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File: guardsmanshocked.jpg (16 KB, 347x349)
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ITT: Moments when YOU became That Guy.
>Session ends with my char beaten up, tied down and ready for the slammer
>This was done by the group because I was tresspassing in that tower
>Next session got postponed for reasons
>When we begin, GM asks someone to recap
>I do it and skip the part of me losing the fight
>Continue from mid-fight and floor all of them
Where the hell is this guardsman from?
Reverse google gave me four /tg threads.
He looks like a cameo in GI Joe or something.
I wondered too.
Exo Squad.
Battletech cartoon?
> Playing Warlock whos pretending to be a Rouge
> Start Campaign in Jail Cell
> After 10 minutes in seprate cells I decided to do something.
>Teleport opposite side of bars
> Open doors for party members, kill Guards
> Oh snap, we killed all the guards
> Induct small Hamlet into our party, through fear, then by love.

> my simple Warlock-Rouge, is now Bandit King.
> Bandit King starts rebellion against "Evil Empire."

> DM mentions to me sometime later he was about to do something and the guards were going to hire us to do something.
Exo Squad? What heresy is this?
Does it count as "That Guy" if it ended making for a pretty good plot-arc, despite putting everyone else in the party in danger?

Cos I sorta did that with this thing I posted in another topic: >>40383081
You count as "That Guy" if you made the gme experience progressively worse for people in the table.
File: 43267720.jpg (58 KB, 500x375)
58 KB
I used to be one of those holdouts who would always suggest we play DnD 3.5, even after 5E came out.

I am so ashamed...
>new superheroes campaign
>make a kinetic energy controller
>give myself all sort of useful and creative abilities based off this
>jump and then stop in midair, blow people across the room with a punch, deflect attacks, lock down enemies, etc..
>game begins
>everyone else is playing very straightforward heroes
>encounters are designed around them, not me
>I wipe the floor with things while they struggle
>defeat the big supervillain in a single attack
>sudden realization that I'm that asshole who brought a wizard to a party full of fighters and monks.
File: SwordCharaReference.png (332 KB, 520x354)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
>Make rich spoiled swordgirl character.
The basic idea here was that she was going to be some bored noble that used her family's money to get lots of sword training and be pretty good at it... but sorta suck at everything else.
My intention was to almost be a comic-relief character. Rush into fights overconfident and unprepared, refuse to use stealth when the rest of the party wanted to, whine every time we had to camp out somewhere instead of going to an inn (complete with having zero survival skills)... basically have the party babbysit her until she learned that adventuring was SRS BSNS and finally grow up and have some character development.
That's not what happened.

>First plot arc leads us to some abandoned necropolis or whatever that cultists are using for some summoning ritual.
>Party mage is studying the statues and ruins outside, rogue is looking for loot or traps or some shit, religitard paladin is praying to god or whatever. BORIIIINNNNG.
>Go in alone
From this point on in the RP, my luck just turns amazing forever.
>Through dumb luck and not a single roll under 18, I avoid the traps along the way out of sheer reflex saves.
>Get to main chamber, severely outnumbered
>At some point in the following fight, I rolled three 20s in a row.
>Win fight, kill all the cultists
>Party finally finishes up their shit outside, prepares to move in
>My character is casually strolling out with a bloody sword dragging the cult leader behind her.
>"You guys done with study hall out here? Good. Not that you deserve it, but I don't need the money anyway, so if you carry him back for me, I'll let you share the credit."
The entire rest of the RP went like this. I didn't even mean it to. It was like playing Fallout New Vegas with 10 Lucky, everything just worked for me ALL THE TIME. What was supposed to end up being a character the party needed to babysit ended up stealing the spotlight, being a total bitch about it (hey it's her personality) and earning me untold butthurt.
Terrible cartoon that took shit from Macross, Battletech, and apparently 40k. When exosquad appropriated the Battletech Madcat and FASA sued it started the shitstorm that caused the "unseen"
The dangers of staying true to your character. You could have had her be scared at some point during her fight.
Not sure if that guy. It just seems like you're the only one who optimized. That's just an issue with party. This is why groups should make characters together.
They mostly come from the first years of gaming. I was so young and so, so stupid.

