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Hello, and welcome back, to

We are a race of machines in the Iron Age. Last thread we detected an oncoming swarm of harpies and began to prepare by making more robots and electric weapons.

6 mining bots (150 metal units mined per day)
2 constructor bots
3 spell casting gnoll Borgs
1 scout robot
9 combat drones (2 with power whips, 2 humanoid robo-jitsu, 1 with void spear, 1 with shield sword and crossbow, 3 in centaur ballistae form)
1080 metal units
5 days of food for gnolls (they mine 100 per day)
A spiked iron reinforced wall around the base.
A net covering the base and 4 ballistae on the walls
A stockpile of electrified arrows
A conveyer belt capable of making 2 robots per day rather than the usual 1.

1 blacksmiths with a mounted crossbow
1 wizard tower with a net thrower but exposed to the harpies.
1 lab with a magical energy dispenser thingy
2 outside base towers with spiked ramparts, ballistas, and underground tunnels to the base.

4 days until the harpies arrive
I will GM this until calcium arrives because he is in charge of the harpy "even" so to speak.

Forgot my name,
Last thread here
And of course as always
Requesting orders from thought node HQ
>construct robots
>research (magic/science/weaponry)
>experiment (crystals/technology/those constructs that have been lying around in our base for three threads)
Anon? Diagnostic matrix? Second opinion node? Tertiary diagnostics? Calcium?
Did you guys all leave when we didn't show up yesterday?
Is it cool if I just join in?
Why certainly, it would just be nice if we had more than one person to play with. The last post was just bump fodder, those are the namefags of people who frequent this thread.
>construct robots

Crossbow users preferably.
I am here.

Let's experiment with those old constructs
Research those crystals again
Rolled 15, 3, 9 = 27 (3d100)

We build 1 more crossbow using robot, experiment with crystals, and pull out those old constructs
Ahh, a waste of metal, crystals, and time.
Maybe we should fine a petroleum pocket or gas vent and harvest that for fuel, to perhaps make flamethrower like armaments. Might be able to fine some In the dungeon. Burn the heretics.
Tragic rolls
I agree, but we need to research how to make the flamethrower as well.
Hephaestus A and B were multitasking, and while assembly lines make it easier to build robots, they don't automate it. All we did was make a humanoid case for machinery, a mangled one at that. We only have 995 units of metal left.
The crystals refused to work, no matter how hard Hephaestus tried, they either snapped or flew out of the rotating rings. We are pretty low on crystals.
The constructs are clearly human made, but that's all we know right now.
Also, because calcium is purely in charge of the harpy event, the harpy countdown doesn't run while he's out, we're just messing around and preparing. Think of it like the harpies are so far away our readings are inaccurate.
Rolled 50 (1d100)

We set Hermes the scout bot with a scan bot for a face looking for some flammables.
Rolled 6 (1d100)

While our gnoll miners toil outside, we have 1245 units of metal now. Hermes reports that there are large lakes of petroleum down below, but some more manageable deposits higher up.
Rolling for dungeon activity
Hephaestus runs to the lab to figure out how best to project flammable fluids and ignite them. But while Hermes ventures down the steps to get a better look in the dungeon, he hears a distorted slobbering roar, the sound of a chaos beast.
>>36841939 before this we should perhaps construct a drill and pipeline, anyone agree with this notion?
Rolled 20 (1d20)

Hephaestus opens up Hermes head to see what type of flammables Hermes discovered.
The best kind of flammable natural gas...>>36842032
As. Hephaestus peers into Hermes's IHD (inner head display as opposed to HUD) he finds what type of flammable Hermes has found, the best! Petroleum 3B. A bit chilly, but very fluid and easily stored as a solid with some technological application. Even with the many times copied over memories Hephaestus has from the machine empire, he can still profess the glory of the Fifth Flame Formation marching upon the horrible empire of Glorn the human of Ramask. Spewing flaming gouts of liquid and creating a hellish nightmare at the end of a spout.
Sighing while remembering the ecstasy of vanquishing long gone foes, Hephaestus absentmindedly flicks a switch to get a closer look. There appears to be a cavern that leads into the lakes and is connected to the lower collapsed portions of the dungeon. However, there appears to be a nest of chaos beasts, plural, that seem to be-no! It couldn't be! They feed on the lakes? Well at least that means the lakes are somewhat renewable, but this is bad news for any pipeline builders.
what are there numbers?
Can we collapse the cave on top of them?
The sun peeks through the heavy web of netting strung above the base. The gnolls, growling with hunger, bash their claws and gnash their teeth on the airlock. They are hungry and the iron seam they are excavating is running out. If we go on without charming them, they will riot, without feeding them? They will starve. The 6 mining bots still have much iron seam to excavate though.
It's a nest, at the very least there are five. I'm afraid we can't collapse the cave on them, petroleum 3B is slightly acidic, and will have dissolved and burnt away anything unstable. The remaining rock is not going anywhere. However, that means we don't have to worry about cave ins cutting off access to the lakes and killing our robots.
Requesting orders for the day
What happened to the 6 days of food we got hunting deer?
Get herpes to look for more crystals
Research how to make fire proof metal/armor
Rolled 72, 16 = 88 (2d100)

