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To celebrate the 2nd week of Faery and Pumpkin Faery festivities we'll be talking about the Monster Races and other such creatures inhabiting the Spiral as well as the various runner races both extant and forgotten. Drawin arts are welcome especially for this next segment.

Runner races ! [Will be triggered on the 100th post]
By the end of this thread 2 new runner races can be introduced to the lore on top of the library of pre existing ones. A reinvention of the classical races like Elves, Orcs, and Dorfs are fine too. Pitch a race or draw a race. If it gets a lore, and an image that fits the canon it could very well be introduced in the next set of floors.

>And so it shall.

For reference, I have brought books a plenty on our journeys thus far !

Please wait for [post 3] before starting ! :
File: FLOORS_SHEET04.png (1.64 MB, 1620x1980)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
Runner Job Classes thus far.
All are human except for the White Gho[u]l. One of the monstrous races in the game.
The 12 Monster Signs. For Reference

1st. Amazonia
2nd. Beast
3rd. Tower
4th. Sentinel
5th Chariot
6th. Mothman
7th. Labyrinth
8th. Lune
9th. Oracle
10th. Faery
11th. Emperor
12th. Nihilid

Creatures on floors classify under these 12 signs. Obviously some are more focused in some aspects than others. Lunes cover mostly humans for example, while Beast covers a wide variety of tribal monster races that struggle utilize their primal nature. Creature races like Dragons or Ogres will invariably fall under categories like Beast , Emperor, or Sentinel depending on their temperament.
File: IfframRACES3.png (1.29 MB, 900x1800)
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1.29 MB PNG

First vote for bringing Castors back
Monday since these races are all supposed to based on the Star Signs could we get a small blurb on what each sign is associated with? Some are pretty obvious, others are not.

I vote for a bee based race. Could be human-ish or just large bees.

No picture since I am not capable of drawing things.


I imagine you mostly see young queens out and about seeking a place to place a Hive as Runners. Biological imperative and all that to not stay with their home hive.

Bees would be pretty fragile physically but I imagine they'd make it with flight, coordination and numbers. Drones and warriors would be completely devoted to the queen they belong to. They do not quite qualify as a Monster Race as they do not seek out human flesh to eat. They prefer flower nectar, sugar and honey.

Maybe have it as a young queen advances in level she gains a small retinue of drones to do her bidding? Every 3rd level she'd gain a warrior which is far tougher then herself or her drones?
Let's talk about Kobolds Monday, I know you love some Kobolds.

And also they were one of the IH Iffram races so there is already a precident. And also i would pay money to have a Kobold Militia man/bold.
Oh, oh Runner Senpi let me help!


Furthermore some monster races like Unmen, Demis, and Dendrites fall in and out of runner societies and local monstrous populations both. As such they are listed here:

Unmen: Monstrous creatures having dwarfed human features or monstrous bipedal frames. Ogres, Orcs, and even some goblins classify under this group.

Demis: Bipedal creatures that descended from 4 legged animals. Various worlds have had variations of such creatures most of them however have originated from Avalon. This category covers what we of this world consider mammalian.

Sivvians: Covers aquatic races noted for their half creature/ half human features that required water from the aethersea in order to sustain themselves. As such they are found in the outer walls or ascending streams. Not to be confused with Nihilids who have the same features but occupy space. Their males or larger than most average bipeds with great physical ability while the females of this race are all magically talented and look similar to mermaids of legend. Variants of Sivvians break the rule entirely.

Fae: The blanket term for humanoid creatures that have lived in the Fae Wylds. While the term describes Faeries this also covers races that have descended from the same magical realms in search of a longer life in Runner Societies like Elves, Dorfs [they take offense to this] and Nomms known for the long and fast lives respectively. Fae also tend to subsist on varying level of aether saturations where Faeries being the mos dependent on this saturation, and Dorfs not needing magic at all to sustain a long life.

Kakkokins: Refers to most insectoid races with some human features derived from Faeries. Kakkokins also cover the monstrous Fauna that gets created by the Spiral in order to prey on Runners. Kakkokins are technically the most numerous creature in the spiral.
I am trying so hard to draw things with my mouse but oh my god it is so shitty. I don't own a tablet so you are saved from my 'art'.
1st. Amazonia- A race of giant humanoids of varying size with superb physical fighting ability. Named after the pureblooded nation of only women who takes in females born with the blood.
2nd. Beast - monsters that are not solely composed of magic.
3rd. Tower- a symbollic sign, really. As some structures in the spiral were created by magic or hand and had a soul of their own. Such towers existed in plainslands as a protective installation.
4th. Sentinel- Sign signifying giant creatures animated from metal or stone with magic. Can be found guarding a magical source rarely on the move..
5th Chariot- based on a historical weapon of war, chariots include creatures that were employed for war that were ride into battle.
6th. Mothman- a race of creatures that evade human comprehension.
7th. Labyrinth- living labyriths or structures designed to hamper, elude, entrap runners created by sustained magic that constructs more of it.
8th. Lune- any human or runner thst has gone mad and were remembered for it. Named after a degenerative condition that turned men to monsters on a full moon.
9th. Oracle- beings possessed with a knowledge from the outside or all around. Their predictions paralyse them from changing future events however. Some use this power to act under the directions of thr Mal or other such forces.
10th. Faery- creatures that orginate from the thresh aka wylds. A purely magical realm limited by imagination.
11th. Emperor- every kingdom had a king. Emperors include those that lead others extant or remembered by their followers.
12th. Nihilid- unknowable creatures from the outside whose intentions are impossible to comprehend past the primal level.
Writing lore is fine, if someone draws for it its considered an "in"
File: IfframRaces2.png (443 KB, 900x1800)
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443 KB PNG

Annnd I can't seem to find the old floors thread where Kobolds were actually a thing, bugger.

But, here is the old character sheet from the Iffram games, with the creatures in question on the top right.

Lore will come later possibly since I don't imagine posting Monday's art counts as a drawing.
File: Crystal_Guardian1.png (35 KB, 180x328)
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Scholars, scientists, mages and everything in between agree on one thing about the people of crystals, that they spawned from the various formations of Aethercyte laid around the countless floors of the multiverse.

