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>Night 4

You sit at the table in a 60's themed diner. Shitty music plays while you look out the window at your car. You take a drag of your cigarette and read the paper ignoring the rain.

Apparently someone broke into an interracial lamina family's house at night and killed them, the daughter is on a missing persons list.
In other news, You see honey's picture, her real name is Iaewen. Shes also in the missing persons list, Its rumored she was abducted by the same guggalo who shot up the lower class housing (crack den) days ago.
A guggalo? Seriously? You put out your cigarette and pay the bill, you've got work to do.

>Go to Victors place. (Spider lady, the one who’s gang you’ve murdered has highered you to kill this man, she thinks he had something to do with their murder.
>Go to a night club.
>Go to that vampire club on your GPS
>Go to the animal shelter
>Home invasion
>Follow a car
>Go to the mall (buy things or find someone to kill)
>Go to a strip club.
>Go to a hooker motel.
>Go to a werewolves anonymous meeting and pack forming party at the beach.
>Go to the local library.
>Write in.
>>Go to Victors place. (Spider lady, the one who’s gang you’ve murdered has highered you to kill this man, she thinks he had something to do with their murder.

Lets go get paid dawg.
>Go to the mall (buy things or find someone to kill)
welcome back op, lets spend our cash on ridiculously fun shit

Nah i wanna kill victor first then we get paid then we buy more shit we already have guns a tazer crossbow and knife we good
victors house isn't going anywhere

we can buy a chainsaw and come back
Reading the Archive
Butcher the dead loli lamia for meat to distract the dogs at Victor's place.
You think its time you do that job.

You get in your car, and drive out to Victors, the cold clammy body sits in your trunk. You've been thinking of ways to dispose of it.

You arrive after a long boring drive to a big three story house, with a gate and call button.

You turn off the engine and sit while you finish your cigarette, and watch the house.

A well dressed woman exits the house to let three large pitbulls out of the house.

Two cars pull up into the driveway, large men in white suits exit into the house. Looks like their going to be awake tonight.

Gear up
>Nailbat, Crack some heads..
>Sharp kitchen knife. The rivers will run red.
>Duct tape and wire ties. For when you want to play with your victims
>Bondage gear. For when you REALLY want to play.
>Dildo spiked with razor blades. Just for fun
>A needle full of enough heroin to kill a grown man. For when it was his own fault.
>A Taurus Millennium Series 9mm pistol, 1mag, 7bullets
>A self recharging tazer high enough voltage to make someone piss themselves and catch on fire, given enough encouragement
>A high pull hunting crossbow, four metal bolts.
>Crosman 357 Revolver, six shots left.

>A monkey smoking a cigar. +++guns +explosives +looting
>A skull mask < ++Spooky +++Melee
>A backlava < ++stealth ++looting +guns ++against police
>A Mask of the current president Osama Bin Bama < ++negotiation +guns
>Sunglasses and a fake beard and wig. <You might be able to look like you belong somewhere.
>Clown mask < Silly things are prone to happening.
>Batman mask < ++against criminals ++To melee
How to enter
>Throw the corpse over the walls
>Climb the vines on the back
>Climb the short gate door on the side near the dogs
>Ring the house from the outside of the gate
>Shoot at the house and scream
>Write in
Reading archive. How's the fleshmancy thing going though?
>Bat, tape, ties, taser
>Throw the corpse over the walls
These guys are OBVIOUSLY criminals.
This i love it.

Lets throw in the cross bow and heroin

To be safe.
Yeah, k. This.
Should bring the nailbat or a melee weapon if we're going bats
Batman doesn't use knives.
">Batman mask < ++against criminals ++To melee"
We'll be missing out on that melee bonus nigga, and that's not good
What happend in thread 2?
are you retarded
Hey man you should get a twitter or something.
You put your usual bonding gear in your pocket and smile, batman mask in your grasp. "I've waited for this moment for so long."

You take the tazer and bat, you even pocket the needle just in case.

You pull the slimey little snakes corpse off of the rest of your tools, she smells up close.

You steal over to the side of the gate. "Here little dogies come get some STEAK!"

The dogs rush over to you barking, you rip open the girls old wounds and with everything you've got you spin around and toss her over.

You hear the dogs go at the body goring it. You take the opportunity to slip around the side and climb over the gate.

You feel anxious and a little giddy on the prospect of smashing some criminals for JUSTICE.

