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It's cold, and you can feel the morning mist clinging to your skin, like wet gauze over an fresh bullet wound.

You shake your head briefly at the stray thought.
Bad luck, shouldn't jinx things.

You settle again into your position a bit more, feeling the best around your torso as a reassuring weight, the heft of the rifle in your hands like a big 5.56mm promise you're about to keep to someone.

And why not? You're getting paid for it after all.

You exhale slowly, closing your eyes and opening them again as you put your eye to the scope of the weapon.

<Check in,> you subvocalize.
<I'm here. Nothing yet. Tired of waiting,> Uyataa says, sounding bored.
<I am here,> Ash says, his voice somehow sonerous even when mechanically synthesizer. <I see nothing, here or on the Astral.>

You frown. You don't like not checking the Astral yourself, but it fucks up your aim switching back and forth. Perspective is all screwy when you Assense.

<Seonnyo? Are they on the way?> you ask the last member of your team. There's a pause before she answers.

<Yes. I'm tracking the car through GridGuide now. Trying to spoof their travel destination while they drive, cover our tracks a bit. But they'll be here.>

You sigh again, mentally shrugging.
You hate working weekends, but what can you do?

>RunnerQuest is a quest where you will direct and command a small team of shadowrunners in the Sixth World. You will periodically be allowed to switch viewpoints to the other team members to experience things from their POV. The team is as follows.

>Jackson "Blackjack" Dane, Human Adept. Marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, tactics. Nominal tactical leader.
>Uyataa, Ork Adept. Assault Specialist, Melee, Street knowledge and gangs.
>Ashavan, Human Combat Mage. Proficient in firearms, melee weapons, and combat magic. Highly educated, knowledgable in magical phenomena and it's practical applications.
>Seonnyo, Elf Decker. Hacking, social engineering, expert pistol marksman.
<So, what do we do when they get here anyway?> Uyataa asks, curious.

You can almost FEEL her twitching as she asks he question. She's not as bad as she used to be, but you think she'll always have control issues. It's part of her nature after all, one that literally hovers around her on the Astral, whispering in her ear.

You know the feeling.

<This is supposed to be quiet, but in this case that's less "shoot nobody" and more "no witnesses". Drop them hard and don't let any get away,> you explain.

<Good. Fucking hate the Yaks anyway,> she growls through her tusks.

<Amen,> Seonnyo agrees.

You smile a bit, but say nothing. You're no fan of the Yakuza either, but they're dangerous to cross. Doing this sloppy will cause problems later, likely fatal ones.


>Gear check. Just in case.

>Ask Ash to go Astral. You want the "terrain" so to speak.

>Tell Seonnyo to link your AR HUD to her progress. It's splitting your visual awareness but you want an ETA.

>Gear check. Just in case.

Ask Ash to go Astral. Lets get our footing on the area here
Got one for Gear, one for Astral.
Should note that within your estimated ETA there's only really time for one of these choices.
I want a double visual and eya

Roll a d2 to determine next course and keep things moving. You'll pick up players as we roll on.
One for each so far.

I'll take this pause to describe the terrain so you have a better grasp of the area.

Location is an areas around docks, not quite next to the water but within running distance of it. Ground is concrete, solid.

Your position is high up on a bulk freighter crate overlooking a parking area next to the docks from about 200 meters away, lots of cover around but with a clear fire zone for you. Room for cars coming and going. Uyataa is located near the ground inside one of the shipping crates, and actually has no visual; her visual device is slaves to everyone else's.
Ashavan is in a similar position directly across from her.
Seonnyo is next to him in the same crate.

Technically, ONLY you have physical visual.

Objective is extracting property from the Yakuza arriving, intact as possible.
Rolling to determine which option is taken and break tie.
Rolled 2 (1d3)

When is this taking place, by the way?
2060's or 2070's?
The up-to-date timeline, so 2075.

You won't really find much of the 5E metaplot with the brain-hijacking AI anti-nanotech crap here though, that was mostly developer grognardism that so far has taken away things while adding nothing in return all because certain developers were sorry that their pet setting has changed.