Where our esteemed minds start to bicker and argue is how they came to be, as so far even the recently born race itself cannot really explain how they came into existence. However their vague explanation of "wishing to feel what came to be around them* is enough of a base for theories to slowly come to light.

Communications were hard at first, but the crystal people seem to adopt some form of loud telepathic way of speaking, having no real mouth or organs to work with. Their shape is vaguely humanoid, based on their surroundings. The element of the crystals they spawn from seem to establish base personality traits has it has been found in the most recent studies.

(Will post more later)
File: CatRogue01a.png (163 KB, 229x357)
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163 KB PNG
Posting a Cat Rogue as kind of a spin off from a comic Monday did recently. I have no idea if they actually exist in Floors' universe.
-Now with some small shooping since I got a chance to look it over a tad fresh

Cat people would fall under Demis.
File: ElfWeissGuy.png (240 KB, 407x333)
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240 KB PNG

Yes, if they exist in the Floors universe, but when I asked a while back them whether they do or not was in the air..

Also, I'm not making a request to add them if they aren't already in.
If they don't exist make the request and have fun making a race.
If they do exist make the request and have fun making a subrace and forcing more lore out of Monday.

Making the request is a good thing either way. Cat people guides would be adorable.

Y-You make the request!
I'm just posting some old stuff I haven't posted yet.


Hetros, is that you..?
Maybe Mothmen could be so beyond comprehension that they appear in the memory of their viewers only as a strange black void, a sort of hole in the memory, as the brain removes what it has seen as a sort of self preservation method?

>An extract from the Volgon Codex of Monsters, Beast Chapter

>KOBOLD - (Koh-bohld) - Beasti Boldius Naknakius

The [Kobold], a small monster from the order of [Beasti], of the [Boldius] family of monsters is a rather unusual creature often encountered in deep underground caves, and canyons in small settlements, refereed to as commonly as ['Hovels'].

The Kobold as far as Volgon Scientists have been able to discover, is a rather unusual beast in the sense that despite being a naturally occurring creature, it is technically made of rock, or at least a rock like substance, and yet does not seem to be of magical origin. Not only that, but Kobolds have the fascinating ability, of being able to create more Kobolds, by carving them out of terran materials, such as stone and clay.

In additional to the ability to create more Kobolds, they are also capable of impressive feats of construction. Not mere nest building as found in more common animals, Kobold settlements left undisturbed and with natural resources to hand, are capable of creating entire small towns with nothing but basic tools and claws. A lot of abandoned Kobold settlements have found re-purposing as temporary holdouts by many a wary traveler with only some resizing of doors and making sure the Kobolds have actually left*.

*Kobolds are notoriously territorial and react incredibly violently to unwanted visitors in their hold. Many an unsuspecting travelers have found that the less sound they hear are the Naks in the deep.


They are also in possession of their own language, a few Volgon scientists who have been studying these creatures have found that it is an incredibly complicated language, with the meaning of many words, relying on the words around it to provide context, with simple words for incredibly complex meanings. The word 'Nak' in itself has been found to mean for just a few examples ['Greetings]'; ['I would like this object'], ['A collapse of rock has occurred'] and ['You are invading my personal living space and if you do not leave I get very cross and be forced to kill you'.]*

Unfortunately, Kobolds by and large are considered Vermin by a lot of [Core towns] drilling through the [Central Strata] of the [Crystal Stairs]. Much conflict between Man and Bold has arisen from Core Towns drilling into [Hovels] and Kobolds, having just found unwanted neighbors on their porch, attack the towns, and the towns, not wanting to suffer from a bad case of Kobolds attack back.

This has caused two effects, a reduced number of Kobold Settlements within the Central Strata itself, and a mass migration of Kobolds to the outer areas of the Crystal Stairs, with many Kobolds being sighted in places they haven't been seen for years, or even at all. Occasional conflicts have arisen as a result of migrating Kobolds with a dislike of humans encountering more humans, but there have also been some unconfirmed reports of Humans and Kobolds living side by side in acceptable circumstances. More research is needed but for now, Kobold numbers are perched rather precariously close to becoming an endangered species, but it is hoped if they are left undisturbed, that their numbers will increase once more.


*This one is more of a rough translation
File: tiefling.png (120 KB, 411x661)
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120 KB PNG
I'm not so great with writing, so no lore, sorry. But the idea was I wanted to do tieflings or at least something akin to them, but decided to make them more bestial. I imagine that their horn placement/general design changes, along with color.
File: Bitey.jpg (6 KB, 251x201)
6 KB
Kinda reminds me of a character from an old series of flash movies.
Mothman facts:
They weigh 3 bloqs (about 3 swords) .
They are composed mostly of magic.
Upon death they become dust or lead.
While alive their bodies can change liminal frquencies, existing overtly or covertly.
They are both occupying the qlipoth and the material plane simultaneously. Those who witness them are likely the only ones present to it. Likewise those who do not see a mothman are unaffected by their superliminal properties. Because mothmen exist in a lower dimension, they subsist on the destruction or abstraction of objects in the material plane to then be able to feed on them. Their physical forms are merely shadows of the main body. It's said that it is only their shedded skin.

Use paper and take a picture, just remember to have decent lighting!

I'd play it, especially if they are naturally really fast.
File: Gator 2.jpg (67 KB, 500x643)
67 KB
>GATORMEN - Beasti Reptilia Crocogatorae

The Gatormen are large sapient carnivorous reptiles, previously only found within mires and swamp lands in isolated areas on the stairs, but have recently been making more, public appearances from the encroachment of the Mal on their territory as hired swords and monstrous mercenaries.

A typical Gatorman is a good deal larger then an average human, in possession of both a rabid appetite, a foul temper and a hardy swamp living that has bred a much harder people in the process. In times gone past the only contact they have had with humans willingly is the occasional expedition that gets lost within the murky wastes and is never seen again, except on grisly territorial posts and on foreboding sacrificial alters, but in present day, a few Gatormen tribes have struck out on their own as mercenary runners for hire.

