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Thread LII:
Apologies on the wait. If folks are feeling so inclined, I'm prepared to run this bugger as long as I can.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM
Story Thus Far: http://pastebin.com/VttD9vnV

You're still some distance away from the Szlachta hold, but Bralin's walls are still a prominent fixture of the landscape. Even having seen them before, the sheer size of them is more than a little intimidating. As you approach you note that while skittish as they were before, the presence of Artyom has seemingly given the peasants working the fields pause. You're not sure if that being in the company of the burned hussar is giving your motley crew some semblance of credibility or they are noticing his appearance. Even with the soot scraped off, it is easy to see that the centaur's armor has been charred, and the hastily repaired hole above the right breast of the plate where the bullet went through during your firefight with the Phoenix soldiers.

Veles stops you as you approach the main gate. "Something is wrong." He says quietly. Inclining his head towards the gate he continues. "Guards have been increased threefold. Several groups of hussars on the outskirts of the fields themselves. You can just make out the shine of light on armor. Something happened."

"What do you think it is?" Marie inquires.

"I know not. However, I do believe we will find it harder to gain entry to the city itself. Even with our compatriots story."

All heads turn to you.

>See if you can gain access through the guards, Artyom's story should be enough to get you in.
>See if you can contact that merchant you saw last time. Boris might have news, if not a way in.
>>See if you can gain access through the guards, Artyom's story should be enough to get you in.
>Ask the merchant
We should ask Boris what's happened before anything else.
>See if you can gain access through the guards, Artyom's story should be enough to get you in.

Might as well.
You slip into Casimiran, if only for Artyom's benefit [Well, the story of what happened at Purobka should be enough to get us inside.]

You approach the gates, as the six guards eye your group warily. One, who you can only presume is the lead guard, speaks. [State your business, Kutkh.]

You look over to Artyom who's face is set in a curiously neutral expression. [I am a soldier of Purobka. I come bearing news of its destruction. I wish to speak with the gentry.]

The leaders expression softens for a moment, before hardening. [Wait here.]

You see him open a slit in the gate and speak to someone on the other side. The hatch closes and he returns to his post. It is nearly a quarter hour before the person on the other side returns, after a muted discussion the centaur turns to you.

[Lord Bralin will see you.] He says to Artyom.

You watch as one of the other guards pulls a rope, which rings a bell. The gates open slowly as you can hear the gears of something turning slowly. It ceases once a small opening has been made.

[Come with me.] He gestures to Artyom.

As you move forward a pair of lances bar you entry. You look up at the two guards blocking you.

[Not you. Only him.] The leader says, gesturing to your companion.

Artyom, face set and determined, follows the captain inside. You're not even able to voice your protests before the gates close once more, leaving you three alone with the five remaining guards.

>What do?
>Go ask Boris about recent news
"Well, no use standing here. Might as well see if we can find out what's been going on since we left.
This, pretty much. He gets his info, we sniff about for our info, we meet back up and compare notes.
A bit quiet at the moment...gonna hold off a bit?
File: KozaksWorkOnAMadlib.jpg (1.22 MB, 2202x1300)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
"Well," You say, still processing the abrupt loss of your way in. "Lets see if Boris is about. Maybe we can learn what's happening."

Veles and Marie follow you as you head toward the trading post. Inside you can hear the sounds of crates being shunted around, it would appear Boris is hard at work. Entering, you see the merchant pushing out a crate full of wares. He turns as your group finally enters, pausing for a moment as he regards you.

[OH HELLO, IF IT ISN'T MY FAVORITE KUTKH.] He booms, causing Marie and yourself to wince. [You come with someone new today, who might you be? Feathered one.]

[Marie. Marie Robinson.] The Harpy responds, still shaken by the boisterous centaur's greeting.

[What is it I can be of doing for you today Kutkh? More trade perhaps?]

[Not quite. We are more looking for information. It seems that people are on edge here.]

He frowns, [Oh? Well, since House Krasick declared war on the Kozaks we have taken steps to avoid being embroiled in it.]

[Why would they do that?]

[Krasick accused the Kozaks of sacking Purobka. Their wealth depends on the silk treatments that Purobka provided. Needless to say, the price of their silks has increased.]

[Why would they think the Kozaks did that?! Do they have any proof?]
Second. I couldn't think of anything good.
File: Obfustication.gif (1.54 MB, 385x291)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB GIF
[Why would they think the Kozaks did that?! Do they have any proof?] You exclaim, if only to keep Boris talking.

[They say that their traders saw a Kozak war party near the town during one of their trade runs. The town was discovered ruined shortly thereafter. Many of the southern holds have followed their example.] You see Marie about to say something, but Veles places a hand on her shoulder, causing her to remain silent. Boris continues, [At their urging, many of the southern holds have declared war as well.]

[But not the northern holds?]

