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Your name is Leo, and you’re the recently appointed mayor of Whiteport. You’ve had an awfully confusing last few days, and you’re beginning to think that there might be something drawing all these strange people, artifacts, and events to this little town by the coast. You’ve recently acquired three different types of magic, two different magical artifacts, a deputy/healer, and three different ways to keep yourself from getting hurt. You’re still trying to get away from your past, but you’re also a bit wary about how to proceed in the future. You’re the Mayor, and it falls to you to decide what’s best for Whiteport.

Right now, you’re sitting on a few possible options. You could find someone to ask around for Town Development Projects, since that would probably help to get this town developed, or you could probably try organizing a meeting of the mages to address the Darkness beneath the town.

There’s other options, of course, but you’re not sure about what to do right now. All you can do is hope that, as mayor, you make the best decisions you can.


QM Twitter: https://twitter.com/CubedQm
Quest Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Yagreth
Leo’s Stats and Inventory: http://pastebin.com/icbFDUjA
Whiteport Citizens: http://pastebin.com/7Ke76Vw4


For any newcomers, this Quest is based on Animal Crossing, with elements from Rune Factory as well as completely original elements. The MC is a human boy named Leo, and he is mayor of a town called Whiteport, the map of which is attached here.

As always, there is a 20 minute voting period after every update (except the OP, which gets as long as it needs). If you just barely miss the window, though, I’ll probably still count it.
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You look out of your office window, watching as the Sun passes the center point above. It’s been just a few hours since you woke up, but it feels like a week. That whole fiasco with Fire Magic is probably a part of that.

Behind you, Mika is flipping through the Rolodex. “It’s weird,” she says. “None of these cards have names or anything on them. Just a random word and a number. Must have been the old mayor’s organization system, I guess.”

Mika is your deputy, and the primary Shrine Maiden for Whiteport. Serena is technically the head of the Temple here, but she’s off on what you can only assume is some sort of quest against evil, so Mika’s essentially the head. She’s a good healer and fighter, and seems to have an awful lot more common sense than you do. You’re glad to have her as Deputy.

You turn again to look through the window, seeing the bus pull up once again to the bus stop. According to Mika it goes to Treeton, but you can’t see the city anywhere. Must be pretty far away then. There’s all sorts of stuff there, but… you’re not sure you’re ready to leave Whiteport just yet.

You look to Mika. “Alright, we should probably get going.”

Mika nods, hopping out of the big mayoral chair. “So, where’re we headed?”

What will you do?

>Go find someone to collect Town Development Projects for you [Who?]
>Go call a meeting of Mages
>Go to the Plaza
>Go to Treeton
>Other [Write in]
>Go find someone to collect Town Development Projects for you [Who?]
Talk to Medara at Hops. If anyone knows town scuttlebutt, it's the barkeep. That's a rule of RPGs and all.
I'm sorry, guy, but I can't do this.

I constantly think that maybe if I'd started stronger, made less mistakes, planned it out better, or stuck with my original schedule better, it wouldn't be like this now. But it is, and I can't justify continuing with a mere one reader. I'm sorry.

I feel like, ultimately, what dealt the most damage was my move to college and resulting hiatus. But, well, it was certainly a learning experience. I have to say, you guys were great readers. Maybe at times a bit silly in your choices, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

But yeah, I'm ending Animal Crossing Quest. It was a good run, but hopefully next time I'll be able to think it through better, plan it out better, and get it right.

At this point, if you want to know anything else, feel free to ask now that I'm unbounded by the walls that are spoilers.

If not, well, I hope to see you next time, if such a thing exists. Thanks for sticking with me all this way. I hope, someday, we can meet again.

It's over and I missed it.
Sorry, man. I wish I could keep running, but at this point what with college and all, I can't justify continuing to run for just one or two readers.

Instead, I'll spend some time thinking through my next project. I'm sure that, when I'm ready to run again, I'll be able to do myself proud. I hope you guys will be there as well.

If not, I guess this is goodbye.
Well shit, man. That's a damn shame. I won't stop you, though. Best of luck.
Sorry Yagreth, I always seemed to miss these.
I really like your writing, and I hope you do great in college.

Sad to see the quest ending, but this stuff happens when you don't have enough people participating.
I love you Yag.
Give 'em hell.
Huh, a shame. It had a few weak points, but there were a lot more strong points.

Who was the dark mage? What was the stone?
Okay so this is sort of complicated and requires some explanation.

First, the big reveal is that the Shadow beneath Whiteport is, in fact, the underworld. The fireflies that flew in every night were the souls of the departed, sinking to the land of the dead.

The underworld is what caused this region to be so suffuse with magic, and what has been drawing all these powerful mages and such to the area.

Ten years ago, Pepper (a robotics genius) and Medara (a apprentice Dark Mage (Dark Magic is magic that specializes in the manipulation of souls)) tried to create life through a combination of their skills. They succeeded, and created Zap in the process (yeah, he's a robot), but the resulting bust of magic killed Medara and destroyed one of Pepper's arms, as well as sending Halgus, lord of the underworld, into a coma.

