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A Saint Seiya Omega Quest!

When evil threatens the world, the warriors of hope will always appear.

Garbed in Cloths representing the constellations, they fight exploding the energy within them: their Cosmos.

They are the warriors who protect the love and peace of the world…

The Saints!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Kouga:%20Saint%20of%20Mars
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
Opening; Pegasus Fantasy!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqKCXeGW54Q
>You better watch it!

Today we run:
>The City of Light (XIV) = Closing Stage

>Kouga HP: 10/20

You are Kouga, a Saint of Mars, and right now you are making your cosmos flow. It’s painful and tedious, but by manipulating your cosmos in this way, you can somewhat mend your battered and broken chest and at least start breathing normally again.

At least your lungs are not filled with blood and holy blade shards anymore! Yay!

Your fight with the Inheritor of Gram, Leonard Bradley, just ended a few minutes ago, and thankfully no one has approached the alleyway you are in. It was almost eerie, but somehow you feel that if you don’t leave this dark and damp alley, no one will ever come here.

Besides you is your friend and partner, the Saint of the Black Tarantula Cloth, Versa. She used some weird thing in your fight with Leo, and since then she has been sleeping. So far you think she is fine, but her right arm- the one holding that red stone- is worrying you a bit.

A bit further away is Leonard, the mage who works for the church and who was guarding the stone tablet of Prometheus. So far the man is not dead, but you feel you might want to do something about him. Somehow, Leo has the body of a dragon and you think that if you just leave him there, the man will soon rise again and fight with you again.

And honestly without BT to make some spears for you, you doubt you will manage to handle alone.

But it’s not all bad, the artificial heaven that had turned Paris into a divine city of light has fallen, which means that Eden should be able to escape… and that also means you probably should try to leave, like now.

While your condition is no longer critical, you are not exactly in top shape to fight anyone, and you think that BT's condition might be worse than what you think, so you don't want to risk it. Plus you feel that a monster like Leonard might just regenerate all his damage instnatly in any moment and start round two in any moment if you stay here for too long.

So what do you do, Saint of Black Pegasus?
>Check BT, she needs your help.
>Finish your fight, deal with Leonard now! [Not necessarily kill him now.]
>Go check Eden, you need to find your friend!
>Leave with BT and hide, you need to heal some more!

[PS: Working on the first Silber Interlude just now… I promise it includes some extra Mr. Knight in it!]
>>Finish your fight, deal with Leonard now! [Not necessarily kill him now.]

Do we have anything that could make a bind that he won't just rip through?

We can pin a note to him saying how world saving is complicated and that he shouldn't give up on his friends.
Also, let's write funny things on his face.
>>We can pin a note to him saying how world saving is complicated and that he shouldn't give up on his friends.
>Also, let's write funny things on his face.
You could curse him to not be able to move, but you will have to use Evil Right for that.

>Pegasus Cloth is too damaged right now, let it rest.

Wise UP: Recreation of Legend: Leonard.

Oh, so I guess I can finally talk to you again, Kouga. I guess I must really thank Mr. Gentleman next time I meet him, but let’s get to our business.

I have to admit that this guy, Leonard Bradley, is quite interesting. His magic appears to be based on the recreation of Siegfried’s legend. The details of the tale vary from retelling to retelling, but the basic idea is that the Northern European hero, Siegfried killed the dragon Fafnir, using his demonic sword, Gram. Afterwards the man obtained demonic knowledge after the devoured the heart of the demon, and then bathed in the dragon’s blood, in order to obtain an armor of invincibility (with a weak spot on his back).

Well that’s not what surprises me, like you should know, this type of legend based magic is often considered one of the hardest to do. Most of the time, the mage has to recreate the situation in a myth as an offering to use a legend to power up a spell. Which means that this guy probably killed a dragon and bathed in the blood in order to create his Blood Armor spell.

Honestly, this guy is probably one of the ten best mages in the world, way better than what I was before… you know what, even with my COMP (but before I got my Silver Flame). Hell, I think that if he uses his demonic sword, this guy might be able to fight one of those Gold Saints and give them a fair match.

>Signed Silber, who is sorry to not have the time to pass by and say hello.


>Compendium Data->Silver Flame.
>Alchemical Principle= Longinus… Even that which is Eternal may die.
>What it means to open a gate to the demon world.
>Perfect Defences/Barriers?
>Prometheus’s true legacy…
>Ask about a Catastrophe? (Write In which one?)
>Mages and Saints. How do they differ?
>Calamities and Monsters
>The White Steel of Alchemy.
>but you will have to use Evil Right

Never mind then. Just leave a note and then.

>Leave with BT and go check Eden, you need to find your friend!


