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Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/Geistalt

You wake up in a lab room filled with desks with piles of work on top of them.

"Can you get up?" a feline beastkin scientist with pink hair asks.

"Loading... Loading... Loading..." you answer out of impulse.

The scientist murmurs something before giving you instructions. "It looks like the Idea Engine doesn't have any of the customary negative effects on her. Alright, Lambda, go ahead with verification."

"Loading... Verifying... Complete," you respond.

The scientist instructs you further. "OK, everything looks good. Alright, Lambda, let me explain what you're going to be doing. Tager's in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi right now. I'm going to transfer you to Kagutsuchi to back him up."

You reply, "Understood."

"We're linked up to a branch in Kagutsuchi, so this should be a pretty stable transfer. You don't really need to worry about that, though. I'll just control you from my end. I'll be feeding you instructions as necessary, alright?" she explains.

Again, you reply, "Understood."

"Here we go, then. Beginning transfer."

"Mission acknowledged. Spacial transfer activating..." you answer.
Upon arriving, you declare, "Spacial transfer complete. Analyzing situation."

A huge, red, cybernetic man nearly eight feet tall responds, "Hm? Wait, you're-"

"Potential threat detected. Switching to guard mode."

"Kokonoe! Hey, Kokonoe! Can you hear me?!" he demands.

The beastkin scientist, Kokonoe, replies, "No need to shout. I can hear you just fine."

"What's going on here?!" he asks.

She explains, "We just finished making our adjustment to Lambda. I thought I'd send her over to you so I can get a little battle data. Just in case, I'd like you two to have a little sparring match. Nothing serious."

He responds, "I really wish you'd tell me these things in advance." He sighs, answering, "Fine."

Kokonoe instructs you, "Lambda, I want you to fight this guy. His name's Tager. Don't push yourself, though."

You detect another ars magus user with a Nox Nyctores nearby.

>"Order acknowledged. Switching to battle mode." [obey instructions]
>"Threat detected."
>>42866440 (OP)

Here's a link to the last thread.
Speaking of which, I didn't capitalize "Armagus" in >>42743420, although I probably shouldn't fret, since it wasn't capitalized when Jubei mentioned "armagus weaponry" in the Calamity Trigger Reconstruction, either. Still, it would've been better if I'd deleted the phrase I used it in entirely.
Causality weapon detected in vicinity.
You refuse Kokonoe's order, acknowledging the Causality Weapon and the ars magus practitioner. "Potential threat detected. Target confirmed to possess a Nox Nyctores."

"What?" Kokonoe inquires.

Tager comments, "I also noticed the Causality Weapon, but not its wielder."

A foppish kid in a purple outfit with a cape and a ridiculous hat steps out from behind a column next to the city district's drawbridge, accompanied by the seventh Causality Weapon: Nirvana. "Damn. Well, hello there. I guess my endeavor to conceal myself was pointless."

"Well, you should've expected as much from us. Did the Azure lure you here, Nirvana?" Tager asks.

"That's not my sister's name..." the kid responds.

Tager tells Kokonoe, "Urg. Doesn't look like he's thinking straight."

Kokonoe interrupts him, replying, "How convenient. We were just about to test Lambda for battle data. You can handle this kid, right, Lambda?"

You answer, "Target profile updated. New objective confirmed."

The kid replies, "So, you plan on joining them. Not that I care either way."

You inform Tager, Kokonoe, and the target of your status. "Switching to battle mode. Engaging target."

"Sis, are you ready?" the kid asks the Causality Weapon.

>Punch him. [roll 2d6]
>Start off with a kick. [roll 2d6]
>Lob a sword at him. [roll 2d6]
>Kneel, waiting for the target to approach.
Rolled 6, 5 = 11 (2d6)

>Punch him. [roll 2d6]
Rolled 5, 6 = 11 (2d6)

>>Lob a sword at him. [roll 2d6]
You approach the target and punch him in the face.

"Ow!" he moans. "We just star-"

You then proceed to interrupt him by stabbing him in the chest with one of your blades. You decide that was a good strategy, and continue to strike him with a barrage of swords as he wastes his time whining.

>Shove him to the ground.
>Pick him up.
>Punch him again. [roll 2d6]
>Stab him again. [roll 2d6]
>Kick him. [roll 2d6]
>Throw a few blades at the Nox Nyctores while you're at it. [roll 2d6; can't stab him again while doing so]
Rolled 2, 4, 3, 1 = 10 (4d6)

>Kick him. [roll 2d6]
>Throw a few blades at the Nox Nyctores while you're at it. [roll 2d6; can't stab him again while doing so]
You strike him in the chest with your leg while tossing a few swords at Nirvana. You kick him across the face immediately afterwards. They fall to the ground, injured.

He tries to fend off your attacks.

"No..." he mutters. "This can't be happening to my sister and me!"

