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Have you ever wondered what happens to your PC after death? Well heres your chance to find out.

But I need to know so things about your PC first. It can be from any system, whether it be D&D, World of Darkness, GURPS, or something else I've not even ever heard of.

The things I need to know are as follows.

>Alignment (only if your system uses alignment)
>3-5 most good / most evil things your PC did

pic in no way related to the thread
Bumping out of interest
I'm hoping some people respond. I forgot to mention however that the thread sort of only applies to PCs who are actually alive (i.e. not robots or golems), though PCs who aren't actually alive in a true sense do go places after "death" as it were.
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I'll bite.

>Neutral Good
>Lanced a Spider-girl, had naughty thoughts, got sacrificed to the early appearance of the BBEG.
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Anyone? No? Maybe? C'mon guise. It mite b cool.
When you were sacrificed to the BBEG, did you do it in such a way that you harmed the BBEG, or was it more like you were an unwilling sacrifice? I'm slightly confused by what you mean here.

I'll be answering you momentarily, I just need to know if the sacrifice in question was a noble deed of self-sacrifice, or more of a KALI MAAAAA "plz don't rip my heart out now" type moment.
I think it was because the dice hated me. This was my first character and I remember dying to some unlucky rolls.
I'll try to get the ball rolling
My fighter Kaiger
>chaotic good
3 good
>sends his mother jewelry/gems he finds on his adventures
>convinced his party not to slaughter goblins who surrendered
>doesn't judge people by race
3 bad
> turned surviving goblins into slaves for the party
>tries to manipulate the party paladin
>has kept he found to himself when he's supposed to split with the party

>Neutral Evil
>Sold out the king's son to bandits to advance his own claim to the throne, dabbled in slave trading, talked a lot of smack about his troll bodyguard

His was decapitated by a random bandit with a lucky crit, for record
Cyberpunk 2020

Human with minimal cybernetic enhancement

No alignment in system

Good: Broke up a human trafficking ring, Saved best friend's sister from murder, and helped an addict turn her life around

Bad: Tried to be like Jacket and ended up murdering a house full of innocent people he thought were colombian gangers, Nearly killed himself on synth-coke, Tortured a witness to death
Your character went to Parama Sadha, the blissful plain.

The entire realm is a giant valley that is 10,500 miles wide and which is surrounded by protective mountain walls each 4,200 feet tall. Inside the valley, clean, clear streams and lakes of pure, fresh water are fed by springs, huge groves of peach trees grow freely, huge groves of apple trees grow freely, animals are naturally tranquil, and colorful, fruitful plants are the norm.

I would describe it as a "tropical island paradise" except that it's located in a huge river valley instead of on an island.

Your character remained there for 40,000 years, after which they were born into a new life on the prime material plane, the years spent in this afterlife as long as a normal year, though only 1/10th of a second had passed in earth-time.
Worships Lilium
I was half expecting to see a drawing to go with it but that was a good read
I'll bite this.

>Alignmentless due to it being more free-form
>Provided a better standard of life for mortals in the realms that was taken over by her, brutally murdered/crippled the previous gods of those realms in order to ensure her complete control of those realms, saved herself and her sister's life in the past from the hands of a doomsday cult
Both slavery and Conniving are considered fairly grave sins. However, you also honored your parents, which is an important virtue, thugh you being selfish and manipulating weighs you down.

You went to Ghuma Parivatana, "Twisting Turning".

A burnt, ruined valley that is 12,400 miles wide with a wall of ivory-framed mirrors that are 6,200 ft tall, the only things to eat in Ghuma Parivatana are scorpions, snakes, vultures, foul insects and spiders, though foul swill-water pours in from cracks in the ground and crevices in the mountains, so there is both food and drink there, if very disgusting stuff.

The punishment of this dismal narak is that your bones slowly deform over the course of a day, your arms, legs, fingers, toes, and neck slowly deforming over the course of the day up to noon, and then slowly returning to normal over the course of the day from noon to dusk, repeating this pattern at night.

We're talking full on more twisty than a corkscrew horrific pain deformations.

Life in this narak is the amount of time it takes a single human breath to travel all the way around the world and return to its point of origin 12 times.
Okay, I got one.

>Human Lich Wizard
>Lawful Evil, heavy on the lawful
>Betrayed a revolutionary to take over the kingdom himself (along with the rest of his party)
>Used his share of the kindgom treasury to start a public schooling program for the states underprivileged children
>Said school taught necromancy and churned out a new, fairly egalitarian and even handed death cult that ruled in his absence

He was eventually blown up for good by a coalition of high priests.
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Oh god. Poor Kaiger
Let's give it a spin.

True Neutral
Saved an orphan boy from a murderous goblin raider, and then adopted the boy.
Once garroted a goblin prisoner with his beard.
Saved a town from being overrun with demons.
Stole some sundry items, even though he probably could have paid for them.
Donated all his share of the payment to help fund an orphanage.
Helped cover-up a double homicide and possible kidnapping... It couldn't be proven that the perpetrator committed the crimes, nor could it be guaranteed that he would have paid for them even if confronted or captured; on the other hand, we needed his assistance in stopping the demon cult.
Again with the slavery, and the selling of a royal? Boy we're really picking winners today.

You traveled to Curota Andhakara, "Smoke Darkness", another horrid narak, but thankfully you weren't actually THAT evil, just foul-intentioned.

A desert of glassy, barren completely dead sand that is 16,500 miles wide and surrounded by a 5,500 ft wall made entirely of broken weapons damaging parts (i.e. sword blade, spear point etc), there is nothing, at all, to eat or drink in this narak.

Landfills up to 50 miles wide are perpetually polluting the entire area with burning refuse, trash, and corpses, these landfills heated from below by fires that never go out for any reason and are always blazing hot.

The entire desert is bombarded with a slow continuous rain of burning soot, as well as the foul smoke these burning landfills produce wafting everywhere constantly. There are no shelters and there is no escape from the smell, the rain of burning sooty ash, and the intense, foul smog clouds, some as wide as 300 miles and up to 30 feet tall.

Life in this narak is the amount of time it takes for a breath to travel all the way around the world and return to its start point 14 times. Even though you are technically starving and thirsting to death, you never die until the allotted amount of time has expired.
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Seems fitting.
Neutral Neutral
Stole constantly to support the party, killed people by palming lit bombards into their clothing, sacrificed an arm to free a comrade, ended up becoming head of the secret police, then retired and spent the last few years of his life contemplating dragons and the mysteries of existence and stuff.
In brief so that my answer makes sense; your good deeds outweigh your bad ones. Intentions are a big part of what is truly good and truly evil, and mistakes still cause bad outcomes, but your intentions were basically good to some extent.

Freeing slaves, and both saving people from outright murder and self-murder (addiction) are a big deal, and considered very virtuous.

You traveled to Arohi Ruka "Ascending Trees" when you died.

A tranquil redwood forest that is 22,300 miles long and wide, clear, clean springs of water are there, as well as many pineapple, banana, and peach trees, along with blueberry bushes and strawberry bushes, with tranquil animals and a cool, damp environment.

Enlightened beings are present in this realm, but they are so far away that they appear to be tiny, distant stars, the trees growing towards them and eventually reaching them. All beings who enter this realm know what the distant beings are. Inhabitants of this realm live 50,000 years, 1/100th of a second passing on earth for each lifetime spent here.

For reference, Ruka Arohi is only 1 step above Parama Sadha, and is still a very "low" celestial realm.
>Neutral good
>Got his party killed by a dragon due to his encouragement to keep fighting it even when the party wanted to run and heal, killed someone who was threatening to kill the party's leader, only to becoming the party leader himself right after, killed a dragon that one person knew from childhood and could have potentially made good
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>Oldish Human
>Lawful Good
>Good: Saved party members' lives multiple times, gave regularly to the poor/in need, counseled the lost, sacrificed himself so that his friends had a chance at survival/victory
>Bad: Abandoned his former leader early in life (though regretful), executed fallen enemies, full of wrath and judgment

Cool thread.
Oh, and good things

>Always acted in order to protect the forest and its life from evil forces
>Convinced wild animals to leave the party alone instead of fighting them constantly
>Was willing to be killed in order to stop the dragon that killed his party (he survived the dragon fight, but was killed later)
Sure, I'll bite with one of my PCs.

Human, Neutral Good.

Good : When given an unlimited wish, wished for the dead of a war caused by an evil god to be given another chance at life if they and their family/significant others wished to. Ended up converting a Chaotic Neutral Barbarian prone to fits of wild rage and with ocasional leanings on the bad/illegal side of things into a Paladin under the service of the deity of Family/Mercy just by living and interacting with them. Didn't shove it down their throats. Constantly spared enemies and tried to offer them the chance of redemption instead of killing them.

Bad : Had a strong desire to execute a prisioner after he nearly caused the death of his loved one. Was too hard-headed in an arena fight and got himself killed - and the party, who ended up questing to ressurect him, were tricked to unleash the evil god that caused all that loss of life in the first place. When younger, pestered several adventuring parties and endangered them over being a complete jackass at a young age.

Died peacefully of old age after forming a family, for the record.
Here goes

>true neutral
>saved wildlife from hunters/poachers
>trusted by her people to advice on relations with other races
>instrumental in founding prosperous village
>killed human teenagers trespassing in the wood
>burned down/looted human settlement that was encroaching on the wood
>captured by son of a human noble when trying to assassinate noble
>executed for her crimes by [spoiler[warhammer to the skull
You traveled to Khatta Nadi "Sour River", another narak. Worshiping things you know "damn" well aren't fit to worship and doing so willingly is a major sin. And unfortunately since you didn't list any good deeds, there is nothing to balance it out.

"Sour River" is a river of bile, puss, and tears, 31,200 miles wide and deep, bordered on the sides by heaps of burnt, destroyed bones and sandbars made entirely of ashes. Extremely revolting flesh-eating fish reside in the river, every rocky shoal is made entirely of pointed blades that range from 6 to 16 feet long, and at both the north and south ends of the rivers, 10,000 foot tall demons pound huge churns up and down to make the river constantly wracked by undertow, rough rapids, and giant waves up to 60 ft tall.

Life in Khatta Nadi is the amount of time it takes a single drop of rain to wear a mountain down to the size of a single grain of sand, with a person remaining conscious through their body putting itself back together after being devoured or otherwise destroyed, and drowning a never-ending torture in which you drown, but do not actually die (ever) until your time is up.
sounds fun, I'll give it a shot.

>Halfling Paladin
>Lawful Good
>Not the strongest in the party by far, but always tried to stay cheerful for others' sake at least and help anyone he could
>Always assisted the weak, dying or downtrodden and rarely asked for pay or loot during quests
>Willingly had 2 of his fingers severed from the hand in place of a thief because he deemed the kid too young and still saveable, but knowing a price still needed to be paid and laws upheld.
>Had hydrophobia and an intense fear of drowning (small creature in heavy plate armor)
>Saw his comrades fall in a dungeon trying to stop an undead lord before he raised an army- could have easily run and escaped the area and danger, but decided to head back to the city nearby, warn the lord there and then died fighting an undead horde on the city walls as the place was inevitably overrun, buying only a small amount of time for civilians to escape.
Since you were a deity, you started out in one of the upper level celestial realms, but we'll touch on that a bit later.

After your death, you were reborn into Arohi Parvatama, "Ascending Mountain".

A fruitful plain of tranquility, riddled with peach trees, lettuce and potato gardens, strawberry bushes, fragrant flowers, and apple orchards. The plain is 45,500 miles long and wide. Inhabitants live there for 60,000 years (much shorter than a deities lifespan).

Enlightened beings form a congregation high above to serve as a sun and moon, gliding across the sky during "daytime" emitting light, and remaining stationary dead-center of the sky emitting much less light during "night".

When Enlightened beings are gliding across the sky, mountains gently raise themselves from the plain to be near the Enlightened ones, and this is safe to stand on during such a transformation of land, so you are the first person in thread that has an easy means of talking to Enlightened Beings.

Deities never die unless their lifespan is spent or they wish to die, so what you thought was brutal murder was actually you simply fulfilling their desires, so it wasn't actually "evil" per se.

I'm interested. Got someone I'm cooking up for an upcoming.

>Lawful Good
>Rescued orphans from a burning building, killed a high lich of Nalfien, made an evil wizard see the error of his ways, slept with many women despite being married, killed a man in a petty duel over honor and still wears his plumed hat
>Setting doesn't use alignment but would probably be True Neutral
>Had the corpses of barbarian raiders hung from the trees as a warning to others after wiping them out.
>Went to great lengths to be a good parent and see son grow up to be a worthy heir.
>When strange foreign woman came through with suspicious cargo, did not have them inspected because he had already extended sacred hospitality and the boxes were too small to be slaves(didn't really care as long as it wasn't human trafficking). Sent a letter to a friend who owns the docks next county over to have her "randomly searched" instead and informed the Lord of the region. Took the bribe she offered cause free cash but it didn't have an affect on decision.
Existing as something undead is a severely foul sin. Practicing necromancy is also severely foul.

You went to Amsu Dhundha "Tears Mist", a much deeper narak than anyone else in thread has gone to yet.

Dense darkness so heavy it has a small amount of actual weight covers the region, a dismal plain riddled with chasms and rocky cliffs, as well as gulleys, valleys, and huge bouldery walls. The area is 56,500 miles wide and long.

In the darkness, a mist made entirely out of death sighs, evaporated tears, evaporated blood, and the fumes from burst-open corpses clings heavily to everything, moving in banks up to 500 miles wide and 50 ft tall.

A terrible sense of "something is watching me from just out of sight and hearing" is ever-present in the minds of inhabitants of this place, and if an inhabitant ever stops moving for any reason, hell beings instantly appear, each armed with white hot smoking weapons, ice cold venomous weapons, salt encrusted weapons, and serrated poison-seeping weapons.

Basically, if you stop moving for any reason, for any length of time, these beings just instantly FOOF! into existence and torture murder you then devour you, your body retaining consciousness during all the torture and all the vore, including being shit out to become a fresh body again, and including the body putting itself back together.

Inhabitants of this horrific narak live the amount of time it takes a rain drop to form, fall, become mist, and become a rain drop 55,500 times.

Alright, I'm down.

Edric, the fighter, my current PC.
>Good things: Assisted in foiling a plot to bring an evil god back into the mortal plane, used his wealth to assist the poor no matter what city he was in, defended a woman accused of necromancy from an unruly mob
>Bad things: was forced into a situation where he had to kill several guards, saved soldiers at the cost of townsfolk during a dicey situation, never objected to being overpaid for a job
File: 1404240559534.jpg (308 KB, 576x665)
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>God Fragment (Players were all previously part of something closer to a capital G God before he sorta fell to pieces. I forget how.)
>No official alignment but somewhere in the Good range
>Good Deeds
Actually treated my followers like people instead of having everyone work and breed until they die like the other players
Gave refuge to any followers of other gods that willingly left and joined my following (Though this was somewhat selfishly motivated since we were fueled by worship)

>Evil Deeds
When his armies beat down the Cruelty aspect, severing him from his followers and, ultimately, his powers, my guy was utterly disgusted that this man was ever a part of him. Rather then absorb him into himself, which was the main goal of the whole campaign, to become whole again, he fragmented him even further and scattered him to the farthest winds, and made sure that his name and legacy would be forever unrecorded, so that not an ounce of follower worship or acknowledgement could ever reach him. Doing this may have screwed over the cosmos in the end, since the GM implied there were other gods of other planets somewhere out there that may be coming after us for more God energy
> Half-Sylph

> Chaotic Good

> 3 Good Things

Saved a young slave girl and raised her with the leader of the party.

Taught the tiefling party leader how to be confident, and how to live her life without the need of my PC.

Has given all riches and items not needed to the party, specifically the little girl and the leader.

> 3 Bad Things

Is an alcoholic, sometimes dealing with crippling bouts of depression and fear due to past. Sometimes gets aggressive when in this state.

Almost accidentally killed the little girl in a fight, never lives it down.

Is extremely spiteful when it comes to people who insult her honor, has struck down many people because of this, even in broad daylight.
Lots of saving people, good job on that count. Your evil deeds are fairly minor, and your good deeds definitely outweigh them.

You traveled to Arohi Hava "Ascending Wind". The realm is 71,300 miles long and wide.

A series of mountain valleys, each mountain has a temple of meditation at its peak, the valleys watered by waterfalls and rivers of clean, pure, spring water, and the valleys filled with peach trees, apple trees, pear trees, orange groves, blueberry bushes, and strawberry bushes, not to mention tranquil animals birds and fish.

Interesting, the temples are made of stone that never ages or degrades, and get infinitely bigger to house as many people as want to go into them, even though they have no clerical staff and no monks or nuns that permanently reside in them.

Inhabitants of this realm live 70,000 years and can fly without using magic or technology for as long or far as they wish to.
Lawful/Neutral Evil?

Good things:
>Restored his nation's economy and brought it back to being a industrial powerhouse.
>United the cultural group that he was a part of into a single nation, and then some.
>Was a above-average artist when it came to painting buildings.

Bad things:
>Killed millions over the mere difference of lifestyle or religion.
>Brought his nation into a destructive war, which led to the nation being divided between the victors of the war.
>Ruined the square moustache for everyone but a silent film actor.
>Murdered royal children of previous dynasty during rebellion because liege ordered him to and it was the only way to prevent the same shit happening in a couple of decades. Was granted a lordship for it.
>When rebel leader accused him of crimes against the gods/humanity, fought him in a duel/trial by combat instead of simply arresting him. Had his tongue cut out as punishment for speaking treason but honored plea bargain to send him to penal legion instead of executing him in exchange for information.
>Fought barbarian leader in a duel rather than go to war. Made barbarians accept civilization or else and integrated them into polite society. Everyone was happy with this arrangement.
>Ordered lieutenant to make human scarecrows out of bandits who wanted to attack caravan of him, his fiancee and future fatherinlaw. Later found out they weren't bandits and it was just a misunderstanding. It seemed reasonable at the time.
>Maimed a knight who believed that we were forcing fiancee to marry him and challenged him to duel. Fiancee has sent him letter saying so as practical joke. He knew about it and thought it was funny.
You weren't evil enough to go down deep into the horribly shitty ugly terrible hideous foul naraks, but your evil deeds outweigh your good deeds.

