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File: Dave.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
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Any cool ideas for Barbarian characters who aren't Conan clones or Not!Vikings? No specific system, just general ideas that could be adapted to any fantasy game.
This was one of my previous barbarian's philosophies.

>Anger is the expression against wrongness in the world
>Fury is not born from personal ideals, but as a outcry of the soul against imperfections of the material
>Thus it is the duty of all those who feel the fury to rebel against these imperfections, returning them to the dust from whence they came
File: RandySavage2.jpg (33 KB, 288x361)
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The Macho Man.
File: patrick_bateman.jpg (59 KB, 1280x800)
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I've got an idea!
My GM was going to introduce an enemy barbarian who was a noblewoman with a terrible temper. Lovely gowns, extravagant hairstyles, and an ornate battleaxe stained with blood. I'm still bummed he never got to use her.
File: T-hawk.jpg (747 KB, 1800x1200)
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747 KB JPG
File: 2.jpg (41 KB, 513x560)
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Original settlers, pissed at outlanders moving in.
I play my barbarian somewhere between a Frat Boy douchebag and Tyler Durdan

etc. etc.

Great fun. But I hated 4e and torpedoed the campaign by the power of "hey guys, what if I DM'd instead?"
File: 1c.jpg (77 KB, 490x274)
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I have an Altmer Barbarian in Oblivion like that, only she's an attention-seeking debutante who got carried away with a faux-barbarian fad she started.
File: pillar men.jpg (195 KB, 1280x720)
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195 KB JPG
Muscle Mesoamericans. Muscleamericans.
>before going berserk the player has to go into decently specific detail about a song, certain bard/musician/band
I support this though a charismatic stabby rogue sounds better for it.
>use Book of Weaboo Fightan Magic

Fund it.
my friend is running a pretty cool barbarian in my Innistrad themed D&D campaign.

Basically he was orphaned and left in a small town. The community raised him, so he never had a true family, because all of the village loved him and raised him as their own, so you could say the village was his family.

As he grew, he had massive strength, and quickly towered over most men. He help the village by doing hard labor, heavy lifting, farm work, etc., that would almost require 2 men.

One day, a vampire comes to his town and using his superhuman strength, knocks it's fucking teeth in. Since then, his village has been under threat from creatures of the night, and because of that, they lack trade so they are suffering from a food shortage.

He is now out on a quest to find a sustainable food source for his village, and also kill baddies.

Essentially he's just a big, lovable, folk hero who is going out in the world to save his family/village. He gets raged when hurt or sees injustice. Kinda like a paladin barbarian

This is also 5e, he chose path of the totem warrior cus right now a lot of the campaign is in a forest, he's been learning to conrol his strength through animals
A cultist of Dionysus. Hedonism Bot most of the time, frenzied monster who will rip you apart with their bare hands and eat you some of the time.
File: sidereal martial arts.gif (932 KB, 500x281)
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932 KB GIF
Meanwhile, in Exalted
One of my Next playtest character ideas was a Barbarian/Rogue from Not!Japan who wanted to be an Honurrubre Not!Samurai, but fell into an uncontrollable blood lust whenever she entered combat.
I had no idea Oblivion was that sophisticated.
Ya know, I really oughta get the context on that.
File: Old-Lodge-Skins.jpg (30 KB, 497x253)
30 KB
There once was a Human Being, and he was very small. But he won a name: Little Man.
He went on a war party against the Pawnees. But the Pawnees were many. One by one, the Human Beings were rubbed out. Little Man was very brave. The Pawnees called out to him, "If you will quit fighting, we will let you go". But Little Man answered, "It's a good day to die". Finally, they cut off his head, but he kept fighting without his head. He rode among the Pawnees like a whirlwind ,and his head, which was stuck on a spear, started to shout the war cry. The Pawnees could take no more, and they ran away. When they looked back, they saw the body of Little Man lie down among his friends. Little Man was small, but his bravery was big.
File: 1250122448639.jpg (52 KB, 508x432)
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A "barbarian,' is an 'uncivilized,' person. Someone who doesn't speak the local tongue, and/or lives outside of the geographic borders of the society defining civil in this situation.
The only thing you have to do to make them a 'barbarian,' is
> A: make them foreign to even a minor degree (usually via strange clothes, makeup, hair, and/or a distinct accent).
> B: Make them ignorant of and/or a non-participant in various customs of the common masses