>Compendium Data->Silver Flame.
Will take 10-15 mins to finish the Silber Interlude, and to give time to the others so they can get here and vote.
File: Al.jpg (129 KB, 450x634)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Silberkreuz Interlude: Past Details= Knight + Devil + Angel

Standing before him is an army. An army robed with divine fabrics, all wielding piercing spears of light, with an unbreakable spirit that only exists to protect and serve. These are mere angels, the lowest of the lowest of the armies of the heavens, but to him, the mere fact that a battalion of these agents of the heaven are here explains so much

Most men would have been afraid of even a single one of these angels, and the ones who could face an army of them without fear could be counted in one hand. Angels are beings far above humans, they are weapons of God, their tongues can speak the divine language and can cast spells most arcana, with a mere flick of their wrist they can kill without immunity… there are many reason to fear them but even so this man didn’t fear them.

Before this he never had a reason to fear them, and not even this artificial heaven, this Angelic Layer, can change that.

To the legendary knight these mere angels are nothing, they all shall fall to the might of his holy sword, so he concentrates on the female figure in the center. Surrounded by Archangels, Principalities and Powers, there lies a higher power. She is a light most divine, a pure torrent of water that purifies this world and gives it hope.

Fair golden hair, a gentle smile, blue eyes most wise and kind, shining armor that will never be broken, a spear of light that saves the meek, and truly this angel is truly the sight of beauty and purity. She is one of the four angels, the leader of the armies of God, one of the most loyal servants of God, the Archangel Gabriel.

Before her, most humans would have bowed before her in reverence, just like they did in ancient times when she brought to them the words of her most noble and gracious Lord, but this man does not bow, and this forces her to acknowledge him.

File: Alfred 3.jpg (250 KB, 500x706)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
“Welcome Holy Sword Wielder, I never expected you to appear before me, let it be known that we of the heavens welcome you with open arms. Have you come to accept the grace of our Lord and join his ranks? The legions of the heavens would welcome someone as skilled as you, King of Knights.” Her voice is pure, the same pure and kind voice that once announced the miracle of the immaculate conception to that virgin over 2000 years ago.

For that voice many a man would kill himself, but this King can ignore it, after all, many years ago he met a goddess, a goddess much greater than this mere seraph, and thus he can ignore her with ease of heart.

“No, surely someone as wise as you understands that I can never join you, Angel of Water, my duty lies with me people first, before all, even your God. But let me agree with you, I never expected you to be here either, Messenger of the Waters.” Even though he says this warmly, the King Arthur keeps his guard up, his eyes roaming the room searching for something. “But I am grateful for your kind welcomes, and I want to ask you something, why have you overwritten this land with a portion of your heaven? As far as I know the day or Revelation is not near, the time of your Kingdom is yet to come, so why are you here, Archangel?”

“I have nothing to tell you King of Humans, the workings of the heavens are too complex for a mere mortal like you, Knight King.” Her words betray nothing, and for a second Arthur considers using his sword to force the angel to talk.
But before that, fire rises!

An unholy silver flame springs into existence, and in mere seconds it consume half the legion of angels with demonic power! From that silver inferno, a demon appear, without care he intrudes into this sacred temple, he burns this fake world with his flames and somehow manages to appear in this artificial heaven.

File: Silver Avatar.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
It’s an empty armor, a armor with dent and broken steel, and burning with silver flames, but Arthur can’t recognize anything human in this monster, nothing human but a pair of angry eyes, eyes that burn with hate and hold a promise of violence against all angels in this place.

“Silberkreuz, you dare come here? You dare to stand before me, the one who sealed you so many millennia ago? Die for your insolence!” The moment the leader of the angels recognized the man before her she ordered her servants to attack!

Countless spears of light rained instantly at the devil of the silver flames, but the monster that once heralded a world of chaos and freedom mercilessly crushed their attacks with his flames that deny divine power and the laws that depend on them.

Before this demon from the burning abyss who once held the authority to give birth to a world of chaos, the attacks from these low-ranked angels are nothing. Their light is too weak for him to even bother with them.

“Be silent, bitch, I am not talking to you.” With no more words to say, the avatar of power turns, and facing the King of Knights, he starts to talk. “Wielder of Excalibur, do you want to know why these angels are here? That’s simple, they are the ones behind this mess. The angels will say that they are here to protect the humans from the cultists that wish to open a door to the underworld, but those are lies.” The countless red eyes of the demon meet Arthur’s and in that moment the knight understands something.

Even though this might be a demon, in the past this man was a human… and he is not lying.

File: Gabriel.jpg (8 KB, 190x266)
8 KB
“The heavens could have rooted out the cultists with ease, to be honest to the demons this place was a lost cause, but even so, the angels didn’t bother to fix this mess. Do you know why? It was because this was a very convenient situation to them. The tablet was wonderful bait for their enemies, and it was a good excuse too for allowing them to concentrate power, that’s why the Sanctuary was doing nothing about Paris, they felt this was a mess that the Church should handle. So overall they used this city as a base to prepare for the upcoming disaster. Pretty smart of you, Gabriel!”

“Your words do me no favor, Silberkreuz, and now have you finished with your lies, you spawn of the burning abyss?” The venom in the angel’s voice did not fit an avatar of the heavens, and suddenly Arthur feels he is caught in the middle of something bitter, something very personal.