Now, Medara's older sister, Dr. Pheonie (who is also the wife of Halgus), was left as the temporary ruler of the underworld. She and Pepper were able to use a combination of Pepper's robotics talent, Dr. Pheonie's biomechanics talent, and Medara's Dark Magic to bring Medara back to life as a half-undead half-robot.

However Dr. Pheonie was having a hard time managing the underworld on her own, and souls were escaping. This is why zombies and monsters and such are roaming the countryside. Medara has been using her Dark Magic to assist Dr. Pheonie in reclaiming the souls, which is what caused the seeming surge of Dark Magic.
Now, Titus, the guy who created the mermaids thousands of years ago, is the Lord of the Sea. He created the first mermaid using a primordial form of Dark Magic but, since he couldn't create souls himself, he stole one from Halgus' underworld. He married that first mermaid and as such created the entire mermaid race, but had to hide them away deep beneath the sea to prevent Halgus from reclaiming the stolen souls. However, Halgus was eventually able to find them (because of Persia, who at the time was a young and adventurous mermaid who wanted to see the surface), and sucked all their souls into the underworld.

Titus was understandably angry about this, and vowed to destroy Halgus in order to reclaim his wife and children's souls. Persia was one of the few surviving mermaids (who survived only because unlike the others her natural lifespan hadn't ended), and at the behest of Titus she tricked Kaluga into believing that the Underworld was a horrible monster that they needed to destroy, whereas really if her plan succeeded they would be destroying the underworld, releasing all the souls back into the world.
See, this is why I wanted to grab all the magic users and tell them about it. No more of this secrecy beeswax.

But props to that story: I thought Pepper was going to be all about 4th wall breaking comments, not being an integral character to the plot.
File: BROPContinent2.png (144 KB, 2113x843)
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144 KB PNG
The stone is actually the Gem of Water, one of the primordial elemental Gems, and one element of the Diadem of the World (we'll get to that later).

The Sword is actually the Sword of Ardent, which he lost in a battle against Helc (a legendary hero) a while back. It was knocked into a bottomless pit.

Kid Cat, Serena, and Belton are, of course, a Castlevania reference. They're also heroes out to destroy some cliche evil guy that you probably wouldn't have met.

The full world map is attached here. The purple diamond is the Purple Spire, Lodestone of the World and Pillar of Creation. Also where the Diadem of the World is stored usually.

Jet, along with all the other characters from the flashback scenes, come from the World Before, which is to say the real world. Jet was able to use the powers of the various Hidden Gods that he collected to force a universe reset, creating the Animal Crossing universe, where things are a lot more generally peaceful and such that the real world.

Leo is secretly Hermes, which is why he learns things so quickly.
Oh wait the Purple Diamond isn't in that picture. I guess I removed it since you wouldn't have been able to see it when I would have originally shared the map.

For reference, it's on the bottom left, to the right of the crescent shaped island.

Let's see... Mika is the daughter of the Head Priestess for the entire continent. She has loads of magical talent but didn't want to just be a healer like her mother. She rebelled and was sent to Whiteport.

Carmine (head priestess of Treeton, for those who don't remember her) doesn't like Mika because she thinks that Mika is squandering her talent. Mika doesn't like Carmine because Carmine doesn't like her, and also because Carmine heals members of the Pack Rats (the Treeton Gang) in return for them not attacking the temple.

The Previous mayor is a guy called Thor, he was just a regular old guy who was completely ignorant of the magical goings on in the village. For some reason he had loads of different minor gods' phone numbers on his Rolodex though.

Cloud is a latent Wind Mage, hasn't had his powers awoken yet.

Dr. Noir is just a guy who's really obsessed with the undead.

Sapphire the Ermine is working on VR technology. She's a bit spacey and a romance option, and I wish I'd done her introduction better.

Morrigan is just a shy clothes designer, who also is just one of the romance options. I could have introduced her better as well.

Oh man I never really brought up Talia after the first thread, did I? Sister to Theo, highly mischievous, one of the romance options. That's about it.

Hesperatus is the God of Blacksmithing. Fire Magic is all about increasing the power within a weapon, not projecting fire.

Each magic type has an associated weapon that also determined Leo's affinity to it.

Earth with the Spear.

Water with the Wand.

Fire with the Sword.

Wind with the Rapier.

Light with the Mace.

and Dark with the Whip.

I'll leave it to you guys to figure out why.
>For some reason he had loads of different minor gods' phone numbers on his Rolodex though.
The greatest superpower.
Oh hey I left my Trip off. It is, in fact, me, for anyone who was wondering.

Let's see... Est has stealth training due to spending her childhood with her mother, who is an assassin. Charlie was almost killed during one of the Pack Rat battles a while back, which is why Pepper helped him to create his Armor. He was originally going to have Nanobots, but I decided on the Armor instead.

I guess that about wraps it all up. Nothing more to reveal, since nothing more was planned yet. So yeah.

Thanks again for supporting me, I know it's disappointing but I really do need to try again. If I run a new quest I'll definitely announce it on my QM Twitter. Best of luck to you all, and good night.
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All this in an ANIMAL CROSSING story?
Shit, son.

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