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Outside your window, above the castle, the sky was the colour of gold.
As always, you've gone to bed early. You have therefore gotten quite enough sleep time. Staring at the sun, you surprisingly still feel tired. Well, tired or not, it is time to get up.

Bathroom first. This hot water shower and soap and everything may be the best part of your day.
Speaking of today, soon is your not so gladly awaited conference with Anders. Not his fault, indeed. Anders sure is professional, but his attitude is somehow... Well, he's a proud elf after all, that can't be helped.
No, the fault is on the never ending flow of issues related to Alvar, issues which all converge towards yourself. Being Knight Captain of Alvar is sure a harder task that you could have thought, years ago.

> [1/2]
File: 020 Clarissa.jpg (82 KB, 1000x750)
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Back to your room. Dressing.
You take the chance to make a final check, in your mirror, big enough to give your appearance a once-over. You definitely want to look perfect for today. Like yesterday. And the day before.

Your uniform looks as good as new, your chest armour too. Face washed, red hair brushed and braided, and everything set neatly into place.
As far as you can tell, you look just like a responsible, regular, noble Knight Captain.

You are Clarissa Natalia ain Ridelham, Knight Captain of Alvar.
Most of your worldly possessions fit into this room, and not a very large one at that.
It's time to go.

> Time for breakfast!
> Do not eat anything and head directly to the conference room.
Time for breakfast
> Time for breakfast!
File: 025 Pancakes.jpg (252 KB, 1600x1344)
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You take a sit in the palace's kitchen. Bread is on the tables, along with accompanying butter and jam. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a good diet is the foundation of a healthy, ordered life. Maybe you could eat more eggs and oat too, if Martin and Lissa could be trusted on that subject.
Then comes a regular sleep schedule, and after that, regular training. Well, you are lacking in the training department these days, but you sure will get back to a proper training schedule once the Duke comes back.

You notice Myra and Markus sitting on your left, on the other side of the room. They respectfully nod at you. You respond with another nod. You remember they are on guard duty at the main entrance today. Myra may not be the brightest of all, but she is trustworthy, and that is all you need from the guards. She forms a good team with Markus too. Those two get along well, and that is a good thing, especially for today's task.

Well, it is time to go to the conference room.

> [1/2]
File: 030 Anders.jpg (407 KB, 594x844)
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407 KB JPG
The conference room is nothing special. No grand, long table in a grand, long chamber, with enough seats for as many visiting dignitaries as Alvar could hold. No guards stationed at even intervals, and charts and maps all over the place. There is a map here, but it is almost buried under the pile of documents on the small table in the middle of the room. At least there are several chairs lined up along the walls, put away for the time being. A podium, evidently seldom-used, sits forlorn and alone in the corner.

Anders is standing around the table and look up at your entrance.

Anders is an elf, blond, glasses, dressed in the robes of a high-ranking palace functionary. A sheaf of even more paperwork is held in his hands, and his long, delicate fingers ruffle the corners of the pages in what is certainly a subconscious habit.

"Good morning, Clarissa. Shall we begin?"
"Good morning, Anders. Let's start."
Begins a litany of various issues more or less related to Alvar. New tensions with Ayrich, watching of the frontiers, petty criminal activities in the city itself, the list goes on, and keeps piling up. One must imagine Sisyphus happy. Be strong, for the Duchy of Alvar's future rests on your shoulders.

"The elven marauders have hit another village. The kid's aren't alright. You should have the report in that pile of papers, along with everything else that has gone wrong with Alvar. Do you not read anything I send you, Anders?"

Anders sure is competent, but in the end of the line it is often like... he has other priorities. And his very own litany of issues: "... and, last but not least, we have that report of a shadow in this very castle. I know what you think, but Lily wouldn't make up such a story. You definitely should investigate this."

> No, I cannot spare anyone to chase after ghost stories!
> Need I remind you that we have only three knights?
>Need I remind you that we have only three knights?
I'm not sure what to think about this quest. It just makes me hunger for the real one... But thus far it's been well done...
>> Need I remind you that we have only three knights?