“No, not yet, you feathered bitch, because we are just getting to the best part of your plan, you cunning rat. The kicker is that even if no one ever came to get the tablet, you would keep the situation the same, because if things went south and the Church was too weak to contain Babel, you would order the church to use the tablet and have them summon the demons themselves! That was your plan right, Gabrielle, it was better to start the ordeal yourself, before allowing the Olympus Twelve to do as they please with this world, right?”

Seeing the archangel didn’t bother to respond, the demon, the Silberkreuz, continued, “But sadly everything went south, and you were forced to descend to the earth to fix the shit you started. But you forgot something you stupid whore. The seal you placed on me tied you and I, the moment you descended to the Earth, I was allowed to crawl into this world to face you! So come Gabriel, my flames will burn you and this pathetic imitation of heaven you call the Angelic Layer.”
File: Silver.jpg (95 KB, 1280x720)
95 KB
Gabriel has no way to rebuke the demon’s words. Under the law of the heavens, angels are not allowed to lie. So instead of talking, the angel of water releases countless spells, countless spears of light, exorcisms and blizzards colder than Absolute Zero, but each attack is met by fire, by silver flames that deny divine power and crush the empty laws that exalt them.

But even so, the flames of chaos can’t deny the Authority of the angel of water, and amidst the clash of power, the Knight approaches the devil. “I don’t think I got everything, but… you want to stop this heaven and save the city right?”

Hearing those words, the devil of the silver cross laughs, “I am not that noble, your majesty, I just came here to defeat this bitch. If my actions help you, this city or even that boy, then that is only a happy coincidence.” Only the strong deserve to be blessed, but this one time… this one time, a devil is allowed to tell a small lie, right?

The Knight merely smiles, and raises his holy sword. Excalibur’s steel might be dead right now, but the sword still burns, it burns with the hopes that have been entrusted to this man, “Very well, then you wouldn’t mind distracting the archangel for long enough to me to break this ritual, Mr. Devil?”

The Devil just laughed, as he continues his fight against the countless angels. “You sure ask nicely, Mr. Gentleman, but I can’t help you, so do what you want. I only came here for Gabriel, but if you are looking for the source of this, then behind the bitch there should be a tunnel that leads to the core of this ritual. If you pierce it with your sword, then this shitty place should go down.”

File: Saber Proto.jpg (9 KB, 172x293)
9 KB

“Good to know, but can you hold them down for long enough. I need some time to prepare my sword to bring down something this large.” Light gathered around the knight, and soon he was clad in his armor, his legendary armor that belonged to the King of the Noble Knights.
“Don’t worry pretty boy, Gabriel is tied down with holding this Angelic Layer spell, she is not at full power, and I can deal with this trash! So go on, do your stuff!” The demon Silberkreuz is used to fight like this, to him numbers mean nothing, his enemies can bring armies as large as they can, and his red mist will make sure they only serve to make him stronger.

“Then, let’s start!” With no further words, the Knight rushed into the fight, his blade opening him a way towards his goal, supported by the silver flames of a certain devil.

The battle is fierce.

The sky burns a bloody red devouring the weak angels that dare traverse it, silver flames spread burn the ground until gold becomes black, and the archangel herself calls down torrential rains, cruel blizzards and divine judgment.

It is truly a chaotic battle field, like the ones in the war the ended the previous cycle.

But in that chaotic battlefield, a small light shines, the light of a certain dead sword, born of the wishes of mankind. “EEEEXXX- CAAALIBUR COLDBRANNND!”

That is the light that mows down the angelic layer, breaking down the city of light and returning Paris to her full splendor.

>Interlude END.
Sorry about that, writing.
File: Leo 1.jpg (66 KB, 424x600)
66 KB
“I need to check, Leonard, I can’t leave the guy here.” Gathering what’s left of your strength, you somehow stand, and limb across the alleyway, to the spot Leonard fell during your hectic battle.

Even though your chest protests painfully, you inspect the unconscious man quickly. So far Leo is alive, and while his situation is critical, you don’t think you did anything permanent on the guy. The god-killing wounds BT’s Longinus made on his body are already healing, you think that this guy will be standing by the end of the day.

Hell, in half an hour the guy might be in a better condition than you…

A part of you wants to take the time to curse him, but you are too hurt and BT is hurting and you have to find Vivi and Eden, so you simply write the man a note.

>Saving the world is complicated, and you shouldn’t give up on your friends. Also that hate will hurt you, it clouds your heart and allows the worst kind of darkness to be born, the Miasma.

Burning your cosmos to strengthen your battered body, you carry BT in your arms (in what Master calls the princess carry, the most lovable of all of them), and start walking. Eden went south, and if he followed the path of your traps, he should have ended near the meeting point you all agreed on.

With some extreme effort, you carry BT to the spot you laid the first trap, and notice your curse has been used, so that means that Eden (who knows how to activate your curse, unlike Vivi) probably passed through here, so you just have to follow the path, and that’s when you smell it.

A fowl dark smell, a horrifying mixture of decaying bodies and darkness. Not any darkness, but the kind you hate the most, the fowl third darkness that poison the hearts of men and this world alike.