A natural penchant for violence, thick scales and monstrous strength has as a result, created much demand for them as bodyguards and front-line soldiers, after-all, there is a market for the kind of runner who can take a blunderbuss shot to the chest, bite the shooter in half, and then carry on as normal. And with rumours that the Gatormen are bringing more from the deep swamp then just brute strength in due time, business for the Gator tribes has never been better.

Yeah alright I maybe pulled some stuff from Warmahordes. But I really wanted to put it forward, we've got lot's of small speedy buggers, let's add a huge bastard into the mix
File: IfframRaces1.png (430 KB, 900x1800)
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430 KB PNG
Bump before bed.

I will just leave the last Iffram sheet here since they other two got posted.
File: birdmen.jpg (68 KB, 736x414)
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>This race's entire written language is in a form of runic, and their spoken language, likewise, is based upon runes. For this reason, they have a very stylized and formal way of speaking meant to prevent them from accidentally using magic, but every single one of them is said to be a superb spell caster. Their feathers are much prized by the makers of magical books for quills to write them, leading them to seek refuge with the House of M despite not needing to actually prey upon sapients as most member species do.
The HalfFormed are born from the mingling of humans and nonhumans by a variety of means. Some of them are born from the unions of love or rape, while others started as one or the other and through the auspices of science, alquemistry, magic, or other means fair and foul to become what they now are.

All HalfFormed have two aspects to their being. Their curse and their boone as it is called. no HalfFormed is born without a deformity that marks them for what they are and hampers them in some way, and at the same time, this deformity gives them some form of ability unique to themselves.
Nope, I only just found this thread.
>Elves have their roots traced back to the most ancient kingdoms, and the strongest warriors. They struck far and deep into the upper floors, and are considered the 'oldest' race, with many other races coming up behind them on the stairs, and taking up their leavings. Some elves have settled down in the most magically saturated areas, while others maintain their lifestyle of nomadicism. Elves, like all Fae, require magic to prolong their lives, but Elves actively eat magic from their environment, unlike most other Fae. It is for this reason they are only ever found in the most magically saturated areas (which can replenish their Aether faster than it can be lost) or constantly on the move, striking higher and higher. Young Elves often fall behind their more experienced and powerful brethren, and spend their entire, often short, lives trying to catch up, exhausted from lack of aether, or killed as they run higher and higher.
The Felix are an unusual group of Demis who were created in an attempt to make scouts to strike up the floors, and then come back down again to report. For this reason, and with magics that are little understood even today, the Felix are imbued with the magic of Luck itself twisted into their genomes, and it is for this reason that Felix are said to have 9 lives, due to their incredible luck. Now most Felix live off their luck, roaming from town to town as gamblers, vagrants, and adventurers, little welcome where they go due to their notoreity for seeing their own luck as nothing special, and a lack of understanding about such basic things as ownership (It is said a common Felix belief is that anything they want is actually theirs, other people just don't know it yet), though this is a bit of a slander. Felix have very clear ideas about ownership, they just aren't much bothered by other people's ownership of things if it is easier to steal an object than to pay for it. All Felix despise hard work, industry, or anything that gets between them and relaxing.
File: FloorsScribbles01.png (521 KB, 457x733)
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521 KB PNG
As you all can guess I've been busy with battle comix so my weekend will be inundated with crunchtime. But hey at least theres gonna be silly race sketches
File: 3ratcreatures.jpg (107 KB, 400x188)
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107 KB JPG

They vaguely remind me of the rat creatures from the comic Bone.
>HAGS - Beasti Haggan
The Hags are a strange species, found on the lowest floors, their constant proximity to the mal giving them a strange, demonic appearance.
Hags, to escape their rapidly encroaching destruction, have developed the ability to run very fast in leaping bounds, using their long hooved legs to propel them forward. They usually travel in small groups, their horns allowing them to charge attackers on the move; a pack of Hags barreling towards you at high speed, heads tilted, uttering a terrible screeching cry, is largely enough to make even the most determined bandit turn tail and flee.
Although they are often reviled for their terrifying appearance, Hags are largely trustworthy, and are frequently hired by guilds as couriers to take messages and goods between floors.
Thread bump I suppose?
I love this art style. Do you have an art-tumblr / website / (ineedmoreofyourart) ?
Thankfully for the sake of the mining operations at the time, the Aethers (commonly used word to describe the beings) did not regard the "non-living" crystal masses are part of themselves, allowing careful groups of runners the liberty to harvest what they needed, provided they made sure a cluster wasn't in any shape to get up on them.

Their strong bodies initially helped them survive their environments, but without proper knowledge, many of them fell to the Mal, not knowing to escape up the stairs for safety. Their survival as a species would have been cut short if not for a few curious or lucky ones who managed to ascend.

It wasn't until they managed to learn basic language from the various runners and traders in the corridors that they managed to be recognized as a truly sentient species, as before that they were used as beasts of burden or simple-minded helpers to the various groups of people who encountered them (and who did not initially attack or destroy them out of fear or a need for crystals)
I use this same name on Entervoid [comics]
I have a tumblr called October-Island
I have a deviantart under MrMonday
Other than that I think /tg/ gets the most art from me cause I can /just/ draw here without a lot of pressure : >

there's also a 1d4chan article on Ironhearts that seems to have all my art for the series :v
File: image.jpg (2.07 MB, 3264x2448)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
Midday bamp
Btw Monday is there place where the "Noob of K-something-stein" series is up? Suptg does not have it anymore and I can't find it anywhere else.
We're looking to publish it ' v' !
Well so far there seems to be about 11 entries, I think, mostly beast stuff.

Maybe I will look into some more monstrous monsters, although I kind of wanted to play around with what Labyrinth or Tower could do.

I'm painting something that might qualify for that department but I don't know the setting well enough to write fluff.
File: MeavePrototypes01.png (675 KB, 526x747)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
>Midnight sleep content bump

>Encounters with the labyrinth, a recorded lecture
>Start video log. Part 1

"Over the past few years at the biological institution, we have been collecting a steady collection of various monsters, some merely nuisances, and some extremely dangerous, and almost everything in between. But today I am not going to talk about these monsters today, today I wish to talk about a kind of monster we do not see very often, something that hides in plain sight. I am talking about the creatures and beings that are classified as 'Labyrinths'. A common misconception is that all Labyrinth 'creatures' are large maze structures, this is inaccurate. There /are/ Labyrinths that are actual, well, labyrinths yes, but to say that all Labyrinths are large and easily spotted is a fallacy at best and dangerous misinformation at worse. Observe.


