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How are you celebrating the momentous occasion?

Character Sheet:




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You were born inside the last remaining chamber of an underground structure that was wiped out by the detonation of some mysterious device. You sledded to the bottom of a smoking crater and entered into some tunnels where you met the Rag People and convinced them you were their god. You went on to the surface with a “Chosen One” from among their numbers to fulfill a false prophecy of your own design and extinguish the sun. You were captured by the orderly but warlike Metropolyiates in the midst of a conflict on the surface and fought in battle to prove yourself.

Separated from your Chosen One, you still managed to prove yourself in combat but were promptly sentenced to exile by Lord Arzan of the Metropolyiates. You chose to go North, seeking wilderness and rumors of an earthly god. You were offered an escort of volunteers and befriended two guards posted with you, Posa and Deregan, who promptly offered to go on your journey with you. They helped you retrieve your tribe of Rag People but you were unable to locate the Chosen One, even with their help, and passed out during the search.

This is the morning after and the day of your departure.
You are wrapped in dirty bandages. When you try to peel back the bandages, you hemorrhage. When you look around you, you are surrounded by polished metal walls with no exit or other openings visible to you. The walls begin to push in as you push outwardly against them but it’s no use. Your limbs begin to buckle and then snap, as the room collapses to the size of a coffin. As the room begins to crush your ribs, you are unexpectedly struck in the face.

>It was just a dream…

>+1 intelligence EXP
>+2 Charisma EXP
>+3 Toughness EXP
>Toughness level gained! You now have +1 to Toughness rolls.
>Health restored to 19/19 (lingering shoulder injury)

Dear god how horrifying. Also sup Simmons.
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704 KB JPG
You are awoken by the butt of a spear. It's very pointy but you're fascinated by how ornate it is compared to the spears you saw yesterday. It knocks you in the face once more and a gruff voice addresses you. It’s Posa.

“Wake up, Nine. Your people are in revolt.”

“Ah fuck. Five more minutes, Overwatch.”

“What in Filley is Overwatch? Wake up you bastard clone or I’ll throw you into their tent myself.”

The spear butt taps you in the face again, a bit more firmly this time.
“Come on, in the barracks we have a bucket of ice cold Hud water on hand for people like you.”
“Okay, okay. I’m up. Just show me to their tent and I’ll talk to them. It should be easy enough.”


“People of Rags, I-”

The rock catches you in the jaw before you can even finish your declaration. You immediately begin to bleed but manage not to flinch somehow. This world is full of pain…

>Health 18/19

“False god!”
“The Graat Foe has retirned to the skey!”
“Where is Chosen One?”

It seems like you have some theological difficulties on your hands. The Rag People are clearly outraged by the return of the sun after your affirmation last night that it had been defeated and that your handpicked Chosen One has vanished.

What are you going to do about this?

>try and convince them this was just a temporary setback, assure them you have defeated the Sun but that your struggle has become a daily one.
>Confess to them that the Sun has thwarted you, offer them some kind of reparations for their assistance and send them home.
>Remind them that they have no protection in this surface realm beyond you.
>Confess that you were lying about being a god the whole time
>”How dare your strike your living God!” (deploy Holy Rod for punishment)

G'morning/afternoon. Glad you were able to make it, GG.
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866 KB JPG
This is what I get for running at noon EST, eh?

That and failing to run on time earlier this week...

Well, if there are any daytripping /tg/ questers out there, feel free to participate. It's not like you're going to drive this quest into the ground for anyone.
Helloooooooooooooo. I think you're great person and your quests are great but there's not enough exploding titties to hold my short attention span. I'm sorry.

But I guess I'll:
>try and convince them this was just a temporary setback, assure them you have defeated the Sun but that your struggle has become a daily one.
Seems legit.
Exploding titties are over in the EQ pastebin, ya dingus.

Anyway, I'll write for this if you're going to pop in and out. Just trying to pass the time until we switch over to EQ at 5.
Sounds good to me, I've got a few hours.
I'll be here at 5 hopefully for more than 5 minutes like this time
whoops, dropped trip.

>temporary setback

You improvise quickly.

"The Chosen One has vanished, forced into battle by the evil forces of light."

"He struggles daily with the Sun now, assisted by my divine efforts."

"How save?" asks one of the small females. She and the rest of the mob seem to have flipped from anger to anxiety. They seem genuinely concerned for their lost Chosen One.

"We must go on a pilgrimmage," you tell them, lying easily now, "And re-activate the divine mouthpiece in the North. It will be a long and perilous journey but you will need to come if you hope to reach Paradise."