This is the thing you call Miasma, the type of darkness you hate the most, even more than the apathetic darkness that belongs to the stupid god that gave you Evil Right.
File: Black Tarantula I.jpg (21 KB, 362x494)
21 KB
What do you do? [You still have two familiars, the crystal ball and the radio Vivi gave you.]
>Go after Eden, he should be near the second trap. [Mission Priority!]
>Go check on BT, she is worrying you.
>Follow that fowl darkness, you can’t tolerate it. You hate it!
>Try to contact Vivi, you have the Radio and the Ball!
>You are too hurt, you need more strength... you need Evil Right!

>>Go check on BT, she is worrying you.

Full stop. BT is a precious source of cute. We can't allowed her be in pain.
WISE UP: Compendium Data = Silver Flame.
>Acceding ______’s Comp.
>Accessing Demon Compendium, searching… archive found.

Silver Flame, a high level human-made spell, one that could be called a pinnacle of alchemy. Made by the devil called Silberkreuz, this spell can be called one of the few true completed Longinus ever made. The flames are a product of alchemy rather than a normal spell, and come from a liquid silver slime that is burned and has to be constantly transmuted to keep the effects going.

While deals strong Fire Damage to a single target, it can’t be blocked by Fire protective charms, and drains the SP of targets on hit. The flames also carry Anti-Divinity and Anti-Law properties, which causes the flames to become stronger when faced with demons who are tied to the light, the divine throne and the laws that support the world, making the spell perfect to fight the agents of LAW, but in turn the spell nothing special when fighting humans, fallen gods or devils.

This is the signature spell of the Silberkreuz, and the trump card that allowed him to challenge both the Archangel Gabriel and the Maiden of Endings in the last days of the Holy Wars, which allowed [______] and Athena to reach the Pandora Core in the seventh day.

Apparently it was based on the data obtained of the first flame, that data is what gave these flames the power to become a flame of rebellion that can challenge any law without mercy!

Skill Name: Silver Flame [Unique]
Target: 1
Element: Fire.
Effects: SP Absorb, Fire Break, Anti-Law, Anti- Divinity, Anti-Light.
MP Cost: 23 MP

>High Fire Damage/ Single Target.
>The Flames of Rebellion which breaks all Laws for the sake of Freedom.
Writing, save in the name of cute!
>>High Fire Damage/ Single Target.
Oh, those are not wise up options, sorry, that's a summary of the description of the move in the compendium. That's how you would see it in a COMP.
Ah, I see.
My bad
NP, if you want, you can ask something else.

>Dragon Knight and Old Man Dusk [An Epic Level Party?]
You want to go chase after Eden, but BT is worrying. So you carefully lie her down, and start checking on her. You are thankful that there is no one in the alleyway you choose to lay your first trap, because you doubt you can explain things nicely if someone finds you here.

With some careful maneuvering you manage to return BT’s cloth to its sealed state in the cloth stone and with great haste, you start your inspection.

The problem is not her body, even though homunculus are fragile existences, you don’t she got hurt from the fight, no BT’s problem is something else, and compared to this, maybe you would have preferred to see her being hurt in battle.

BT’s problem is complicated, and outside your source of expertise, but you think you know what it is. It’s her cosmos, or rather how the strange red stone in her hand is affecting the flow of energy in your friend.

Her cosmos is acting all weird, it’s constantly being drained by the stone in her arm, and her body is… mutating… no changing due to it. Her skin is becoming hard, and deep thick lines are forming in her skin, you could almost compare it to how your arm mutates to form your Evil Right… yeah that is a good comparison.

But if Evil Right is meant to make you stronger, this is only breaking BT down, killing her slowly… and you are not sure if you can do anything for your still-sleeping friend.

The last thing you note is that the stone feels familiar, like you have seen this thing before, but where… no, you don’t have time to think right now, you have to take BT and find Eden… and that’s when you feel something.

It’s the darkness, the foul Miasma that you hate with all your heart, and it’s coming here, whoever is behind that poison is looking for you, and if you stay here, that person will find you.

What do you do?
>Try to wake BT up, you need her with you…
>Wait for the idiot with the darkness.
>Heal Vivi and yourself, you will use the power of darkness to make everything right.

>Go find Eden; that prince and Vivi should be waiting for you.
>Study the stone in BT’s right hand, you feel you know it.
>Contact Vivi and the Alchemists, where are they.
>Equip Evil Right?

>>Study the stone in BT’s right hand, you feel you know it.
>>Heal BT and yourself, you will use the power of darkness to make everything right.

Time to go off the rails.
I feel like this can either go incredibly bad or amazingly horrible...

Activate it
Okay, roll for it!
DC is 10/25/35!
Failure and you know the Drill, a certain god will have some words with you...
Rolled 33 (1d100)

Pls dice I know you love BT
3x d100
No more votes?
Rolled 20 (1d100)

Rolled 62 (1d100)

Writing!!!, Medium Success!
File: 1409279149224.png (185 KB, 500x281)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Rolled 21 (1d100)

ORE SANJOU! Sorry for the lateness!
Whew, I almost missed this thread.
File: Black Tarantula 2.jpg (383 KB, 1000x699)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
You ignore the darkness for now, you don’t have the time to waste by worrying about third-rate trash like that one, no, you have to concentrate on BT. Taking her right hand in yours, and you inspect the jewel incrusted on the reverse of her palm.