>Click, a slide is presented, there is a cheese wheel within a container, and half of a mouse. There are many unusual devices around the container

This, is a [Dwarf Mimic], Labyrinthi Mimicrius Minor, no one knows where it comes from and no one is sure what it looks like, but it is one of a few examples of Labyrinth creatures with a somewhat organic composition, in that it eats meat, and is also one of the few that assumes a very small form. The Dwarf Mimic is attracted to old and abandoned man made structures, and typically feasts on small rodents and insects when no other subsistence is available, but when larger sentient pray approaches, is when the Dwarf Mimic uses it's best 'party trick'.

First, it will typically read the surface thoughts of creatures within it's eminent domain, to try and determine what it is they are after within what ever building they are exploring whether it is treasure, or a missing book, or even just food. Once it find something it can use, it will solidify itself into the form of what ever object they are seeking in a room, and lies in wait in a convenient cupboard, or placed innocently on a table.

And then when prospective pray attempts to pick up the Mimic, it takes as many bites out of it's victim with it's razor sharp teeth as it can before it attempts to fight back or call for aid, then it will take to it's heels and attempt to flee from line of sight in order to dissipate. This is not something that should be considered amusing /Simony/, a Dwarf Mimic can very easily take off a hand at the wrist if a runner isn't careful.

No one knows why it does this, but it is suspected that by consuming organic matter, the Dwarf Mimic can grow larger, the mimic in this picture for example used to only the size of a small apple, but on a diet of lab mice, it has grown into the size you see in the picture, and has taken on a form more appealing to it's most 'common' prey.

File: thing.png (55 KB, 299x520)
55 KB

Majestic beasts of burden who have decided to shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that the economy in the Spiral exists, persists, and operates fluidly. Silent yet capable of transmitting information through a soul-wrenching stare, it is said that these creatures with prehensile tongues are the ones who operate the Gold Tower, from which zenny are minted.

Traders, middlemen, suppliers - so long as it isn't specialty gear strictly covered by a Runner Society, one can be sure that a Llama had their tongue in its production or distribution.

Why such creatures feel compelled to play the game of supply and demand with their delicious cookies (and how they produce said cookies) is a mystery. Some say that the Llamas are the opposite of the Mal, who are in fact guiding the runners towards some unknown destiny through the manipulation of greed. Others say that the Llamas are transdimensional beings, whose purpose is more malign than the Mal.

Others say that there is but one Llama, a quantum entity, if you will, who cares for nothing but making money.

All of that, of course, would be silly. For they are simply business-savvy llamas. You wouldn't doubt such a cute creature, now would you?
File: mimic.png (240 KB, 1024x768)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
This is more of a monster proposal, is that alright?

>the mimic
Large, overgrown, beasts, these creatures are deceitful by nature. These beasts lurk in the most dank and dark parts of the spiral. They can burrow into almost any container, and there seems to be a correlation between size and the container they dwell in. Mimics lie in wait for runners to come upon them, then spring out of their burrows and chase them down. Most mimics prefer confined spaces that they can curl up inside, and run around in, as their backsides are particularly fragile. They can grow with no recorded upper limit, but the ones that are just the right size to be able to outrun the Malebolgia generally survive the longest.

I'm going to try drawing that bee race, is that okay?
I have an idea for kobolds to.
Yes. I'd love to see your take on them.
Tell me about Nihilids.
Nihilids are a race of outsiders that inhabit the Pitch. A black plane outside of the spiral where no light reaches. In this chaotic realm, it is said that life cannot exist and yet for all of its barren properties there indeed sleeps creatures so massive, that they can consume stars. Creatures such as these existed only in theory and yet because such a theory exists it too has made itself manifest in the dark corners of our minds. It was theorized that the universe undergoes a cycle of expansion and collapse, and everytime it has done so has birthed a new universe each with its own unique initial conditions, properties and dimensions. However, should the process be completely perfect, then the universe itself theoretically should not exist.

And if it was not - then what happens to the leftovers spared from this collapse ?

And what role did they play ?

While these creatures sleep in the unmoving vacuum, they await the day where the universe grows large enough to be pruned and consumed by their astral hunger, however until such a time arrives, they have been known more prominently to recede into the lower dimensions, their dreams emerging once in a while to play a dark influence on the current universe from the /outside/ when this occurs they normally instill primordial fear and influence to their subjects with one tentacle and seed unspeakable intelligence with another in order to retain their presence across all planes of existence. No one can truly know their size and number but we know with certainty what they are /not/. And it is with this cursed knowledge that they continue to be pervasive yet indirect presence.

Nihilids are known to be superdimensional, meaning that their existence stretches across many planes and are at once can't be comprehended in their entirety. Some have been known to exist backwards in time, meeting and devouring those and unmaking them up to their youth. Others simply exist everywhere but exist momentarily.
File: FloorsWIP01.png (44 KB, 265x202)
44 KB
How about torn books as a new monster race?
That sure sounds monstrous in my books!
On a more serious note, however, I always liked the idea of a monster that begins and ends its life in unbearable pain.
Essentially, as soon as it is born, its body and organs begin to melt down. The only way to prevent the pain is to latch onto living creatures and to suck/melt the tissue of others.
A highly caustic creature that needs to quickly feed on compound living tissue in order to not feel pain and survive for extended periods.
Thoughts on reproduction would either be spores, cellular division or both maybe.
Oh and it constantly screams and screeches for as long as it's vocal chords last the meltdown.
Could be just a monstrous disease or something too.
File: Metro01c.png (133 KB, 300x614)
133 KB
133 KB PNG

This started off being influenced by the Amazon entry but really it could fit in any number of entries, like the Labyrinth/Tower as mentioned. This was totally also kind of an excuse to do something influenced by the False Maria from Metropolis...
File: QLOONDRESS.png (257 KB, 500x700)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Qr'loon dresses
seen here are common in Luxendarc, Aya the Weaver designs and redesigns personal dresses influenced by other Runner cultures.
File: crocmage.jpg (669 KB, 1705x1518)
669 KB
669 KB JPG
Seriously, you guys made drawthread without me being around.
We were waiting for you.

