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Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/Geistalt

You make your way down a street, having wandered across a forest-belted path to the lower districts of Kagutsuchi. You eventually find your way to a division of the Hierarchical City called Orient Town. The area's vibrant buildings, adorned with colorful lanterns, easily catch your attention. Around the streets, there's a multitude of Chinese-themed restaurants. The district's residents fill the roads, preparing festivities for the dawn of the century. You make your way across an alleyway, but hesitate upon feeling your foot get caught on something. You look down and find a feline of unusual size in a hooded cloak.

"Meow..." the creature utters.

You wake up after half a second, noticing that the fluffy, cloak-coated obstacle's not some simple cat, but a feline beastkin.

"I'm starving down here... meow..." the beastkin faintly claims.

>"Alright; I'll pay for your breakfast."
>Ignore the beastkin and carry on.
>Fight the bitch.

Perhaps I should make a link to the first thread while this thread's fresh.

Check pockets for money, estimate about how much it would take you to eat, give the cat about half of what's left for food.
You calculate that you have more than enough Platinum Dollars to buy breakfast for yourself and the cat you've encountered. You decide to mete out a measure of cash for her. You kneel, reaching out with the money in your hand.

"Here you go," you tell her, "go get yourself something."

"Meow! Thanks, green guy!" the beastkin excitedly responds, springing to life. "Tao'll make good use of this!"

As soon as you hand her the cash, you start experiencing an allergic reaction.

You head towards a restaurant, and "Tao" follows you, shouting with social impunity. Few of the Orient Town residents find her actions worthy of their attention.

>Let Tao tag along despite being an allergen.
>Try to get away from her as quickly as you reasonably can.
>Inform Tao that you're allergic to cats.

There are a couple other things I'd like to acknowledge and improve as soon as possible.


For the sake of response space (because of the limited number of characters replies can have), I've decided ever since this post that none of the posts in which this Quest progresses should contain reply links.

I should also take the opportunity to ask for the opinions of those interested in this Quest on whether or not I should keep using the BlazBlue logo for the OP.

I made a Straw Poll in the hopes that whoever's interested would respond.

Link: http://strawpoll.me/5584702
>Inform Tao that you're allergic to cats.

The thread's been archived. I'll start the next thread in a few minutes; that's probably the best I can do. It will pick up where this thread left off.

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