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Transformers Quest 30

(previous threads here)


Your name is Kracken, an old hand at justice and its more brutal applications. It is eight years after the fall of Cybertron and the fracturing of your race. Multiple Decepticon factions wage wars against one another for territory or leadership, while the remnants of the Autobots struggle to survive in between them. Woven throughout their strife are the neutrals, NAILs (Non-Aligned Indigenous Life-forms) as the Autobots came to call them, as they try to move on and make new lives for themselves.

You are one such NAIL. Not an Autobot, but never a Decepticon, you chose to ignore the war until it consumed your homeworld and left a smoking wreck. Now, after many battles and quantum shenanigans, you find yourself shaking hands with one of the slimiest, most low-down and underhanded Decepticon there is.

That is, if he lives up to his name.

Swindle grins like he just won a million shanix in a random draw as he pumps your hand up and down.

"Thank you, friend! You've made an excellent choice. You'll see! Whatever you need, I can get it. we'll have that freak Astroclaw in range o' yer frightening fangs in no time."

You gunt at his enthusiasm. You'll have to remember how quickly he has turned on his former business partner.

"Now, if you could just let me outa this cramped..."

You cut him off by yanking him forward, causing his head to bounce off the bars of his cage. He has a strong grip, you note. If you weren't nearly half again his height the two of you would be evenly match in strength. With a thought you activate your repair drones and the little orbs drift from you and begin zapping the Con with arcs of blue light. One hovers next to the empty socket where his arm used to be, sending arcs into the gaping whole. The other drifts lazily around him, fixing cracks and sealing leaks.
File: theKracken.jpg (56 KB, 972x670)
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"Listen up Swindle and listen good." You growl like an idling engine. "I don't trust you, which should go without saying. But you can make life easier for me and in return you get to live."

With an uncomfortable grunt he says "Fair deal."

He tries to pull away, only for you to place a foot against a bar and yank him towards you again.

"More than fair." He adds.

Satisfied that he understands his place you ease up but keep a hold of him while your drones continue their repairs.

One step closer to getting your hands on Astroclaw and getting answers about why he rebuilt you, intalled this Quantum Processor, and figure this whole mess he has dragged you into.

Then you can end the seemingly invincible Carnage for his roll in Coppers' death.

Your mind turns to that matters at hand though. Before any of that you suppose you still have to deal with the lost station in Skomiloch. A favor for a living friend before revenge for a dead one.

>Discuss plans to get to Astroclaw.
>Discuss plans to get the info to beat Carnage.
>Find out about the attempt to poison Ultimecha with the Crimson Energon.
>Leave him to check on Pulsar 9 and Glitch. They should be nearly done with the upgrades to the ship.
>Go discuss the foray into Skomiloch with Gyro and Cogsworth.
>Other (please specify)
>Leave him to check on Pulsar 9 and Glitch. They should be nearly done with the upgrades to the ship.
>Go discuss the foray into Skomiloch with Gyro and Cogsworth.

Probably the same thing really, we can discuss the practicals of our deal with Swindle later.
>Find out about the attempt to poison Ultimecha with the Crimson Energon.
I want to know how this shit operates
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149 KB JPG
You release his hand and watch him stumble back as your drones zip around you. Once they click into place on your back you give Swindle a curt nod.

"I'll bring you some energon later."

"How bout some engex." He calls as you leave.

You make your way to the place where you saw Pulsar and Glitch working, intent on finding out how their work is coming. The ship couldn't be far from the lost station now and you want the situation sorted as soon as possible.

Along the way you decide to contact Gyro. The noble answers her comm with a groan.

"How's the hangover treating ya?" You ask.

"Shut up."

You decide to ask her how far you are from the station, and if they have any ideas on how things will go once you get there.

"Uhhhg, not too far. We're just outside the cloud now. Now the station; I was pretty sure they were just having some technical difficulties due to the dust but their beacon is down, combine that with no communications and yeah I think they're in trouble."

You grunt in acknowledgment.

"Which is terrible. We're trading the Tibanna gas to the Lithonians for Pallaxium and Dueteridross, they're the only ones who can make them at a good price and we need..."

You interrupt her with a growl and turn a corner.
"... so yeah. We need the place. Our employees are also important, they're some pretty nice bots. Anyways, if they have been attacked we can assume the stations' forcefield is down, so it's probably immersed in the cosmic dust right now and like I said the beacon is down so finding it will be kinda tricky. Or at least it would be, Cogs says you have the new bot working on the sensors."

"Yeah, I'm just going to check on 'em now."

"Hey Kracken. Do you really think letting him mess around in the ship is a good thing? I mean, he's a Decepticon. He's also been out of the loop for a long time. Who knows if all his screws are tight."

>She doesn't need to worry, he seems like an ok bot.
>You're keeping an optic on him just in case he tries anything.
>Give him some faith, he's been through a lot.
>Other (please specify)
>You're keeping an optic on him just in case he tries anything.
>But we're not too worried about him.
Where the hell is everyone?
"I got my optic on him, just in case. But I'm not too worried. He doen't seem like one of those crazy killer, or one of those hooligans who'd show up to pressgang members. Just kinda shocked. Little lost."

