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>dafuq is Night Shift?

From 1d4chan:

"The Night Shift is a setting and resources for running a horror-game. It is the brainchild of a collaboration of some anons on /tg/. Players are employees working the night shift at a gas station on the lonely side of nowhere. They must balance the drudgery of their mundane duties and responsibilities with the uncanny, preternatural, supernatural, and paranormal events which seem to happen at this particular gas station."

The holidays are finally winding down and with a new year upon us I've been itching to put some more brains into this project. Maybe get some shit done.

The current most fruitful project has been the Dungeon/Simple/Apocalypse World build of the game which has remained untouched since October pending refinement and playtesting. I'd like to run a game but I wanted to gauge interest first and pick some Anon brains in regards to a few of the rules which seemed unclear or vague and to bounce some ideas around. More on that after a resource dump!
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>Resource Links

Thread One: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30729189/

Thread Two: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30745096/

Thread Three: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30763437/

Thread Four: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30796508/

Thread Five: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30817437/

Thread Six: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30889424/

Thread Seven: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/31000979/

Thread Eight: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/31066308/

Thread Nine: http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/31161384/

Thread Ten: http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/31161384/

Thread Eleven: http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/31328994/

Thread Twelve: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/31423884/

Thread Thirteen: http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/31811417/

Thread Fourteen: http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/33374651/

Thread Fifteen: http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/34470638

Thread Sixteen: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/35154736/

Events & NPCs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjU0A8WsCtScdEw0RVZIQ0pwanBfTjdxZ1cxWWtQVUE

Top 100 Events (WIP): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqMIZYn8RGlqdGhPYmJnOWttNlZsNE5wVnI4TTZsZHc&usp=drive_web#gid=0

Night Shift World (Dungeon World based rough rule set): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wku2x8PJoB0vMfAxHaEY0X06bkpLVmsDGnrWduBx7wc
So its Five Nights at Freddys: Gas station edition?
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1.99 MB GIF

>Fucking Paycheck. What is it? Why should Attendants care?

Looking at the rules, only one class calls for Paycheck to be burned as a resource and all the others can ignore it. The idea was presented in a previous thread of making Paycheck become an overall victory condition with Attendants basically putting their lives on the line to make enough dosh to quit the night shift on their own terms. Is this a good idea? Should Paycheck refer to some standard money amount? (a days/weeks/months pay) Should more uses of Paycheck be added as moves or class specific options? Should Paycheck be earned regularly, (per shift, per week) conditionally, (completing specific class actions) or a combination of both? (Regular paychecks with bonuses for performance)


Our other consumable resource. As of right now it seems to indicate the general level of managerial trust an Attendant has but again only some classes use it while the others ignore it entirely. The idea was presented in a previous thread of making Management become the only other condition of Attendant loss aside from death with Attendants who fall to 0 Management getting terminated by the Manager. Management gain is almost entirely untouched. How should management be gained? Should it be easier to lose or gain? Should management expenditure be related to class only moves

>Same Shit, Different Day.

One of the basic premises of Night Shift was making the Attendants balance mundane service station tasks with the supernatural and deadly. How should employee tasks be managed? Should there be certain nightly, weekly, monthly tasks to complete? Should these tasks be class specific or general? Both? Can a failed job be salvaged? What degree of success does an Attendant require to have fulfilled assigned nightly tasks without repercussion? Should attendants be rewarded for jobs done exceptionally well?

I wouldn't be surprised if that's where the original idea came from.

If you have a cool idea for a monster, scenario, event or location in the Gas Station, feel free to throw it out there or put it on the open source document.

The "top 100" Document is for the top 100 events. They all need to be distinct from one another, and they all need to be scenarios that can take up a good portion of the Shift. With that in mind, feel free to suggest ones from the Doc(a lot are already up there) or from older threads that may not have made it to the document.
I think Night Shift predates FNAF. If I remember right, one anon was thinking of doing a one shot where creepy events happen at a gas station and asked for event ideas, things evolved from there

Oh damn you're right. Let's all bask in the hipster glory of being a part of this before it was cool.

NIght Shift was before Five Nights at Freddys. At least, before it was released. I don't know how long the project was publicly known.
Somehow, I think this would work better as a broad game or a card game than as an RPG.

This is the main issue with the entire project. The premise is generally well liked and almost entirely based off of random encounter tables which can be adapted to almost any game medium. It just so happens that the one person who put the most work in decided to use RPG rules.

That said, if anyone has any ideas as to another game type or system they wanna pitch using the setting I can't imagine anyone would be opposed.
Well I'm kinda half-working on a Recettear-like Android game based on the setting.
actually yes.

