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File: 1688445_2.jpg (2.5 MB, 2338x2651)
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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Card%20Priestess%20Quest
Twitter: http://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/1XJESY5p

This monster is different from the others I've fought. The other ones at least resembled something human, but this guy is easily three meters tall. He takes several steps toward me and tries an overhead swing, which I easily knock away with the shield. Despite this suit of armor being so heavy, everything else that is thrown against it feels like light paper.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I'm feeling tired of having to fight off monsters. I told Fortune that I would work with them and they didn't need to do this, but that doesn't seem to have curbed the monster attacks. At least, this one doesn't seem the least bit concerned about the truce Fortune and I have come to.

Suddenly, something ricochets off his armor, which leaves a dent in his pauldron. Time seems to stop as everyone, including the monster, search their surroundings for the source of the attack.
Something lands behind him, I can tell it's clearly a girl who stands taller than I do. She wears a black dress that has been cut to allow her legs to move. A bodysuit rests under to support her slender form. On her face, clearly metallic and covered in markings, is a mask.

"Wow, you look really silly." I say, the girl furrows what little of her brow that I can see.

File: 555-vi-okra.jpg (88 KB, 220x320)
88 KB
The monster shifts all of its weight toward me in one huge lunge. A lunge that I'm reasonably sure it wouldn't be able to do unassisted with its own power. His axe strikes my shield, sending me skidding backwards. Ryouta hammers away at his armor, his strikes seemingly reflecting off his tough, steely exterior.

There's a shout, and someone else joins the fray. From his messy blonde hair, and cigarette dangling between his jaws; I can guess that this is Ken'ichi. Ken's punch carries considerably more force than Ryouta's punch. The monster reels, landing flat-footed while facing me.

>Plan of attack on this guy? He stands 3 meters tall and is currently flat-footed
>You're wearing Bellevedere, a card that grants you a set of armor, a strong tower shield, and a hefty greatsword.

>You could:
>Move in and pressure him
>Keep tanking and let everyone else hit him

>Either ways, Roll a 1d20 + 5, best of three. I'll add bonuses depending on your plan of attack.
Rolled 10 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>Keep tanking and let everyone else hit him
We can take the hits, the others might not.
Again, my apologies if I suddenly disappear, my internet is cutting in and out.
Rolled 18 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>Keep tanking and let everyone else hit him
Rolled 4, 15, 16, 5 = 40 (4d20)

Okay, Keep tanking and let everyone else hit him

If that's good, I'll write.

Also here's some D20s for a few people. Because you're tanking, these D20s are all +4
I meant 3d20, but I'll count that last one as the Monster's roll.


Order is Ryouta, Ken, Masked Girl
File: Bellevedere.1473007.jpg (563 KB, 800x1224)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
He rebounds on his back foot, and his axe slams down onto my shield. Really, I'm just glad that he's continuing to focus on me, because I don't think anyone else could take even a few seconds of this.

Ryouta tries for another hit on his flank, but grazes off the tough metallic exterior. Ken goes in for a kick, connecting with his back leg and shattering a section of the armor.

This new girl, on the other hand, does something impressive. She concentrates into her palms for a few short seconds before directing them at the monster.
Even though I saw nothing come from her palms, the monster starts to break apart at the seams all the same. With a horrifying wrenching and crack, half of the monster splits apart. Leaving bits of wire and metal dangling as the monster struggles to compose itself. With a screech, it manages to pull the gaping hole in its shoulder back together.

>Finish it off?
>Keep tanking

>Roll 1d20 + 5 again
Rolled 9 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>>Finish it off?
Rolled 13 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>Finish it off?
Rolled 14 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>Finish him!

File: 1530216.jpg (378 KB, 734x950)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
I'm not entirely sure if these monsters can feel pain, but I am certain that attack got his attention.
He turns his gaze from the metallic wall that I hold in front of me. Instead, the closest things he has to a face focuses on the masked girl who had given him the wicked gash across the shoulder.

Oh no.

The girl freezes in shock, clearly not expecting that kind of reaction from the monster. She goes to perform the same little trick again, but her arms instead instinctively move to protect her head. The monster raises its axe with a screech.