Oh whoops, forgot about that.
Hermes searches for more crystals and Hephaestus one and two research fireproofing
Use whatever food we still have and lure the gnolls into the nest of chaos beasts.
Hermes determines that there are large crystal outcroppings down in the lakes.
As Hephaestus researches fireproofing, he comes to rely more and more on his data catalogue from the empire, bug riddled and inconsistent as it may be. He finds two things worth mentioning, advanced cooling, and heat shields, which shall he investigate.
Heat shields
However, heat shields require inordinate amounts of metal, we have 1300 units metal, and heat shields would cost upwards of 50 per component. Advanced cooling require immense amounts of power, we technically have an infinite amount, but at low voltage and all the battery technology we have can't hold enough in for long enough. It also requires a strange cold blue liquid Hermes did not detect very near to us.
I forgot to write in the drawbacks of rolling a 16
Rolled 17 (1d20)

Hephaestus switches off the connection to the databases to clear his head and heads to the lab to work.
While he researches into actually constructing heat shields, something the database neglected to mention, he finds infusing it with crystals can cut down on the metal cost.
He also discovers a second method of heat shielding, rather than armor plating every single component of a robot, you can build a shield that reflects and conducts heat outwards and away with far less metal, 100 per shield as opposed to the hundreds of metal spent armor plating, but leaves the robots slightly more exposed.
As Hephaestus works away at his blueprints, night falls and he closes up shop to recharge. A single message goes out to the mighty receivers of the machine empire
>requesting orders for the following work cycle.
Construct some minor butt
Research explosive bolts on crossbows/ballista
Rolled 79, 28 = 107 (2d100)

Hephaestus A gets to work, adding 2 more miner bots to the workforce, they've churned out a chunk of crystal by now and are looking for more.
Hephaestus B gets to work in the lab, doing some more research.
2 more miner bots roll into the mine after Hephaestus A stamps them off the conveyer belt.
Total mining is 300 per day now, but will drop to 200 a day once the gnolls finish that mine, which is soon. We have 1500 units of metal.
Hephaestus B finds that ballista bolts can be made to explode. Our current crossbow setup and arrow design does not support explosive arrows though. Along with his basic blueprint for a flamethrower, spiroblade, power whip, and auto loader, he drafts a timed explosive.
The explosive will detonate upon impact or after a certain amount of time. It will be large enough to catch any nearby flying harpies.
However, it requires petroleum 3B to work.
What shall we do for tomorrow?
Did we move our base?
Can we make smaller base near the new crystal deposit with Pegasus and a couple more combat bots watching over the gnolls?
Bring the airlock.
No, we did not, rolling off the conveyor belt into the mines was an expression. But yes, assigning people is a free action. The combat drones lug the airlock over as the gnolls are escorted to the new mine. Their pickaxes are confiscated, to be returned when they arrive in the mine. They are on iron mining duty, they are too harsh to mine out delicate crystal.
So it was a pointless move...
Send Hermes looking for some more iron
Make more scout bots, or repair them if we have any left.
If we find more iron, then send the gnolls there.
Also, once the mining bots deplete their iron deposit, send them to the crystals.
Rolled 77 (1d100)

Looking for iron, no body wants to deal with the chaos beasts, do they. But not a wasted one, nothing happened, so we have still another move before the day ends.
After all our mining, we have depleted most of the iron deposits there are near the surface. However. Iron deposiits are plentiful deeper underground where the lakes are. Right before the chaos beast nest is an iron deposit, a huge one. We have 1600 iron right now.
Okay, I must go to sleep now, I'll see you later. Hopefully tomorrow I can put up the post so calcium can see it.
Alright cya, at least we were able to progress the game a bit.
Yeah, and if calcium is still busy, I've set up a story thing in the caves.

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