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Howdy! Let me know when you are here
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hey, do you know what that 1/0/2 thing on the lower right is for?
Did I got a kill, no deaths and two assists or what?

Ned: "Alright, I won't ask, then, but...!"

You pick up the alluring young woman in your arms, princess-carry style, and shush her with a kiss when she protest. She's not so heavy you can't just hold her like that as you kiss her for a minute, then carry her off to your bed.

The following morning, you find her already awake, sitting on the bed next to you as she keeps writing on an actual, old fashioned notepad. The sheets resting at about her waist, her shapely body is mostly exposed to the gentle cold in the room, yet it doesn't seems to bother her at all.

Ned: "Good morning." -sitting up, you pull her in for a morning kiss. It's a while before either of you leaves the bed, still.

After your shower, you find Mako has coffee and fresh, hand made donuts over the kitchen counter. She's having warm milk, however. Wearing a small robe over her pajamas, and her bunny sandals on her feet, she looks like a radiant young wife, sending pangs into your heart.

Mako: "Good morning, mister Salter!" -she's in high spirits, as usual.

A few moments after you, Lyann emerges from the hallway behind you. She smooches you on the cheek, and then Mako.

Lyann: "Good morning." -she's acting casual, and chatting with Mako in a friendly manner.

As you sit with the girls for breakfast, Mako says a short little prayer of thanks, and theneveryone enjoys some fresh bakery treats together.

Lyann offers to drive everyone to work today, so she leaves you at the main building's lobby before driving Mako to the tv studio and finally taking off to the recording studio for a new song sample she had been writing for a few days.

As usual, Aritsu greets you with a smile and a general schedule for your day.

Right off the bat, you need to check Ami and Eldric's advertising contracts with Maui and Hawaiian Tropic.
File: 1366526618914.jpg (61 KB, 1024x768)
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Okaba's near constant charity work means that he's having so many tax deductions that the IRS got curious and wants to audit him. As his manager, you have to deal with that.

Alexander has the new Conan script ready (yes, already, he works really fast), tho he says it's just a first drawing and wants you to check on it.

Python asked you to get him a match with Duke so you need to make a call to that guy's manager.

And then you have about an hour and a half free for lunch and whatever before interviewing job applicants all evening, again.

Aritsu: "The IRS agent will be here mid morning, but everything else is pretty much happening at your convenience, sir, so what do you want to do first?"
review advertizing contracts

Aritsu brings out the contracts and lets you check them before you call the respective companies. Apparently, both companies want to renegotiate the contracts together,

It looks fairly standard. Six months of work, fixed fees, and they both get to keep a few courtesy products by each company. They agree to have their images and likeness used for broadcasted and published advertising, as well as billboards and OPNet ads. No nudiry.

Both contracts are rather identical, except for the company names. As it turns out, the execs for both companies realized that they are both working with the same models, and after checking the ads in private (they haven't aired yet), decided that they want to sign a 5 years contract with them, and have them star in a new millenium, all new version of Baywatch, with plenty of strategic product placement.

The executives are sitting together with a director that is popular right now. The guy is wearing a fedora and wearing a bright red suit that seems to scream poor taste, but he's the "in" guy at the moment.

The holo conference is arranged so that it seems as if their images are floating together in front of you, while each of them in turn sees you floating in front of their desks.

Roll Biz
Rolled 1, 4, 9, 3, 8, 1, 5, 10, 8, 5, 8, 6, 6, 9, 4, 6 = 93 (16d10)

Fear the Ned
Rolled 1 (1d10)

only 7, well, rolling exploding dice
8 successes.

It's not a bad deal, but there's a catch. They want it on paper that Eldric and Ami can't be romantically involved during the lenght of the contract, because they don't want to have to deal with couples trouble in the set, should anything happen between them.

Also, if they are single, it will draw in more fans from both sexes.

Want to try and roll:
[ ] Intimidate (with business negoatiations rspec) to tell them to care about their own lives.
[ ] Rapport, to see if they are keeping anything from you
[ ] Diplomacy (with spec in business negotiations) to assure them that it will not be a problem. They may be young, but they are also professionals.
[ ] Or do you want to try something else? or is there something you want to change about the contract, or simply "do not want"?
Rolled 10, 5, 7, 6, 7, 5, 10, 10, 7, 2, 3, 4, 7, 6 = 89 (14d10)

>[ ] Rapport, to see if they are keeping anything from you
lets roll this first
Rolled 6, 3, 8 = 17 (3d10)

File: mako in baywatch.jpg (93 KB, 1024x683)
93 KB

Questioning them, it turns out that the idea to make sure they were single came from the director. He clains that he has worked with couple before, and it rarely goes well.

You don't quite buy into his explanation, and a very short investigation on the OPNet by his name reveals that he's often involved with the female leads in his productions.

Want to
[ ] Get a new director. He's supossedly the best there is, despite his personal flaws
[ ] Shame him into doing his work and keep his pen out of the company well
[ ] Laugh at the bald wannabe french guy for thinking he has a chance
[ ] Other

<-- With Mako as a guest star I can see the toll of drowning people to skyrocket so they could get mouth to mouth
Tell them that we'll have to get back to them. Then, since I'm feeling mean we send our findings to Mai.
you sure? I can see the headlines: "Rising director found dead under horses at the racetrack stables. Anal tear confirmed. Shocking development for the so-called Deva Lover!"
We should add a note saying "don't do anything TOO bad."
Heh, it'll be funny since they are basically identical, so he will be reminded of Mai whenever he looks at Ami, afterwards.

