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The B-Movie style BS returns. Aw yeah.

-Character Info: http://pastebin.com/zbKsbGTt
-Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=High%20School%20of%20the%20Eldritch
-Titter: https://twitter.com/CheeseCakeQM

>This quest is basically a HotD x Lovecraftian Horror crossover. If you've played Bloodborne, you will have a good idea what this will be about. But this has girls with huge racks so its infinitely better.

>You're the protagonist of an apocalyptic world, where you need balls and gals to thrive and survive, as you pick up bigass guns, hot chicks and superpowers along the way. You'll need them, because all kinds of jank bullshit monsters are coming for you.

After being attacked by the beast, you bang the barricaded canteen's door, yelling for help. Its dark, and it's early in the night, but there are lights coming from inside. "Let us in! We got attacked, please!"

No reply. But only for a while, before you give up and leave, you hear a femenine voice from the other side. "I can't open" she says. "I'm locked in - I can't get out."

"Alright" you reply. "I might be back later."

Mary, in her drunk-like state, flings herself over you to hug you, with her ridiculous breasts wobbling in front, and then landing to give you a sloppy kiss on the check. "I wuv yu~" she says, and then rubbed her face into yours.

"C'mon, let's go" you reply, in a serious tone, as you drag her with you. Being outside wasn't safe, not with those invisible motherfuckers out there. You decide to return to your 'base', the gym.

You both crawl in through via the weakness in the barricaded doors you made earlier to exit, and then closing it off again.

Mary just giggled and followed, sometimes giving you a clumsy peck on the cheek.

Once inside, you grab a pair of yoga matresses and you drag it into the office - the most secluded place in the gym you could find. There, you laid and tried to sleep. Mary followed, but as soon as she rested on the matress she went to snoring immediately.

You sigh, close your eyes, and try to get some rest.

Morning of Day 2:

Mary was looking at you as you woke up, looking pissed.

"What's wrong?" you wonder, as you raise up, and yawn.

Her fists tighten, and she stared at you with a angry pout. "....Nothing." she said, and looked away.

"I see you're feeling better" you point out, and stand up.

Mary still doesn't look at you, but you can tell she is blushing. "Yeah." she says. "That thing used... something against me." her blush fades out. "I know what that something is" she adds, staring aimlessly forwards. Then she went stiff.

"So...What is it?" you ask, trying to fill the silence.

"I have it too" she replies. "It lets you modify things in bodies. Anything, in a body."

"And you have this too?" you reply. "I believe it's like a magic..." you circle your hand in the air as you look up, trying to find a better word, until you settle for "...Spell? Sounds corny, but let's call it that."

"Yeah." she replies. "But for me, it just happens. I can't control it. Ever since the outbreak started, it just does."

You grab your chin.

"So, if it just 'happens', what have you done with this power so far?" you ask.

Instantly, her face goes full tomato red. "...W-wehehll." she stammers. "It's not like I wanted to, I sware. It just happens, ok? It just happens."

"What happened?" you insist.

"I - uh - IT changed your memories." she said. "So that you'd know who I am."

"I already know who you are - You're Mary. You're famous." you point out, as if it were obvious.

"No." she says. "You didn't know. My... Thing made you believe that."

"Explain" you nearly command. "Explain everything."

"Whatever my... Spell hits, it alters it." she says. "It hit your head. So it made you forget you got hit by it and it made you... Think I was some famous girl. Somehow."

"Mm-hm" you reply.

"It. Uhm. It also gave me. Uhm. These." she pointed to her front.

Right there, something sparked in your brain. Somehow, intuitively and via your injected magic knowledge, you piece together that her power and the brainwolf's power was a "Organic Matter Manipulation" ability.

That explained a lot. It explained how the wolf damaged her brain - the spell was aiming to harm. It explained her proposterous body too, if what she was saying was true.

"Who were you" you ask. "Well, who are you, actually, if you're not the Mary I know?"

"I was a member of the Kendo club." she says. "Not much too it, I was a pretty boring girl" she then chuckled, in self-pity.

"Oh." you reply. "I see."


So, we're at the start of Day 2!

Quick rundown:

We're in the gym, with Mary. This is our "base", and we have it barricaded. We have a backpack, and in it, some first aid items (desinfectant, cotton swabs, tape), our tools, and we're weilding a baseball bat. Mary has a small katana on her back, taken from the principal's office. Also, the situation between you, and Mary, isn't totally clear, but you know she's crazy in love for you, very likely from before the outbreak, when she was just a shy outcast kendo girl. It might be a good idea to clear out that issue. We know that outside has these semi-invisible giant brainwolves, whose only known and confirmed attack is a Organic Matter Manipulation spell (which Mary can also use, but not voluntarily), of some kind. There is also someone (most likely a girl, from the voice we heard) locked in the cafeteria. And we're hungry, and thristy. We haven't aten or drank anything since yesterday's lunch.

So, what do we do? You can choose multipe actions and list them in order of priority. I also really like additions/write ins, so go crazy.

>Fuck Mary's brains out, let her know she's now your cute little slut.
>Kiss Mary and make out with her in a romantic, tender way. Say you'll always protect her.
>Ignore her feelings for now.