"Who among you is with me? Those of you who would rather not risk yourselves are free to return to the darkness, you need only come with me out of the tent and I will deposit you with an escort back."

A few of the Rag People shuffle forward, ready to return to their tunnels. The vast majority or about 2 dozen do not move. They are obviously riveted by your story.

You make your departure with the usual oratory flourishes and lead the deserters out to meet Posa, ignoring their hissing and cringing in the light of the sun.

"Take these ones back to the tunnels, they won't be coming with us."

Posa looks disdainfully at them and then back at you.

"Alright, but you better go put in that good word now, Lord Arzan wants you marching through the Bronx by the end of the day."

Oh yeah.


You find Lord Azran in his tent, surrounded by jabbering advisors. He spots you and waves you in over them.

"The clone returns. Are you ready to depart today?"

>ask how you're being provisioned and supplied
>ask about your route
>How many volunteered to join me?
>ask how you're being provisioned and supplied
>ask about your route

Expecting no volunteers here.
>How many volunteers and how are you provisioning me?

"Well, it didn't take long for me to hear the news that you did a bit of recruiting of your own last night. I polled the 9th anyway at drill this morning and we had two volunteers, both privates. One of the sergeants around the camp also approached me today about leaving with you and I allowed it. So that's three."

"Only three?"

"I didn't expect many and with the kind of company you're keeping..."

The Lord wrinkles his nose in disgust.

"Anyway, five trained shieldmen are enough for 50 of the raider slime. I also assigned you a guide from our prisoner stock. And you've got your... posse."

"They're more of a flock," you say, correcting him with the slightest tone of condescension.

If he notices it, he doesn't say anything.

"What about my route?"

"You're headed up through the Bronx. Once you make it through there, you'll reach the Old Roads and travel in their shadow as best you can. Following those you should be able to reach whatever destination you desire. Just ask your guide."

"I see. I'll probably be heading inland but I suppose there are some places on the coast I could investigate."

"I recommend you do but be wary, it's doubtful your comrades will be welcome there, especially my Metropolyiates."

"Now, you leave this evening. I've set up wagons for your flock and mounts for yourself and the Metropolyiates. All provisioned. The only thing left to prepare is yourself."

He dismisses you and the advisers swoop back in.

>Time skip to departure
>Find Deregan, do one last sweep for your Chosen One
>Explore the war camp, look for anything useful.
>Explore the war camp, look for anything useful.
nab all the good things
>explore the war camp

You decide to take a stroll around the camp, looking for goods or equipment you can scavenge. The Metropolyiates are tightly organized so logistical cast offs are relatively rare but you do notice a crate sitting outside the medical tent that you might be able to lift and walk off with unnoticed. There are certainly plenty of slaves here today for you to blend in with.

You also locate your transport caravan. Three of the "mounts" are the spindly silver legged walkers you witnessed yesterday and two are horse; maybe you'll be allowed a choice.

You also notice a man sitting in the back of your covered "wagon", which floats a few feet above the ground. He's picking his teeth with a knife and looks like an unsavory sort.

>talk to the fine gentleman
>try and steal the crate
>go locate Deregan, he's supposed to be watching you anyway
Most definitely >the gentleman

You approach the man sitting on the back of your wagon and open your mouth to speak, only to be interrupted.

"Sheet! What happened to your jaw, babyface? Did you drop the Lord's drink or something?"

"No... It's not like that at all."

"Here, clean yourself up."

He tosses you a grimy bladder full of fluid. You very nearly drop it.

"T-thank you."

"Don't bother. Now what are you here for slave? Who sent you?"

"I'm not slave, my name is Nine."

His eyes widen as you wash the blood and dirt from your face.

"So you're the idiot I'm supposed to guide up North? That's a suicide mission you know."

>Yeah well, whatever. Better to go than stay here.
>How so?
>And where would you go, know-it-all?
>Look, I didn't ask your opinion. You want to help steal something?
>Where did they capture you from anyway?
File: 1442365424180.jpg (92 KB, 410x410)
92 KB

Alright, even I'm bored here. I'll be back at 5 with Exterminator Quest but Awakening Quest is definitely dead for today.
Well I was making some delicious eggpaste. Tasted real good.

Not your fault, anon. Everyone is busy fapping over at /aco/ today, even I know this.
Oh wow, that's a thing.
>talk to the fine gentleman
>try and steal the crate
Grab the crate and put it in the wagon, then play it off like nothing happened
Just out of class :( I'll see you at five<3
Remind them
They lack any protection besides you
If you're phoneposting the least you can do is catch up first.
How the hell did I post that fucking late? I must be drunk or something

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