> Need I remind you that we have only three knights?
File: 1425605888310.jpg (64 KB, 640x480)
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>it's never coming back
>Need I remind you that we have only three knights?
>not Dry
Are we obligated to ship Clarissa with Nicole or anyone else, lest we cause a time paradox?
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I obviously miss Damp! And LKQ, too.
One month and still no news ;_;

I am glad you started to play, I was frightened to not catch a player at all.
I aim to get through the first in-quest day. I tried to prepare some things.
>Nicole triggers the trap
>Clarissa fights Nicole
>fightan rolls
>Clarissa loses because Nicole dice OP
>Loading save...
>Clarissa kills Nicole
File: 040 Castle.jpg (51 KB, 508x378)
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"Need I remind you that we have only three knights. William is with His Grace in Gracewell, and they are not due back until the end of the week. Donovan is still stuck babysitting the diggers in Grunmarl. Which leaves me saddled with their duties in the meantime. At least Guard Commander Hendersworth is smart enough to do his job without oversight."

Anders then states "Maybe the idea of some reinforcement would be useful to consider..."

"Damn it all, I know that! But I cannot simply recruit anyone who walks in from the street, can I?"
[rap noise at the door]
Your conversation pauses.
If you were in a story, that would be the perfect time for a perfect reinforcement, a knight in shining armour to show himself. But you aren't part of such a story, are you?
It's probably a maid. Even if you are in the middle of a meeting. Maids, why don't you get a job?
"Come in," you say, not quite keeping your annoyance in check.

> [1/3]
Who is this little person at the door? What strikes you first is the brown skin tone, obvious sign of a foreigner. And, with hair braided in such an elaborate manner, a girl. You can't help looking at her ears to be certain. She's definitely human.

She raises a letter to full view, shielding herself from your stare. "I was told to meet the Knight Captain...?"
Small voice. A scared kitten.

You try a valiant attempt at a welcoming smile, and take the letter. "We shall continue this discussion later, Anders."
"Of course."

You scan the letter. Maybe it's your lucky day, after all. "It says here you wish to apply to be a squire," you resume.

"Knight-apprentice," Anders can't help to correct.
"Semantics, Anders."

You turn back to the visitor.
"I recognize Sir Bernhard's seal. I have not had the pleasure of meeting the man myself, but I know he is spending his retirement seeking out promising candidates for Wellsbet's knight orders.
It says here he thinks you have the potential to be an excellent knight."

> [2/3]
File: Spoiler Image (232 KB, 553x551)
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232 KB PNG
"I hope to be one, Captain," She sure is nervous. Cute. Definitely.

"Now, normally I would not be so quick to accept any application without further inspection, but these are exceptional circumstances."
Well, she's not a knight in shining armour, but she could at least be of some help.

"Consider yourself provisionally accepted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBtsMTnstZM [sound of zelda, item obtained]

Welcome. I am Clarissa Natalia ain Ridelham, Knight Captain of Alvar. Such as it is." You gesture at Anders. "This is Anders, the seneschal."

"Charmed," Anders says, surprisingly curious.

"I'm Nicole," she says. Well, it's the same name on the letter, after all.

> Miss Nicole?
> Just Nicole?
> Miss Nicole?
>Miss Nicole?

>Welcome aboard, Knight-apprentice Nicole!
goddamnit I saw the OP image and you got my hopes up...

come back Damp, we miss you
>> Miss Nicole?
Expect an hourly update rate
>Just Nicole?
>Just Nicole?
File: 070.jpg (78 KB, 640x418)
78 KB
"Miss Nicole." You frown. "Is that your complete name?"

"Actually it's Warnicolma Santikariya ain Rosentia, but nobody here can remember that and..."
What is it with that... joke? You know too well that aristocracy is a serious matter.
Did she actually expect this joke to work? If yes, she's got issues. You give her a flat glare. "Please do not make my job any more difficult than it already is, apprentice."


"Sorry," she says, with some contrition. "Just Warnicolma Santikariya. Or Nicole."

