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Killing a mutated Angel should not have led to this but you the second in command who was to stay behind in order to command the husk.

as the vessel exploded from your collective push you were pulled into the implosion of power in the heart of the Angel.

Felling your self pulled into the crack in reality you find your self in the primordial eternities in the wylds of reality.

you push and pull on your corrupted existence like you once did in the beginning of time.

You move towards the closest reality cluster you find.

you appear through a portal in your black ooze form a street.

you can hear steps coming towards you.

[ ]possess the person coming near you
[ ]move to the open drain nearby
[ ]write in
>[ ]possess the person coming near you
Posess the person
>[ ]possess the person coming near you
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basic powers some such as Hierarchy are decreaseds you were second in command and have no superiors.

being high powered your borax weakness is decreased

you will later on need to make a roll to resist hunger with DC increasing with time. the degree of fail will determine either a mistake or revealing true identity or trying to person.
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as the feet come closer you ready your form.
as they come close you push yourself onto the warm delicious human.
he shakes his leg and attempts to get you off.
"what the fuck! get off me. who the hell leaves stuff like that in the street."

unluckily for the flesh-bag you were able to make a micro incision and insert a microscopic amount of your form in him.
loosing himself of your substantial True form he steps onward only for you to replicate and consume his form and absorbing his memories.

you find out that you are present on an earth full of powered humans.the human you possess is called Sam Whitewood an insurance worker who has a wife and two kids one of the kids posses the mutant power to absorb and alter the colors of objects.

Sam himself was going to the Sunday poker game with his friends.

[ ]go to sams home
[ ]go to the poker game
[ ]write in
>[ ]write in
Get familiar with our new identity and its behaviors/memories.
File: url.jpg (11 KB, 200x200)
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being a leviathan you immediately become familiar with behaviors of your form taken.

there is no need to do anything else and with dna you gain memories and form of other beings

you are currently in an alternate Marvel universe
If we aren't already, do this >>37034145.

Otherwise I say we hit up this thing called the internet and learn about the world more.
>[ ]go to the poker game
Poker game
Sam whitewood a normal human was always taught is his class of the time of world war 2 when the USA had their greatest hero Captain America fight with the help of the Submariner Namor and the android human torch against the Red skull and Hitler.

now living in the present he felt that racism was arising again as the news reported children who were different and gaining Powers as monsters for no reason. fearing for his daughter who at the age of 14 displayed clorokinesis, he told her to hide her skill from the increasingly paranoid world.

last month news of an attack on new york and some footage on the internet reveled that super powered people stopped a supposed alien invasion in new york. The government refused to comment on this saying that it was a publicity stunt for the new alien movie
Entering jims house you can hear the voices of sams friends.
Their svent invades your senses. The hungar rises in your chest billions of yeats trapped in purgatory have depleted your resistance.


[ ]resist roll dice need higher than 80
[ ]give in decrease hunger
[ ]run away roll dice
>The government refused to comment on this
>saying that it was a publicity stunt for the new alien movie
Those two statements contradict each other. saying its a publicity stunt is commenting on it.
It means that during the first few days or so tgey were not commenting and later said it was a stunt. Making it slightly suspicious
File: c.jpg (184 KB, 600x804)
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184 KB JPG
Rolled 81 (1d100)

>[ ]resist roll dice need higher than 80
Fuck it I'm keen
Clamping down on your hunger you barely stop from going and attacking the pitiful human meatbags.

Ignoring them and the sounds they make you rush to jims fridge.

Pulling it open you scan to find a whole ham.

Opening your mouth you quickly gobble it up ignoring the disgusting taste you move to open the freezer and chomp on the 4 frozen steaks you find.

Hunger temporarily abated you move to the play room.

Jim and Brian seem to be losing to Kyle.
Getting delt you join the game barely keeping your hunger in check.

Roll 2d100 one for play one for resist hunger best of 2 for each

[ ] play some leave quickly to home
[ ] play some leave quickly dont go home
[ ] write in
This was me
Rolled 22, 56 = 78 (2d100)

>[ ] play some leave quickly to home
I might be the only person here Dick
Yeah I am going to end it here I will do 2 rolls myself and continue later wait for a while I will post my twitter if you want yo participate in the next one
My account is

Cool I hope Im around for it

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