>Afternoon Bump

>*Click* Another slide is presented, it seems to be a tar pit, on close inspection, the tar pit has eyes

This, is a type of Labyrinth creature that we have been seeing more of recently, currently the name we have for it is [Floor Crawler], and it does exactly want it says on the tin. It crawls along the floor and ensnares creatures who walk across it or objects that land in it, and attempts to drag them into it's depths. These traits have made us suspect that the Floor Crawler is a distant evolutionary offshoot of the common Slime.

Floor Crawlers are a very varied bunch, mostly depending on available terrain and the like, but the most common traits between them is that they typically take the form of a viscous substance that makes moving through them extremely difficult, and will slowly expand in size as it's 'fed', before splitting off into more Crawlers.

The one you see here was found on a floor with heavy jungle terrain, but we have also encountered Quicksand Floor Crawlers in deserts, Quagmire Floor Crawlers in wet lands, Mud Floor Crawlers in the plains and of course, Swampland Floor Crawlers in, well, swamps. We have yet to encounter a Crawler in an urban environment, but if we suspect that if one made it's way into any town, it would be one with a, less then modern sewage system.

It can be difficult to tell a Floor Crawler from merely difficult terrain, but one important distinction we have found is that Floor Crawlers are unusually barren of anything that isn't Crawler. Life that occurs naturally within sticky substances, or at least life that falls into them and can't get out, rocks fall in, trees grow into it, debris collects and so on in normal terrain, but things that fall into a Crawler are dissolved and added to it's mass. So if you see a Mud hole on the plain that seems to be eating the grass surrounding it, chances are it's probably a Floor Crawler. The eyes are also a dead give away.

File: FrogSlayer01a_Export.png (270 KB, 459x342)
270 KB
270 KB PNG

>*Click* Another side is presented, it is an open door. The door seems to lead to a completely different room, but the door is not attached to anything.

The truth about Labyrinth creations, is that a vast majority of them are not particularly large structures, and in fact, a large majority of them are doors and walls. For every giant sentient mansion, there are 100 or so very uncooperative doors.

There are far too many different sorts of sentient doors and sentient walls to go into for this lecture, so for now we will take a look at this one, this is a [Spatial Door], it's one of the few examples of creatures with an alignment to to both Darc and Lux, in other-words it's element is technically [Space].

The [Spatial Door] has unusual properties attached to it, first is that the creature is not just one door, but multiple doors separate from one another but still part of the same construct. Every door is connected to every other door, and every door can lead to every other door regardless of distance, and it is suspected this connection would be maintained even if doors were taken multiple floors away from each other. Something like that you would assume would make finding the doors very lucrative.

But, therein lies the problem, every door is connected to every other door in a system, but the process that determines which door connects to which other door is entirely random, and is changed every time someone actually opens one of the doors. So a door in a kitchen will lead to a dining room, but the dining room door will then lead to the attic, and so on.

From there people would assume that destroying some of the doors to reduce the 'random chance' of the network would be the way forward, but the network between doors is delicate, and if a door is destroyed, there is a chance it will destroy every other door in the process, or connect to a completely different network, or worse, open up a tear in space in it's absence.


This is the end of this lecture for now, a 30 minutes break will be allowed and then the next lecture, "Towers, what is this shit?" Will be conducted by Doctor O'Sullivan afterwards.

>End video log.
>Please insert part 2.

[/spoiler]disguised pre-sleep bump[/spoiler]
File: knighttwo.png (2.84 MB, 1168x1252)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB PNG
My first knight attempt.
Details are my bane and drawing armor is hard!
File: knightone.png (399 KB, 554x602)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
My second attempt.
I'm stumped as how to continue on drawing the legs and I haven't seen any references I've liked so far.
File: koboldwip.png (105 KB, 1024x768)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
WIP, now I just have to do the actual painting of this. This piece is where I'm drawing inspiration from: http://orig05.deviantart.net/8301/f/2012/067/7/e/kobold_jungle_fighter_by_shinigami195-d4s3ta7.jpg
The Ferrymen look nothing so much like incredibly tall, spindly men made out of sticks who are held together by black bandages. Their eyes are silver motes.

Ferrymen are never seen far from the katamarans they use to travel between floors, and are known primarily for offering 'cheaper' rates than order aetherships, and due to their knowledge of the aether currents, can travel further (if not necesssarily faster) than even Orderships can for less fuel and supplies. The Ferrymen never charge Zenny, instead they charge important memories. One per passenger, which they store in little globes they wear under their bandages. They use these in self defense, but seem relunctant to do so, instead preferring to use their long poles tipped with aether crystals to defend themselves if at all possible.

Ferrymen's culture is one entirely based around travel and trade of travel in return for memories. It is known that they have a mobile town, crafted from many repaired wrecks of aetherships that drifts in the outer limits of the great stair, but few, if any, are invited to this place, and fewer still return to tell if they stumble upon it.

The Ferrymen are neutral in all things. Full stop. They enforce this neutrality aboard their ships and at the docks they claim ruthlessly, and without question, and consider any violence committed by anyone other than themselves in such places to be a breach of neutrality. Even defending one's self from the dangers of monsters in the aether rather than relying on the Ferrymen is considered a breach of neutrality, and responded to in kind. Because of their Neutrality, Ferrymen are well known to be smugglers of all kinds of things, because they ask absolutely no questions beyond whether a passenger is willing to pay the price of passage, thus meaning that those who use them often are of a criminal nature.

Mawbeasts are an apparently feirsom monster that are actually scavengers. In the darkness, they appear to be massive sets of gnashing teeth and glowing red eyes, a terrible predatory, growling and snarling. In fact, this is just the back of this rather unassuming creature, a mix of reptile and insect. They are actually scavengers, and while hard to kill, their actual ability relies on frightening prey into running towards far more dangerous animals. A Mawbeast will often take far more damage than other monsters are capable of, and use their hideous visage in the darkness to scare prey into running away, hopefully into a trap lain by the monsters the Mawbeasts scavenge from. The monsters kill the panicked prey, and the Mawbeasts move in to pick at the leavings.
File: koboldwip.png (98 KB, 1024x768)
98 KB
Nevermind. My coloring+line color was a shit combo, and it's made the rednering damn near impossible. Here's militia kobold with no color, just lines.
One drawfag to another: look up Tobias Capwell. His armor is good for learning basic details
project finished, i have about a week of freedom- time to get the map warmed up !