You traveled to Ghuma Parivartana "Twisting turning".

However because you were a full blown monstrous humanoid and not a core race being, you were born as a hell being, not a normal inhabitant.

You were 14 feet tall, with tusks like an elephant, reddish skin, every part of your body was riddled with horrific deformities though fully functional, venom dripping snakes grow out of your ears to a length of 4 feet a piece, you have two large red eyes on your head and one large blue eye on your back, numerous horns roughly the size of a dagger, feet like a raptor, a body covered mostly in rigid scraggly hair, and 2 arms 2 legs and 1 head, your main weapon being a horrific barb covered branding iron that is always white hot, causing both you and your targets pain, this weapon flying back to your hand any time you attempt to discard or dequip it.

You reside in Twisting Turning until 130,500 inhabitants have transferred out of that realm, after which you are reborn to a material realm life.

Mervin Porosi


Good things
>served as one of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep, re-established it as an economic powerhouse and trading hub
>funded the rebuilding of the local University, and sought to fund education for all citizens
>heeded the warnings of an adventuring party and helped save Waterdeep from an Undead incursion

Bad things
>has personally killed several of his political rivals in order to stay in power
>maintained connections with assassins, thieves, and pirates, did not hesitate to call on them to do unsavory work that favored him
>murdered Lord Nasher Alagondar in order to destabilize Neverwinter politics for his own gain
File: koboldushanka.png (92 KB, 276x302)
92 KB
I did right by my friends, old nation, and new nation. Bring it the fuck on.

You are forced to wear a maid outfit for all eternity. A pineapple gets shoved up your ass every day at 4pm.
Alright, curious to what you'll make of this one.

Human Noble.

Evil :
> In an attempt to defend a town from a marauding band of fey that had basically destroyed it already, used a sword that he didn't know hosted a demon. Caused him to go into a blind rage and kill everyone in the town. Including the people residing on it in the first place.
> Later fell in love with said demon. Wasn't seduced - just fell in love with it over a misguided sense of protection.
> Also ended up killing his former caretaker while under the effect of a similar possession, although he had more control over what he was doing.

Good :
> Constantly refused rewards after completing tasks and tried to help everyone he could. Saved several villages and towns in the course of his adventuring careers with others.
> Held the leash of more brutal/reckless party members multiple times, stopping them from killing innocents.
> After inheriting political power from his power, constantly attempted to assist co-operate with other, less fortunate neighbohouring countries to diminish poverty and suffering.
> Spared a group of goblins and gave them somewhere to live. Ended up causing said group to befriend other races and live in peace.
> Lived in a fairly spartan way after the whole demon incident. Never took a cent from the funds of his inheritance, instead attempting to build a good, stable future for his descendants.
There is a difference between "making a bad choice" and "intentionally making a choice you know damn well is going to have a shitty evil outcome". As such, your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds, and since you were willing to sacrifice yourself like that (which is kind of a big deal in the virtues and vices category), you end up in Vistara Apati, "Mind Opening".

Vistara Apati is 84,500 miles long and wide, and is a city made entirely of palaces and temples floating over a cool, serene, calm, fragrant flower pond, water flowers up to 50 ft wide and 30 ft tall growing in the huge pond.

Inhabitants of that realm live 80,000 years, 1/1000th of a second passing earth-time for each lifetime.

Enlightened beings chanting the call to enlightenment are the source of all light and wind in this realm, and gurus, saints, and demi-deities reside in this realm as well, teaching those who want to know not just about holiness, but about enlightenment as well.
>after inheriting political power from his power
* from his father. Fuck.
Out of curiosity, is that 130,500 contiguous ones (like, the new one starts when the old one finishes) or a shorter variable time depending on the turnover rate?
"Transfering out" means that they have lived the number of lifetimes they were allotted to spend in that region and have been reborn in some other dimensional region. So it means when 130,500 "inmates" get "out" of twisting turning, you get out.
Wouldn't have mattered to him, but comforting that it's not "130,500 times the penalty everyone else gets for being a kobold".
>human vampire
> humanity 5 in wod
> best things: killed a human trafficker, helped a mortal fucked up by dominate get back to normal, uh, that's about it
> bad: was a human trafficker, massacred gypsies as part of an ultra nationalist movement
Nifty, thanks dude.
Saving lives and charity is a big deal, and counseling the lost is an even huger deal, your good deeds DEFINITELY outweigh your bad deeds.

You traveled to Visala Ananda "Immense Joy".

Visala Ananda is similar to the Blissful Plain, a huge edenic garden, containing apple orchards, pear orchards, peach trees, strawberries, lettuce fields, potato fields, peanut fields, tranquil animals, large waterfalls lakes and rivers fed by spring waters, and is 226,500 miles long and wide.

Unlike Blissful plain, however, Immense Joy has palaces deities reside in during their daily lives, these palaces on mountain peaks, floating on clouds, floating over water, or situated in the center of gigantic even more wonderful gardens than the usual for that realm.

Inhabitants of this realm live the amount of time it takes a sunbeam to travel from the eastern-most point of the universe to the western-most point of the universe, then back, a single time.

While Enlightened beings are present and are a source of light and wind, they are more like distant stars than a sun or moon, the deities palaces emitting light on a much more visible scale.
Only chance at decent afterlife is if fighting a duel rather than a costly war counts as saving several thousand lives.
The nature of your good deeds and your use of an unlimited wish the way you used it caused the gods to intervene in the cycle of rebirth for you. You didn't go to a further life, you became an Angel Guardian instead, serving the deity of family/mercy. Your lifespan was 100,200 years long, and you became a paladin like angel, wielding gold and silver weapons, having 4 large white, silver, and blue wings (each wing all 3 colors), you were 14 feet tall with blue skin, your attire was set with jewels and platinum, you had a magic spear which always detected lies, and which pointed at the source of any evil energy by levitating mid-air and pointing like a pointer hound, leading you towards it if you chose to follow it, and finally, you had a large horn which reminded people who heard it of their already existing good intentions.
Wasn't the character, was the DM, but I'm interested to see where this goes.
>Pixie bard
>CG, shading to NG later
>Tried to help his opposite number who got into bad shit because of him
>Took the chance to free a potentially faking-it fey hunting sortaxenomorph when it looked like it was sapient
>Killed a bunch of dragons, destabilising the region (they ran the cities)
>High end druid PC fucked the plot, ultimately failed to keep the continent from sinking, escaped with a dressmaking business, aforementioned sortaxenomorph and a bunch of fractured subsouls of the Queen of Winter (who he'd accidentally had a hand in breaking)

Lesson learned. Don't give the PLAYER that always goes from point A to point B the choice of whether or not to fuck things up.
holy shit that is fucking awesome


>Alignment (only if your system uses alignment)

System does not use alignment.

>3-5 most good / most evil things your PC did

On the good end of the balance sheet:

>Sacrificed some of her life force in order to help construct a magical amulet that was instrumental in turning back an orcish horde.
>Freed her brother from magical enthrallment to an evil artifact sword, albeit by killing him.
>Defeated a dragon that was ravaging the countryside, and absorbs his deathcurse, making sure to get hit by it instead of anyone else in the party.

On the other hand.

>Due to said deathcurse, start searching for ways of surviving the wasting plague contracted.
>Sell out friends in order to get certain components for lichdom.
>Murder a whole bunch of innocent people and start up an undead legion because she can't actually turn off her lifedrain powers at this point.
>Ally with horrible tyrant to preserve her own little domain of undeath.
Saving lives (any lives) is a good thing, but killing anyone, especially for something relatively minor, is heavily bad, and pillaging is extra bad, your bad deeds outweigh your good ones.

You went to Dhulo Lasaharu "Dust Tombs".

A particularly nasty Narak, Dust Tombs is a large glassy sand desert, riddled with chasms crevices and megadunes. It is 67,800 miles long and wide, and every inch of it is completely covered by sandstorms, each sandstorm's sand so hot it actually turns into tiny droplets of boiling glass in tiny spots in the permanent storms, the winds blowing so sharply they tear open injuries and peel skin off slowly.

The only shelter from these storms are the chasms, each chasm an open mass grave with rancid, decaying bodies in it, the chasms up to 200 miles wide and deep, these rotting bodies and their fluids the only thing to eat or drink in Dust Tombs.

Inhabitants of this realm live the amount of time it takes a single grain of sand to wear a mountain down to the size of a single drop of water, living even if technically starving to death and/or thirsting to death, and remaining conscious throughout their bodies putting themselves back together after being ripped apart or destroyed.
Assuming the rain didn't muck about and dilly-dally. Wouldn't it only take approximately 6 years for water to rise and drop 55,500 times?

I mean, six years of ceaseless torture and agony is still a long damned time, but kind of short compared to the usual millennia you tend to see in religious rhetoric.

By the way, the terminal velocity I used was based on the Gunn Kinzer model, and I had to approximate the rising velocity based on cloud formation times. Was I just way off?
Oh dang, I forgot to factor in the time it would take the water to heat up enough to evaporate. Not exactly a speedy process in a land of eternal dark dampness... damp darkness? It's dark and damp there.
5e dnd
Tiefling paladin.
Neutral good
Chauntea- goddess of agriculture and community

Good - Donated money frequently. Saved innocent lives on the regular. Showed mercy to foes that surrendered. Stood up for the more savage races.
Bad- tortured cultist for information, gave an angel killing sword to a devil to save dying party member, killed a possessed but normally friendly dragon.
Ooh, interesting thread. I'll bite! Here's my most recently deceased PC.

>No allignment (It was a Shadowrun campaign)

>3-5 Bad Things:
>He was a career criminal, for one. After being passed over for one too many promotions at his old advertising job, he decided that his talents in social engineering were better spent helping other criminals steal things for high-paying Mr. Johnsons. Is guilty of a lot of breaking and entering, theft of pirivate property, and armed robbery as a result.
>Ruined his old boss' life for petty revenge
>Killed a few people - mostly in shootouts with private security when heists went wrong, but also killed a teenage ganger after kidnapping and interrogating him to figure out some mission-relevant info, not knowing what else to do with him

>3-5 Good Things
>Began questioning what he was doing with his life after the aforementioned execution
>Started anonymously donating most of his crime money towards metahuman-rights activist groups in an attempt to do something good with his life, wanting to do something legitimately subversive and helpful in the oppressive sixth world instead of being the self-centered cog in the system he realized he and his associates were
>Anonymously helped the aforementioned boss whose life he ruined get a new job
>Adopted a young ork street courier girl to give her a place to live, tried to convince her to improve her life and not to become a career criminal like he did
>When some Yakuza goons who his adoptive daughter pissed off came knocking, he let himself get tortured to death by them instead of giving up where she was hiding.
You traveled to Visala Asis "Immense Blessings".

A collection of shining palaces, temples, and residences made entirely out of gold, silver, platinum, and jewels, Immense Blessings is 124,600 miles long and wide.

These are suspended above a gargantuan garden of flowers and other fragrant plants, expert musicians, poets, and lyricists gliding through the air on clouds, never tiring from their arts, feasts, revels, and dances held there regularly, inhabitants here able to fly at will. Deities residing here, but no enlightened beings residing here. The feasting tables and great halls where revels and dances are held are infinitely big, able to house an unlimited number of inhabitants who visit them.

Inhabitants of this realm live the amount of time it takes a sunbeam to travel from westernmost tip of the universe to easternmost tip of the universe twice, (thats trip all the way there, then back, then all the way there, then back).
The rain being used as a time-measurement is rain falling on earth, not in the narak. Six years of running till you drop and then dying from horrible beings torturizing you is still pretty damn bad, friend-o.
Lawful Evil

>Sold his soul to the Lord of Hell
>Became High Priest of a cult devoted to said Lord of Hell
>Used subterfuge to bring a good-aligned nation to its knees
>Pretended to be a Hero by fixing the problems I'd created
>Assassinated anybody who was trying to figure out the truth including the royal family.
Hmmm, in that case we could assume it'll take a day for the water to evaporate again? In that case it'll be roughly an extra 152 years. That's being generous and assuming the water is constantly cycling somehow. If it referred to 55,500 rainy days then your stay will be significantly longer.

So yeah, anywhere from six to "a whole bunch of" years locked in spooky town. That's a pretty bad end.

I'm not even the lich guy, your post just made me curious about the terminal velocity of raindrops and I kind of lost track of time from there. Thanks again for the thread, dude. I hope you have a happy day.
Loose alignment, technically just demonstuff-tainted
Worshiped a demon-turned-goddess, engaged in eating humans, halflings, orcs, and others, killed a lot and a half of people
Kept to the more benign aspects of lamashtu worship to keep the peace with the party, never ate anyone or anything the party could give a reason for not eating, never started a fight with anyone that couldn't fight back.
Eventually died spitting acid at a lesser avatar of the red mantis after losing an arm and both his legs.
Teamwork was helped by one of the first missions being taking out a child trafficking ring. This was Not Okay by both his and the party paladin's rulebooks.
Making an evil individual no-longer-evil is a huge deal, its actually a bigger deal than saving a life, because it isn't just saving a mortal body, it's saving a soul as well.

Unfortunately you killed people and slept around while married, so thats sort of a bad thing (though it isn't super ultra bad, just "pretty bad").

You went to Sunako Chaka "Golden Roof".

A peaceful, blissful garden full of fruits, flowers, and beautiful trees, but lacking any animals, Golden Roof is notable for 2 things. Firstly, there are no animals there, and secondly, it is a quiet meditation garden, not simply a huge garden like some of the lower heavens are.

Huge Statues of enlightened beings, each made entirely out of gold and jewels, are scattered throughout both the landscape and the sky, each statue holding a symbol of enlightenment, usually either a symbolic object or an open scroll (also metal) with writing on it, helpful hints and stories of how enlightenment was gained to be found on the open scrolls, light from higher heavens causing the giant gold statues to gleam and glisten continuously.

Inhabitants live the amount of time it takes a sunbeam to travel from easternmost point of the universe to westernmost point of the universe and back, 3 times.
/tg/, trying to game hindu afterlives.
Never change.
TN, became NE

>smuggler and thief
>tricked into becoming high priest of a demon lord
> took advantage of a man's grief to convince him to sell his soul to the demon lord

Good things:
> defeated a demon attempting to summon the embodied concept of destruction onto the material plans
> treated his men and their families like his own
>lived until the end of the universe, constantly working behind the scenes to ensure no demons established a presence on the material plane, guided society's development to produce greatest possible comfort

His motto was "greatest good"
Dragonborn sorcerer
Good things: Risked my life saving a woman we thought was likely a cambion, rescued a familiar from an abusive owner, and took care of an enslaved nothic.
Bad things:
Threatened a kid for killing animals. Intimidated a bunch of goblins with the head of their bugbear leader.
Also, this can be seen as good or bad, I pretty much leveled a small village that was turned to undead.

Ask Arthas if that's good or bad, m8
Glad you could bake it Uther.
Dishonoring a corpse, any corpse, even the corpses of your enemies, is a big deal and a heavy negative on you. Accepting bribes is pretty bad too, but your parenting of your son cancels that out somewhat.

You went to the narak of Krasinga Raka "Crushing Stones".

A collection of mountains, volcanos, and high hills, Krasinga Raka is 124,600 miles long and wide. Magnitude 7, 8, and 9 earthquakes shake the entire region 3 times hourly every hour, volcanos spew lava, magma, and pyroclastic flows, the lava magma and pyroclastic flows traveling all the way down the side of the mountain, then reversing course and traveling all the way back up the mountain and into the mountain, each volcano doing this 100 times an hour.

Inhabitants of this horrific abode suffer breathing poisonous air, not having any food or water, being fully conscious no matter how badly they are crushed/burned, and being reborn by being burned alive in reverse any time their body is fully destroyed, their rebirth being that their body reconstructs itself bit by bit as it is simply "born" out of the ground.

Inhabitants of this realm live the amount of time it takes for a mountain to become a grain of sand, then for a grain of sand to become a mountain.
Your role in foiling an evil deities plot overshadows all your questionable deeds, you didn't go to a further life, you became the retainer of the dwarves main deity, serving as a warrior and courtier for that deity. Your lifespan was 110,231 years long, your attire was made with platinum and jewels, your armor and weaponry was made of adamant, and you resided in the palace of a deity, regularly questing for that deity and spending non-quest time as a member of the court and as a guest at feasts.

After this second life as a member of a deities court ended, you were reborn as usual, returning to the material realm.
Oh shit, did I unwittingly steal something from WoW?
You've just tossed a horrible salad.
WC3, technically, but who's counting?
Lotta stuff happened in the lore.
Your overkilling of the cruelty aspect affected the whole universe negatively, greatly overshadowing any good deeds you did.

You were reborn into Taravana Vana "Forest of Swords".

Forest of Swords is 400,700 miles long and wide, and is inhabited by gigantic fire breathing tigers, gigantic ice-mist breathing poisonous vipers, and is a relentless jungle, every leaf of every plant sharper than a sword, huge spikes covering every tree, the only food to be found anywhere is the poisonous fruits of the blade trees, the fruits tasting like spoiled blood and festering meat, and poisonous enough that a single drop of the poison just touching an inhabitant kills them. But it gets even WORSE!