I DMed for a bunch of schoolmates in high school. But I wasn't really fond of them. So after the second session I sent them to a kind of tomb-of-horroresque dungeon filled with deathtraps and killed them all. (it didn't hel that
they kinda were ThatGuys of their own, as teens usually are).
Then, one of the guys wanted to run a game for me and my other friends. Suspecting a revenge TPK, we briefly considered showing up with the Dark Lords from the ravenloft book as PCs, but in the end agreed on just powerleveling our evil characters from our home campaign and use those. The adventure was a straight rip-off from Baldur's gate and it was super-boring because the DM had no idea what to do on that side of the screen.
I can only say that those were the darkest times in my gaming career.
Anon, that's some Universal-rewriting ability you have there.
>Playing in a short (10 session) palladium game
>My character is an aberrant (letter of the law keeps his word, will do anything for his goals) elf Paladin
>Rest of the party is a male Orc Witch, a Fire/Air magic Warlock, a human Soldier and s human priest played as brother and sister, and a human Longbowman: everyone is evil or close to it, together out of mutual goals; all 5th level
>Sessions are going great - we get to the typical Mayincatec ruined city in the jungle, pretty tough slog. My character and the orc Witch are getting chummy
>Huge fight with natives, everyone is wounded but we pull it out at the end. We decide to take a break from the table, then return find a place for the characters to hole up, heal, etc.
>I go out for a smoke. While outside I hear the guy playing the warlock say I just don't know how to roleplay evil. I mean, full mockery mode. Being a real ass about it.
>Now, I had this guy set up with the GM so that 99% of the time he came off as a noble warrior Captain Goodguy but if you broke your word to him, betrayed him or his friends, or impeded his goal of founding an Elven Homeland he'd gladly torture you to death while humming showtunes. The GM has already told me he likes how I am playing the guy.
>I make a bunch of noise coming in. He's grinning at me.
>As the party moves to shelter more natives attack.
>The Warlock lays down a Cloud of Steam specifically so that it covers all the natives *and* the longbowman, soldier, and priest, killing them as well as the foes.
>Out of character he tells everyone 'next to last session; fewer ways to split the loot!'
>I tell the GM "I hurl my battle axe at the warlock"
>Hit; kill the warlock. I look him in the eye 'One less split to the loot'
>He goes off 'that is out of character! You've been a goody-goody this whole time! There is no way a guy roleplayed as good would do that!'
>GM is laughing as I show him the separate sheet of notes on character motivation
flash forward a decade
>I live 1,000 miles away
>doing an entirely different career
>Get a resume on a job application; vaguely recognize the name. Invite them in for an interview
>Interviewee walks in; its the guy who played the Warlock
>He says 'would I be working for you?'
>He walked out without a word
I was hoping to hire a gamer!
Shit that didn't happen.
Because of ADHD, I often, without paying attention to what I'm doing with my hands, start to play with the d10s of other players spinning them like tops
>doing a dungeon crawl in 5e
>way is blocked, we have to sift through rubble to get into the next room
>fresh corpse in there
>one of the players asks how the hell there could be a body if the way was blocked by rocks
>pipe up from other side of table that there must have been another entrance in
>she screams at me to shut up
That's not That Guy...that's pointing out the obvious.
We were having a lot of fun one time playing DH until, for no reason, I tried to shoot a really important NPC that was sick and bedridden and had fallen into nihilism (logic being "if you are not going to do anything in your life I might as well take you out of your misery")

The result in the game is irrelevant, it completely killed the mood of the session because I acted impulsively like an idiot.
Why would I lie?
to make the story seem better
I personally do not mind, but I suppose others do
That's not really That Guy behaviour. One of our players does that sort of thing, I've got this little notepad and I have to stop him stealing it at least once per session.
Why would you?
Oh, I would never do that, I'm just a bit annoying
>Playing Goblin Alchemist
>First session with the party
>Okay guys, all of them, except a guy playing a half-orc fighter
>Chaotic Randumb Murderhobo mostly, all the jazz, stealing from pcs, stealing from npcs, always getting caught, insults...
>FF to night
>Random Encounter, couple of worgs
>Me and the fighter fail the perception roll, we stay asleep
>Randumb decides to start sleep-fucking a tree while insulting the party barbarian
>Calls him son of a Goblin whore
>My char wakes up, hears him, ignores ongoing battle to stab him in the spine