Even withing the boundaries of being a combat character there's no relevant limit to the kinds of characters that can be a 'Barbarian.' Animal trainers, mercenaries, poets, shamans, rangers, pit fighters, musicians, herb-based medicine-men, traveling entertainers, etc. Motives too, as with all charters, are the greatest way to differentiate a character from a stereotype. Vengeance and conquest are all well and good, but as soon as you make their long-term objective something other than either of those you've already broken well out of the Kull The Conqueror mold.
Played a clown barbarian in a Play-by-Post once. Happy, friendly guy most of the time, went full on Pennywise when he raged.
It's a pretty decent show honestly.
Retarded as all hell, but the rule of cool is through the roof.
It isn't, he just head cannons it
A muscle-based monk whose "rage" is more like a trance state.
The world dissolves into two parts: things that must be protected, and things that must be destroyed. Everything else is meaningless.
We know what a barbarian actually is.
File: toki yo tomare.jpg (51 KB, 364x365)
51 KB
I've read bits of the mango, but I'd heard that Stardust Crusaders is breddygud.
Played a Martial Artist Monk/ Urban Barbarian in Pathfinder once. Desperately wanted to be a superhero, but ended up accidentally mutilating the criminals with his Boar Style.
Iunno, just play a character from a hunter-gatherer or primitive agriculturalist culture. EIther be a complete mock-up of a culture you like (in the grandest traditions of fantasy) or cobble together a few things you like from different cultures - animism, endo/ectocannibalism, use of psychedelics for morale, etc.
The guy pictured is a uber-progenitor-vampire-race guy who just mastered life. He can freely shape his body, including making a man eating squirrel from his hand, and piranha transforming feathers.

I apologize if that explained nothing.
At least now I know why his hand's a squirrel.
>Stardust Crusaders is breddygud.
It's actually one of the weaker parts. Parts 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 all surpass it in terms of fun.
The dude was a fucking dork. A well groomed, handsome, rich dork but a dork none the less. He was just obsessive about pop culture and appearance. The guy was shit at connecting with other individuals which might be part of the reason he went bat-shit crazy.

Also he was less of a tricky and skillfull fighter and more of berserk and blood-lust fighter.
Try building a Barbarian loosely based on Aztecs. Rip your enemies hearts out and eat them.
File: Ratigan.jpg (21 KB, 400x267)
21 KB
A brute who tries to act civilized, composed, and refined, but can snap at the drop of a hat into a fearsome fury.
I was being sarcastic, that's pretty hard perceive in text though. Implying that I think head cannon is fucking retarded as it has no baring on vidyas, especially one as shallow as Oblivion. I'm being a prick basically.
Head "canon" rather.
File: EB-art-germanic_warrior2.jpg (578 KB, 1089x1000)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
I've thought about making a barbarian who fights like the Harii that Tacitus describes in Germania:
As for the Harii, quite apart from their strength, which exceeds that of the other tribes I have just listed, they pander to their innate savagery by skill and timing: with black shields and painted bodies, they choose dark nights to fight, and by means of terror and shadow of a ghostly army they cause panic, since no enemy can bear a sight so unexpected and hellish; in every battle the eyes are the first to be conquered.
So a sword and board, lightly armored/unarmored barb using camouflage and with ranks in stealth skills?
Yeah one who tries to pick his fights and ambush in the black of night rather than bellowing at the top of his lungs wildly swinging around an axe.
I've made a few that were basically Aztec jaguar warriors