The bat feels light and fast in your hands but you know it'll hit hard.

You peak into the window, their still taking coats off and exchanging pleasantries at the door.

You press your ear to the outside wall. "Yes my husband will be joining you for dinner, please mind the language infront of Olga and Akilina."

"Don't worry yer head about it miss, we plan to keep this meetin short and sweet" A fancy southern accent says.

Followed by a rough cowboy accent "Thank you fer yer hospitality mam"

A thick russian accent says "Syuda ne vyzvat' problemy"

"What'd he say?"

"Just follow him and wait"

It seems the four men in white suits are southerners and the generic mobster looking dudes in pinstripe are the Russians, you thought he was just a maid man not a mob boss.

Well now, the dogs are finishing the meal you provided them.

>Climb up the lattice into the second floor bedroom balcony
>Knock on the front door, JUSTICE SERVED HOT
>Bump the lock on the back door
>Smash a window on the side of the house and go in
>Go play in the pool in the back yard
>Write in
I'll make one I guess, Sorry if my writing is a little off I'm getting back in character right now, and munching pain pills.
>>Climb up the lattice into the second floor bedroom balcony
You hurry over to the lattice before the dogs get a hankerin for bat.

You climb and it surprisingly supports your weight 100%

The balcony window is half open, inside is a bedroom with a large red and pink velvet bed and red wallpaper and carpet, its got a large mahogany drawer over near the door, and a pair of black panties sitting on the floor in-front of the door.

You peak under the door slightly, you see the man fitting victors description, Angular face, white hair, mid 30's pretty beefy.

"Zdravstvuyte! And welcome to my home comrades, now I know you want to just get on with the business but my wife has prepared a delicious meal, so please lets go sit and eat!"

"Well now ah don't see no harm in that, what with yer big fellers everywhere, why do ya got big fellers everywhere anyways?"

"Dah just a precaution, we've had some trouble with little green bastards lately"

His feet disappear down the stairs, a large man follows him close.

>Sneak out and try to get closer to the dinner unseen
>Look for loot in the room
>Sneak out of the room and explore the large house, maybe there's something cool.
>Try to lure a guard into the room and smash his brain basket, FOR JUSTICE
>Stealth out and try to inject the closest guard with your needle of JUSTICE in the neck when hes alone.
>Steal the panties
>Write in
tome for stealth killings
also do to it being midnight I'm gonna crash don't get our psychopath killed while I'm gone
>>Steal the panties
>>Try to lure a guard into the room and smash his brain basket, FOR JUSTICE
Roll 1d20

Best of three, horrible fuckups may result in life or death situations.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Rolled 12 (1d20)

Rolled 5 (1d20)

Roll was meh, barely success, Your mask carries you through though, so he didn't call for backup.
You peak out the door, one guy standing guard on the staircase the others seem to have their own respective posts.

You toss the panties out the door and give low moans in the girlies voice possible. "Ah Oh Ohhh yeah!"

"Ohoho Akilina what have I to-"He took the bait like flies to shit, the second he openes the door. WHAM You jab him in the throat with the head of the bat.

He clutches his throat in reflex, dropping the panties, you grab them and stuff them in his mouth just as he shouts. "HE-mffffff"

He grabs your arm with one hand, WHAM-You smash him in the head with the bat, he shouts through the panties and lets go of you as you pull the nails out of his head.

He manages to spit out the panties while clutching his head, "HE-SMACK You hit him in the gut and pull out, hes caughing and hacking while trying to pull himself off the floor.

You just smile, WHAM WHACK WHAM SMACK His brains paint your shoes and the room.

In his back pocket he has a silver 9mm pistol.

You hear footsteps coming up the stairs. "IVAN, IS SOMETHING WRONG?"

Shit, sounds like two people.

>Grab his gun and start the fun, use the bat+gun to kill whoever comes up the stairs.
>Grab his gun and run, hide under the bed.
>Grab his gun and run out the window.
>Wait behind the doors and get a drop on them BAT MAN STYLE.
>You don't need a GUN to deliver JUSTICE. Do any of the above without a gun!
>Write in
>Wait behind the doors and get a drop on them BAT MAN STYLE.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Low player turnout is due to lack of rape. We need to finish this mission quickly and abscond with a new loli to mutilate.
You squeeze yourself behind the door, its swung open smacking you a little as three men pile into the room holding handguns.
"Holy SHIT look what happened to Ivan!"

