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hey guys, back in a minute, just starting the thread for now
Hello. I had unchecked auto. Good thing I pressed F5 at least.
How are you doing? and where were we?
We were talking to Brass about being the next Conan the Barbarian. After that we had interviews with potential administrative assistants (AKA secretaries.)
alright. Btw, I have been thinking, are you alright with the script-like way in which I place the name of the characters ahead of their phrases, or would you prefer a more modern writing style?

Brass: "King Conan, eh? how's the script?"

Ned: "Honestly... I haven't read it yet. Wanted to know if you were interested, first."

Brass: "Well, take a look at it, and I'll trust whatever you decide after that. I used to play being conan when I was a child, so it would be amazing to get to do that on the screen."

He seems okay with it, and even asks you to try and secure him some of the props after the movie is ended. Like keeping the sword.

Since things are fine on this side, you just need to take a look at the script before proceeding.

Brass: "Ah, it's about lunch time. Want to join me and Samuel on the caffeteria downstairs?"

Ned: "Sure, give me just a few minutes to ask for a copy of the script and we can ogle it during lunch."

A few minutes later, you are walking with Brass and Aritsu towards the caffeteria. Your secretary wanted to just have some coffee and stay at the office, but you pulled her along as well.

To be honest, the script is terrible. Saying that it is bad wouldn't be enough. It stinks of feminism, and they are sprinking "strong female characters" all OVER the movie, with girls saving themselves when Conan is about to get there "because he was taking too long" and such. Theres nothing wrong with a strong female character, but the movie is a repeating cliché of "go to save girl -> girl saves herself" over and over.

Samuel: "It could be worse." -ihe declares after swallowing a jug of juice down.

Brass: "How?"

Samuel: "It could be me starring that crap."

Brass: "Thanks for your support. Ned, is this script final? think you could get them to change it? is there time for a rewrite, and who could do that?"

Ned: "Well..."
Do you want to...

[] Skip on this project. We don't need to tackle any more troubles right now.
[] We do have a number of friends who are practically fountainheads of inspiration, remember? I'll ask one of them for help with the script. O'm sure Alexander can do something with it.
[] Other. Suggestions welcomed
>[] We do have a number of friends who are practically fountainheads of inspiration, remember? I'll ask one of them for help with the script. O'm sure Alexander can do something with it.
If they want strong females, just have the main villain be a female that the hero needs help from the female lead to ultimately defeat. That would be at least somewhat original.
Oh! Conan could spit out a "Wizard, witches, I hate all mages alike" and just stab her.

Samuel: "He'll have to basically rewrite it."

Ned: "I'll pay him from my own pocket if that gets the studio to cooperate."

Samuel: "Ask if they already have any props or sets built, and then try to get Alexander to make use of them."

Ned: "Good idea."

Brass: "Well, as long as Conan doesn't ends up making a political speech, I'm fine with letting our friendly egghead take a swing at it."

Samuel: "So, no attempts at kidnapping or otherwise, today?"

Aritsu: "Thankfully no, everything has been nice and quiet. Just a normal office day, at last."

Ned: "Knock on wood."

Brass: "I didin't know you believed in back luck."

Ned: "I don't, it brings back luck."

Brass gives you a look.

Samuel: Well let's hope it stays that way. Oh, we are still meeting for poker night tonight, right? you can't be safer than in the same room with us."

Ned: "Sure, I'll go with you at the end of the day."

Samuel: "Alright. Can present the script to Alex at that time, too."

Lunch is nice enough, and after going back to the office, you still have to begin interviewing the candidates for your new Comm division.

Aritsu has the first one come in and take a seat across from you. It's a skinny kid fresh from college...

Uhmm... do you guys have a suggestion on how to quickly decide which ones are best? investigation skill roll?
Rolled 4, 5, 1, 3, 10, 4, 8 = 35 (7d10)

That sounds reasonable. Plus rapport to sound out the inevitable Teregen infiltrator?
Rolled 3, 9, 2, 2, 9, 10, 5, 6, 10, 3, 8, 5, 9, 10 = 91 (14d10)

>If they want strong females, just have the main villain be a female that the hero needs help from the female lead to ultimately defeat. That would be at least somewhat original.
>Oh! Conan could spit out a "Wizard, witches, I hate all mages alike" and just stab her.
Maybe have the female lead disable whichever magical plot device the sorceress is using to dope herself, allowing Conan to engage in stabbing?
Rapport is 10d10+4d10 right?
File: Ned Salter 004.png (369 KB, 1204x1558)
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369 KB PNG
let me post the sheet and we can check. I probably should start posting the sheet as 2nd post on every thread really
Yup Wits + Rapport.
File: DBG.png (531 KB, 527x398)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
Rolled 2 (1d10)

Yup, you were right, and your rapport had 13 successes to read their motivations and such.
3 successes with a exploding dice which im rolling here.