[No. We of the northern holds have a more vested interest in keeping relations with the kozaks peacceful. They provide a much needed buffer between us and the Fallen. Though the increase in attacks by the trolls have caused some to wonder if our allegience to remain.]

You think back to the hives. [You're awfully well informed on these politics.]

His grave tone changes into a muted chuckle [I AM A MERCHANT.] he booms, [It is in my interests to know such things. In any case, with the increase in troll attacks, the gentry have become wary. So much so that even my shop has been refitted. I cannot service both the town and the outside for fear of entry. I have my poor assistant stranded on the other side, handling that part. But enough of that, surely you did not come here to discuss something you noticed when you got here. Was there something else?]

>Mention Artyom
>Mention the hives
>Mention the south court advisors.
>>Mention the hives
[Many days back we went to Purobka to try to set up a trade rout, and found it sacked, burned, and filled with Troll Spawn. We found an injured Hasurr*. We took him with us and helped him to heal -tell what Artyom's told of the attack-.
And then on the way here, we found many Troll Spawn digging burrows. We killed several, but we'll need to kill many more when we go back.]

*Please correct. I know I spelled it wrong.
Wait. . . Guys? I think I MIGHT know what's going on.
File: REMOVFALLEN.jpg (157 KB, 800x532)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Rolled 4, 12 = 16 (2d20)

[Many days back we went to Purobka to try to set up a trade rout, and found it sacked, burned, and filled with Troll Spawn. We found an injured Hussar. We took him with us and helped him to heal. He told us it was Krasick troops that razed the town, setting it alight under guise of traders. Once he healed we came here. We were hoping to gain an audience with the gentry, but they just took him instead of all of us.] You say, then as an afterthought add, [On the way here, we found many Troll Spawn digging burrows. We killed several, but we'll need to kill many more when we go back.]

Boris takes a moment as he processes the information, before shaking himself. Smile gone, he speaks. [You said there were troll hives being made to the north? How far away?]

[Less than two days travel to the north.]

[Did you tell anyone of this?] He asks, a little franticly.


[W-wait here.] The merchant stammers as he heads out the door. Its not long before you see the ponderous gates of Bralin open, and twoscore heavily armored centaurs bedecked in lances file out.

Boris hurries back over to you. [They need to be removed before they gain a foothold. Do you remember where they were? Can you find the hive again?]

[I believe so. It would be in everyone's best interests if they were removed.]
Throw me a d20 roll then, if you would.
Rolled 2 (1d20)

File: WHY.jpg (50 KB, 620x620)
50 KB
>Why, dice gods? Why?
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Rolled 19 (1d20)

File: WinterHussar.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1112)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG

Shaking your head in an affirmative, you find your party flanked by the hussars. Surprisingly, you find Artyom among them, kitted out in what looks to be fresh armor. He nods when he sees you. [Lord Bralin was more accommodating than I expected.] He says as you set off north. [Your notification of the hives coincided to with mine. It would appear that Bralin takes the presence of the vermin very seriously.]

[Everything go alright?]

[As well as can be expected. The lord is considering what I have said. It would appear the Krasick mongrels are attempting to blame my homes destruction on the kozaks. I suppose they did not expect anyone to live.]

[What about the south court? We still need to talk with that fae, right?] Marie says, doing a half hopping glide to keep up with pace of you and the marching hussars.

[I believe that depends on how well we handle this.] Artyom says. [The advisor to Bralin appears to be... difficult to deal with.]

[So you met him?]

[Not as such, but Lord Bralin had less than kind words. It is apparently fond of speaking in riddles.]

Moving at double speed, it takes less than a day for the thundering battle group a day and a half to reach the hive. To call it a slaughter would be an understatement. Lances down, the hussars fall upon the trolls with a rather disturbing efficiency. More than a few trolls are skewered as the cavalry encircle and coral the horde toward the center, where a honeycomb of tunnels appear to have been dug. You're actually rather impressed at their skill, the soldiers weaving in and around each other with barely a hairsbreadth of leeway on one side or the other. You see the leader of the group engaged in an animated discussion with his lieutenants. Artyom explains that it was too late, and that the trolls have a foothold. Barring the kozaks fire runes or a proper means to smoke the rest out they have to wait 'other' means.

>Offer to deal with it (D20 roll required)
>Let them handle it.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

>Offer to try to deal with it so they don't need to wait for their "other" means
>>Offer to deal with it (D20 roll required)
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>>Offer to deal with it (D20 roll required)
>>Offer to deal with it (D20 roll required)

> If ya need smoke, ya probably need a bit of fire.
> I happen to be real good with fire.
Rolled 2 (1d20)



What? It's not a one. We dodged the bullet...I think.
But the other is a six.
We rolled an 9 2/3s on average(including known bonuses). That's not exactly GOOD as far as I know.
(Not sure what our bonus is. Would me nice to know. All I know is that we have at least a +1 to spell-craft.)
Wait, we use averages? I thought it was best-of like literally every other quest.
File: LastOfThesePictures.jpg (136 KB, 823x971)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
"It just needs to be burnt out, yes?" You say, slithering towards the holes.