"The window!" One exclaims while he runs towards it and looks out the balcony.

"JUSTICE!" You exclaim, the thug on the left starts to turn around, WHAM you hit him in the back of the head with all of your might. He ragdolls and falls to the ground, weird shit pooring out of his ears.

"FUCK SHOOT HIM!" The thug closer to him spins around. You catch his gun and jerk it out of his hand while ripping the nailbat out of the mans head.

BANG! The man from the balcony fires a shot that goes inbetween you and the mobster. In a swift motion you slap the mobster in the face with your bat and jump behind him for cover, you busted his lip and dazed him, he sputters. "I'm going to k-kill you"

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain" You say in the roughest voice you can muster.

"Let him g-BANG!" You shoot him in the gut and he falls off the balcony, you hear dogs barking and screams"

You place the gun to the man in your arms head. "You fucking monster" He sputters.

"Why so serious?" BANG!

"Fuck cover me!" You hear shouts from outside the room.

They know.

>Close the door and push the drawer in-front of the door, give you some time.
>Out the fucking balcony.
>Under the bed.
>Grab the other gun and prepare.
>Hide behind the door again.
>Write in
Sorry it took so long, I coulden't think of any good batman quotes.

Also i was hungry.
He does have two daughters, one may be a loli. you guys want me to hurry this up then? Nobody likes killing Russian mobsters disguised as batman?
>Grab the other gun and prepare.
>Under the bed.
Goodbye, ankles!
Eh, you're writing's not the best and combat is already pretty low on character interaction, which is what most quests thrive on.
Going with this guy's options.
Alright, I'll work on improving, and do faster combat more one roll to rule them all things, and get to the gory bits for you all, would you like it if i got a loli to read my writings on vocaroo for you?

You slam the door shut and grab the mobsters gun and dive under the bed.

The door gets kicked in seven seconds later. "FUCK I bet its the fucking goblins again!"

"Get Victor and his family to the safe room, basement STAT!"

"Vlad look out the window, keep watch."

You hear tire screeches and smashing. "SHIT THEY ARE COMING!"

Most rush out of the room. You use this oportunity to slide out from the opposite side of the bed, jump on it.

And fly off max payne style shooting the two remaining mobsters.

BANG! right in the gut BANG! brains paint the room BANG! In his chest BANG again in the chest.

They ragdoll and hit the floor. "SHIT ARE YO-" BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG! Rapid fire rings out from the hall ways.

You peak out the door, goblins like little green mostly chubby people, with terrible skin and stupid neon hair, are bursting through the front door with guns and machete's, firing on the mobsters, who are firing back.

Nows your chance.
>Start killing indescrimenatly
>Start killing the mobsters
>Start killing the goblins
>Try and get to the basement as fast as you can.
>Try to get to the basement as safe as you can.
>Write in.

I will, in a few weeks I can get one, no more spoilers there though.
Use a mobsters suit to disguise yourself as him

Then kill goblins, once you help fight them off go see victor go banana's
>Start killing the mobsters

We can maybe kidnap a goblin and turn her into another bitch
>Try and get to the basement as fast as you can.
Can't let them close the panic room.
I fell asleep for a while, none of the votes agree. I'll do a little mix then.

You head back to the room. You don't want to get shot, and right now your a target for everyone.

You throw your jacket and cheap jeans onto the bed and dress yourself in the guys dress jacket and pinstripe pants. Not much separates you from every other mobster joe except for the fact that your carrying a bloody nailbat and are wearing bright blue surgical gloves.

You put the extra gun in the back of your pants and grip the nailbat with your left hand, you cock the other gun in your right.

Bullets whiz through the floor and walls, every second a gunshot sounds louder than the last. screams shouting and curses are almost completely drowned out.

You peak out from a corner with your gun and let loose, BANG! BANG! BANG! A goblins head explodes into gore his eyeball rolls onto the the floor causing another to slip and shoot himself in the foot, while the mobster you shot in the gut balls up clenching his wound, blood pooling at his feet.

You take off in a mad dash, blasting any goblin or mobster who looks at you funny. You take a bullet in the left ass cheek as you, it feels like something just bit you really hard. You push through the pain and reach the dinning room where a mobster is pinned behind the wall in-front of what you assume to be is the basement door. "Give me a hand here comrade! They cannot reach the basement! It is unlocked!"