You get a clear impression on who's nervous, who really thinks s/he can do this job, and who plans to leech off the team. Reading their resumes, you select 10 candidates out of the 50 you interviewed today, and let it to Aritsu to make the neccesary calls and/or send envelopes to give each of them the news, good or bad, and request their presence next week for a final exaluation.

Out of those 10 people, how many do you want to keep for the next round? im thinking 5

Tomorrow, you'll interview 50 more, then 50 more on monday and tuesday, and that will be all 200 candidates.

With 10 per group, that leaves you with 40 candidates for the position. Have the clinic staff give them a mental profile to whoever you seriously want to hure, and that should be it.

By the way, how many people do you want on the team? I'm thinking at least 20 technicians working on shifts to ensure everything runs smoothly, and maybe 3-5 management staff?
Sounds about right to me.
works well enough for me
File: Barbarian Ami.jpg (172 KB, 1440x900)
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172 KB JPG

Alright then. With the interviews done for the day...

Samuel picks you up at your office at the end of the day. He's with Okaba and Alexander.

As it turns out, neither Okaba nor Alexander own a car. Well, Okaba usually flies to work, after all, and Alexander prefers public transport, so they're all going with Samuel and you go Brass' place.

As usual, Brass' dog looks like a healthy, ocergrown pup. A stupid pup, but you probably shouldnt mention that, even if the dog tends to bump into everything and falls to the floor rather than lying down.

Brass got a large, new table made from a solid tree trunk cut. One of the giant sequoia in yellowstone was struck by lightning and he somehow managed to get a relatively unhurt slice of the trunk. According to him, the rest are being sent to museums around the country, but the park sent him one as thanks for helping with advertising and fire prevention ads years ago.

Samuel: "One Stella would love this table. The other would cry, you know?"

Alexander: "Eh, as an environmentalist, honetly, I think its fine. The tree died a natural death, and it was a gift. Plus, a table like this... it is kind of awesome."

Brass: "It is, isin't it?" -he's quite obviously happy about it

Eldric arrives a quarter of an hour after you, along with Michael (one of our silver fighters, jsyk). They have a small barrel of house made condiment for pizza.

With everyone already there, you start playing and talking.

As it turns out, Alexander is not really excited about writing the script. He loves the original books and doesn't feels he can do them justice, he says.

[] Ask someone else
[] Insist (roll diplomacy)
[] Other
Rolled 10, 2, 9, 4, 10, 10, 6, 3, 6, 4, 7, 5, 10 = 86 (13d10)

>[] Insist (roll diplomacy)
Have you seen the proposed script?
Rolled 4, 10, 8, 7 = 29 (4d10)

rolling exploding dice
Rolled 7 (1d10)

one more explosion
File: Stella Swimsuit.jpg (65 KB, 850x850)
65 KB
Alright, between that beast of a roll and that crap of a script, he certainly agrees to rewrite the awful thing. Hell, I would even say the script being that shitty adds you +5 dice to your diplomacy roll, but what for, at this point.
4 more successes and one more exploding dice. Now thats just overkill.
Okay... so 17 successes

Alexander: "Oh God what... WHY!?" -he facepalms as he goes over the script.- "Have these people never read any of the books? hell, any of the comics!?"

Samuel: "Personally, I'm worried about something else for this movie."

Eldric: "Yes?"

Samuel: "With how strong Brass is, won't it look unrealistic for baselines if he grabs a boulder and tosses it out of the way, or stuff like that?"

Brass: "I can sell effort, you know? give me some credit."

Okaba: "I guess you are right. So, will you run for governor after the movies?"

Brass: "...hand me some pizza."

Michael: "Well, I think it's magnificent that they are casting someone who can more than fill the model for the role, and that we have a good writer working on the script. Personally, I want to be the first to ask you for tickets for the premiere."

