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You are Darius Duravi. Depending on how you proceed, it may be go time. Or it may be time to go.

[Master Pastebin] http://pastebin.com/wv8RamS9
[Twitter] https://twitter.com/HouseDuravi
[Archive] http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Operator%20Operator%20Quest
[Got a question?] http://ask.fm/ObjectiveOrientedQuesting

"Nobody move! Get down! Down! Now!"

The first burst of rounds ring out with the typical crack you hear in urban combat. The report echoes off the bright white walls and surrounds you, putting pressure on your ears from all sides.

The Ts begin counting their casualties.

That's right. In the Empire, and especially in these circumstances, it's hard to tell who's in deeper shit in a firefight - the Ts or the "hostages".


A deafening sound indicates the destruction of the prospective investors' cars. Most of them, at least. It seems the Ts were somewhat prepared.

In the ensuing firefight between the terrorists, now hiding behind whatever cover they can find - cars, a stray monument, any architectural feature they can find - and the bodyguards stationed further away, you find yourself having hit the deck.
Lying on the ground, surrounded by high-rises and armed, hostile personnel, you have to last the 10-15 minutes it'll take for the CT squad to move in. The situation is bleak for the Ts, as they find themselves taking fire not only from bodyguards hiding behind corners, but also from the roofs, where a couple of snipers are steadily working them over.

The terrorists are armed with rifles and portable rocket launchers, which is more than you can say for the cadre of bodyguards, wielding compact SMGs and the occasional handgun.

A nearby terrorist is relatively isolated, but has a rifle you could use.

The wall which you burst out of is just around the corner, and you're sure you could burst through.

You could also lie low. It's only a matter of time before the Ts organize a desperate offensive and eliminate the bodyguards and go to gather the hostages in the lab.

>[] Attack the T and arm yourself with his rifle.
>[] Flee the scene while you still have time.
>[] Lie low and wait.
>[] Custom.
>[] Attack the T and arm yourself with his rifle.
gotta protect our investment
Aight, writing.
wheres all the other anons? theres usually 3-4 here
I just woke up.
And I'm just about to head to bed.
Being proactive suits you best. In any time-sensitive situation, you have to act fast and act right.

You spring up from the ground and dash for the unguarded T. With any luck, the snipers won't fire on you.

You put one foot in front of the other, the world budges from its stationary locus, then blurs for a moment, before regaining focus. Pushing off the ground with all the strength you can muster, you sail through the air like a howitzer's deadly ammo and crush the guard beneath your considerable weight.


The impact knocks the air out of his lungs and the balance out of his legs. Your enemy is incapacitated before he ever had a chance to resist. Situated firmly on top of him, you wring the terrorist's rifle out of his hands. You bash his head in with the stock.

Your options have not multiplied since you last examined them.

Time until support arrives (max): 14 m. 20s.

>[] Join the firefight from up close. Roll 4d6+-4.
>[] Head inside the lab through the vulnerable piece of the wall.
>[] Flee.
>[] Head inside the lab through the vulnerable piece of the wall.
>[] Head inside the lab through the vulnerable piece of the wall.
>[] Head inside the lab through the vulnerable piece of the wall.

Gotta stop them from getting any funny ideas.
>[] Head inside the lab through the vulnerable piece of the wall.
You peek out over the plentiful cover you have - the same cover that doomed its previous occupant by cutting him off from the rest of the team. As far as you can see, nobody's noticed anything yet. It's a relatively large area, even by your standards, and the number of Ts is considerable: 20, maybe 30 of them? Minus just the one, of course. Everybody looks stiff and tense, counting up their grenades and mags.

Must be time for their counter-offensive. You'll move then. That is, in just a bit.

"Now! GO, GO, GO!"

All but a couple of terrorists - or maybe they're insurgents? - charge the bodyguards in hiding. A couple of them drop instantly, the rounds that saw them off to death overpenetrating their skulls and plinking off the road.

