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You are Darius Duravi. You just dodged a real bullet.

[The Operator Tournament Rules] http://pastebin.com/0YSSbCPq
[How We Roll] http://pastebin.com/ep32Mkfq
[QM Twitter] https://twitter.com/HouseDuravi
[Catch the fuck up!] http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Operator%20Operator%20Quest
[Character Sheet] http://pastebin.com/HB7jgzrx
[Got a question?] http://ask.fm/ObjectiveOrientedQuesting
[More lore? You got it!] http://pastebin.com/Lu06J1He
[Perk Trees] http://pastebin.com/VQGf6qqG

[Master pastebin and ask.fm answers coming up after this thread. Also a PDF of threads 1-13.]

"I refuse."

That's what Vasya decided to tell an officer of the Black Wings. And a Major, at that. It's not so much that he turned down the BWs, even though that by itself is a final mistake of many a law-abiding citizen. No, it's the fact that he turned them down without any leverage. He's basically nobody on the Imperial radar. And if you may be so bold, he's certainly nobody on the Confederate and League radars, too.

That's smart. That's fucking smart.
"I'll talk to him, Major."

"I hope you help him understand," Major Arraki said. The look in her eyes clearly said all the things she herself wouldn't. Vasily Nevsky would have to agree. Or there would be no Vasily Nevsky.

"He will. I guarantee it."

You're on the final straightaway home, about 700m away. It's a big agglomeration of high-rises interspersed with vegetation, making the whole complex look like white obelisks jutting our of a verdant jungle. From a bird's eye view, of course. From where you stand, it's more like looking at citadels. With just a little flourish of the imagination, the windows on the first 10 floors easily resemble casemates.


A sound like a bullet bouncing off a metal floor plays from your phone. It's from Ayumi.

"sorry, we'll be late!"

You look straight ahead. You've got time to kill, then.

>[] Catch up to Vasya and have the talk with him now.
>[] Take a stroll- er, patrol the nearby territory.
>[] Call up Gradskiy. It's time to hit the bottle.
>[X] Catch up to Vasya and have the talk with him now.
If you've got time, best use it wisely. Black Wing certainly won't wait long - you need to save Vasya while you still can. He might be stubborn, but not suicidal.

Fortunately, he lives close by: in the very same "nest", the same cluster of housing buildings, as you. You rush over to his high-rise. He's not here yet. You take a moment to catch your breath - your heartbeat is still pounding in your ears. Say what you might, you worry about him a lot, sometimes. Especially when it comes to how opinionated he gets about the government.

Deep breath, deep breath...

You've almost recovered from the lengthy sprint. You stretch your back and tilt your head - your vertebral column gives several satisfying crunches in response. You were always proud of how Operating affected your body. You're a sight more fit than the most health-obsessed citizen. Not outwardly, no - muscular hyperfunction yields the same results with less requirements - but catching your breath has remained a chore. Good to see you're improving.

You hear chatter from a ways away. It's Vasya with his sister, Marina. She notices you first, and the momentary expression of puzzlement swiftly metamorphoses into one of irritation. She doesn't say anything at the considerable distance you and they are at - you suppose she considers it more trouble than its worth to yell at you from so far away. As if she'd put forward that kind of effort for you. Vasya quickly notices her change in attitude and follows her stare to find you.

It's a little hurtful that his expression hardens, too.

They come up to you. Marina almost starts to say something, so you speak first.
>[] "Got a minute?"
>[] "Vasya, we need to talk. Whether you want to or not."
>[] Custom.
>[] Custom.
"First of all, if I had half the balls you have, my harem would be full right now from sheer hormonal magnetism. That said..." then do our spiel.
>[X] "Vasya, we need to talk. Whether you want to or not."

"You're a hell of a guy, Vasya. If I had balls like that, I'd be drowning in women." You cut off Marina before she makes so much as a noise.

"If you had backbone and principles, you mean." Vasya, no, Vasily snarls in response.

"What? Vasya, what's going on?" Marina questions, trying to sound demanding. Her voice and her face betray her true intent - they both reflect her lack of understanding.

"It's nothing. Darius was just on his way home."

"Oh, but I'm pretty sure it's something. It's a hell of a thing. Marina, we both realize your parents wouldn't like to hear about Vasya..." You draw a deep breath, pausing as if to choose your words. "Being accused of unsavory matters. Would they?"

"What's going on? What happened?" Marina starts to realize how serious this is, despite not being allowed to learn the details. Vasya's interests and your own coincide in that nobody else should have to know.

"He's just bluffing. Marina, why don't you head on up? I'll catch up and explain."

"No! I want to know if my brother is in trouble!"


"No! No, I won't let you leave me out of this!"

"We already told you to get out-" You begin, reaching for her. But before you do, she intercepts.


A soft, squishy slap resounds in the air. The force of Marina's hand against yours is enough to send your arm swinging back. You barely keep your footing, taking a step back. Your shoulder joint gives a yelp of pain.