Some tabletop with lot of random extractions seems better then the RPG.

Always nice to see this crop up. I actually managed to get three playtest games in which I'll storytime if there is interest.

Mechanically, some things became apparent; there is some need to inject urgency between tasks. The most interesting part of the game, according to two separate groups of playtesters, was the tension of having to complete multiple tasks within a timeframe that only one could reasonably get completed. From my perspective, however, I was in a constant scramble trying to track things.

This might not drastically change any of the core mechanics at all, though. I think I can add a GM-side mechanism to track time/tasks.

The alternative is another resource management; Effort/Time. You expend Effort in order to reduce the amount of Time associated with a task. Your rolls can further reduce that. Or something.

My design goal is that 1 session of Night Shfit = 1 in-fiction shift. If you do everything perfectly--nothing causes you to get your pay docked--you will get enough Paycheck to retire a character after a week of work. I don't plan on making it less abstract as it is really there to 1) reinforce the game's theme and 2) mechanically encourage character turnover.

Management serves a similar function. Right now I don't think there is a way to gain Management back until someone gets fired.

There is still work to be done but the more playtesting data I get the better.

I'd say that the best would be some kind of board game where each cases represent a moment of the shift, and you have to draw a card that indicates a certain event happened when you land on a particular case. There could even be several different types of card

If I were going to adapted this to a boardgame I'd have a 'track' for each work area of the gas station: a Back Office, Cash Register, Gas Pumps etc.

Tasks would get randomly flipped out from different decks of increasing difficulty, and placed on their appropriate track. Each turn, players would attempt to resolve a Task at their given work area. And the end of the turn all Tasks get advanced along the track. Any that reach the end 'resolve' (generally with negative effects).

Or something.
File: Matt the DM.jpg (135 KB, 650x813)
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The trick is that it's very difficult to turn interesting sorta-horror sorta-humor events into cards. Cards that need to fit into a simple rules framework.

>The vending machine is emitting thick gray smoke; anyone that gets too close ages months in seconds. Lose 3 life points.
doesn't have quite the same impact as, well,
>The vending machine is emitting thick gray smoke; anyone that gets too close ages months in seconds.
So, has the idea of a spinoff of this game set in Shadowrun called Night Shift: Stuffer Shack been considered?

Not sure the ideas jive well. Part of the appeal of Night Shift is that you're playing people who suck at their life. It is the opposite of an RPG's usual power fantasy.

Normal Game
>You get progressively more and more powerful and influential. You gain the ability to do what you want, where you want, and exert your will on the world.

Night Shift
>If you don't fuck up--you will fuck up though--you might be able to afford community college. More than likely you will die horrifically and penniless, with your only legacy being an official note in your file which mentions how you once dropped a whole shipment of burritos.
Ho-lee shit. It's been a while since I've seen this pop up. Then again, I haven't been on /tg/ in a while. What happened with it? Anything interesting?
>I actually managed to get three playtest games in which I'll storytime if there is interest.

>if there's interest
I was digging through the old threads trying to find one of the ideas, and I just can't find it. The gist of it was, Management implemented a "no cursing" rule - and if you cursed more than a set amount of times, from then on every time you cursed you would be censored, audibly. There was more, but I can't remember it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
The way I've handled the paycheck whenever I run NS is I have the players pick an end goal when they create their characters with an estimated amount of money they would need to earn to achieve it. Something long term but still realistic for someone working minimum wage, then at the end of every session I'd give them an amount of money based on how well they did individually. Players that did well usually received around $50-$60 while players that did poorly received as little as $10.

To fluff it out and increase the omnipresence of Management I had the money be delivered to players that did poorly in strange and threatening ways. One of the characters got home after their shift to find their bed replaced by a coffin. There was a $20 bill inside of it.

I'll go with my most recent playtest. First off, the characters.

>Vladimir Rasputin, Intern
A 74 year old Russian trying to raise money for a future con, which involved refrigerators. Each explanation of how this con would work was less coherent than the last. Generally compared everything back to his homeland, and never favorably. Except the hot dogs, those he admitted to being better in America.
>Tyrone MacDowell, Gas Attendant
Chainsmoking and unintelligable 30-something Irish-American. Generally the only things he said clearly were swear words. Hated everyone and everything, except his dog.
>Kyle Williams, Cashier
College 20-something stoner. Stoned a lot. Wanted money to buy more weed. Player was SCARY good at malapropisms and the muted drawl of someone who just 420blazedit.
>Gregory Pinkton, Assistant Manager
Loving homage to /tg/ itself. An irritable, arrogant neckbeard and pudgy 18 year old asshole whose main concerns were that no one else have any fun, and if they do, that they get reprimanded for it.

