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File: XWF OP Image.jpg (289 KB, 1276x1021)
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289 KB JPG
Howdy guys. I'm back! Not feeling too well, but I feel even worse about not starting the thread for so long.
My eyes are a bit worse so please do forgive me any typoes. I literally don't see them
Sorry about your health man
Well, my eyes are my main problem. Then again I was meant to be blind at 30 and im 35 so I could say I'm enjoying extra time, after all.

Anyway, im sorry but a LOT has happened to me so I forgot, where were we?

Lyann/s had gone to the office to help scort you, right? were we still at the office?
We just finished exercise with Lynn and Mako
File: 289_3.jpg (84 KB, 650x488)
84 KB
Ah, so were back home already. Okay

Mako is standing behind the kitchen's counter, gathering some cooking ingredients, wearing a soft-looking, long white dress. Her long black hair reaches almost to the floor, before ending in a bun held in place with a clean white lace bow. She's wearing fluffy-looking rabbit sandals. Perhaps one should say "as expected"? the cutesy sandals really seem to be something you'd expect her to have.

Mako: "Mister Salter, would you like some noddles with fredo sauce tonight?"

Ned: "Ah, sure. Thanks."

She seems to almost float around inside the kitchen as she humms while cooking. Before you realize it, she's mixing the batter to make the noddles by hand.

Lyann walks in, back from the shower, wearing some short shorts and a long, obviously old but spotlessly clean white shirt with tattered sleeves. She's walking barefoot on the wooden floor, her hair let loose to float behind her.

Lyann: "Alright Ned, please feel free to use the shower."

Ned: "Thanks."

As you'd expect, the bath racks are practixally packed with fluffy towels and various feminine products. There's a carved wood bottle with the words "shampoo" and another with "hair wash" carven on the front. Then again, given Lyann's tremendous allergy to most artificial products, it's probably "as expected".

Even the soap looks like an artesanal product, and the sponge is an actual sea sponge, rather than an artificial one.

Lyann: "I'm leaving you a fresh set of clothes on the shelf just outside the door, alright?"

Ned: "Sure, thanks."

It's another set of the workout clothes she made for you. White with black lines on the sides.

Once you make it out of the shower and back to the wide main floor, you find Lyann sitting in the couch as she cheks a small holo screen projected from the comfort table before her. There is a green, ghostly keyboard floating over her legs.

Lyann: "Ned, was this the woman who assaulted you?" -she enlarges the screen several times.
File: 2nd gen nova exp costs.jpg (180 KB, 751x922)
180 KB
180 KB JPG

A picture from a rather attractive woman with short black hair and blue eyes is shown. That looks nothing like the mass of fat and skin that assaulted you, but it could be her "dormant" appearance. That is, with her powers off.

Ned: "Honestly, anything could have been under all that fat."

Lyann: "Oh... I'll ask Okaba if he can get us some pictures from after her arrest, so we can compare them, then. I just can't believe some people could blame you for that fighter guy ending up in jail. It was he who did all those awful things, after all."

your cue
"When you're told you can do whatever you want because of your inherent superiority you tend to react poorly when someone points out that, no, you can't. Its a shoot the messenger type of deal."
File: AmiĀ“s Cup.jpg (58 KB, 764x567)
58 KB

Mako: "Is everyone alright eating meat?"

Lyann: "Sure. Ned?"

Ned: "I0m no vegan."

The black haired beaty nods, and starts kneading the dough for the noddles.

Lyann: -sigh- "This is the sort of stuff that made me leave those guys. Well, don't worry, I assure you that noone is coming here uninvited."

While you are talking with your lovely friends, a call comes in from Okaba. He says he'll get the pictures Lyann wants, and that he and Mai got information about a nightclub popular with the Teragen here on L.A. Of course, that by itself is not a problem, but there is a chance they are planning to use it as a base to launch a "rescue" operation if the trial's preliminary audiences go badly for Bomber Lord.

Okaba: "I already reported it to T2M, but it would be nice if you guys stayed low for a few days. They may just as well try something else."

Lyann: "Thank you, but I assure you that we are quite safe here,"

Okaba: "If you say so. Ned is likely to go to the office again tomorrow, tho, aren't you Ned?"

your cue
"Probably yeah. I've got to deal with that communications thing. And get job interviews for some assistants."

Oh, also, I was watching some videos and came across this one. Notice the guy on the big drums. I think it would be cool to have Stella and Bella use drums like that. It could be a large set of drums with them standing on the middle. Or more like this band uses it, with the traditional drums on one side and a more modern battery set of drums and metals on the other.



Okaba: "Well, there you go. I'll leave him in your hands until tomorrow."

Lyann: "Alright, thanks for the picture." -once she ends the call, she turns to you- "What communications thing?"

After explaining it to her, she offers to check the existing satellite's software. Perhaps she could optimize it a little for you.

Lyann: "But placing new satellites in orbit is... well, out of my reach. Have you tried the Daedalus group yet?"

Ned: "We already have a contract with NASA, tho."

Lyann: "Alright, if you think that's best. Oh, want to play some chess while Mako finishes cooking? or maybe some other board game? I got a new version of battle chess we could play!"