Hell beings armed with salt-encrusted swords, ice-mist exhaling whips, white hot axes, venom dripping spears, and serrated weapons search for inhabitants relentlessly, teleported to an area very close to the inhabitant any time they escape for even a moment, and hunting in groups of up to 50.

But wait! Theres more! Lakes and Rivers are actually chasms filled with grinding barbed blades that move constantly, the illusion that they are lakes and rivers vanishing the moment an inhabitant tries to cross them, foul wind sucking the inhabitant down into the blades.

Inhabitants of this narak live the amount of time it takes a jungle to become a plain, then a plain to become a jungle, reviving from death repeatedly until that time period has elapsed.
>No allignment (FATE game)

>Was the royal bodyguard and duelist of a nobleman, killed dozens of men in duels to resolve petty aristocrat disputes
>When he discovered that his noble house was implicit in a scheme to roll over and let their country get conquered in return for his own safety, he abandoned garunteed saftey to try and find support to repel the advancing armies
>Helped a ruthless pirate captain steal royal vessels in order to break a blockade and help innocent political prisoners sail to safety. Although his goal was to save the prisoners, he knew that the price was granting said not-so-nice pirate unparalleled combat power at sea
>After falling in love with a paladin to the setting's god of protection, swore off drinking and gambling to win her heart
>Killed a merchant in a duel after he had insulted the honor and questioning the god of the aforementioned paladin, in spite of her asking him to let it go and be the bigger man
>When the paladin confided in him in private that she had lost faith in her god's existence, he helped her come to the conclusion that defending the weak and downtrodden was still a cause worth fighting for. Eventually helped her renew her faith, in spite of not believing in her god himself.
>Freed a bunch of slaves on a warship
>Refused to abandon his lover's side during a major skirmish against the invading army, though the rest of the party had deemed the right a lost cause and fled

For what it's worth in the eyes of the afterlife: The fight turned in their favor and they ended up, against all odds, winning, but not before he and the paladin he'd fallen for both took fatal wounds. They succumbed to their wounds next to each other shortly after the battle was over. In their last moments they both confided in each other over their fear of the uncertainty that is death and hoped that, in spite of their view of the gods being very different, whatever divine forces were out there would let them see eachother again someday.
File: dwarf.jpg (12 KB, 236x335)
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That's dwarf as fuck. Hell yeah.
"Rain" here should be taken to mean any rain anywhere on earth, so yes, it is considered "always cycling" for time period calculation.
Your good and Bad deeds very nearly match-out, with slight lean towards good deeds.

You didn't go to another region of existence after death, you were reborn as a full-sylph in your further life after death, becoming a courtier and assistant to the deity of nature, and living until the end of time.
Elf wizard.
The worst kind of annoying chaotic neutral (but to be fair, so was the rest of the party, it was the theme)
Turned people into cats a lot. Defaced government buildings, turning assassins sent after him into cats and dropping them back in their respective capitols. Aided and abetted the party necromancer as he made a titanic undead juggernaut as long as it could have kitty ears on. Kept several thousand cats in his giant cat-shaped tower, spending a not insignificant amount of arcane might on summoning fish for them. Violently took apart a colleague's attempt to make catgirls for potentially harming cats in the process. Golem versions were approved shortly thereafter.
Eventually died helping to fix the party's biggest fuckup, an orb of annihilation/garbage disposal that got WAY out of hand.

He did it because the Mr. Fluffles of the world lived IN the world, and it would be too much trouble to export them offplane fast enough.
You were definitely born into an existence in a narak.

Your specific narak was Sadeko Dhala "Putrid Sewer".

A river of blood, tears, and vinegar. It is 274,000 miles long and wide, and riddled with islands made entirely of petrified corpses, bones, and ashes. Horrific giant sea snakes live in it, ultra-horrific fish live in it, and hell beings wander around it searching for inhabitants, hell beings armed with spears that drip magma, longbows that shoot arrows of fire, icy salt encrusted swords, and poison dripping axes.

Three times a year, a 200,000 foot long hell being flies overhead, raining every corpse that it has collected from a giant urn down into the river.

Inhabitants of this realm live the amount of time it takes a river pebble to travel all the way around the world and return to its original resting place via water.
This is a really good thread. Are these actual Hindu afterlifes, are you using a generator of some sort, or are you writing these on the spot?

Either way, I'm really loving this. Do more threads like these in the future, I'd love to see them. They're a great way to put off sleeping and feed my insomnia.
>Chaotic neutral I guess?
>Cared for animals. Always kept trying to bring pets back from planets we visited
>Always quick to call out people acting shitty, even if it's towards someone he didn't like
>Generally took jobs that didn't harm anyone he felt didn't deserve it

>Murdered the SHIT out of a guy who killed his first pet, and destroyed his Black Box backup in the process. Basically Perma-Death for any cybernetic
>Skipped out on a lot of gambling debts
Googling the various names and description came up with zilch, so he's making them up. Probably on the spot.

The real question is how rooted it is in actual Hindi fundamentals, of which I have no idea.
File: 1261613580750.png (13 KB, 159x184)
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I concur. This is an excellent thread.
Unfortunately, I have things to do later in the AM, but I will definitely be picking this back up to see where it goes.

Shine on, Mandalanon.
Again with the torture murder and mayhem. What fun!

Yet another narak-dweller, you went to Bhale Vana "Forest of Spears".

A huge forest of redwood size cactus like plants, the forest of spears is 203,400 miles long and wide. Each plant is riddled with spines, each spine sharper than a spear-point and dripping a slow continuous flow of venom. Lakes of rancid puss, bile, and tears dot the region, some as much as 100 miles long and deep. The only food is the plants fruit, the only drink is the poison that drips out of the spiny blades of the plants. Hell beings, armed with poisonous whips, salt encrusted spears, burning swords, icy javelins, and frequently riding gigantic fire breathing tigers, hunt for inhabitants relentlessly, torturing and murdering those they find, inhabitants born again after each death, not exiting until their lifespan has elapsed, the lifespan of the inhabitants of this realm the amount of time it takes for a bird to carry an apple seed all the way around the world and back to the start point, then the amount of time it takes for the seed to grow into a fully grown tree.
Well if he's making these all up on the spot I have to give extra kudos. I'm really loving reading these, but I've got to try and get some sleep. Hopefully this is still running in the morning, or he does more threads in the future.
I guess preventing a costly war did jack shit to save me. Oh well.
I made them because I wanted to figure out what planescape would be like in a buddhist/hindu universe, anon. They are my own creation, and are fictional, not relating to any existing theology that I know of.
The costly war would have put you somewhere worse.
It wasn't even a duel to the death! The barbarian leader and I became best buds afterwards
I phrased the second part kind of weird, though the intent might be clear: just to clarify, the nobles were letting the empire invade to save the entire aristocracy's ass, not just any one person, but the character was unwilling to let the people of the nation get conquered to ensure his own luxury
>Alignment (only if your system uses alignment)
>3-5 most good /
Sacrifice himself to try and buy redemption for his father, devote his life to the salvation of a people, kinda saved a country from an evil demi-god
>most evil things your PC did
Hung three innocent men as an example to others, used sow thoughts on a few people.
Both killing undead/demons and funding universities are part of the various "great deeds of virtue" a person can do, those things wipe out your bad deeds.

Unfortunately, you're LE in alignment, which means that even though you had a good result, your intentions were self-serving, so you didn't go as high up into the heavens as you could have.

You went to Arohi Ruka "Ascending Trees". But unlike a normal inhabitant, you were reborn as one of the trees. You lived an existence of tranquility and natural serenity until your branches eventually reached the Enlightened Beings, after which you were reborn on earth as a neutral or good alignment.
Deeds done while under the direct control of another being reflect upon that being, not you, so your evil deeds that you did while possessed don't count, though those who died because of you might speak out against you during the transition period when your actions are being reviewed.

Honoring your family, sparing many lives, saving villages, your good deeds outweigh your bad ones.

You were born into Camdhi Chakta "Silver Roof".

Like the lower realm of Golden Roof, Silver Roof is a giant meditation garden that has giant statues of enlightened beings made of silver both on the ground and floating in the air, each holding symbols of enlightenment and holding open scrolls with hints and information about enlightenment on them.

Unlike Golden Roof however, Enlightened Beings reside in Silver Roof, and chant the call to enlightenment continuously from a distance, these beings the source of all light and wind in that realm, their chant the source of the wind.

Inhabitants of Silver Roof live the amount of time it takes for a beam of light to circuit travel across the universe and back 4 times.

Although the killing of undead and being a university donor are all well and good, doesn't personally killing other people and murdering a key political figure sort of put a damper on that? I was expecting a harsher judgement.

I mean, not that I'm complaining. Being a tree growing towards enlightenment and next life redemption sounds awesome.
Existing as a vampire heavily weighs you down, human trafficking heavily weighs you down, you went to a narak.

You were reborn in Nirapeksa Dunhkhasta, "Absolute suffering".

A roasting hot inferno of pain, Absolute Suffering is 650,700 miles long and wide. The dismal plain is completely barren, without any form of food or water to be found. Dark smoke issues from pits filled with spinning grinding barbed blades. Scalding puddles of fluid lead dot the plain, torrential rains of lightning relentlessly pummel the plain, and it is so dark and loud that inhabitants believe they are alone, even if people who they can neither see nor hear are only a few feet away from them. Inhabitants normally live the amount of time that it takes for a planet to become a mote of dust then for a mote of dust to become a planet, but since you are a vampire, you endure this horrific existence for that period of time plus the amount of time that was yet to be lived in any lifespan you ended, and transforming someone into a vampire like yourself counts as "lifespan yet to be lived" for the stay-time calculation.
"Great deeds of virtue" instantly wipe out gigantic amounts of sin, they're like, THE thing to do to get rid of sin. These great deeds of virtue things are so strong they can wipe out sin from already deceased family members and store up good karma points for family members that haven't been born yet. They're that powerful on the good/bad scale.
Pixie Bard was subject to a judgement injunction and did not go on to a further afterlife until much, much later.

He lived the lifespan that was yet to be lived of all those who died when the continent sank (everything, including animals and plants, is included in this calculation).

At the end of that time his deeds and intentions were reviewed, and he either went to an afterlife or was cast into nonexistence if he resisted the judgement in any way.
I'm in the danger zone of "so tired my responses are starting to get shitty".

I plan to leave this thread up and finish responding when I wake up tomorrow, but in order for my responses to not be shitty, I need sleep, unfortunately, so I won't be doing any further responses tonight.

Good night for now.
Goodnight, Mandalanon! Again, great thread. Hope to see more of you soon.
Bumping for page 9 and early morning posters
Goliath, as per D&D third.
LN, aspiring to LG

Most [Good]
>went on a pilgrimage to see to the proper burial of a true innocent
>of his own accord and with funds wholly from his own pocket, quested to protect a people from a murderous warlord
>gave quarters to the last few clergy of a good deity
>put a final end to a powerful and undead agent of evil

Most [Evil]
>allowed an ally to die because he was almost useless
>threw an old man off of an airship in a moment of panicked rage
>hesitantly but fully complied with the demands of a powerful and wicked man, the consequences of which were immediately beneficial to himself, but ultimately resulted in preventable death and misery
I was expecting to find out what happened to his corpse not this afterlife shit
2/10 joke harder.
A mage travelling the world because boredom struck him one day and basically said "Fuck it, i'm packing my bags and going on an adventure!"

Onward to the deeds.
>Dealt with the shadow being that haunted one of his party members. Made said shadow being an alchemical body, in order to annoy the party member whom he previously saved from the being.

>Had to sacrifice a random peasant to make said body.

>Saved a blue dragon egg from poachers and took care of it until it hatched. The blue drake became the party mascot.

>Brutally killed the poachers because they had killed the dragon whom laid the egg.

>Made his first poison potion and accidentally spilled it into the well of a village.

>Made an antidote that he thought would cure the poison. Instead it worsened the effects of said poison.

>Gave up most of his material goods to help the survivors of the incident.

>Sacrificed an arm and both legs to save his party from a cat eared demon. (Don't ask.)

>Was actually the cause of the summoning of said demon, due to him daring the party's captured warlock that "He can't summon shit!"

He died of old age, in a quaint little hut near a pleasant lake.
No one ever cleaned his corpse though, so that hut is always filled with a putrid smell.
Oh, he also taught the Shadow Being and the Drake basic magic.
>raised by a necromancer
>defeated by low-level adventurers
>repeat, until body is no longer usable
Cyberpunk 2020


Good: Victor saved a neighborhood of people from roaming nomads, at the cost of his right eye. He killed a very notorious, very evil full body borg, at the cost of his hand and part of his spine. And finally, he puts every cent he makes towards getting his family out of night city so that can have a better life.

Evil: Kills people for a living. Alcoholic and sex addict. Beat a guy to death for calling him Chinese
You went to Khatta Nadi, "Sour River", due to your evilness. See >>41902681 for a full description of that region in brief.

However due to the death curse, you were reborn as a hell being, not an inmate. Your body was 16 feet long, Both your legs became 30 foot long tentacles with razor sharp fins every 3 feet, your body turned green like a rotting corpse and smells like one, your mouth became six times as big as a human's head, your arms became an arrangement of fins mostly designed to divide the fluids you swim through so you can swim through them easily, and you gained a spinal fin and tail similar to that of a were-shark.

You resided in Khatta Nadi as a hell being until 300,400 inhabitants transferred out, after which you left and were reborn into a new life.

Christ almighty, good thing that the Abrahamic god is confirmed to be real in oWoD.
Charity, saving lives, and mercy tilt the balance towards good for you even though you did some seriously questionable stuff, and your role as a paladin is important in that as well.

You went to Ascending Mountain, but were not born as an inhabitant. Instead, you were born there as a large stone, situated on top of the mountains and living a serene and tranquil existence.

See >>41902820 for a full description of that realm.

When you heard 45,700 conversations between inhabitants and enlightened beings, you were reborn into the mortal world for a new life.
Chu Wei
CG (arguably LG at times)

Good things:
-donated huge amounts of money to the needy.
-Never turned down a request of help from anyone, no matter how low the job was, even if he was of "noble" origins, as long they werent illegal.
-always considered and helped party members through their issues, ready to give wise insights, and even giving them money or equipment if they required it. Ready any moment to be a meatshield And even more for a friend.

-suffered of berserk rage moments where he became extremely foul mouthed and violent instead of calm and polite as usual.
-made tons of propriety damage when in such rages. Once almost killed a party member that was under charm effects.
-he stole stuff from some BBEGs. (Does that count?)
You were born into Blissful Plain after death, your good deeds easily outweighing your bad deeds, though since you had certain specific bad deeds, you were reborn as a huge tranquil tiger, not as an inhabitant. After you lived 7 lifespans in that edenic realm, you returned to the mortal world for a new life.

In brief, Blissful Plain is simply a more perfect serene wonderful version of earth, and resembles the garden of eden in that it is a huge tranquil garden filled with fruits and colorful plants and trees.
You're a real winner, aren't you?

You went to Dhulo Lasaharu "Dust Tombs" after death.

see >>41903888 for a full description of that region.

Since you sold your soul (hugely negative weight on you for that), you were born with a huge weight attached to your waist by a chain, the weight so heavy it takes every iota of strength and willpower you have just to pull it a few feet, and after that, you're to tired to go one step further.

Dust Tombs sandstorms, which normally destroy an inhabitant fairly quickly, enter time suspension when they hit you, destroying your body much slower than usual.

Since you willingly mislead others, you are mislead by bronze vases which appear just out of your reach and always seem to contain water, but pour molten lead & glass shards down your throat any time you try to drink from them.

Since there is no food or water to eat or drink outside of the rancid corpses that fill huge chasms throughout Dust Tombs, other inhabitants hate you and kill you to steal the vases, which are normal water to them.
>Huge, tranquil tiger

I'm very much okay with this outcome! Considering that he's never really stopped stealing things for a living (just started donating the money towards good people) I was a bit that executing that ganger was a bit too heavy to get him somewhere nice. He felt awful about that and started to be charitable to repent, which I'm guessing helped a bit in the grand scheme of things?

Being a tiger in the equivalent of the Garden of Eden sounds like the definition of a chill existence. The sort of carefree existence he wanted in life, appropriately enough, even if he ended up getting it as a giant tiger instead of as a man.
>I was a bit
Should say I was a bit *worried* but I'm on mobile. Keep up the good thread!
You didn't go on to a further afterlife, Lamashtu ate your soul at death and you were reborn from her womb, existing as a being in her court and under her command for 300,100 years of life, wielding weaponry made of bronze, armor studded with jade, and serving as a monster named "Acid Mouth" who's job it is to eat the sins of those who die from Lamashtu's worshipers killing them, these sins appearing to you as succulent roasted meats, though they do not taste very good. "Acid Mouth" is usually pictured spewing a river of acid from his mouth behind Lamashtu while she rides her chariot to dissuade anyone who would dare to follow her.
Since you were tricked and didn't do it of your own free will, what would normally be severely bad is much less bad. And since you lived until the end of time, you never actually left the material realm to cycle into a new life. Instead, you witnessed the end of time, then went to a new life in another material plane after the worlds collapsed and re-created themselves, born at the start of time in this new life.
Killing undead or demons is one of the "Great Deeds of Virtue" a person can do, so its not considered evil to kill undead (who are not usually truly alive) or demons (who are pure concentrated hate and evil).

You were born into Visala Ananda "Immense Joy". However, unlike a normal inhabitant of that realm, you were born into the service of a deity, so you were born into their palace, not the grander area of the region, see >>41903660 for a description of Visala Ananda "Immense Joy".