Well, since you let those negotiations on hold for now, they ask that you call them back before the next weekend.

Aritsu: "Won't a series contract keep them really busy? I guess they can handle that and the wresling, but it's possible they won't be able to do any more ads campaigns for a while."

[] It's fine, they are bundles of energy
[] They will get even more recognition value after this. It's a short term sacrifice for a long term win.
[] Other
>[] They will get even more recognition value after this. It's a short term sacrifice for a long term win.
Aritsu: "But five years... well, I guess it is short term for a nova. Want to check the new Conan script now? I enjoyed it."

[] Read the script
[] Talk to Duke's manager about the fight with Python
[] Check Okaba's accounts to prepare for the IRS agent
>[] Check Okaba's accounts to prepare for the IRS agent

Well, unsurprisingly for anyone that knows the guy, his accounting is spotless. He actually doesn't even own his own apartment at the moment, living in his room at the reality show's set as if it was a room assigned in the army.

He does have a car. Or rather, a sturdy van for whenever he has to carry things around that are too bulky or too large to carry with him on flight.

He's spent a couple thousand dollars on clothes, but other than that, he donates most of his money to several charity institutions and is organizing the fielf hospital project for Africa whenever he's not on the XWF gym, Mai's ranch, or Quantum Labs.

Just looking at his schedule makes you feel old and tired. He's also signed up for the Be a B ig Brother project and spends at least 4 hours every evening with his adoptive little siblings on the poorer districts, driving them to museums and parks.

Want to make a bureaucracy check to try and find anything wrong in his accounting? otherwise you should be ready to meet with the IRS guy.
Rolled 3, 4, 6, 10, 8, 2, 7, 10, 9, 7, 7, 10 = 83 (12d10)


It looks like he's donating almost 80% of his income to charity. His taste for clothing is expensive, but he has no other vices that you know of.

As it turns out, the IRS agent is a rather attractive young woman with ebony skin and small golden-frame shades on an attractive face. She wants to meet with Okaba and... you get a bit of a fangirl vibe coming from her.

Her card says she's Seeja Tetera, and has her normal contact information.

Seeja: "At the office, there's some worry about mister Akpunku's tax forms. He's basically not paying any taxes this year."

your cue
He's basically donating 80% of his income directly to charity. It is unusual but legal.

Seeja: "But it is highly irregular, and the IRS doesn't like irregular. Could you get him to cut back on some charity work? perhaps I could have a interview with him in person to explain him about our concerns? At his earliest convenience, of course."

Yes, the fangirl is strong with this one.

[] Agree, and then call Okaba to try and set a date
[] Introduce her to Aura (the competition) to cut the evil at the root
[] Other. Funny as it is, you aren't managing your guy's love lives

[] Introduce her to Aura (the competition) to cut the evil at the root
File: les sapeurs of Congo.jpg (68 KB, 450x299)
68 KB

You agree to introduce her, informally, to Okaba. As long as she can stay around for lunch.

She enthusiastically agrees, and says she will come back at lunch time.

You escort her to the door, like the proper gentleman you are, and then make a call to make sure Aura is present at said lunch.

Aritsu: "That's just mean, boss. Hilarious, but mean."

Ned: "I'm saving her years of fangirl-dom."

Finally, all that's left before lunch is meeting with Duke's manager. The man invites you to his office,,,

[ ] Its still dangerous to leave your nicely fortified office, try to use diplomacy to invite him to your office, instead.
[ ] Head over to his office in the lower floor
[ ] Other

Pic Related. Okaba's old gang

I like the idea that Okaba's dad was a gangsta from Congo. But, in Congo, being a gangsta is ...different. And that police officer with a kilt. Goddamn classy
>>[ ] Its still dangerous to leave your nicely fortified office, try to use diplomacy to invite him to your office, instead.
Well, its unconventional since you are the one requesting the meeting, but he agrees and comes upstairs.

Aritsu greets him politely and starts a coffee pot.

Agars: "Ah, nice office. Im actually glad I came since I hadnt seen what you did with the place." -he shakes your hand and sits across from you

He is fine with the fight, but wants a guaranteed rematch wether Duke wins or loses, and afterwards a fight between Duke and Aura, with similar conditions.

He also says that he wants your help getting Duke some advertising work.

Your cue
Works for me.

Agara: "Well, that was a short meeting, then. I feel like this could have been solved over the holo after all. Hey, are you busy this weekend, we are playing squash saturday evening. Would you like to come along?"

You had never been invited to hang out by the other execs before. You look at Aritsu, but she has a clearly complicated expression.

Do you want to hang out with your co workers this weekend?
Fine with me

Your new "pal" Agara seems quite happy with it, and leaves your office after drinking your whisky and eating your donuts.

Aritsu: "Well, there's still a little bit of time before lunch..." -there's a incoming call.

As it turns out, it's a death threat in case you go on and testify at bomber lord's trial.

Aritsu: "Well, should we think of this as an improvement? at least it's less dangerous than having them try to break into the office and attack us."

I need to go, man. Ill see you on monday. Need to do lunch now.

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