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/tg/ - Traditional Games

A Saint Seiya Omega Quest!

When evil threatens the world, the warriors of hope will always appear.

Garbed in Cloths representing the constellations, they fight exploding the energy within them: their Cosmos.

They are the warriors who protect the love and peace of the world…

The Saints!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Kouga:%20Saint%20of%20Mars
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
Opening; Pegasus Fantasy!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqKCXeGW54Q
>You better watch it!

Today we run:
>The City of Light (VII), Light the Fire!

An agreement is only worth as much as you can trust the other party. In your world, you can’t be sure that the other party will uphold their end of a deal in a verbal pact. It requires to have a certain degree of faith in your fellow man to trust someone you don’t know, but you want to believe in others.

Just because something might happen, it doesn’t mean you can live in fear all your life. Sometimes you have to trust others… that’s how life works.

That’s is why when this alchemist girl comes to ask you for your help to protect the city of Paris from evil, you shake her hand and simply join her.

Vivianca Barlobello smiles at you while she shakes your hand with a firm grip, “Thank you, I promise you won’t regret this, Black Pegasus. I know that together we will be able to protect this city from those who wish to exploit the Grimoire.”

Now that you notice it, this tomboy is a head or so taller than you (which was why you originally though she was a boy), but you don’t allow that to intimidate you, “Then do you want to stay here and plan what we should do next?”

For a moment you expect BT to protest, considering she dislikes this alchemist, but thankfully the Black Silver Saint says nothing, giving the Alchemist, Vivi, some time to think.
File: Al Sol 2.jpg (69 KB, 600x801)
69 KB

The taller girl just shakes her head, as she smiles, her height might be more than yours, but you won't hesitate! A short man can be cute too! “Sorry, I have to return to our base soon, my partner is worried about me and I want to try to gather as much Intel as I can about the situation tonight. How about we meet before tomorrow in the morning, that way we both can prepare to bring those evildoers to justice!” The girl then reaches into her track suit, and pulls out a small piece of paper, “Here, this is a secure phone number, you can contact me through this.”

“A ohone number, you alchemists use that?” Not that you don’t know how to use the device, it’s just that your crystal ball is more practical, you probably could give the alchemist one and it would probably be safer than trying to contact her through a line. So you thought that the alchemist would have something similar, like some kind of magical wally-talky or something.

“Don’t worry, it’s a secure line, unlike most organizations, Atlas has always made sure to integrate itself with the modern world Most telephone companies use inventions made by us, the Alchemists, and so we have backdoor access to the system, so you can trust this line, okay!”

Trust… well by now you are doing that, but you still want to give her one of your crystal balls, because not only would the thing be more secure, you also could use it to track down this alchemist down if it came to it.

So what do you do?
>Take the paper, and allow the Alchemist to leave.
>Give Vivi a crystal ball, and send her away.
>Ask Vivi to stay, you want to take some time to plan with her.
>Ask Vivi a question (Write-In about what?)
>Take a chance, ask about Victor III, an ally of justice won't lie to a friend, right?
Just a friendly reminder, in this city of light the demons and the darkness they represent shall not be tolerated, that’s why you will not be able to contact that friend of yours Child of Man. So instead, we, who represents the will of the God of Light and Order, will take over this duty momentarily and help you.

I also want to ask you to forgive my colleges, the other angels have been mistreating you and abusing you verbally, Child of Man, and I feel that they have no right to do so. Sadly, many of my colleges, in their rage against the dark, have forgotten that our master once taught us to love and forgive. They have forgotten what their light exists to protect, and are only focusing on laying the foundation of the Kingdom of our Lord.

If our Lord could see them, I feel he would weep. Still, I hope you find it in your heart to forgive and understand them too. They are just too blind and misguided to understand that there is more in this world than their fanaticism and hatred.

>Signed, the Foundation.

PS: Be careful… your association with your friend in the underworld won't make you friends up here, so please stop.


>>Take the paper, and allow the Alchemist to leave.
Still trying to catch up from last thread
Sorry for the delay, writing!