She sighs. "Alright."

After a pause in which you pass several holovids displaying racing info she continues where she left off.

"So, I know the layout of the station, so once we get there and scan it, it will probably be you and me in first. We'll secure the place then Glitch and Jackpot will board to fix anything that needs it."

"I'm surprised a desk jockey like you enjoys boarding action so much, first Kaamos now this."

"Hey I'm an explorer by design. Anyways, you broke my desk so now what am I supposed to do around here?"

You give her a 'yeah yeah' then come to the area where the two techheads are working.

The hatch remains open and is now lined with tool boxes, machines and other assorted parts you can't really put name to. A light pink smoke wafts up out of the hatch but you decide it can't be anything bad by how Stiletto lounges on the floor with one hand propping her head up and her gaze on her dataslate.

You nod to her then hop on down.

It's a surprisingly long fall as you drop nearly twice your height before landing. You move along the dim white corridor, head held low under the smoke, until you reach an odd obstacle.

A big, dark pink smelter.

It takes up nearly the whole corridor, its gentle, slopping sides leading to a round base that sits firmly on the floor. At its top is a turbine that spews the pink smoke in short belches.

"Hello sir!"

Glitch pokes their domed body out from the other side of the smelter that you guess is Pulsar 9.

>What's all this then?
>How much longer are you two gonna be?
>Ask if he can make a holodesk.
>Tell them to quite stinking up the place.
>Take Glitch aside and talk to them privately.
>Other (please specify)
>What's all this then?
>How much longer are you two gonna be?
File: 1405199728491.png (346 KB, 500x1310)
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346 KB PNG
Dunno anon, there have been fewer and fewer posters in this quest. Kinda feels like it's dying.

I've actually been debating if I should keep going for the past month.
Sorry, I've had an unreliable work schedule. I still look forward to every installment though.

>What's all this then?
Maybe discuss post times on twitter, see when people are on. Or if you don't have flexibility there telling people further ahead of time might help.
"Right. What's all this then?" You ask while gesturing to the smelter.

"Mr.9 said he couldn't work with the materials that were given so he tore abunch the system out and has been rendering it down and recombining it. Then he forges new parts and this one installs them according to the blueprints he drafted."

"Uh-huh." Leaning around the fuchsia bot you see a good section of the wall has been torn out and filled with brand new looking equipment. At the end of the hall is a large, equally new looking, console that bulges out of the wall. A part of the ceiling has been torn out to make room for it.

"It is quite exciting. Mr.9 is making upgrades that this one has only dreamed of! But Mr.Cogsworth would never approve the funding."

Reassured that Glitch knows what is going on you ask, "So how much longer are you two gonna need?"

"It should be done fairly soon." Glitch says while tapping the blast shield that covers their face where their chin would be. "After ensuring full integration the system simply needs to be tested."

A high pitched ding emits from Pulsar, as does a noxious pink cloud that sends you reeling with a cough.

You can not see it from where you are, but you detect a port opening on the other side of the Con and a tray slides out of it.

"One moment sir!" Glitch says and grabs the object resting on the tray. They then scurry down the corridor and begin doing something in the wall.

Pulsar transforms, the base splitting into his legs, the sloping dome of its top retracting into his large, tapering shoulderguards and his arms splitting apart to reveal his ches. His head flips up as he stands.

"Yes, that should be the last piece now." He says while watching Glitch work.

"So you two are just about done?" You ask.

"Hmm? Oh yes. Yes we just need to finish the installation.. Then the testing begins."

"And how long will that take?"
Will do.

"Not sure! Never been to this Skomiloch Territory. It could very well have not existed back then. It is a simple matter though. We'll fly in, run some scans, adjust the sensors as necessary and there you have it."

"All done!" Glitch calls.

"Good work my friend." Pulsar calls back.

You and Pulsar 9 head to the bridge, leaving Glitch to help Stiletto clean up.

Once there you find Gyro and Cogsworth arguing loudly. Well, Gyro is being loud. Cogsworth as being pretty even toned, though this just seems to be infuriating Gyro more.

"-not going in there by himself! Who knows what's down there and I just got him back!"

"You are not going. It is not safe."

"Slag safe! I fought in a war! I fought gangs and thugs, you think I'm scared?"

"I didn't say that."

"Oh but that's what you're implying. That I can't handle my self if things get hot!"

"All I am saying is that we should not risk it."

Seems Cogsworth doesn't want Gyro going to the station with you.

>Step in an back up Gyro. She's tough for a chrome-plated snob.
>Agree with Cogsworth. No reason to put Gyro in any danger.
>Let them fight it out, it's their business.
>Other (please specify)
>>Agree with Cogsworth. No reason to put Gyro in any danger.
We need someone to keep an eye on Swindle. Yes, he's crippled, in a cage, with a damper. I still don't want to trust him unless there's at least one gun trained on him at all times.
> cough
...That's a thing? Huh.

Support her but agree with cogs. You trust her to handle herself in a fight just fine. But if it's just us in this case we have a much easier time just teleporting out of trouble. Recon is easier alone.