Don't know if really That Guy-ish, I could've fought and ignored him though.
I didn't mean as in full on theft, just taking it and fiddling.
Then again, I get really butthurt about people touching my stuff so I'm probably just autistic.
pretty sure you've got that backward.
The Unseen were ripoffs of Macross designs. FASA did the ripoff, not some third party
There was one entire session in which I had no choice but to be "that guy" for half of it

>Playing DH game
>Due to high corruption and other reasons I agreed with the GM that my character would suffer from loosing consciousness at times and my personality would shift into a complete evil bitch that doesn't give a fuck about his companions

>Previous to the next session, do a single game with the GM in which I make a pact with a demon (campaign is coming to an end and I want my character to survive)

>Next session
>Everything goes smoothly and well in advancing through an underhive to get to the base of BBEG and kill him before he summons nurgle demon
>personality shift happens
>From then on become a total asshole
>Blow up the initial plan of an stealthy entrance by entering head on
>All party is caught in an ambush
>Side with BBEG and ask the rest of the party to lower their weapons and submit
>Shoot another player for not doing it
>Blow the face of another player that had interrupted the BBEG
>Disarm another player who had managed to sneak a weapon that he was going to use to shoot the BBEG
>Kill loveable NPC who tried to come and save us
>All of this done because I wanted to stay in character

Well, I least I got praise for the good roleplaying
>staying in character due to justified reasons
>that guy

Anon, no.
my absolute favorite
something very similar happened in one of my DH games... I wonder...
Vainilla did it
File: vento_lulzeuro.png (415 KB, 680x680)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Holy shit, that's amazing

It's one of Bison's henchmen from the 90's Street Fighter cartoon.
Wow you don't know shit about an awesome series huh?
Never, everyone else on the other hand became that guys.
Everyone ever? Cool.
> Exo Squad
> terrible

Get >>/out/
>Exo Squad

It's proof that the US can make their own anime and make it awesome you philistine.
What's it like to be completely wrong about everything all of the time?
>Make loli gun ninja
>make sure nobody knows but the GM
>going through security at club first session
>get fondled
>immediately start gunfight with the security
>cops get called
>police kills fellow PC, causes expensive cyber limb damage to everyone else
>we get away but lost our first job and are wanted as cyber psychos

I'm so sorry, I just wanted to play the daughter of the bad guy from my last game. I didn't know the GM was gonna make it weird
exo squad was awesome, its about racism in space and dudes in power armor fighting space pirates martian superhuman and all kinds of stuff
>be barbarian
>party is filled with 2edgy rogue,bard,fallen paladin, and a really apathetic cleric
>rogue tries to steal some of the gold, i see him
>bard(who is friends with rogue) casts charm person but fails
>attack and kill bard in 1 turn
>rogue steps in but fails horribly, loluncannydodge
>swat him like a fly
>paladin sees an opportunity to kill me and steal my awesome sword
>smash him cuz lolnopowers
>me and cleric split said loot
>kill cleric while he rested
That's not a a big deal, anon. I know how you feel, though, I constantly have to be fiddling with things in order to feel comfortable. Years and years of vidya, LEGOs, and drawfagging is probably the reason why, sort of like how smokers tend to have oral fixations. When I have dice, I just tend to roll them around for no real reason, which has a nice side-effect of making all of my players constantly nervous.

