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Thread XXXVII:

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM
Story Thus Far: http://pastebin.com/bmBaB8Cq

"I want to bring Marie this time, if only because she wants to go. Maybe we'll need her to fly up and spot for us. Tatiana will probably come, so that accounts for three."

McCain looks expectantly at you.

"And you make the fourth obviously. If only because I'll never hear the end of it if I don't."

His face contorts into equal parts grimace and smirk at that shot, keeping quiet as you continue.

"The plan of action is easy enough. We try and get in touch with people as soon as we can, then get the situation from them. Worst case scenario, we have to get multiple sides to a story, but we're just travellers so that should keep us beneath suspicion. Plus we'll try and have Tatiana along to keep us in the know. Even with her time away she's got to be more up to date than Veles on the towns."

"Maybe, but first we gotta make sure everyone's able to go." McCain responds. "I'll get the supplies together, you got inform everybody on what's happening."

>Go see Marie first
>Go see Tatiana first
Also give me a 1d20 roll.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

>Go see Marie first
Rolled 2 (1d20)

>Go see Marie first
Hell ya, Lamia Legacy.
O-oh. That's not good.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Hey, I'm a bit late.
I see no reason to disrupt the marie consensus, so here's a roll that is far too late.
File: Noodlesnake.jpg (19 KB, 600x450)
19 KB
You head down towards the pasture where Tai and Marie have pulled cattle watching duties for the day and call the harpy down. Ducking a little as she buzzes you and circles into a landing, you brief her on what you plan to do, and wince as she gives an involuntary shriek of joy before hastily covering her mouth.

"You mean we're heading over there? We'll be able to meet them and see that stuff and all that?" She starts to babble.

You cut her off with a simple 'yes, but' and tell her the situation with the possible conflict. Her gaze turns serious when you mention it, but the eagerness is still there.

"I'll be sure to keep my blades on me, and if we have the nitor support like you say, I can cover the distance between us and them a lot faster than folks on the ground. When are we headed out?" She asks quickly before catching herself pre-babble.

"As soon as the Nitor arrive I hope." You finish, before dismissing her back to her duties. Turning, you see Tatiana sweeping out the bunkhouse and wonder how you're going to go about getting her to come along, as hesitant as she was to talk about it.

Roll me another 1d20
Well, we didn't get much out of that. But at least she knows.
First, we make the offer. Plain and simple. We're going out there to find out what is going on, and we thought she might be interested. I understand if she really doesn't want to go, though, depending on what level of legal trouble she was actually in back in her homelands.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

dropped my dice
Rolled 11 (1d20)

This i guess.
Rolled 20 (1d20)


To add to this >>37446793
>She'll be a big help when we find somebody to talk to, so we'd really like her to come.
>Everyone who can speak centaur is going on the expedition, she'll only have Tai for company if she stays.
File: snakegame.jpg (145 KB, 700x525)
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145 KB JPG
You figure that being blunt and straightforward with your intentions is the best path, and begin slithering you way towards the bunkhouse. Calling out to the centaur, you head inside.

[Was there something I can help you with?] She asks, after close the door behind you.

[As a matter of fact yes.] You start, [We have gotten the go ahead to see what is going on on the other side of the mountain. I was wondering if you were interested in seeing what happened.]

She pauses. [It might be dangerous. They sent me away from there for my safety if you've forgotten.]

[I am aware of that.] You counter, [If you feel it is unsafe then you do not have to go. I just figured that I would offer it to you before we went. That and Marie is going as well.]

Her pause is longer this time. [Provided we stay away from the southern szlachta holds. I will go.]

[No worries, this is just a fact finding mission.] You say, adding as an afterthought, [Just as well, all the people who know Casimiran are headed over the hill, so that would have left you with just Tai for company.]

Wait, with the four of you going, that leaves Tai alone to handle the ranch.

>What do?
Ask Veles to help out? He and his dog could probably handle anything Tai needs.

He might appreciate having Tai as a personal chef for the time. If not we could always just offer to pay him.
Having Tai on his own is worrying.
Let's pitch in personally and do our best to help out before we go, so that as many things as possible are wrapped up or ready to go by the time we leave.
You know, so he has less to do.
File: taiphotographicbasis.jpg (18 KB, 256x256)
18 KB
Smacking yourself on the forehead, you head over to the pasture again and call out for Tai. It takes him some time to ride from the other side of the herd to the ranch proper, and you watch him dismount before he turns to you. "Was there something you wanted Miss Sasha?"

"Well, it slipped my mind, but our current expedition is going to leave you here by yourself and I'm a little concerned about that. Will you be able to handle the whole ranch on your own?"

He breathes in through his teeth. "Well, it is a big job, but I think that I can handle it. With everyone gone, meals will not take much time. Yes, I think I should be able to handle it."

"If you want, I can see if I can get Veles to help. I'm certain he can be lured down here with your cooking.""

Another intake of breathe. "That is true, but that will also mean I will be cooking for four again, myself and his three stomachs. Either way, there should be no problem. Whichever you feel is best Miss Sasha."

With that, he excuses himself to get back to his duties, leaving you to contemplate what to do.