You notify Kokonoe, "Target's strength at negligible levels. Switching target to Nox Nyctores. Activating termination protocol."

You strike Nirvana repeatedly.

"Sis! Damn it! Stop!" the kid protests.

"Engaging target. No counter-attack or significant response detected. Continuing attack."

After stabbing Nirvana a couple more times, both targets become incapable of further resistance.

"Incapacitation of Nox Nyctores confirmed. Adjusting target priority..."

Kokonoe orders, "That's enough, Lambda. We're done."

>Obey Kokonoe's orders.
>Keep attacking the target.

Fourth. I evidently know little about BlazBlue, having assumed that Nirvana was one of the more recent Causality Weapons. And, from now on, [write-in] is going to be an implied option.
>Obey Kokonoe's orders.
You ignore how desperately you want to smash this kid's face into the pavement and follow Kokonoe's instructions.

You remark, "Acknowledged."

"Great..." Kokonoe replies. "Thanks. Tager, the kid looks like he's not in good shape. Sorry to make you do this, but would you mind taking him somewhere safe?"

Tager responds, "Got it."

After about half an hour, Tager returns, stating, "I made sure to drop him off somewhere where there wasn't anyone else around."

Kokonoe replies, "Great. Perfect. Thanks. Anyways, I need to do more research. I'm going to transfer her back to the lab right now, alright?"

"Sure. I don't mind. Are you sure you can do that, though?" he responds.

"Well, it's not like I have any other choice, is it?" Kokonoe answers. "...God damn it. OK, activating transfer."

You respond, "Activating spacial transfer."

You calculate that Kokonoe's coordinates won't lead you back to the lab.

>Re-enter destination coordinates.
>Do nothing.
>Do nothing.
>Do nothing.
You decide to let Kokonoe see where her coordinates will lead for herself.

You inform Kokonoe, "Spacial transfer complete. Verifying current location."

After spending half a second finding that this division of Kagutsuchi is some sort of sewer where the inhabitants of the city dispose of seithr, you resume, "Verification complete. Current location is confirmed to be the 13th Hierarchical City Kagutsuchi, Area 28."

"Damn it..." Kokonoe mentions. "My transfer vector's off. Must be a distortion in spacetime... It burns me up to admit it, but I'm just not as good at this as Rachel."

"Anyway..." she finishes, preparing to leave.

You notify her, "Potential threat detected."

"What?" she responds.

A hideous black mass of seithr interspersed with a great number of eukaryotic lifeforms (primarily invertebrates) wearing a white mask on crawls over to you.

"I... can smell the Azure... The deep, sweet, all-encompassing scent of Azure."

The target's voice is difficult to discern, to say the least.

"Target threat level: A. Switching to battle mode. Activating elimination protocol."

Kokonoe orders, "Hold on, Lambda."

You obey her command, informing her, "Understood. Switching to standby mode."

The black sludge suddenly rises up as if to stand, responding, "I know that voice. I can't find it in my memory because it's not there, but it sounds familiar. Ahh!"

The creature made of seithr convulses.

Kokonoe murmurs, "Hmmm... Guess he hasn't fully integrated yet."

"So, it's you who are Kokonoe... Why must you stand in my way by being an obstruction? Why?! Why?! Why?!" the creature demands.

"Because you're stupid enough to resort to using the power of the Boundary," Kokonoe answers.

"Stupid?! You are calling me stupid?! You?!"

Kokonoe retorts, "Yeah, I think I'm entitled to call you stupid every so often."

"With the Azure Grimoire, even the power of the Boundary would bend to the will of my control. That's why I... Hehe! Hehehe!" the pile of seithr cackles senselessly.
"The Azure Grimoire?" Kokonoe discusses. "You still don't get it, do you? God damn... I thought you used to be a scientist..."

She resumes, "I told you. It's useless."

"You think this because it destroys lives? Didn't you do the same thing?" the creature argues.

"You mean Ikaruga?" Kokonoe replies. "...That damn thing was probably the biggest mistake of my life."

"Are you still saying that after creating something so magnificent? I... I!" the mass of seithr asks.

"The world would have been better off without it, but I just couldn't bring myself to destroy it, and, well, you know what happened," Kokonoe answers.

"The hesitation of the genius? You always made it a point to look down on me with superiority; always and forever!"

"Look down on you?" Kokonoe argues. "Ha! Don't give me that crap. You just convinced yourself of something that never even happened."

"Shut up!" the sludge interjects. "It's just like when you recreated that one thing. It was devastating to my destruction to know that I would never break through the wall of ignorance that separated me from you."

"Is that why you went to the Boundary?" Kokonoe asks.

"That was the only choice to gain knowledge for myself back then!" the creature argues. "That was the only option I had to sustain myself!"

"Sustain what?! You've lost everything!" Kokonoe responds.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I haven't lost a single thing! I have acquired everything! AH!" the creature screams.