You and Vasya look at her intently. Through your studious, squinting gaze you see her covering her mouth. It might not have been her tongue, but she revealed a bit too much. That kind of strength... You and Vasya both know what kind of force it takes to push an Operator back.

"I'll be- up in my apartment- I mean our room- ImeanIuhshould- begoing-"

"How about you stay?" Vasya begins.

>[] "She'd rather tell you in private, I'm sure."
>[] "Yeah. It looks like you should hear the news, too."
>[] Custom.
>[] "She'd rather tell you in private, I'm sure."
>[X] Custom.
Seems to me like we just got blackmail material. Since we have no backbone and principles...

Obviously we don't have to go through with it. Just make him believe we will.

So that ask.fm question about Darida's behaviour is spoiler material?
I'm afraid so. I can't drop that much potential character development in one go. I'd like to write it out and let you discover Darius and Darida's natures yourselves.

Speaking of which, writing.
Ahhhh thank you for not replying to both questions.

Anyway, had to abandon the dead plan.

Overconf is working quite well.

"She'd rather tell you all about it in private, I'm sure."

"Look, if she's an-!"

"Wouldn't want anyone to overhear that, would you, Vasya?" You speak loudly and decisively, just barely managing to cut Vasya off before he lets the wrong word slip.

He just grumbles in response. Marina skitters off, through the front door and runs to the elevators.

Operators... aren't much respected. If you were to ask the average citizen, they'd treat it as a fad. A government-sponsored way to vent stress. The skeptics would claim the government keeps tabs on Operators for the rest of their lives, as individuals witha particularly strong affinity for violence. The conspiracy theorists would claim much the same, except they'd also get dragged off (in common parlance, "drafted") into the Imperial Armed Forces. Only the Operators themselves, the ones who brave the social stigma, the ones who visit the events firsthand, know how much funding is poured into the activity. And they alone brook the possibility that it's not all a game.

But Vasya and Marina came up in a very respectable household. The Nevsky siblings were born to very upstanding citizens. Some of the few that don't have anything to do with the war business. In fact, the head of the Nevsky household resents violence and anything to do with it. He's a hardline patriot that refuses to avoid criticizing the Empire. The Confederacy's long tradition of allowing public dissent, according to him, is one of the main factors in the radically different development of Confederate and Imperial societies. Not with a whip, but with a cookie, as the old saying goes.

It seems likely that Vasya's hot-blooded opinions were largely validated by his father, who encourages people to be honest with how they feel. He's responsible enough to keep his personal feelings out of how he treats others. You can trust him to respect you even as he disagrees. A real stand-up guy.

But he hates Operators.
"Vasya. You have to accept."

"I don't HAVE to do anything I don't want to!"

"That's... not how it works. I know you-"

"No, you don't know shit! You think that anyone can come up to anyone, and if they're a problem, they'll get their attention! I never bothered anyone. Nobody should have the right to bother me with this shit!"

"Nobody's going to ask your permission. You wouldn't ask permission from your dog to take it for a walk, would yo-"

"I'm not a dog!"

"That's right. You're an Imperial citizen. Arguably worse."


"Yes, me..? You know I'm right. And if you're half the intellectual I know you are, you realize that nothing that an institution like the Black Wing asks of you... is actually a request."

"And what will they-?!"

"Kill you."

"Huh? No. Nobody would kill someone just because the-"

"Not in public. Not for the news. 'We're very sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Nevskiye, but your son was accosted by a maniac on the way back from school.' The Empire has people to spare. Always. There will always be somebody competent enough to replace you in the economic stream. Every office worker can be replaced. I could be replaced, I'm damn sure. Even your dad."

"I-I don't want to be-"

"Nobody cares, Vasya. I'm sorry. But it's this or your life - and I choose your life. Do you?"

"I don't-"


"I don't want to." So Vasya says, but-


"But I'll do it. I'll participate." He looks at the ground, looking for a way out on it. But the asphalt beneath his feet won't give way.

You smile.

"I knew you had it in you. I'll do everything I can to help, alright?"

"...Yeah. Yeah, thanks. I'm- gonna go for a walk. Alone."

"Alright. Call me if anything comes up, alright?"

And just like that, Vasily Nevsky disappears in the distance, slowly, gradually, yet surely. Confidently walking wherever it is that his feet take him. The confident stride of a wanderer, all the freedom of a man on death row. He disappears as you watch him, but at least he'll be back.
You check your phone. No news from Ayumi. You might want to hit up the bar anyway, just to take the edge off after all this heavy talk.

Or you might want to go home and tuck in for the night.

>[] Go drinking.
>[] Go to bed.
>[] Custom.
Tell them to agree to participate
Tell them to make demands to Sari

Right before they actually particapte, we'll forcefully cancel the tournament (Confederate/League terrorist attack haha).