You take a deep breath. "Fine. Nicole it is." You indicate the sack she has been toting around. "Is that all you have?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Leave it here for now. You'll be sharing my room, until that little problem," you shift a meaningful glare to Anders, who merely shrugs, "with the living quarters is cleared up. I will ask someone to bring it there later."

"Thank you, Captain."

"Do you have a weapon? You don't seem to be carrying one."

"No, Captain. The one I had, er, broke. On the way to Alvar. It was pretty old, anyway."

"You should go get set up, then. Anders?"

Anders finally breaks his stare long enough to extract a single piece of paper from the middle of the collection in his hands, passing it over to you.
You shift the papers on the table around until you locate a quill and inkpot.

"This requisition form is for the quartermaster," you say, scribbling quickly.
"You can see the armoury outside the window, over there." you points a window. The armoury is, indeed, outside: a squat grey stone building with sturdy gates, across the training courtyard.

"Roderick keeps everything in fine condition, so you shouldn't have any complaints."

You finish signing the requisition form, and hands it to Nicole.
"I still need to handle some other matters. Wait for me at the armoury; I will likely be done in an hour."

"I'll escort Miss Nicole there, if you don't mind," Anders volunteers.
You acknowledge this with a dismissive wave, and Anders glides towards her. "Shall we?"

Alone, at last. Time for... paperwork! Even if you wouldn't admit it, you do love paperwork.

File: 080 swords.jpg (50 KB, 460x666)
50 KB

When you finally get to the training yard, Nicole is speaking with Roderick. You nod in greeting. "Nicole. Roderick."

"Captain," she replies, sheathing a sword.

"Is that your weapon?" You're singularly unimpressed.

"Er, yes." She tries a small bow. "I'm not very good at this, but I hope you'll be patient with me during training."

For the first time, you quirks a tiny smile. "And I hope you'll pay attention during training. We all have to start somewhere. For today, I want to see what I have to work with. Show me."

Roderick, with the wisdom of an old quartermaster, is already waiting with two wooden practice swords in hand. Nicole pass her steel sword to him to hold for the practice.

You salute with your wooden sword with the gravitas of a veteran duellist.
Nicole attempts to copy the gesture, with some success.

What is it with that stance of her? Has she ever swung a sword before today? You start wondering if this is an elaborate joke from Sir Rein... I mean Bernhard, the retired Paladin... The man was known for his... How to put it? Rather "original" humour. And now you realize that your new squire seems to be afflicted by the same... gift. Well, it is too late know, let's see if she can at least swing her sword better than a toddler.

"Then hit me," you say. “If you can.”
She grips the sword in her hand.

Time to role.
DC 20.
Roderick takes a harmonica out of nowhere, and starts playing.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL-X53ze5O0 [music One Upon a Time in the West: Harmonica Man]
A sudden wind pushes some fallen leaves across the training yard. You and Nicole stay still, concentrated, frowning at each others. A cold sweat pearls on Nicole's temple.

"Any time now," you call out, stifling a yawn. Not theatrical, but genuine; you really are tired.

Nicole starts moving. She circles you, but you easily keep her in your field of vision.
"You're light on your feet, no brakes, pretty fly" you say approvingly.
Perhaps you can make something out of her, after all. Maybe.

"But you will have to get used to full armour before-"

> Roll 1d20, best of three.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

I gotta get some sleep now, thanks for running OP, glad to see some of this quest still around, keep up the good work.

>Are we obligated to ship Clarissa with Nicole
Of course, this is KCQ afterall
Rolled 19 (1d20)

But I want to fail.
you failed at failing, though I imagine it just means Clarissa recovers well or at least deals with the ass kicking Nicole hands her well rather than changing that moment
Rolled 3 (1d20)

I was the roller of the original 20 at this point.
How appropriate that you roll low now...
m-maybe just this once it will be worse of 3?
I am indeed firmly team Nicole
Is it finally time to break away from the original timeline?
Nope, this just highlights how good Nicole and her 20 was! It beat a sleepy Captain with a 19!
Too bad. It'd be way more interesting to go a different path.
not really, kind of goes against the premise of the quest...

What's the premise of the Quest?
Today, I make no assumptions about what OPs intentions are.
This is the first thread of Lessons in Knighthood Quest (MC is Nicole) as seem from the point of view of her Captain, Clarissa.

