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You are Darius Duravi. You feel like a whole new person. A not wholly healthy, but very much whole person.

[Master Pastebin] http://pastebin.com/wv8RamS9
[Twitter] https://twitter.com/HouseDuravi
[Archive] http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Operator%20Operator%20Quest
[Got a question?] http://ask.fm/ObjectiveOrientedQuesting

Something hurts.

That's the thought that begins to shine through the dusk.

It's in your head. The pain is right in your head, just behind your eyes - and just above. It gradually dawns on you that this pain is somewhere in your forehead.

You mentally focus on the area.


You try to raise your arm to your head - then a pain shoots through your shoulder and you freeze in place, as if paralyzed. Another wrong move, and you could begin to seriously suffer.

Isn't there supposed to be an anesthetic pouring into your bloodstream? You don't see anything.

Oh, right. You don't see anything. Because you haven't even opened your eyes.

You manage to open them, with a little difficulty. Your eyes are covered with some sort of film that blurs your eyes.

Still, it's a little bright in here. You can actually hear the muscles in your orbits strain. You squint, then rub your eyes.


You quickly notice - with only minor visual assistance - that there is, in fact, a needle in your arm.

If that's supposed to be an anesthetic, it's not enough! Nowhere near it!
Suddenly, you hear voices. They're muffled and a fair ways away, but it's enough to jolt you awake. Even if your body is still recovering from the pain, you can't help your instincts. You jolt upright.

Agh! Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck shit fuck! God fucking damn it, oww!

A searing pain rips through your whole entire back with a roar. You fall back down on your bed - but that only makes it worse.

Aaaaah..! Daaaamn...

You just smashed into a wall. That's what it feels like. You smashed into a gigantic, magmatic, spiked wall. You don't even find the strength to cry out. You can only clench your teeth and endure.

It's too much. You have to put a stop to it somehow. You have to do something. Anything.

You try to straighten out your back.

Another bout of new and exciting sensations snakes its fiery way up your torso.

Completely drained, you relax in defeat and your arched back falls back onto the bed. You're a little bit lucid now, and are finally aware that, yes, you are in a hospital. But you can't find it in yourself to care.

You lie there in silence, groaning slightly while waiting for the pain to go away, since your circumstances hardly allow you any other course of action.

Just then, a nurse comes in.

>[] "About fucking time, goddamn..! I'm in some deep hurt right now."
>[] "Where... Urgh. Where is this?"
>[] Try to get a look at her.
>[] Custom.
>[x] "Where... Urgh. Where is this?"
>[x] Try to get a look at her.
"Where..." You begin, trying to both get up and start talking.


This soon proves to be far more than you can handle at the moment, so you settle for trying to sneak a look lying down.

"Where is this?" You finally squeeze out.

You see the nurse turning to close the door behind her, motioning for whoever is on the other side to settle down. You catch a glimpse... Is that Ashley and Shanoa?

The nurse walks up to you and starts fiddling with the catheter in your arms, working it out of your vein.

Judging by the outraged exclaims coming from outside, that's definitely them. The nurse doesn't care.

You take a look at her. Soft facial features, dark, fairly short hair. No scars, no bags under her eyes (!) and a calm, patient expression. Her figure is neither outstanding nor abysmal. Perfectly average nurse, if surprisingly well-rested. Nothing about her suggests a high or low level of competence. A suspiciously average nurse. Though rather thin. And, now that you notice, young. Maybe 20 years old? The name tag reads "Jasmin".

Once she's done with the uncomfortable procedure, she finally utters:

"Zashquar Hospital."

"And where is that, exactly?" You ask, unsatisfied by the response.

"Within 10 kilometers of where you were found, duh." She sticks her tongue out.

Oh, that's so much better.

You notice that the nurse's playful behavior actually improved your mood a little.

Your physiology looks to be alright, in that case.

You think to say something, but the door swings open before you get a chance. Out of it comes...



Jasmin, the nurse, tries to tell her to wait outside, but is immediately shut down upon being shown some piece of paper.

What is that?

With the sudden onset of silence, you notice that the chatter outside the door is flaring up.

"Hey, Dari," Tina says.

"Huh? What?" You look up at her, expecting answers.

"You're going to live with me now."

So much for answers.

"It's in the deed. Read and rejoice."