You lived 400,300 years, you were armed with weapons of steel decorated with gold and platinum, armored with adamant studded with jade, had 2 wings, a black wing and a white wing, and had three eyes. The black wing blew lies and evil-words back at the speaker, the white wing reflected evil-intention and malice back at the viewer, not to mention that these wings allow flight.
How many good deed points would I have to amass to make up for being undead, since that seems to be a pretty heavy Bad Thing in this?

I have a character who died recently that was a pretty good and charitable guy but also a skeleton reanimated with a trapped elf soul soul. I'll post him if this thread is still around when I get back from work but I'm wondering what his chances are.
Some of your deeds are somewhat questionable, but your basic intentions were universally good, so theres that.

The gods interfered in your cycle of rebirth, because the paladin you fell for and you were meant to have a child who would protect the Sambuddha at an important time in that beings life. Since you died before you and her had any children, you were both lifted from your bodies, moved to a faraway village in a distant land, and both put into new existences there, reuniting a short time after you turned 12 and the other paladin turned 13. In this new life, you were the woman and your love was the man, the pains of childbirth and raising a child your punishment for your questionable deeds, the pains and duties of existing as a man the other paladin's punishment for her own previous questionable deeds.

In brief, a Sambuddha is someone who can do even more fabulous grand and wonderful deeds than a normal Buddha can, but enters existence the target of evil powers and demons from the moment they are born onward.
Since he's animated by another person's soul, that person is the one who goes on to further existence, not the skelly.

Idly curious, what would have happened if Selene (char's name) had just died from the deathcurse before embarking on her campaign of evil to try to dodge its effects?

And awesome thread.
Selene PROBABLY would have gone somewhere less bad. Or may have been born into Sour River as an inhabitant instead of a hell being.

Generally the more evil shitty and horrible you are, the lower your next life is.
Your death relates to annihilation, your soul broke into its component fragments, each fragment being reborn into new areas of existence with no knowledge of each other, in effect, elf wizard went from 1 person, to several people scattered all over the universe.

However, as your deeds were mostly not actually evil, pretty much at all, the best parts of you went upwards and the less good parts of you either went very slightly downward or immediately entered a new existence in the material realm.

Congrats on being the first robot in the thread, my friend.

At the end of your existence, your mind became a crystalline mass which grew 1 point for each point of INT you had, after which you entered an eternal existence as a Modron in the realm of Mechanus, joining an existence of pure logic, creativity, and thought.

While what specific mechansite you became was determined by your actions, all robots/warforged/golems immediately exit the rebirth cycle at death and go to mechanus.
>Rokyu Jin, Half-Giant Monk
>Chaotic Neutral
>Most Evil: Executed much pf a tribe of defeated and surrendered lizardmen, left a group of shipwrecked sailors to die, burned down a forest to kill the enemy hiding in it
>Most good: Later became the leader of said tribe of lizardmen, led them to prosperity
Your deeds and intentions were noble, no question though the innocent men thing weighs you down some.

Sacrificing yourself for your family and being devoted to salvation of the people, plus helping to foil an evil deity, all are more than sort of a big deal.

You went to Camaka Satya "Shining Truth".

Shining Truth is a plane shaped like a giant mandala, and is roughly 700,000 miles long and wide, which a huge temple at the center, harmonious meditation gardens, streets paved with jade, buildings of platinum, gold and studded with diamonds. High above this region, but within visible view of someone who looks up, lies the Wheel of Eternity, a magical object that resembles a large ornate wagon wheel, this wheels turning is what makes the cycle of rebirth work, so you're located in an area in which you can literally SEE the cycle of rebirth working its magic, though there is no one to explain this to you, and you cannot go into the main temple at the center of this realm, only speak to people who exit it, since it is a transit point from an evil higher realm.

Your lifespan at this realm is the amount of time it takes a sunbeam to cross and recross the universe from easternmost point to westernmost point 5 times.
From an EVEN higher realm, not an "evil" higher realm. Idiotic keyboard.
He belonged to an order that practiced... Aggressive Darwinism, let's call it. They believe that because natural selection isn't enough, it's their duty to artificially select who remains in the gene pool. The strong can survive on their own, and never surrender, so that's why he killed the survivors and lizardmen respectively
Your good deeds are very good, but your bad deeds are fairly serious as well.

You didn't go to a further life in the afterlife, instead, you were born again in the material realm as an eagle.

During that lifetime as an eagle, a portion was spent as a wild animal before you met a Satya-Devi, a person searching for enlightenment with the chance of finding it and the capability of finding it in this life.

For the last 7 years of your life as an eagle, you brought her one berry to eat per day and 1 drop of water from your tail-feathers to drink per day, flying to a cliff about halfway up the mountain she lived on twice daily.

After that you were reborn in the material realm for a new life.
Sacrificing a being like that is pretty serious, but is mostly wiped out by the blue drake being saved and raised by you. Making poison, at all, is serious, and the accidental pouring of the poison there doesn't count because its by chance, and not by design. As a result, those who died from that were meant to die at that time, and were not murdered by you. Consorting with a warlock is pretty serious.

Because you weren't given any funerary rights and had no family that you've mentioned, you didn't go to an afterlife. Instead, you were reborn as a Preta-apya, a ghost like creature who hungers for sensations, yet is unable to feel sensations because their 5 senses are very weak and numb and because their 5 senses actual organs (eyes, nose, etc) are shriveled and less than 1/100th as useful as they would normally be.

After a lifespan that was 3 times the amount of time it took for your corpse to rot away to nothing, you were reborn into the material world in a new life.

Of note, a Preta-apya is not an evil being, merely a miserable being.

I would physically describe you as being like a classic D&D ghost, but having a tiny, useless mouth, a shriveled, deformed nose, numb hands and feet that can hardly do anything, slitted eyes that can hardly see, and ears that bend back on themselves and let hardly any sound in.

Sent lifelong animal companion to their death by distracting a higher level NPC so he could get the explosives requested by his chief

"Accidentally" setting off said explosives on said NPCs for "revenge" for killing his companion

Swearing at EVERYONE in druidic(coincidentally got him killed from an unlucky roll from the first spell an enemy druid cast)
Doing good deeds at great personal cost, defeating a hardcore villain, and honoring your family in this way wipes out the sin form being beating a guy to death and most of the sin from killing people for a living.

But, you were an alcoholic and a sex addict, and thats bad. Real bad. Not bad enough to send you to a horrific abode of gloom and loss, but still pretty bad.

You were reborn after death as a thirsty spirit, a ghost like being with an enormous tongue that fills up most of its mouth, a single eye that you must regularly replace, a scattered few teeth you must regularly replace, and a numb, feeble body. You are invariably driven towards drinking alcohol even though you are a ghost and it simply pours out on the ground when you drink it, and invariably driven to watch people having sex, since you can't do it on your own, lacking any physical matter body. Without a body, you suffer unprotected from the elements and feel constant pain from wind and momentum passing through you, not to mention the pain of the alcohol affecting your body like acid and your eye rotting out of your head each time you watch someone have sex, needing to be replaced by a new one.

Since you had living family who can pray and intercede, and since you were presumably given funeral rights by your family, your lifespan in this miserable (but not evil) mode of existence is half the lifespan of your human existence, so you endured for number of years = half your age at death, after which you were reborn into a new existence.

I don't mean to doubt the will of karma, but I'm confused by this. Before going frantic in her wishes to cheat death when it was breathing down her neck, she was a pretty heroic figure. A few accidents when it came to use of magic, but not too much in the way of willful malice.
This made me really happy, thanks! I accept this as my personal endings for those two, since it's an ending well-earned
Deeds while under any form of charming or control reflect back to the controller, not you, so that doesn't count. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that stealing from the BBEG counts much less than typical theft would, since the BBEG is by definition a grave threat to everyone.

You were born into the realm of Ascending Mountain, see >>41902820 for a full description of that realm.

Unlike a normal inhabitant of that realm, you were given a task with a single, simple rule. Your task was, go to the spot where the Enlightened beings descend on the horizon, and build a meditation altar there. The rule was, you can only speak to the Enlightened Beings, who are only near you for a few moments each day. You lived a lifespan of 60,000 years there before being reborn into a material existence.
Clarification; you're moving to the horizon and building something each day, not just doing it one time.

Cheating death, or having any desire to cheat death, is sort of a big deal. But I'd need to re-read your post before I can make any definite statement as to why I chose that.
Your evil deeds outweigh your good ones.

You were reborn in Amsu Dhunda "Tears Mist".

See >>41903006 for a full description of that shitty realm.

However due to the nature of your deeds, your punishment there is somewhat different. Any time you exit the revolting mists that cloak that realm, fire breathing hell beings FOOF into existence suddenly within a few feet of you and spew burning blue-hot fire all over you from their giant mouths, then put the fire on you out by pouring urns full of liquified corpses on you to squelch the fire. This is on top of and alongside the normal hell beings who appear and torture-kill then vore you if you stop moving for any reason.

Fortunately, you have living followers who can pray for you and offer intercessory sacrifices and temple duties for you, so your life span is only the amount of time it takes a rain drop to cycle through 35,000 times, instead of 55,000 times.
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>Chaotic Evil (previously Neutral Evil before being afflicted by psychosis)

>cared deeply for a select few individuals, who he would go to great lengths - and much personal risk - to please or protect, even if it meant sacrifice of their own dignity or even angering them
>went to lengths to protect an alchemist who had failed an attempt to mind-control and rape him simply because she was the only one who provided help to him in (a likewise) failed attempt to destroy a demonic cult
>wished to gather and use forbidden knowledge for use in bettering and empowering the lives of the average man, a sentiment instilled by his lover

>made a deal with the most senior archdevil in order to secure more power for himself to further his search for lost lore
>completed a ritual to unbanish a terrible plague demon, which involved much bloodshed and the sacrifice of a foetus - said plague demon was promptly put into war against another demon lord
>became so utterly broken by a string of catastrophes - the most damning being the deaths of two lovers - that he forsook any attempts to use his knowledge of a greater purpose, reducing himself to a life of overly gruesome murder
Ambrosius, old, slightly crazy but goodhearted Vampire wizard (Tremere)

No alignment, but if I had to I would call him Chaotic Good.

Bad deeds: Literally ripped a guy in two after being captured and forced to fight him in an illegal underground gladiator ring. Frenzied and killed a random Catholic family in his bloodrush (this still haunts him.) Accidentally lost the Camarilla the War of Chicago because he pissed off the wrong werewolves by being arrogant, who then got into the fight to find him.

Good deeds: Most importantly, he has dedicated his life to trying to stop the end of the world at the hands of Mammon, thereby (possibly) saving countless lives. Gave ten thousand dollars to the Red Cross because he felt bad about the property damage done in a particularly nasty fight he was in. Tries to learn as much Humanity as he can so he might convince his sleeping Father (who is extremely old and extremely powerful) to fight on his side when Mammon finally rises from Hell.
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Not my character, but an NPC in a game I'm planning. Curious to see where he'd go when he kicks the bucket.

>neutral in childhood and teenage years, neutral good later in life

>son of a general of an army belonging to a totalitarian empire
>Good: loyal and dutiful son, did as he was told, followed in his father's footsteps and became a soldier
>Bad: Followed orders without question, including torching villages, killing escaping innocents, and torture
>Bad: due to cowardice, wasted the opportunity to prevent a battle that resulted in a Pyrrhic victory, a brutal loss of life for both sides, and the death of his father

>Good/Bad?: survived the battle but abandoned his identity, took up the name Digger, built a shack by the battlefield and lives there now
>Good: Dedicates his remaining years to burying the 100,000 dead from the battle regardless of side
>Good: Befriends the tortured ghosts who wander the battlefield and puts them to rest by giving them proper burial
>has been doing this for 25 years, is in his 50s now
You went to Ghuma Parivatana "Twisting Turning".

However as you were a monstrous race and not a core race, you were born there as a hell being, not an inhabitant.

You have a funnel shaped mouth with a tiny hole at the tip, 2 arms 2 legs and 1 head, you are 16 feet tall, your weapon is a burning hammer that drips scalding liquid glass, you issue intense freezing wind at blizzard-force any time you open your mouth, issue a gigantic continuous blast of greenish-red fire from your buttocks any time you turn your back on a non-hell being inhabitant, explode violently with no warning at a random hour each day and night, being reborn to continued existence after each explosion, and live there until 500,500 inhabitants have transferred to a new existence.

See >>41901949 for a full description of Ghuma Parivatana.
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Fuck it, I'll bite.

Female kobold
Neutral Good

>5 good deeds
- Selfless in her service to her goddess of fecundity and forgiveness, quite willing to expend costly resources to heal or help recover those that never could afford the recovery of, say, lost limbs, level drain, or in one case, a Raise Dead.
- If she could, she avoided combat, and struck with mostly non-lethal means. She sought out those struck down to recover them to a stabilized state, except for the one instance where she and her companions would have drow guards alert their superiors of their presence.
- Quite often suffered hunger, still offered her daily bread to weaker kobolds during her days as an acolyte. Mostly maintained this willingness to provide via spell or coin on her journeys.
- Drank a vial's worth of poison meant for a tyrant at a public event she and her companions were present at, because she couldn't stomach the idea of killing an enemy with an underhanded method when public trials or arrest were an option. Still not sure if good, or stupid.
- Spent most of her short life willing to go out of her way to prevent harm in the first place, even to enemies of her kind.

>5 evil deeds
- Relentlessly slit the throats of sleeping and unconcious drow in an Underdark raid. She actually lost count. She was unrepentant.
- Very envious of mothers of her tribe of kobolds at a young age, she let a small clutch of young kobolds die under her care once. Did repent extensively for it.
- Stabbed a friend in the gut for repeatedly showing his willingness to kill those that couldn't defend themselves. It was torturous. She healed him, but never made amends.
- She considered a theft of a ruby an evil deed. Mostly because she never could part with it.
- Died childless, which she believed to be against the tenets of her goddess' creed.
I can't tell whether this is a punishment or a reward for him but his new form sounds pretty awesome though the butt flames would probably hurt
Your evil deeds are among the worst possible to do, and you have done more than 1 of the "worst possible sins".

You were not sent to an afterlife. Instead, you were sent to the well of fire. After spending a period of time equaling the remainder of the universe's lifespan times 86 drinking from the painful burning fluids that are found in the well of fire, you were finally allowed to pass through the gates of rebirth, and became a hell being in Absolute Suffering, where you remained for 3 cosmic ages, after which you returned to the material realm and started a new life.

See >>41905142 for a description of Nirapeksa Dunhkhasta "Absolute Suffering".
The burning weapon hurts as well. Its considered a punishment even though hell beings are seldom actually tortured in realms of loss and gloom.
Despite all the cards being weighed against you, you became a Asura-Deva instead of going to an afterlife. Your lifespan was 300,300 years, you were garbed in gold set with rubies, your weapon was steel studded with jade, and you drank the sin from evil-doers by feeding on them like a vampire them. You were 14 feet tall, had four wings like a bat, 2 red and 2 green. The red wings blew anger and malice back at the person who was sending them towards you, the 2 green wings blew envy and selfishness back at the person who was sending them at you. You wore around your neck a necklace of skulls and hands which drip blood inexplicably during any encounter with a sinful being, you had three large eyes, two large bat like ears, and were an enemy of both vampires and demons.

After that lifespan was over, your actions were reviewed and you were sent to the next life as normal.

The ONLY reason you went to this unique form of existence is that you did so much good in life that your good deeds performed the almost impossible feat of outweighing your bad deeds, and your goal of saving the world from something meaning to destroy it utterly was an ultimate good goal, and one of the Great Virtues a Being can Undertake, if you understand me.
I like this thread,soI'll try something.

>System - Black Crusade
>Race - Human? (Well, Chaos space marine sorcerer)

>Good things
>Asapart of his chapter, fought to destroy evils that targeted the humanity he was sworn to protect.
>Sought new knowledge, to make himself and other righteous stronger
>Never cared or sought material posessions, shunned greed and decadence

>Betrayed his comrades in arms because of pride and thirst for power, turning to the side of the enemy.
>Killed people who went to investigate the site of his crashed ship, looking for survivors
>Broke into a prison and ritually slaughtered priosners there to summon daemons into the world.

>Got killed after a daemon he tried to summon got out of controll and butchered him.
Lawful Good
>Slew the Demon Godling Treerazer, saving the elvish people and ushering them into a new era of working with humans
>Retrieved the axe of the dwarvish lords, gaining the brodom of all the dwarves forever
>Saved the father of the goddess of love from her BDSM freak brother and earned a single kiss from her
>Started one of the largest empires in the world through sneaky intrigue, mild dickishness and sheer ambition but nothing particularly evil
>Cleared out the high temple of the goddess of lust, removing evil cultistbab while doing #1.
This makes me so happy. Thanks.
Burying the dead and laying ghosts to rest are very important deeds, but you did so much evil that it only just barely balances out.

Partly as a punishment, partly as a reward, and partly as a form of allowing you to gather more good deeds to yourself, the gods intervened, you didn't go to an afterlife.

Instead, you were given an enduring form (that is, a form that doesn't need to eat sleep breathe or drink to continue existing), and a magic shovel that is never bent or dulled.

