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>Welcome to Weird World Quest, the adventures of a currently unlucky Dwarf security guard by the name of Rowyn Thorekson. We continue where we left off last time, with our unlikely hero wishing he had called for back-up sooner.
Character sheet: http://pastebin.com/FCGKxVgz
Advancement Sheet: http://pastebin.com/NSFPq00x
Rules and Game Mechanics: http://pastebin.com/mw8svupS
Previous Session: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Weird%20World%20Quest
There are few things you regret in your life, but as you crouch behind a display stand, Oggie roaring into his radio, bullets flying into the air around you, there’s a noticeable rise in those sentiments. You should have grown your beard longer. Gods’ above, you’re going to look nigh disgraceful in the casket. You should have-

“Rowyn, start fucking moving!” Oggie yells over the din of gunfire, and your reverie is broken. Looking over across the room, your Orc associate is gripping a revolver in a death grip, while 2 of the kobolds opening fire approach his position, reigning suppressing fire down on the guard. Peeking around the corner of your quickly, it appears that two of the other reptilian assailants are doing likewise towards you, not exactly lifting your heart.
You’re not sure what the human you saw before is doing, or that last remaining kobold. Another variable into this already increasing clusterfuck of a day. Looking down at your side, you’re pleased to see your trusty…

>Stun Baton. Handy in a close-quarters fight, and hurts like a bitch. Your type of weapon.
>Anti-personnel Pistol. A light, but highly efficient pistol that can scan targets, and alternate round types depending on whether the target is mechanical or biological in nature.
>Your fists. You don’t need a tool to save the day. Just Dwarven ingenuity and a bit of luck.
>Anti-personnel Pistol. A light, but highly efficient pistol that can scan targets, and alternate round types depending on whether the target is mechanical or biological in nature.
Voting closed, writing it up.
Your trusty Anti-personnel pistol is always there when you need him, usually hidden behind a nice jacket, or tucked away in some other hidden pocket. The bright yellow firearm always screams safety to you, and makes you feel a little better about your odds in this fight. Bullets continue to slam into your display case, and you’re not sure it’s going to hold up for much longer at this point. What do you do?

>Fire back at the kobolds, while running to new cover.
>Start small fires on their clothing.
>Try to blur their vision with Physiomancy
>Summon a helper to aid your struggle.
Summon a helper to draw their attention in one direction while you run and gun for cover in the opposite direction.
Voting closed. Writing.
Roll me 1d20+2 for the summoning, and choose a choice from one of two beings. Also roll 2d20-3 for the run and gun.
>Frank from accounting. An imp dressed in a rather sharp suit, with a foul mouth and a penchant for analytics. One of the more commonly summoned creatures, much to his chagrin.
>Willow the wisp, a wind elemental and generally one of the more annoying things you’ve ever raised up. Real good for distractions though.
Rolled 5, 7, 6 + 2 = 20 (3d20 + 2)

I recall it being best of three, yes?

Willowisp, the logical choice
Second post will contain the gun rolls
Rolled 3, 14, 18, 19, 16, 9 - 3 = 76 (6d20 - 3)

And the gun one. If i did the negatives right, at least.
Indeed the best of three.

So a 9 for the summoning, a 15 for running to new cover, and a 16 for gunning. Writing it up now.
There’s not enough time to do everything that you’d like to, but a sudden realization comes over you. You’re outnumbered, but evening the odds is easily within your power. Pushing your hands together, a gentle breeze begins to gather inside of the room as everything continues going to hell. Pulling them apart slowly, eyes locked on the being knitting itself through the fabric of dimensions, a smile comes across your face as Willow pops forth.
One of the earliest beings you learned how to summon, the feminine shaped, but nevertheless ethereal spirit stretches it’s arms with a yawn, skin like surging mercury shining in the artificial light. “Man, it’s loud in here. Give a Wisp a break…” You flick the breathy creature with a finger, eliciting an annoyed yelp. “Hey, what the heck was that for?!”

“I need your head in the game, Willow! Fly over to those kobolds behind me, and do what you do best!”

“Which is?” A knowing grin spreading across the face of the spirit, tiny yellow eyes narrowing.

“Being the best damn Wisp I know.” You speak, sating the ego of Willow for the moment, who flies out of your hands with a cheer, and soaring towards the kobolds.
You don’t dare peek behind the display case with the advancing kobolds, but once the bullets stop pounding dangerously close to you, and the annoyed sounds and frantic laughs of Willow become apparent, you take that as a sign to move. Propping yourself to your feet quickly, boots pounding on the ground as you make a desperate dash towards a now flipped table.

One of your scale ambushers however notices your flat out sprint, and lets loose a few potshots in your direction. They miss, but feel uncomfortably close for comfort as you twist in your attackers direction, letting off two shots towards the creature. One of them manage to slam home in it’s shoulder, and it fell to the ground, a groan spilling forth. His friend however, seems to be in perfect shape.

From what you could see as you slide into your new cover, Oggie is getting dangerously close to getting over ridden by the other two kobolds. Meanwhile, the human is busy cutting into the Retro Cybernetics exhibit, his kobold aid helping with the endeavor. And then there’s the gunman you’re still dealing with.

>Try to cover Oggie so he can react to the advance.
>Shoot the lone kobold pushing towards you.
>Try to distract the human cutting into the Cybernetic exhibit.
Shout for wisp to help oggie, WhIle we shoot the kobold coming towards us.
>>Shoot the lone kobold pushing towards you.
yeah, and Willow should distract Oggie's kobolds.
Once there is noone shooting at us, we can shoot the human in the back.
Yo? Did op die?
This seems acceptable.

Also, OP?
Bumping out of hope op returns

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