I can feel the shield fall away momentarily; I won't be needing it for this.
With teeth clenched, I take aim for the opened gash on his leg. With a mighty swing, the sword comes crashing down-
Right onto the beasts axe. He noticed me at the last second and parried my swing!

Fortunately, this gives the girl all the time she needs to finish her hand motions. With another blast, his other shoulder is split open, creating a crack across the entire monster. His massive axe falls to the ground with a thump.
With a roar, my sword swings upward, and splits the entire monster in half. The momentum of the swing causes me to fall onto my back.

Ryouta runs over to me while Ken stands off with the masked girl.

"Tch. So what are you, some kind of superhero?" Ken laughs. Ryouta tries to help me to my feet, but finds difficulty doing so with the heavy armor on.
Without saying another word, the girl sprints over to the card contained within the remains of the monster and grabs it. Spinning on her heel, she sprints off toward the Gym at breakneck speeds.

>Follow her!
>No, no point.
>Get back to the Theatre and check on everyone instead
>Follow her!
Great, one of these. She's going to go and steal all our cards all the time isn't she?

Do we have any fast cards? Otherwise I don't think we are going to catch her.
>Follow her!
>Change to Julie
Is probably the fastest we have currently.
>>No, no point.
>>Get back to the Theatre and check on everyone instead
We have people to fix first. She will be back eventually.
That was a addition in case there is confusion.

Sorry for the trip, I had completly forgotten about that thing.
Mixed, so i'll try a compromise

>Follow her as best as we can, then go back to the theatre when we lose her.

Sounds good? If so, writing.
>No, no point.
I wonder if the masked girl is one of our friends.
I think it is. The other option is she is the dark pragmatic magical girl to our hopeful crying magical girl.
File: Haruko_outfit.30151.jpg (393 KB, 851x1000)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
"Hey, wait!" I yell at her, of course she doesn't slow down. That would just be too easy.

I let the armor slip off of me, returning me to my regular school outfit. I dart to my feet and chase after her, but I'm not sure how much good it will do at the speed she seems to be moving at.
Julie slips out of my pocket as I let the card overtake me. She seems to be a bit faster than the other cards, so I may be able to keep up.
This seems to work for a few minutes. I'm keeping up with her brisk pace as she rounds the corner of the Gym and takes off behind it.

That is, until she turns around and notices me following her. She reaches into her pocket,
takes out a card
and does a swiping motion across her wrist.

As if someone flipped a switch in her legs, she darts away at twice the speed that she was once running at. I lose her as she rounds one of the corners of the indoor court building.


Walking back, I come across Aiko and Maeda. Maeda still looks like she's in pain, with a visible welt across her shoulder. Aiko is supporting her using her good arm.

"What are you two doing here?! Shouldn't you be in the theatre?"
"She insisted that she could help." Aiko says, looking at Maeda. She coughs slightly as Aiko adjusts her weight.

I flip over to Haruko and pick her up, letting its healing aura engulf her.
"Masami, I'm fine, I just got a-" I ignore her and keep carrying her anyway.
"That's really useful." Aiko says, staring in awe.

"Maeda, Aiko, Do either of you know of a girl in a mask that has been coming around here?"
"Um. Not really."

So much for that.

>Look around the schoolyard some more
>Get witness accounts from the people in the theatre
>Ask Ryouta and Ken what they think
>Just let Maeda heal, maybe take her home.
>Get witness accounts from the people in the theatre
During and afterwards we can
>let Maeda heal, maybe take her home.
>>Ask Ryouta and Ken what they think
Keep away from those who are unaware of fortune and the like for now.
>Ask Ryouta and Ken what they think

Best not to get the normal people involved
Okay so

>Ask Ryouta and Ken what they think
and then
>let Maeda heal, maybe take her home

I'll write if that sounds good
File: Ryo-kun.jpg (145 KB, 574x800)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
"I should probably take Maeda home. First, I want to ask Ryouta and Ken something."
"Are you sure? I could take her if you want." Aiko rubs the injured section of Maeda's shoulder some.
"It'll be fast, just a quick question."

We walk over to where Ryouta and Ken'ichi were standing last. We catch them just as they're walking back to the theatre.
And, of course, they've already started arguing with each other. Mostly Ken teasing Ryouta about how terrible his fighting was. I don't really see why that's so important to them.