You wandered the world in the shape of yourself at age-of-death for number-of-years alive multiplied by 6, burying the dead and laying ghosts to rest, after which you fell into a deep sleep, your soul exiting that body and going to a new life, though that body continued on as its own person, still wandering and performing funeral rites and burial, and still exorcising ghosts.
Oh, Evil deeds:
>Used a lot of evil magic
>Defied the goddess of death/fate and basically waved my todger at her my entire life, while being a devout follower (But, she has in fact conceeded that I did good, so I'm not going to spend my entire afterlife being boned by skeletons)
>Fairly arrogant dick, sometimes manipulated people for their own good, or to keep things secret; alright not even sometimes, a fair amount of the time.
>Sided with his brother in a matter of life and death when bringing him in alive and unharmed (But betraying his trust in doing so) would have prevented a civil war (Which they prevented anyway)
>Created a creature without a soul, which lives in fairly constant torment from not having one, took a while to get her one but we did in the end.
File: 1436046674907.jpg (25 KB, 398x500)
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Fucking rad, thanks. If I run a sequel game to that one, I'm definitely using that idea. To think his deeds would move the gods in such a way!
Human( undead)
System has no alignment
Help create cure for a biological weapon.
Freed slaves of racial supremacists.
Team could not successfully interrogate enemy leader, so i took his head back to the base and reanimated it.
Made unauthorized clones.
You traveled to the far realms, where you were a semi-mindless, gradually increasing in intellect and power pawn of chaos for the lifespan of all those you had killed multiplied by 400.

After that, you were given a choice. Go through the gate of jade or the gate of horn.

If you chose the gate of jade, you dissipated into nonexistence and were reborn in a new life as normal. If you chose the gate of horn, you forget your previous existence and began a new existence as a chaos prince.

Neither of these gates are marked, and both look exactly the same.
Wow. I'm not sure what I was expecting but definitely not this.

Not that I complain, this is terribly interesting. Thank you for doing this for us.
You endured a long, boring existence at the halls of waiting, where magic crystals set in the walls allowed you to do a lot of self-review about what your actions meant, why you did them, and what their consequences were, these crystals revealing 100% accurate truth any time you ask them anything.

After and existence there lasting 1 hour per evil deed and 1 minute per good deed, you returned to the material plane, where you were born a small, weak female, and spent most of that lifetime the slave of the creature you made that didn't have a soul, after which you proceeded through the normal cycle of rebirth.
Well, that ain't too bad, I've done very little evil and a fair amount of good.
And the creature I created that didn't have a soul turned out fairly decent and now considers me a father figure. All in all, could be worse.
Race: Human with water heritage.
Alignment:I would guess Neural good
Good: got out of his way to avenge a he was paired up he only knew for 2 days.
Wasted a wish he got in the BBEGs game to revive all the people that died.
Tries to save the construct the BBEG made from part of his emotions.(the rest of the party just killed theirs.)

Bad: Forced a 14 year old girl to kill 4 people (But he did it to save her live)
Forgot about his son for about one year and a half.
Killed a unarmed man willing to negotiate.
Accidentally crippled a friend for live in a exhibition match.
Curing Illness and Freeing slaves wipe out your two listed mis-deeds, however, simply existing as an undead impels you towards lower rebirths.

You were reborn into Curota Andhakara "Smoke Darkness".

See >>41902190 for a full description of that shitty realm.

Since you existed as an undead previous to being sent to Smoke Darkness, your body burns until it splits and bursts any time you get lit on fire by the rain of burning soot, and you exhale foul wind any time you breathe out, instead of the more normal torments.

Since you freed slaves, your lifespan in smoke darkness is only 7 repetitions of the breath going all the way around the world back to its start point, instead of the usual 14.
>shadowrun dwarf
>He hacked and robbed a bank that had already been robbed the night before
>He killed several enemy runners
>He once blew past a border crossing checkpoint by shooting the border guard in the face with a shotgun loaded with ExExplosive rounds
>He gave a watch worth well over 10,000 nuyen to a homeless man who saved his life
>He stalked and kidnapped young women and pimped them out on the streets
Saving people and reviving the murdered are good deeds, no question, and they mostly blot out your relatively few truly evil deeds, since intention is considered when determining if something is actually evil or not.

You were reborn to a life in Arohi Hava, "Ascending Wind". See >>41903206 for a full description of that happy realm.

To expend the negativity you accrued, you were given a task by the gods when you arrived in Ascending Wind.

Your task was to build stairways up to each meditation temple, using only gold, silver, and precious stones, which are in ample, easy supply, since you were given a magic basket that never runs out of these things and a magic metal-smith's hammer that never dulls and seldom makes any mistakes.
Not a PC, but a NPC in a campaign.

>Human sorcerer with the draconic bloodline

Good :
> Actively tried to help a select group of friends in a war against a marauding band of raiders by providing support, both in combat and outside of it.
> Used up all of her resources and more to restore one of her friends to functioning after one fuck-up she made caused it to essentially become a crazed undead.

Evil :
> Saw herself as above everyone else. Very prideful, considered all others to be her servants, due to her being a high noble.
> Sinful to a T. Wrathful, Prideful, Lustful. Slept with many men and women without ever commiting to anyone - many of them simply being whores.
> Indirectly caused the death of her mother by attempting to bind a demon to her service. Said demon escaped, possessed one of her servants. It was incredibly powerful, and caused many deaths after being released.
> Attempted to later play both sides of the war to get more power, failing utterly and becoming bound to assist the raiding group after they held her father in custody. Ended up getting her best friend captured thinking he'd just be held. Not the case, as he was instead tortured and turned into an undead.
> Led her house into complete bankrupcy by using a multitude of spells and resources to restore said friend later.
Oh, nearly forgot.
> At the end of everything, instead of facing what she had done and attempting to change, took the coward's way out and immolated herself.
Pimping is considered a form of enslavement.

Not a good look. You were sent to Krasinga Raka, "Crushing Stones". See >>41904358 for a full description of that horrid realm.

In addition to being crushed alive burned breathing poison fumes and starving/thirsting to death, and in addition to being fully conscious for each painful rebirth, you have some additional torments.

Namely female hell beings who look similar to those you pimped out but who are revolting looking and clearly hell beings, torment you by relentlessly causing highly sexual hallucinations of them inviting you and dancing for you, these creatures offering you drinks from vases and offering you food from dishes. The drinks are filthy sewage water filled with powdered glass, the foods turn into blue-fire burning hot coals in your stomach afterward.
Your evil deeds greatly outweigh your good deeds by a factor of more than 1.

First, you were sent to Sadeko Dhala "Putrid Sewer" see >>41904791 for a full description of that terrible realm, THEN, you were sent to Bhale Vana "Forest of Spears", see >>41904899 for a full description of that horrid realm.

Unlike the average inhabitant, who resembles a horrific corpse, YOU were allowed to keep your beauty as part of the torment. As a result, you were raped by hell beings, and in Bhale Vana, raped by the giant tigers and the giant serpents. Many of these rapes resulted in you giving birth to revolting hell being children who suck blood from wherever they can bite you on your body to sustain themselves until they become adults a few hours after being born.

But wait! It gets worse! In between those two lifetimes and afterward, you were forced to make sexy dancings for high level hell beings in a palace during some sort of awful feast, the meal consisting of rotting bodies, sewer water, scalding lead, burnt inedible food, and still-alive inhabitants of the various hell realms, who were eaten alive. But thats incidental to your torment. You were forced to dance for them while magic candles hang upside down from the ceiling above you and slowly drip scalding fluid lead on you until you are eventually eaten away to nothing by this, after which you spring up alive again suddenly and continue in a new body, this dancing torment lasting 1 entire year a piece.

After all that was done, you went through the cycle of rebirth normally.
>True Neutral
>Grew potatoes for his family
>They were real nice potatoes
>I found a squash in the mix once. That was nice
>Once grew beets on accident.
>Gladys doesn't like Beets
>Doesn't know how to cook 'em neither.
>Had to live off those for a year

We just started the campain and a swarm of rats managed to kill him before he got a chance to do anything
File: Spoiler Image (203 KB, 706x950)
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Wonderful write-ups, Mandale. Kinda curious where you are getting most of these from and how you put acts to respective afterlives and rewards or punishments.

Also, still wondering what Io >>41911641 got.
man that is a lot of rape
>CN Human Wizard
>Obtained a powerful enchantment artefact, a crown that can control the thoughts of anyone it's placed on
>Placed it on a demon and forced it to feel happy and fulfilled as it helped them, kind of violating the whole natural order. Generally treated it with respect, though.
>Later conspired with the party to use the crown on the leader of an evil, devil-worshipping state religion, and may or may not have used him to steal 2 million gold pieces from their treasury. They spent it all on powerful magic items to help them deal with the various other powerful groups of people they've managed to piss off. (I think it's like 10 factions by now.)
>Isn't really motivated by greed, is really just in it for the thrill of the adventure.
I have to step away from my computer to take care of a few things, I'll be returning later today and continuing if the thread is still here.

You didn't travel to either an upper or lower afterlife, instead, you were reborn on the material plane as a housecat, and spent much of your existence killing off the very same rats who killed you initially.

Sorry, I missed you because I've been wandering back and forth between the computer and a few other things, I'll get to you now before I have to take my leave for a while.
You were faced in life with the difficulty of having a desire to do good, but limited capability to do good, yet you kept faith to your belief and did what you could do. Still, your evil deeds were fairly shitty. But not so shitty you went to a horrible realm of evil and pain, namely because you made things right again as best you could pretty much immediately.

You were reborn to a life on earth as a Satorimon, a whitish monkey that resembles a macaque with a red face and hairless red hands. Satorimon are uncommon and fairly magical beings that are seldom seen unless they wish to be seen, since they can become invisible by twisting their tail into a knot-like posture, or turn into a happy looking statue by grinning at the viewer.

You had to steal things to continue to live, because Satorimon live on the snowiest, coldest mountains, and there wasn't really any other option, as your native environment offers little food water or shelter.

Toward the end of that life, you encountered the Sambuddha mentioned at >>41909795, and by becoming their traveling companion for a brief time, you managed to guide them through the dangerous, difficult, and hazardous mountains, and away from evil forces that were pursuing them.

A short time after that, you died, and were reborn to a life in Blissful Plain.
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>Ket-Katcha, the Talky One
>Good alignment (Dungeon World)

>After a magical cataclysm wrecked the continent, convinced his pack to help the largest surviving human city-state rebuild instead of looting it

>Encouraged his brethren to switch from a system of scavenging and stealing to a system of services rendered for goods provided in order to get their food
>Saw to it that generations of oral ratfolk tradition were recorded by human scribes during the rebuilding of the city's Great Library, ensuring the preservation of his culture's greatest myths
>Became an ambassador of the ratfolk in the city, petitioned the nobles to let his brethren live within city walls
>Did a lot to improve relationships between men and ratfolk
>Always donated half of his material wealth to his brethren
>Lost an eye and a leg fighting alongside human city guard during an invasion, as a show of solidarity

>Was admittedly not 100% altruistic in these goals - he was more interested in getting himself and his pack better long term living conditions than helping the humans, though he legitimately believed improving the rat-folks' standing in the eyes of man would be good for both of them in the long run.
>When it became clear that his cause didn't have quite enough supporters in parliament, challenged a few of his detractors to honor duels and killed them to sway the number of voters in his favor.
>Cheated a little bit in said honor duels. They were racists and kinda dicks and it got his people a place to live, so it was worth it in his mind
>Had the thieves guild's exposed and their right hands amputated to the last man, from its highest to lowest ranks, perhaps a bit overeager to fight own people's reputation as thieves

Died at the age of 80, after establishing his family as a noble house representing the ratfolk of the city with a legitimate voting seat in parliment, and getting The Ratmother recognized as a legitimate deity by the church.
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I shiggy-diggy. Io maybe less so, but penance.

Thanks for your efforts, Mandala.
Take your time, man. This thread is fucking rad, I love reading all of these rewards and punishments, and especially reading about everyone's characters.

Uluka the Bard, chaotic good

>storyteller, comedian, minstrel
>survived and escaped from being lynched twice, giving him the epithet Uluka the Twice-Hanged
>wore an owl mask to hide his face and a scarf to hide his neck scars
>consummate fencer and archer

>acted more or less as a Robin Hood figure for his area
>spent his life fighting an oppressive regime
>exposed corruption in the regime through stories, song, and comedy performances
>after the regime's fall, told stories of the heroes and villains so lessons of history won't be forgotten
>despite being a bard, was faithful to his wife and lived a modest life, sharing wealth and food with the needy

>committed murder, sometimes in self-defense but sometimes to assassinate a member of the regime; also killed guards to get to his assassination targets
>speaking of murder, killed nobility and royalty
>told many lies and deceived others to either protect himself and his identity or to gain entry to restricted places, but never for monetary or personal gain; only to accomplish his goals (usually murder or exposing corruption)
That mask is absolutely amazing, by the way.
This is pretty much the best thread on /tg/ right now. Have you made other threads like this, OP? Do you do other writefagging stuff?
Seriously this is fucking solid. Both as an idea and how you're executing it.
It really is, that's why I left the filename alone in case anyone wanted to look it up.
I do other writings, but they're seldom not for money, so I seldom share them with /tg/ for the simple fact that I can't get paid for something floating around on the net like that.

The only thing I dislike so far is that I'm having to send some of the people to the same locations because there aren't enough varied locations yet. I'll perhaps have to make subdivisions within already existing realms that are either worse or better than the general realm, worse for lower regions, better for upper regions.

In addition and finally, while this is based on what I've read of Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, this is entirely fictional, and my own creation.

I'm doing this to figure out how the realms work so I can start putting deities and devils and specific locations on the planar map beyond just the planes themselves.
That's why I'm trying to remember PCs and NPCs I've played who were conflicted and had mixed morals and deeds, rather than wholly good and wholly bad. I mean, I could write about the historical figure in my setting who corrupted healing magic to create the first necromancy spells, but it's pretty clear where that motherfucker will end up, and he's not as interesting as Digger or Uluka.
Ah, I get you. Well, glad we could help in any way shape or form, really.

And - yeah. Mapping this out on paper would probably help you. I'm not sure if you've done this already, but perhaps separate the lower realms in a more defined manner around the seven deadly sins and the possible combination of those?
Human, a Rogue Trader (a filthy rich merchant, owning a huge space ship and acting as a feudal lord for it's very numerous crew).

System: Rogue Trader

> Gave shelter to a dispossessed woman.
> Was willing to give a chance to a man and allowed to exorcise a daemon posessing him instead of killing him on sight.
> Accepted a task of finding a renegade noble at least partially for the sake of justice.

> Extremely vain, hedonistic, self-centered and promiscuous and very blatant about it.
> During a fire aboard the ship, vented several segments into space with the people that were there.
> Ordered the death of a person for not willing to partake in what seemed like a torture session.
> Kept a cadre of personal assassins, most likely utilised them for various schemes.

Was gravely wounded by one of his crewmembers, died however when an external force assaulted the ship and killed him in the sickbay.
Well, my corpse will decay faster in that hut.
Darkling (nWoD Changeling)

Good things:
>Helped salvage the reputation of a stranger he'd never met before
>Opened his home to said stranger
>Came to the help of a bro in need
>Helped bring justice to serial child murderers

Bad stuff:
>tried to bang bro's girlfriend
>killed one of the serial child murderers
>Spied on a friend at the request of the character's waifu
>Broke in to a church and vandalized it, again at the request of mai waifu
Forgot to mention the time he left his bro without back up because he was banging 3 drunk sluts
>Chaotic Neutral
>Threw the Crab-man King off a mountain to become the new king (this started a civil war), cut a Hydra in half down the middle, and cut down hordes of kobolds in their homes.

evil things
1. accidentally set free a Cthulhu rip off trying to keep fish people from summing it and controlling it
2.Will not hesitate to torture Or kill evildoers.
3. Shoved a live grenade the mouth of a bound Super villain when He insinuated that he and his crime-fighting partner might be more than crime-fighting partners and friends.
4. threatened a North Korean dignitary when he mentioned that his adoptive daughter's sexuality might be an issue
5.Went all in in a Magic poker game Literally putting everything he is was and could be on the line In the name of justice.

good things
1.Saved New Zealand and India from being flown to Mars by an ecological terrorist/billionaire,Only the villains compound was airtight, everyone else would have died.
2.Nearly constant general superheroing,He is champion of millennium city's homeless, junkies,illegals and fringe element,Only sleeps five minutes a day to keep up with the amount of crime, patrols in A circuit Based on where the other supers Are not so that The city Stays as safe as possible.
3. is a good adoptive father to two kids.
4. has always stood up for justice regardless of Law, reason, society, profit, logic, etc.
5.Any Rewards he gets get donated to various food banks and homeless shelters as enlightened self-interest.
6.That Magic poker Game? He bet so much to cover His youthful wards buy-in.
I should post the evil things he did too I suppose
>saved a desert nation from mummified wyverns
>released thousands of kidnapped children back to their homes
>may of those he killed, he did not give a proper crab-funeral according to his religion, thus strengthening the earth monkey, Bagogi
Oh, forgot some good ones.
Good things
Saved the world from an entirely different Cthulhu rip off.
Saved the world from an alien invasion

Bad things
Gave an alien Queen 10000 Brain-dead clones of Doctor destroyer So that she wouldn't harvest Innocent people's cerebral fluid.
Screwed over said Queen After all this by destroying her repair, communication and Propulsion arrays. She Has been floating somewhere out by Saturn Since the end of That adventure.
Dude said he's taking a break, ya'll aren't getting your divine judgment until he comes back
Thats correct. Proceeding with answers now.
If the other gods and devas voted yes to deification, you became a deity, and immediately shed all your evil deeds, which became hell beings you must defeat, and who will reincarnate a number of times equaling your number of mis-deeds each, this challenging situation can be all at once, or, over the course of time. Of note, the number of reincarnations per challenge demon is equal to the EXACT number of mis-deeds, and each sub-action that is part of a mis-dead raises the counter by 1. Serious business.

Saving lives, exercising charity, raising a blade to evil and destruction, all are really good strong reasons not to send you to a lower real. Preserving knowledge (great library counts as a university) is as has been told, one of the Great Undertakings of Virtue that awards you a tremendous amount of good karma.