Anyone can do that. And he's secure anyway.
yes but it gives us an excuse to leave her on the ship where she's safe.
It's a dumb excuse that she'd see right through
I'm pretty sure I've seen transformers cough.

Gyro is tough. Tougher than most of the upperclass bots you've met. You've seen her beat street thugs senseless and take on Decepticon grunts.

But this might not be the same. If it turns out to be those Predators Swindle was talking about, or the reavers who tend to flock to Skomiloch for its ability to hide them, and you end up in a big fire fight on a possibly damaged station, chances are someone will get hurt. It would be easier for you to go it alone. Especially if you have to run.

"I gotta agree with him Gyro." You say, nodding to the merchant who has little holograms of white clouds drifting about him.

She wheels around with a,"What?"

"Now come on, we both know your tough. No one's denying that, but we aren't fighting for our lives here. If I have to I'll get out of there as quick as I can and that'll go easier if I'm alone."

"After all we've been through this past millennia you want to sideline me? I saved your sorry chassis!"

"And I appreciate it." You say while holding up a placating hand and not mentioning that the Monsterbots probably did most of the work on Kaamos. You can't stop the side your mouth from twisting into a snarl though. "But these won't be drones or street thugs trying to look big. It takes a certain kind of vicious to do this stuff out here. Professional killers. I'd like you to stay on the ship and keep an optic on things."

"Are you serious? I-" Gyro is interrupted by Cogsworth placing a hand on her arm. It is somewhat comical watching the much smaller bot trying to look consoling. You note that his hologram projector has shut off.
File: teletraan1.png (113 KB, 240x240)
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113 KB PNG
"We need to let others do what they do best, this allows us to do what we do best. That is how the great machine keeps going." He says.

She shakes his hand off and crosses her arms. She pouts a bit, but makes no more objections.

After a beat Pulsar coughs into his fist.

"I believe the upgrades to the sensors are done." He says then pulls a remote from a compartment at his thigh. Pressing it, you hear a whirring than a clack as a slot open on the floor near the command console. A bright red console emerges from the pristine white floor and clicks into place. The screen light up with a faint green glow.

"Now all we need to do is test it. If you'll take us into the Territory, please." He adds. You see Cogsworth glaring at the console for some reason.

>Stay and watch the testing so you can move out as soon as it's done. Maybe you can give them some pointers on from your experiences out here.
>Take Gyro to see Swindle. Fill her in on what's going on so she can discuss plans with him while you investigate the station.
>Go to the observation deck and take in the view. Skomiloch is quite stunning from the outside as you recall.
>Get out into space, you've spent too much time on this ship and need to stretch your new wings.
>Other (please specify)
>Stay and watch the testing so you can move out as soon as it's done. Maybe you can give them some pointers on from your experiences out here
>Stay and watch the testing so you can move out as soon as it's done. Maybe you can give them some pointers on from your experiences out here.
"Very well. Take us in and have Leadfoot head out." He call to Jackpot, who up till that moment had been sitting in the command chair with his feet up and a datapad held in his hands.

"Right-o bossbot."

The viewscreen lights up with a stunning view. The right side of the screen showing the vastness of space while the left was a hazy cloud of yellows, oranges and the occasional whorl of green. The dust cloud extends out and beyond your filed of view, like the ship was flying next to the end of the universe.

A shuttle flies ahead of you, Leadfoot the bodyguard, you assume. Another guess of yours is that they are using the shuttle as a reference point.

"Go nice and slow." Pulsar says from the console. He tippity taps away at its keyboard and glances from it to the viewscreen.

The dust cloud swells across the screen until you see the shuttle slide in, expelling a stream of the cosmic particles.

"Still have him." Pulsar says.

Slowly the ship drifts closer, skimming the cloud.

"Have him go deeper." Pulsar says, to which Cogsworth nods to Jackpot.

"Hey bigbot," He says into the comms. "We need you to get a move one, put some distance between us."

No confirmation comes but from your vantage over Pulsars' shoulder you can see the red blip of the shuttle moving away on the consoles screen.

Suddenly it vanishes.

"Hmmm. The dust is thicker than I imagined..." Pulsar muses.

He sends his servos into overdrive as a small window full of code begins rapidly scrolling at the bottom of the screen.

"The problem is the dust scatters signals, it doesn't just block them." You say. "There's also a lot of background radiation."

He taps away for a few more seconds before a pulse crosses part of the screen.

"Turn us a bit to starboard." He says.
File: 1405575402475.gif (724 KB, 398x400)
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724 KB GIF
The screen pulses again and the red blip comes up. It slowly fades, and Pulsar asks for a few more course adjustments while he adjusts the sensors.

Nearly twenty minutes pass before the blip stays bright on the screen and Jackpot gets a steady signal to the shuttle confirming Leadfoot is alright.

"That should do the trick." Pulsar says cheerily.

The shuttle returns and Cogsworth leads the ship through a series of coordinates, confirmed by sensors detecting planetoids and small infant stars, until you reach your intended location.

The station is a hazy blur on the viewscree. More of a dark splotch really, hidden by swirling colours.

"I'm not detecting any forcefield. Power seems to be down all over the station except key parts." Pulsar says.