"I can't believe it. Why the hell-"

But the deed - or rather, the Imperial decree - that Tina hands you says just that. It's got all the necessary attributes of such a document, seals and stamps and whatnot. Signed by hand in ink, even.

"This doesn't make any sen-" You begin.

"Keep reading!" Tina interrupts.

You keenly notice that she doesn't have quite the same tone in her voice as usual. Maybe she's actually serious?

You keep reading:

"For the sake of safeguarding one Darius Daravir Duravi, aforementioned citizen will be temporarily placed in the care and household of Tina Mayweather for an unspecified amount of time. These actions are intended with the citizen's best interests in mind and are not to be disregarded under threat of punishment by law to its fullest extent."

How subtle.

>[] "I don't give a damn. Take this and put it where you found it. I've got my own home."
>[] "So they're not leaving me any choice, are they? Fine. If that's how it's going to be."
>[] Custom.
>[X] "So they're not leaving me any choice, are they? Fine. If that's how it's going to be."
Top o' the morning.
"So they're not leaving me any choice, are they?" You wonder out loud. "Fine. If that's how it's going to be."

"Aw, don't be so glum~!" Tina says in her usual intonation.

You look up at her and see that she's back to her cheery self. What about this, exactly, is making her so happy?

"Then, grab your stuff and come over ASAP, alright~?"

"Come over where?"

"Right here," Tina says, pointing to a certain line in the decree.

Now there's an odd address. That should be around the-

The door swiftly opens a second time in less than 10 minutes. An old man with a small beard and neat moustache, wearing a lab coat and nothing to cover his balding head, losing the few pitch-black hairs that remain arranged in a corona. His face is wrinkled with age and, to a lesser extent, experience. Or so it seems to you.

Following him shortly is Shanoa, who closes the door behind her. As she does, you make eye contact with Ashley, who seems to be just as unwitting as you are at this development.

You notice Shanoa's proud, condescending expression loosen when she notices you looking at her. But your attention is soon drawn to the doctor, who speaks with a matter-of-fact tone to match his stern expression:

"Do you have permission to be here?" He glares at Tina. "Because I do not recall giving it."

"And who are you?" Tina parries.

"I'm the director of this hospital, Mehmet Suraev. Now state your business here."

A Empiricized surname. So he's signed himself over for social status.

Tina grabs the paper you were just reading right out of your hands and presents it to the director, pointing specifically at the double-headed eagle stamp in the bottom right corner.

"Official Imperial business. Any other questions?"

"Yes. Is this 'official Imperial business' adjourned?" Suraev asks.

"I suppose it is.," Tina says, narrowing her eyes.

"Then would you kindly leave these premises? This young lady has her business to conduct, as well." Suraev offers.
Tina glowers at Suraev, but quickly changes targets to Shanoa, whose calm, confident expression subtly shifts into a frown.

You watch Tina leave with a "Hmph."

The director, surprisingly, also follows Tina out with a look. He then motions for the nurse to follow him and exits the stage as well.

For a short while, you and Shanoa look at each other in silence.

>[] "Throwing a lot of weight around, are we?"
>[] "That was too harsh."
>[] "I'm touched."
>[] Custom.

Sorry for being ultra-slowpoke! I'll pick the pace right the fuck up. Count on it!
>[] "Throwing a lot of weight around, are we?"
"Throwing a lot of weight around, are we?" You give Shanoa a knowing look.

"I do what I can," she replies.

You can't help but be amused by the self-confident look she has. As if this is the way things are meant to be.

"Moreover," Shanoa continues, "How are you feeling? You must've been through a lot."

"I'm basically fine." You try to rub your shoulder, but even touching it threatens to send you back into convulsions. "Though I can certainly complain. What do the docs say?"

"Well, for starters, they expect you to make a full recovery within the month." Shanoa starts off on what must be the good news.

"I should be lucky it's nothing serious, right?" You chuckle.

Shanoa, however, looks a little crestfallen.

"Yes. They said it was a long shot, even with the reparative surgery. But you made it!" She looks honestly relieved upon saying that.

"Was it really that close?"

"You have no idea! There were pieces of bone scattered all over your torso! You had a lot of vitals seriously damaged, too. Doctor Suraev personally oversaw your surgery."