The pale red jewel is pulsing with cosmos and on closer inspection you think you can remember where you have seen this. It was in the same place you meet BT, in the chamber of the man who sacrificed others to become God.

This red stone is a piece of Aqua Vitae, the water of life… in other words this is a Philosopher’s Stone that has been buried into BT’s body? Made from the sacrificed of untold lives… it looks like BT is using to keep herself alive? No, probably not only that, you can feel it, this is what allows her to be human.

You… you feel sick? Lifrestream Black Dragon had been a monster, a monster that had been willing to kill others to ascend as a superior existence, but then… does that mean that BT is someone like him?

Eden and you killed Black Dragon because he sacrificed others to become something more than human, so now that BT is doing the same to be human should you fight her? Using the stone is evil, and as a Saint who fights for love and justice your duty is to stop BT, but you don’t want to hurt your friend?

>Young Man, does that mean that it’s fine when your friend does it?

“Shut up!” You whisper the words to yourself, and try your best to ignore this. Not now, this is not the time, right now you have to help BT.

“Gather and devour, my cosmos!” you summon Evil Right and gather your power with an ease that surprises you! Your armored and black Evil Right gently grabs BT’s soft hand, and then you devour.

Unlike the light, the darkness can’t heal so easily, to give it has to take, and that’s what you do here. You can’t just make BT’s arm better, but you can remove the source of that damaged her in the first place.
File: Kouga with Evil Right.png (19 KB, 640x395)
19 KB
With your right arm that bears the evil blessing from a primordial god, you devour the poison that comes from the crystalized Aqua Vitae and feast!

Once your remove the poison, the authority of the Dark God breaks it down, and uses it to heal you, while you use your dark cosmos to stimulate BT’s cosmos, and start to heal her hand. Soon, it returns to normal, just with the red jewel in her hand shinning with a murky light, but at least your friend is breathing gently.

“Ah… good.” You can’t believe you did it, with your right hand you take a moment to touch your friend face, and thank Athena for the fact that you feel she will get better, and that’s when you feel her.

The first think you notice about her is the smell, the smell of the foul darkness she bears, the miasma she has poisons the world and disrupts even the dead. Of her body only half remains, from the waist down everything is missing, devoured by the lighting of the sky god. Her skin is a sad grey, her flesh is rotten and decaying, but even so, the keeps crawling and living, a stubborn monster that refuses to die.

Had she been living she might have been a cute girl, with bright red hair, and a sharp smile, but now all that is left is a living corpse, an undead that plagues this world.

“Meeeeedddddeeeeaaaaaa, arrreee youuuu heeeerrreeee?” With agonizing cries, the thing that can no longer call itself human crawls into the alley. She no longer has the right to live in this world of light, like you she is a creature of darkness, but unlike you the darkness she bears is the worst kind, the miasma that poisons herself and this world. “Myyyy frieeend? Areee you theeere? Heeeelp me?”

She is calling for your teacher, Medea? Did this thing… does this undead know your teacher? Should you help her? She is probably like Leo and Beatrice, another one of your teacher's old friend, a part of her old cabal, the one she betrayed.
She is a undead and worse of all, she is a user of the [third] darkness you hate, but... but... she is a user of the darkness, one of the few that remain.

You should help her, but at the same time you shouldn't.

What do you do?
>Help the undead, you are fellow users of the darkness.
>Kill her, you hate, hate her!
>Ignore her, attend BT, and wake your friend up!
>Go find Eden, that stupid prince needs you! Vivi too...
>Destroy the stone in BT’s right hand. [That is JUSTICE!]

>Contact Eden/Vivi/the other alchemists.
>Rev up Evil Right! Devour the remains of this fake heaven! [Dark God would be happy!]

>Ignore her, attend BT, and wake your friend up!
>Go find Eden, that stupid prince needs you! Vivi too...
>Rev up Evil Right! Devour the remains of this fake heaven! [Dark God would be happy!]
Plot and Moon Social Link go!
also messing with the the [third] darkness might not be good

>For the record, the three types of darkness is something Kouga mentions but probably never acknoledges, part of his moon crazy mind.

WISE UP: Darkness...

The first is the apathetic darkness that came before everything, it comes from the primordial Dark God and is neither good or evil, it simply is.

The second is the darkness that all humans should have, the gentle darkness that accept all and gives hope. Kouga's darkness.

The third is the darkness that comes from the human heart, the darkness that has been twisted with hate and cruelty until it has become a poison that hurts everyone.

The first one can be forgiven, it doesn't know better, the second is the best, but the hardest to find. But the third can never be tolerated, for it's the poison that leads men into madness and destroys the world.

I hope that with time you understand why destroying the [third] is a vital task for you.

