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File: Tiji Sector.jpg (22 KB, 387x472)
22 KB
That's right everybody, I'm alive and well.

So this is a cooperative project for all of /tg/.

The system we will use for system creation will be Mongoose Traveller. I am using the 2008 printing of the Core Rulebook, pg.s 1697 to 181. Any Entry in the Universal World Profile(UWP) may be altered if /tg/ doesn't like the result, but once a world is complete the code is fixed. (additional info is developed using the expanded rules in T5)

Currently no world is complete and only tentative descriptions are in place. If anyone on /tg/ wishes to add, correct, or otherwise alter a description, UWP, Trade Codes, or Travel Zone, please green text or otherwise quote the original entry and post it with your submission. This can be done here on /tg/ or on the roll20 Tiji Sector forum.

The project is not limited to just building the sector, the cultures and races are also under discussion. Currently the only inhabitants are humans, the scattered Zoani, and the terrifying Coral Minds. Random creature creation can be found on pg.s 69 to 75.

The goal is to develop the sector enough to allow gaming groups to adventure and explore using the Traveller ruleset. Keeping with this, some parts of sub-sectors, or even some entire sub-sectors, will have locations of systems that haven't been explored, surveyed, or otherwise documented, letting groups have their own bit of the Tiji Sector just for their game.

roll20 page:
File: moonrunes.jpg (32 KB, 291x400)
32 KB
We last left off after having completed the Rales Trading Circle in SSC, and are now moving on to SSE to complete the Core/Spin Quadrant home to the Imperium.
File: WIP_120114_A.pdf (1.13 MB, PDF)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PDF
Have a project document
Whups! forgot to put on my nametage.
Did a little of Subsector E last Monday before the week went pear-shaped.
File: Tijii_E(working).png (79 KB, 471x684)
79 KB
Rolled 2, 5, 1, 6, 1, 3, 4, 5 = 27 (8d6)

roll then place?
Rolled 1, 5, 2, 2, 1, 3, 2 = 16 (7d6)


Capt says "Basalc"
Rolled 3, 6, 6 = 15 (3d6)

Basalc 0??? *557410-3+

Port roll
That gives us either an A or a B, for a final TL of 9 or 7.

sorry got stuck on a phone call
It happens.
I think a B port would work.
Rolled 2, 5, 1, 6, 4, 1, 1, 6, 6, 3, 4, 1 = 40 (12d6)

Basalc 0??? B557410-7 Ga Ni

Bases roll
Basalc 0??? B557410-7 Ga Ni
Cold, Consulate

Placement? 0819 maybe?
File: MgT.jpg (23 KB, 416x533)
23 KB
0819 works, or it could be the start of a independent polity spinward of the Imperium.
fucking captcha
Could be, but at TL7 an independent isn't going to be able to make much use of that port.
Think of the 'Port as a REALLY big International Space Station. A bunch of metal tubes taped together with people hanging out waiting for something to happen. Or we could bump it to an A 'Port and have it be an actual Pre-Jump Civilization using Near C drives to travel the cluster, having only recently come back into contact with other systems and negotiating with the Imperium for J-drives.
I'd rather make it either an Imperial world or an Imperial Client at, for example 0312.
A Client world would work, it does have a Consulate after all.

goddamnit captcha give me something I can read
Let's drop it at 0312 for now, then. We can move it if necessary.
That works.
Basalc (0312 B557410-7 )
(Cold, Imperial Client with Consulate)
A pleasant, if chilly, world, Basalc is held by the Charterless Basalc Company, a somewhat shifty independent Imperial corporation.
At least, that is the appearance. Basalc is a combination of watchtower and flytrap for schemes and explorers from Sunshine. There are both obvious and inobvious Imperial agents watching every visitor while also letting nearly anything happen.
Rolled 7 (1d9)

Two belts, four gas giants. Lots to watch.
File: Tijii_E(working).png (78 KB, 471x684)
78 KB
updated map
Between Captcha and a long day, I think we're out of momentum. The new world has been added to the master file.
File: Wario Time.png (230 KB, 500x404)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Awww shit, yes! I'm going to be playing my first game of Traveller this week and this thread seems right up my alley.
You playing or running?
Playing. I own a copy of the Mongoose core rulebook though.
Every single time I try to make a post I have to type the captcha 3 or 4 times. It's killing me.
>not giving m00t monies and bypassing captcha
MgT is good. It's one of the few things that Mongoose hasn't managed to completely fuck up. Admittedly having the actual Traveller team tell them how to make the game and shadowing almost every step for the core book probably helped.

If I wasn't so broke that homeless people give me a dollar when I walk by, I might.