Veles responds here, "Well, technically yes. However keeping a fire burning underground without air to feed it is difficult. Earth runes or boiling water to kill them and collapse the tunnels would be better."

"Think you can handle the earth part?" You say, conjuring a small flame in the palm of your hand.

Veles looks blank for a second before shaking his head with a grin. [I'm not sure if I should be proud at how quickly you've acclimated such an advanced spell.]

Tasking Artyom with pulling the rest of the centaurs back, you and Veles head towards the network of tunnels. Even from the surface, you can hear the keening coming from the trolls within. Focusing you bring your fire to bear. The jet of flame licks into the tunnel, and the keening changes in intensity as you immolate the trolls in the tunnel. Keeping fire on it, you eventually see the flames begin to lick their way outside of another one of the holes. Moving on to different tunnels, you keep the fire going as the hussars look on. In the midst of this, you see Veles tracing an intricate looking rune with his blade. After the last of the entrances is a charred ruin, you back away and let Veles work.

He joins you in a second as the both of you put some distance between the point. Nothing happens for a while, and then the rune glows brightly, and the whole gully abruptly sinks a good yard, before the top of it becomes smooth, as if the tunnels had never been there. Rejoining the group, you note that Marie has a look of awe on her face, and that with the exception of Artyom, the rest of the centaurs seemingly give you a wide berth. On the way back to town, the leader of the centaurs approaches you. [My thanks for your assistance. I would have been loathe to leave my forces away from the town for more than necessary, especially in these times. My subordinate says there was something you needed, what was it?]

Oh. we do? That isn't NEARLY as bad.
[We wanted to set up trade routs between this side, and the other side of the mountains in the north. After we found Purobka in ruins, and rescued Artyom, the mission was changed to finding out what's been going on over here, and possibly help to calm things down.]

(Sorry, I'm just not good with thinking on this kinda stuff.)
It's fine. I write, so I know how to do dialog.
(Most of the time)
File: Ohwaitnotallofthem.jpg (420 KB, 1920x1152)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
[We wanted to set up trade routes between this side, and the other side of the mountains in the north. After we found Purobka in ruins, and rescued Artyom, the mission was changed to finding out what's been going on over here, and possibly help to calm things down.]

The hussar is silent for a while before he responds [An admirable goal. I would not be the one to discuss that with however. Politics is something I avoid.]

[I'm not keen to jump into it myself, but its become a necessity. Who would I have to talk to in that case?]

[Lord Bralin, the gentry not involved with the hussars. Maybe his advisor.]

He pauses for a while, [I will see what I can do.] he says after some time.

Its been a little more than three days since then. Boris has been an ever gracious host, allowing you to make use of the outside portion of his shop. You're getting impatient however, and when the commander finally returns you have to suppress exasperation.

[I have done what I can.] The centaur says, [Unfortunately the gentry are still greatly concerned with safety. I can grant you a short audience with Lord Bralin, or one that could be short with his advisor.]

[What do you mean 'could be'] Marie says, clearly as tired of the wait as you are.

[Our advisor is... unfocused, and he may lose interest quickly.] The commander says

>Meet with Lord Bralin
>Meet with the south court fae.
>Meet with Lord Bralin
>Meet with Lord Bralin
Do 'we' think it would be a good Idea to make horse puns around the Centaurs?
Its entirely possible that such horseplay would put them in a foal mood.
Thought so. But I WANT TO!
File: smooth.gif (1.87 MB, 320x241)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
[I'd rather not take my chances with one that's unpredictable. Lord Bralin it is.] You say.

Your group follows the commander towards the gates, the massive things swinging open at the sound of the bell. Following him inside, you're greeted by the sights and sounds a bustling market. The only real difference between here and Ursus is the lack of tents. That and the fancier clothing. Still, you are given a wide berth as your group follows the hussar leader through the expansive and sprawling city.

Space seems to be the key feature here, with gentle sloping ramps extending up to floors. It makes sense in a way, stairs would be a difficult thing to navigate, so it probably never caught on. In any case, you're taken through the markets and largely wooden buildings, noting the shift towards stone and increase in armed guards as you get to what you assume is the more affluent part of town. The commander leads you towards a truly grand building and you are stopped as you enter. Servants bear a litter that your instructed to place your weapons on (You note that the commander has to disarm as well, removing no less than seven different instruments of war.) and you are then led to a large pair of ornate double doors beside which stand two hussars per door.

You gulp nervously as the commander opens the doors in one swing, and you file in after him. You figure that lord Bralin isn't someone to be trifled with.

>Pausing thread here. Wanted to run more but my internet is starting to die. Never get satellite. Ever. If I don't get a second thread going tomorrow, I'll likely get one before this month is over. As always thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.
Not a problem.
See you tomorrow, hopefully.
Thanks, Canid.

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