But, if the voters had no possibility to choose what happen, it is not a Quest, just a fanfic.

we get to play out Clarissa's reactions to the stuff in the quest anon, shush, this is a different kind of quest

Will the reactions be different from the ones in the original Quest?
File: 090 Clarissa sparing.jpg (45 KB, 355x200)
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Nicole does not let you finish your sentence, because she's on you in a flash.

Walla, walla. She sure is fast.

You manage to get your sword up to parry her lunge just in time, and she deflects your riposte by sheer reflex.

"Good," you say, feeling slightly more energized. “Adaptation, improvisation. But your weakness is not your technique...”

Nicole closes in for the attack once more.
Time slows, and she slaps away your sword with her own.


You twist to bring your sword back in play, but she moves with you, and... tries to hook her foot with yours!
Such a trick might have made you fall, but you've got some experience.
You put your foot up and back so she can't grasp it with hers.

Then you swing. Hard.
She tries to parry, but can't hold her sword which flies a few meters away.

You points your sword at her throat. She smiles awkwardly.

"You fight dirty," you say with a smile. "Your form is nothing like I have ever seen, but it suits you well. With some training, maybe we will make something out of you."

"I can see why you were recommended to be a knight."

File: Spoiler Image (150 KB, 498x370)
150 KB
150 KB GIF
"We'll start you off with something simple for now," you say. "I shall draw up a training regimen for the week. You already know which end of the sword is which, so we can focus on form and stance."

"You'll spend your mornings here," you continue, "and afternoons in lessons; being a knight is not merely about martial prowess. After that, depending on what you show aptitude in, I will assign you your duties."
You lower your voice to a mutter. "And after this week, you'll be William's problem, not mine."

"What is Sir William like?"

Ah... William. Vast subject. Wait, Nicole is a girl, isn't she? ... Poor, poor little Nicole. Well, it can't be helped.

You hesitate, and you try to choose your words with care.
"Pay the man some respect. Try not to make him angry," you finally say. "And for what it is worth, you have my apologies and sympathies."


"We'll end today's training here," you say.
You are feeling a little hungry.

> Say to Nicole: "It's about time for lunch. Is there anything else you would like to ask? Any other secret skills you'd like to reveal?"
> LUNCH. You are starving
Would you like to join me for lunch?
> LUNCH. You are starving
Talk later. Eat now.
> Say to Nicole: "It's about time for lunch. Is there anything else you would like to ask? Any other secret skills you'd like to reveal?"
> Say to Nicole: "It's about time for lunch. Is there anything else you would like to ask? Any other secret skills you'd like to reveal?"

>It's time for lunch. Wanna talk over it?
> LUNCH. You are starving
Okay, so this is an alternate timestream. Nifty.
>> Say to Nicole: "It's about time for lunch. Is there anything else you would like to ask? Any other secret skills you'd like to reveal?"
File: 110 Training yard.jpg (15 KB, 275x183)
15 KB
"I'll show you to the kitchens. Roderick, will you be joining us?"

Roderick grins, with all his orc teeth. "I've still got some of that jerky left from this morning. I'll drop by the kitchens later for a snack; got a bit of work to be done. Some of the new guard recruits are hard on their equipment."

"I shall put in a word with them," you promise.

"And I'll hold onto our new recruit's sword," he adds. "Clean it up a bit. You can't bring a sword into the kitchens, anyway."

"Thank you, Roderick," Nicole says. She seems to have rapidly managed to get along fairly well with Roderick, which is a performance in itself. This is becoming interesting.

You leads Nicole through the palace to the kitchens, pointing out important locations along the way, such as your quarters, which you will share with her. These are on the second floor of the palace, across the Great Hall from the conference room where it all began.

"The living quarters are all in that wing," you explain. "Servants on the ground floor, administrative staff on the second floor, and the Duke, his family, and his personal retainers on the third."

"I think I might need a map," she confesses.

You raise an eyebrow. "The library should have a copy. I'll show you there later; you will be spending quite some time there with your studies."