fallen monk/barbarian, more accurately
i like
read this....
File: white-dragon.jpg (52 KB, 640x442)
52 KB
>Son of aging chieftain Barbarian goes out on vision quest, half freezes to death cause he think's he's macho and goes up a winter blasted mountain with nothing but his weapon
>Has a near death experience where a great white dragon spoke to him and breathed warmth back into him
>Dragon tells him that he needs to travel the world and slay the mightiest of beasts, and eat their flesh so that he can gain their power. Only then can he lead his tribe to prosperity.
>Barbarian makes it out alive, packs up, and leaves his tribe to complete his vision quest, joins up with more civil people to help him in his journey.
Then pick one, or more:
>White dragon was just punking the human for his own amusement.
>Barbarian doesn't even know if the dragon is real, might have been a hallucination between the near-death experience and the drugs he took.
>Eating the flesh of strong monsters won't do jack shit for him.
>A Barbarian and a knight enters in the barbarian's home, the knight is drunk on mead.
>"Do you like Huey Lewis and the Lutes?"
>"They're okay."
>"Their earlier work was far too rebellious for my tastes, but when Tourny came out in twelve eighty three, year of our lord, that's when I really think they came into their own, commercially and artistically. "
>Barbarian walks to the room in the back, leaving his drunken friend where he is.
>The barbarian continues as he puts on a set of raggedy leather.
>"The whole performance had a crisp and fined tune sound and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gave his songs a big boost."
>Barbarian takes some herbs that were prescribed to him and returns to the previous room with his battle axe.
>"He's been compared to Beedle the Bard, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor."
>"Hey Barbarian" the knight interrupts.
>"Yes, knight?"
>Whats with all the straw littered around? you got yourself a nice hound? a little pup or something?"
>"No, Knight."
>"Hey is that some old rags?"
>"Yes it is! In '87, year of our lord, Huey released Fore, their most accomplished performance. I think their undisputed masterpiece is "Hip to be Chivalrous", a song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity, and the importance of trends, it's also a personal statement about the Bard, himself."
>Barbarian grabs his battle axe and holds it up for an attack.
>"Hey Knight"
>Knight looks back, still drunk, and it takes him a while before he reacts to the know rampaging, murderous barbarian.
>Barbarian chops him up real good, leaving devastating blows throughout the knight's body.
>the barbarian collects himself after the rage he induced and smokes a pipe.
Had a guy who played his barbarian as just a fighter with really, really bad PTSD. His rages were written as him flipping the everloving fuck out because he's remembering Timberfall Glade.

Another time was this dude who crunchwise was barbarian with a dip into alchemist, who fluffed himself as a chemist who went Jekyll & Hyde.
Not a vampire.
kinda is. Weak against sun, practically immortal. Basically it's whole body vs blood consumption.
The Pillar Men made humans into vampires to make humans better food. The Pillar Men aren't really vampires, and the vampires aren't really vampires, just semi-Pillar Men.

The term vampire is pretty loose.
Sybil Ramkin?

All the explanation needed good buddy.
File: 1410228411582.jpg (266 KB, 1334x1200)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
You could probably also glean some useful information from "It was the 80s" and "The author was really into fashion magazines"
Wat. Literally everyone calls the vampires vampires in the show. Do I need to pull up the scene with Kars talking about his vampire horses?

That does little to establish the flavor of barbarian, which is what OP was after. That seems a very generic, Conan-flavored barbarian type.

These are awesome ways of doing barbarians.
It's the term, but we all know that vampires don't come from a mask.
But they do suck blood. They create thralls.
Dio was a vampire.
The Pillarmen weren't though. "phasing" through things and eating them that way is not vampire at all. It's like a super-charged gelatinous cube.
why not play a Scott?

I had one who was a spoiled rich noble who'd mastered tantrums as a child, and turned to outright fury as an adult. This was in pathfinder, so i took Lesser Beast Totem, and flavored it as him carefully sharpening and strengthening his (flawlessly painted) nails.

He was fun because he looked like a generic noble dressed in clothes that obscured his physique, but then he'd literally rip your face off with his hands if he got pissed off enough.
File: Spoiler Image (1.19 MB, 2000x1335)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
One of the players in a game I ran once was basically the first one. He was a really quiet ex-army major who was constantly paranoid over enemy soldiers, even though the war ended decades ago. Crunchwise, he was a barbarian/bard hybrid. Having gone mad after the war, when he was in his rages he'd yell out cryptic phrases that'd scare enemies off and hype up the party.

