafolk (shellfish and such) attacked and dealt the killingblow. There might be other reasons.

The populace moved off the city-roach and spread along the coast, taking advantage of the resources of the area, and the influx of food from a giant dead city-roach. This city has a high population of Vines who feel that this city is doomed without them.
>world if chitin and ichor
you and I both know the bugs are not the true threat lurking out there
So very true. Atleast one city will be at constant war with crabs and lobsters.
Bugs and crustaceans are both part of the same family, Arthropods.
File: Creeping in my soul.webm (476 KB, 480x270)
476 KB

For centuries, the bottom of the deepest seas have been shrouded in mystery and superstition. Some say its a hostile place inhabited by the strangest creatures. Others say that its a prison; for the most dangerous outcasts.

>Ancient Shrimp, Lobster and Crab merfolk that may have lived in the era of the Precursor Bees.
File: 1406215216784.jpg (162 KB, 1200x856)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Will there be Tarantula Barbarians in the outer lands that manage an uneasy peace with their Spider cousins? I think that would be an interesting concept to see, with them being hairy and stuff.

>Scarab Beetle Earth elementals
>Dragonfly Air elementals
>Water Beetle Water elementals
>Firefly Fire elementals
File: ProphetWeird.png (454 KB, 484x568)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
Save the Atlantis stuff for the lobsters and shrimp and even weirder shit.

Crabs and crayfish should be some kinda semi-aquatic invader-types. Sahuagin meets Ironborn for most types, with big-ass coconut crabs as trolls or giant or some such.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WJJFtHZ5JY
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6dmTgwNMh4

Also, this seems like it belongs here.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rVO-tPi7n8
What about using the fire to set up a potential malevolent entity? Face moths could have myths about an Unseelie kind of moth that lives within all fire, the Dancer of the Blaze. For reasons unknown, it loves to entrance the face moths with its dance within the fire, bringing them ever closer until they burn away.

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