I found that to be rather like playing with GI Joes as a kid and getting into an argument over who would win between Snake-Eyes and Duke, and then holding onto that argument until you grow up and go to work for the company and not only retcon that Snake-Eyes and Duke fought that your favored choice overwhelmingly won and then repeating it on the back of every existing new GI Joe action figure package.

I usually ignore the SR metaplot anyway.
<Ash, go Astral and give me the terrain,> you say, not wanting to wait any longer.

<Is that wise? Unlike Seonnyo I won't be able to stay in communication with you while projecting until I return,> he points out.

<I'm aware of how it works, thanks. I don't like being the only set of eyes out here and if the Yaks have magical surprises I wanna know about it before we start shooting, so get floaty, would you?>

His comm channel goes dead and you assume he leaves his body for the Astral Plane.

You shudder a bit. Maybe it's because you "aren't enlightened" or whatever, but just up and leaving your meat body behind never appealed to you.
Sure you're magic, but yours is the magic of doing, of muscle and bone and sinew.

You feel something touch your shoulders, but not really. A metaphysical weight, reassuring and familiar.

>no fear

He says, not with words but with a feelings, like an emotion come to your thoughts unbidden by an old familiar song or smell.

You always try to think back and recall when you first heard Him, but it was too long ago.
You remember your first FIGHT with him, sure, back when you were...twelve you guess. You wanted help and he gave it to you, and all he asked in return?

>Courage. Honour. Loyalty.

"No fear," you whisper to yourself, and it's gone.

Dragonslayer has your back.
<I have returned,> Ashavan says after a few seconds. <The Astral here is ugly and clouded. Intermittent occasional acts of violence stain the grounds like old paint chipping away, lingering like a bad smell in the air.>

You roll your eyes.
You remember when you first hooked up with Ashavan that you figured the benefit of working with a mage and not the shaman you had last was the removal of all the weird magic mumbo-jumbo metaphors.

I mean sure; you have your Icon hovering over you like a helpful older brother, but you UNDERSTAND Dragonslayer at least. He's sort of a straightforward guy (entity, concept, whatever) at heart.

Ash combines all the rational logic and problem-solving capabilities of a mage with the weird metaphors of a shaman. Only he uses more words because he had an education.

<In English, please?> your less-patient ork teammate asks, to which Seonnyo snarks over her comm-link.

<Lock it up, I have visual,> you say suddenly as the large white van with the shiny chrome hubcaps begins to drive to the hit point.

Everyone silences and gets ready as the vehicle slowly crawls into range...


>Open fire, hit the engine block.

>Get Ash to open up with magic first.

>Uyataa's turn to make some noise.

>Have Seonnyo hack the vehicle to lock down it's steering and controls.

Hack for vehicular control. We need the package, not to start a gang war. If we can maneuver the car we can jack it ourselves and then gtfo without shots fired.
>Have Seonnyo hack the vehicle to lock down it's steering and controls.
Are we using Shock rounds, gel rounds, or AP bullets?
Loaded with AP right now.
Have a mag with gel rounds on backup.
<Okay Seonnyo, you're up,> you say, readying your rifle for action. This will happen fast, like always.

<Joh-a,> Seonnyo responds.
<Seoul salang, deungsingwa!>

Suddenly there's a loud shrieking aound from the van as she hijacks it's breaks without bothering to go through the rest of the device. You know she could do it more gently, but she has this thing with Yakuza.

The van stops suddenly and hard enough to pop the airbags and give everyone whiplash.

After less then a second of waiting the doors of the van open up, with the Yaks hopping out while drawing their weapons in an organized fashion. Not military, but definitely bodyguard-pro.

Time slows down as you aim through the scope and feel your adrenaline jump up, and you take careful aim.

The shot is a loud crack through the air, the suppressor not hiding the support but obfuscating your location from your targets.

The 5.56mm round is a venerable beast in this modern day, but it does the job. Especially when it's got a penetrator tip with a steel core and it's hitting soft armor like the jackets the Yaks are wearing.