"I'll give you a hand" You shove him into the hall way, his body twitches and dances as he gets filled with holes, you lean out, BANG! You shoot the goblin with the submachine gun in the neck, he drops it and clutches his throat, proping himself against the walls as he writhes around in pain.

You use this opportunity to rush into the basement and lock the door behind you.

"Just in time! We've got to get Victor and his family to safety comrade!"

"I'm sure we do" You respond.

"Your wounded, are you sure you can keep up?" he points to the holes soaked in blood on your shirt.

"I'll live, lets get a mo-" The basement rumbles


"What the fuck is happening?!" You half shout.

"They are drilling again!"

"Aga-" Your question is interrupted by gunshots ricocheting off metal shelves and flooring, stopping only next to you in the concrete walls.

"GIVE US VICTOR OR DIE!" A feminine sounding goblin voice shouts.

"Never you slime-" Hes cut off when his entire body gets filled with hot lead from an automatic rifle.

This is a little more than what you signed on for, you were hoping you could just beat his head in him, or break into his house and rape his daughter, maybe stab his wife. While you think about this and huddle away from the gunfire, the last remaining mobster besides victor has been shooting back with a pump shotgun. Hes now in a stand off with the last goblin, the feminine voice, you haven't got a look yet since shes behind cover blind-firing.

A look around the room reveals that victors wife is dead, in a pool of blood, hes been shot in the kidney and hes trying to shield his little girl.

Another girl lays dead in the middle of the room.

>Aid the goblin, try to work out a bargin for victors head.
>Aid the mobster, you like his determination even if your going to stab him in the back and kill victor.
>Fucking kill them both.
>Claim we can talk this out.
>Shout she should give up since shes outnumbered
>Shoot the mobster then try to come to peace with the goblin.
>Let this glorious play of violence and murder play out without intervening
>Write in
shoot victor
>>Shoot the mobster then try to come to peace with the goblin.

Lets try and be friendly, love can bloom on the battle field
>Kill everyone
>>Shoot the mobster then try to come to peace with the goblin.
You raise your gun on the mobster protecting victor. "Hey buddy!" Before he can react you shoot. BANG! BANG! BANG! click click.

He falls against the wall and slowly slides down it, leaving a trail of blood from the three bullets in his chest and on in his shoulder.

You drop the empty pistol and pull the one in the back of your pants out. "Hey goblin girl, hes dead"

"Oh now your going to talk?"She responds in a high and mighty voice.

"The guy shooting at you is dead, I came to kill victor too"

"Bull shit"

Hes just sitting over there cowering and bleeding on the little girl, she looks about seven, shes crying her eyes out. You raise your gun on the man and smile. BANG!

"AAAH FUCK" Your bullet struck him in the back.

"Holy shit what?" The goblin asks over the girls loud cries and pleas.

BANG! BANG! A couple more times for good measure, now hes pinning his daughter to the ground bleeding on her.

"Damn maybe you are serious, now let me take him back to the tribe as proof!"

"I gotta cash his head in so I get paid girly"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, lets step out of cover and put away our guns, I'm sure we can share him"


"Maybe, how about you take the head and I take the kid?"

>"Sounds good to me greenbean"
>"How about I take the kid and you take the head?"
>"How about we get a coffee after this?"
>"Sure, lets do it" (Lie and shoot her in the back)
>"Whats your name?"
>"Why do you guys want him dead so bad anyways?"
>"Lets just kill each-other okay?"
>Write in
>"Sure, lets do it" (Lie and TASE her in the back)
>>"How about I take the kid and you take the head?"
>>"How about we get a coffee after this?"
I can't decide if we should kidnap her or try to make her our friend, we need someone who kills things and understands us.
Then again if we kidnap her we might not be able to take the little girl.
I can't belive i didn't notice I lost my trip

Decide on what to do guys.
Turn goblin into limbless onahole fucksleeve.
Also, find new place to stay. Maybe throw more money at shitty wizard for a bigger apartment.
File: KaBoom_by_PookaWitch.jpg (29 KB, 300x336)
29 KB
>"Sure you get what you want and I get what I need, look" You toss the gun onto the floor and let the bat roll out.

"Alright big guy." She slides an smg down the floor and peaks out, slowly raising up you can tell shes hiding something behind her back.

You raise your hands. "No cheating"

"Fineee" She says with a small sighing tone in her voice, she tosses the small revolver onto the floor and steps out. "You don't look like you've got anything sharp to take that head off with"

"You don't look like you can carry that little girl" The goblin comes up to about belly button level on you.

