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File: bjorgen.jpg (11 KB, 184x184)
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General thread for discussing characters you've had the most fun playing. Will be starting with the character I played tonight which inspired the thread.

>at the table, group decides to do a 1 shot just
>for fun
>temp GM picks RISUS, and wants vaguely
>fairy tale/folk lore theme

>ask if i can be baba yaga
>decide to go with a vaguely european giant
>Braum, Armstrong, Fezzik inspirations
>Friend playing "Sir Chester of McDoogle",
>Prince of Lumbridge

>I give you Bjorgen Ver Magnussun
>Wandering Strongman 3[X2 pump]
>Minstrel 2
>Prince's Fool 2

>8 feet tall
>entire bear skin [w/ face as hood] for upper
>body clothing

>Decide we're on a quest for the Prince to
>prove himself as a wrightful heir

>Adventure 1: Bjorgen the Beastmaster
>on trip east to forest that appeared overnight
>accosted by 5 thieves
>prince commands me to stop them
>"But there are only 5 of them. They need 5
>more to have one for

>each of my fingers. I like it better when we
>can be sporting."
>requires some teamwork, but thieves defeated
>I want to take a pair of shoes from them to
>feet too big for shoes
>take their coats and make footwraps
>get to forest
>crazy old man chased out of forest by
>roll wandering strongman to befriend the
>make a kind of carrying pouch out of
>while the prince deals with the old man [turns
>out hes a crazy druid who built a forest for
>himself out of paper mache]
>I start making strongman rolls to teach tricks
>to the merekats.
>name a couple of them
>we knock out the druid and I cover him in
>paper mache to keep him warm
>move on, looking for more worthy quest

What tales do you have to tell dear reader?
Should I post the other adventures of Bjorgen Ver Magnussun?
File: SwordCharaReference.png (332 KB, 520x354)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
>Decided to make a spoiled richgirl noble in an adventuring party, kinda like pic related.
Now the idea here was that said character was going to be a bored noble that spent a bunch of money on swordplay lessons and fancied herself an adventurer. However when it came to thinks like actual survival skills on the trail, or even common sense things like how to explore a dungeon safely, she was going to be completely clueless, fuck up alot, complain alot, and generally cause problems for the party for the lulz. It was my thinking that her character development arc would focus around learning that adventuring is SRS BUSINESS and you can't just buy your way to being good at it.
>That is not what happened.

>First plot arc starts off generic enough. Some weirdos attack people in the city, we investigate a bit, find out they're a cult, track them down to some dungeon a little ways outside the city.
>When we get to the dungeon, the wizzard is studying runes or carvings or something around the entrance, our thief is looking for traps/loot, and our priestess is praying to her god for guidance or some crap.
>Gawddddd... boring.
>My character goes of into the dunegon alone, despite the rest of the party telling her not to.
>Aww yiss, this is gonna blow up in my character's face horribly. Can't wait to make the party save me while claiming I had everything under control.
Except... then my luck turned amazing... from then until the end of the game. I mean, I wasn't deliberately trying to fail, I just assumed it would happen naturally even if I tried my best. Nope.
>Avoid every trap on the way to the main chamber of this dungeon through sheer reflex saves.
>Cult is in the chamber doing some ritual, attacks as soon as I get there.
>Swordplay is the one thing my character is good at, so staying in character she's smart enough to back into the hall and make them approach her in a line
>Still outnumbered 5 to 1
Please MOAR
>Somehow manage to defeat ALL them, at one point rolling four 20s over the course of like 5 or 6 rolls.
>Party finally finishes up whatever boring crap they were doing outside and prepares to head in.
>My character comes walking out dragging the bloodied up cult leader behind her.
>"Oh good, glad to know you guys didn't run away after all. Not that you helped at all anyway, but I'll let you share the credit with me if you help me drag this guy back. I already did my part, so one of you can play pack mule."

The entire rest of the RP went like this.
The amount of butthurt from the rest of the party put my sides in orbit. (They were good sports about it, but yeah.)
Fuck, forgot to link the second one to the first post.

wow. That much accidental win is insane.
Both of you, go on.

Fingers crossed I don't fuck up the formatting.