>Signed the ruled of fragment [E-001], the wielder of the eternal sword of light!
Seeing as we don't have more votes, writing.
No need to roll, at this point he will make sure you won't fail here.
File: Armored Evil Right.jpg (32 KB, 469x495)
32 KB
You ignore the filthy undead monster the tries to reach out to you, and start focusing on what’s important right now. Like preventing this Angelic Layer from ever happening again.

Gathering your darkness cosmos in your Evil Right, you on the power the Dark God gave you, and then you touch the ground. You reach out into the earth pulse, and feel the ways it has been altered, and the keystones your enemies who worship the light have laid, and then you devour them!

>Dark God’s [Support Skill] Active! Devour AUTOPASS!

You take the light and make it into darkness, you destroy the laws that the heavens engraved into the land and leave your darkness in place! At one point it’s almost too much for you to devour, but in that moment [he] helps, and this time you are glad to help him.

The two of you feast in the land, and take as you please, and in the end, the combined efforts of you devouring from BT and from the land managed to help you recover even faster.

>Kouga HP: 10->15/20
>Evil Right Temp. Change-> Armored Form!

You feel stronger and faster, your chest no longer burns like hell, but that’s not all, your right arm has changed a bit, your skin has thickened, hardened by your darkness cosmos until it has formed steel-like plates that protect your right hand. The plates grow out of your arm like miniature horns or wings, and your body shifts until it almost looks like you are wearing a horned black cloth with red lines in your right arm.

The darkness in you has becomes your shield, a power that no longer makes you stronger, but also protects you and your friends! This is Evil Right: Armored Form!

Now your right arm is closer to the original, closer to the arm of your patron god that is protected by his cloth fit for a god and thus it bears a defensive authority that is similar to his.

>You are one step closer to his path, to the day the true darkness will devour this world.
File: Black Tarantula 3.jpg (311 KB, 1920x1080)
311 KB
311 KB JPG

Now this city is closer to the darkness, the thing recovers a bit, she regenerated from undeath and she understands. You are not Medea, you are not her friend, and you are something she should be afraid of. You are the master of the darkness she wields, and it’s your right to judge and destroy her!

Now to the hard part, using your human left hand, you gentle tug BT (who you hold like a princess with Evil Right), until your friend wakes up.

>Young Man, don’t you know that princesses must be woken with a kiss?

You ignore the stupid voice in your head, and wait until your friend recovers. The princess in your arm drowsily opens her eyes, and it takes a few moments for her to understand what is happening, but then the first thing BT does when she wakes up is jump at you and hug you, a hug you return with no problem.

“Kogua… are you alright? As far as I understand, the fight with that man Leonard, has ended. It looks like you were victorious, my friend.” BT starts a rush of questions that you are not sure how to answer completely, about the fight, about the current situation, but somehow you manage to answer them, all while ignoring the dark spawn that has not left the scene.

When BT finishes catching up, your friend lowers her face, her eyes not facing yours while her left hand touches her right palm. “Even though I used the Red Stone engine, even though I was ready to sacrifice everything… I wasn’t able to stop him, I failed you, my friend. I was careless and I almost allowed you to die, and for that I am sorry, Kouga.”

You can’t read BT exactly, but you think you she feels ashamed of the last fight. You don’t understand why she had that red stone, but you feel she feels ashamed to have been forced to use it, and then being unable to win with it.
File: Spoiler Image (137 KB, 748x1624)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>Why is it that hard to understand Young Man? She gave up everything for your sake, and even then it was worthless. Her sacrifice was worth nothing. Hahaha, truly you have the most interesting of partners, my child.

No, it was not worthless, and she is not something to be sacrificed. I don't want to live by sacrifcing my frineds, you idiot!

>Are you sure, haven't you lived up to know by being protected by your Master and that girl who now bears my mark? But you might be right, in that fight you refused my help and thus had to rely on this girl. Look at this poor thing, that stone was her humanity, her life and she cares enough that she was willing to give it for someone like you? The best part is that you gladly took it, and enjoyed the victory she gave you. Young Man, you are truly my child, one who devours others to live! Hahaha

You are not sure how to answer that, but you say… but you ignore the mad rants of that idiot, you have to concentrate on BT.

>No, friends shouldn’t sacrifice each other? So it doesn’t matter.
>You did your best, that’s what matters to me.
>I don’t care, don’t do that again, you are more important than my life, and remember that!
>No, you are wrong, BT, I won because you helped me! Your spears secured my victory!
>You idiot, I hate seeing you hurt, you are important to me.
>Write In?
[Sorry, this is getting to long to get to Eden.]
>No, you are wrong, BT, I won because you helped me! Your spears secured my victory!
>You idiot, I hate seeing you hurt, you are important to me.
we should thank her but tell her that even so we would not be happy ataining victory at the cost of her life
also we should go help Eden for the sooner we end this the sooner we can go back and seal the Dark God
>No, you are wrong, BT, I won because you helped me! Your spears secured my victory!
>You idiot, I hate seeing you hurt, you are important to me.
File: Black Tarantula 4.jpg (68 KB, 640x520)
68 KB
You don’t know what to say, so ignoring the idiot who wants you to get mad, you simply do what you always do, and say what you think will work the best. You stare down at the girl in your arms and start talking, “BT, you are wrong. I won because you helped me, your spears managed to hurt Leonard, and secured my victory, so never think that what your fight was worth nothing, because that will never be true! Even if we don’t win, if you fight by my side… it makes me happy, you understand?” You blush a bit at saying something so stupid, so direct.