>7 attempts
And we're actually mining Captcha for world names.
Is there anything that still needs to get done? Are we making a solar system free roam, or an adventure module?
It is intended to be a setting in which to play the game. Traveller is traditionally big on sandbox play, but can certainly be done in Patron/Quest mode as well. It has the tools for both.

Tijii Sector is intended to have both a moving plot or three (or five, or...) and be just static enough to get to know. What you do with that is up to you.

The current design goal is to fill out Alpha Quadrant, the four subsectors in the upper left corner (Core-spinward in the parlance) of the sector, and selectively develop parts of the rest, leaving some room for Referees. The PDF in the third post has the project as it stands right now, minus the new world. We try to generate a few new worlds every time we meet here, which is typically Monday,Tuesday, and Thursday evenings, Pacific Time. The holiday week here in the US was mostly an off week, but I did churn through some world generation last Monday. We'll likely be back up to speed shortly, then get shelled again for the end-of-year weeks, but we'll plug along. We aren't in a huge hurry.
And yes, the occasional /tg/ in-joke in world names and such is deliberate, and deliberately sparse.
I hope to avoid 40k references, since it would probably confuse new players.
We use just one. The second most common race in the sector is loosely based on Tyranids, looks like the original Hunter Slayer (what would become the Termagant), and did indeed experiment with bioengineering. Then they nearly wiped themselves out and decided not to do that any more. Think of them as Amish Tyranids.
The sector uses none of the "standard" Traveller races except Humanity. At least so far. We might use one of the standards as a statline and re-fluff them.
I really hate the aliens in Traveller to be honest. I mean seriously? Loin people and centaurs? What were they thinking?
You can make them humanoid in shape, but at least make them aliens, for gods sake. I'm glad they're purely optional.
File: Aslan Ambassador.jpg (149 KB, 529x723)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Mongoose got carried away on the Aslan, to be honest. They aren't supposed to be nearly that leonine.

Why would you refluff them? If someone doesn't want the standard races, they can replace or refluff them as they see fit, to suit themselves.

Creating new replacement fluff for the standard races seems like feature creep to me.


The aslan are not lion people. They just kind of look like lions to drunken Turks who were a couple generations out from ever seeing a real lion. (The mongoose artist actually fucked these up big time. Pic related is how they are supposed to look.)
And the K'kree are only centaurs in that they have six limbs.
Okay, that makes a bit more sense to me.
They occupy some useful stat sets, mostly. If I were to do a re-skin, it would take form of a newly written description, and a "use the statline for xxx from the Core Rulebook". It isn't on my To Do List, just an option I consider open.
File: 1348976252465.jpg (140 KB, 687x1000)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Female aslan art where?
File: Llellewyloly_small.jpg (13 KB, 180x240)
13 KB

Generally, I feel the Traveller devs did a great job with their alien races, they're pretty much all better than your average sf aliens, and run a gamut from "I can totally handle this" (Vargr and maybe Aslan) up to the really weird "What the heck is going on?" ones like the Hivers.
And even the most human-like, the terran-derived Vargr, are still weird enough in their psychology that dealing with them can lead to surprises.

By contrast, most SF rpgs are full-on Planet of the Hats. You can just go down the line and see "these are the warrior aliens. Here's your technician's species. These guys are your medics"

There's some art of the females out there.
Here's one example. Be aware you probably have no chance with one, being a tiny, weak, landless, genderbending weirdo to her eyes.
File: Aslan Female Duel.jpg (186 KB, 685x737)
186 KB
186 KB JPG

And a duel between females. Aslan are a scrappy bunch, though most humans will probably be dismissed as uncultured idiots rather than getting challenged to a duel to the death, so that's good.
Traveller does use more than a few hoary old SF tropes, but is the game other SF games are copying, instead of the other way around. The Vargr are indeed uplifted Terran Canids, not a "conveniently looks like" alien race, but they pre-date the entire Furry movement by many years. "Samurai Cat" is not a bad starting place for *playing* the Aslan, but it isn't what they look like and they have no relationship to Terran felines at all. The K'kree are called "Centaurs" for the same reason the Fteirle are called Aslan: someone saw a vague resemblance at first contact and the nickname stuck. Same with the Hivers, who are not hive creatures at all.

It helps to get beyond the names, because that's all they are.
Sorry, internet went out and I've spent the last hour on hold trying to get it fixed, but fuck them. On phone and coverage sucks, will monitor until web are working again. also managed to archive b4 connection crapped out.
>players cook up some crazy plot that made GDW Guy really mad
>we've all been hankering for a reboot of the campaign, so I throw them into a situation that would give GDW Guy an aneurysm
>next session ends in a near-total TPK, partly through my negligence but mostly through the bloody-mindedness of the players' characters
Whoops. Storytime?
Please do.
Okay, it's gonna come in mixed form, since my best recollection of the TPK is stored in the form of a Facebook message sent on the night.