"She gives you a blank look, then she lets up and makes a grin. "Okay tall pale and somewhat handsome, how about I get you the head, and you carry the girl out to the car for me?"

You were reaching for your tazer, but you hesitate for a second, this suitjacket is pretty nice, it'd be a shame to get it even more bloody.

And its not nearly as fun when their dead, but then again your hurting for a little green cocksleeve.

First world problems.

>Tazer the little green shit now.
>You can tazer her later, maybe you can get her to fit the loli in the car AND the head, And herself.
>Maybe you don't want to tazer her yet, help her with the girl.
>Attempt to make a last second deal for the girl
>Write in
>>You can tazer her later, maybe you can get her to fit the loli in the car AND the head, And herself.

>Tazer the little green shit now.
"Sounds fine, just keep it mostly identifiable"

"I can do that, just keep the girl"

You pretend she didn't just tell you to do something and pull the body off the crying girl, shes sobbing covered in blood. You pick her up and she starts to scream, its fucking annoying.

You cover her mouth as tight as you can trying to cut off her air, and then the little shit bites you. "AH FUCK You little shit!" You drop her, she quickly gets to her feet, and you land a punch right to the back of her head.

She ragdolls onto the floor out like a light. "Your pretty good with kids, you do this kinda thing alot?" The goblin girl asks with a mocking tone.

"Kidnapping children? More than you'd think"

She brings out a large machete like sword from behind the drill thing, and the cover the goblins were using "I was talking about the whole killing people for money thing, that too though"

"I mostly kill for pleasure" You reply.

"You sound like a bundle of fun"

"That's one way to put it" You say while you lift the little girl over your shoulder, the gunfire has died out now.

"What do you like to do then?" You ask.

She pauses from sawing the head off Victor. "I like to drink, do drugs, loud music, and the occasional brutal murder of anyone who wrongs the tribe"

The girl is getting a little heavy. "The tribe huh?"

"Yeah we've got a reservation down by the beach, we like to keep in touch with our heritage and get stoned listening about spirits and shit"

"Spirits and shit huh?"

"Yeah spirits and shit, I'm not a shaman, I just get stoned and gamble"

Once shes done with the head, she takes off victors jacket and wraps it up. "Here you go, I'll hold it until we get to the car, sound nice?"


You follow the girl up through the tunnel, Its barley wide enough for you to fit, you had to go in backwards to carry the girl.

You arrive at what looks like one of the mobster owned cars. "Check em" She dangles a pair of keys. "I stolem from victor, wana go on a joy ride?"
As convenient as it would be to use that as an excuse to kidnap them both, you've gotta move your car before the cops show.

Why don't you even hear sirens yet?

"As fun as that sounds i've gotta move my car"

"Don't want a ticket from the meeter maid?" She says playfully.

"I don't want the police asking why I'm parked in-front of a mass shooting"

"Thats pretty smart, so what this is goodbye?"

Your both alone as far as you can tell, everyone cleared the fuck out.

>"No this is tazer, say hello"
>"How about you tell me your name and where I can find you?" (Maybe come back for her later)
>"How about you take the head and I take the girl, and your phone number" (Maybe get her later)
>"How about we take my car?"
>"I guess it is"
>Wordlessly tazer her until she pee's herself.
>"How about you take the head and I take the girl, and your phone number"

We can have both in due time what if she gives us goblin footjobs or uses her foot to move our new loli onahole up and down on us?
Think of the possibilities.
>>"No this is tazer, say hello"
>Goblin footjobs
>loli onahole

Well fuck I wasn't planning on masturbating tonight
I'm going to pause here for now guys. Sorry

I'll be back tomorrow probably, with a better format, and I'll steal someone else's dialog style.

I hope next time you can act out your weird fetishes on some unwilling participants, or enjoy some good ole fashion bloody murder.

Or find a wifu to have and to hold forever and ever, causing constant shitstorm
Archived: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/34498343/
fuck you
twitter where
File: 1398558841505.gif (2.43 MB, 266x240)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB GIF
I really hope that name and photo are fake.
Also, that photo is shit and you should replace it.
Also, what the fuck kind of Johnny Bravo is that supposed to be?
File: Man I'm pretty.png (405 KB, 874x932)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
The picture is fake.
Is it bad I think those feet are sexy?

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