>Go to the Cafeteria and try to save the girl inside and get food and water along the way. Write in a suggestion on how to get in (Blast a hole in the wall maybe? Perhaps something more cunning than that?)
>Stay in the gym and try to learn more about Mary's magic and abilities, and experiment with some magic of your own, for mutual learning. However, this will take quite a long while.
>Go outside and hunt Brainwolves, those invisible motherfuckers. Teach them all who is fucking alpha around here.

>Write in anything else.

>>Kiss Mary and make out with her in a romantic, tender way. Say you'll always protect her.
>Go to the Cafeteria and try to save the girl inside and get food and water along the way. Write in a suggestion on how to get in.

Let's try picking the lock.
>Kiss Mary and make out with her in a romantic, tender way. Say you'll always protect her. Let it progress further if she wants to.
Also cop a feel to see if those tits hold up under scrutiny
>Go to the Cafeteria and try to save the girl inside and get food and water along the way. Write in a suggestion on how to get in (Blast a hole in the wall maybe? Perhaps something more cunning than that?)Find a window and pick the lock or break the window. Failing that use a low yield blast to break the lock on the door
Also, for a name for our blast attack, I propose "Hellfire Banishment".
Too chuuni, eldritch bolt is better and more accurate. Save hellfire for fire spells
>Fuck Mary's brains out, let her know she's now your cute little slut.
>Stay in the gym and try to learn more about Mary's magic and abilities, and experiment with some magic of your own, for mutual learning. However, this will take quite a long while.
Rolled 73 (1d100)

You look at Mary with a determined face.

"Remember when you said that you wanted to do that thing before the world ended?" you say.

"Yeah" she answers. Of course she remembered how she stole a kiss from you.

"This is my reply."

You swoop in, grab her from behind her narrow waist and pull her in for a kiss. Mary squealed as she was dragged in, but soon, she was glazed over in the situation. This was what she wanted, for so long. She quickly reacted by wrapping her arms around your neck and deepening the kiss, and pushing her body - hence her gigantic breasts - into yours.

She was quite obviously totally new to this kissing thing, but her voracious eagerness made up for it. You take a pause to release your lips, and mention "I'll always protect yo-" but you're interrupted by Mary plunging herself into your face again, humming anxiously. During the passion, you decide to cope a feel of those knockers.

(OOC: She already said/implied they came from her eldritch powers but all grope is good grope so idgaf)

They felt fat, and creamy. Mary didn't oppose - quite the contrary, she pushed her ribcage forwards into your hands. As you continued your tactile inspection, their enormous mass overwhelmed around your hands like dough, as you got to feel how tremendously heavy and voluminous they were.

After a final, powerful and loud kiss, you release. Mary is left with a smile she can't contain, and she goes up and bumps you in the sternum with her bazongas again as she gives you a spontanous kiss. And then another one, after the which you withdraw with a smile anda pat on her head.

You exit the gym, and decide to sneak to the cafeteria again. Hastily, you reach the door again without an incident, and you pull out your tools to try to McGyver the doorlock open (diceroll, 50+ on 1d100 for success). "I'll stand guard" Mary volunteers, and stands in front of you as you're squatted, working on the lock.
The lock clicks open as you twich the screwdriver in it, and you push it open.

"We're in, c'mon" you say, and you both scurry inside.

You're at the main hall, and there are several tables and chairs.

You can also smell a faint tinge of blood, but you can't see any gore anywhere. You can't see the girl that was supposed to be in here either.

>Write in
Look around and call out, have weapons ready just inn case, and re lock the door behind us.
You close and lock the door behind yourself and you wander inside, cautiously.

"Hello?" you call out.

No reply.

Mary yells the same, with the same result.

You decide to go towards the kitchen, and there, as you step inside, a very short, busty burnette (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/03/fb/7d/03fb7ddc0a8406dec1bb76ed351fee42.jpg) surprises you with a knife in her hand pointing at your face.

"WHOAREYOU" she yells, in a squeaky voice. "WHATDOYOUWANT?"

>Blast her face off
>Say something to her (Write in)
>Say something to her.
Calm down. We're the people who knocked last night. We came to get you out not that the daylight has made things a bit less dangerous.
I'm (insert name here) and I was wanting to get some food. Mary and I were the ones fighting that monster outside yesterday.
"Hi, im Anon, human, from earth. i visited yesterday. You?"
We need to get Mary's chest fixed at some point. Those are so freakishly large that they get in the way of most actions. It's probably ruined her balance.
"Calm down" you say. "I'm a guy. From school. I was the person who fought that beast yesterday, remember?"

She seems to calm down as she lowers her knife and her face seems relieved. "I'm Kanna" she says, then looks at Mary's front. "Hello...? And you are?"

"Mary" she replies, stoic.

"Ah-ham." Kanna nodded, still stareing at her breasts. "I'm glad you came. I was starting to think I was going to be stuck in here for forever and ever."

She starts to open cupboards with the help of a broom, showing rows of boxes of premade meals. "You're here for the food, aren't you? Tehehe." she guesses. "There isn't relatively much, but there's enough for the three of us for quite a long while, ey?"