I'm currently running an investigator who's dipping into barbarian.

Just by applying the Technological Savage archetype and a mutagen, as well as Enlarge Person extract, I can become the Incredible Hulk. Which I actually would like to see as a barbarian in one game. A perfectly nice guy who you wouldn't like when he's angry.


New idea: Make a Wesley Willis character. He rages against the demons and spits out sick songs.

I had a friend who once played a barbarian as a Juvenile Dwarf.
Like 20 years old, so mentally about 7, but with a pretty well developed body.

His rages were temper tantrums. He was a barbarian mainly because he was buff and didn't understand social cues cause he was a child.

It was pretty great.
File: dragon chosen.jpg (356 KB, 450x2200)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
Tho crusaders is pretty important from character point. since they all link until 6th I recall and after that things get even more bonker.
I made a barbarian who was a small, thick, coward guy whose attitude was being always absurdely pessimistic.
Once in combat and someone was wounded, he'd usually say "oh my god we're GONNA DIE" and start hacking around without regards for friend and foe, not for murdering spree but simply by flailing around his weapon for tremors. He had a few flaws about having thac penalties and low wisdom, but compensated with very high damage and whirlwind attacks all the time.
He was so scared that this actually got most of his strength out in the serious situations and saved asses. A real bro.
File: 1385649674292.jpg (720 KB, 822x848)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
Ooh I played a barbarian like that long ago. Really need to revisit the concept sometime.

Animefag here

2 > 3 > 1

This is the objective truth
I've always quite liked the idea of having a Captain Nemo inspired barbarian.

A prince of a far off land; destroyed by warring empires when he was a boy, his people scattered but looking to rally behind him, while he became a man in the wilderness, his rage rising from his desire for vengeance.
File: Image (2).jpg (254 KB, 1386x692)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
There's a Barbarian PC in my current 5e game with the Soldier background (far right), he's a typical angry young highlander conscripted into the military and little does he know but he has that drop of ancient cursed blood that is particular to people of his region of the world, he goes into a Blood Frenzy when stressed out. Hense he's a lousy soldier with constant discipline problems but the other PCs find ways to help him cope by transferring to a scouting squad away from the main force ("the Adventuring Party").
SC is pretty important, since it finishes off the Joestar-Vampire saga, but overall, it feels like the weakest storyline. Its fights weren't as clever as those of Battle Tendency or the later parts, and Jotaro is a tough character to like when he's following on the coattails of Joseph Joestar's ruse cruise and Jonathan's old-fashioned gentlemanly heroism.
File: PK36wmZ.jpg (87 KB, 1280x720)
87 KB
File: Mouri-Culture.jpg (26 KB, 400x400)
26 KB
Polynesians are a cool source of inspiration that doesn't get used much. The Haka dance is pretty baller and I can easily imagine a warband using something similar to hype themselves up before a big fight. Dance is a neglected part of fantasy games, for some reason, right next to food.

I think it's worth noting the difference, though. Some people are going with the "what are some interesting outlander types and tropes I can make a character around" and some people are going for the "what are rage-based characters that I can build a concept around."

They're very different, not that I mind both kinds of discussion happening. I think that it's important to be clear, as OP was not.
I have fluffed barbarians as enlightened philosopher warriors/kings/nobles with rage representing their enlightenment state more or less
And before you ask me why I dont just play a monk you know damn well why
I usually play a berserker in something closer to Record of Lodoss War: partially possessed by some kind of spirit which drives them mad and gives them unnatural strength and ferocity.

In order to not get paladin-smited and to not be a danger to the party, however, this relationship is usually with something that's willing to relinquish control to the host body as needed, not kill his friends and aside from giving him urges to always take the most open and violent course of action doesn't really do much unless called upon.
SC isn't even finished yet m8

Saving grace is old Joseph and the crazy villain stands m80, and I don't see that changing with a new season
>Solomon Kane-esque adventurer
>Barbarian rage refluffed as righteous fury
File: Axe Cop the anime.png (409 KB, 640x360)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
Look man, when they named the show "JoJo's BIZARRE Adventure", they meant it.
>A barbarian that was more or less a normal guy
>One day just gets fed up with it all
>Flips the table he was cleaning, going "FUCK THYNE SHIT!" Then running out while ripping his clothes off screaming like a madman
File: mm-mr-furious.jpg (24 KB, 590x300)
24 KB
Urban barbarian.