"Well, looks like our little chat is over," Kokonoe declares. "Litchi's not going to like this much, but... Lambda, intercept and pacify."

You answer, "Acknowledged. Initiating battle protocols."

"Get out of my sight and begone from my remembered memories!" the creature screams.

>Punch it. [roll 2d6]
>Start off with a kick. [roll 2d6]
>Toss a sword at it. [roll 2d6]
>Kneel, waiting for the target to approach.
Rolled 2, 3, 1, 4 = 10 (4d6)

>Start off with a kick. [roll 2d6]
after we kick it away
>Toss a sword at it. [roll 2d6]
The creature advances. You try to kick it away, but it grabs onto your leg and attempts to consume you. It wraps itself around you and "bites" down on your flesh.

You try to throw a sword at it, but it pins you and your weapons down.

>Attempt to shove the creature away by hand. [roll 2d6]
>Kick it. [roll 2d6]
>Configure your blades to slash at the pile of seithr. [roll 2d6]
Rolled 4, 2 = 6 (2d6)

>Configure your blades to slash at the pile of seithr. [roll 2d6]
You attempt to tear through the creature with your blades. The mass of seithr appears to be injured for a moment, but quickly pulls itself together. The sludge crawls on top of you. You get the impression that hacking away at it with your blades was more effective than attempting to strike at it with your legs.

>Try tearing it to shreds again. [roll 2d6]
>Try to knock it off by hand. [roll 2d6]
>Attempt to kick it. [roll 2d6]
Rolled 6, 1 = 7 (2d6)

>Attempt to kick it. [roll 2d6]
You kick it again out of impulse. The pile of sludge recoils out of shock. Your efforts appear to have finally yielded a decent result. The collection of seithr coughs up a strange, cyan-hued symbiote with a huge mouth, an antenna, and several sharp teeth.

>Avoid the parasite.
>Charge at the heap of sludge.
>Stay in place.
>Throw a sword at the parasite. [roll 1d6]
>Hurl a barrage of swords at the pile of seithr. [roll 2d6]
Rolled 4 (1d6)

>Throw a sword at the parasite. [roll 1d6]
You fire a blade at the parasite, impaling it. It falls to the ground and bleeds to death. The pile of sludge charges at you from below. The creature waits for your descent as you jump to avoid it. You swing your blades at it on the way down, crouch, and kick it. It retreats for a few seconds and eventually calms down.

"Gah... You plan on continuing this conflict by fighting even though your validity line segment no longer inverts?" the pile of sludge asks.

"That's exactly why I have to keep going," Kokonoe responds.

You inform Kokonoe, "Significant reduction of target's life force confirmed. Resuming attack."

Kokonoe promptly responds, "Stop, Lambda. It's OK."

"Huh?" you tersely reply.

Kokonone continues instructing you, "...Prepare for transfer."

You acknowledge her order, responding, "Initiating spacial transfer."
After completing the spacial transfer, you notify Kokonoe, "Spacial transfer sequence complete."

You find yourself in Area 2 of Kagutsuchi, the Hanging Gardens.

"God damn it, not again..." Kokonoe responds. "Lambda, take a look around."

A girl stands around, wearing a uniform that indicates that she's an officer of the Novus Orbis Librarium.

"It's... you!" the girl exclaims.

You inform Kokonoe, "Target confirmed to possess a Nox Nyctores."

"You're from when..." she murmurs, afraid, "Why are you here?! I've been trying so hard to forget everything that happened."

She backs away slowly, asking, "Why?"

You haven't the slightest idea of what she's talking about. As you recognize her, you receive a command of the highest possible priority.

You ready your blades, explaining, "Target detected. Target's existence impossible. Initiating termination protocols."

"I-I..." she hesitantly states, shortly thereafter begging, "No. Stop."

Kokonoe responds to your explanation. "...You're Noel Vermillion! Shit! This is not good! The timing's all wrong!"

Kokonoe disrupts you, yelling, "Lambda! Stop! Stop, god damn it!"

You reply, "Overriding command. Engaging."

Kokonoe screams, "No, you can't touch her! Son of a bitch!"

You reach out to pick her up, but immediately receive a message.

"Emergency shut down signal received," you notify Kokonoe. "Powering down all systems."

You get a few glimpses of the environs of the Hanging Gardens and those wandering it as you shut yourself down.

Noel starts screaming, "NO!"

In the meanwhile, a Captain of the NOL Intelligence Department with green hair and a fedora strides across the road.

"No, stop. The data is being transferred..." Noel exclaims.

As you fall asleep, you hear a noisy conversation begin.

"Lambda, wake the hell up! I need you right now!"

"Hey, Kokonoe!" the Captain interrupts. "I don't appreciate that stupid son of a bitch you let loose on me. Do you have ANY idea what kind of havoc he caused?!"

That's it for today. Hopefully, the next chapter won't be as flawed. I intend to have it up by tomorrow.

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