"Oh, you were the girl who worked here, weren't you?" Mary blurts in.

"Yeppers." she answers. "By the way. Are there more of you guys? Or just Mary and you?"

"Just us" you reply.

"Do you think there are more people in the school building?" Kanna asks, tilting her head.

"I don't know. I haven't been to the town either, I haven't left the school since the outbreak."

>Access to a week's worth of food obtained.
>Kanna +1 Affection. You're acquaintances now.

What do now?

>Write in.
Get food to hide out, then scout other buildings.
No way man. We can always find more harem girls for you.

Attractiveness isn't the problem. Her being a sub-par fighter and requiring 2 people to carry instead of 1 is a problem.
Lets acquire or grant her superstrength then.
Balance would still be fucked up.
How will that help balance or make it possible for one person to carry her?
You stuff your already cluttered backback with cans, and you grab a handful of some more in each hand. Mary does as well.

Kanna looks at you both, bewildered. "Hey, hey, hey. Where are you guys taking that to?"

"The gym" you reply. "Im using it as a base."

"Can I come too?" she asks.


She nods, and grabs a large box of premade soup under each arm, and she scuttles off with you.

You exit the cafeteria, and race back to the gym, leaving everything inside. Kanna decides to stay back, inside your base. "I don't want to die." she admits. "If you want to go out there, and find some more people, cool. But I'm not ready for that."

Mary however, gives you a smile and a nod. She's coming with you.

You both venture out towards the main building, but along the way, you feel a familiar warmth and breathing. Its those invisible wolves again - several of them. You don't know how many, you can't see them, but certainly more than one was around here. You could hear it. The school door is also wide open, and blood is dripping down the edges of it.

What do you do?

>Leeroy Jenkins into the main building
>Ask Mary to go in first as a scout.
>Wuss out and return to base.

>Write in.
She's just as much worth for her powers as she is for her katana-fu. I say focus on developing her magics for now, so that she can turn herself back to normal or something, and then use her as melee extraordinaire later on.
>Look in the windows?
>attract the curiosity of one somehow (a rock, maybe) bash its head in. divide and conquer time
Rolled 52 (1d100)

>>Write in.
... hm we can't see our target. Yeah >>39875509 draw attention some how, but not near us.

Then we can plan after seeing what answers.
Good plan.
>Wuss out and return to base.
We barely managed against one. We can't handle several.
Similar to these, try to cause distractions away from us, so we can try to slip past them.
maybe turning back and training in the gym is a good idea
You decide to play it safe, and try look through the window, by venturing further in. Along the way, you pick up a small pebble, to use as a distraction later. Mary followed.

Then, without warning, you felt a large paw-like imprint on the back of your shoulder, that suddenly accelerated and sent you rocketed out, slamming you into the fence at the other side of the front patio.

You cough blood, hanging like a limp sock puppet on the floor until adrelaline kicked in, urging you to stand up and look around.

Nothing. Except Mary, who was rushing up to you, with the usual wild party of boobflesh bouncing in front.

"Run!" she cried, pointing to the gym.

You did, sprinting as fast as you can towards the gym, and trying to undo the barricade, but not fast enough. You could hear the canine grunting running up towards you, which came in for another strike at your torso, tearing off your shirt and causing you to cough out a chunk of blood.

Mary arrived later, and tried to urgently remove part of the barricade as well. But she couldn't quick enough- and you were being beaten up. Bad.

Frustrated, panicked and desperate, she grabbed hold of the door and pulled - and a surge of sparks flew from her body, surrounding her body, and then she vanished - and the barricade blasted open, and somehow, a force pushed you in as well, and then the door slammed shut again.

Then, out of nowhere, Mary suddenly appeared in the middle of the gym, unconcious and nude, with pieces of her clothing lying nearby.

Kanna jumped in from the office, with a loaf of bread in her mouth.

"Whoa. What happened?" she asked.

>Write in.
>brainwolves happened
>check self for broken bones, punctured lungs
>how is mary? not bleeding from the eyes or anything, i hope
>Brainwolves are invisible, and use organic manipulation beams
>Mary uses organic manipulation powers but cant control it.
>Mary went beastmode and turned invisible
>Mary is a brainwolf. Or has brainwolf powers or blood or some shit.
Mary and I ran into brainwolves,(describe them) and she apparently ahs powers like them.
Rolled 2, 4 = 6 (2d4)

Gonna roll beastmode consequences, because consequences.

First dice: Body (Since y'all want her boobs to be fixed, but I like 50/50s)
1: Completely reverted
2: Partially reverted
3: Partially enhanced
4: Enhanced

Second dice: Other consequences:
1: Severe internal organ damage
2: Purple dots all over her legs, that itch.
3: Random areas of her arms and legs are now invisible, revealing flesh and bone.
4: Nothing.
Phew good luck for us.
Got to end it here, sorry guys. Will try to continue tomorrow.
thanks for running!
Hey QM. If you're going to keep track of affection points and inventory, can you use a pastebin?
Glad to know that Mary's back problems have been partially eased.

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