>The ship is a Beowulf-class Free Trader, converted for smuggling
>The captain is a ruthless Vargr, goes by Lupin Lupus
>Security consultant is Burnie Bostock, gunslinger extraordinaire
>There's also an expert broker called Lars, and a drug chemist called Dmitri
>NPC jack-of-all-trades and generally useful motherfucker: Toddy Meson
The heist job:
>The crew gets a job offer: Break into a research facility, located beneath an Imperial Library on a university planet, and steal a prototype medical android
>They offer to destroy the facility's records (increasing the value of the robot) for more pay - patron obliges
>So off they fly, picking up some cargo to sell along the way
>Cheapskate bastards fuck up the Pilot roll when skimming fuel en-route and blow a hole in the fuel tank
>Several frantic hours of holding orbit in order to skim and process fuel faster than it can drain ensue
>Problem is, they don't have time to fly out of the gas giant's gravity well before all their fuel leaks out, and they don't have any scrap to perform repairs with
>Also no skilled engineer who could do some ad-hoc patching/rerouting
>So Toddy, who is mainly an Astrogator, gets to calculating
>Lights go dim, J-drive powers up, and they jump...
>Exactly two weeks later to the goddamn second, they come out of jump space smack bang on the 100d limit of the mainworld Irra
>That's right, Toddy rolled a fucking 12
>There's also some drama where Toddy reveals himself to be one of Lupin's Enemies, an agent from Lupin's old employer who came to kill him
>But Toddy likes this life better, so they're bros now

Oh yeah, I forgot about someone. We had a player leave recently-ish, and her character was ex-Navy, with a bounty on her head. She was also totally bonkers, and was OOC planning on a mutiny for no good reason. Her name was Wren Levver.

>Burnie, who is a licensed bounty hunter, checks the noticeboard when the computer updates its database
>Sees a bounty from the Imperial Navy for one Wren Levver, AWOL and known to associate with pirates
>Takes this information to the captain and they form a plan
>Captain calls everyone for a celebratory drink
>They all stand around the table in the dining room
>Lupin makes some sort of pun about 'shots' and then puts a low-velocity round into Wren's head when they drink
>Everyone pretty much agrees she had it coming, and they drag her body into the airlock
Looks like there is strong process in E Subsector.
>They hail the authorities with a "Yo, we're just simple traders but we've got a dead bounty here for you"
>Customs ship scans them en-route but the smuggling compartments (full of drugs) hold up
>They land and trade Wren's body for some credits
Now the next two sessions were a bit of a clusterfuck of over-planning and poor pacing on the part of the GM (me) so I'm just going to summarise them.

>Dmitri has a contact on-planet so they go to him and get some forged student IDs to enter the library
>After that they kill the guy, steal his drugs, and frame his girlfriend
My players are total dicks.
>Toddy goes missing - they never actually find out, but his agency got him
>Here comes the batshittery: They figure the most effective way to cover their tracks and destroy the research data is to rig the place with fucking nukes
>They go to a pirate station, solve a conspiracy and kill some dudes in exchange for the permission to even buy the nukes
>Bust into the facility with some specialised equipment, steal the robot, set the security bots on the innocent scientists, set up them the bombs, and get the fuck out
Oh yeah, they got a Bug-class scavenger ship out of the 'solving conspiracy on board the pirate station' thing, complete with the corpses of the conspirators. They rigged that up so that they could set the ship to 9/11 into the library, which would set off proximity triggers on the nukes.
>They fucked up the rolls to properly set the bombs, however, and Burnie's player was tiring of the character, so he volunteered to pilot the ship into the library himself
>The rest of the crew (minus Toddy) buggered off to the pirate station to hire an Astrogator and some muscle, while Burnie awaited the signal to dive-bomb
>They hired a bloke called Billy Borgus (NPC, thug) and one called Duwayne Dusten (NPC, Astrogator) on the pirate station
>Set course to jump, and gave Burnie the order to hit it
>This is where it goes catastrophically wrong
>The detonation sets off something bigger - I never did figure out what it was, but it split the planet apart
>The shockwave of whateverthefuckitwas hits the Descent just as it makes the jump, sending it way off-course
At this point, Lars' player moves to the city, so Lars becomes an NPC.
Burnie's player works with me to make a sentient robot. It takes a bloody long time.