>Focus on making things easier for Tai while you are gone
-Ask Veles for help on the way to the Casimiran lands.
>Go ask Veles to help now.
>>Focus on making things easier for Tai while you are gone
I say this one. If he can handle it, then kudos.

Maybe leave some extra money and flares if he either absolutely has to hire someone to deal with a thing or runs into an emergency.

Worrying mode is on.
>Go ask Veles to help now.
It's not like it's some arduous trek to step through a portal.

Also, I really don't want to leave him alone. Outlaws paying a visit while we're gone isn't impossible.
If you're that worried, then we can do that.
Though I offer the alternate solution of teaching tai to go through the portal so he can go ask for help if need be.
I was just about to say the same thing. We should actually teach everyone how to use it, not like we don't trust them to be responsible about it.
I'm gettin' sleepy, and might conk out after the next update.
You consider simply teaching Tai how to use the portal if only so he can ask for help whenever he needs it, but you're not quite sure how it would react to someone who isn't of the snake persuasion. You then figure, instead of mulling over it here, you decide to go to the source. Heading behind the house, you open the gateway to Veles' lair and slip into the rounded room. Moving with purpose, you pass through the aviary, only giving Daisy the smallest of acknowledgement as she flutters up to you. Through the tunnels until you find yourself in the main cavern. It isn't hard to find Veles, despite him being behind one of the screens at his workbenches, for obvious reasons. Slithering up, you knock gently on the screen, and see his shadow look up from whatever he is working on.

"Oh, hello again Sasha, was there something you needed?"

"As a matter of fact, there was. I'm probably going to be taking another group over to the Casimiran lands. It'd be myself, McCain, Marie and Tatiana. Figure we had ought to try and find out what happened with that fighting the merchant said he saw."

"That would be good to discover, but I don't see what that has to do with me."

"Well, as it stands, that would leave only Tai to watch my ranch. He says he has it all in hand, but with the stuff that's happened the last few months-"

"You want someone to make sure that your property is not taken." He finishes for you. "That's all well and proper. I'd be happy help, but I have my own business he-"
File: lamiadance.gif (938 KB, 400x289)
938 KB
938 KB GIF
You cut him off, "Tai would be the one cooking."

"Right, when were you planning on going?" He asks.

"Whenever my Nitor lifeline shows up, so within the next couple days."

You end up getting caught in another one of his explanations of what he is working on. You broach the subject of teaching the gateway access to other people but Veles seems wary for some reason. After a while, you figure you should be heading back and bid the old snake farewell, depositing Daisy on her perch as you leave.
Slipping back into the house, you see Tai working on tonight's meal and are pulled aside by McCain.

"Got word from Marie and Tatiana that we're good to go, supplies are set aside and waiting on your go ahead. Also a runner came saying that the Nitor have been held up but their squad should be around by midday tomorrow. Only question is which way should we go once we're over there?"

>Go find the Kozaks and Ursus they should be aware of what happened.
>Head to where the traders said they saw the fighting, there might be clues there.
>Head to the Szlachta hold of Bralin. Boris might know something.
>>Head to where the traders said they saw the fighting, there might be clues there.
step one: clues.

Step two is decide which civilization to make for.
>Head to where the traders said they saw the fighting, there might be clues there.
First step, hope we bring enough supplies not to run out too soon.
>Head to where the traders said they saw the fighting, there might be clues there.
File: lamia5.jpg (243 KB, 1215x717)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
It doesn't take you long to respond. "First stop is where the traders said they saw the trouble, there might be clues there." You say, "From there, we can figure out what to do next. Tatiana doesn't want us going to the southern holds, and we probably don't have the supplies to get that far anyway, but we should be able to get a grasp on the situation."

"Roger that, Miss." McCain says, "I talked with the foreman over at the bridge, if'n it gets too bad he'll send over some of his boys to help."

"I thought you said you didn't trust him."

"I don't but at the same time his boss has an interest in the ranch being intact for the time being. So I stressed that to him." The elf responds.

Over dinner you let Tai know that Veles should be around to help after you're gone and your itinerary for the trip. With everyone briefed on what to do, you head to bed early in the hopes of getting a restful night. While you still dream, the images a muted, and far away, and change so fast that you can't really pick out details. Still, you feel rested enough, and you wake up at a reasonable hour. Taking some time, you get your things together for the trip, and keep up with the last minute preparations when the hoofbeats of the approaching nitor patrol signal the start of your next sojourn. Bidding Tai farewell, you and your group follow Keel's sergeant and his three subordinates off towards the Casimiran lands. You only hope that whatever happened isn't the end of the of the world
Calling the thread here. Sorry there wasn't more action, but next week we'll be back in casimiran lands, and I'm sure you'll find yourselves something interesting happening there. Thanks for reading.
Thank you for the thread! I'm looking forward to next week's.
File: clever.jpg (109 KB, 525x1216)
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109 KB JPG
>Catch the 'of the of the' typo as I hit submit

Always after I hit submit. I really need to stop 'fixing' sentences and just rewriting them to stop this shit.
Ah, night. Have a good rest.
Thanks for running!

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