"Those would be the loading bay and the refinery." Gyro says, coming to join you at the console.

"You detecting any sparks?" You ask.

He fiddles with the sensors some more then says, "I estimate anywhere between ten and thirty. All the dust is making such precise readings impossible, but most are in the powered sections. I detect no other ships in the area. I'm guessing they came here under their own power."

"That should account for all the workers." Gyro says hopefully.

You can't bring yourself to cast doubt on that hope.

"Well, guess I should get down there." You grunt.

You head down to Gyros' quarters and collect your gear, then head to the hanger.

You nod to Leadfoot, who sips a can of oil, then get ready to leave.

Only question is how you are going in.

>Through the loading bay, might as well kick things off as soon as possible.
>Find an access hatch and sneak in.
>Through the gas collectors, it'll bring you right to the refinery and into the heart of the station.
>Other (please specify)
>Find an access hatch and sneak in.
Or just teleport in, bit I doubt we have enough range to make much of a practical difference.

With how many possible bogeys there are you decide to go in quietly.

You signal for Jackpot to lower the forcefield and begin a short sprint. Transforming as you go, your sprint ends on your draconic hands as you launch your winged chassis out of the hanger doors and into the swirling cosmic dust.

>Energon Reserve-165/175

To say leaping into the cloud is disorienting is an understatement. Your vision is full of nothing but oranges, yellows and greens, the dust constantly bombarding your hull sounds like a soft roar and your sensors can't tell anything from anything.

It was easier swimming in the Sea of Rust.

All you have to go buy is the slightly darker patch of cloud that is the harvesting station. Eventually, with great difficulty, you reach the station. Your arms and tentacles bend and strain to arrest your momentum as you nearly slam into the structure.

Here you find it easier to navigate. You slither along the hull of the station, your sensors dancing along the small patch of its surface. You also find you can detect slightly inside the station.

Not wanting to wait around out here you locate a good corridor running close to the hull and teleport in with a -zzap-.

>Energon Reserve-145/175

Another -zzap- bring you into a rather cramped corridor. You wings are pinned to your back and your arms bend out at uncomfortable angles. You find stretching them out infront of you and supporting your weight with your remaining pair of tentacles to be the only comfortable way to move forward.

You doubt you could turn around without tearing through the orange metal walls.The dust is thin in here but is clearly getting in some how. There might be a hole somewhere letting it in.

Your sensors work much better now that you are inside. You a detect single level below you, and a corridor running parallel to you. Beyond that is a single large room full of machinery.Your sensor can't sense anything further away though.
File: krackensfinalform.png (135 KB, 500x500)
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135 KB PNG
"Comm check." Jackpots voice beeps on through your comm. It is slightly staticy but understandable.

"Copied." You growl. "Now silence."

You find that the corridor you are in extends onward for a while, a single one branching off inside.

You detect no one near by, but you know the loading bay is on this level and Pulsar detected energy signatures in there. The refinery is a few levels down.

>Explore a bit, search the other areas.
>Head to the loading bay and secure it first.
>Check out the refinery.
>Other (please specify)

>Also keep going in dragon mode or transform (which mode?)
>Head to the loading bay and secure it first.
Best way to find out what's going on is to ask them.

>Also keep going in dragon mode or transform (which mode?)
Sharktopus as we travel, more maneuverable. But go to robot mode before encountering the others in the loading bay, don't want to freak anyone out.
Oh, but try and determine if being threatening or not is appropriate before going in.
You transform and shrink, your arms folding into your torso underneath you and your tailsplitting to allow your legs to click into place at your sides. Your wings shrivel into your tentacles and you amble forward on them. Now that you can maneuver you decide to hit the loading bay first.

You crawl through the faint yellow dust and creep through the station. Every now and then you get ghost signals bouncing around in the rooms and vents around you but you can't pin anything down so you ignore them.

Reaching the bay you creep up to the door. There are definitely bots in there, you can hear them.

There are seven of them, three of which is floating up in the air. All are shrouded in a yellow/orange haze.

Creeping up you peer around the door and scope the place out. The first thing you see is that the bays' door is wide open, the swirling dust outside clearly visible.

The second are three flyers drifting about in the air. Their hulls are painted garishly in bright yellows and green and they carry rifles in there hands.

On the ground you see another flyer, bigger than the others and standing with the disdain of a bored commander. His hull is a vivid scarlet with green accents, his wings sticking out from low at his hips. He holds a large pistol negligently in one hand.

Next to him are two bots in stasis cuffs. The sit against a large crate and stare out hopelessly.

The only one you see doing anything his a large black bot that is easily twice your size. His arms and legs are smooth and round on the outside while his chestplate is a great big block of steel with pipes sweeping out of it and over his shoulders. He hauls some large machines off a skiff that looks like it was dropped off earlier. Every now and then he sends a hateful glare at the flyers.
File: 1411868931985.jpg (73 KB, 1051x603)
73 KB

Seems you have some of those Predators Swindle was talking about, judging by a Decepticon insignia you can make out on ones shoulder. You guess the bots in stasis cuff and the big one are Cogsworths' employees. The purpose of the machine, large and grey, eludes you.

