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Kamen Rider Gaim Quest 01 Armored Riders Appear?!, The Modern Sengoku Jidai Begins!
Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/37848852/
Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/VhyQP2yh

>Do note that this quest, has nothing to do with... not yet any way’s with either Writer Arms, or DJ-Sagara’s Kamen Rider Gaim based quests.

Last time on Gaim Quest: Shin Kamiya made his way to Zawame City where he reunited with his sisters Ringo and Nana, Pulled a big boss and infiltrated Yggdrasil tower, gained various lockseeds as well as transformed into Armored Rider Spartoi and to top it all off out-dancing all of team baron as well as causing a random car to explode somewhere in Zawame City

Who do you wish to take Control of?
SELECT YOUR CHARACTER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekTE1nhxEOw
>Shin Kamiya
>Nana Kamiya
>Ringo Kamiya

Best of 5 wins.
>>Ringo Kamiya
I'll give it a few more minutes. Seems we're going with the Ringo Route.
>>Nana Kamiya
Shocking now we have 2 votes for Ringo and 1 for Nana, will her luck hold out? Since I started sorta late I'll reduce it down to 4 votes win's or if you guys wish it. I'll combine both Nana and Ringo.
File: Ringo Kamiya.png (87 KB, 455x664)
87 KB
Looks like I'll be combining both Nana and Ringo.

>Yggdrasil Meeting Room
>Time: 7:30 PM

You are Ringo Kamiya, Tomorrow your promotion to Executive was in effect, in essence you are the "2nd in command" to Executive Kurishima and this wasn't your day, as you were rubbing at your temples as you heard that 4 Drivers went missing and already the math was running in your mind but then you heard that bemused chuckling that belonged to the man who created said drivers. Yggdrasil's own savant with science Sengoku Ryoma.

"Ah. Ms... excuse me Executive Kamiya it seems you're not taking the news of the driver's being lost so well?' Ryoma asked with a small shrug and a small wry grin.

>Those Drivers are Yggdrasil Property and I intend to get them back.
>Somehow I have a gut feeling you planned this
>Do you have anything else to say Professor?
>Has Taketora Returned from the Crack?
>Write in
Has taketora returned from the crack? It's been hours.
Hum, quiet night. Oh well, I'll push on.

The Smirk that Professor Ryoma aggravated you to no end combined with his apparent non nonchalant attitude about certain things that seriously made you want to punch the living hell out of him but, his scientific knowledge much less his own relentless drive to uncover the secrets of the weird forest realm known as "Helheim" made him a very valuable asset.

"Has Executive Kureshima Returned from the Crack?" You asked as Ryoma's coy smirk grew wider by a small bit before placing a suitcase down in front of you only to open it up showing a freshly made Sengoku Driver with 3 lockseeds.

>Gained Sengoku Driver and the following Lockseeds.
>Green Apple

"Congratulations, Executive Kamiya and Taketora has indeed returned from the crack and is undergoing Debriefing." Ryoma said before returning to his lab while you had to facepalm at Ryoma's twisted humor.

"God damn you Sengou Ryoma!" You growled to yourself before sighing as you picked up the green lockseed.

>The Same time, Outside of Aseir Ramen House

You are Nana Kamiya and you were walking home with your older brother Shin, your peach lookseed was in your backpack as well as your sengoku driver granted you were full of delicious ramen after the epic dance off which resulted in Shin somehow blowing up a car...again

>Your course of action/Thoughts?

>We need to make a team!
>We need to Train!
>Where did you get these belts from Shin?
>Ask Shin about the incident that brought him here
>Head on home
>Call Ringo and or Mom
>Write in
Where is everyone?
head home
>>39292097 Dunno, Saturday is a popular questing night. I might just call it here for now?
>>39292300 One vote added.
File: Nana Kamiya.jpg (156 KB, 409x800)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Guess we're heading home?
It was starting to get late, and well tomorrow was a fresh new day, ripe for anything to happen, with so many lockseeds that Shin had you and him could make up a new Team for the Beat Rider circuit but all good things had to come in time but the main thing was getting home first, well at least showing Shin the way to the condo complex for High Level Yggdrasil employee's and family member's which was nothing short of a gated community in everything but name.

Even though it was the middle of spring the air still had a bit of a cold chill to it soon you and Shin arrived at the gates to the Eden Condominium Complex and Shin let out a low whistle only to cross his arms as he stared at the large vast of buildings complete with Yggdrasil Security.

Eden Condominiums Region theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQxmxJkEkXY

"Gated community, or a cage..." He said as you shook your head only to sigh before heading over to show your ID to the guard who just simply nodded, shortly after Shin finally produced his Yggdrasil ID and was given access.

"Welcome home Shin, this place is pretty much a small city within a city, we got pools, tennis courts, a movie theater, food store and so on." You said noticing the flat stare on his face

>What shall you do/Say
>Cheer up! You'll get used to it!
>Want to meet some friends/classmates of mine?
>Let's go over the lockseeds we have!
>Write in
>>Want to meet some friends/classmates of mine?
Meeting some friends eh? A few more minutes for voting.
"Hey, Shin It's not gonna be all bad here Wanna meet some friends of mine? They're cool people once you get to know them and Bro, seriously no fighting here... Yggdrasil doesn't play that shit." You said as Shin raised his hands up in mock protest.

"Hey, I'm not gonna do something that will risk Ringo loosing her job! I'm an asshole yes but I at least try to justify my assholishnes!" Shin said as the both of you saw seven people three of them were still wearing Heaven's Tree High school uniforms without a word you grabbed Shin by the wrist and dragged him over.

"Oi! Guys, This is my brother Shin!"

Who do you want to meet Shin? (best of 3 wins)
>Mitzunane (grimey bitch grape) Kureshima
>Makoto Makunochi
>Orin Tsubasa
>Altair T.
>Elizabeth Raddock
>Brock Sparta
>Josuke Kenada

Also, I'll need a Sense Motive Check. D20+3 Higher is better
Rolled 4 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Brock Sparta
Rolled 11 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Bitch grape!
Rolled 10 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Rolled 13 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Orin tsubasa
File: Micchi.png (389 KB, 852x469)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
11+3=14 Moderate Pass.

The first thing you did when you saw him was stare him down, intensely earning a groan from Nana as she went to break the both of you up before giving you a pleading/begging look that wordlessly spoke. "PLAY NICE PLEASE?!"

Several of nana's other friends were chuckling at the sight, maybe they thought you were assuming that this guy might have a thing for your sister who knows.

What do you say/Do?
>Are you dating my sister?
>...The name's Shin.
>Say nothing
>Shake his hand... at least TRY to make a good impression here
>Somethings off.. (Percpetion/Sense Motive Roll)
>Heaven's Tree High School huh?
>Write in
Something isn't right
Yeah, Very slow night... I'm going to call it here for now.
Life bump

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