"Hey! Cut it out!" Aiko yells at them, this is clearly not an isolated incident for those two.
"He started it!" Ryouta says, clearly angered still.
"Not my fault you got shown up by a girl, bro." Ken says, lighting another cigarette.
"You both got shown up by a girl, so stop it." Aiko says, slapping Ryouta's shoulder.

File: 48051.jpg (349 KB, 800x600)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
Ryouta inspects his sister as I approach. Ken pretends to not care,but I can clearly see him glance over at Maeda's wounds with a worried look on his face.
Looking down, I can see the bruise on her shoulder has slowly receded. The aura that this card emits must be similar for everyone, because Maeda is already fast asleep in my arms.
Ryouta tries poking her some to wake her up, but she doesn't even register that it happened. She is completely unconscious.

"Ryouta, Ken, can you tell me what happened before I showed up? Was that masked girl here?"
They look at each other for a minute, "No, we didn't see her before you got here. I thought it was Aiko."

"Saw what again?" Aiko says, confused.
"There was this girl in a very tacky mask fighting the monster. When we beat it, she took the card inside and ran off."
"Thats.." Aiko pauses for a minute, before mumbling under her breath.
"..wearing a mask like a superhero, I wish I could do that."

"Aiko! Focus! This is really important here! I think that girl was the one I saw in your room!"
"What would she want in my room?"

That.. Is a very good question, I don't know.

Maeda stirs slightly, I pull back her sleeve and notice that the welt is now just a small bruise. She can probably be let go now.

"Ryouta "

>"Take Maeda, I have some places to look into."
>"I'm taking Maeda home. She's had enough for today."
>"I'm taking her to the infirmary."
>"I'm going to hold on to her for a few more minutes."
What if Fortune accidentally a clone of Aiko? Aiko is supposed to be fast...

>"I'm taking Maeda home. She's had enough for today."
>>"I'm going to hold on to her for a few more minutes."
Finish healing her up.
>"I'm taking Maeda home. She's had enough for today."
>>"I'm going to hold on to her for a few more minutes."
>"I'm going to hold on to her for a few more minutes."
Yep, obvious

Holding onto her for a few more minutes, then.

File: Aiko.jpg (622 KB, 1191x1684)
622 KB
622 KB JPG
"-I'm going to hold onto Maeda for a few minutes, you should probably go ahead and tell everyone in the theatre that it's all clear."
"That's great and all, but what are you going to do?"

Actually I don't think there's anything else I can do here.

"I'm going to take Maeda home if she wants to, and go check Aiko's place. Maybe I find a hint of what that girl wanted."

Ryouta and Ken wave as they set off toward the theatre. Leaving Aiko, Maeda, and I standing outside the Gym.

"So, what are you going to do?"
"..I don't know, there isn't much I can do while carrying around Maeda." I can feel her turn in her sleep. She sleeps much more soundly than Aiko does.

"Can I see where you fought that monster? Maybe there's something left over there?"

File: 1108440.jpg (259 KB, 1023x724)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
We walk to where the fight took place, but there doesn't seem to be anything left but the cracked ground and scuffle marks.
"Amazing how they seem to clean themselves up, isn't it?"
"Yeah.." I say with a pout. I'm sure they were designed that way.

"Do you know why this happened? Did you go yell at that guy from yesterday?"
"I haven't talked with him! I have no idea why he suddenly sent this thing here."

We both ponder for a few minutes, but slowly, I can feel Maeda shift her weight from my arms as she stands up.
Maeda stretches and pops her arms and legs. I can feel the card slowly leave my body and return to my hand.

"Wait, that's another thing." I say, looking at the card in my hand, "That girl, when she saw me, I think she used a card."
"What does that mean?" Aiko says, running her fingers along the fissures in the pavement.
"I thought I was the only one who could do that. At least, that's what Mom told me."

"Masami." Maeda says, rising to her feet. "Didn't that man say something about monsters and cards yesterday?"
"That's right, he said that was an old way of drafting them. To make the cards fight."

I don't see why he would send monsters. I already said I would think about it some with Mom, did he just get impatient or something?