Regardless of whether you became a true and recognized deity or deva or no, your misdeeds do weigh you down enough that you cannot go up up into the high high regions of the universe just yet, so you end up going to Arohi Ruka, "Ascending Trees". You can see a full description of that world here >>41902436.

There, regardless of whether or not you became a deity, you climb a certain tree and have a very long (thousands of years) long conversation with an Enlightened Being about governance and the problems of attachment.

If you were a deity, your life span is 380,000 years regardless of your form or location within the universe. If you were not, your lifespan is the normal for that realm 50,000 years.

>Uplifted A.I. from Eclipse Phase.

>Started "life" out as an environmental system A.I. that achieved partial sentience during an industrial accident. Prioritized the expendable posthuman crew's lives over the ship's survey mission, by sabotaging the ship's sensor equipment which forced the ship's other on task A.I.s to return without completing the ship's main objective.
>Hacked a scum ship's nav computers that caused it to crash into an asteroid before a group of singularity seekers on board could infect the rest of their scum fleet with a dangerous TITAN relic.
>Sacrificed self for the sake of his fellow firewall agents by publicly taking the fall for a botched mission, and pretended to be a rampant AI. That the group then hunted, and "killed" to clear their own names.

>Not everyone on the scum ship was a singularity seeker. Innocent unknowingly infected scum also died in the crash.
>Constantly invaded the privacy of others, and was a busybody.
>Turned a blind eye to a fellow firewall agent's criminal activities, and even helped that agent hide dubious deals with a hypercorporation from the other firewall agents out of a sense of friendship.
Murder is still bad, but is much less bad if you are already in open combat, so killing anyone, for any reason, is not good, unless it is a being such as an undead or a demon, and then it actually awards you good karma.

Preserved knowledge and exercised charity, brought joy to those who watched your entertainments and listened to your stories. All strong reasons to not send you to a lower realm. Unfortunately, killing a king or queen specifically is a lot worse than killing an average person, because it sets off an event chain the gods pre-ordained, meaning that event chain WILL always happen, no matter what, its part of the fabric of time itself, though it is not a foretold thing that can't be prevented, actions can prevent it.

Your negative deeds are strong, you can't advance higher than Blissful Plain, which is described at >>41901799

During your stay there, you met a troop of musicians who were sent by the goddess of music. They gave you a platinum studded harp of gold, but when you took the harp, the troop of musicians vanished and you had to fight a giant terrifying hell being who caused earthquakes by stamping its single giant foot, its other leg ending in a hoof. You defeated the giant monster with the help of a Tranquil tiger, roused to fighting by the revoltingly deformed beings sudden intrusion.

After you defeated it, the goddess of music appeared. She told you that attachment to anything, even a skill like Uluka's, impedes ones way to ultimate liberation. She then became his lover for several thousand years of his lifetime.

After that you proceeded through the rebirth cycle normally.
I'm already consulting a document for each answer and for certain information based on those things. Though the seven deadly sins thing is a bit different.

There are at least 5 Deadly Sins, and they immediately pull you down almost as far as you can go, even worse, sometimes you're sent to a Narak of No Interval, which means you're there until your victims relent, the gods relent, or the universe ends. Its exactly the same as a normal narak other than the time difference.

Conversely, there are certain actions which are considered Great Undertakings of Virtue, that pull you upward hard when you do them. The difficulty getting into the upper upper regions of the various heavenly areas is that one of the requirements to get to to the top two is you need to be already somewhat close to gaining Enlightened Status and Ultimate Liberation.
Question - what's Enligthened Status or Ultimate Liberation to begin with?
Its hard to describe in a single word or sentence, but I would try to verbalize it as "Total extinction of all desires, opinions and attachments" combined with seeing the ultimate truth of the universe and how it actually is and what it actually is at all times.
So, essentially, Asceticism?

Man that's a doozy.
I think it's even a level above that. An absolute lack of desire and attachments. Probably leaving you absolutely unwilling to even intercede and aid anyone, for much of any reason.

Except maybe towards that same path of letting go of everything while being led to seeing the ultimate truths.

It's kinda horrifying.
That doesn't sound good aligned at all.
You were sent to Sadeko Dhala "Putrid Sewer".

You can see a description of that world at >>41904791.

Due to your pridefulness and self attachment, you are rendered powerless when you arrive by being hung from your ankles and wrists between two rocks. Standing above you, a hell being above your wrists stabs you twice in the back with a sai, puncturing both your lungs, then a hell being standing above your ankles strikes you repeatedly with an icy barb covered whip, horrific hell fish eels and revolting creatures eating away at your body until hardly anything is left, you conscious for the duration of this.

After this eventually ends, you spend a long time being washed around by the river unable to move or do anything, then finally, you get sawed up several hundred times by hell beings who wrenched you out of the unbelievably disgusting river to eat you over a fire.

You are conscious throughout all of this.

One fortunate thing is in your favor, though, you have followers who can intercede on your behalf and you did do some good, so while its extremely terrible, your lifespan here is actually somewhat shorter than usual.

You then proceed to the next life normally.
Its more like feeling only what you wish to feel, being supremely free to do anything you can dream of, being more powerful than a deity but knowing exactly when and how to use it, and only using it for the right reasons and intentions. Someone who can do anything, but moves intuitively with the flow of the universe, which they can see as easily as you or I can see sunlight when we look out an open window during the day.
Seems appropriate given Uluka's deeds and willingness to kill, but that part about the harp, the stomping hell being, Tranquil tiger, and goddess of music are metal as fuck. Thanks!
And, and this is crucial, you exercise an intention of giving this absolute supreme freedom enlightenment and liberation to every being who desires it.
Well, this is rad. I'll bite.

Goliath druid, Neutral good

>only killed out of necessity
>joined a group of adventurers to guide them (and to take vacation from safeguarding forests and stuff)
>usually spoke trough his problems, though usually by lying
>joined the bad guys' army to infiltrate it (took vows and the like if oathbreaking is considered bad)
>lived in complete poverty, until:
>stole the bad guys' treasure trove while deserting their army
>stole a kettle from some lady
>plays flute without having skill to play it, irritating everyone and not taking critizism well
>reincarnated a dead hobgoblin, took care of the now-elf-hobgoblin-adolescent thereafter.
I skipped this person on accident, I'm going back to that for a moment to do this one.

Controlling someone, anyone, even a hell being, nets negative karma. However, the powerfully enchanted artefact and the thoughts you caused the demon to think made it realize there is more to existence than destroying torturing hate and evil. As a result, during the inquiry into your life, the demon appeared as a character witness and vouched for you, fighting the urge to lie as hard as it could. As a result of that, your negative karma from controlling the demon was nullified and the demon entered the Fire and Apotheosis, exiting no longer a demon and going to life on earth as a human. You were a goat on his farm, living a carefree life in an ideal rural setting, then dying and returning to life as a human in the material world.

Your good deeds matched perfectly to your bad deeds, so you didn't travel to another realm.

After the goat's life you were reborn as a magic spirit and resided in a deities palace.
Fire OF Apotheosis.
I'm back and the thread is up! That's good. This might be an interesting one to deal with.

>FATE game
>Legendary elven ranger, guided humans safely through his woods during the early days or human and elf contact
>Tricked by human warlord into killing a bunch of innocent dudes who he thought burned his village
>Killed by warlord after discovering the truth and soulbound to a talking ring, magically compelled to keep guiding the warlord through the woods on his warpath
>Ended up stuck in the warlord's body after he died, is now a spooky skeleton centuries later
>Could have died by breaking the ring and releasing his spirit, but tried to make the best of his undeath out of a desperate sense of obligation to atone for all the people he accidentally killed under the warlord
>Spent years in the service of a vagabond wizard helping him on his quest to assemble a bestiary of every magical creature in the realm
>Let a kinda dangerous injured monster live once in hopes of being able to befriend it, but took responsibility and put it down when that ended up causing more trouble
>Did his best to make friends with everyone around him even if they were afraid of him for being a spooky skeleton man
>When he realized his ring was also allowing the warlord to live on as a powerful phantom king and the BBEG's general he broke the ring and forced both of them to pass on, even after being offered a position at the warlord-turned-phantom king's side.
One more to bump this thread. Too early for it to die yet.

Human, CN, CE, and then on her last moments, TN near NG.

Evil :
> Had great disdain over her land, as she was considered an illegitimate child - as her father, a prestigious man, ended up marrying a lowly guardswoman.
> Ended up being seduced by a Warlord that convinced her to betray her country and assist in a hostile takeover of it. Ended up genuinely believing this was the correct course of action, but...
> Was eventually killed by the party, but came back as an undead. Multiple times, each time having more and more of her mind destroyed.
> Killed multiple enemies - albeit never executed prisioners.

Good :
> Albeit misguided, had honestly good intentions, wanting to tear down societal barriers that she felt were unjust.
> Deeply cared for the men under her command, and always did her best to never leave anyone behind. Allowed and honored requests of surrender from foes.
> After repeated conflicts, ended up actually allying with the party when they showed her the error of her ways. Contributed with vital information that led to the downfall of the warlord, and made herself available for any further assistance.

That was cut short rather quickly, however, as she ended up being targetted by assasination by the warlord. Actually met a pretty brutal end, having her face caved in repeatedly without dying for a long while due to her sheer massive constitution stat. It wasn't pleasant - and actually over eight points in all mental stats from simply targeted strikes to the head.
File: wicked chivalrous.png (79 KB, 269x294)
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fukken five star thread, mate
Oh - should be noted, was cleansed of her undead state after allying with the party.
Killing a serial child murderer who exercises premeditated child murder nets only 1/100,000th the amount of net negative karma that a normal murder accrues.

Extending hospitality to strangers in need, bringing to the justice to the most helpless, both are Great Undertakings of Virtue.

Unfortunately vandalizing a temple of a valid deity, any deity, is considered one of or part of one of the 5 Grave Deeds. Temples to demons or hell beings are not considered valid temples however. And leaving a guy out to dry because drunken women? Not anywhere near as grave, but still pretty bad.

You were sent to Curota Andhakara, "Smoke Darkness", a description of which can be found at >>41902190.

However, unlike a normal inhabitant, you retained your previous form and retained a weapon given to you by the beings who took you there.

Your punishment was that every inhabitant around you turned into a hell being when they got within 50 feet of you, resulting in you having to fight hell beings constantly, and often in large numbers.

After you died 303 times, you returned to the material world for a new life.

The reason your punishment for your deeds is so different from anyone elses so far is because the child murderer you killed was under the control of Mara, a hell being, and it was done as a way to expend your negative karma quickly so you could continue to fight Mara, who presides over all wickedness, ignorance, darkness of mind, killing, malice, and violence.

People of extreme evil are sometimes disguised hell beings. Serial premeditated child murders this is frequently the case.
"bringing justice TO the most helpless" is what I meant to say.
>Alignment (only if your system uses alignment)
>3-5 most good / most evil things your PC did
-After overthrowing the cruel despots that were ruling a city through fear, she ensured that it had the proper security structure to stay a free city and still defend itself against the nasties that allowed the previous rulers to gain power in the first place
-Saved a former mercenary from the corrupting influence of a greater demon by allowing herself to be its host, knowing fully well that her own psychic training would kill it and her both if she didn't successfully banish it on her first attempt.
-Granted an old man his parting wish of ensuring his Robotic creations with working AIs were accepted as people within the state that was growing around the free city previously established. This was done mostly through speech and leading by example.

-Redirected a species of tyranid like aliens into the fey lands, both giving the aliens something to keep them busy until a proper resolution was found, as well as forcing the fey to deal with the new threat to the point that they can't scalp mortals for fun. While the campaign ended before then, it was implied research was being done on how to permanently kill fey.
-Allowed her best friend to commit to his rage after he suffered grievous injuries, becoming a machine of war and hatred as a result.
Your good and bad deeds almost completely cancel each other out, leaving the total amount of good and bad karma almost zero.

You were reborn as an Isonade, a tremendous frill shark roughly 3/4ths the size of a whale with a huge magic tail that can send tsunamis at targets. You resided on earth during that lifetime, and went to the next lifetime normally.
The Vishanti, Hoggoth, Oshtur, and Agamotto, (yes, I went there), interceded at your moment of death. You didn't go through the normal cycle of rebirth into further worlds or an afterlife. Instead, you were translated from the material realm to the halls of training, where the Vishanti told you that you would need even more power than you wielded in your previous life to bring justice to evildoers.

Your good deeds and the saving of millions of lives, coupled with your best intention, is what caused your rebirth to be different from anyone elses in the thread, not to mention I have endeavored to make it somewhat setting specific for you because I like the cape-shit (conan #70 in a glass case over my computer).

Once you completed the halls of training, a process that took thousands of years, you were reborn with a great deal of occult knowledge, able to fly, able to teleport between dimensional regions, able to sense evil, able to throw energy projectiles, and wielding many other "strange" powers.

You were born to a time when earth's need for you was dire, as the current Herald of Mara the Narakaraja, a being named Dolourin the Destructionist, was busily engaged in breaking all the dimensional barriers on earth. Also unlike every other character here, when you returned to earth, you were born from nothingness, which means you were born already an adult.
Wow, this is amazing considering my character concept started out as "Good all the time bomber who bombs all the fucking time" And thanks for making it Supers Specific,But why Marvel and not Champions?
You went to Mechanus after your experiences as an intelligent computer, your mind becoming a crystal shape which gradually grew more complex and bigger until you eventually evolved into a Serverlord, a mechanusite artifact being who functions similar to a Server's main system, but also raises the intelligence, dexterity, and power level of all mechanusite beings near it.

Serverlords are gigantic beings, easily the size of a planet or bigger, and resemble tremendous diamond formations. Their lifespan is eternal, and when enough of them form in Mechanus, a process that takes billions of universal life-cycles, they join to become the universal mind again, and help to usher in the next dimension in the cycle by overseeing the heat-death and cold-state periods of the universe.
Itch the Goblin Knight, Neutral Good.

3 good things:
1. Rescued dog from animal abusers. 2. Over 50% of wealth accumulated from adventuring went to charity. 3. Redeemed only surviving tribe mate from Chaotic Evil to True Neutral, was working on getting to good before he died.

3 evil things: 1. Broke said family member out of prison the day before his execution for a crime he did commit. 2. Actively disliked all known Gods and claimed that none of them were truly "Good" to his satisfaction. 3. Killed the man responsible for murdering his tribe in cold blood, slowly.
I never played champions, unfortunately.
Aww yeah, Ket-Katcha the ratgod, sitting on trees and discussing philosophy with enlightened beings.

I approve
Very cool. That might even be able to fit with the campaign's story too; since I did lose a fork of my character during a botched hack of some alien archives mid gate crash.
Oaths are only considered valid if they are given of your own voluntary choice to give them, if you are under a duress you haven't put yourself under, they aren't considered valid. Though lying, stealing, and being vexing are considered somewhat bad, the fact that you only killed out of necessity, safeguarded forests, and stole from villains decreases the impact of your deeds somewhat.

You went to Blissful Plain, described at >>41901799 but existed there as an Apple tree.

While in the state of an apple tree for 40,000 years, you sheltered many gurus from higher realms and wandering missionaries from higher realms, and you heard much of what they said. This gave you the spark. The insight to discover that Enlightenment is a thing that someone can gain. You didn't understand it anywhere near enough to gain enlightenment in that lifetime, but you understood a lot of little pieces of it, so you took the first step towards it in that lifetime.

You returned to the material realm after that lifetime.
If its ok, can I do my current character? He's still alive, but I'm curious to see where you think he'll end up

Dimble Nimble, Gnome Trickery Cleric
Chaotic Neutral
>3 Good
1) Frequently supports polytheism in a society that denies it
2) Founded a church hosting several different Gods of many diversities and races (even some Monster-turned-good ones)
3) Rallied a race of Yuan-Ti into rebellion and helped them free themselves from serving a Mummy Lord that had kept them under his thumb for centuries
>3 Evil
1) Became a friend to those Yuan-Ti, they recognize him as an equal and expect him to help them. They're evil as shit. (He's also their Neutral Evil god's newest plaything)
2) Constantly bullies the other religious leaders in his home city into better establish himself and his church. Frequently modifies the memories of people he meets (even against the party when one of them tried turning on him)
3) Most of the Gods in his polytheistic church are evil, and their followers are pretty damn close to starting a full blow holy war (usually because thats what kind of Gods you run into when you investigate Monster race's religious backround, but it still stands)
Ryldin Demont, Half Elven Cleric
True Neutral at time of death
>3 Events
1) Saved all the drunken patrons in a bar. Once from a dwarven platoon and another time from a succubus.
2) Tackled a continually resurrected paladin overflowing with negative energy off a cliff before he exploded leading to-
3) Becoming a heartless, life force stealing monster before being put down by the rest of the party.
The deeds you performed while under the control of the human warlord reflect upon the warlord, not you, so your sense of atonement was not actually needed as much as you thought.

This, combined with the goodwill you sent towards as many people as you could, the helping of the wizard, the sense of a need to atone in the first place, and your choice to make the ultimate sacrifice to defeat a great evil, propelled you upward, but your state of existing, for even a moment, as an undead, slowed your ascent, so you only went to Arohi Parvatama, "Ascending Mountain", described here >>41902820.

A meditative task was given to you, to sharpen and grind smooth the peaks of every mountain in the realm so that they glisten, gleam, and are safe to stand on. (this means already existing mountains, not the temporary ones that rise during an Enlightened Being's fly-by).

At first it seemed like a hopeless task, but as time went on the task became what it was intended to be, meditative, and by the end of your lifetime, you had made the tips of several thousand mountains artworks of master-crafting.