>Adventure 2:Bjorgen the Dancer
>On way to western town of Draynor [we kept with the runescape naming]
>ive been making more checks to teach the merekats
>caravans have been disapering neaby
>glum town suffering from economic damage
>I ask GM is I can find any street performers
>Find a guy playing a flute
>I join up with him for a bit
>Suddenly street show with 8 foot giant and 20 merekats dancing to flute solo
>Roll for it
>GM:"You have entertained the town."
>continue searching for source of caravan dissapearance
>bandits, or a dragon, one guy thinks its moles
>we opt to search for evil moles
>find hole in the road
>try to hold the sides and slide down
>5 merekats fall out of pouch
>launch self off hole wall to fall faster and catch all the merekat friends
>bottom of hole turns into slide/tunnel
>find us in cavern with hundreds of moles and a mysterious machine
>back to back badasses with prince
>fight moles; moles start forming a mole wall all around us
>punch way out of mole wall
>turns out machine turns people into moles
>we start forcing moles backwards through the machine,
>and those people then help put more through
>eventually everyone is people
>GM:"at least one person claims to have been a mole from the beginning. wants to be a mole."
>we need someone to dissasemble the machine
>volunteer wants to be a mole, goes backwards through it and tkes it apart from the inside
>"This mole machine! It was made for me!"
>Magnus at 1 strongman die
>pumps it to carry everyone safely out of the hole
>passes out on road
Three words.

Battle Tram.

I am intrigued but tired. Please explain to my sleepy mind.
Imagine if you will, a character very good at shooting things. Imagine if that character was in a party that possessed a large vehicle that they outfitted with strange artifacts in order to basically turn it into a tank.

This character became a sniper, of course.
But then I found a railgun, one that I was capable of carrying.

Railguns are fun.
File: already won.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Nothing else in the RP quite came close to that. Just a bunch of minor stuff.

>Have to camp out in the forest over night.
>Fuck that, I'm not sleeping on the ground like some lowly peasant. No, we're going until we find an inn.
>Drag the rest of the party along though even though it's night now and the GM warned us it was dangerous to travel at night.
>Bandits start stalking us
>Semi-fail a perception check against once of their scouts, think it's an animal or something.
>Fuck it, I'm hungry anyway, maybe I can eat it.
>Attack bandit scout, almost kill him with first strike, the scream alerts the rest of the party to be on guard and the rest of the bandit group loses the element of surprise
>Combat happens, our party wins, rounds up the survivor
>Survivors are begging for mercy or whatever, party doesn't wana take them prisoner though cos we're out in the middle of nowhere, probably just gonna let them go with a warning.
>Hold on a minute
>Get an idea, put on bluff voice
>"You guys have a hideout around here, right? Let's make a trade, you tell us where it is and maybe I won't have you all slowly tortured and executed for attacking a NOBLE lady such as myself."
>This scares them half to death already, they give up the location of their hideout, tell us only one guy stayed behind to keep watch.
>Awwyiss, looks like our party has somewhere to stay tonight. They've got a fairly decent stash of food and wine and stuff too. Who needs survival skills?

>Adventure 3: Bjorgen, Legendary Rage Machine
>going to unnamed northern hamlet
>accosted by same 5 thieves
>have to rest in village for a few days
>children dissapearign from village
>prince has broken family heirloom sword
>local blacksmith one of the parents of missing kids
>ask around town for location of dissapearances
>minstrel [now 4 dice] assist prince to rally townsfolk into posse
>21 peasents join us
>go into woods
>attacked by wolves
>start fight, but prince assists me as i roll my newly gained 1 die of 'Friend of all living things', and one at a time, instantly tame the 4 wolves.
>see chicken tracks
>suspiscion intensifies
>scream from among posse
>1 person is now a statue
>mfw troll GM hinted Baba Yaga, gave cockatrice.
>blind punch cockatrice
>it rolls, and lands on me, using its claws to force my eyes open
>Bjorgen gets mad
>decides to go for a 1 move kill
>pump 3 dice
>looks it dead in the eyes
>as extremities start to petrify, grab it by the throat
>Bjorgen gives furious growling speech about prptecting the >innocent; "I gaze into the abyss, and I REFUSE TO BLINK."
>GM tells me to stop counting after 35
>crush cockatrice into pile of mashed chicken in 1 round with bare >hands, in front of 20 frightened townsfolk
>they will tell tales of this
>we continue looking for children
>we find more, bigger chicken tracks
>i come this close to shitting my pants in rage for the concurrent denial to play as, and then fake out forshadowing of baba yaga, and now hes putting it in.
>GM levels up his shitting eating grin, at last assuming his final form
>we find the bitch and her chickenhut
>the villagers and the prince are attacking
>my wolves attack too
>only have 1 die in strongman left
>use minstrel instead
>Bjorgen opens mouth, begins singing Babymetal
>after a few rounds, prince finally stabs that bitch throught the heart
>blacksmith reforged heirloom sword

technically the adventure ended there, but i choose to beleive that Bjorgen took the chicken hut as his own.

Thus concludes the tale of Bjorgen Ver Magnussun.