Half the time with BT you are not sure if the girl gets what you want to say, or if she just plays the cute idiot so she can make you say embarrassing stuff. But BT only nods, “I understand, I helped you secure our victory… I was able to protect you… Kouga,” The way she says this feels important, why should she care so much about protecting you? “Also, to friends fighting together is important. I… I understand, then Kouga… fighting with you… by your side made me happy too.” Then she smiles.

Your heart skips a small beat, and suddenly you wonder why you are not hearing any comments from the idiot in your head, but then you don’t care. You smile back at her. “Yeah, I am glad you understand, so please fight by my side, okay.”

You take in this moment for a few seconds, before you continue, you can’t be soft Kouga, not now, “But I am also mad at you!” You lower your head and softy head-butt her to impress into BT your anger, “You idiot, I hate seeing you hurt, you are important to me! So never try to do something like this again, you hear me, I don’t want to win by sacrificing you, BT.”

“But, as far as I understand, you are my priority, Kouga… the doctor asked me to protect you.” BT stops for a moment, thinking something fast, “… and I personally don’t want to see you hurt, so sacrificing myself to protect you… it was the most logical option.”

“No it wasn’t, I… I… I also don’t want to see you get hurt Versa,” You use the name she shared with you in those red sands to emphasize this, to make her understand why this is important, “Even if I want to win, you are more important… if you die to save me, then that victory is worthless.” You struggle to explain this in a logical way… but in the end the thing is simple. “BT, you are my friend… and I like being with you, so if you left me… then that would make me sad, very sad. Do you understand me? If I left you, would you be sad?”

BT simply blinks, and after a few moments the girl smiles again, “I understand… back then… when you were fighting that man, I acted irrationally, I… I was scared, Kouga. I feared you would die, so I fought without care to what happened to me.” You smile at your friend, and wordlessly thank her, even if the girl doesn’t understand it completely, BT didn’t hesitate to sacrifice herself because she feared for your safety.

“But I understand that you also fear for me, and that me getting hurt also makes you sad… you feel the same, I can understand this now.” To this girl, she had never bothered to consider something like this. Before she had acted considering what might affect the emotional state of others, but now… this is probably the first time she realizes that even if she doesn’t intend it, she can hurt others. “So I promise to not take any unnecessary risks, if you promise the same, my friend.”

You nod, “Yeah I promise, Versa.I will try to not get hurt, if you promise the same. Friends take care of each other, okay.” That seals this issue, and now you move on to your next task… Eden, Vivi and the Grimoire.
File: Lightning Spears.jpg (16 KB, 304x166)
16 KB
With great care to not hurt BT, you take your friend in your arms, and then you jump moving faster than sound! In the air, you solidify your dark cosmos underneath you to form a platform, and continue to jump over again, gaining speed, and until you rise above the rows of building that block the alleyway!

At that point you gather your cosmos at the soles for feet, and then you dash in the air! You instantly accelerate until you move seven times faster than sound, and then arrive almost instantly at your designated point, the alleyway of the second trap!

How wonderful, normally you can barely move thrice as fast as sound, and only for a few seconds, but now you feel you can maintain that with no problems, with the help of your right hand you can really break your previous limits!

You don’t leave no sonic booms behind, you devour any trails you might leave, and your arm has strengthened your cosmos so you can support BT and move without hurting her.

But this is not the time to enjoy your birthright, you have arrived at your point, and before anything you feel it.

Divine Cosmos, the power of something above humanity, you can feel it in every corner of the alleyway.

>Young Man, be careful… this power, it’s the same as one of the spears of the Sky God of the Olympus Twelve, this place stinks of Zeus, of one of the Gods that dared to steal this world from me… from us, my child.

The voice in your head is right, and that is why you are not mad he suddenly decided to return and get all chatty again. This place is reeking of divine cosmos mixed with ozone and electricity, but this energy is different from the light of heaven you felt a few moments ago.
File: Eden.jpg (27 KB, 498x392)
27 KB
But moving on, you continue your inspection, and soon fight a person. A towering man half buried under debris and a car, the holy axe and the crosses in his knightly armor told you everything you need to know about this man. This is a paladin of the church, a strong one; but he wasn’t the one struck by whoever called upon Zeus’ power.

As you stop to feel for a moment, the area the divine thunderbolt reeks of the darkness, of the same darkness you felt earlier. So the reason that undead was almost killed, was probably due to this Divine Thunderbolt.

So turning your eyes, you see the fallen figure of your friend, his Orion’s cloth is broken, battered and barely hanging upon his frame, and the pool of blood underneath your stupid prince makes him look like the man is dead. But Eden’s cosmos is stable, his divine power and the blessings of his father protecting his life, and by know you should know not to worry about Eden, that stupid prince is so stupid he won’t die even if he is killed.