You aren't sure if they'll turn on their captives if you alert them, but there is a lot of machinery in there you could use to sneak up on the Cons.

As you watch you notice the grounded Decepticon slowly turns in your direction. You duck back behind the wall quickly to avoid being seen.

He seems sharp.

>Sneak in and try to free the cuffed bots.
>Sneak in and try to bring some Cons down.
>Draw them out and fight them.
>Go in, ripping and tearing.
>Try and talk.
>Leave and check the refinery.
>Other (please specify)
>Sneak in and try to bring some Cons down.
Start with the perceptive one, he might be in charge but even if not he's probably trouble. Progress to ripping and tearing as appropriate.
Deciding to take out the Cons, the one on the ground in particular, and quickly slip into the room once your sure his attention must have shifted.

You sneak in and duck low behind a conveyor belt, moving along it until you can slip under and move behind the base of a small crane.

Your sensor detect energy around you, but with the dust filling the room it's all jumbled.

You note a flyer drifting lazily in the air, his foot thrusters burning low and his attention elsewhere.

In the distance you here a loud clang. Most likely the bot hauling machinery around.

You nose around the side of the crane to get closer to the scarlet flyer.

>Roll 1D100 Dexterity, Stealth (Roll 3 if using path of oil)
Rolled 26, 46, 40 = 112 (3d100)

Path of oil activate. That's why we have it.
>(sorry I meant smoke. Getting tired.)
>Rolled 3 successes!

You glare at the Con from your vantage behind the crane.

Now that your further in you can see that the floor near the open bay doors is clear of anything except the large machine. Yellow orange dust wells up from the open portal.

The Cons above you seem bored and listless, their attention on the big bot and the exit. They drift in a tight formation, no doubt talking quietly to one another. every now and then one turns to scan the room.

But your attention is on the big one. Still standing with his gun at his side he is notably tenser than before. You'd guess he is trying to not make a show of it. Slowly his head turns towards the captives sitting next to him, one a green bot with a large metal hood over his red helmed head, the other bright yellow with what looks like the front of a truck for a breastplate. They both have scowls on their faces.

As the big Con looks in the other direction you make your move. Molding the energon within through will and focus. Becoming a hazy specter in the dusty room, you doubt anyone could see you even if they looked this way. Your tentacles propel you forward, around the big machine and the large bot, low to the ground and ready to lunge.

>Energon Reserve-140/175

>Roll 6D100 Dexterity, Martial Arts
Rolled 83, 89, 93, 3, 71, 70 = 409 (6d100)

Rolled 53, 54, 51, 92, 53, 7 = 310 (6d100)

Insufficient. Rolling again.
Rolled 97, 98, 67, 40, 77, 35 = 414 (6d100)

Once more maybe. Not like anyone else is rolling.
File: unleashthekracken.jpg (239 KB, 716x1117)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
>Rolled 5 successes!

You weave through the dense dust covering the floor like a predator just below water level. It parts around you like a blade through mist.

In front of you the Con freezes and tenses up but too late. You are already airborne, your tentacles outstretched and maw wide.

You slam into him mid turn, biting down on his arm and ensnaring his legs. Your teeth begin to rev up and dig deeper into the Cons' armour, cutting the forearm plate clean in two and digging into the circuitry below . He attempts to bring his pistol to bear and you barely deflect its aim by smacking his wrist.

A bolt of plasma fires from it and burns through the ceiling far above the two of you.

The Cons above you are sent into a flurry, each zipping around, their rifles pointed at you rolling around with the big Con in your grasp but none dare fire.

Until he starts yelling.

"Shoot! Shoot you idiots I don't care just do something!"

Nervously they take aim.

>Dodge roll.
>Teleport both of you out of the bay, take this fight outside.
>Teleport him outside and take care of one of the others.
>Other (please specify)
>Dodge roll.
>Use the con to shield ourselves from the blasts
File: IAMTHELAW.jpg (78 KB, 570x450)
78 KB
The two of you struggle on the floor, he kicks at you but hits nothing but flexible tentacle while your teeth really dig into his arm and cause his fingers to spasm and twitch.

You growl low and long. He's good, you'll give him that. You may have one of his arms and his legs but he uses his free arm to elbow his way over you and across the floor and he keeps threatening to get his pistol pointed at some part of you.

During a roll where the Con flips you over his head you see the flyers above you begin to open fire.

>Roll 6D100 Dexterity, Martial Arts
Rolled 24, 96, 41, 56, 73, 5 = 295 (6d100)

Rolled 7, 77, 86, 89, 34, 73 = 366 (6d100)

Maybe I can do better
Rolled 24, 12, 49, 69, 12, 10 = 176 (6d100)

File: 1400274748391.png (975 KB, 1057x726)
975 KB
975 KB PNG

The Cons open fire and energy bolts rain down around you. They slam the floor panels and two even slam into the big Cons wings, punching a hole clean through one.

Still one manages to hit you and the blue weave of your shields swarm up the struck tentacle.

>Energon Reserve-130/175

With a snarl you whip the Con out. He bounces off the controls of a hover lift, smashing them and causing him to fire another plasma bolt. You hear a scream then reel the Con back in to take another bite.