Also, don't worry, last thread was just a comedy of errors. Kouga doesn't know how to take a hint and he met an ally of justice!
ALso remember that you guys can ask your questions, to your friendly heavenly servants of the one and true god who rules over both the light and the law.

So ask away, have no fear. The worst that could happen is that they decide that they want to smite you more than they already want.
I'd rather ask the Demon
It's Lewd


>A short man can be cute too!

Goddamit Kouga it's Manly! Manly!
In this city of light, demons and the darkness they worship is not allowed. Embrace the light, child of man, and learn to praise the light/sun!
File: Al Sol 3.jpg (335 KB, 816x1075)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
“Right, then I will call you tomorrow, thanks.” Pocket the paper with the number, as you shake the alchemist’s hand once again, “Thanks, I hope we can work together to protect people.” That’s what you have to do as a Saint, and you are glad that someone in another organization shares your point of view.

The tall girl just smiles, and a part of you can’t help compare this girl, Vivi, with Sonia. The two should be right about the same age, right, so does Sonia smile like this underneath her mask? You can’t help but briefly wonder about that.

No, your friend is probably the type that doesn't smile as easily as this girl, that's why you hope that one day she learns to smile like Vivi...

“Good, then I will leave, I will try to bring as much information as I can tomorrow when we meet. Remember to call me early in the morning, because justice waits for no one!” The alchemist warrior turns around energetically, and quickly sprints to leave the place.

>BT never lowers her guard, and her eyes trail behind the retreating back of her kind’s mortal enemy, awaiting for the moment the alchemist reveals her true intention.

When the alchemist reaches the far end of the plaza, she turns around, and shouts, “Mr. Kouga, let’s work together to protect everyone’s smiles!” Every human in the plaza turns to stare at you, and then Vivianca just leaves, ignoring the commotion she just made.

You just feel like dying, your Master never prepared you to meet the expecting stares of these many people, so you only blush in embarrassment.

Still, now that the alchemist left, you just take a seat in the bench outside the entrance to the stupid Museum. Eden and Al should be inside, near the exhibition with the Grimoire, but you really don’t feel like entering that place, the black urn and the man who smell like ash are there…

… and you want to avoid problems for once in your life.
File: 1405058649303.png (79 KB, 1482x792)
79 KB
So what do you do?
>Go get Eden and leave… you have to prepare and you have wasted too much time.
>Enter the museum and talk to Al, you invited him here after all.
>Talk to BT, she really hates that alchemist…
>Just take a moment and wait, you still feel a bit tired from whatever made you feel sad last time, and that alchemist is too energetic for your own good.
>Try to follow the alchemist… let’s see how Miss Justice really is.
>Talk to BT, she really hates that alchemist…
>Talk to BT, she really hates that alchemist…

File: Black Tarantula I.jpg (21 KB, 362x494)
21 KB
You know that you really shouldn’t confront BT about her problems with the alchemist, but tomorrow your friend will have to work with that alchemist, so maybe you should talk to her to make sure this doesn’t become a problem.

Plus Versa is your friend, so you really feel curious about what caused her to react this emotionally. “Versa… do you have a problem with the alchemist? To be honest, I thought you might have attacked that girl for a moment back then.”

Versa… stayed silent and refused to even look at you, but eventually you heard a faint voice, “…alchemists warriors exist to hunt unbound homunculus. Amongst the alchemists of Atlas, there is a belief that homunculus research is a heresy, and that those who dabble in it and their creations must be destroyed or contained…”

In other words, the professor is not part of Atlas, so technically they would consider her a heretic for making BT, “So they hate you like the church hates vampires… but that’s unfair Versa, it’s not like you drink blood like a vampire, and even if you did, I don’t think you would be dangerous!” You try to give your friend a bright smile to calm her down, BT is not more dangerous than you.

If they want to kill her because she can hurt humans, then they should kill you first, after all you and your right hand can destroy this world already!
But Versa still refuses to look at your eyes, but at least she replies, “Correct, homunculus do not need to drink the blood of humans, that is true…”
Your friend grows silent, and simply takes a seat on the bench again besides you. “…but thank you, Kouga. I am glad my friend trusts me.”