He's just a normal shit-kicking guy who gets really, REALLY angry.
File: feegle.jpg (86 KB, 363x500)
86 KB
Halfling barbarian who's just a tiny scottsman, mad at everything, and liable to come at you at face-height.

Like a Nac-Mac-Feegle.
File: Some black warrior.jpg (72 KB, 338x507)
72 KB
Just take any culture other than "Norse", "Mediterranean" or "Slav" for your barbarian and you ought to find something cool or at least not done to death as much.
File: images (12).jpg (8 KB, 187x270)
8 KB
I thought you posted a picture of a clown when I first saw that.
But does he have a gun?
In Pathfinder, there's a barbarian archetype that lets you get a Dex-Boost while raging instead of Con/Str.

Add that to the Gunslinger who adds Dex to ranged damage, and you've got the Max Payne Barbarian.

Same could apply to a Swashbuckler or Archer or anything that adds dex to things. Rage is Bullet Time.

Bloodrager in ACG is a RageMage with magic powers.
So he plays as Joe Pesci?
But "cooler."

Have you not SEEN Mystery Men?
>max payne barbarian
I didn't know I wanted this until now.
My favorite character to this day is was a Pathfinder Rage Prophet I played in a very long online campaign. He was a clown who worshiped Lamashtu, murdered tons of people, and eventually became a demon.

The whole time, everyone thought I was just a Battle Oracle who was CN at worst.
mongols, huns, goths, iberians, germanics, magayars
dont know if his helps but my barbarian is an alcoholic gnome
>five barbarians align themselves with the attributes of different totem animals. In times of trouble they can combine into a giant chimera and stomp out evil.

>barbarian is fascinated with mechanical inventions and will always pick up devices and constructions, often accidentally breaking them or disassembling them to marvel at the workings.

>claims that, as a baby, his tribe tried to mutilate him and mark him as their own so he killed them and started running. He has picked up stories and techniques from every tribe on the continent. At least, according to him.

>a "civilized" barbarian, who can feel the call of blood from within people around him and struggles to retain his composure and manners. Always wears a furry diaper under his regal clothes.

>a barbarian that is Intimately familiar with nearby ruins, and can easily recount the history of the place- but it's a history that he's made up.

>a barbarian that can ride any animal. Any animal.

> a barbarian with a collection of dozens of weapons he's collected from fallen enemies. He's acquainted with the use of all of them.

>a cook barbarian- doesn't usually fight in tribe conflicts, but he does do hunting occasionally, and can apply those same skills to enemies when necessary.

>a barbarian whose tribe hails from the frozen tundras, but he always has the sniffles.

>a tribe has taken over a small contemporary settlement. Our particular barbarian hails from 14, Cedar Lane.

>a fish barbarian. He swims, he smells, he uses rods and nets in creative ways.

>a stealth barbarian that wears fur disguises.

>a barbarian tribe declared war on a crazy lord. They assaulted his manor only to find themselves lost in a hedge maze. After years of wandering, one barbarian found his way out- through the front entrance. He's vowed to return and make his way through the labyrinth and kill the lord.

>a swampbarian who uses alligators as attack animals.

>a barbarian from a land of giant forests who is basically an ewok.
>this barbarian claims at one point he was taken up into the sky by a flying chakram with impossibly bright lights. Strange small beings poked and prodded him, and released him into the woods. He has since remained vigilant in his search for the men in the flying disk, gathering reports of locals and attending meetings. He wishes to exact revenge, slaughtering the small men and tearing apart their machine.

>a barbarian who is being used, unknown to himself, as a one-man police raid unit. It's often a race for the department to get the paperwork done before the barbarian arrives at the target location.

>this barbarian was being held in a people zoo by a mysterious superior race- he managed to escape and either wants to or has killed his captives.

