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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Card%20Priestess%20Quest
Twitter: http://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/1XJESY5p

She swipes a card against her wrist, I interrupt her again before she decides to disappear.
"Can you at least tell me what that thing is?"
"Pfft. "
As she's leaping away, she tells back to me,
"Why don't you ask your father!?"
And with that, she's gone.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I've just met face-to-face with a very strange girl who has been shadowing me for the past few days. She chooses to hide her identity, and she has somehow found a way to use the cards that I once thought only I could use.

She DOES have a good idea, though. About asking my father how to use those cards the way she does, I mean. If there's a way to use cards without needing to transform, then I could probably lend some of them to my friends. They've been getting beaten up at an alarming rate lately.
And I don't like people hurting my friends.

I stand up and dust myself off, making the long trek back toward the school.

Passing by the alleyway where the fight occurred-

Turning around, I'm suddenly face-to-face with Aiko.

>"Where's Ryouta? Wasn't he coming along with you?"
>"How did you know where I was?"
>"I'll explain later, we're late for class."
>"I'm not sure I'm going to class today."
>>"I'll explain later, we're late for class."
>"Where's Ryouta? Wasn't he coming along with you?"
>"Where's Ryouta? Wasn't he coming along with you?"
File: aiko (2).jpg (119 KB, 500x695)
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119 KB JPG
"Aiko? Where's Ryouta? Wasn't he going to come along with you?"
"Oh, I'm a LOT faster than he is. Besides, I think he decided to go to class."

I wish he would have told me of that earlier.

"What happened? Did the girl get away again?"
"..She didn't get away, I let her go."

Aiko's jaw drops, she starts to struggle against her words.
"W-What? WHY!?"

Now that I think about it, that is a very good question.
Hold on, I can think of a good reason.
"Because she hasn't done anything wrong, how would I keep her from leaving anyway? Would you want me to tie her up? Or put her in a cage?"

There. That's a good reason.

"You could have at least held her until I got there." She sighs. "I guess it doesn't really matter."
"Aiko, one question, do you know of any way for you to use these cards?" I take out the card I just got for effect.
She shrugs, "I didn't even know about them until a week or so ago, so you got me."

We bicker and chatter about the cards and the masked girl the rest of the way to class.
Except for her insistence that she sees the new dress again. I don't get her obsession with those.


Class passes by as usual, extremely slowly. This class was particularly strange, halfway through we started going in-depth on a Mathematics lesson that I'm almost entirely sure I've had before. I did a few example problems, and was able to complete them perfectly. Despite me not paying attention for most of the class and not having watched the teacher's example on the board.


I meet up with Aiko just as she's leaving her classroom and heading to lunch. That's when I remember something fairly important,

"Aiko, I just remembered. I was going to-"

>"Go to Fortune now, during lunch."
>"Go to Fortune after school, you won't have to walk me home."
>"Go to Fortune sometime tomorrow or so."
>"Go show my new cards to the others."
>"Go home, I'm really tired."
Okay, I didn't expect 4chan to shit itself for four hours so I'm going to call the thread here and let it slide off the board, I need to wake up early.

Best of luck everyone, expect Part 2 sometime later this week.

Please use sage if you decide to reply to this thread.
Posting went down around quarter till 10 EDT. It came back up a bit after midnight but it seems OP decided to retire for the night.

Bump in case he comes back.

The only way it would work right now is if it's continuously bumped until maybe late tomorrow. My apologies in advance.

So expect a part 2 continuation later this week. Or maybe sooner, we'll have to see.

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