This was barely my 3rd Pen and Paper game every played
What caused me to go down the road of That Guy:
>Play with DM introduced by my friend
>Do it over AIM (Skype/Roll20 didn't exist back then)
>New character made in an already existing party
>Character got tricked by DM into rummaging through the current party's wagon of stuff
>My character gets beat up and turned into the party's minion for stealing from them
>Fast forward later in the session where my character gets killed
>Slowly bleeding to death, no one bothered to even stabilize me
>Never got killed before; DM made it seem like I played a weak ass character, and felt no sympathy. Felt bullied so I gave up playing nice.
The moment I temporarily became a shade of That Guy:
>Make Druid with bear companion because DM is horrible with making balanced encounters and I wanted to survive
>Finally decent enough to keep up with party despite my inexperience
>Anytime the DM thought I may steal the spotlight, he makes up ways to screw me over, including a troll crashing a door right on top of me so his friends get the glory
>Subtly got back at DM by asking for non-core spells from the Spell Compendium; saved them for BBEG
>At BBEG fight, blew all spells to buff Druid and Bear and threw all my Save-or-Sucks
>DM refused to let my character have the spotlight at all, kept DM Fiating bullshit such as an Eye Washing Station spell and enter Gaseous Form when clearly grappled. He was a Vampire Wizard.
>DM caused himself to be backed into a corner where eventually no one in the party had any feasible way to stop the BBEG. Cue DMPC Cleric use cutscene powers to one-shot the Vampire with a Cure Medium Wounds neck hold
It was that day I found out that DM was one of the worst DMs ever(but I was in heavy denial since he gave quantity over quality), and also realizing that the only way I become a That Guy is if I'm playing with a That DM.
I recently was "That Guy"
>playing a NG Elf Cleric of the Demigod of Flowers
>respects the Gods
>rest of party: TN Murderhobo Barbarian, CN Goblin Hunter with a prehistoric Rhino, Blink CN Dog Inquisitor with a Miniature Human Cohort (wtf?), TN Halfling Rogue (blatant Bilbo rip-off)
>Evil demons have taken up residence beneath the temple
>root out the demons, free the animals they were expirementing on.
>find notes that the demons were expirementing with Godblood, specifically that of the Goddess of Death
>find Goddess of Death, helpless having her blood slowly removed by tube aparatus
>Barbarian wants to kill her, has a beef because a friend died to her minions
>Blink Dog wants to take a sample of the blood
>Goblin wants to let his Rhino eat the Goddess and gain her power
>Halfling has no clue
>I decide this is way to fucked up, and I'll save the Goddess.
>tell everyone to roll initiative.
>I win, cast Confusion on everyone except halfling
>Barbarian babbles incoherently
>Rhino kills blink dog
>Goblin stabs his rhino
>miniature man cohort feels in terror
>hafling does nothing
>I walk over to death goddess and teleport out of the dungeon with her.
>Goblin gets killed by rhino
>Minature man gets killed by blink dog
>halfling runsaway

Thats what they get for not playing Full Casters, am I right?
I would've done the same in your situation
But did you fuck the goddess?
loli gun ninja....

[disgust intesifies]
>playing a somewhat effeminate fighter
>we take down an encounter and get some loot, start identifying it
>find a belt, druid starts identifying it
>my fighter asks for it since he got no loot last session
>Barbarian for some reason decies to crack jokes about it being a belt of gender reversal
>snatches the belt and forces it on my character
>DM says it wasn't one but one of the gods saw the whole debackle and thought it'd be funny to make it one
>well okay then I guess.
>decide to say fuck it and play him out as not caring much
>instead being rather interested
>table gets uncomfortable
>have him constantly mention the need of getting a new armor fitting and shit like that.
>players suddenly scramble to find a cure for the curse ASAP

Looking back on it, I think all of us were That Guys on that part.

Whatever. It'd still do it again, you fucks.
That DM in that case, I think

Look at this faggot.

Don't think this image is from Exo Squad - the jump troops had way more armor after the first 5 episodes than this guy, and none of the Venitian guerillas had as much as the image.

Also, watch Exo Squad. holy shit that cartoon was so ahead of its time. Politics, naval, covert, and ground warfare, diplomacy, World War II analogies, named characters dying in battle (RIP Alec Deleon), racism, compelling villains, heroes on both sides of the war. It doesn't get much better than this show.


Admiral Windfield just prior to launching the Normandy-esque invasion to liberate Earth: "All of human history has led us to this moment. Do you know where I used to think I'd be? On a ranch. I always loved horses...All units, begin the assault."
i will fight you mate. wolf bronski is best character in any story ever
Fite me, faggot, Exo-Squad was epic.
And it is official.

You have ABSOLUTELY no taste.
Is that an issue to some people?
Unabashedly swilling beer on a children's cartoon.
My sheer hatred of the Tau almost got us in trouble at the FLGS because I just couldn't stop coming up with new insults for them and people who play them. Eventually the manager came over and asked if we'd keep the coarse language down.