>a barbarian was turned into a dog by a magician- the magicians plan backfired when it was an extremely large and vicious dog.

>this barbarian is from a tribe who's medicine man has discovered a secret formula allowing them all to become super strong briefly. He is still strong enough without it to carry huge runestones.

>due to his surviving more fights than he can count, this barbarian calls himself deathless. This prompts countless people challenging him to fights wherever he goes.

>this barbarian can only speak his native language, and so he ends up just following people around and nodding so as to avoid awkward situations.

> this barbarian is somewhat inbred, and has a huge, strange family that shows up in odd places. Drinks a lot of milk.
>this barbarian once had the most wonderful meal from a wandering merchant. He has devoted his life to finding this meal again, even going so far as to sever clan ties. Only problem- he has no idea what the food Is or what it's called. So he has to eat at least a bite of everything he comes across.

>this barbarian's tribe considers beautiful facial features and long, flowing, soft clothes the pinnacle of aesthetics for any and all sexes and genders. So he wears a lot of makeup and dresses.

>this barbarian has distant genetic ties to giants. This doesn't manifest in any physical ways, but he finds himself craving child flesh (to eat) and fizzy drinks.

>this barbarian desires to become an artist, but his huge muscles prevents him from achieving the tiny nuances strokes he desires from his brush.

>a barbarian from one tribe thinks another barbarian tribe dresses way cooler, despite hating them.

>a barbarian tribe has become addicted to a particular wine and always raids caravans to a nearby cosmopolitan center to steal the wine. The nobles who live there take the offense personally and want to challenge the tribe's champion.

>this barbarian has come to the ideal that the wilderness in which he lives is the supreme dictator of his and his tribes lifestyle, and so tries to urge his friends and family to listen to the "desires of the lands" and base all their actions on the vague perceived orders of the earth. Wears the equivalent of socks and sandals.

>this barbarian is a hoarder. What does he hoard? Mostly rocks and bones and garbage.
>a barbarian does not realize he has the gift of foresight- he carves tiny figurines of creatures and people he's never seen before and decides he has to kill them all.

>this barbarian is a master of a martial art that combines grappling and a bow.

>this barbarian has been living underground with his tribe for generations due to a past forgotten threat. He is chosen to go to the surface, gather information, and return.

>this barbarian simply cannot believe it's not butter. He also doesn't know it's not bacon.

>this barbarian, upon entering a huge consumerist society, becomes overcome with a desire to spend spend spend. When he accumulates a huge debt, he becomes enraged and vows to assassinate all corporate leaders who have wronged him.

>this barbarian is a hobo who makes his living in underground bum fights staged for the elite class.

>a barbarian is impressed by local stone structures and spends his time scaling castle walls for fun.

>a barbarian can't decide which is the best weapon to kill tiny girly men and so goes back and forth on his weapon choices.
File: CHUUNI FIGHT.jpg (157 KB, 670x752)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Pardon my unabashed weebness, but I'm in the process of making a delusional magical girl. She 'transforms' into her 'magical girl state', blasting away at enemies with magical super attacks, which in actuality consist of her yelling out the name of an attack and just hitting someone really hard.
Naturally, she has no prowess for actual magic and barely eeks out a 10 INT, if that. Includes overdramatic speech about the fictional universe she believes she's in, and when put on the spot to explain anything it will be heavily influenced by the same fiction. ("I recognize that man! He's from the Redcoats, the society trying to destroy all magic!")
> super charged gelatinous cube
holy mary mother of God do you know what you have just done to my players
File: MickeyRourkeMarv.jpg (29 KB, 252x314)
29 KB
I think all your nature-themed barbarians need to have a talk with Marvbarian

"Folks say I 'got a rage problem.... I just get confused sometimes."

In all seriousness, a genuinely urban barbarian of the squalorous "jungle" of a metropolis (medieval or otherwise) could be awesome.... even better, CITY OF DOORS MARV.
They'd make good mob enforcers and hitmen.
except Marv does really get confused. And its supposed to be modern Conan by word of god. Your sugestion to make something that isnt a Conan clone is to make a Conan clone.

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