The Legendary Bjorgen, who tamed 20 merekats with naught but the charisma of his muscles and the strength of his moustache.
The Wonderous Bjorgen, who entertained an entire villlage with his muscle dance.
The Indomitable Bjorgen, who cruhed the deadly cockatrice with his bare hands, while starring it right in the eye.
The now mythic Bjorgen, who spent the rest of his days traveling the land in his chicken hut, with his animal companions, lending his muscles and moustache to those in need.
Truly a role model to us all that bjorgen
DM here, don't believe his lies, I'm not even at full power yet
>dnd 3.5 with friends
>playing a monk
>party gets attacked by a flying creature can't remember what it was
>turn to the dwarf fighter
>"throw me"
>"No time to explain throw me!"
>He does
>It flies away with me
>Takes me outside its cave
>tries to drown me
>As it's holding me under the water I turn to the DM
>I roll to intimidate
>DM:...make a roll
>As it holds my head underwater and i'mt rying to hold my breathe I stare into its fucking eyes with murderous intent
>It gets scared
>Scared just long enough for party to come help and then I fuck its day
File: Well_what_is_it.gif (996 KB, 400x225)
996 KB
996 KB GIF
Another one from the same group

>Playing a monk again
>we come across this group of giant insect things that we've been tracking
>party waits to ambush them as I lure em back here since i'm the fastest
>make it back and stand in the center of where my party is hiding out in the open with my arms out (pic related)
>They all come at us and we start our combat
>get shot with a crossbow in the side and snap the arrow in half and pull the remains out
>surrounded on all sides by them now as my part is dying around me
>everyones on the ground dying but me
>I dodge fucking EVERY hit after that crossbow bolt
>kill them all and revive my party with potions
Raped a goblin to death in a blind rage (was a half Orc barb)
File: 1285398366968.jpg (47 KB, 484x475)
47 KB
>Oh noes, attacking giant robot,
>Found a giant robot in storage
>It's a marine mobile suit in storage.
>Fuck it, Shinji get in the robot.
>Got launched into SPACE.
>No thruster, no vernier, only turbine on each foot.
>Asked allied giant robot to fling me towards the enemy.
>Becoming a 130 ton torpedo

I've made Shinji Ikari into a man.
If you've never done it before I recommend rolling a genki hyperactive girl, you can do silly things and get away with them

>act like a brat in general, pissing off the stuck-up serious type party cleric
>tavern quest hub, often visited by a norgorber dude, interact with him, take a sip of his booze, later buy a few norgorber masks off of him to use in a heist
>drug deal with some mwangi gangstas
>goes bad, they steal the stuff
> punch a nigger so hard he falls down the rooftop while being a little girl
>all other niggas are intimidated
>get party brawler to throw me onto another rooftop to chase the thieving nigger
>finally strike a deal with the nigger leader who speaks in jamaican accent
>proceed to call everyone whose names I forget by mentioning something about their appearance then adding mon
>express complaint when a character with a moustache appears (a second one) because I can't call him stachemon cause it's taken
>heist, make everyone wear norgorber masks, visit a tailor with the party to get some black capes and shit
>waste several hours browsing clothes including wedding dresses
>convince the party to use a nearby dried up well as the entrance point to the heist area, cause half the party to contract ghoul aids, just because it's cool to go in thru a well
>plan to return to the tailor to buy a maid costume in order to get a job at the saucy wench just because their maid costumes look cute

This is way more fun than playing yet another noble paladin of nofunallowed or an evil faggot mage backstabbing the party whenever possible.

Fuck the rules i'm a hyperactive little girl.

the character is a cryptic with a nerfed disrupt pattern on melee attacks
File: this is how I 1up.gif (1023 KB, 297x168)
1023 KB
1023 KB GIF
>Shit that didn't happen while attempting to one-up the guy who did previous "spoiled brat" story.

Except it all happened?
For reference the campaign is based in absalom and the party's trying to work their debts off by acting as enforcers for a local crimelord who owns a tavern, deals with mwangis are a normal thing, so is stealing gold from a dungeon under a fake church.

If that shit sounds unfeasible to you then whatever homie.
>Actively fucking up the game for everyone else THAT hard so you could play your loli meido magical realm bullshit?
>Not getting kicked out of your group for it.

I'm gonna go with the guy who said that story was probably entirely entirely made up bullshit.