"Who'll be my teachers?"

"I will, for one. I've been tutoring the Duke's son, after all; one more student should not be a burden." You tick off names on your fingers. "David, Elise, Sister Simone... you'll meet them soon enough. Only Elise is in the palace at the moment, though."

> [ 1 /?]
File: Spoiler Image (45 KB, 640x432)
45 KB

The palace kitchens are in an annex to the residential wing, and obviously designed under the philosophy that a well-fed staff was a happy staff. Unlike the rest of the palace, the kitchens are bustling with people, and the food was being laid out on the tables next to the cooking area itself.
Many of the palace's remaining servants are already here, chatting and eating. Some of them look up and wave at you before returning their attention to their lunch; You return the waves with a fixed smile.

Some of the servants had already finished their food.

"The Duke isn't big on formalities," you say. "He likes to have dinner in the proper dining halls, but for lunch and when he's not around, we're free to just eat here in the kitchen." Lunch is some kind of thick stew. You take a slightly-above normal portion; you're hungry. Nicole, on the other hand, take a ridiculously little portion. Maybe she does not like stew?

> [ 2 /?]
"You intrigue me, Nicole," you says. "It's clear that you are no stranger to fighting, and the letter from Sir Bernhard speaks well of your character. But, and I hope you will forgive me for saying so, you are not from around here. Why come to Wellsbet, to Alvar, to be a knight?"

Nicole seems to choose her words with great attention. This is a great quality, for you as a knight often needs to pick your words wisely... "Well," she says slowly, "it began with the dragon, the wizard, the paladin, and the band of elven pirates that-"

By Aureus almighty, how wrong were you. "Stop! Just... stop. Never mind. I should have known better than to ask. That sense of humour of yours is going to be a problem, if you keep this up. Learn to tell better stories, or learn to remain silent."

You both finish your meal in awkward silence. Well, you consume your food. Despite having several times less stew than you did, Nicole finishes last. Will you ever find a proper contender in your eating contests with Donovan?
"I have some more paperwork to deal with," you say, standing and collecting your plate. "You are free to do what you wish for the rest of the day. “

> Say something else to your new squire (like some useful warning): [write in]
> Nothing else to say
Joining this as soon as I get out of work.
> Say something else to your new squire (like some useful warning):

'Don't go upstairs. That's the mage's quarters. Things get weird up there.'
>"Such as eating a proper meal before you starve."
Remind her to stay away from the duke and his son. And not go into the cellar. And to not touch any cubes. And to look out for elves.

Well, I second these
File: 131 Clarissa.jpg (58 KB, 535x779)
58 KB
Nicole, we need to talk. I will give you my first advice as your captain.

A healthy squire is a good squire, and that begins with such a thing as eating a proper meal before you starve.
Proteins... I mean, meat is good for you. You will not gain anything from your training if do not eat enough, that is the basic.

> [1/?]
Sort of having second thoughts about this squire.

Mysterious? High level combat abilities? Foreigner? Lithe and quick? Daggers? I can't be the only one thinking this, Christ if she was an elf or something I already would have voted to arrest her.
Yeah I know what you mean... Let's just keep a close eye on her for now and make sure she doesn't get up to any mischief.

Probably nothing, I bet a few weeks down the line we'll look back and think we're being silly about this.

Well, time spent watching her isn't wasted time
File: 130 No entry.png (112 KB, 500x500)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
"Second, be careful, some areas of the castle are off limit. Don't go upstairs. That's the mage's quarters. Things get weird up there. Mark my words, do not approach the wizard tower, is that clear enough?
And while we are at it, stay away from the Duke. Or his son. And do not go to the cellar. Nor the basement.

In fact, you would better go to the library. Trust me, the library will be fun.

Something at the back of your mind makes you add “and beware of anything suspicious, particularly if it has some edges. And squares. But elves are your friends. Sort of.”

You remember where our quarters are? Then I will see you tonight.”

Time for more paperwork!

> [2/?]
If she's an assassian it would already be too late by then. Forget weeks, if we really are going to give her a chance then we need her to demenstrate her loyality somehow. Or else finish her story about dragons. Don't know why railroading QM stopped the story.

