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Alrighty guys, back from the hospital and good to go
Hi, how are you, and where were we?
Okay, and we had just ordered Aritsu to supervise Mako and Sinoe, and we were going to call Lyann about the attacks.
ah right, thanks, hold on typing

Lyann is quite upset when you tell her about your day. She looks elsewhere for a moment, and you can easily guess she must have commanded a clone off screen.

Her image floating over your desk is like a miniature image of some greek goddess, her impossible figure and beauty somehow seeming to fit perfectly well with the etherealness of the holo.

Lyann: "I am going to you, alright? please stay there."

Ned: "I'm with Okaba and the rest of the XWF security staff, I will be perfectly fine."

Lyann: "All the more reason for you to stay there!" -she says, clearly upset.

* Continue organizing the candidates
* Check on Aritsu
* Other
>* Continue organizing the candidates
"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.
Works for me.
hi man

Want to trust your investigation skill 7d10 with checking their background credentials, or do you have other idea?
Rolled 7, 1, 6, 6, 8, 6, 6 = 40 (7d10)

For the initial screening at least.
>hi man
well, 2 successes is pretty good in human terms, seems appropiate for a first screening. Maybe if you had like, a team of people used to research?

Lyann arrives, and arrives, and arrives... it is 5 Lyann's total. Which is unusual since baselines usually react very, very poorly to any one of her, and she is very careful about keeping her clones from gathering outside her building, as the massed taint tents to create problems and downright violent reactions at times.

Most of them spread out, greet you briefly and immediately start checking the room for anything suspicious. The last one hurries over to your side and looks at you all over with obvious worry.

Lyann: "Ned! you aren't hurt, are you?!"
Your cue
"No, no, I'm fine."
Lyann: "Are you sure? did the doctor said so?"

Ned: "She did give me a look, yes."

Lyann: "Alright, well, can we go home now? I think this many of us should be enough as guards, probably."

Ned: "I..."

Go home with her
Get her to help with your work
>Get her to help with your work
We kinda got a lot of it.
Ned: "I can't yet. I need to finish work first, then I'm all yours."

As soon as you finish speaking, the clones turn around and head to your desk, each picking up a few of the documents from it. It's so mechanical and perfectly coordinated that you easily understand the eery feeling it must bring on baselines unused to novas, let alone to one as posthuman as Lyann.

Lyann: "Alright" -she smiles and pulls up a chair to sit next to you. There's nothing to be wary of, it's just a beautiful young woman, after all. "Ned? do I have something on my face?"

Ned was staring

Ned: "No, it's perfect. Here, can you help me with this...?"

The morning flies. Okaba decides to leave you alone (relatively, I guess?) and asks you to give him a call if ANYTHING else happens.

Lunch time
* Call Brass and/or some other friends and enjoy lunch at the office
* Go to Lyann's place and stay there for the rest of the day
* Other
>* Call Brass and/or some other friends and enjoy lunch at the office
Everything seems to be running smoothly so far.

Aura is happy to have lunch with you and Lyann, as is Ami, Brass, Bella and Python.

Your group makes use of the conference table downstairs, ordering food to be brought from the kitchens.

There's beer, fruit juice, noodles, salats, and various fish and meat plates, which is barely enough to feed a group of novas, let alone one with athletes in the mix, yet the plates kee coming until everyone is sattisfied.

On the aftermeal conversation, you comment to Lyann about how Stella was hoping she could help with growing food on the jungle soil, hopefully using as little space as possible. The redhead is already thinking of stone carven into hanging gardens holding all manners of fruit and veggies, harmonizing the style to the classical indian buildings and using as little room as possible.

Lyann: "It won't really be rock, of course, or rather, not natural rock. I can grow crystals of any kind, so maybe topaz? it's quite hardy"

After lunch, your group splits, but not before Aura has her chance to harrass Lyann a little, asking her when she's going to take some initiative and looking towards you as she says so, purposefully making sure the both of you get her meaning, and showing you a beautifully blushing Lyann.

Brass: "Of course, I'll just be on the gym a building away, so let me know if anything happens."

Thankfully, the evening is quite peaceful, and soon Mako joins up with you as well.

Mako: "Are we going home soon?"

Ned: "Uhmm?"

Mako: "Us... home is our place, right?"

your cue
"Yes, yes I suppose it is."
We do have our house, though we don't sleep there often. We should invite the pair of them over for a sleepover one of these days
I think Mako would blush so hard she'd melt if she was invited to your home, tho
That's half the fun.

Mako seems to love your car, albeit she asks something to Lyann and then smiles when the redhead nods.

When you open the car door, Mako sits in the front seat while Lyann goes into the backseat for a change.

Mako: "I wanted to try this seat!"

Lyann: "Well, wear your safety belt."

Over here the front row seat people are expected to wear the safety belt by law. The back row people may or may not, its not obligatory.

Mako: "Mister Salter, why are they coming after you? even if you helped to arrest that bad man, it won't make that big a difference for the trial, right?"

Lyann: "Ah, you can't make sense of some people's actions. They probably think it's some sort of vengeance.

As you drive into her building, you see that for a change there's no graffiti in the parking lot.

Lyann: "Do you want to watch a movie? or maybe we could take the chance to work out a little bit?"

* Movie
* Excercise
* Other (pool? music? etc)
In the US its required. Of course, we have stupid drinking laws that say its illegal to drink until people are 21. Which means that teenagers drink infrequently, but when they do they drink a lot, generally with others of their age and no adults and have no idea what they are doing.

>* Excercise
eh, personally I hate biking helmet laws and boxing gloves.
Did you know a cyclist with a helmet is times more likely to be in an accident? its because drivers instinctively are more careful around cyclist WITHOUT helmet, and cyclist without helmets are naturally more wary.

Boxing didint had so many people with brain damage before, since the skull and jaw are way tougher than fingers so they couldnt hit as hard in the past. The gloves protect the hands, sure, but honestly brain > hands, you know?

Mako dresses up in cut off jeans and a shirt to join you and Lyann. It feels a bit odd at first to see the timid girl in such modern clothing, but as Lyann explains you, she hasnt bought proper work out clothes yet.

And she thinks she looks adorable so she hasnt offered to make her any. She would if Mako asked, of course.

You work out for about 2 hours as Lyann explains you about pressure points again, finishing her talk about them.

Want to spend 3 exp (we have 5 right now) to learn the blinding strike? hit a nerve and blind your target for several hours
Alright, it's a DC+2 resistance roll, so whatever spillover its left from the attack roll +2 to determine how many successes are needed in a resistance roll. Blindness lasts 1 hour per "damage point"

Which reminds me, I have to go, guys. Ill see you tomorrow, hopefully

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