He manages to plant one of his now free feet on your snout and keeps you from stuffing another limb in your maw. He may be strong, but you`re stronger still and slowly he is pulled towards your blade filled maw.

"Not... gunna...happen." He manages to say. His voice is strained, his mouth hidden behind a yelow faceplate and his optics behind a green visor.

You growl and squeeze his damaged arm. His hull buckles and he cries out.

Then you get a snout full of his foot thrusters.

>Energon Reserve-125/175

You roar and fling him away once again, but this time you corrects himself in the air. With his damaged arm cradled to his chestplate he raises his pistol.

"Burn you slagger!" He roars back.
Gonna end it here for now, I need sleep.

If the thread is still up when I wake up we'll continue.
Hopefully we'll have more company when you do. Been fun, thanks for running. Even if it ended up a one on one session for a bit.
Here`s hoping.

Thanks for joining me!

Just a post from someone who lurks and back reads your quest allot.

I like it, i hope you do not stop. Thanks Tele.
Thanks for running. As I said last night, my work schedule prevents me from actively participating, but reading them in post is always a delight.
Page 10 bump
File: 1404274566390.jpg (268 KB, 500x377)
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Alrighty I`m back, thanks for keeping the thread alive.
And thanks for the support anons.
A snarl rips its way from the fanged mouth of your altmode. The prey had eluded you but not for long. Rifle fire kisses the deck in your wake.

The big Con shouts in anger. His pistol spits plasma at you and burns holes in the steel deck while his thrusters push him across the room. Sparks fly from where his hull scraps the floor in his efforts to get away from the nightmare that is chasing him.

He can not run forever.

Slamming into the base of the crane he levels his gun and takes careful aim at you rushing towards him. He glares at you through his visor, bunches his legs under himself, then dives towards you, thrusters burning at maximum.
>Roll 6D100 Dexterity, Martial Arts
File: 1404681590218.png (1.38 MB, 1600x991)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
(got some coffee and food in me, here's a rewrite of the last post)
The Con rockets away from your lashing tentacles causing a snarl to rips its way from the fanged mouth of your altmode. The prey had eluded you but not for long. Rifle fire kisses the deck in your wake.

The big Con shouts in anger. His pistol spits plasma at you and burns holes in the steel deck while his thrusters push him across the room. Sparks fly from where his hull scraps the floor in his efforts to get away from the nightmare that is chasing him.

He can not run forever.

Slamming into the base of the crane he levels his gun and takes careful aim at you rushing towards him. He glares at you through his visor, bunches his legs under himself, then dives towards you, thrusters burning at maximum.

You collide with a sound like rolling thunder. He manages to evade your teeth by occupying your tentacles with keeping his gun out of your face. Your new shields are nice but you no better than to treat plasma lightly.

Another loud crash echoes through the room. Distractedly your sensors detect the big bot with a pair of the flyers grasped in his massive hands. He smashes them into the floor with a whooping shout while the third turns his fire on the behemoth.

You roar in the Cons' face and he yells right back.

>He's a tough one, keeping trying to rip and tear
>Try to ensnare him, between you and the bot you could subdue the Cons in here.
>Use a teleport to get an advantage.
>Other (please specify)
one last bump then «i guess we`re done
>Use a teleport to get an advantage.
>>Other (please specify)
We still have the beam-cannon breath weapon? Use that. He's literally charging the barrel, might as well use it.
>Use a teleport to get an advantage.

Err, we probably don't want to destroy the station.
Another page 10 bump
File: 1406096431041.jpg (19 KB, 426x438)
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.(Sorry guys some stuff came up, I`m back now)

Teeth slamming down just short of his shouting head you reach out to try and grab him once again.

Once again he rockets out of reach. He slides across the ground for a moment before his thrusters singe the floor and he spirals up into the air.

You bellow a challenge at his retreating back that is ignored.

Frustrated you leap through the dusty air and hop off the crane to get higher then -zzap-

-zzap- you are right behind him, poised and ready to strike.

>Roll 6D100 Dexterity, Martial Arts
Rolled 61, 98, 82, 78, 70, 93 = 482 (6d100)

Rolled 1, 70, 4, 65, 46, 46 = 232 (6d100)

> 1
You lash out once again, and once again the Con seems to have sensed you at the last moment. You manage to get a hold of one of his wings as he spins in mid air. His momentum propels your bite past him but you don't let got, using your weight to yank him down into a spin of your own and throw his chassis into the large machine they were offloading. He grunts and you hear metal crunch.

You land on two pairs of coiled tentacles and snarl.

"Yeah we got this WOOOO!" The black bot whoops again and flings a flyer at the Con remaining in the air. The Con swoops out of the way and his comrade slams into the ceiling with a crunch then falls to the floor with another. The bots hull has smoking holes in it and a burn running along the side of his helm but he seems in high spirits. You notice the other one he had grabbed laying in a broken heap near the bay doors.

The big Con stands up and snarls. His damage arm now hangs uselessly at his side and he has dropped his gun.

"You!" He bellows and stabs a finger at the remaining flyer. "Report this to Skydive, now!"