Btw, we don't know much about the League.
Drink at home

And ignore my above post plz;_;
>we don't know much about the League
Functionally, all you need to know is

World - Empire - Confederacy = League + Minor Nations

And even those minor nations are effectively League satellites. I'll write more about it on ask.fm.
>[X] Custom.
Call Ayumi and check on the girls, then either go to bed and keep our sperm clean and at the ready for impregnation, or grab a gun and eliminate any threats to our women that may have emerged.
I think she is strong enough to take care of our girls easily; she is an Operator.
The unknown foe will have Operators of their own, if they know what's good for them. We cannot allow anyone to lay a finger on the bearers of the wombs that will birth the first generation of the Duravid dynasty.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

[1]=Drink, then sleep
A quick call to a distracted Ayumi assures you that they are in no trouble whatsoever. In fact, it sounds like they're having a ton of fun, and you doubt they'll be back anytime soon.

You drag yourself to your own apartment complex and enter. The trek upstairs almost isn't worth it, but you shudder at the thought of having to take the elevator. You really can't handle mirrors.

You briefly contemplate pouring yourself a few drinks, but you've got shit to do tomorrow. Gonna have to get up nice and early to talk with Huxley about Evelyn. Also, you were planning on making rounds around the three places that are going to be holding concurrently-running Cups soon.

After taking a shower and setting the alarm, you cover yourself with a soft, soft blanket. The silken sheets and covers, along with the down stuffing make for excellent sleeping aids.

Just like that, you drift off to sleep.


Something doesn't quite let you feel comfortable, though. Your head hurts a little. Your sides are under some kind of pressure - or maybe pain? Your arm even goes numb one time.

Unable to put up with it any longer, unable to keep ignoring the nuisance, you throw the sheets off and open your eyes.

At your feet, Darida and Duva are rubbing their eyes and yawning, respectively.

You stare at this scene for the better part of a second, then turn over and plop yourself down, face-first on the pillow. You close your eyes, and are instantly alerted to two other heads on the wide pillow. As well as two considerable weights at your sides. Very considerable.

>[] Just sleep. You're busy now, and you'll be busy tomorrow.
>[] Have some fun- Nah, that can wait some other time. [Option locked.]
>[] Throw Duva and Darida out.
Just sleep
>[] Just sleep. You're busy now, and you'll be busy tomorrow.

Btw, are you from siberia
Nein, comrade. Now, I should type up this update before I must arbeiten once more.
Rolled 5, 2, 1, 4 = 12 (4d6)

>[X] Have some fun

I missed you, OP ;_;

Glad to have you back, though. Where were you?
You are a clever anon, but Miss Fortune was not on your side today. Sadly.
Passing my biology exam through illicit means.

But don't worry! I'm still pure!

...Come back!
It's a brand new day when you come to. Slightly relieved at the thought that you can still feel both of your arms, you glance at the clock. You should still have enough time to-


The pleasant, droning, soulless female voice run through an obscene number of filters to make it sound synthetic~

...Informs you that you're late as fuck! To everything!

You snatch your phone from beside your pillow aaaand yeah, you've got six missed calls, sounds about right.

"Tch." You click your tongue. A day that start badly can't go well.

At least you're very well-rested. In fact, you hardly recall the last time you've felt this energetic. You look to the side, at the very reason why you woke up when you did. The sun's beaming right at you, running around Duva's curvaceous figure.

You'll have to do something about that. One of these days.

Darida yawns beside you. Your head barely turns the 90 degrees you'd have needed to see her when she places her chin on your shoulder. Her arms loosely wrap around you as she asks:

"What tiiime is it..?"

Huh. That's a nice smell. Somehow, you didn't think she'd smell like - well, anything, really. You hastily remember your supposed-to-have-been-upcoming appointments.

"Nine. It's nine o'clock and I'm late to everything."

You brush her off and she falls to the bed, sighing contentedly.

Following your morning routine of "get dressed, wash up, brush teeth, eat food as necessary except when fucking late", you're out the door in fifteen minutes flat.

>[] First off, gotta deal with Evelyn's problems.
>[] It's already too late to deal with Evelyn today, might as well get to checking out those Domes.

You hurriedly make your decision as you head downstairs. It's either currying favor with Evelyn and establishing dominance over Huxley or perusing all the neat stuff you'll get as a reward for winning each Cup. That info has only been made available today!
>>[] First off, gotta deal with Evelyn's problems.
>[] First off, gotta deal with Evelyn's problems
>[] First off, gotta deal with Evelyn's problems.
>[] First off, gotta deal with Evelyn's problems.

Guess we should've told off our girls. Oh well. At worst it's 2 for 1.

You're here. The lab. With just a bit of grumbling, Evelyn came, too.

Neither of you quite knows what to do from here on out.

It's not that the research complex is closed - just the opposite. It's doing very well for itself.

That's about as much as you can tell, what with Huxley on a small podium, giving a speech...

To a bunch of fat cats in suits. Investors, looks like. Upgrading the equipment, renovation, huge returns...

What are you even going to do?
[Thread end! Sorry about how short the update is - I had to end it here for today. To make it up to you, I'll let you in on a little secret: going here first was the right decision. Why? Come to the next thread!

Speaking of which, it'll be on October 5th, and will start at 6 AM GMT. Unlike these past two threads, it'll be a long one. And it won't be a bunch of boring dungeon crawling, either. Instead, well... See you then!]

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