Then she smiles, and for the first time, you really think that Versa is really getting this thing called friendship… and you simply say nothing more.

There is probably more to this than what BT is telling you, but you feel your friend really doesn’t want to talk about this, so you will give her some time. Just like you don't really want to share your own problems with others, you feel that BT has the same right. So all you can do is wait, wait until she wants to tell you herself.

The night is still cold, and while you want to stay sitting with Versa besides you, it’s getting late, and you still have stuff to do…

So you should…
>Ask BT some more about the problem with homunculus, you know there is more to this.
>Go check on Eden, you have to leave by now.
>Go back to talk Al, you can’t forget about your gentlemanly friend.
>Stay in the park, with BT, you two need some time to calm down. [Encounter of Fire]
>your right hand can destroy this world already!

It did. 3 times!
It's a neeeewwwww record
Don't blame Kouga, blame the world!
I blame the dice and swords.

Encounter of fire?
>Encounter of fire?
You already know who it is... this is an easy mode one. But then I guess everyone forgot about the guy already...
>I guess everyone forgot about the guy already...

I certainly did but

>Go check on Eden, you have to leave by now.

Have some Blue Dream too, because I like this old song.

>>Stay in the park, with BT, you two need some time to calm down. [Encounter of Fire]

We're gonna see all the smiles and break all the records!
>Stay in the park, with BT, you two need some time to calm down. [Encounter of Fire]

Hey, GodKouga!, what are you doing right now? Did Aria survive? I mean, she is a god and she does got the sword of darkness.
Oh... then changing... also writing.
>In this city of light, worldlines other than this one are not allowed to exist!
>Connection error with EL-001
>The World Egg will be preserved!
>Account Meister_AR_E001 is terminated!

>In this city of light, order shall be preserved! As long as the light exists, this world shall not end!
Sorry about that.

Can we ask Foundation for another WISE UP? I wan't to know why their boss has a problem with Tokyo.
File: Leo 1.jpg (66 KB, 424x600)
66 KB
For a moment, you consider going back to Eden and just leaving this place, you need to prepare for tomorrow and there is work to be done, but on the other hand, you feel tired, and you think that BT wouldn’t mind to take some time off and think.

“BT, I want to rest for a moment, to think… so if you don’t mind… can you stay by my side?” Surprisingly, you didn’t feel weird asking your friend this, maybe it was the fact that you already did this a few minutes ago, but now you feel more comfortable with sitting so close to BT.

To you this still feel strange, after all most of your friends have never been the hugging type, except for Master Integra and your nice friend for you to get used to getting close with people (your nice friend was the type that liked to wander around most of the time, so the random schedule of your meetings with her never allowed you to get used to her brand of physical affection).

So making a new friend, and allowing that friend to be near you feel nice. Once again, just knowing that BT is right by your side distracts you from that odd, unknown but definitely painful feeling you felt earlier… and that is worth doing this.

The night is chilly but enjoyable… and time passes slowly until you suddenly smell fire and ash, and you hear a deep voice, “Oh… so were here, and with your friend too… good to see you are fine boy!” This is the man from before, the missionary who helped you when you were feeling sick, Leo-something or another.

By the moment you see the man clearly, the smell of cinder and flames permeates every corner of the park, but strangely you don’t dislike the smell, not it feels pure. Like it drives away everything that clings to you and hurts you, a smell that protects the soul of humans.

It’s not a bad smell.
File: moon.jpg (3 KB, 300x168)
3 KB

“Boy, you should pay more attention, your friends are worried about you, and searched all over the museum for you and your lady friend, and still I say I can’t blame you for staying outside, this night, the moon is beautiful.” Leo (for now that’s his name) takes a seat on a bench opposite from yours, and simply stares at the night sky, and the bright moon whose light shines even brighter than the lights of this city.