The Decepticon nods and transforms, becoming a sleek orange and green jet.

"No you don't." The black bot yells and runs to catch the Con before he dives through the bay doors. He slides past the opening, one massive arm outstretched, but he misses and the Con disappears into the dust.

"You have other problems." The remaining Decepticon growls. The undersides of his wings open and a dozen little green missiles no bigger than your fingers emerge. They fire from the con, arcing high through the air then diving at you and the Bot.

>Teleport outside, stop the other Con.
>Duck, dodge, dip and dive.
>Other (please specify)
File: moewave.gif (3.91 MB, 997x720)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB GIF
sorry, I tend to start writing after about 20minutes.
>Teleport outside, stop the other Con.
>But grab the big guy first

Dammit, didn't realize it had been that long. Don't suppose we could get some bennie thrown our way?
>Other (please specify)
Teleport behind the con, grab him, take a big bite, then port outside and let him go after ripping his thrusters/legs off, then go after the other one.
File: sayhellotominime.jpg (33 KB, 339x240)
33 KB
I suppose things can go little better next post (i`ll also wait a little longer to write)
So shall Kracken take the big bot and go after the other Con or keep fighting?
So, you want to maim him then leave him to drift for eternity in a nebula where his cries for help will never be heard and he has no hope of moving under his own power. That's cold, even for Officer SharkDragOctoBot.

Port other bot outside to get away from missiles, set him to guard the door, we dragon-form and chase the runner.
Port bot outside with us, dragon form and fuck up the runner, and then the heavy
Snarling you leap once again and bounce on coiled tentacles to reach the bot heaving himself off the floor.

"We're leaving." You rumble and grab his arm.

He lets out a startled "Eh!" before a -zzap- removes you from the missiles' paths.

>Energon Reserve-105/175

A followup -zzap- bring you and the bot fading in in a maelstrom of yellow and orange. You tumble for a moment before transforming into your dragon altmode. The bot, now roughly the same mass as you but more compact, struggles in your grip.

>Energon Reserve-95/175

A series of bright explosion blow dust and smoke out of the bay.

"Hey yo! We can't leave the others behind!" He shouts, his baritone voice almost lost in the sound of howling dust.

"No time." You snarl. "Need to catch the other one before he escapes."

"Rust that bot! We can't find nuthin' out here."

You growl. The dust wreaks havoc on your senses, but you can just make out a pair of thrusters moving behind the curve of the stations' hull.

"You watch the doors." You snarl and drop him on the sort platform jutting from the bay.

His shout is lost to you. Fying as fast and hard as you can you turn sharply around the long curve of the station, your back almost dragging on it. The Con manages to stay ahead, most likely he's burning through his Energon to keep his turbo going.

The dust swallows you and muffles your senses like a snowstorm, though thankfully you won't have to worry about icing.

You follow the lights from the Con low as he swoops around to dive under the lip of the stations side and you follow.

>Try to fire on the Con.
>Keep following and catch him when he lands.
>Other (please specify)
>Keep following and catch him when he lands.
Energy soars through your wings, just as you do. The flight is turbulent but manageable. You arc around the lip of the station and swerve around an antenna. All your senses locked on a single speck of light ahead.

You come across a small hanger and see the Con frantically squeezing through a door slowly sliding open.

With a roar you crash into the hanger, battering a landing harness aside and colliding with the Con. The force of the crash shoves him screaming through the door, his wings snapping in the process.

You thrash at the door and it's adjacent wall before prying it open enough to stick you head an one arm through.

The Con shouts again when he sees you and scrambles away.

"Halt!" You bellow.

He gets a few feet away before something drops on him.

It appears to be a centipede, nearly as long as he is tall, but clearly of Cybertronian origin. Its' purple hull is covered in soot and a few of its many legs are mangled. It drive its' great scything mandibles into the Cons' shoulder between the joints and he screams. Those screams become muffled when its' long body wraps around his head. He stumbles for a moment, trying to pull the creature off, until an electrical surge sends him to his knees.

Another surge of dancing electricity drops him to the floor with a thud.

YOu watch as the creature slowly unwraps itself and arches its' head up to regard you.

"You are not one of them, yes? I detect spark in you." It chitters in a light.
One of the disposable class then, you guess. Cybertronians either forged or constructed with smaller, specialized bodies and given the most menial and grueling work. You would guess that this one was a maintenance bot used for getting into tight spaces.

"No." You growl.

"Very good. Is about time help came, yes?" He says.

"Who are you?" You ask.

"This one is Borehole. A worker aboard this station. You are?"

"Kracken. Your bosses sent me."

"Very good."

>Ask the bot for details on the situation.
>Transform and get moving, you are close to the refinery here you two can talk along the way.
>You need to get back to the loading bay.
>Contact the ship to report.
>Other (please specify)
>Transform and get moving, you are close to the refinery here you two can talk along the way.
Walk and talk.
You shift around in the door frame and it scrapes your hull. You rumble and transform, one hand gripping the upper doorfram for support as your lower half changes and your mass shrinks to a more manageable height.

Swinging into the hall you make your way to the refinery.