Looking forward to it.
Work bump.
Question bumps, because there are some things i want to clear up before I start writing.

>What exactly makes a Tower creature?
>What makes it different to a Labyrinth or Sentinel creature, or a just a magical tower?
File: SCHOLARFLOORIAMEME.png (547 KB, 1500x2100)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
Hmmm if only we can get into the taxonomy of monsters but alas its simply too numerous to count however I should at least be able to relate on these three for those of us that are new to this world.

To begin with, a Tower, a Sentinel and Labyrinth creature are effectively those that are occupy or defend a location simply as a physiological fact of their creation.

The only exception to this rule is the Sentinel, who symbolize the race of sentient rock/rock-like creatures that once inhabited a world of their own [also a giant sentinel itself]. Overtime Sentinels took under their umbrella other such humanoid creatures that were constructed of mostly earth as opposed to Humans and Demis who were a race constructed mostly of blood, or fae creatures constructed mostly of magic and outsiders created mostly of - well you get the idea. As of now they have been known to cover creatures such as;
Under the logic that they are inanimate, humanoid, shapes given life and behaves in a sapient fashion that isn't wholly predatory or self preserving.

Towers. Are simply anything that neither moves or is being built. But is rather a complete object from creation. A fixed point that serves a singular purpose. The smallest of Tower creatures are DarkLamps, measuring up to 1height and a 2halflings high. And serves the simply job of incinerating passing runners with a searing gaze. The highest recorded tower creature was The Obelisk, which is now the present day Scholomance Tower of the Crystal Corridors. The Obelisk is a sentient building composed of similarly resonating crystals whose sole purpose was to simply house its guests, and repel invaders. The scholomance of course expended considerable resources in finding the heart of this creatures and striking a deal at wandpoint so that this could be reality. Ironically, the Summoner that accomplished this died in its very halls.

This leaves Labyrinth creatures, who are neither golems set to defend a location nor are giant structures themselves but are in fact parts and pieces of structures, that can reproduce or make more of itself. Yes go ahead and process that. Labyrinth creatures are what a lot of DungeMakers refer to as the furnishings of your nightmarish death towers. THey range from living furniture, to trap doors, living trap doors, wall creatures, and literal masonry. Labyrinths are definitely magical or possessed of a creature with intelligence. In that spectrum, a creature know as the 1000 doors is considered a labyrinth creature for operating as both a door and a digestive organ- even if those that enter through it simply came out another thousand doors in perfectly good shape. Every once in a while however, a Thousand Doors would eat a small percentage of crystals from a runner's person and germinate another runner's construction tools so that it creates another 1000Doors Door. and only that.
On the other spectrum of Labyrinth creature are living creatures that simply do the job of building a living breathing network of dungeon such as the Kobs. A variant of Kobold made of stone and reproduces by carving more statues of itself it is know to also create basic structures or very complex structures depending entirely on their master's strength of imagination. [Note: Kobs have very little, but paradoxically have quite enough to breath life into stone itself, defying Quagmire's Rule of strong magic belonging only to creatures of high intelligence ]

So to summarize this in Runner terms;
Sentinels Walk,
Towers Stand
And Labyrinths Grow.
So is it entirely possible that if you see one of those three on a floor then the chances the other 2 might be near by?
It's entirely possible but not related in any real way except that it's smart for the designer to do.
File: Cephos01a.png (84 KB, 332x257)
84 KB
I ran a Dark Heresy game with Guardsmen back when DH was the only set of rules and I put the players on a planet where the some of the most common life forms were varieties of cephalopods and arachnids. I figure I'd evolve a cephalopod some and throw it up on here.
Design musings:
I gave it a vague human shape but the mouth is still at the bottom. No real need for clothing except for when it needs to armour up, or if it needs a moist environment, pretty much a sort of "hostile environment suit" for places where most other species frequent. Maybe something like a stillsuit from Dune... Three fingers in this iteration.. They're probably not really strong when it comes to certain types of leverage but are really effective at squeezing the crap out of things and can get some extra oomph by double, tripple, or quad handing things.
Not sure if myopsida or oegopsida - I'm guessing that if these things have cornea (myopsida), they might be just a little more vulnerable to flash attacks. They may have developed tools to deal with that if evolution didn't cover for it..

Oh right. No waist, so they tend to hang things from the upper body. Thinking about it some, weight could become an issue. Also the picture with the armoured form, I guess there are some boned creature considerations to it - the helmet design could have been designed more effectively but I'm going to chalk it up to them using the boned beings' aesthetic as an exotic fashion thing.
Why not a slime creature :v

I had considered slime creatures the other day but wasn't sure about form. It kind of kills the idea of slime -except the possibility that they can take whatever shape they want. Maybe a gelatinous creature? I don't know..
I also want to avoid that slime girl thing.
Alright ye scunners, welcome to a lecture about Towers, my colleague mister Ivory talked ye deaf about Labyrinths, now let me tell you 'bout Towers.

As explained to you most likely by most books about the subject, Labyrinths grow, Towers stand, even a Knight can understand it. Course, what seperates Towers from a bunch of buggers in a shack with guns i hear you ask, why do ye need fancy magics when a bunch of blokes with Gibbs will work. Well I'll tell ya.

A good Tower will last a long bloody time, long after the blokes who made it have keeled over, long after the place they were made to protect has faded from memory, they'd last forever, if the Mal wouldn't eventually claim them.

Let's begin.
Oh wow, thanks a bunch.
What if we had a hybrid?
Or a triple mixture of the three?
A walking, growing, standing structure would be fun to see.
File: Lux Pylon.png (21 KB, 671x404)
21 KB

Object number one, (Alright don't scoff, I got me degree in Arcane Architecture, not Art), this is one we found in some old ruins that we have determined to be part of the old kingdom of Djelibeybi, a Lux aligned structure that we have called a [Farspeaker Arc].