Mako: "That's a really violent game, isin't it?"

Lyann: "Well..."


your cue. I wonder if an XWF version would work
"Not really. And maybe I can pressure NASA by mentioning Daedalus."
that works
perhaps another time i enjoy my beatings after an easy day of work
File: Delicious blond Ami.jpg (167 KB, 850x1203)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Hi man, how have you been?

As an incentive, Lyann promises to lose an item of clothing for each of your wins, but she does not make it easy for you, and she preserves all of her clothing all the way until dinner.

You probably could have cheated a win out of her with an actual board and real pieces, but it's had to cheat with the digital version.

Still, she gives you a smooch on the check ad consolation prize, and dinner is so delicious that it doesn't really bothers you.

You enjoy a pleasant evening, and then sit with the girls on the couch to watch some movies before bed.

Mako makes a pause in between movies to use Lyann's holo to make a call to china, talking to all of her little brothers and sisters in the orphanage to check how they are.

The children are practically piled up so they can all appear on the holo, and are obviously happy to see her.

They are watching her show every day.

The following morning, Lyann drives you to the office, and gives you a proper goodbye kiss before leaving you in Aritsu's hands.

Aritsu: "Did you have a good night, sir?"

Ned: "I slept like a baby. And only that, yes. Thankyou."

Aritsu: "Alright. There's a new programming schefule for MTV that needs your approval, NASA wants a teleconference mid morning, and the first few applicants are scheduled for interviews this evening after lunch."

Your attractive secretary walks with you, showing you the most relevant documents on your way to the office, as usual.

Aritsu: "Oh, and there's a movie offer for mister Wolfside."

A producer thinks that Brass would be perfect for the newest reboot of Conan, continuing the barbarian's saga by finally showing his adventures leading to becoming king, and then a series of movies in the throne.

your cue
>Hi man, how have you been?
Good, good.
Anyway, have Brass take a look at it, though I think he's already basically doing a Rocky Trilogy over his rise, fall and rise again story. Complete with an evil villain.
" I'll let brass know about the movie so how was your morning"
Mako is adorible as usual.
Yes yes she is i say we romance her as well then have a really bad fight between Mako, Lyann and Mai
File: Ned Salter 004.png (369 KB, 1204x1558)
369 KB
369 KB PNG

Aritsu reports that she's fine. There's no ill effects remaining from her brush with your Teragen attacker the day before. She drove her sister to the studio as usual, and had a large breakfast with her in the caffeteria before going to wait for you.

Once you arrive at your office, you find some Krew members replaces the window crystals for thicker plates. They assure you that these are good enough to stand a fully powered nove blast, and should surely be more than enough to keep intruders from crashing into your office again.

Krew Guy: "At this point, it would be easier to break the wall and roof on the upper floor than to crash through these windows. In fact, If someone splatters against these crystals trying to come in, please do take a picture for us."

Ned: "Alright, you guys sure are dependable."

Kew Guy: "Just doing our jobs, boss."

Aritsu: "Here's the new schefule MTV wants, what do you think?"

Roll Biz
i forgot how to roll for this quest
to be honest, when I need to roll, I usually do it on oprnrpg and just copy/paste the rolls to here. But IIRC its just typing dice+xd10... tho it used to be in the email field... I assume it works on the options field now? for Ned's Biz it would be 16d10 with the last 4 dice being his mega intelligence.

Actually, while technically the highest mega att always wins, I wonder if we couldnt beat Lyann at chess with tactics or gambling... yes I know gambling is a bit of a stretch
File: 1409091872438.jpg (108 KB, 812x1093)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Rolled 10, 6, 9, 10, 5, 4, 3, 4, 8, 1, 2, 4, 3, 3, 10, 9 = 91 (16d10)

this roll is just me checking if it works, it doesnt mean a thing

Also I love this girl as Mako

the picture dose feel like Mako
the chess thing should stands as is because ned was destracted by Lyann's body
Rolled 5, 4, 4, 10, 2, 5, 6, 5, 8, 10, 9, 10, 5, 6, 1, 10 = 100 (16d10)

ya i kicked ass with that roll
File: heavens feel.webm (1.57 MB, 640x480)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB WEBM
11 successes and some exploding dice, but i really dont think theres a need to roll those. Its showboating at this point.

You notice that the execs are trying to sneak in some of the old reality tv shows that almost killed MTV into the schedule again. After a few phone calls, it's not malice, but stupidity and incompetence.

They literally have no other ideas.

For now, you fill those time slots with "play music videos" and decide to think about something more permanent soon.

Aritsu: "Well, nowadays we are the only company that still cares about time slots. Everyone just downloads the show they want to see whenever, don't they? we could fill them with classic music at 3 am and the lovers of classic music wouldnt mind.

Ned: "that gives me an idea or two..."

[] Get Flux! to record several classics
[] Speak with a few traditional colleges and philharmonic groups to play music for those slots.
[] Prode the band members gently into recording a new video, then fill this month's free floating time slots with both the video and its "making of" segments.