FATAL player confirmed
>pulling the remains out
enjoy bleeding to death
I think I found your GM.
File: mfw.jpg (30 KB, 500x275)
30 KB

wow. yeah. he loves that source image, and the timestamp is right too. i dont even.

i love that he was panicking, and /tg/ just left him to make it up on his own. heh.
File: Angrymarines7[1].jpg (51 KB, 500x600)
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>invited to play a not super serious game of 3.5 with a group of friends but can't decide what I really want to play so I decide to make a dumb character which will have a short lifespan until I get better inspiration
>roll like an asshole for stats (one is a 7, the rest are 15 at least
>Make Beligerius, Cleric of Temperus, god of RAEG
>Dump all skills into intimidate and the 7 into intelligence, take a level of barbarian for rage
>Make a huge bald screaming idiot who is only proficient with gauntlets and improvised weapons, rarely heals, and fights by buffing himself, casting inflict on both fists(DM is fudging things for the lulz), and then raging
>first dungeon is filled with goblins controlled by ambiguous undead baddie
>chokes one to death and chucks it's corpse through every hallway to set off hidden traps, irritating the party rogue
>find group of goblins around a fire pit
>storm into room, throw dead (and horribly mutilated) goblin into the fire and bellow "PREPARE YOUR ANUS"
>Roll nat 20 for intimidate
>3 of 4 goblins roll a 1 to save, shit themselves, and die of a heart attack
>knock final goblin into the fire and proceed to jump up and down on it until dead
>survive being lit on fire
>eventually get to crypt of main baddie
>slow dramatic sarcophagus opening
>A buffed and raging Beligerius grabs lid off sarcophagus and proceeds to beat the undead baddie with it until he dies (rest of part supports with ranged)
>He was never able to even get out of his coffin
Beligerius is now level 15, and has not died, no matter how reckless I am. We even came up with a custom cleric variant class to make his mechanics less clunky
Have a nice music as payment : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L_iOnLNt9M
File: Samson.jpg (90 KB, 608x608)
90 KB
I convinced my DM to let me play a possessed character and we had it function as Barbarian rage.

I basically ended up playing it similar to Fillia/ Samson from Skullgirls with some minor changes

I was a young girl from a fishing village, got bullied by other kids, then one day (We decided I was 12 or so) when a bully pushed down me and my sister, I roared at the top of my lungs, blacked out, and woke up covered in blood, the bully twitching on the floor, my sister paralyzed in fear, and a voice in the back of my head encouraging me to get out of town 'before the fuzz showed up'

Took my sister home, grabbed a travelling cloak and headed out.
Dm did a time skip till I was 19 because he wasn't in the mood for a 12 year old with 20 STR before enraging at Level 1
File: 1425578705336.png (58 KB, 576x404)
58 KB
My star wars character 1 once got thrown into a locker after he was KO'ed in a rebel base that was over run by Imps. He also flirted with a female Mon Cal and a twi'lek and a zeltron and many others (Quagmire, Brock Sampson, Jack Sparrow Type character)

My star wars character 2 insults peoples mothers constantly so its fun to me to at least have some fun with that one

My Heavy Gear character once got laid by a woman that was trying to kill him. He is dating her now.
File: what a joker.gif (2.97 MB, 483x446)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB GIF
>Playing Only War with a new group
>Very cool dudes and some chick
>Make Dr Freyd Medens, Medicae extrordinare
>Using point buy for chargen, 100 points
>Very smart, pretty resilient, but slow as dick
>Also fat and with a great moustache
>Survive various missions in a Tau-Ork-Imperium threeway war
>My comrades can't survive more than two sessions
>Snatch a jetpack from extra gear they sent us
>Don't know dick about 'em, but I thought it was cool
>Day of big stealth mission, we're going through the woods towards a city
>Sneaking goes fairly well, until suddenly we get seperated
>Find myself with two Tau, quickly kill one and shoot the other
>Very low damage, he sounds the alarm
>Everyone charges to the edge of the forest
>Tau flyer attacks the rest of the team
>Whole squad shoots at it, barely downs it
>Second flyer outta fuckin' nowhere
>Fire up the jetpack and try going over the thing
>Blasts at me, my leg is smoking but not yet gone
>Stabilize me spinning in the middle of the air in a 25% chance roll
>Throw grenade in flyer, max damage kills the crew and it falls down
>Motherfucking roll of 1 on the landing
>While carrying my comrade
>mfw the game just stopped and the crazy doctor's story wont have any closure
>Goliath Swordmage
>We exit a village to hunt some bear that has been wrecking shit
>Come to a vertical cliff
>Climb up it with twin crits
>Get to top, rest of party is strugglig
>Climb back down to grab them and carry them up
>When we reach the top, leads to a magical barrier (Not like a "You can't go that way" thing)
>Jump off cliff, turn to stone and impact ground with almost no damage taken
>This kind of shit forever and ever and ever
Alright, here is but one story of the greatest paladin of legends, Josen.