(0) .: Eldric Gambling [7d10] => [8,10,10,10,4,4,6] = (52) + [5d10] => [7,5,2,4,9] = (27)
(0) .: Brass Gambling [7d10] => [3,6,1,5,3,8,2] = (28)
(0) .: Samuel Gambling [10d10] => [2,6,6,8,10,3,8,4,1,10] = (58)
(0) .: Michael Gambling [5d10] => [10,9,4,6,6] = (35) + [2d10] => [5,10] = (15)
(0) .: Okaba Gambling [7d10] => [3,7,3,4,8,6,3] = (34) + [1d10] => [1] = (1)

Roll Gambling. I think its better if we do a single role instead of a series of rolls this time.
Rolled 2, 10, 9, 8, 2, 6, 6, 8, 2, 9 = 62 (10d10)

Eldric 11 successes and 3 eploding dice
Brass 1 success
Samuel 4 successes and 1 exploding dice
Michael 6 successes and 1 exploding dice
Okaba 2 successes

(0) .: [3d10] => [4,6,1] result of a (-1) botch
(0) .: [1d10] => [4] result of a failure
(0) .: [1d10] => [9] result of (1) success

Michael ends with 7 successes
Ned ends with 8 successes and 1 exploding dice
Rolled 2 (1d10)

Well, so far Eldric is winning tonight unless you feel like messing with him through social fu.

<-- I like this pic, but hate that thing going down between the breasts, could you guys remove it somehow? just asking

Brass: "Oh, right, any of you guys has anything shocking to tell us this week? anyone getting married?"

Michael: "Eh, I am already happy just being invited, you know?"

Ned: "There's been several kidnapping attempts on me."

Samuel: "Yes, but we already knew that."

Eldric: "I'm moving into Ami's place."

Everyone but Michael spits their beer and/or pizza.

Samuel: "What happened to taking things slowly with your ideal girl?"

Eldric: "I am taking things slow. Just felt like checking your reactions."

Okaba: "That was perfectly good beer. Dammit now my cards are wet. Napkin, napkin..."

Brass grabs some paper towels from the kitchen and brings them over to the table.

Michael: "Ah, Okaba, when are you going to actually start dating Aura?"

Brass: "Ah, we have asked him the same thing pretty much every week, kid."

Okaba: "No, you've asked me when I'm taking her to bed, or when I'm marrying her. I actually would like to just take her out on dates, but she's likely to blow it out of proportion."

Brass: "She's a smart girl, you should just explain that to her."

Okaba: "Maybe."
wrong pic
"Give it a try."
Ugh I forgot the name of the muslim.named guy with the huge musculature problem. Ultrabeast. Ahmed? Ahkmed?
I think Ahmed
File: 1405761165714.jpg (302 KB, 653x952)
302 KB
302 KB JPG

Brass: "Well, normally I would tease Ahmed about him being the last single guy on the table, but he has developed quite a crush for one of Lyann's clones, right?"

Samuel: "Heh, yes, that's somewhat funny to watch. Like a huge dog guarding a kitten. That sort of feeling. Why didin't he come tonight, anyway?"

Brass: "He's on a date, if I heard it right."

Samuel: "Well there you go"

The night ends when Eldric wins the whole pot, and is exempted from paying for pizza next week. Samuel drives you home.

Samuel: "Where to, anyway? your apartment? you are staying at Lyann's place these days, right?"

your cue
"Yeah, staying at Lynn's place. Thank god I have the ability to make myself almost impossible to remember or the paparazi would never stop."
File: 1408159208062.jpg (308 KB, 825x1195)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Samuel: "Well, you seem really close to both girls. Have you thought about moving in with them permanently?"

Ned: "Of course I have. But that would just be wrong right now."

Samuel: "Fine. Hey, can you try and get me a match against Duke?"

Ned: "Sure, why?"

Samuel: "I heard he's been training seriously, and want to see how much he's grown."

Ned: "Alright, I'll see what I can do. See you tomorrow."

Samuel: "Take care, man." -he waits until you are inside the building to take off.

Inside, you find that Mako is already in bed, and Lyann is writing in the living room, cuddled up between a small hill of pillows, wearing her silk robe with a bottle wine almost full on the floor nearby.

Lyann: "Hi Ned. Welcome home."

Ned: "Thanks. What are you working on?" -you walk over and kiss her softly

Lyann: "You can't see. It's personal."

Ned: "I thought we were too close to be embarrased by now?"

Lyann: "Not this close. You peek and I'll punch you."

[] Force it, and like Euphry did, trust that she's too nice to really follow through on that
[] Respect it and sit to help her finish the bottle of wine
[] Pick her up, take her to bed?
[] Other
Oh by the way

Andre The Giant - Life And Legend
http://www73.zippyshare.com/v/56192913/file.html (individual pages)
> Pick her up, take her to bed
Well, lets end with that thought for today. I have to go prepare lunch now. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Have a good day at work, man

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