I'll bet the faggot was a Tau player.
You can't say that and not share some of those sick xeno burns
Sure he can. It's a made-up story.
I've turned the intrigue based campaign into a slaughterhouse. Every single noble we've interacted with, I've killed. With the exception of one. The witch turned that one into a lizard.
Tau player detected.
File: Lawful Stupid.png (531 KB, 755x547)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
When I made a Rorschach expy it taught me that characters like Rorschach could only be considered good in the most cynical of worlds. I was pretty much the parties millstone. The worst cases of it were:
>Having a subordinate tortured to death because said subordinate objected to prisoners being tortured to death even though they already gave up information.
>Killing a guy carrying a demon summoning kill switch when the rest of the party wanted to wait for an opportunity to kill him without summoning a powerful demon.
>Committing genocide against an entire tribe through poisoning their water supplies because said tribe wanted to remain neutral in the conflict because they saw no reason to fight against either side since both just pass through their lands as quickly as possible.
...I'm pretty sure Rorschach never killed the ambivalent. He certainly didn't respect them, but he didn't murder them.
honestly that sounds more chaotic/stupid than lawful stupid. rorschach took no excuses for wrongdoing, but the demon thing is just impractical and the guy is punished either way, the genocide thing is over the top, tortured cause you don't like torture is kinda iffy?
It's storytime for you, anon.

Tell me your story.
To be fair, it was because of a That Guy himself in my group, but I shouldn't have sunk to his level.

>Every time we go into a town, That Guy tries to ring up the local hookers and fuck about a dozen of them at once to boast of his manliness or whatever.
>Insist on fade to black, he complains vociferously, apparently wanting me to narrate his sexual escapades or whatever.
>One day, pass him a note saying that he has an odd purple swelling on his character's dick.
>It kind of hurts when he pisses.
>Tries going to clerics, have all of them laugh at him, and maliciously make him try to make nigh-impossible diplo checks to convince the priests that he deserves to be healed instead of launching into sermons concerning his sexual immoralities.
>Character eventually dies without ever getting it cured. in what was a probable suicide by monster.
My Rorschach expy had a heavy dose of Richard Rahl thrown in as well. The infamous designated hero who viewed virtue as weakness, imposed economic and military sanctions against countries who didn't join his empire, was sexually attracted to his girlfriends general ripper behavior and had legendarily poor impulse control.
In the case of torturing a guy who objected to torture, my characters 'reasoning' was "Only the wicked object to the punishing of the wicked". Also, objectivism defines morality as "the degree to which one's actions ensure one's continued survival" so my character considered things like mercy, generosity, compassion, empathy or honor to be weaknesses.
jesus christ nigger. you play table top games and can't fucking spell ROGUE!? the u comes after the g numbnuts
>rogue trader rp
>super mutated navigator that looks like palpatine but twice as spooky and half as charismatic
>the party is at the local hive world to stock up on ammo and beer
>I go to the nearest beast master and flash a razor sharp smile at the caged creatures
>stampede ensues
>I single handedly subdue the creatures (rolled a 1) and got a bounty for it
>I then bought the master's beasts and ended up with what the GM described as a 'rock Buffalo'
>I proceeded to ride the Buffalo everywhere forever, naming him Jennifer II
Jenny I is a different story
Isn't it ironic that Rorschach was meant to be an insult to Objectivism and he's still nicer than objectivist characters that are treated as heroes.
>Playing a Chaotic Neutral Goblin
>Character's backstory has very little reason to hang out with the party, so goes out to wander around as soon as the campaign starts and the rest of the group is durdling around on the beach that the campaign started at
>Stupid shit, one guy tries to tame a random beach crab for no conceivable reason other than "For lulz"
>I find an automaton in my wanderings, decide its the most interesting thing I have seen, and that I will roll with it.
>Bring automaton back into functioning condition, convince it to join up with me
>Follows me back to the beach where everyone is still durdling around
>After they finish durdling, the automaton gives us a quest to do this that and the other thing, I agree because I actually like the automaton
>A few sessions later, half of the party does basically nothing but durdle, one essentially just broods, and I spend the majority looking for fun things to do
>"Features" of the setting that piss me off (Death resulting in no penalties at all, for example)
>Complete the Automaton's quest, on the plane that would take us off the island
>The NPC we found along the way goes to refuel the automaton
>Rolls a nat1 on the check
>The automaton breaks, my character essentially goes berserk
>A few rounds later, after some severely fudged combat, I end up dying, they dump me over the side into the ocean
>I successfully stabilize