You can pick one or more from those
lets get Flex! and the colleges in a joint effort
Didin't Metallica do that once?

Anyway, bookie you have a preference one way or another?
yes they did and it was awesome
I'M fine with it.
alright since you both agreed, we'll try to set that up soon.

Mako is in the tv studio, filming her show together with Sinoe, so you will have to arrange a meeting for that evening, albeit you have the impression she would just say "yes mister Salter" and be alright with it if you just sent her a memo about it later on.

So with that out of the way, you check yourself and have Aritsu arrange the holoconference with Nasa.

Your image is broadcasted to NASA as you appear standing in front of your desk, and you can see several officers sitting behind a long desk.

The holo's blue hologram feels quite solid as you talk to them.

They explain to you that the satellites are ready, but the weather has been horrible for a full month now, so they haven't given the green light for the mission. As soon as the weather changes in a week or so, they will launch the first two satellites together.

You could contract a weather manipulator through DeVries enterprises, if you are in a rush, but such is not covered by NSASA, nor is it mentioned anywhere in the contract.

[] Agree to contract a DeVries Elite to clear the skies
[] Demand that NASA pays for it. The contract may not have mentioned doing such a thing, but it certainly mentions penalties in case of a delay in the contract, and they're two months late already. (Intimidate -specialty business negotiations roll)
[] Other
Rolled 3, 4, 5, 4, 8, 9, 4, 4, 6, 10, 5, 5, 9, 10, 8 = 94 (15d10)

[] Demand that NASA pays for it. The contract may not have mentioned doing such a thing, but it certainly mentions penalties in case of a delay in the contract, and they're two months late already. (Intimidate -specialty business negotiations roll)
Don't have access to the sheet, take off any extra
Contact DeVries on clearing the sky's with an offer to help with there PR problem for the NASA issue
File: 002.jpg (232 KB, 1500x1077)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
12 successes

You convince NASA to pay for the Elite Nova in order to go ahead with the launch. They are happy you won't invique the contract penalties, after all, which gives them a strange feeling since they had to do as you said.

It looks like that has been solved by now, and shortly after you get a holo from Lyann.

She's back on her apartment, wearing a short, soft looking silk robe as she walks around with a datapad in her left hand.

Lyann: "Ned, can you send me the codes for the XWF satellites? I'll try and study the software they run on, and see if I can upgrade it."

[] This isin't exactly a secure line, and that's quite vital for the company. I'll give you the codes in person tonight over dinner.
[] Sure
[] Let's wait a little, NASA is going to launch two more soon, and it's better to make sure that all the satellites are compatible with eachother.

Sorry man, a bit too late
Wait for the other two to launch
works for me
I have a small suspicion that lyann might leak the launch of the satellites to targen
File: 001 (2).jpg (128 KB, 984x1400)
128 KB
128 KB JPG

Lyann: "Alright. I'll pick you up this evening and we could go check a museum, then? oh right, we should probably come back home early until the trial is over with, right?"

Ned: "I'm afraid so."

Lyann: "Alright, I'll try and arrange something fun we can do at home with Mako."

You can't help but imagine quite a few fun things you could do at home with both girls, but you quickly exorcise your evil thoughts.

Lyann: "Ned, you alright? you looked a bit distracted there for a bit."

Ned: "i'm okay, I'm okay."

Lyann: "And why are you leaning forth as you walk?"

Ned: "I got a cramp."

Lyann: "Aww... want me to give you a massage tonight?"

Ned: "No... t-that wouldn't help, at all!"

Lyann: "Alright. Try walking it off, then?"

Ned: "I will. See you tonight."

Aritsu looks at you from her desk, and chuckles softly, but doesn't say anything.

Sitting back down behind your desk certainly helps.

Aritsu: "Should I give you a massage to rub it out, boss?"

Ned: "Don't you start."

She seems to find it very amusing.

Aritsu: "Well, there's still an hour until lunch, and then the interviews. Do you want me to call mister Wolfside to talk about the Conan movies?

your cue
She's been try to distract Ned with her body she has contact with known members now asking for key systems of xwf I hope I'm wrong
probably not, given that she's terrible at lying and in love with us.
"Ya that would be good also check on the prosecutor on the trail if every thing is going smoothly or if he needs help"
Like I said it's a small suspicion just a little dose of paranoia in the uncertainty

Aritsu makes a couple of calls. Mr Nonymous is currently unavailable. He is occupied elsewhere at the time.

Brass says he will drop by in a few minutes, and sure enough, he reaches the office soon enough, wearing a custom tailored suit, instead of work out clothes, for a change.

Brass: "Hey Ned, what did you need?"

Ned: "Hey, got you another movie offer... why aren't you in your gym clothes?"

Brass: "I do dress up ocassionally, you know?"

Ned: "Is it a girl?"

Brass: I am meeting Equitas later, but that's unrelated. Now what was that about a movie?"

uhmm... time flew today. Let's stop here for now and continue tomorrow, guys? just so you know Im expecting a call from the hospital so I may dissapear on you for the day, but if that happens I will at least tell you about it.

How's this? a bit goth?
That's cool

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