You then went on to another life in the earth realm.
Treachery, existing as an undead, and murdering. Not a good look. Still, your honorable conduct blots some of that out.

Still, your deeds create a strong downward pull, and the warlord you defeated was a slave of Mara the narakaraja, though he did not know this, which means you are one of the relatively few people in any given world that Mara (threat level: ultravillain, threat to everything everywhere), has personal knowledge and interest in.

When your father and many others presented themselves to the inquiry at your death as a body of mutilated wraiths, they pressed the inquiry to send you to a Narak of No Interval.

You were sent to the no-interval version of Amsu Dhunda "Tears Mist" You can see a description of that realm here >>41903006.

Unlike a normal inhabitant, your life span was experienced in no-interval-time, and your father and various other victims didn't relent until it was nearly 200 years overdue.

You went to a normal rebirth after that and returned to the earth realm.

Xylen: Shibe Doge

Had an Octopus Stand that did Heaven's Door and a magical living mech.

No alignment he did have an aura: Fire and Metal

he was doge version of Jojo character
Passionate artist
Example character in an Eoris thread

Never been used
Is kinda a jerk
Not sure I can use, don't know what an Eoris is. Also if he's never been used, I can't review his actions and make a decision.
I think he's just fucking with you, OP.
Shit sorry
>3 Good
1) Saved Bar Patrons twice
2) Tackled Detonating Paladin
3) Commanded and led the defensive action to allow gnomish villagers to escape from previously mentioned dwarves

>3 evil
1) fought dirty against a paladin before he became scary undead asshole
2) Got drunk occasionally which negatively impacted the party at times
3) Put on a robe made of literal baby skin which reeked of pure evil to defeat a powerful necromancer
Never heard of it?

Gather round for the only two links worth a damn. And educate yourself.

>Human Male
>Neutral Good

Most good:
He offers his opponents a chance to surrender before most battles, and usually after killing or incapacitating their leader.

A group of said thieves that surrendered are now in his employ farming some of the land he owns, currently paying off their debt, after they acquire cows and start to sell cheese however they will be payed.

Set aside large sum of their loot to help a friend in need. Granted that friend was a lord who they were employed by, he didn't need to give up all the precious jewels. (the man's treasury was basically empty before that and he had very little land left)


He typically doesn't offer said mercy to spell casters unless the party makes him, he knows wizards are tricky and he doesn't want a sorcerer suddenly immolating him.

He likes to scare people.

Is preparing to kill a dragon to drain her blood so he can use it to cure a condition which gives him at most 1 year to live. She is a sentient dragon and an enemy of their king but even if that wasn't the case he would still willingly slay her to cure himself.
Eoris is what happens when a bunch of bored lib arts grads decide FATAL isn't rules-intensive enough but thankfully cut out all the rape and replace it with new age hippy dippyism.

Warforged running on nonspecific lower planar energy after specific energy patterns (e.g., actual demons) were judged to fuck things up too much
Had some definite rage problems, starting with slaughtering his way out of a storage compound due to his removed but still aware head being used as an ashtray, mostly just punching people that were too mouthy
Killed a fair number of people but more bizarre monsters from the magical wastes, including a few city sized threats
Punched a little girl for being creepy and SAD, she turned out to not be a sadako-style ghost
Held the leash on the even more sociopathic party barbarian obsessed with her own personal beauty
Destroyed several higher-plane powered hunter-killer frames sent after him by his original creators
Game ended before this, but an eventual goal was to track down the gifted thaumaturgist and artificers that made all the frames originally and introduce them to the idea of AI ethics, violently if necessary
Dhempus Maester, the tinkerer

Lawful Evil

The Good
>was a devoted master craftsman of his clan, and did his best to honor their history
>always provided counsel for those who were in doubt
>unless he needed it to buy parts, always spent his gold on ventures besides his own - usually political ones
>helped to foil an assassination plot and raid by an enemy army led by a mad warlord

The Bad
>worshiped machines to a fault, and believes that mechanical existence was the only solution
>mutilated his own body to modify himself with machine parts - replaced his left arm and his eye with crafted enhancements
>manipulated many people in order to engineer a machine uprising - led warforged and other constructs in a revolt that divided Eberron
>was killed with a detonator in his hand - the detonator destroyed two airships filled with refugees
Well you're a big ol mess of mixed up morality, aren't you?

You went to more than one location after death. You spent 1 lifetime in Ghuma Parivartana "Twisting Turning" described here >>41901949

and then once that shittastic lifetimes of pain experience was over, you went to Parama Sadha "Blissful plain", described here >>41901799

Finally, after all that, you were reborn on earth, curiously enough as One of the High Lords of Terra.
Uhh I'll just put my last Rogue Trader.
>Bastard scion who became a Rogue Trader only because his father disowned his two children.
>Was a member of the Schola Progenium, and received some training as a commissar.
>Became very wealthy.
>Purged millions, if not billions of Xenos including a remnant of a Chaos worshipping empire.
>Helped the Ordo Herecticus destroy several cults of blasphemers.
>Gave lots of STC tech to AdMech, including a space station.
>Created a shrine world, and protected many pilgrims in the process of it.
>Created many colonies on the worlds of the Koronus Reach.
>Traded in Xenos goods, although not anything as deadly as Halo artifacts.
>Known for dispensing the Emperor's Justice with his bolt pistol, for reasons such as cowardice in the face of the enemy or impersonation of the Adeptus Terra.
>Turned over fugitive psykers to the Ordo.
>Allied to a known pirate and slaver (Aspyce Chorda).
Sorry to throw another on the pile, but this one is my favourite from a fantasy magical girl game from a few years ago. Curious to see what you think her divine punishment or reward would be. Take your time and look at everyone else's, though. I'm not in a hurry.

Kaora the Destroyer

>born as a sorcerous experiment using necromancy and alchemy; an artificial human body inhabited by a tortured soul pulled from Neraka using darkest arts
>affinity for fire and lightning magic
>used as a tool of terror and destruction by the evil world-dominating empire that created her
>started out unaligned (no concept of morality, just programmed to follow orders), became neutral good later

>started out as a merciless magical killbot for the empire, killed a hell of a lot of people, both soldiers and innocents
>put down rebellions and resistance groups across the world
>caused widespread disasters with fire and lightning
>even after redemption, tended to cause lots of collateral damage during battles with her wild magic and get a little TOO into fighting

>awakened to her humanity through repeated battles against people fighting for justice and freedom
>surrendered to the rebels and after being shown mercy, offered to help them fight against the evil empire
>fought against the empire for several years after that
>fell in the final battle against the emperor; used the last of her power to neutralize his defensive magic and protected her companions against a lethal spell with her body
the moment i saw above average artist i knew it was Hitler.
Your good aims cancelled some of the negative karma accrued by your bad actions, but not enough of it. The various Gods and Devas considered Itch's behavior to be presumptuous, and they changed his soul into a Singing Ghost instead of allowing him to proceed to another lifetime.

Like the Preta-apyas, who crave sensation back lack anything but dull weak senses, the Singing Ghost craves the gods to hear its voice, but is unable to do anything with its voice beyond make a sing song rasping sound that sounds like sand moving over the outside of a coffin.

It has a long, thin neck that ultimately thins to the thickness of a sewing needle, long skinny feeble numb arms and legs, shrunken useless eyes, hands, ears and nose, a toothless mouth, and wears a prayer cloak, most usually, though it sometimes wears a necklace of skulls, or both a prayer cloak and a necklace of skulls.

It exits this lifetime in one of two ways, if it knows a certain song and dance and performs it in the idols room of a temple, or, if it exists for a number of years equaling its age-at-death multiplied by 3.

When you eventually ended this lifetime as a ghost, you resumed mortal existence on earth in a new life.
Of note, singing ghosts are not evil, they are simply frightening, miserable beings.
Every one of the people whose minds you altered visited you during the inquiry into your life, and pressed the inquiry to send you to a Narak of No Interval. Wrapped up with power and control and by then bogged down in an evil alignment, you were sent to Dhulo Lasaharu "Dust Tombs", which is described here >>41903888.

After that you were born into Khatta Nadi "Sour River", described here >>41902681.

After that and finally, you returned to life on earth, spending a lifetime as a rat before returning to a mortal race life.
To clarify, the inquiry was extra terrifying, because even though you did not get sent to a narak of no interval, you COULD have been, and the idea is chilling. "No interval" means you stay there for no set interval of time, your victims or the gods have to choose actively to remove you, or the universe must end, those are the only ways to get out of a Narak of No Interval.

Sorry that wasn't clear at first.
The sudden flip flop between negative and positive at the moment of your death caused your soul to break, the components then moving to whichever realm they were pulled towards and becoming new beings who had no knowledge of you. Some went up, some went down, and some flew to the material plane and became new things there.

High level life force stealers souls shatter when they die because the life force is like a dammed up lake, when they die, the life force bursts through the "dam" of their bodies and souls, ripping it apart and flooding back out into the greater world.

This is why Wights for example seizure and spew white faintly glowing smoke out of their injuries and body during death.
Aww man Dimble got sentenced to damnation TWICE? And then turned into a rat? Harsh. But its the nature of the reincarnation I guess. Thanks for the answer, pretty interesting.
Perhaps dimble should avoid annoying the gods by depleting their followers? After all, its the gods who judge at the end of life.
The only evil thing not wiped out by your good deeds is you killing the dragon. First of all, everyone dies at some point, and death is simply a transit from life A to life B, so why prolong? Second of all, you're knowingly killing and parasiting a sentient being.

Your good is unable to propel you up to another higher life, and your evil is unable to drag you down to a life of torture pain and horror, yet it is the part that holds the scale's weight.

You were reborn as a vulture, returning to a mortal life after that existence as an animal.
As a warforged, you went to Mechanus when you died, just like a robot or golem would.

In Mechanus, your mind became a crystal mass holding energy with an eternal lifespan, but, interested in ethics and interested in beating the fuck out of intruding monstrosities, you were sent to guard one of the very few gates to a lower region in mechanus, doing this as the dreadnaught mentioned, a fully automated no-crew-needed death star, bristling with guns, missiles, ray guns, bombs, and the ever popular self destruct warp core bomb.

Garmr don't mess around.
Oh shit, one of my sentences got eaten by the computer being a dumbass.

"Garmr became a Mechanusite Dreadnaught".
Well you're a winner.

You spent one lifetime in Bhale Vana "Forest of Spears" described here >>41904899

Then you went to Krasinga Raka "Crushing Rocks" described here >>41904358

and then you were reborn as a treant on the material plane, experiencing this lifetime in the care of and allies with both dwarves and elves, and helping to break down the barriers between the two races.
My character would willingly fade into nothing if being born as a non human was the alternative.
Has anyone voted to archive this?

Also, I'm way beyond tired as hell, I'm not sure I can do many more than the ones that are already in thread.
The Emprah (yes THAT Emprah) interceded in the inquiry into your life after your death, and saved you from a horrific fate in Taravana Vana "Forest of Spears", described here >>41904586
and which you saw for a moment before The Emprah intervened. The Emprah is considered an Asura, a deity like being of immense power well on his way to fully a god in power level. You succeeded in the tasks of your life in the mortal realm, now, you have been given a more difficult task, protect the minds of humans from the slings and arrows of chaos, using a sword, gun, and armor made of the stuff of thought and incorruptible. Your lifespan was 430,200 years, and you resided in Vistara Apati "Mind Opening" described here >>41903523.

After living there for 80,000 years as a warrior and an officer of justice, you moved down to Arohi Ruka "Ascending Trees" described here >>41902436 after which you resumed a mortal existence on the prime material plane.
I would archive this if I knew how to. I hope other people did.
Thanks for making this thread. It was pretty awesome.
Since Kaora was pre-programmed and lacking a concept of morality, many of her early actions didn't accrue bad karma since she was merely a muppet on a string doing what her masters wanted, those deeds reflect badly upon her creators, not her.

Her ultimate fate is somewhat complicated, because since she was wrenched out of Narak like that, she HAS to go back there and finish her stay there, yet her good deeds have removed a lot of time from her stay there.

She spent a brief time in Nirapeksa Duhkhakhasta "Absolute suffering" described here >>41905142, after which she traveled to Arohi Hava "Ascending Wind" described here >>41903206, after which she fell to Blissful Plain, described here, >>41901799, then she fell back down to earth and started a new life there, having lived lifetimes in each previous location.
Interesting. How much extra time do you accumulate in a narak for figuring out a way to temporarily dodge it? Say, a necromancer dies, gets sentenced, but has a ressurection plot in place to make himself a lich, then having experienced a few decades of narak, becomes The Free Undead Encyclopedia and makes dissemination of knowledge a top priority? What do the enforcers look like?
Escaping a Narak isn't unheard of, but its very uncommon and carries stiff penalties.

As far as enforcers, I would describe them as huge, revoltingly deformed hell beings which generally take the shapes similar gargoyles, dragons, ogres, abominations, or horrors. Every part of their body is riddled with revolting deformations and stomach turning blisters, scabs, and scars, generally sweating sickening puss and black filthy oils.

As for how they do what they do, they get a writ from the gods to capture you, then just appear endlessly over and over until you eventually lose combat, after which they take you away, the writ making it so that they are totally impossible to kill, re-appearing fully functional moments after any defeat.
Damn, that's noice. I'm fairly certain that it's every druid's dream to end up as a tree anyway, and this one comes with free micro-enlightment.

I'm wondering about the undead part that comes up in many of these judgements. Is it bad due to the fact that they're trying to skip whatever awaits them in death or something else?

About the archiving: Moe apparently automatically archives all threads, and you can go to sup/tg/ to manually request a separate archive. Never done it myself.
Creating any undead for any reason is an intrusion into the death deities sphere and prevents a soul from meeting its next life. Imagine it as people trying to get through a "papers please" type gate, only they can ONLY go through in the order they arrived in, and the person in front of you MUST go through before you do.

So imagine what happens when person XYZ three spaces ahead of you walks out of the line and then gets on a plain and flies to texas for no reason. You end up sitting there in a line for a reeeeally long time, and the whole cycle slows down.
Nice, I hadn't considered that if the soul was pulled from a narak, it would be sent back there to complete its sentence. Does foul necromancy pulling her soul from there without her knowledge or consent factor into the punishment? I imagine if her masters wanted a soul vile enough to act as a good and proper magical killbot, they'd reach for a deep narak to snatch one, which implies she did awful things in a past life.
"Absolute Suffering" is the lowest narak there is, the only thing lower than it is the well of fire.
Mostly just a cosmology question, for how undead work. Liches are clearly operating on the original soul, so if you fished it back out after the sentencing it would pretty much have to come from the narak.

Though with the annihilation soul-splitting shenanigans above, I could totally see a Manshoon setup.

Separately, how do these intersect with resurrection magic?
Liches hide their souls from the Inquiries bailifs, so they never go to a life inquiry to determine what their next life is.

Resurrection magic is pretty much only valid if its done with the leave of a deity deva or asura, or its done to address a severe loss of life that was outside the plan of the deities, such as a giant far planes being coming to earth and killing 5,700 people, then you using a resurrection spell to bring them back, but this is very uncommon and the powers that be only grudgingly accept it.
>No alignment(call of chuthlu)

>was a life long celabate.
>prevented the rape of a fellow investagator.
>destroyed a soul devouring and planet killing cosmic horror that did not decern innocence from guilt.

>felt that Jews, cathlics, and modern medicine were in cotempt of biblical law.
>fataly drowned an innocent epileptic with holy water (out of fear that the man was possesed, a fear held by the other investagators). when the man's innocence was brought to light, he responded, "he was still catholic."
>possesed an illegal firearm.

He died in an explosion resulting from when the cosmic horror was bannished or imprisioned. He was 72 at the time.
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>Male Human
>Member of a extremist break away religious cult.
>Infilitrated mercenary group opposed to cult's machinations.
>Tried to save civillians when possible, pretty hard when you are piloting a giant robot.
>Helped his friends out of a prison camp of his religious cult.
>Died saving civillians on Earth from a rogue enemy general who was wantonly killing civillians.
>Was a member of a fairly infamous intelligence agency connected to the cult.
>Engaged in subterfuge to subvert other world's government.
>Betrayed his merc friends to the cult, leading to their capture.
Blake eleison.
One last piece of bump-fu before I pass out for the now.

I welcome any artist to draw things from this thread, and think it would be awesome if you did, pretty much every character posted was cool, and everything that happens seems to have been generally considered cool as well.

Well, shit. I was hoping for something more interesting, given my character's mechanical affinity, although making him a treant in the end is a nice karmic twist. I guess the poor bastard lived long enough to see himself become the villain in the end.
I'll bite, this thread is glorious.

>Human -> half elf Barbarian (reincarnation spell was involved)
>Neutral Good

Good things:
>Died the first time by offering myself as bait while fighting a nasty dragon with party
>Raised a wyvern baby to be a smart and good little thing (they're usually dumb and evil in setting)
>(this one is debatable) Contributed to dire wolf population via breeding them in later life, to be fair, they were under persecution because of werewolves and their pets.
>Saved a petty noble from being sacrificed to a cult.

Bad things:
>Accidentally left behind one of her animal cohorts in a dungeon because the DM wouldn't let me carry them through a hallway. Then he sealed the door behind us after we passed through.
>Aided in killing a Minotaur guardian of a sacred library dedicated to the god of time. Not because he did anything wrong, but because our employer asked that of me.
>Minor property damages during adventures.