"Show me to the refinery." You growl.

The insectoid flows off the Con and tip-taps its way to your side.

"I need to know what's been going on here."

"It is all very confusing." She begins. "We get ghosts on our sensors yes? Things out in clouds that may not be things. We check but find nothing yes? Ironside makes report but we get nothing. Then a while or shields go down, makes communications and sensors stop working. Siren starts to go then. Whole station goes dark. This one hears fighting so hide in maintenance shafts."

You peer into dark rooms as you walk but make out little through the dust permeating the air. Borehole is little more than a stream of movement at your side.

"See Ironside destroyed, others rounded up. This one hides for there are too many."

"How many?"

"Think twenty in beginning. They come and go."

"Do you know how many are still here?"

"No. But there are many."

"Do you know why they're here?"

"No. They bring things, equipment. They are making changes to the refinery. Repurposing they say."

You mull that over as you walk. It wasn't some quick hit for energon, they wanted the whole station. But what for?

"I met a few of your friends up in the loading bay. Do you know where the others are?"

"Digger, Iron Lift and Raise are in the refinery. They work hard to modify the machinery. A scary one threatens them and makes adjustments to the work."
The two of you reach a small lift at the end of the corridor. The door is shut and you'll have to call the lift up.

"Refinery is next level down, but is full of those scary ones." The insectoid chitters with worry.

"I can handle them." You rumble reassuringly. You hesitate to call the lift though, they'll surely know its coming, even if they think it's one of theirs. You could teleport down, but that could bring you right down in front of them too.

You also brought the spyspider along, but who knows what its' range is in this dust.

>Use the lift and be ready for a fight.
>Teleport down and try to be sneaky.
>Try the spyspider.
>Head back to the bay.
>Contact the ship.
>Other (please specify)
>Try the spyspider.
You decide to scout out the refinery using the spyspider you took from Kaamos.

First you kick the lifts' door, your fanged foot opening a small hole. A few more kicks widen it enough to use.

You detach the spyspider from your hip. Pressing the button on the tip causes eight legs to pop out of the sides of it. A section of the device splits away. leaving you with the rounded side. The legged part land on the floor and you here its legs tapping as it orients itself.

Borehole leans in and watches the devices closely.

A wire pops out of the part left in your hand and you take it and plug into the device with one of the jacks on your head.

Your vision swims in static for a brief moment then your point of view changes, You are now watching yourself from just above floor level, your form dark and hazy from the dust. With a thought you turn the spider to Borehole.

"Keep a lookout will ya." You hear yourself say.

Directing the spider with your mind it crawls through the opening in the lift and begins its descent. The magnetic tips of its legs allow it to cling to the walls quite well and it climbs down the dark shaft quickly and quietly.

Upon reaching the lift it crawls into its open top of the cage like lift then out the door.
The refinery is vast, with three massive processors sitting amidst a maze of pipes, vents and conveyors. Bright light shine through yellow/orange dust, creating a dawn like haze. This doesn't help as static begins prickling your vision.

You spot eight of those flyers in there, most standing guard while a few are working on machines that have been half disassembled.

At one of the processors you see a pair of bots working in its exposed innards. Looming over them is another large pink flyer, his chassis bulkier than the first. A hologram of some kind of schematics is being emitted from his hand and he seems to be micromanaging the two bots with quick gestures.

>Get a closer look.
>Just keep watching.
>Recall the spyspider.
>Other (please specify)
>Just keep watching.
Not too long though, maybe a minute then recall.
File: Krackensfacealways.jpg (2 KB, 71x125)
2 KB
You wait and watch.

From this distance you can see that they are hooking the processors up so that they all feed their output into a single machine in the center that looks fairly new.

The two bots, both with bulky, blocky chassis and both coloured shades of red and orange, work franticly under the gaze of the Decepticon.

At one point he squats down and yanks one of the bots out of the machine by the foot. He says something you can't hear and you see the bot tremble. They scramble back in only to be yanked out again.

This time the Con just stares at them.

Many of the other Cons are watching the scene with interest.

Eventually he lets them go with a flourish and stands back up. The bot hurries back to their work.

Then you spot something.

A third bot sits of against the wall. Their head is a mess of fried metal, the top half completely missing.

With a growl of discuss you recall the spyspider and the small device creeps back up.

Disconnecting it from your head gives you back your point of view and you stoop to retrieve the spider part when Borehole comes scurrying back down the hall to you.

"Someone comes!" She hisses quietly.

Someone indeed. You can detect an immense power source marching down the hall that crosses the one you are in. You sidle up to the corner and peer around.

Its the big flyer from before. He has a chunk torn out of one of his wings and his damaged arm has been torn completely off.

In his hand, illuminating his side bright like a star, is a gun with spinning prongs and a bright ball of plasma charged and ready.
Sorry to leave again but I have to work in 5hours and a little sleep is needed.

Thanks for playing with me, next thread should be either friday or saturday.

Questions, comments, concerns all welcome.
File: 1401053164462.jpg (89 KB, 500x413)
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also, if you want to discuss runtimes we can do so on the twitter
Suptg is being a dick, someone else try archiving this too?

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