“Say, why don’t we stay here, boy? I feel this cool night is a good night to be outside?” Leo calmly asks you this, not once bothering to take his eyes off form the moon, and he is right.

It looks so large and so close that it almost looks like it's made of blue glass, and it's light shines dimly, illuminating everything without mercy... Leo is right.

Tonight the moon is simply…


>Stay, and silently admire the moon with BT and Leo, let conversation come naturally.
>Ask Leo about himself? He is a missionary right?
>Leo said he was waiting for a friend, hasn’t that friend come already?
>Just leave, you don’t have time to waste.
>>Stay, and silently admire the moon with BT and Leo, let conversation come naturally.

>Stay, and silently admire the moon with BT and Leo, let conversation come naturally.

No shadowruns down boy!
File: WrongNeigh.jpg (540 KB, 2000x1473)
540 KB
540 KB JPG

WISE UP: The Tokyo Problem.

What is our Lord’s problem with Tokyo… that’s actually a complicated question, one I am not truly sure how to answer.

To be honest, his problem is multifaceted, but I will save us time and answer with what really matters to you. The problem with Tokyo is that it’s the center of one of the mayor concentration of magical lands in the world.
It’s a nexus of power, where several dragon lines meet, and where the power of several heretical demons rest, and thus it has become over the centuries into one of the most powerful ritual grounds of the world, one powerful enough that it could be used to open a direct gate to the underworld.

You understand this, right? That means that if mismanaged, Tokyo could become a literal hell gate, a focal point from which an endless army of demons could invade this world of light and lead the children of men astray with their heresies.

That’s why the moment our Lord detects a hint of a strong demonic presence in that city, he immediately springs into actions and clenches the area with atomic fire. It might seem cruel to you, but that is the best method to preserve the lives that would be lost otherwise to the demons.

Our Lord is not cruel, he is the one willing to do what it takes to protect humans because he cares about them, unlike Athena who hesitates to do what must be done.

Know that this is the truth and only the truth, because as a creation of my most holy Lord: my tongue is only allowed to speak the truth.

>Signed, the Foundation.

PS: And our Lord does not always nuke Tokyo, sometimes he nukes Antarctica too!

>Write in Next WISE UP!


More random songs...
Might as well
The hero that forsook Order and Power
Eh, who again?
Thought I'd make a conjecture to who [he] was. Seems it was wrong.
Not sure, maybe they mean [Him]

Seriously, did we ever ask anyone who the hell [He] is?
Uh what?
An angel would say that there are no heroes who have forsaken power and order, because they are the tools by which the Love and Peace of the World can be protect.

Honestly, you would expect a Saint like you to understand that boy.

Obviously this means if we want to talk to GodKouga!, we have to burn down Paris.

We didn't. Thought this would be the best time to inquire since there aren't many responders.
You aren’t sure what to ask Leo, and thus you stay quiet and simply enjoy the night. On your side BT simply rests her head on your shoulder, and it takes all your training to not do something stupid and discomfort your friend.

That wouldn’t be nice.

After a few minutes pass in comfortable silence, eventually Leo starts talking, “You know… I met my friend in a night like this one, she… well I won’t lie, but she was like a living tragedy. Up to that point it was almost like she had been cursed, and she had lost almost everything… except for her younger brother. It was almost like she only was filled with suffering, but I guess I can’t talk that much… I also had a shitty past.

But… eventually my path crossed hers (and that of her brother, but who cares about that dick), and eventually we were taken in by a nice man… and given the thing called hope, a family of people who understood her, a teacher that loved her and things looked good. The girl who had been cursed by the world finally was given a shot at happiness, she was given strength, and finally had a small chance to put her tragedies behind her.

At least I wish that had happened, but you know, that girl never had been blessed except by one thing, and I feel that damaged her in a very important part,” Leo pointed to his chest, to the heart, “and that’s what ruined her.”