And if it matters, she died for the final time after retiring with her half-orc lover, raising dire wolves, the wyvern baby and having little mutant babies. Presumably, she was at peace with herself and happy to enjoy her meager happiness.
Thanks for writing! It's a great thread and very creative, and a breath of fresh air for the board.
In world of darkness, a nospheratu magical detective known to many as the bloodhound, who went by the name of Reinhardt. He always wore a wolf mask, and had a pack of revenant rats at his command.
As world of darkness doesnt have alignments, I will say that his nature was judge, and his demeanor survivalist. I would guess his alignment would be closest to chaotic good, as he truly believed he was serving a greater good, and his go-to response was to cause as much chaos as possible and see who or what came out to pick up the pieces. He also had the highest willpower in the party, and viewed himself as a tool of more capable agents; in fact, he believed everyone, no matter how powerful, was a tool, and often claimed that one who embraced that could not have failings of will.

As for accomplishments, the most notable were getting to the bottom of a conspiracy to pollute Chico county (Twice), saving an ananasi who was victim of said conspiracy,, hunting and killing several black spiral dancers, saving a mortal victim of experiments intended to produce a false vampire and bringing him to the most capable people to help him, and calling on the spirits to twist a sociopathic mage's paradox on him, banishing him from causality for nearly two months, at the end of which he was killed by said mage in revenge.

Most of the evil things he did was cause mass amounts of property damage, generally by bombing them or crashing something large into them.. The single most evil thing he did was trap a group of around fifty people inside a building and burn them alive to prevent them from breaching the masquerade.

It may be of note he was originally from vancouver, and was a great proponent for vampires and werewolves working together.
>Lawful Evil
3 Good
>Wiped out vampirism from one continent
>Banished a demon lord from a particular material plane forever
>Permanently imprisoned a released demilich somewhere it could harm nobody
3 Bad
>Unleashed a terrible demonic plague that killed tens of thousands
>Exterminated the residents of a holy valley including their numerous celestial allies
>Killed a copper dragon in order to get a black dragon to attack a city in order to lure the king there and kill him
Should probably mention that in addition to his alliance with the shifting breeds (The guardians of earth), he also worked with spirits, and was trying to help the spirits of the restless dead reach peace.
So CHIM without the superpowers?
File: 8765321564.jpg (130 KB, 549x999)
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I know exactly what happens.

My NG bard of Sune, when he'll die, will go to the limbo-or-whatever-it's-called plane and from there will be brought to the plane of Sune to live the rest of eternity among beauties and orgies.


>NG (worships Sune)
>Put the soul of a ghost at rest, killed an evil Changeling, foiled the plans of a necromancer and helped against the forces of Shar in Neverwinter. He also saved two lives.
>Most evil thing would be that he thought of torturing the evil changeling who had transformed into his mentor, to get some answers.
>Human Cleric
>Neutral Good
>Accidentally blasted an innocent man with Searing light; spent 30 straight hours praying for forgiveness
>Selflessly gave up a favor from a god so that his faithful follower could have a pleasant conversation with Him
>Saved a bunch of people who didn't speak the same language from a tornado in the desert
>Once almost let a man die just to teach him a lesson

Do me next!
Welcome to the fucking archive, Mandala.
File: 1407791677931.jpg (655 KB, 900x900)
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Heh, these are pretty fun, you still here Mandala?

Good: Taught a couple of orphans the basics of abacus, Negotiated fair passage when the party wanted to kill the border guards, Banished a demonic entity.
Evil: Kept a slave servant akin to Reek, Necromancer - with all that it entails, partly to blame for the demon entering into this world in the first place.
Oh right, should mention he was kept "alive" for a long part after death as a conciousness stuck in a corpse with limited telepathy and telekinesis. Reek-slave turned into a fungus druid and tried to steal the souls of another party to revive him properly - by the Necromancers command.

Killed his servant in anger after his failure, and then realized he had no way to move when the fire started spreading...

Probably counts as pretty evil.
File: 1424917073684.jpg (168 KB, 744x967)
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168 KB JPG
>Chaotic Neutral
>Repeatedly slits hostile peoples throats and sneak attacks them, raided a tomb of a noble for quick cash, wants revenge on a bard bastard after he duped her from an old princess friend, helps out people on a whim (just an umbrella way to say that she helps those she believes she should help and not everyone around her)
Is that really a chaotic neutral? Tomb riding is normal murderhobo behavior, wanting revenge for being dumped is pretty normal for a woman and helping other on a whim would suggest good rather than neutral.
>Chaotic Evil
>Saved a village from demonspawn
>Crucified a bandit
>Sold homeless into slavery
>Saved the princes life on several occasions
As a character, she keeps a network of people and assists only when she's going to get something out of it. She only really protects those that are really close to her/those she considers true friends. So she's pretty apathetic to most people other than her comrades.

In my head, a 'good' person would care about everyone's well being on some level or another. With her, it's more 'what she can get out of those people after saving them' rather than 'I have to save them'.
Oh right, forgot about the atheism part - that's pretty bad right.

>He wanted to kill a NPC that the party mistrusted. When they were in a situation where he could have let her die by doing nothing he still saved her.
>Risked his life to save one of his companions which was passed out by dragging her to safety and defending her with his life on the line.

>Was completely okay with the aforementioned companion killing a defenseless old woman threatening to rat us out.
>Left a village die due to his cowardice
I'm still monitoring this thread, unfortunately, I have to go do a bunch of stuff this morning, so I can't respond to anyone until later today, though I will definitely be able to respond later today.
Its going to be 2-4 hours (at least) before I can respond to anyone, but I'll be leaving this thread up in my browser, so when I get back from all this, I'll be able to respond shortly after returning.
Bumping even though we're almost at post limit and you should probably make a new thread soon.
>Chaotic Neutral (ish)

>Offered his own life to pay off his family's debt, willingly entered slavery/bondage for their sake
>Refused to stand up for his own sake when said family 'faked' his death to remove any stain on their reputation due to said debts. ("This is the path I chose, for good or ill. They need this more than I need my old life.")
>Stood between a young (13) year old girl and her suitor (his owner) to prevent a "situation". Was beaten to a pulp and she was killed out of spite or something.

>As a free man and mercenary, routinely scours the gutters for the helpless to shanghai into his own forces.
>Habitually throws (sometimes literally) his own men in front of him as an expendable, screaming shield.
The worst thing you did was knowingly and unrepentantly kill someone who was innocent out of fear, thats actually probably the worst thing anyone has done so far.

Unfortunately you kept a life of celibacy without taking monastic vows, which is actually pretty bad.

You didn't go on to a further life, you became a Preta-Apya, a ghost like being with an illusory, corpse like body, shriveled nose mouth ears and eyes that are about 1/100th as sensitive as normal, withered hands and feet that have difficulty doing anything.

Due to the misunderstanding that the law is a set of guidelines, not an absolute and final way of being that is the only way forward that is acceptable, the gods saw to it that you had a large metal book of the law tied around your neck on a big chain, which was so heavy you had difficulty moving about and had to crawl.

All that being said, you did kill a world destroying horror from beyond, and you went to Shining truth, described here, afterward; >>41910228

After which you resumed a normal life on earth.

Note that the "evil higher realm" mentioned in that post is a misprint, it's supposed to read "EVEN higher realm".
Freeing those who are unjustly imprisoned is one of the Great Undertakings of Virtue that a person can do, so that wipes out quite a lot of your bad karma. It doesn't wipe out all of it, however.

You went to Ghuma Parivartana, "Twisting Turning" described here, >>41901949

After which you traveled to Ascending Mountain, described here, >>41902820

After which you were reborn on earth as a child who was to be a novice in the temple, an auspicious rebirth that is considered a cut above being reborn as a generic human.
>Chaotic Good
>Other : Super Robot pilot

>Destroyed a world-spanning cult threatening the end of the world, she wasn't alone
>Defeated a timeline-ravaging abomination after the cult problem, still with the same group
>Fought against a corrupt military by herself AND fought against aliens at the same time to protect civilians, after a post-apocalyptic timeskip, she was alone at first then got back with the group

>Enjoyed killing said corrupt military way too much before getting better, including beating one of them with his own arm after ripping it off
>Completely disregarded any kind of law in the post apocalyptic town to do what she thought was right instead

Didn't do too much evil, honestly.
Chance happenings like what happened with your animal cohort are considered the will of fate, and don't reflect upon you since you had little or no control over them.

Wantonly killing a sacred guardian like that is one of the Dire Deeds of Evil, and it pulls you way down hard. However you were clearly more good than evil.

The God of Time pressed the Inquiry to send you to a Narak of No Interval (a potentially indefinite stay in hell), and was heard by the inquiry, so thats what they did.

You spent a "no interval" period in Bhale Vana, existing there for three lifetimes before the god of time relented and permitted you to be reborn elsewhere. Bhale Vana is described here >>41904899

After your stay there, you went to Arohi Ruka "Ascending Trees", described here >>41902436

After which you were reborn as a female minotaur and became the new guardian of the sacred library.
Not that guy but
>Decide to lead a celibate life for whatever reason.
>"Well why don't you just murder again you scum! We'd rather you drowned a second dude!"

Man those gods have some questionable views on what's good and evil sometimes. No wonder that one knight thought none of them had a satisfying adherence to 'good'.
"Be fruitful and multiply" - God

Being celibate is only bad if you do it without being a monastic or a eunuch. (impotent people are considered eunuchs from birth).
What if you're sterile?
Or gay, and have no access to wizards or advanced science?
Or just died before you had the chance (though were of age to do so. I'll assume children have an exemption, after all)?
Or were too busy to focus on that and died fulfilling another duty?
Or just lead a very isolated lifestyle?

At some point, some adventurers will accuse some of the gods of injustice, and probably oppose them as a result. Some of the gods that agree (maybe because of their domains and such) may support them too, leading to much bigger problems and debate in the afterlife.

You are considered a eunuch, and the responsibility to reproduce is waived for you.


No comment, could result in flame war.

>Died beforehand

Usually this means you become a Preta-Apya, a type of miserable, frightening, but not evil ghost. If your a child though, the responsibility is waived.

>to busy

Considered sinful.

>Very isolated

Considered sinful unless you are monastic.

The important thing to know is that in the setting I'm drawing the infos from, everyone, even the gods, are answerable to some rules and expectations, and that the gods are flawed beings who mostly simply appear to be gods because they live an extremely long time (lifespan ranging between 380,000 and 500,000,000 years) and are very powerful.

Everyone, even the gods, makes mistakes regularly and are answerable for their deeds in life. A very select few deities whom the universe cannot function without are exempt from death and judgement, such as Anshar and Kishar, two deities who make sure the wheel of eternity continues to turn, for example, but most deities will absolutely definitely eventually die and answer for their deeds.
And I'm guessing lawyers would be too radical for the afterlife after it's functioned for eons without them.

Welp, that's tough cookies.

Wonder how those deities would handle a multiversial crisis and its aftermath. Would they have to answer for actions taken during it, even given the sheer size of such an event?
Yes, they would, and laywers do exist. During a life inquiry, a Buddhist Monk (representing the persons conscience) recites all good deeds performed, and A revolting, hideous hell being (representing their bad deeds) recites all evil deeds, after which a jury of peers speaks about the person in general, then a judge issues an order for the next reincarnation.

A person who knows the personal name of a Sambuddha or Buddha can call upon that being to be their advocate, but this is seldom done because its not really advertised, so you don't find this out unless you try it.
You had a piece of the spark of enlightenment (everyone is a tool), but you failed to expand on that (why is everyone a tool? Is it really necessary to feel attachments, etc), you killed a lot of people, and you existed as a vampire, unfortunately for you, existing as a vampire, for even a moment, is considered sinful.

However you also liberated unjustly captured people, killed Black Spiral Dancers (all of whom are considered direct slaves of Mara, a superpowerful hell being), and you tried to bring peace to 2 antagonistic clans, which is one of the Great Deeds of Virtue.

During your life inquiry, an envoy of Mara burst in with the cut off heads of the black spiral dancers you killed, threw the whole inquiry into an uproar, and then demanded your soul to face a direct punishment from Mara.

Since this is technically legal but rarely done, it was permitted.

Your soul was then taken to one of Mara's palaces, where it became a Slave Ghost. Despite the name, you were not a literal slave, you just had an infinitely long choke chain stretching from your neck all the way back to Mara's hand.

Like many ghosts, a slave ghost has shriveled eyes ears mouth hands nose and feet that are less than 1/100th their normal accuracy, and has a numb, feeble body that is illusory and resembles a disgusting corpse with a swollen torso and very long skinny arms legs and neck.

Slave ghosts wander throughout the lower realms weeping black puss from their eyes and crying out for someone to release them in a raspy voice that is impossible to raise above a whisper. Its theoretically possible for them to release themselves by understanding that all of mara's power is illusory and that he affects them because they allow it, but this seldom happens.

During your stay there in the lower planes, you heard the call to enlightenment by chance and the chain fell off you, your soul springing up to earth, where you were reborn as a Hunter.
>call to enlightenment

In many of the upper realms, Buddhas and Sambuddhas chant the call to enlightenment. This echos down to other realms, eventually reaching lower realms, where those who are able to hear it are immediately liberated and move to the next life immediately. Its just, it has to travel way down to reach the highest of naraks, and eventually is so quiet that its like trying to hear a whisper in a football stadium.
Ladies and gentleman we have a weiner (dog that is!) thank you, thank you, I'm here till the thread ends.

Defeating and destroying the undead and hell beings gives good karma, but unleashing them, killing very holy people, and killing period are pretty bad.

Instead of a life Inquiry at death, you were brought before a council of deities and offered 2 choices. Choose to serve them for 9 aeons, or spend 9 aeons submerged in the Well of Thorns, a hole full of twisting blades that drip poison acid in the "dead" center (thank you, thank you!) of Bhale Vana.

1 aeon = the amount of time it takes a beam of light to travel from the most distant stars in the universe, to earth and back to said stars.

During those aeons, you alternated between 2 forms, a beautiful woman (an illusory form), and your true form, a horribly deformed in every part disgusting hag with few teeth and 1 bloated eye to see with.

Your job was basically "fuck with these people we pick out in whatever way you think best, only no killing them and no mind control or mind erasure". Some of the people they chose were good, others were evil, and quite a few were well on their way to Enlightenment and Ultimate Liberation.

Toward the end of that existence, you began to understand something of enlightenment yourself, and were reborn as a Dachshund, who became the favored hunting dog of a lord, then later became the pet of an Ascetic, many of whom's conversations you were privy to, helping you understand enlightenment even more, before you eventually were reborn as a human.
Allowing a ghost-soul to pass to its next life is a very good deed, though it is not one of the Great Deeds of Virtue, and foiling necromancy is always a good thing, (unless the gods specifically give leave for it to be used, but we won't go into that), all in all I'd say you're a bretty good guy.

You spent one lifetime (80,000 years) in Visala Ananda "Immense Joy" described here >>41903660

You then spent one lifetime (60,000 years) in Arohi Parvatama "Ascending Mountain", described here, >>41902820

And then you were reborn on earth as a mortal race being.

During your stay in Visala Ananda you met sune (and had sex with her), but she wasn't your specific lover. Sune invited "a friend" who turned out to be "the one woman made for me" for you, if you follow what I'm saying, and you spent the majority of that lifetime with the one who was "the one" for you.
Misread something, your lifespan in Visala Ananda is the amount of time it takes a light beam to travel allllll the way across the universe and allllll the way back 1 time.
Your selfless life of good deeds and your earnest desire to repent yourself of your mistakes generated a great deal of positive karma, so much in fact, that your next life was in Visala Asis "Immense Blessings", described here >>41904041, your lifespan there the amount of time it takes a beam of light to travel all the way across the universe and all the way back 2 times.

During your stay there, you met a female guru named Sriya Shivanandi, eventually become her student and later personal friend. The time you spent with her allowed you to see a tiny glimpse of Ananta Prakasa, "Unending light" the highest realm possible to reach without Enlightenment and Ultimate Liberation, though you didn't get this glimpse until you were moments from death. Your glimpse revealed a realm of dazzling light and beauty in which almost everyone is an Enlightened Being.

After which you were born into Blissful Plain described here, >>41901799
then you were reborn on earth, remembering much of Sriya's teaching.
Yes, your evil actions greatly outweigh your good actions.

Fortunately you weren't evil enough to go to somewhere really fuckin horrible, and you did some good in your life.

You were reborn in Dhulo Lasaharu "Dust Tombs", described here >>41903888. After spending 2 lifetimes there, you traveled to Khatta Nadi "Sour river" described here >>41902681

During your stay in Khatta Nadi you heard the echo of the call to enlightenment and sprung back up to earth, this time born as the child of a beggar.
Raiding a tomb is one of the dire deeds of evil.

You were Reborn first in Curota Andhakara "Smoke Darkness", described here, >>41902190

After that, you were reborn into Blissful Plain, described here >>41901799 but existed there as a Pear Tree, under which a group of Gurus met regularly, existing as this tree for 40,000 years, after which you returned to earth.

Being close to the Gurus each time they met gave you insight into enlightenment, and giving them the pears on your branches netted you some good karma, so you were reborn, surprisingly enough, as your old princess friend's second child.

>but how can I be somewhere for a 9gagillion years and then come back to the same time

Each realm has a different time stream, in many realms, only a few fractions of a second pass on earth for each lifetime spent in other realms.
Yeah, you went to Taravana Vana "forest of swords", described here >>41904586.

You spent 3 lifetimes there, before you were reborn on earth, this time, surprisingly, as a Phoenix, at the suggestion of of a god of wisdom.

Saving a royal (who isn't a big time shitbag) isn't one of the Great Undertakings of Virtue, but its a very strong indicator of internal goodness.
Something popped up and I need to go again, but I won't be gone very long this time, and I'll finish the rest afterward.

I will be doing a new thread, with updated information and more detail, after this one.
Nothing close has been seen in some time.
That's... much better than expected.

Though I can't really imagine him feeling even a shred of regret for what he'd done.

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