Couple hundred thousand years or so ago, the kingdoms used these in place of the traditional messenger service to send communications over vast distances, trained Biblomancers of the river kingdoms would work around the clock to get the network between two nodes set up, and use it to let people talk to each other over long distances, the sky at times was lit up with messages traveling across the ether.

Very fast, very efficient, and unfortunately when the Kingdoms decided to start using /magic/ to fight their wars, very easy to transmit a city busting mega-spell into the heart of an enemy city, magic could travel along the same pathways as words could it was found, so they stuck passwords and ciphers onto it, and the rest is history. Really, we've been combing the place over to find what bloody happened to it and- *Insistent whispering* Eh? *More insistent whispering* Oh right Towers, got it, ahem.

Someone with the right proper knowin' of the words of command, and the numbers in the system, can wrap up a spell in a neat little packet, send it hurtlin' along the byways and highways of the ether network, and deposit it into the lap of some unsuspecting bugger with explosive results, or if you aren't particularly magically inclined, the Far-speaker can pick up audio and visual information from any other Arc in the system, it makes a good spy network, if you know how to get it to work.
File: Teras Earthshaker.png (39 KB, 866x405)
39 KB

Over in the jungles, we encountered this structure, we just called it the [Earthshaker] and who can guess what element it is? It's Teras. Yeah.

We suspect, that these things in particular were made in response to the local wild life. Which was very subterranean, and nasty, and had a bad habit of bursting from beneath the earth and messily killing people. The natives, built this to compensate, a large heavy cylinder of rock, enchanted with various blasting runes, surrounded by a spiraling structure with runes of an opposite alignment carved onto them and on the base of the whole structure. The two sets of runes repel one another and the 'thumper' is suspended above the base, think of it like a set of magnets suspending one another.

Under normal operation, the thumper periodically thumps into the base of the structure, and causes slight tremors, this heavily disorientates the kind of creatures that rely on tremor-sense to find prey, and keeps them away from the previous inhabitants settlements. But sometimes it was found that just a delicate rhythmic thumping isn't enough, so the Earthshaker has one more neat trick. It's called 'Smashing a several ton chunk of rock covered in blasting runes into a base designed to amplify it, causing a punishing shock-wave that will turn anything too close to the pillar into fine paste'. This action powers down the thumper for a bit, but generally it makes a point.

From what we have gathered from the area, the design of the Earthshaker was partially inspired by a legend of how a particular gorge was made in the jungle. It says that many moons ago, a great sky serpent inhabited the land, and was responsible for... something, the story isn't quite clear, but the evil demon kings in the height of their hubris attempted to bind the serpent to their will. The serpent dropped a mountain onto them, and thus the earth was sundered, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Or so it's said
File: 1441410499301.png (282 KB, 417x372)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
Im still reeling from Undertale. Holy shit.
It is supposed to be quite a good game.

So i suppose the questions raised by most at this point would be "'Ere, these aren't Towers, these are just magical constructs by old kingdoms." To you I say, yeah, they are just magical constructs made by people, it shouldn't really count as one.

But then these things that should really only show up once, have started appearing on other floors. Keys consider this for a moment.

Something gets consumed by the Mal, and spat out later on a new floor, it might not be the same, it might be weaker, but it functions almost exactly like the previous version.

And from the other end of this, it raises an interesting question, if there wasn't an Earthshaker tower before the Earthshaker was built, then by the same logic there was no such thing as a Slime before the first Slime consumed by the Mal, or an undead creature before it was consumed. Is there in fact some where a Proto-Kobold, proginator of all other Kobold and Kobold variants, somewhere still out in the ether?

Meditate on that.
File: 1443886724275.png (219 KB, 1218x818)
219 KB
219 KB PNG

Aquas! I did have a picture but I seem to have lost it (And also i am at work and can't do bad MS paint art)

Atlantia used to be a Shiraiya Clinic, sea reasearch, aquatic wildlife and such, I actually used to work there before the place got over ran. One of the things I looked at was this thing a [Coral Hive], an all natural Tower creature in a way.

Technically the Coral Hive is two separate sets creatures, one is a sort of porous organic coral, very pretty, rather valueable and had some rather interesting mechanical properties, it's only a shame it usually comes with the other half, made up of large swarms of flesh eating parasites. The Coral Hive hive holds a large amount of these voracious parasites that they filter from the water when sieving for food and keeps them fed so that when threatened (I.E, if anything comes within a few yards of the hive) The Coral undergoes a series of muscular spasms and then, well there's no other way to really describe it, it peojectile vomits a swarm of parasites onto anything nearby, which will procede to try to way their way through the hapless victim to very messy results.

I've seen those buggers eat through Giant Squid in a few minutes, so it's not a good idea to go near them when you're human sized, that's all I'm saying.
File: Aquas Hive.png (35 KB, 866x405)
35 KB

Ah, here we are, found it.
You're a Proto-Kobold.
Or a Proto-Outsider, I guess? I don't know.
Kakkokins are a varied lot. Skitter Bugs are hand sized little globes of incandescent light with legs, attracted to aether crystals. They don't eat them mind, they just gather around them, amplifying the elemental energy of the formation and siphoning of some of that energy for themselves. This is a pretty useful property (the Volgons certainly seem to like it) because it makes it easier to see the crystals, and in the often dark floors the light show helps.

Unfortunately, the gradual aether intensification leads to a few unfortunate by-products. Larger predator animals nest near the crystal formations to eat the engorged Skitter Bugs, with even larger creatures often coming in to hunt those. Spirals of bones and debris in various states are often the first sign of a colony, way before you see the crystals or even the light. At a certain mass of Skitter Bugs, the stray energy stars arcing out from their incessantly buzzing bodies which can have unfortunate consequences for most of the surroundings (this also precludes all but the most monitored and careful farming operations); Red Bugs have been known to cause wildfires while Purple bugs arising by mutation can cause entire areas to align with [Space] after some time, haphazardly shifting geographically.