"Well, you know. Maybe they were just playing it up for the drama. Kind of like 'oh man, this is beyond our abilities, but we'll do our damnedest'. Like that."

Shanoa laughs a little.

"Maybe. But it did look like you were hanging by a thread."

"Come on. You can't stop people from earning their bread. Everything's part of a show nowadays."

You look at Shanoa and notice her staring off into the distance, muttering:

"Mhm. A show..."

"Hey. Are you okay?" You ask.

"Oh! Ah, yes." She quickly gathers herself.

You're not one to suspect close friends, but that was a little suspicious. Ever so slightly.

"So, who were those guys?"

"Huh? Who?"

"You know. The terrorists."

"Ah!" A momentary expression of shock, or maybe fear, darts across your class president's face.
just woke up

i know we said we are going for a harem and highest rank in the military but i dont the fact that Ashley came out a nowhere to help; plus we got corporations or the government trying to get us to have a kid with some of the girls but we just dont know who

at this point alone seems like a better ending or killing every one who want to see Duravi have a kid with one of the possible girls
She's got a good poker face, so you're not what to make of that. Instantly, she recovers, with such speed that you're already unsure if you really saw surprise on her face, or if you were just imagining things.

"They were... Some guys, I honestly can't remember right now."

Can't remember? She looked more than a little worried about you, and you know she's not the type to forgive easily. How could she up and not remember?

"Anyway, there's something I need to discuss with you. Somewhere nobody can hear us." Shanoa boldly changes the subject, as if being furtive about something. "It's about this whole debacle. Come over to my house when you have a free minute, okay?"

She's definitely hiding something. And she intends to tell you about it? You don't quite get it.

No matter what she intends to tell you, no matter how long you may have known her, you have to keep in mind that her father is a member of the Senate, and Shanoa is her father's daughter. You can't take what she says for granted. Not because she intends to deceive, but because she can't always tell you the truth.

That's just how it is with political families.

But to be honest, you're curious. This might be something you should know as soon as you can.

So? How should you reply?
>[] "I'll be there as soon as I'm out of here. Maybe sooner."
>[] "I'll think about it. When I have some time."
>[] "Not interested."
>[] Custom.
It's all in your power, anon.
>>[] Custom.
"can you call me i have a lot on my mind and i might forget to come over with every thing that has happened"
>[X] "I'll be there as soon as I'm out of here. Maybe sooner."
I really don't see how killing the people who are not trying to kill Darius would be a good ending.
while they aren't try to kill him they are trying to control his life or at that very least influence his life
They can try, I'd say that is still preferable to getting assasinated.
i know but killing the people pulling the string of everyone around us makes us all the more safer
Not necessarily, at least before we take care of the actual threats.
so what remove an threat in front of us then, remove any threat that is hidden from us.
I do not comprehend that sentence, but currently all of the threats are more or less hidden.
"I'll definitely make some time. But give me a call just in case, alright? So I don't end up forgetting," you tell Shanoa.

"Certainly," Shanoa says, smiling.

She gives you a look you don't see from her often. It's affectionate.

"Get well soon!" With those words, Shanoa makes her exit.

A silence falls over your now-empty environment. You can almost feel Ashley's presence behind the door.

A minute passes, maybe two.

"I know you're there Ashley, so come on out."

Another bit of silence follows. The door to your containment chamber, as you fancy calling your current environment, has probably seen more traffic in the last in the last half-hour than in the last several days. Without so much as a creak, it gladly ushers in another guest.

Ashley has a sheepish grin on her face.

"Guess I'm last, huh?"

>[] "Oh, you're first in a lot of ways."
>[] "Don't worry about it."
>[] "So? Are you here to invite me over, too?"
>[] Custom.

Sorry for the wait and such an update, I was pre-writing.
>[X] "Oh, you're first in a lot of ways."
op pl
Did you fall asleep?
>[] "Don't worry about it."
>>[] "Oh, you're first in a lot of ways."
>>[] "Don't worry about it."

So what's going to happen with Darida and Duva who were staying at our place? we bringing them over to Tina's?

Because if not then fuck you OOQ for pulling that rug from under us just as we were close to banging them.

"Oh, you're first in a lot of ways," you tell her. "So don't worry about it."

Ashley's eyes widen widen as the meaning of your words gradually sets in. She fiddles with her hands behind her back and looks at the floor.