"Maybe you can call him and find out?" Aiko says, still tracing those fissures with her finger.
"I can't trust him to tell the truth about this."

And I'm right!

Aiko rises to her feet, "In any case, I think I will go home and check on Sis. I am kind of worried if there is a creepy stalker who can run super fast running around the neighborhood."

>Escort her home
>Question her.
>Stay with Maeda
>Go look for something to do here at school
>Go home. You've had enough
>Escort her home
>>Escort her home
>>Question her. (politely of course)
The two of them do share a similar power.
It seemed as if the girls "native" power was the telekinesis, nd she got the super speed from the card.
>Escort her home
>Ask her to test how good her superspeed is currently working.
>Escort her home and politely question her


Also Tonight's thread may get cut short. Apologies in advance.
File: 44466434.jpg (1.31 MB, 1327x1748)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
"Maeda, I'm going to go with Aiko. Are you feeling okay?"
"I feel fine. I need to go help Ryouta calm the students down, so I'll see you tomorrow?"
"Sounds good, take care!"

Aiko and I say our goodbyes to everyone as we leave. Soon we're standing on the corner outside of school on the way back to Aiko's place.
"Um, Aiko?" There's really no good way to ask this question.
"Where were you when all of this was happening? I just looked behind me one moment and you were gone."
"Oh. I saw the bad shape Maeda was in and ran to the Infirmary, why?"

How do I even phrase this?
"You know.. That masked girl could run really fast too."
"W-what are you saying Masami?" She says, turning to me.
"I'm sorry for asking this but, are you the masked girl? I just didn't know anyone else who could run really quickly as a power. And that blur earlier did sort of come from your house and all."
Oh god did I ask that right? She's not going to hate me forever for this, is she?

Aiko looks at me and sighs,
"That's silly Masami. Besides, you know that if I could dress up in those cute dresses that I would do it all the time."
"She didn't really dress up in it, she just- Wait."

That's when a thought hits me.

"Have you ever tried transforming before?"
"I don't think you've ever tried. Want to try now?"

She shrugs, taking Julie from me.

File: 44474446.jpg (98 KB, 1476x1753)
98 KB
She walks a few steps ahead of me on the sidewalk before turning to face me.
She does a little pose, flips the card around in her hand before yelling.
"HENSHIN!" She swishes the card in the air and holds it to her chest.

And nothing happens.

She tries it again, this time with a completely different post.
"HENSHIN!" Her hands flip to her waist this time. Nothing.

She looks at the card in her hand, looking very disappointed.
"So much for being a superhero." She says with a defeated sigh.
"Sorry.." I feel pretty guilty getting her hopes up like that.
"No it's fine! It was worth a try." She hands the card back to me as we approach her house.

Her sister opens the door as we approach her house. Mischeviously, he smiles as she sees us approach.

"So, Aiko, how was your date?"
She giggles and runs inside before Aiko can grab a hold of her. Aiko sighs,
"I got to go deal with this, so I'll pick you up tomorrow in the morning?"
"Yeah, that sounds fine."

In the background of her home, you can vaguely hear "Already have another set up?"

Aiko walks inside and closes the door. I can hear the sound of footsteps running around inside along with some squeals.

It must be nice having siblings.

Thread End
File: 1598447.jpg (212 KB, 600x600)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
And that's today's thread

Sorry about cutting it short, something came up in real life.

So, question I always ask, despite it's length, how was it?
Oh one more thing that I didn't get into this thread that the next thread will start with:

>Do you want to go work tomorrow at Fortune for an hour or so?

I'd say yes, but to get more information on how they operate. Let's not show how well we can actually do this. Like not making an entire fortress when all they expect is a stone house.
>>Do you want to go work tomorrow at Fortune for an hour or so?
Its probably the best way to find out more about Fortune and what the drafting is used for. And we can't let mom keep overdoing it.

In consideration of the (short) length, it was a very nice update, we finally get into the thick of things and of course
>Dark Magical Girl Rival GET!
It felt a bit slower, not that I mind.
Yes. Kinda want to know what they even need the cards for.
We should also see about learning how to make cards from scratch.
Okay, We're going to Fortune tomorrow, then.

Anyway, I got to go, so take care everyone!
thanks for the thread.
Thanks for running.

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