Some rumors abound of colonies monstrous in size, clinging to ancient millenial crystals, millions millions strong and so infused with energy that the colony itself has acheived a kind of intelligence. They'd probable be friendly, even kind and sagely, if not wrapped around an incredibly volatile core of aether crystal.

( but fried Blue Skitters are a delicacy any true visitor a Qrloon house must try at least once )
Oh nooo the Oracle has awoken, it's shown us things man was not meant to see! Don't look!
File: PartyCrashers01bWIP.png (50 KB, 374x159)
50 KB

Q-quiet you!
What things were we not meant to see?
We can't tell you. Or you'll die and become a squid head.
File: UNDYNESIGHTING.png (451 KB, 693x613)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
Undyne Sighted ! Sivvians that have courted with the women of Amazonia are quick to produce the strongest and heartiest of warriors furthermore- the competing genetics result in a Sivvian female that possesses the extremely rare quality of having humanoid legs instead of fins ! While some in Sivvian culture regard this an atrocious mutation many women of Amazonia sees this maiden's scales and relentless physicality to be a shining example of their less native additions to their fold.
File: SKELTERSSIGHTED.png (301 KB, 481x551)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
Skelters Sighted !
Skelters classify as Both Undead and Ghosts
simply because upon death, both the body and and the spirit does not realize it is dead or the spirit is bound to their mortal coil. In an environment with a dense enough aether concentration, and time, a Skeleton may arise as a shell of its former self. Unable to recollect how they have died in the first place, Skelters such as these brothers ascend the floors as Runners.

Alternatively Skelters can also be "created" via necromancy by using foreign spirits to possess unoccupied skeletons. These violent spectres make use of their new forms and set out to do their master's bidding. Most Runners don't bother to distinguish between the two types of Skelters and as such attack them on sight.

Skelters are unusually hardy but possess little HP. Their "bones" are exoskeletal constructs that develop on top of a flesh and blood body that only forms after a few weeks of corporeal life.
Golly there's a lot of good Halloween costumes about, where can I get one?
Eh. Been there, done that. It's not so bad.
Go back to playing Undertale, you are drunk!
How soon might we get access to these shiney new runner races?

Or is this something we will need to do in the field to get access to?
But I already have ! What a wondrous experience it was : >
those our two new races then? Or just new examples of species?
They've been in the library a while

a while = 3 days.
Do Pumpkin Faeries make delicious pies?


Are they the one making the pies, or are they in the pies?

Meat pies are magical
File: PartyCrashers01cWIP.png (54 KB, 292x198)
54 KB
>Are they the one making the pies, or are they in the pies?
good question
Current entries so far.
Crystal Giants: Hey kinda cool fits sentinel designs
Tieflings: Yooo digging the hair ! I totally tried to draw female versions of this.
Avar: Strong concept and avians havent been covered
Gatormen: GATORMEN !!!!
Felix: Pree neat : >
Kerbolds / Kobolds: Dog soldiers are pretty neat ! I should just have dog races in general : )
Celphos: Mmmm a mix between squid but lore matching slime folk
Kakkokins: There's so many kinds but lets try to get specific !
File: Slimy01.png (150 KB, 618x436)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
It's not really meant to be a PC race but all of it depends on the writing, right?

• It's a slime
• A moist environment is not vital to its survival, though it can help mitigate certain negative aspects of its life cycle
• It's semi transparent, often appearing similar to oil
• It typically lays dormant until it senses potential food nearby. From there, there are a number of options it can take
• It can move very quickly, even leaping significant distances depending on how much energy it has stored
• Moving takes energy/effort and causes cell division. The faster it moves, the more cell division occurs. Some cells die in this process
• Rapid cell division creates heat. If it leaps a long distance or travels very very quickly, it can briefly catch fire and cause 3rd degree burns
• Somewhere between moving very slowly and extremely fast, there's a speed at which it can sometimes start to steam a bit
• It uses rapid cell expansion to spear nearby victims and can throw itself using a variation of the spearing technique
• The spearing technique loses energy over a distance and it could simply splash onto the subject, clinging to them while extremely hot. Cell expansion often continues in this case, as the slime attempts to kill its prey by instinctively moving towards any openings, burning as it goes. This can be a life or death situation for both the slime and its prey sometimes but the slime will leave spores regardless, improving its chances to continue its line. It does shed small quantities of spores when it moves as well.
• The slime is fire resistant but not invulnerable to flame. Military grade flame throwers can hurt it.

•As a bottled biological weapon, it can be potentially uncontrollable as the slime aggressively expands and splits fragments of itself off due to abundant food supply, attacking anything in reach it senses to be living. There are a number of ways to combat the slime.

• It has no particular weakness to water, but cold can cause it to go dormant and extreme cold can kill it just as it can kill any number of organisms

• Number of ways to combat the slime cont: (The above was supposed to go under the flame vulnerability entry, but whatever..)

There are some herbicides, both natural and chemical that can be used to combat the slime, though some will also be harmful to some degree to a number of non-plant species.

A chemical can be extracted from a number of flora that have evolved alongside this slime which act as either a repellent or fungicide.

Optional (everything is, really, but this bit is easier to trim and was something I mused just now):
The slime has been employed in the past with chemical weapons that is harmful to it (I was thinking mustard gas here but it can be almost anything) but will kill it slowly. The point of deploying both at the same time is that the slime will die from the agent at a slow enough rate it can be used to kill any enemy that manages to employ defensive measures -and when the gas settles, there would be no need to clean up the slime or its spores (though in the case of mustard gas, it kind of stays in the ground and can be kicked up.)
What is this shit even? I see these threads and I'm super curious but I have no idea what's going on.

It's sort of like Final Fantasy Tactics/Tactics Ogre but with some RP and on /tg/. Or, a more board game reference, kind of like Super Dungeon Explore but with more mortality few monster generator things, and some RP.

With X-Com mechanics and fatality rate.

We don't have as much granularity as TUs and "base" building has yet to be fleshed out (on our end at least) but I agree there are similarities.

Here's a newbie's guide put together by some players:
Day 2 is begin ! Please report in.

New people wishing to play may inquire in this thread : >

[I hope the other runners are around to help]

But new playable races when?

Or will we find out in town
like all things. They are written in the game interactions :v

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