"Come on, that's not- that's not fair," Ashley stammers. "Don't pull that on me."

"Pull what? I've got no idea what you're on about," You say with a smirk.

Ashley, instead of insisting that you do, looks up and right into your eyes and gives you a smile that your heart can't take. Her half-lidded eyes tell you that she knows everything you're thinking about and then some, and she's perfectly fine with it all.

It's a smile of acceptance. The sort you could get from your newlywed wife.

You try to change the subject before you wind up showing just how flustered you're getting.

"So, uh, are you alright? After all that happened back there, I mean. You're not hurt?"

"I'm perfectly fine," Ashley says, nodding. "Though honestly, I'm not sure how to feel about you asking me that. I'm made out of tougher stuff! So I wasn't really hurt, unlike somebody else. You shouldn't worry about me."

She then catches herself.

"But I didn't mean you get hurt easily! I just-"

"I get it," you laugh. "I screwed up."

"A little," Ashley says. "But I screwed up, too. I should've known that would happen."

She looks at her feet.

That reminds you, though.

"So, do you finally have some time to tell what's going on?"

Ashley looks back up at you.

"I... think it'd be better if we talked about this somewhere else," she says.

You quickly catch on.

"So I should come by sometime. Preferably today. Right?"

Your bartender friend seems a little surprised by your suggestion.

"Well, yeah. I mean, that's just natural. Why? Is there something wrong with coming over?" She asks with a concerned look about her.

No, not that you can think of. Other than having to be in fifty fucking places at once.
You're thinking of what to say to Ashley in response, but when you glance over at her to gauge her current state and how you should phrase your reply, she looks... distracted. Her stare is aimed right outside the window, at the sky. She remains like this for a few dozen seconds.

"Uh, Ashley?" You ask.

This snaps her right out of her trance.

"Oh! Uh, sorry, you were saying?" Ashley realizes that she's been inactive and flashes you a smile in apology.

"...Are you sure you're okay? It looks like there's something on your mind." You furrow your brows.

"Don't worry, don't worry. It's nothing big." She waves her hands defensively.

You, however, are not so certain. Ashley's a focused girl. Just what could be on her mind to occupy her attention like that? Definitely not something minor.

Suddenly, your train of though is broken by a girlish laugh.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Even you can hear how defensive you sound.

"No, it's nothing! It's just..." Ashley looks away, her face red. From laughing. "I didn't expect you to be thinking about me, when you're in that state."

It's your turn to mumble something unintelligible.

"I mean, you look like you can't even walk yet, but here you are, asking me if I'm okay with that serious look on your face." Ashley continues.

Well, it is rather ironic.

>[] "How could I not?"
>[] "Speaking of thinking, what do you think about..?" Select: Tina/Shanoa/Helen.
>[] "You better make good on your promise and tell me everything when I come over, okay?"
>[] Custom.
>[] "How could I not?"
>[] "You better make good on your promise and tell me everything when I come over, okay?"
>[] "Speaking of thinking, what do you think about..?" Select: Tina/Shanoa/Helen.
all of them in that order
>[] "How could I not?"
im ready to jump down this hole OOQ
>[] "You better make good on your promise and tell me everything when I come over, okay?"
>[] "Speaking of thinking, what do you think about..?" Select: Tina/Shanoa/Helen.
soo dose tina know about Darida and Duva
more importantly will she be fine with us bringing them over to her place when we move in, because if not tough shit they're coming with us
good i like surprising people
That could be rather dangerous to everyone involved, we should atleast make sure the place isn't watched, and that Tina won't murder them.
then we give the girls bullet proof vests and make sure Tina is restrained first

OP really needs to start using images to go with the girls because I've completely forgotten who Tina was
So have I.
>>[] "How could I not?"
I'll make the preparations for next thread.

Still writing.
Just checked the archive to make sure, Tina is the one who assaulted us with a syringe. She is not in the pastebin for some reason.

>Tina is the one who assaulted us with a syringe.
But what else, is she the crazy rival from the tournaments and the one who helped us in the full grimderp edgemaster flashback?