The round impacts just above his right eye and causes his head to jerk back, spraying brains all over the van him even as the round exits out the back of his head and into the lower throat of the man behind him....exactly as you intended it to.

"Bullseye," you mutter with a smile as the Yakuza in and next to the van freak out from the sudden and abrupt death of two of their soldiers!

<PhysAd show-off...,> Seonnyo mutters under her breath over the comm.

<You still owe me a hundred nuyen,> you subvocal back.


>Keep firing at targets of opportunity.

>Suppressive fire, keep them pinned.

>Reposition closer to support the others.

Keep firing. We can neutralize them while they're freaking out.
>Keep firing at targets of opportunity.
Keep firing and then supress when we have no targets
You switch targets to the other side of the white van and open up on the first driver's side guy just as he opens the door again and takes cover behind it, blocking your LoS! The rounds impact on the glass and on the door, and you don't see him fall.

"Damn, that's a good van," you mumble as you fire off two more shots.
If the AP rounds couldn't punch through the reinforced car door it's a damn good thing you didn't shoot for the engine block.

You keep firing single shots, blasting at windows just to keep them on their toes and their attention focused on you, just as Uyataa makes her enterance.

Now, your Colt M23 is a nice gun, and you've got it tricked out to where it can do pretty much anything you need it to do, but it's an instrument of precision, make no mistake.

Uyataa's Mossberg CIWS follows a somewhat different train of firepower development. Especially when she takes out the 00 buckshot and replaces it with Hi-Ex fin-stabilized explosive slugs.


The roar of her handheld apocalypse as she pops out of her freight crate firing pretty much removes any illusion of possible peaceful resolution that this situation might have had.
Nobody REALLY believes things are going to end well or without a shitload of dead guys everywhere when you hear a sound like that, with massive explosive slugs impacting against armored car doors, tearing chucks of reinforced metal like an pick going through ice cubes and blasting apart reinforced glass like it was a movie prop.

"Christ that thing is loud!" you say as you keep firing, your comm-link still on.

"I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF HOW MUCH ASS I'M KICKING!!" she shouts back through the link, though really the entire area can hear her roar of joy as she advances on the Yakuza's position, one of her slugs impacting on a bodyguard's chest and turning him into raw hamburger.

You sigh as you keep them suppressed.
Blunt instruments have their uses too.

<Bikers incoming with another escort car!>

>Take aim at the bikers from here, leave the van to Uyataa.

>Get Ashavan to use some pyrotechnics to keep their heads down.

>Re-position and tell Ash to summon some backup.

Aw fuck.

Pivot and pick off the drivers: shoot for the carriage of the bikes instead of the actual bikers, we need to slow them down while our Orc friend does her work.
>Take aim at the bikers from here, leave the van to Uyataa.
Some mood music.

You get up to one knee, needing high elevation to get your shot and take aim! The first double-tap pops into the torso of the biker you draw a bead on, just above his sternum and through his biker gear!

"Ash, could use some help!" you say just as he emerged from his position with his Ares Crusader III machine pistol in hand.

Instead of opening fire however he aims his free left hand at the oncoming backup car flanked by four (well, three now) bikers, one on one side and two on the other.

He snaps his fingers, and the sound is impossibly loud, like a whip cracking the air.

Alll four of the bodyguard car's tires explode into flames, compressed air inside superheating from his magical stimulation and bursting from within! The car looses control at the sudden WHUMP and the lack of traction, swerving to the left and crashing into the two bokere on that side, smashing them into one of the flanking freight crates! Even if they live, they're not getting up any time soon.

You hear (or rather, do NOT hear) Uyataa's shotgun stop making like the loudest, angriest drum roll ever and hope she's got things under control, because you can't take the time to help her as you clip off the next biker!
You have no shot as Ash opens up with his machine pistol at the crashed car, so you get up to your feet and run for the end of the crate.