But what about grinding paperwork for that sweet sweet exp?
File: 140 Office.jpg (266 KB, 1131x914)
266 KB
266 KB JPG

Your office is on the first floor. Your workspace is pretty neat, making your office look spacious and airy, despite a substantial number of cabinets and shelves filled with files. A trio of basic seats are lined up by the window. You sit on your own chair, which is marginally more comfortable, enough that you do not feel tempted to leave your desk after a few hours of work. You open your drawer, take several colour pencils and neatly arrange them on your desk. By alphabetical order of colour. Let's start!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xNnRBksvOU [world company from the film Brazil]

You begin by checking the numbers on the requisition ledger. It should be accurate, but it does not hurt to confirm it once again. This is a large, heavy book, filled with closely-written lines of just about everything that can and has been requisitioned from the quartermaster, viz Roderick. The ledger is to be checked against a tall pile of requisition forms, an activity that involves much flipping back and forth of pages and close scrutiny of numbers. Your handwriting is as neat as the rest of your habits. Certainly more than Roderick, who has obviously tried his very best. Once you are done, you fill a multi-page form in, then sign it at the bottom. It is the report to Anders about the ledger being clean.

After this warm-up, you dive deep into the sea of reports that torrent from the watchtower. A lot of petty delinquency as usual. Save for the murders case: Guard Commander Alain Hendersworth reports the disappointing lack of progress in this precise investigation. Apparently murders are being committed in the city, mostly of known thieves, cutpurses, and other members of the lower strata of Alvar's underworld.

File: 150 Paperwork.jpg (129 KB, 850x566)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
So, who remains in charge of this case, now? Constable Marianne Farnston, a new recruit. You know that name... yes! It is her who wrote a hundred pages report... Where is it? You get up and browse your shelves to find it at the letter “K”: “A Comprehensive Guide On The Rescue Of Kitten In Trees And Other Hazardous Places”... Well, we sure are lacking in the staff department. Back to the Guard Commander's report. The last murder was a month and a half ago. A year ago, Escavila the Golden would have been eager to get involved and avenge these people. But today she has cut ties with her past. Hopefully. At least David has a close eye on her, now.

Speaking of which, you remember that the archaeological team at Grunmarl has been requesting for someone to liaison between them and the palace. Bring back messages, urgent requests, and any uncovered artefacts they feel is too important to be left at the dig site. That person will be spending a lot of time travelling back and forth between Grunmarl and Alvar, every day. It is rather thankless, and needs someone who can handle himself on the road.

Now you are left with miscellaneous unusual requests. Let us see. A request to get a permit A-38, from a tiny remote village in the Northwest, near the coast. It seems easy, it is not like it is a herculean task. A refund for A. Buttle, shoe repairer. A law service firm overbilling their clients (red clearance). The last one is the oddest. It is an essay addressed to “whoever is in charge”. The title: “Damp! On the importance of moisture, and why damp should be more praised in Alvar and beyond.”
Well... you will look that tonight. Maybe it will be an interesting read, providing a great escapism from your mere lustreless everyday life. You gather those remaining papers on your desk, and put them in the folder you use when you bring your work back to your room.

File: 160 Choice.jpg (30 KB, 356x450)
30 KB
What do you do now?
> Go to your room
> Something else, and why [write in]
The best time of the day has finally come!
>Something else
Visit the barracks to inspect the guard. They could use a suprise inspection once in a while, we're in charge of the guard aren't we?
Were we teaching a class this afternoon?
>Sir Rein
> class
not today

> Visit the barracks
[writing] well, trying
I'm not the only one noticing the Offspring lyrics, right? Or am I just going mad?
Maybe you could have a surprise inspection of the barracks. Your guardsmen are sure trustworthy, but trust does not exclude control, after all. And while the Duke is far away, some of the guards may take it easy. Why would they do that, you do not have any clue.

As soon as he sees you, the guard at the barracks' door suddenly cannot stop coughing. You punch him in the back to help him breathe. “Are you sick? In this case, you should go to the chapel and have a complete check-up by Sister Simone.”