Leo pauses for a moment as he stare at the sky lonely. “In the end, I feel weight of her curses overtook her, her hate never allowed her to accept the small happiness she had been given. She lost sight of the thing we call hope, and she only concentrated on her revenge on all those who cursed her when she had been weak… and so she became someone whose story could only end in tragedy.”
“In the end, her journey for revenge also consumed the small family she had with her friends and master, and she hurt them in several tragic ways... including me. What's ironic is that in the end she was the one who destroyed her own happiness, she was the one who cursed herself..” Leo’s head lowered, and his eyes travel to his right hand, where a grey ring is located. “I don't know why... but I had a faint hope of meeting that friend today, you know, but now I think that I was just being stupid… even if she came here, I doubt that woman would talk to me. Plus she has a nasty tongue, not the sort of cute girl you could talk with... hehe.”

"She is not a good woman, but she still was my friend... and I wanted..."The man that smells like ash looks into his jacket, and finds a small box, a box with smokes, and for a moments considers pulling one… but in front of a child he has no right to smoke, so he stops, and stares at the moon. “No... what I want doesn't matter... but you know the moon reminds me of her, so I can't help think about that stupid idiot on nights like this one, and think of what she did."

Leo smiles sadly and just silently stares at the moon, at this point you don't think the man expects you to answer him. This man of ash is probably just talking to let everything go,but a part of you wants to… and after hearing this story, you feel you have to…

>Ask Leo why he told you all this?
>Tell Leo that he should try to look for his friend, and find her no matter what.
>Tell Leo that it’s his fault, he failed his friend.
>Tell Leo it’s not his fault, he shouldn’t blame his friend.
>Ask Leo why he wants to meet someone so horrible? That friend just hurts other people, and no matter how tragic that’s not right.
>Tell Leo it’s not his fault, he shouldn’t blame his friend.
>Tell Leo it’s not his fault, he shouldn’t blame his friend.
>Tell Leo it’s not his fault, he shouldn’t blame his friend.

Shit happens mang

WISE UP: The hero who rejected both Order and Chaos.

>These words are blasphemy, but even heresy is allowed to exist, for in opposing the Lord, one can also come to understand his glory and wisdom. But never forget, lies are lies, and curses are curses, all they shall do is lead you astray, child of man.

I have seen many humans face ordeals in the past, many of them had been dealt truly cruel fates and had found themselves judged by luck, others had their fates prepared beforehand, and had no choice but to face the ordeal.

That [man] was of the first type, and that’s why [he] is probably what everyone considers a disaster. No, he was the greatest oversight that both Angels and the Demons allowed to happen, and they are still paying for this up to this day.

Instead of saying [he] found himself in the ordeal by chance, some would say that he was the one choose to face the ordeal and that made all the difference.

Some say that there exists a devil with the heart of a human, but [he] was the opposite, a human with the heart of the devil. Not chosen by anyone, nor blessed by anyone, nevertheless that [monster] was the one who became the king in the end.

That [man] was a tyrant, a monster who trampled the unbending laws of the heavens, and who overwhelmed the endless chaos of the demons!

He crushed all who opposed with his bare hands and denied all their reasons and paths until the world he desired came to be.

The cursed world you live in is his fault, and you should never forget that. But… that never explains why someone like Athena exists. Would an uncaring monster like that [thing] even consider allowing Athena to rule the world?

Even to this day I can’t understand that…

>Signed, a lowly angel that once had the disastrous luck to face that monster amongst monsters.
File: Leo 3.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
92 KB
You quickly tell Leo that it wasn’t his fault, he shouldn’t blame himself nor his friend for what happened, sometimes shit happens.

But Leo, he only laughs at your words, “Now, you sound like those stupid priests I work with, I guess now you will tell me that I have to forgive her… no, boy. I honestly don’t agree with that. It may not be your fault that you may have been dealt a bad hand, but what you do with it is your own choice. That’s why I can’t really forgive her… because she did all those horrible things out of her own choice.”

BT is sleeping by now, probably bored to death by Leo’s tale, but you still can’t help by be enthralled by it, that girl who lived with tragedy and this man who smell like ash… you feel drawn to them. “So you want revenge on her?”