>Roll up a Mercenary for a new group using fighter that focused on mobility
>His name is Josen, a money loving bastard phased shifted into a magical land from a low magic setting.
>Plan on running him straight low magic sellsword assisting party for his paycheck in a land of weird shit.
>Everythings going normal until we reach a wizard tower.
>Gets high off some strange pink smoke shit
>Start seeing things, eventually stumbling by myself into a chamber
>Pass an architecture test (I actually had points in the skill) revealing the floor to be hollow
>Flips floor
>glorious, illuminating paladin armor lays exposed on the floor.
>Fuck it, I'm high anyways.
>Strip and puts on armor
>Wear armor from that point on since it has the highest Armor value
>Start pretending I'm a paladin using old overdramatic Athurian Folk tale logic.
I left for some time, and my character disappeared from the party for a few weeks. My return went as followed:
>Party's in deep shit
>Lolrandum "Neutral Good" stabbed a merchants hand during a sale and robbed a place
>Partys split up trying to escape getting caught one by one.
>Party ranger drops into an ally way to escape fleeing guard.
>Crashes into an illuminated figure of magnificence and JUSTICE
>Guard rounds corner
>"Ah! Josen the Paladin, I see you've caught her!"
>Josen had spent those two weeks in city building a legend
>The entire town buys his stupid paladin gig
>Frees all the party to "take them to a court hearing."
>Escapes town without any suspision on a ship of Josen's "recruits"
>All before a real paladin shows up

It was pretty simple character, still the most fun I had with D&Dfighter that focused on mobility
Thanks anon! Have the custom class as payment!
nicely done
Bumping this for more fun
bump secundus
Most fun playing a character? Probably one undead miner guy...

Basically, he'd been a victim of a magical explosion when the protective spells intended to prevent a bunch of unstable mining explosives from self-detonating failed. He survived, but was stripped of all his flesh, down to the bone. So after that, he dug his way out, freeing the rest of the miners, and letting rescue efforts occur sooner than expected.
Thinking he had no place working in the mine anymore, no matter how sturdy his bones looked, he decided to leave and head out on adventures.

One particular story involving him had him save a town from a dragon attack with the help of another undead. To wit, the attack started in the middle of our downtime preparing for any future adventures. The local paladin order had apparently pissed off Bahamut somehow, and she'd sent a red dragon to fuck up the town. While the paladins were trying to get everyone out of the town and to safety, it was clear they couldn't get everyone, and in particular a small group of people were stuck either under or inside the support structures for a collapsed watertower, the dragon's first casualty. So while the paladins were pondering how to get the people to safety, my miner went in and lured the dragon into burning down the remains of the structure, freeing the people with little to no additional injuries. The few that couldn't get out even then were made their own roads with my trusty mining pick and some raw strength, striking large pieces of burnt wood and heaving them out of the way.

One everyoone was safely outside the city, and walking around it to meet up with the rest of the townsfolk, Miner then turned his eyes to the dragon. It had landed to lick it's wounds from an earlier shelling by the town militia, right on the town square. So Miner approaced it, and challenged it to a fight using an old miner's chant intended to egg on some new miners.

That's when the DM dropped the real plot on me.


A buff-looking, red-eyed and only slightly rotten zombie, wreathed in heavy lead chains and iron shackles, without a jaw or an eye waddled into the town square. IT looked between Miner and the dragon, until the dragon tried to attack Miner while he was distracted. It didn't quite work out, as this seemingly random undead suddenly ran up to the dragon at an unusually fast pace, grabbing it by the horns and dragging it to the ground, with the added weight of the chains. Then it tried to eat the dragon's brains, clawing at the dragonbone skull having just barely broken through the dragon's scaled skin.

So then i get an idea. Miner had worked in a mine, a particularly deep mine, and was adept at extracting decently sized chunks of fossilized dragonbone. So he ran up to the dragon's head, signaled the zombie to stand back, and began mining through the exposed skull, every strike breaking off more and more bone until he broke through to the brain. At this, he left the zombie to his meal, and instead dumped a nearby apothecary's stock of cure disease potions and holy water into the still-living dragon's gullet.

By now, the entire town was in flames after the dragon let off a few large-scale panicked breath attacks. So Miner helped zombie dig up the rest of the brain, pack it into baking paper and booked it out the south gate, through some towering walls of flame. This had the effect of setting him on fire, making for a stunning scene when he walked out of the flame, burning fire causing his skull to cast a shadow over the awestruck townsfolk.

I had him casually walk up to the Paladin captain, turn around, lean on his armor and remark, "Shit's on fire, lad. Better go put it out. the dragon's not gonna breathe anything anymore."

Never before has a paladin run off towards the river to get water any faster.

Later on he was made honorary Paladin of rescue, along with Zombie, and given a flame-themed armor further boosting his natural fire resistance which allowed him to survive the mad things he did during the dragon attack.

He and the zombie parted on good terms, apparently the zombie having turned to cow brains instead of human, and joining up with the local paladins. He groaned something while hugging Miner, something that sounded like "ARHLURVEYORHMARNH" before heading off to the paladin's barracks.