I like to imagine that I survived that encounter, found my way back to the mainland, and murdered everyone from that party. Its not impossible, as I had a class feature that let me breath underwater basically indefinitely. I left right after that session, but from what I heard, the game collapsed anyway..
>loli gun ninja
>gm gives green light
>not expecting to be weird
>Party ranger decides to make paintings of his good deeds.
>Produces high school quality images of him killing monsters with his bare hands.
>Me, the CHA-lord warlock decides to make money.
>Take them to an auction house, steal the stage, and lie about the quality of the paintings.
>Pull everything I could remember from one quarter of Art History.
>Roll deception like crazy.
>Cause a bidding war over terrible paintings.
>Table is cracking up.
>Sell them for 700 gold.
>Head back to party and give Ranger 70 gold.
>Tell him it's his cut.
>He gets pissed.
>Spills over to meta.
>Mfw he says I stole his money.
>"Motherfucker, I did not steal your money. You did not contribute a goddamned thing to this con. The reason those paintings sold so well is that I decided to sell them. Your ass didn't have a single fucking thing to do with that. In a perfectly fair world, I'd give you three coppers for those terrible paintings, and we'd call it even. Instead, I generously gave you money from my own share, and you started this meta whining."
>I pay barbarian 100 gold to watch my back just to piss of the ranger.
Is playing a mindless murderhobo really that fun? I have someone in our group that does it. No one is ever allowed to live because "NO LOOSE ENDS."

Exactly what kind of story are you expecting? Anon's story seemed pretty explanatory...
Question, am I a that guy if I want to point out to the GM that he made a mistake that might have been on purpose?

I'm playing in a Rogue Trader game, and I lost a total of 9 toughness over 2 critical damages as well as burned a fate point. The problem is, that on the first critical damage (rending body 8), the options were to lose toughness OR die, and he made me take both since I burned a fate point to avoid death. The next time (impact body 7) I was supposed to take fatigue damage and instead took permanent toughness damage, as well as another player (impact body 8) took permanent toughness damage.

The thing that bothers me is that we're playing a rogue trader game, but he's using the only war rulebook for a lot of things, such as critical damage and talent. Are the rules the same, or are they different. If they are different, why not use the rogue trader rules since we are player a rogue trader game with rogue trader characters?
File: 1433143694719.jpg (131 KB, 432x561)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
File: 1412502680421.jpg (52 KB, 597x519)
52 KB
>Go to LGS with an attached bar
>Meet cool part-Japanese dude, have a beer, we decide to play Twilight Struggle
>accidentally refer to Miyamoto Musashi as Chinese cause that wasn't the first beer
>awkwardness ensues and there's been radio silence even though we talked about meeting up for another game
I'm sorry
File: 458-god-wills-it-cat.jpg (83 KB, 500x600)
83 KB

>Be me
>Play a Paladin
>Bandit fortress ahead of us
>Fighter wants to go up to the main gate.
>I stop him
>Tell him that's the worst idea.
>Get on my knees
>Pray to my God
>God tells me to walk up to gate
>Go to main gate
>Ask if they'll let us in.
>Front gate opens
GM could have made it awesome.
>police get called
>party gears up for a fight
>they just rush over to the loli ninja and wrap her in a blanket and ask if she's alright
>"don't worry miss the bad man is going to jail now for what he did, it's going to be okay"
>this happens every time someone tries to do anything to her, no matter what the situation
File: 100.gif (4.85 MB, 395x281)
4.85 MB
4.85 MB GIF
"You just need to have faith that we'll be allowed in!"
'I did have faith we'd be allowed in...'
"No, no no! You were believing all wrong! Look, God told me we should just walk right up."
'I said we should walk right up...'
"CEASE YOUR COMPLAINING, AND FOLLOW THE EDICTS OF MY LORD! He knows better than any mere mortal, so don't question him!"
If I know the DM isn't the type to keep track of every player's statistics constantly, i'll make small fudges with my character.