I have completely forgotten who her character is and its kind of annoying.
No those are Helen and Shanoa respectively, Tina "KO'd" Kara and Helen, after which she told us some stuff.
I still have no idea who Tina is
what she told us was that some of the girls we know might have been placed near us by unknown entities with the hope we get one of them pregnant
well no need for that, thats a certainty, we're gonna knock up all our girls
ya but what it says is people are trying to fuck with our life
Is she the templar lady?
Then read the archive, it's in the thread description.
Man PLOT really needs to stop interrupting so we can get some actual fucking time and development with all the girls because it seems like they appear for a single update, don't do much of note or we don't really interact with them, then PLOT gets in the way, and we forget who they are immediately.
If they are also trying to fuck with the people trying to end our life, we're better of just ignoring them.
tina has shown up many times throughout quest
I think it's three times now.
Has she? Because I cannot honestly recall when other than when she injected us and was drunk
they are not helping us in any way just trying to get us to sleep with the girls
That's a problem why?
Tina is the one girl who just shows up at random like when we were walking home from our lab,when we were poisoned
We're not much use to them dead.
because we dont help further someone else goals to get who knows what
And? We knock up our girls and instill loyalty in them and the kids, we turn their experiment and agenda against them and become Generalissimo with our harem of awesome chicks supporting us instead of them.
As long as it is not in conflict with our goals I really don't see the problem.
true but they are not trying to help us in any way.
not helping =|= actively working against us

they are harmless at worst, and actually beneficial at best
They have a vested interest in keeping us alive, at least for the time being.
that seems like what will most likely happen

we dont know what will happened if they get what they want i just want to know what they want and what they get from us
well if the experiment works, we can piggy back it and use our girls and kids to gain control of the experiment and them

jesus christ we need to hhurry up and fuck Darida and Duva already
i have a feeling we will end with fucking one of the girls with the title of the thread called Martial Plan
I think we have more immediate concerns right now, such as keeping them alive and not getting caught.
Well hopefully, but we're still sitting in bed in hospital and we still don't even know what happened or how we ended up here.
"How could I not worry about you?" You ask.

Ashley is clearly taken aback. Admittedly, that sounded a lot more sincere than you thought it would.

Before she has a chance to react, you follow it up with a question that's been on your mind for a while now.

"Speaking of thinking about others, can I ask you something?"

"Sure. Fire away." Ashley grins.

"What do you think of Tina?"

"That's..." Ashley stops to think.

"The blonde girl who was just here," you explain.

"Ah. She's a little strange," Ashley admits. "Is she someone you know?"

"I only met her recently," you say. "She raises more questions than answers, to be honest."

Ashley gives you a smirk.

"That's the impression I got, too. Are you sure you can trust her?"

"I don't." You say coldly.

"You've got a good head on your shoulders, then. But I guess you always have, huh?"

"Thanks. So, you don't know anything about her?"

"I really don't. I guess I could try to find out..."

"Really? Can you do that?" You ask, suddenly growing very invested in the conversation.


"...For me?" You add quickly.

"Yeah. I'll try." Ashley accepts. It seems you've won her over.

"Thanks." You try to sound as grateful as you can. This is some favor you're asking.

"Well, I should be going," Ashley says. "Dad wanted something from me and-"

"Yeah. But you better make good on your promise and tell me everything when I come over, okay?"

Ashley just gives you a pleasant look and closes the door.

You're alone again.

Not for long, though.
are we done or what
I hope not, we've got shit to do and babes to bang.
With what?

As if waiting for the moment Ashley would exit, the nurse from before enters.

Why don't the put a goddamn revolving door in? Would be a lot less bother.

"Uh, Jasmin?"


"When am I getting discharged from-?"

"Oh, right away."


"Sorry, what?"

"The papers have all been signed. You're almost completely healed and we were just waiting for you to regain consciousness," the nurse explains.

Somehow, you doubt the "completely healed" part, what with your back in as much pain as it is. Did Shanoa have a hand in this?

"Doctor Suraev has told me to give you this," she extends you a small folder, which, upon thumbing through it, seems to be a bunch of dietary, exercise and various other recommendations. "Please read it carefully."

"Yeah, sure."

"So, do you need any help getting up?"


You find yourself outside the hospital. You don't have any belongings to carry back home, other than the phone in your pocket.

Getting up was surprisingly easy, given how painful sitting up was. The nurse told you that it was just due to all the time you spent in bed. 3 whole days.

Which means you missed the start of the Astra Cup.

To hell with it. You can make up for lost time later.