“N-no, not her” you might hear him mutter. He straightens and with a loud voice. “It is nothing, Captain, n-nothing at all.”

“Let us have a little inspection of the barracks, then.”

The barracks are a huge room with two lines of beds. The recruits in their skivvies stand at attention in two facing rows on top of their footlockers, arms outstretched, hands held rigidly in front of them, palms down, for inspection.

You smack a recruit's hand.“Trim 'em”
Then, to another: “Pop that blister!”

You notice that Markus' foot-locker is unlocked. You pick up the lock and hold it up to Markus. “Aureus! Markus, why is your footlocker unlocked?” You flip open the lid with a bang and begins rummaging through the box. You find a donut.
“You lack proper motivation, Markus”.

After a while, you walk out of the barracks with a smile on your face. There is nothing than a good old inspection to lighten your mood.
File: 170 Night.jpg (241 KB, 1050x1031)
241 KB
241 KB JPG

[Knock at the door]
“Please come in”

It's Nicole, as expected.

“Nice. We will have to work hard tomorrow, so we would better have an early night. “

"Yes, Captain."

A nightgown in hand, you glance at Nicole's attire "Are you going to sleep in that?"

"I don't have pyjamas."

"One wonders how you even survived to reach Alvar." you pick out a spare nightgown and holds it out. "This will do until you get your own."

Nicole handles the silk nightgown as though it is made of gossamer and wishes. "Thank you, Captain. This is... I don't know what to say."

"Is it truly so extravagant?" you are genuinely surprised. "It's just one of my old ones. I was thinking of donating it to one of the churches in the city. You can keep it, if you'd like."

The two of you change into your respecting sleeping clothes. Nicole takes the opportunity to tidy up her own belongings into her wardrobe, after evicting a small colony of dust bunnies.

"Sorry about that," you say. "That half of the room has not been used for a long time. Since before my time, as it happens. I clean the whole room now and again with the help of the maids, but I have been busy. Now you get to do your share of the chores."

You wait till Nicole is ready to sleep. "Good night," you say, and turns out the lights.
You soon fall asleep.
Nightmare time.
File: Spoiler Image (26 KB, 275x640)
26 KB

Now you're awake again. And since it's still dark, you're pretty sure it isn't morning yet.
It only takes a moment to figure out what woke you up. Not only are you drenched in a cold sweat, but someone is... HU-HUGGING you ?
It is the middle of the night. You don't know why, but you are sure this is... Nicole!?
You... you don't even know how to react. Best not to move, as if you were still sleeping, and see what happens.

The minutes pass very slowly, and very, very awkwardly.

After an eternity, you have the idea of pretending to snore. Just when you think that this was a stupid idea, Nicole finally gets up.

You take this opportunity to slightly open an eye, and you...
File: Spoiler Image (560 KB, 1298x641)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
... you

1° On the corner of your eye, you see Nicole standing next to your bed, pic related

2° Then hear Nicole say It's alright, I will protect you

3° And then this music starts playing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pffz3UqKnWU [Mirai Nikki ED]

TO BE CONTINUED... or rather not
I noticed and was deeply disappointed
File: 200 Clannad Fuuko night.jpg (133 KB, 1157x1636)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I'm sorry for this thread, but due to converging factors, I promised myself I would do it.

This is, as everyone can see, a blatant copy paste of the first thread of Lesson in Knighthood Quest, but with Clarissa's point of view as the MC instead of Nicole.
I own neither the setting nor the characters, who all came out from our favourite QM's mind.

Please consider this as a prayer to bring our QM back.

Damp! Wherever you are, we miss you.
Or we rather miss Nicole and her shenanigans...
Keep yourself moist.

I completely forgot the date when I saw this up. Do wish you'd informed me in advance on my ask.fm or something so I could've sent you this trip.
I-I miss damp.
Thanks for the thread. Glad someone did it.

pls damp
I hope to be able play with you again in LKQ, spoilering deliciously brown and shadowrunning.
Because LKQ had a great start and was full of promises. But well, it is up to Damp! now.
This thread needed more paperwork and skilltrees.

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