1 more spell known than I should have, i'll "forget" to mark a spell slot as used for the day, that sort of thing.
>Game of PF
>Character is capricious, greedy, and has the moral values of what you'd expect from a 2000 year old CN undead
>Horde mountains of pointless objects
>Still have enough brains to know that standing around and swiping loot out from under people is fucking gay as hell, even if it's technically in character
>every time I come across a chest or some form of loot That Guy gains 1000 mph movement speed in an instant and is always over my shoulder despite being multiple rooms over behind several walls
>Will only "allow" me to take the loot if it's something he's not personally interested in
>Will otherwise reflex to grab it from my hands
>That guy is playing a LN monk
>come across a trapped and locked chest
>unlock chest and send private message to DM that I only disabled the lock and not the trap
>Call monk over to come look at it
>It fucking explodes, monk still manages to save because he has a billion reflex somehow
>Roll attack while he's still mid-dodge, land a crit and cut him in half
>player spent half an hour trying to tell the DM that's bullshit and not possible
What you should do is get a ballpoint pen that does almost no sound when clicking. So whenever you get distracted just click away. Helped me.

Or get one of these small ballon thingys that are filled with sand. Works just as well.
I think they meant more stories of that character stealing the spotlight
>almost no sound when clicking

Nigga the click is half the point, you gotta know that you're actually clicking the pen and not just smashing your thumb against an inanimate object
Whenever I run a quest or participate in one, I pretty much become That Guy/That DM.
>Nearly died on my pathfinder wizard.
>I've been the brains of the operation in and out of game
>been playing it more buff focused hastes and what not
>due to my "lack of dps" everyone thinks my character is weak.
>leadership is questioned
>throw a temper tantrum in the next encounter
>black tentacles, webs, dazing fireballs
>whoops fighter and rouge got caught in the black tentacles

yeah I was playing a pathfinder wizard I don't get to feel underpowered
File: good one, take a bite.jpg (40 KB, 350x418)
40 KB
that's priceless

you made me want to create a paladin which nobody knows if he really communicates with his God or he suffers from schizophrenia
>This is why groups should make characters together.
I like that advice. That is very sound advice.
I think you did the right thing anon.
File: miserable-then-happy.gif (999 KB, 500x268)
999 KB
999 KB GIF
sauce on the pic?
Nah, that shit is usually funny. Unless they later try to push the genderbent character into uncomfortable situations.
File: kill me.png (194 KB, 361x361)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
>hey anon you want to play X?
>go home and read up on it
>first session later
>it's clear none else know the system
>you're now That Guy and a rules lawyer
Just pronounce it rog-you from now on.
I think I'm about to become That Guy and it's not even intentional.

>DM is running Princes of the Apocalypse
>want to be a Dwarven luchador
>can't stop myself from playing a refined and intelligent Fighter as is my norm though
>decide on the backstory of a Dwarf of a noble clan who ditched his responsibilities to pursue his true love (masked wrestling) and everything went to shit while he was away
>is now adventuring around hoping to find something in Dwarven ruins that can help restore his clan's honor, but obviously never tells anyone this because he's always in his luchador persona
>character's bizarre plans always work handily and to the group's benefit
>constantly resolve several quests at once with insane strokes of luck
>fortuitously hit sidequests in just the right order to uncover clues to the location of Dwarf King's tomb and how to acquire the keys, often without anyone else in the party understanding
>character looks like he just magically knows where every secret compartment is related to this stuff or the combination to ancient Dwarf locks
>wind up with a fucking +3 shapeshifting weapon that doubles as a key to the ancient Dwarf kingdom and marks its wielder as the true King
>just hit level 7
Like, I'm not planning this shit, but the stars have aligned to make this character seem far more impressive, important, and intelligent than he is. And there's also all these fucking Dwarven golems we keep running into, including one under our keep (which we stole from a cult and renovated, in lieu of the shitty wagonyard the adventure normally gives you for an HQ) and two in the tomb we're currently at, that seem to be keyed by the weapon. I fully expect to begin the next session by activating two giant stone juggernauts and marching them around the countryside while everyone else diddles their butthole.