So at least that’s something off your shoulders, still Eden is unconscious, and that means someone defeated him… was it the Paladin guy or the undead? And where is Vivi? Did she manage to catch up?

What do you do? BT is in your arms (in a bridal carry) and you probably should lower her (but you don’t want to) before anything. Eden is not in a critical situation, but you need to check if he has the Grimoire, and you probably should check on that Paladin guy too. Also VIvi is worrying you.

>Check Eden, your friend is worrying you. Plus the Grimoire.
>Check on the Paladin, where is he?
>Check on Vivi, did the Alchemist manage to catch Eden?
>The trail of the undead, try to check it?
>Ask BT for her opinion, while you keep her in your arms. [The other options has you dropping her anyway]
>Check Eden, your friend is worrying you. Plus the Grimoire.
File: Spoiler Image (129 KB, 600x800)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
You place BT down, and ask your friend to keep watch while you rush towards Eden. The moment you knell besides your fallen friend, you start inspecting your fallen friend. As expected his pulse and cosmos are both weak, but stable, probably due to the blessings his two heritages have given this lucky bastard, but that only serves to worry you.

Eden’s armor is broken in many places, his arms and shoulders have deep gorges that look like they have been made by the axe the Paladin has been wielding, and upon closer inspection you see that Eden’s arms were fractured multiple times during the fight (the signs of rapid healing tell you enough).

His chest plate and left leg were pierced by several bone like arrows, and you can see how the dark curses and poisons of the lich almost killed the guy twice, but thankfully his divine and dark bloodlines helped him overcome whatever this curse was.

Eden’s helmet is broken on the right side, it looks like it was sniped by one of the arrows from an angel and judging by how close that cut is to his right eye, it looks like Eden managed to avoid having to become a pirate by some divine intervention.

All of this is bad, really bad but what’s worse is his back. His back armor is not shattered, it’s melted off, and it was completely heated and broken by something, leaving Eden’s back open to the enemy attack. Furthermore, judging by the burns in your friend’s back and the five slashing marks, it looks like Eden was hit by some type of claw weapon that was on fire?

Seeing this, you just get angry, that last attack was probably the one who brought down Eden, and silently you promise to punch whoever dared to do this to your friend.

You just note everything and tend to Eden, trying to cure his wounds as best as you can, and devouring what you can’t (Eden’s darkness affinity makes this easier than it should be). Soon, your prince looks better, and he comes to be.
File: Kouga Crying.jpg (209 KB, 850x751)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
With effort, Eden opens his eyes, lost, confused, your friend raises his hand and reaches out to you, “Kouga… the Grimoire… it was taken.”

Yeah you knew that, you noticed your open pouch by Eden’s side the moment you got closer to the prince, empty of the Grimoire and the Cake you love, but compared to Eden those things mean nothing.

“Yeah, I know, Eden, I know, just tell me who did this to you, I promise that I will recover the Grimoire!” You also promise to get even, don’t care if it was Beatrice, an Angel or a Demon, but whoever did this, they will pay, you promise it!

Taking a deep breath, Eden eyes come into focus, his head clears and his talks, “After the fight she back-stabbed me… she destroyed my Cloth in one hit… and then took the thing and ran away… Kouga… she used this claw weapon, it broke my cloth like nothing…”

A girl… a girl.. “Eden who did this? Please tell me.” Hearing what Eden told you, you feel a certain dread in your stomach, you already know who did this, but… but… you just want to hear it from Eden. Until then at least you can lie to yourself and deny everything.

Eden’s eyes meet yours, and your friend lays it down. Even though his voice is weak, it doesn't lose the impact. “It was that alchemist… Vivi… she betrayed us, Kouga and stole the tablet… Kouga, the Alchemists of Atlas... they are our enemies... be careful!”

Yeah you expected this, hearing it from Eden didn’t help anything. “Ha, ahahah.” For some reason you could only laugh, you laugh wildly and then you cry…and in this moment you learned something, something precious.

You learned something every witch learns at one point or another: the bitter taste of betrayal.

>Kouga: Saint of Mars 33 END

With this we end today’s run, I hope everyone enjoyed this. I will continue tomorrow, so if anyone has some questions/comments/critiques, please leave them. Also I feel sad no one commented on the Arthur/Silber interlude…was it that bad?
ok now is official, the Alchemists of Atlas are our enemy!
Our next goal should be take them down!
Well, remember who you work for. Well, I will run tomorrow, with some luck I will finish this arc and move things back into the Sanctuary.

Honestly, you guys should not be so open about being a witch with people...
File: SPACE TIME.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
yes I know but I don't think that Kouga had the experience to know that he should hide it
also I can not simply forget this betrayal! Vivi better be ready because we are going to settle this one-on-one!
Well, for the record, I want to warn you guys that you could have gotten to Eden and stopped Vivi if you had prioritized meeting Eden first, basically Kouga wasted too much time and left Vivi alone with Eden and the Book for too long.

But hey, at least Eden got to use the Divine Thunderbolt! Finally!

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