The eight-foot drop as you step over the side and into the air doesn't even hurt your magically-reinforced legs, and neither does the next as you leave your high perch and land in one of the artificial alleys created by the freight crates, hauling ass tonwards the fallen car with your rifle in hand!

<Got the package!> Uyataa says triumphantly.

"Hold onto it and keep an eye out for any new arrivals, we'll make a getaway in their van!" you say as you round the corner of a crate right behind the crashed Yak sedan, less then a foot away from a bodyguard with an assault rifle!

He tries to turn towards you but you don't slow down, blocking the barrel and pushing it away with your left arm, firing one-handed with your right a single round into his guts, causing him to freeze in shock! You bring the rifle up in both hands and finish the job with another close-range shot to the head.

It's silent suddenly, and you edge your way to the front of the car. The driver appears to have not been properly belted in, and his face is planted literally through the dashboard. Ouch.

The last in the passenger's side wasn't belted either, but he's still alive and trying to raise his pistol while attempting to focus through a concussion.

"Seatbelts are a thing," you to him say wrly as he agonizingly slowly raises his pistol. One shot to his head ends his suffering.

"Clear?" you say aloud into your comm.

There's a pause before Uyataa responds.

A few minutes later all four of you are getting into the van while you point your sidearm at the package, sitting there in his white suit and white tie with a black undershirt.

"Kenichi Honda of the Nishidon-gumi?" you say as, sliding into the seat next to him as the ork girl does the same into the other.

"There's some folks in the Komun'go who are REAL interested in making your acquaintance."
File: maxresdefault.jpg (102 KB, 1280x720)
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About an hour and a half later the team is clinking drinks together at the Powerline in the Downtown area, music and neon flashing around.

"So whaddya think the Komun'go Ring is gonna do to that poor bastard?" Seonnyo asks morbidly.

You dopped Honda off with a bag over his head in a storage container where the Seoulpa Ring ring guys were waiting with all manner of unpleasant-looking utensils standing by and what appeared to be a chair with restraints on it.

You got paid your 10k (divided four ways) and left before they got started thankfully.

"I sure as shit don't wanna know. Honda was into some bad shit anyway, so nobody's gonna miss him, but I don't need to see him die ugly either," you proclaim.


>Time to socialize with your teammates and get to know them; they'll be around as long as you can keep them all alive.

>"Nice work with the tires. Since when can you do that?" [Ashavan]

>"So out of curiosity; how many rounds did you use on the van?" [Uyataa]

>"No backup with the pistol?" [Seonnyo]
>"So out of curiosity; how many rounds did you use on the van?" [Uyataa]

"Nice work with the tires."

Gotta bro it up with our wizbro.
>"Nice work with the tires. Since when can you do that?" [Ashavan]
File: image.jpg (58 KB, 490x700)
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"Since when can you blow up tires like that?" you ask the mage as Seonnyo walks up to go get more drinks (she's paying off the hundred she owes you in alcohol, which you are fine with), giving everyone on the tables nearby a pleasant view as she goes by.

"Since always," he explains with a smile. "It's a relatively simple application of my Ignition spell, I just never thought to try it with such precision."

He's bald, dark-skinned man with a soul patch about as tall as you, with the lean muscular build of someone who gets a lot of exercise but doesn't actively work out. He seems to revel in his stereotypical wizard look with the hooded long coat he wears, but his personality is so calm and unassuming that somehow it's easy to overlook him entirely.

You wonder about that; out of your three companions you know the least about Ash. You hired him online after asking for a free magical support guy after one of your old teammates bailed and he responded.
You've been working together ever since then, about three years ago.

In retrospect he seemed curiously well-positioned to lend pretty much the exact kind of aid needed to accomplish the job, which he always claimed was "quite fortuitous".

He's extremely smart, obviously educated, and knows how to shoot and duck and even fence. His fighting looks like someone who's taken lessons in all of these things or had pro instructions but was never part of a military unit himself; he doesn't think especially tactically.

"So how do you know you could do it then?" you ask, raising a black eyebrow over your blue eyes.

"I practiced."

"On what?"