For fuck's sake, what do they make roads out of nowadays?

Spray & Pray seems to have been selected as the tactic of choice. Not like it's ineffective - the place is just starting to look like motherfucking Grozny. That's your cue, you decide.

One foot in front of the other. Hunched, keeping a low profile, you skitter along the ground. Evelyn is still there, hands over her head.

>[] Take her along.
>[] Leave her be.
>[] Custom.
>[] Take her along.
>>[] Leave her be.
Probably safer than where ever we're going.
>[] Take her along.
>[] Take her along.
You'd like to think you thought this through.

You really would.

Holding a hand to Evelyn's mouth, you try to catch her attention and pull her up. She just shakes her head and says:

"I-I c-c-can't mov-ve."

She's obviously shaken, in more than one way. Too bad, maybe you were seen already. You push your rifle into her hands and pick her up.

She lets out a yelp.

You hear a bullet fly overhead.

You didn't think this through.


Having dashed to the part of the wall you recently breached, your suspicions are confirmed. Huxley didn't waste money on repairing it, especially given that he would be looking for additional funding by going public. Instead, it's a brittle and thin layer of a certain construction material, engineered so as to be given any texture and coloration desired.

Say, the base of a white-walled high-rise, worn out from approximately 5 years of wear and tear.

A simple bull-charge, shoulder-first settles the problem of getting in.

Now comes the question of getting out.

You hear footsteps further down the hallways. It couldn't be Ts, so... who is it?

You look outside. You definitely shouldn't head out there any time soon. Not until the CTs get there.

You have: a rifle, a shaken girl.

You don't have: a plan.

Take the vents? Occupy a room and shore up? Approach whoever's coming?

>[] Custom.

Roll 4d6+-4.

I'll be gone for an hour to buy a Tier 2 Medkit IRL, so please have patience. In the meanwhile, weigh your options. An unorthodox approach in a relatively safe environment can yield great rewards.
Rolled 3, 6, 5, 5 - 4 = 15 (4d6 - 4)

approach and call out to whoever's coming yelling about an attack and we have a girl who could use some help (Evelyn could, shock is a real thing)
Rolled 4, 6, 3, 3 - 4 = 12 (4d6 - 4)

Take rifle, approach silently, stay hidden, listen and try to identify whoever's coming.
op pls no dead
Sorry it took so long.

Writing as fast as I can
"Hey!" You yell, walking towards the footsteps. "Who are you?! We need help!"

As the footsteps grow closer, Evelyn positions herself behind you. As if on instinct, you straighten out your back.

"Give me your name!" You call out once more.

The footsteps approach and recede, until somebody comes out of a room in the hallway you were certain had only one entrance.

"My name?" What a familiar voice. It's-


Helen. "Helen."

Just your luck.

Evelyn, at least, seems to be more at ease, perhaps for the first time today being glad to meet a stranger. One who is not physically imposing, that is.

"What are you doing here?" You ask, knowing full well that she won't give you a straight answer

"What do you mean? I was worried!"

You almost begin to ask "About what?" but soon catch yourself. Knowing Helen, she'll say something like "That somebody else would get you first!"

"Besides," the blonde resumes, "shouldn't you be asking HER that?" She points to somebody behind you.

Evelyn clutches you with panicked hands.

You turn around.


The end of today's thread!

I'm really, really sorry it was so short today. That was a mistake on my part, but also certain life circumstances. I hope you can understand and have a little patience. I'm going to be running for longer periods at a time from now on, since I will have every other Tuesday off in addition to Sundays. With that said, I'll have you know that the PDF is almost done and the next thread, OOQ17: Mixed Blessings, has been some time in the making. I'll see you there!
Damn you and your cliffhangers OOQ!

Thanks for the thread, however short it was, any idea when next will be?
Next week, at 8 or even 7 AM GMT. Be there or be-

Please be there.

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