Thank god for the other Fighter having the world's best rolls and being a nigh-unkillable demigod as a result. I'd look way shittier if they weren't so OP.
My groups fighter is bragging about being 1 level higher than the rest of us via sucking of DM cock
Bitch pissed me off so much that last combat I 'accidentally' cast fireball twice (sorcery points) and 1-shot her, then proceeded to kill everything she was fighting
File: jeanne.jpg (1.1 MB, 741x995)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
I got your next character art for ya

> Schizophrenic Pilot
> Can actually talk to the dead
> group just think he is nuts
> Actually just Catatonic
> Group treats him like shit, even though he is a really nice guy, who just wants to help out.
> Gets advanced warning from Gm (Via the dead) that the Commissioner has been converted and the meeting with him is a trap.
> Arrive at scene
> Group forces him to stay and watch the car (Taking all the guns & Car keys with them)
> Sick of these pricks, don't warn them, Hotwire car and leave before shit goes down.
> They all get killed by Mob of Genetically modified Bees.
> "Bet that stings"
WELL GOOD, Glad you guys agree. The players who are now rolling up new murderhobos are not so happy.

The Goddess of death is like an old witch/hag, totally nasty. And I'm a beautiful elf maiden. Gotta keep my virginity so I can take Leadership and get a unicorn in a few levels.

So There was no sex between myself and the death goddess.
>Be a CN human rogue
>The DM goes full "something from the heavens crashed on a farmland event"
>Inspect the crash site with the party. It's a meteorite.
>Party shrugs it off and walks away, "The end of times is close, meteorites are common these days".
>I want to inspect it further.
>DM says black goo comes out of it and gets into my skin.
>Shit man
>Feel alright, inspect myself, nothing changed.
>Return to the party, say nothing.
>Wake up that night, the goo has covered me and gave me a new set of maws, claws and talons.
>Hear myself saying we hunger.
>Realize that GM just took venom from spider-man and placed it into his medieval fantasy setting.
>Go out for a hunt.
>Eat a deer whole, still hungry.
>Eat many animals, still hungry, only their heads give me any satisfaction.
>I get it, need the brainz.
>See the TN halfling tent. He's known for dissappearing for long periods of time.
>No one will miss him.
>He's asleep and defenseless.
>RIP Bilbo wannabe
>No longer hungry, go to sleep.
>Wake up normal "Oh look the halfling is gone again".
>Every night turn into Venomwannabe.
>The greatest larty foe comes from within.
I like the part where you cause people pain.
That Guy would roll such a character in the first place, despite it being an obvious pain in the ass for everyone else. Saving grace is that anon recognized it as a terrible idea afterwards and presumably doens't roll those sorts of characters anymore.
underrated post.
>actually autistic
>pace uncontrollably when imagination is captured
>have to be called back to the table when its my turn and I'm making everyone nervous
I'm so sorry.
Your GM loves your character, and likes you as a player.
did you even read it? I said that I was forced to play that character because of high corruption
i made an op as fuck psionic warrior and basically decided to bend the rule so fucking hard it didnt even resemble the base class because I hated my dm. Oneshoted his stupid dmpc's and boss but he fiated it that they got away and told me to quit it. So i left and told him to fellate his former characters to someone else. I just wanted to piss him off because this guy was so bad at even roleplay let alone story building, character building, and dm'ing in general it was insane. Im glad he doesnt dm anymore because otherwise i would feed his players the most broken jank possible behind the scenes to ruin his games constantly.
That was his point. You weren't that guy because you didn't make a character like that on purpose.

That's pretty sweet actually,you conned a guy into getting more than you had before.
All pens are inanimate objects
You don't lose you're virginity when two girls have sex, anon. Don't you read yuri?
Iunno, fiating away a broken ass character played by an malicious player seems pretty legit. You made cheese, the GM used rule 0 to invalidate said cheese for everyone else's benefit and tried to talk it out with you.

But no, you're That Guy. It was all about you imagining yourself to be some sort of manipulative genius instead of him just not wanting to GM for some prick. He probably does still GM, it's just that no one invites you.
he actually doesnt
but its because his work schedule is rediculous
>short campaign
>DM says it's open to all alignments
>basically play as Bonhart
>defeat a dark elf miniboss
>he's male so I figure I can go for a reference without getting weird
>take him alive to sell to the slavers in town
>they don't want him because he's too dangerous
>long story short I free the dark elf and he kills the slavers and tries to escape
>capture him again and say "no matter what [mini-boss], you will always be my bitch."

That's when everything turned up to 11.
bump for story
You're still a twat worse than the DM.
You weren't screwing over the DM, you were fucking over the other players who came to have a good time.

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