>Not long after entering jump-space, they become aware that they've...docked
>Something is joined to the airlock door
>Turns out to be a laboratory with a small device sitting on a workbench, and a robot hovering nearby
>They introduce each other, sort of, and Lupin proves himself to be pretty racist against robots
>Eventually they are compelled to exit the laboratory through the OTHER door, which has also apparently joined up with something
>They end up stepping into a scene from prehistory
>Some caveman gathering berries is being ambushed by a couple of sabertooth tigers
>They gun down one of the tigers and the other takes off
>The caveman attempts to show gratitude - when it becomes plan he doesn't speak the language, Lupin shoots him down
>They try to leave, but the robot tells them that they won't get anywhere without using that device of his, and it's missing a component
>The component which has ended up somewhere on this planet
>Lupin, Billy, Dimitri and the robot set off in search of the MacGuffin
>Using the robot's sensor array, they track it to a tribe of cavepeople living under a rocky outcrop
>Through the scope of Dmitri's plasma rifle, they can see that their flux chip is an item of worship, set into the chief's staff
>Naturally, the chief is the first to get his chest burnt out by Dmitri's rifle, at the order of Lupin
>Most of the tribals scatter, but the warriors heft spears and start charging across the plain at our brave space assholes
>The distance is too great for them to cover, and Dmitri opens fire again and again until they're all still on the ground
>They trot over and nick the flux chip, then head back to the ship
>DuWayne and the robot work together to rig this thing to the J-drive, and they take off once more
Alright, here's where we come to the last session.

Well, they came out of jumpspace too close to a planet. The captain wanted to go down with his ship, but Dickens the robot decided that wasn't on. Clocked the captain upside the head and carried him out. Meanwhile, Dmitri wasted time getting his gun out of the storage locker, and the three NPC crewmembers booked it to the escape pod. The ship was getting pummelled by space debris as they're trying to escape, resulting in everyone taking some damage, and two NPCs getting killed (one broke his neck, the other got electrocuted). Thankfully Dickens gets around on a small grav drive, so he just picked up Dmitri and the captain and zoomed over the hazards.

They jettisoned just in time, but everyone was hurt by the impact. Dmitri was crushed by Dickens (accidentally). Lupin was understandably mad. He tricked Dickens into giving his gun back (with one bullet), and then shot him. Now, robot's are pretty resilient. So they started scuffling inside the escape pod, with Dickens trying to brain Lupin while Lupin starts putting his knife into Dickens' arm joints. Dickens loses an arm, nearly kills Lupin, then escapes outside.
Now, I'd kind of expected them to be injured, but functional, and still on the same side. So outside their crash site is this guy called Hank, with a bullet in his gut and a shipment of medical supplies that he needs delivered to his town. Hank sees this robot burst out of this spaceship (this is a low-tech world) and decides to stay quiet. So Dickens hovers up above the exit hatch, looking to ambush whoever comes out. Billy, the NPC bruiser with a shotgun, wakes up and stirs Lupin. Lupin staggers out first, and Dickens floats down attempting to disable him. Billy comes out behind Dickens and the robot takes a shotgun blast full in the back. Hank needs these fuckers' help, so he fires a warning shot to get their attention, then asks for help. Lupin, who is a space arsehole, tells him to fuck off and they get right back to fighting. Dickens and Billy go at each other; they're both getting pretty fucked up. Hank identifies the aggressor and puts a bullet through Lupin's lung. He dies gurgling on blood. Dickens has nearly killed Billy, but again, they're both pretty fucked up. Hank shoots again, ending Billy's life.
By this point, David (robot's player) is the only one with a living character, except he's lost:
- radiation sensor
- audio sensor
- audio vocoder
- left arm
The rest, summarised: Hank tries to mumble out the situation to Dickens, who can't hear. Some bandits come along and kill Hank, holding up Dickens while they steal the medical shipment. They drive away. Dickens spends the next three months trying to improvise some self-repair, and fails horribly. Meanwhile, the villainess's plot that I'd prepared succeeds, and she leads an army toward the planetary capital. Dickens sees this play out, and keeps away until the quarterly supply ship comes to visit. He tries to sneak on, but is found and taken aboard. They question him, and decide he's more valuable as salvage (he's pretty advanced tech, and there's a societal prejudice against AIs). We fade to black as Dickens is disabled with a stun stick.

tl;dr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcUBI-YVRY8
Lupin's and Dickens' players have just reminded me that Lupin didn't shoot the caveman. He ordered Dickens to bludgeon him to death with a bigass wrench. Lupin had this thing he liked to do with new recruits, to test their loyalty. He'd give them his gun and tell them to shoot a random bar patron.
Of course, his gun was bio-locked so it never resulted in death, but I guess at this point he just didn't give a fuck, so the wrench it was.
Got a bit done, yeah.
Last bump for this one. The Tijii work has been added to the file.
wake up bump
File: ayy dis gui.jpg (177 KB, 722x491)
177 KB
177 KB JPG

Hilarious, man. Thanks for storytiming.

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