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i forgot to put quest in the title lets try that again

You are a techpriest of the Adeptus Mechanicus about to board a ship to a planet that was recently liberated from almost complete destruction by orks. your job is to establish a forgeworld here.

until a month ago when the space marines landed around the town of the planets last stand and started to drive back the waaaagh these people had been cut of from the imperium for the last 800 years, ideally you would have prepared more before starting but the higher ups want to get to the populace before the Ecclesiarchy arrives.

Before you can descend for the town of approximately 1000 you need to decide what and who you will take with you in the shuttle.

>go alone without any servitors or skitarii
>bring along a scribe servitor
>bring along a bodyguard
>other (both servitors and equipment)

Bear in mind there is a ship waiting in orbit you wont be stuck with what you come down with.
Before i had to delete the thread because of lack of quest in the title i did have 1 vote for bodyguard.
Have to keep the dirty peasents and what not from breaking your things
so thats a vote for bodyguard in a couple minutes if nothing else comes up i will start writing up the next post
You gather 4 servitor bodyguards and board the shuttle to the planet below.

during your descent you take a look at the town.

The largest building appears to be a factory this is good you will be able to get off the ground effectively however it appears to not be running and you have no idea what they are producing.

Other locations of note appear to be a large park and a temple bearing the sign of the imperial aquilia they follow the imperial cult that aught to keep the ecclesiarchy off your backs for a while.

Other then that its just rows of housing

Where shall you land
>the factory
>the park
>the church
>other (write in)
>The Church

gonna need measurements of this church and what it will take to turn it into my bitchin pad/ place of holy worship of the omnissiah when we get strong enough that the ecclesiarchy cant bother us anymore
Its a large church 200*500 meters large enough to hold the entire town as you get closer you notice nobody is out on the streets so they may well be in the church.

You land outside the church as you step out the shuttle with your servitors a small child no more then 8 years of age comes out

He seems extremely excited and comes up to you "wow mister are you a techpriest i have always wanted to meet one ever since i was a little boy its an honer to meet you what can we do for you

what will you tell the child
>ask for a meeting with the towns leader
>say your here to build a forge world
>ask about the factory
>other (write in)
>ask for a meeting with the towns leader

It seems kinda weird that there would be this one kid out here all alone while everyone is supposedly in the church. He might subconsciously be a heretic
The boy bounds back inside and soon after a man in a mayoral sash comes out

"welcome to our town sorry about timmy he has a strange thing for techpriests when he saw you we couldn't keep him inside now would you like to follow me and i will show you to my office so we can talk.

>follow him
>insist on talking to him right here
>ask to meet him inside the church
i suppose i better give a twitter

oh wow i havent tweeted in over 2 years

>follow him
oh new player i will give it a few more minutes then start writan
You follow the the man through the streets until you are led inside an average home

"city hall was on the edge of town that was lost to the orks so i have been here for the last month"

You follow the man to a room at the back of the building and he gestures you to sit.

>sit down
>remain standing
>remain standing
It's uncomfortable to sit in regular people chairs when you have a bunch of dentrites on your back anyway.
the major looks at you when you dont move but in the true fashion of a diplomat continues speaking

"ok techpriest why are you here"

>im here to found a forgeworld (the truth)
>other (write in)
>I'm here to establish a temple to the omnissiah, and factories to supply the Imperium.
Typical techpriest bluntness, but lets not tell him the whole thing yet, so he doesn't feel his power is threatened and he causes problems early on. This is the truth anyways, just told in a different manner.
The major appears to be thinking about what you have said

after a while he says "well we do need to rebuild after the war war very well i will talk with my staff about the matter for now we will house you in the library the boy you met earlier lives there and he is the only person here who knows anything about you techpriests he will be waiting outside ask him to show you to the library will there be anything else"

>no that will be all
>other (write in)
>Does this planet have any major problems or hostile forces?
Might as well know what our future Forge world will have to deal with early.
"Well there were the orks that almost wiped us out but the guard and marines seem to have taken care of that however" the man pulls a data slate from his desk "thats just the land the sea is a dangerous place"

You look at the slate and see video of the local marine fauna

what you see are the sort of things ancient terrans created many myths about sea monsters of all shapes and sized giant kraken and 250 meter long serpents"

"and those are just the smaller ones we dont dare go anywhere near the adults"

>ask something else (write in)
>Thank you for your time.
>Go examine the factory.
You thank the major and leave the building. Like the major said timmy was standing outside waiting for you when you turn towards the factory timmy starts to follow you but then decides to run in the opposite direction but he tells you he will meet back up with you later.

you head into the factory and examine it you find the following.

It appears it only recently stoped being used sometime in the last year

the factory makes lascannons

The stc they have been using is mostly complete although its something that the admech already has plenty of so its no big deal

The missing parts of the stc are minor enough that it should only take about 3 days to update the equipment to be able to create full power lascannons

the factory holds enough supplies currently for about 500 cannons

im going to end it there for the night next thread we will get to work getting this factory up and running probably



also maybe we will learn a bit more about those sea monsters
Thanks for running.

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