We later found out a few things. One the dragon was rolled on a random encounter table for our mermaid rogue, who'd been shopping at the local black marketplace when she literally crashed into the dragon. And then ran away in a straight line, explaining her scorched scales.

Two, the zombie was meant to be a quest hook in miniboss form, which the DM had intended to drop on all of us whenever he got two of the same number on his random encounter dice - which happened when Miner was fighting the dragon.
I love it anon
Keeping this alive until I read everything and post my stuff
following this guy
Most fun... let me think. I know I had a really, really great time while playing as bard in The Witcher, pen & paper.

>Bard is a job like every other, no magical stuff, no buffing for allies, just a guy or a chick that travells around and sing songs.
>My bard ended up only with starting combat skills (read - barely any), with just a single increase of Dodge to aviod flying flowerpots and still not being very good at it.
>Played him as a witless coward, only in the whole adventuring to get new ideas for songs and stories
>Being basically the load for the party, unable to help them in most of the tasks, not to mention combat
>Most of the skills dumped, everything invested into pure role-playing, so a bazillion different Knowledge and Performance skills
>Always bringing a guitar for game sessions and playing on it while intentionally singing off-tune
>During all the adventures the party ends up facing a werewolf
>No witcher in the party, nobody even got silver weapons
>We are basically toasted
>Everyone declared running to nearest tree and climbing up before the werewolf got a chance to attack anyone
>The thing tries to climb after us, but it's a werewolf, so it slides down and just shakes the tree while trying to get up
>Everyone is slowly contemplating the idea of getting clean character sheets
>I decide we've got nothing left to lose, so the hell with it - I declare my bard started singing his one last song
>The werewolf obviously starts to focus on his tree, while I keep mutilating the song off-tune
>Rest of the party changes idea and slowly plan to use this distraction and just run away
>And then I've got this movie bullshit - sudden slow-mo of everything, a short moment of clarity and brilliance.
>I declare I keep provoking the werewolf even further
>The beast is slowly, but surely getting a bit higher with each attempt
>When it managed to get the hold of climbing up, I keep singing.
>At this point the guy from neighbour garden checks over the hedge what the hell is going on.
>We keep playing
>The werewolf pretty much half-break the tree, climbing now on the diagonal trunk
>When the beast is just close enough to be sure my non-existient combat skills won't fail, I go with a declaration:
>"I throw the lyre at the werewolf to piss it off even more"
>Rest of the party stopped their actions, dumbfolded
>The werewolf gets really, REALLY pissed off, at this point trying to reach my and bite the hell of my legs
>"When the maw is fully opened, I throw my entire purse into it"
>The roll barely works, but the purse lands in the maw of the werewolf
>GM declares "The beast chews on it and with single bite swallows it"
>The GM just realised what happend and starts laughing
>Rest of the party still don't know what's going on
>"The werewolf suddenly starts to choke, then tries to grab air. The beast is obviously in lots of pain, since it starts to convulse. The werewolf falls from the tree, twitch like mad for a while and then gets limp"
>Rest of the party is still unable what the FUCK just happend.
>I get my bard off the tree, going to the werewolf and kicking few times the shit out of the dead body
>Suddenly everyone recalls that almost all currencies of the setting are made out of silver.
This way I beat a werewolf in a game where fodder-tier monsters can rip human apart in single attack. With a bard. With no weapon. Or combat skills.
Perhaps the party enjoys it?
Same character, much later on

>The party pissed off vengeful duke for unintentionally sinking the ship that was carrying a specially ordered painting for said duke
>After few misadventures they are captured by the duke's soldiers and transported in shackled to his court
>The castle looks more like a manor house with shitload of fine art and paintings cluttering over walls
>The duke personally faces our party, while his court bard is plunking in the background and presenting the duke new song that will be sung for his majesty glory during next feast
>I decide to completely ignored the plan our party had - namely being badass enough to take on the duke and those few guards bare-handed and in shackles, then take the duke hostage - and challenge the other bard, calling him out for his poor skills and his way of performing not being hammy enough
>Rest of the party just rolls their eyes, just like GM
>I go further and go straigh with my indy ploy - I taunt the bard even more.
>He and the duke get pissed
>After few moments of taunting and getting a punch into the stomach, I go all balls and openly ask for "music duel" with the other bard, since I won't stand staying in the dungeon knowing such talentless hack will be here, performing
>I also jump on the duke, who supposedly is a parton of arts and a man of great taste, but hires such dim bulb as his courtier
>The party just clench their teeth, since we were this close from simply brute-forcing outselves free
>The duke decides to roll with it, why not have at least some art value out of us, when it's clear there are no chances to get the paining or us paying for a new one
>Strike of good rolls combind with my role-play on guitar - this time singing on tune and without intentionally fumbling things - later the duke decides that my bard just earned his freedom, as long as he works his "debt" for the painting as courtier
>Few moments of tough bargaining and equally tough skill checks later the party is also "hired"
>Next given chance, we just ride the fuck out of the castle, while noting to ourselves to never, ever again show in this part of the world
>Mostly because we also additionally stole the finest steeds from the duke's stable
If the party enjoyed that, there would be an entirely different story being told and this thread would be hea/d/ing to the hills.
File: spoony.gif (700 KB, 360x203)
700 KB
700 KB GIF
Perhaps the party didn't actually exist and you're not fooling anyone with you made-up wank-fiction.
Going to cap this probably
Playing a dragonboo Bard/Wizard who focuses on transmutation.