“Revenge…” Leo brings a hand to his face, and thinks for a moment, “I… I don’t know, but I only know that I have to see her again, to finally put everything she did behind me…” Leo might not admit it to himself, but he probably also blames himself as much as his friend for what happened between them, and a part of you hopes he eventually meets his friend.

“Well, to be honest, kid, you remind me of her, you also have that air of sadness and tragedy around you, like you will one day destroy everything around you. That’s why I told you her story, kid, remember that your actions don’t only affect you, but those around you, like your lady friend besides you.” Hearing that you can only blush, while Leo chuckles at your embarrassment.
“Hey don’t be like that, you look like you don’t dislike the girl, so try to enjoy yourself kid, at your age a date or two won’t kill you.” At hearing the word date your blush becomes redder than fire, and now you want to really punch this stupid man. “Okay, I won’t tease you, honestly at your age you don’t have to think too much about these things, just follow your heart, if you can care for others it will do you good.” Leo grins like a wild man, but while you still feel he is being stupid about this (while BT is cute you doubt she wants that from you), you still are thankful about this advice.

Besides that stupid devil who is not taking your calls, this man and Al are the only ones who have given you some reasonable advice about these things.

But Leo continues talking, and you feel his face grow serious. “Kid, I don’t know if our meeting was either fate or maybe part of the divine plan (as those idiots like to say), but I wanted to take this bizarre chance to tell you this story, and I hope it helps you. Please don’t end like her.” Leo now pulls out a small metallic bottle from his long coat and takes a drink… leaving you to think.

What do you say now?
>I feel you are wrong about your friend, even if she is responsible for her actions, you really should stop hating her, it will only hurt yourself.
>I remind you of her, why? I don’t think I am that sort of person.
>A chance meeting, why do you say that Mr. Leo? You are talking like we won't be meeting again?
>Just wake up BT and leave, you feel like Leo already said his part. [End the meeting]
>”Stupid priests, is that something a missionary like you should be saying?”
Theme for this one... or maybe this theme.

"I actually destroyed the world 4 times, no wait or was it 3? You start to lose count after a while"

>Just wake up BT and leave, you feel like Leo already said his part. [End the meeting]

I doubt this much we need to say to him right now.He seems bent on that mindset. But shit happens he'll find that out.Stupid Vases, Stupid swords
>>"I actually destroyed the world 4 times, no wait or was it 3? You start to lose count after a while"
Kouga can't remember this fully.

But writing the other parts.
File: Leo 2.jpg (14 KB, 320x240)
14 KB

You stare at Leo for a few moments, before deciding that nothing you would say right now will help, after all you feel this man who smells like ash is too set in his ways to change.
Shaking BT a few times, your friend groggily wakes up and with your helps stands up from the bench, but you still hold her drowsy form near you, to make sure she doesn’t fall over or something. “Sorry Mr. Leo, it’s getting late, so I will return and look for my friends.”

The man takes another drink from his bottle and waves at you, “Sure take care, thanks for hearing an old man like talk.” You chuckle a bit and wave back at the older man. With that, you lead the sleepy Black Tarantula back to the museum.

As Leonard Bradley stares at the back of the boy who is entering the museum, he can’t help but raise his right hand, and inspect the familiar gray ring inscribed with a black feather.

Like he told the boy, their bizarre meeting was either chance or fate, but either way, Leonard knew that tomorrow would be an interesting day.

>Kouga: Saint of Mars 26 END.

Tomorrow I will run the Kouga Quest, I hope you guys join me early! If anyone has questions/comments/critiques, they can tell me now and I promise to reply right now.
Thanks for the thread belk
Thanks for the thread! Hard mode indeed.

No, I want to thank you guys for playing, it makes me really happy. If you have any questions/comments/critiques, I am willing to hear them.

Also I feel that no one is getting the foreshadowing...
After destroying the world a couple of times what's getting burned to death by some guy or gettimg pirged by some angels?
Getting your friends burned to death or getting them purged by some angels? Not that those things would happen, not sure where you got those ideas!

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