"Basketballs, if you must know," he says with a smile in his voice.

He never lies. Ever. Not even once. He might avoid telling the truth or stay silent, but he never tells an actual falsehood.

It might have something to do with his handle; it's Persian, and means something like "possessor of Truth".
Great, we've been infiltrated already. Oh well, better the evil you know.
Given his weird tradition (he seems to have spiritual beliefs and a strict moral compass of sorts, but otherwise applies a rational and very hermetic cause-and-effect view to everything he does), you suspect that it's some kind of title, not a name.

Google Ashavan for fun. It'll explain a lot about him.

Despite his weird quirks, you like the guy. It's not easy finding an honest runner (or honest ANYBODY really), and he's never anything but friendly and helpful.

Plus? The guy is discreet, which is fantastic. Most street Mages are swaggering jackasses who draw all kinds of attention to themselves.
Not Ash. He uses non-lethal force in most cases, kinetic energy spells that stun people unless he absolutely has to.

You let him keep his secrets; it's not like you don't have your own after all.

>"We're you using gel-round back there?" [Ashavan]

>"Uyataa, stop gyrating in your seat to the music. You aren't even drunk yet." [Uyataa]

>"I'm gonna see what's keeping our drinks." [Seonnyo]
>>"Uyataa, stop gyrating in your seat to the music. You aren't even drunk yet." [Uyataa]
>"Uyataa, stop gyrating in your seat to the music. You aren't even drunk yet." [Uyataa]
File: Uyataa.png (339 KB, 1200x850)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
"How much have you even drank yet?" you ask the ork girl grooving to the music pumping through the speakers.

She's always really animate after a big fight.
And before it. And during it. All the time really.

"Orxanne," she replies, nodding at the soundtrack. "Orxanne is my groove."

You know more about Uyataa then any other member of your team.

For instance, you know her real name is "Lisa", that she grew up in the Ork Underground here in the Seattle Metroplex, and that she spent a great deal of time running with the ork gang Skrachaa growing up, and went by Uyataa (Or'zet, meaning some kind of very spicy chili pepper, which you're guessing is some kind of slang) even back then.
You'd heard her name tossed around awhile in the community well before you worked with her as this crazy warrior-woman with an explosive temper, and ended up surprised when you physically met her the first time.

Namely, not really a very orky-looking ork. She has deeply tanned skin (maybe Latin-something in her ancestry), attractively pouty lips, dark brown hair (shaved on one side), and has a full figure with the nice curves of a woman who regularly lifts weights. She's about an inch shorter then you at the most, and when she flexes her abs and biceps are tighter then yours, which you always remind yourself that she has something of a metatype advantage on.

You think her appearance is sort of why she's such a hothead; growing up the one "pretty" and "human" looking ork in the Underground can't have been fun, and she seems to engage heavily in ork culture to prove how orky she is; she loves Orxanne, loves orxploitation films, joined an all-ork gang, fluently speaks Or'zet, and picks fights with almost anybody.

You suppose if you gotta be insecure you might as well be violently insecure. Violence has practical applications in shadowrunning.
"You think you used enough dynamite there Butch?" you ask her, sipping your beer.
Actual beer, not soybeer. Thank god for paydays.

"Huh?" she asks with a raised eyebrow, not getting you centuries-outdated reference.

"I asked 'you think you shot those guys enough back there?' I'm pretty sure you left some of them readily identifiable as once having been carbon-based lifeforms. Maybe next time you could REALLY open up with your cannon, make a mess of things, yeah?"

"Hey, you hired me to do damage, right?" she notes with a sharp-toothed grin. "Damage done! I'm kinda sorry I didn't get to use my axe!"

You wince at that.
She carries around this huge-ass reinforced alloy combat axe as her "close combat weapon". It's not a weapon of precision by any means, but you once saw her cleave apart a guy in full body armor with one solid hit with it like he was made out of hamsteak or something.

Funny thing is, despite her preference for big, loud, messy solutions, you DO know that she's a really good fighter and actually a pretty competent marksman with that shotgun of hers.
She just seems to deliberately choose the loud and messy stuff.