>Second son of small noble family.
>Taught to become bard from early age so he was a level 1 bard at age 9.
>At age 10 saw dragon fly over his property
>Started to believe that he's a reincarnated dragon in the wrong body
>Convinces his family of this after learning draconic and starting to hoard weapons and his allowance.
>Goes of to study magic once he figured out what transmutation magic can do.
>On a grand quest to become a dragon.
>Aged 22 Lvl 2 Bard/Lvl 5 Wizard
>Party meets bandit gang.
>Roll persuasion/intimidation on bandits to convince them that i'm a transformed dragon.
>They drop to their knees and beg for forgiveness.
>Convince them to raid other bandit camp and use them as cannon fodder for party.
Somewhat meta example
>My PC was a gambler
>GM decided to enhance the fun by actually playing cards during game sessions
>Getting a lot of money and exeptional gear thanks to those games
>It took the GM six different occasions to realise I, and not just my PC, know how to cheat in few different card games
>He was dead-sure I simply had lucky draws and good hands by pure chance, not card-counting and marking the deck while playing
The bad part is that he throw a huge tantrum after learning the truth and we didn't play anything for next three weeks, while he holds grudge against me ever since.
He still didn't learn I also know how to cheat with d6 and that I'm using it in tight moments. And we mostly play GURPS
So you are some kind of... white-hat cheater?
Polite nod to your abilities.
Disappointed head-shake to your implementation.

Unless your character was cheating at those games. Proper GM reaction would be to, then, give an appropriate IC solution. Start giving characters a chance to notice. People tend to react... poorly to being cheated.

I would enjoy watching shennanigans continue, and even reward you for your creativity. Especially if you were a cleric of the god of trickery and lies (Which would have been an awesome, obvious tip-off to the GM).

Anyway, there's a right way and a wrong way to go about doing this. I hope you're doing it the right way, and if you are, I'm sorry that your GM can't handle it.

...and if you're not, you're a scumbag little shit.
I have had those moments of brilliant lucidity. They are an amazing feeling.

>Playing NWoD V:tR LARP because I got talked into it.
>Do not like bloodsuckers, but so desperate for game that I go anyway.
>Have good friend who joins me.
>We play a pair of ghouls on loan to the Prince of the city, combat-monkeys (with flavor; I have standards).
>Playing starting characters, while everyone else has long-time chronicle experience badasses.
(Anyone who hasn't played Camarilla, I don't really advocate it. It's fun to play a LARP, but I'm really not a fan of their systems. YMMV. Suffice it to say that one reason that is relevant to how awesome this moment was is because everyone else was basically D&D level 10-15, and we were little level 3 shits)
>Group gets sent out to go fight a bunch of "bad guy" vampires in city. We are sent with them.
>Other players come up with a brilliant plan-- rush in and kick the bad guys asses.
>Me and buddy roll our eyes, ignore them, and take up sniping positions on a nearby rooftop.
>Bad guys see the group of vampires, spot us, go for bigger threat. They trade blows like 1-1, whittling away at each other while they heal.
>Snipers consistently do 3-5 Damage per turn. We're slaughtering them.
>Some bag guys turn into bats and shit and start flying at us. Can't hardly hit them because tiny and fast.
>One goes down to handgun fire as it flies at us due to low health and reduce health from form. Splats on ground.
>Big bad combat monkey vampire lands in front of me, chuckling that he is going to kill this pathetic hoo-mon with his nasty agg. claws or whatever.
>Flash of insight.
>He is standing between me and the edge of the roof.
>Tall building.
>He is too strong for me to push...
>Grinning like a madman, I pull out a grenade. Pop pin. Hold it in front of his face in my hand.
>Blow off my own hand, scream in pain, force blood to heal. I'm okay. *puts on sunglasses*
>Bad guy gets blown off building, splats on ground.
>Not dead, because he also is a badass.
>Ally drops gun, jumps down (activating Resilience to soak damage), quick-draws his sword and stabs fucker in the face.
>Huge fight ends up a slaughter.
>GM is laughing hard.