You check your phone to see where you are and how to get home. The sun is high, it looks to be about noon. You're on the other side of NBC's main shopping district from where you live. Close enough to make it by foot in under an hour.

After a few blocks, though, you get the creeping suspicion that somebody's following you. You turn the nearest corner and look behind you. Nobody's there.

"Hello, Darius!"

"Agh!" You yell.

It's Major Arraki, the Black Wing special agent. But when did she-? You just- Turned around- And-

"What's the matter?" She asks, as if she doesn't know why you're acting like that.

"You gave me a heart attack! What are you-"

"We need to talk. You were just heading home, so we'll talk on the way."
[Options coming up right now!]
Why does everybody want something from you? Especially today.

>[] "Can this wait? I've got a lot on my plate already."
>[] "Is this about Vasya? I've already talked to him."
>[] "How long were you tailing me?"
>[] Custom.
there was no [1/2] so i didnt know what was happening
you forgot the >1/? thingy again so we thought you were finished

>[] "How long were you tailing me?"
talk while we walk
>>[] "How long were you tailing me?"
i will assume nothing
Oh, right. Whoops.
>[X] "Is this about Vasya? I've already talked to him."
i think OP fell asleep again
that or the ukranians started shelling again
Not enough QMs to make a full circle tonight. Alas.
for what purpose
New Trait: Narcolepsy

I hope some anons are still around. Writing.
this anons still around, just waiting and keeping the thread alvie
bedtime bump, can another anon please keep this thread alive?
"How long were you tailing me?" You ask.

"That's a good question," Major Arraki responds.

She gives you a sly look. The Major doesn't seem intent on saying more.

"So... Since before I came out of the hospital?" You offer.

"That is an... educated guess," she says, putting emphasis on "educated".

She certainly takes pride in her work.

You turn away from the Major and stare right ahead.

"What did you want to talk about, Major?"

"Have you convinced your friend to cooperate with us?"

"Yeah." You nod. "He said he'll do what is asked."

"Good. I take it you've been made aware of your new residence?"

Somehow, that question sounds more like a statement of fact.

"You're taking it the right way. Tina is cooperating with you, as well?" You inquire.

"For the moment. She was reluctant at first, but we changed her mind," Major Arraki admits. Then adds: "As usual."

Reluctant, huh? What you saw didn't look anything like reluctance. Is she just playing them? Did her grandfather leave her info about that, too? That things would turn out like this?

No, no way. That's statistically impossible.

"By the way, Darius," the Major interrupts your thoughts, "You should keep a closer eye on your 'tenants.'"
They know?

Well, if you think about it, you should've expected them to know. It's not such a big deal, if nothing's occurred yet. But if what the Major is implying is true...

"Why? Did something happen?" You turn to look at the Major.

"Maybe you'd like to see for yourself," she says, turning to look at you. "Don't worry. It's not urgent."

That's good.

"At least, I think," Major Arraki says.

Alright, that is worrying.

"Then maybe I should hurry," you say, as if asking permission to haul ass.

"Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it'd be best if you waited a bit before returning. Maybe there are other things you should take care of, first. In any case, we'll get in touch with you and your friend later. You'll know what we need you for then." She makes a turn from your route and waves at you. "Until then, be careful."

"Wait, hold on!" You yell, trying to stop her. "Can you at least tell me-"

"What you'll have to do? Nothing you aren't already quite used to." Does she mean Operating? "Our information suggests your 'friend' will be quite competent at it."

And with that, she turns around and walks away. Her pace is brisk and you're not sure you should try to catch up to her. Your home is in a different direction from where she's going, anyway.

You didn't get to ask her about the terrorist attack, either. So much for answers.

Now, you've got a few choices. Do you keep on going home, as intended? Or can it wait? The Major sent you mixed signals about whether you should or shouldn't hurry back.

If you're not going to your own home just yet, maybe you should go to Shanoa's. Before she changes her mind about telling you whatever it is she wanted to.

There's also Tina, but you'll wind up going there sooner or later.

Finally, you're sure that Ashley will be waiting for you, too. You look forward to seeing her again.

Is there anything else? Anything you've forgotten?

Well, even if there is, you need to make your choice.
Next thread. See you next Sunday at 9 AM GMT on good old /tg/. More images, I promise.
Thanks for the thread OP

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