"Well, at least you didn't hit the package," you agree, and her brown eyes flash angry a second.

"Saying I can't do the job?" she asks, her gaze narrowing.

You don't rise to the bait.
"Nope, saying that their body armor was soft and your big gauge's rounds might have blown right through the bodyguards and hit him. We were working with what info we had, no time for more precise planning really," you respond with a shrug.

>"By the way, how's that boy toy you've been with recently?" [Uyataa]

>"Ash, what were you saying about the Astral back there by the way?" [Ashavan]

>"Man, where the fuck is the beer?" [Seonnyo]
>"Man, where the fuck is the beer?" [Seonnyo]
"Where's knife-ears with the beer?" Uyataa says, looking around for the elf girl.

"I'll go look," you ask, getting up and making your way past the people moving across the club floor to see her leaning on the bar chatting with some human guy next to her.

"So three of them would be good, just make sure one is ork-sized, alright?" she asks sweetly, tactfully invading his body space in a suggestive fashion.

"Don't do it dude, she's trying to welch out of a bet," you warn. She winces and turns around. The guy takes one look at you and decides to bug off.

"You know, I actually HAD him there," she says, pouting attractively, making you roll your eyes.

The guy in question has already gone off to go talk to some other rando girl on the other side of the bar.

"Right, and I'm sure it was a masterful feat of social engineering required for you to pull it off," you say, dripping with sarcasm.

Seonnyo (a name for some kind of Korean fairy-like creature) is an elf, which is basically a synonym for "hot" and a native Korean runner, which according to her is a synonym for "good with electronics and hacking".
She's cute in that ageless elven way (you guess it's an Asian thing too), taller then your average Asian girl (she's around 5'9"), and she seems to constantly dye her hair different colours every other month or so. Right now she's sporting her natural black, except for her long bangs which are neon blue that glows in the dark.

It's hard to know which of the details about her life are accurate since she's spectacular about erasing digital records and a VERY good liar as well as pretty good at manipulating subject matter during conversation.

You know she probably grew up in Seoul, probably went to school at some point, and that her given name is probably Shi-Ho. Beyond that the details get fuzzy and she gets cute and evasive, always in equal measure.

"You owe me 100 nuyen worth of real beer. Start paying. Don't make bets you don't keep," you sternly admonish.
Gotta head off for now, hope to see this thread still here.

Or not, seem to be short on players.
Guess shadowrun players don't Quest?
Bump-im enjoying it
Glad someone is. Pretty barren in here.

Though honestly /tg/ has a glut of quests right now.
Shit really needs it's own board.
For some reason Shadowrun quests never really get many players.

Anyway, are we going to get a character sheet?
Should we get a rigger?
I mean, Seonnyo is good, but can she handle a bunch of drones while doing her other tasks?
How much longer should we keep this bumped?
I'm interested, what do we need?
Srry, took name just so I could tell my posts apart.
Being a PhysAd means we don't need a lot of the mods to go with our gun, right?

Should we get a grenade launcher to give us more options in a fight?
Bump, this is filling a Two-Dee sized whole in my heart right now
>Anyway, are we going to get a character sheet?

Not really necessary as we aren't using the in-game rules, but I might do that eventually just to keep track of assets and shit.
Apologies, business took longer to conclude and I'd assumed the thread died since it was so empty of posters anyway.
His weapons are already quite decently modified actually. Blackjack's favors simple and reliable equipment that can be easily modified and customized.
Clearly I need to find a time when more people will bother to post. I'll continue this tomorrow if it's still alive.
If not, it's archived.
This is Seonnyo's one technical weakness.
She's quite a proficient driver and can hack and remotely control cars without needing anything special as per 2075 technology, and she does have a rigger implant that improves vehicle performance, but she doesn't have a RCC.

Carrying around a huge heavy briefcase all the time would screw with her combination of social engineering and hacking stuff; it makes her too conspicuous in the wrong ways.

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