Man, the faces of the other players were awesome. Half of it was "Who the fuck ARE these guys?", and there were also a few people who got pissy that we ruined their scene by stealing it. The GM is the one who convinced us to try out the LARP stuff. He knew we were experienced players and wanted us to shake things up. That was a fun memory. Naturally, everybody congratulated the Prince for being so awesome. Stupid bloodsucker society.
File: 1433521848261.gif (1.47 MB, 350x197)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF
thank you random guy over the internets, you've just made my day
The most fun I've had playing as a character was when I was an NPC. Not as the DM, mind you; one of the players had gone off on a stint alone, so myself and another player were granted the option to play some locals until the party reconvened.
So we two end up rolling a pair of dwarven brothers, Rogue and a Fighter, who run a little shop in town, (and also maybe do some racketeering).

He comes into the shop, sure enough, looking for supplies. The other dwarf and I hit a stride IC off the bat, and are playing off eachother like a well oiled team. I present concerns, he presents solutions, we snipe insults at the PC under the guise of normal conversation, all the while adding more items to his order. By the end of our dialogue he's confused, worried, and paying double market price for everything. He's an obvious mark with still a full purse, so when he leaves, we close up, and set up about tailing him around town.

There's only mild shenanigans while he's puttering about, we two staying back and watching him bumblefuck his way through every bit of character interaction. Eventually, he gets everything he thinks he needs, and prepares to embark into the caves behind the town and continue the adventure.
Now, he's a low level druid at this point, iirc, and thought his little Light orison (not infinite by the rules ran) would suffice for his trip. He was wrong, and we knew it, so we loaded up our packs with torches, and followed a short way behind him into the cave,

When his Light spells ran out, and his pathetic human eyes betrayed him, we would gladly walk up and hawk a torch to him. The price doubled every time we sold one to him --supply and demand, lad-- and he kept on buying new torches even as we were asking a gold and up each. He never noticed that we were peeling off most of the tarred cloth from them, so they didn't last long at all.

Good times.
Well played, you elegan/tg/entleman.
But that was the entire point of the whole thing - you don't role-play gamber when you can't cheat in dice and/or cards. There is a difference between just making rolls fro Gamble and actually gambling for high stakes.

Same applies to "enhancing" rolls - it would be simply boring when I would keep rolling constantly criticals and very high numers. But I don't feel guilty when either we end up pitted against absurdly improbable odds (for me that makes us even with GM who can't scale the challenge for rest of the party) or when it's the end of scenario and it's time for something epic.
Honestly, if I had to choose, I would probably say either Oracle Sevenday (Nosferatu anti-social hacker), Horse the crackpot inventor (and his army of gnomes), or Jimmy the Rigger, who drove a Land Raider down a dragon's throat after his buddy dropped the Golden Gate Bridge on her.

Ah, good times.
I was just stating my opinion on two possible outcomes. Lacking additional information, it would be impossible for me to accurately judge the matter.
I disagree with your opinion:
>you don't role-play gamber when you can't cheat in dice and/or cards.
There are totally honest gamblers. Card counting is legitimate; marking the cards is not. The difference is (I feel) generally very clear. You know when you're crossing the line, whether you admit it or not.

"Enhancing" rolls is outright cheating. I don't care if your GM is garbage; sinking down to that level yourself is pretty unacceptable behavior. It may be time to have a polite chat with him and help him along with some advice on how to change things to better suit his player base. There are better ways to address that situation. I suspect you know that.

The very fact that you air-quotes'd "enhancing" there suggests that you outright know that you're cheating and are searching for excuses.

Perhaps this is merely a difference of opinion and ethics. I don't think so, though.

Just make sure that cheating stays in-character, eh?

Tease. Don't just tell us their names and a brief description you lazy butt! Details, man, details!
File: Squidward.jpg (19 KB, 400x266)
19 KB
MFW players cheat.
Then we have a little wall-to-wall counseling session.
>playing with a guy who's playing as a shifty priest, like a bald Snape who's unbelievably zealous
>we have to torture this one random bandit leader to find out where his treasure is hidden
>reinforcements are coming, he knows this, doesn't break
>the priest tells us to leave the room
>we leave
>he describes how he anally rapes the tied up bandit for a good 7 minutes
>everyone is visibly disgusted

We got the treasure, though.
Well, Horse and Oracle I've reminisced about agea ago...Try here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16222803/

Jimmy's story may have to wait until I get access to a computer and the time to properly nostalgiafag a storytime. Might happen sooner than later, though, since one of my frirnds has been asking me to do so. Hmm.
Oh, let's then add some more clarification. English is neither my first nor second language. And in both my first and second "gamber" is equal to "cheater".
>Card counting is legitimate
Tell that to any given casino

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