>Shift starts with 3 mundane tasks: thaw out the contents of the fridge, have Rasputin memorize the employee handbook, and make sure Kyle doesn't fuck up the register (again)
>Rasputin, Kyle, and Greg get started. Tyrone takes a smoke break.
>First 'Portent' of the night, Grey Man
>Asks for Marathon Bar, Greg has to find Marathon Bars
>Second 'Portent' of the night, doors don't work right.
>Each doorway leads to a different room than it would appear.
>Tyrone walks into the fridge, ends up behind the gas station.
>Tyrone takes a smoke break
>Rasputin figures out the solution to the frozen walk-in might be in the basement, ends up on the roof
>Kyle loses staring contest with Grey Man
>Greg finds Marathon Bars, Grey Man asks for "$36.71 of gas, exactly"
>Tyrone is on a smoke break, so Greg makes him fill the Grey Man's car up
>Car is wrong. Gascap on the wrong side, doors open the wrong way, too many windows.
I use the rules for Unknown Armies and my players say Night Shift is easily one of their favorite games.

>Rasputin has found a way to access the basement
>Unfortunately it takes him 20 minutes to make it down the stairs.
>After fixing the problem, he tries to head back upstairs. After 20 minutes he hasn't made much progress.
>Greg goes to find Rasputin
>20 minutes later, he can almost see Rasputin ahead of him.
>Grey Man leaves, Kyle is happy about that
>Tyrone takes a smoke break
>Third 'Portent' of the night, parrallel universe translocation
>The chips are the wrong brand, all Coca-Cola has turned into Glugola Cola
>Burritos list 'that real human taste!' on their packaging.
>Kyle decides not to try those
>Tyrone takes a smoke break
>Greg and Rasputin make it upstairs after nearly an hour of walking. Greg creeped out.
>Rasputin merely says that staircases are longer in Russia
>Fourth 'Portent', a wild man looking for asylum barges in
>Kyle and Greg debate whether or not to call the cops on him
>Greg decides to just make him buy a pack of gum so he's a customer
>Tyrone takes a smoke break
>Rasputin joins him, and together they meet two Cattle Recovery Officers
>Convince the two to get burritos at the station
>Kyle bluffs the Officers and sells them some expired burritos
>Greg stops Tyrone from taking another smoke break
>Rasputin fixes a broken light, fixes the broken plumbing, fixes the AC which had caused the parallel universe transplantation, and fixes the back office's squeaky desk chair.
>Shift ends. Kyle fucked up the register and Rasputin was too busy being actually useful to memorize the handbook
>Loss of Management means someone is getting fired.
>Greg fires Rasputin.
Some session ideas I've come up with:

>A film director finds a magic camera and decides to shoot a movie at The Station. The camera seems to be stuck on "Noir" but the director is gonna make the best of it.

>A demon possessed graffiti artist is trying to paint a portal to the Nether Realm on the walls of The Station

>One of the Day Shifters put something metal in the microwave and transported The Station to the Jurassic Period

>Cars that go in to the car wash come out with the driver and passengers missing
Hmm. So for the vanishing passengers, where would they turn up? I'm thinking that they either got "cleaned" so thoroughly that they're erased from existence, and the attendants need to re-calibrate the car wash, or that the car wash is a cover for a cult that abducts people to fuel an arcane ritual.
It's intentionally vague so people can fill in any kind of weird shit they want but I actually really like the idea that they got cleaned out of existence.
We've got lots of ideas for major weirdness and threats to the characters but what are some small weird things we could add just to give The Station some more flavor?
I've got a few.

The first aid kit often contains things you wouldn't expect.
>Healing potions
>A defibrillator wired directly to the first aid kit
>A needle, thread, some buttons, patches of cloth
>The contents of a toolkit
>A can of chicken soup and ginger ale
>A book of uplifting poems
>Medieval surgical tools
>Jumper cables
>A single scalpel
>A kitten or puppy

The mirrors in the bathroom malfunction.
>Shows the twist reveals of movies
>Shows the viewer with an increasing number of cuts and bruises on their face
>Shows whoever is looking at it from the back
>Shows sad memories from the viewer's childhood
>Shows a fat guy sitting in one of the stalls eating a whole roast chicken
>All skeletons

The radio often plays music fitting whatever is happening at The Station.

The air dryer in the bathroom starts singing opera in a deep baritone whenever you start it. Maybe you'd better use the paper towels for now.

The wire racks are all bamboo today for some reason.

Hey, did you look out the window recently? Somebody hung a disco ball over the gas pumps. Some guy in a Buick just asked me if it was John Travolta's birthday or something.

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