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Thread LVIX:
Successfully dug myself out. Weather says 6 inches, end up getting 16. Wonderful.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM
Story Thus Far: http://pastebin.com/H0fsiX5w

"Just so I understand. Lets go over this one more time." Captain Keel says, voice muted by the back office of the nitor post. "You went to the other side of the mountain. Small group, tried to find out what was going on. Yeah?" He says slowly, probably more for his benefit than yours. You just nod. "While doing so, your foreman, who is still technically a wanted man, and another former nitor pick up a trio of 'cattle rustlers' and lock them in a henhouse."

"Yes, after they attempted to 'secure' the bodies of the Phoenix soldiers who attacked my ranch." You say, emphasizing the last bit.

"Ok. So you fight your way back through to this side, and find out what happened. Then you wait a week before turning them over to us."

"Pretty much. We wanted to see what info we could get out of them. They refused to so much as identify themselves."

"Did they tell you they were reserves?"

"They said they were on official business, but nobody showed up to look for them."

He pauses, rolling his fountain pen between thumb and forefinger. "Ok. And in that time you didn't try and get a hold of us?"

"You weren't available. Last time we came here to report something, those oiks showed up to claim the bodies. No idea if they had accomplices." You reply.

Keel lets out a sigh before burying his face in his hands and muttering. All you can make out is a vague mention of trouble.

>What do?
"Did we fuck up?"
Yay! it's here!
"Keel, we are at war with a country that doesn't have the decency to use proper standing armies. Ain't a far stretch for them to start claiming to be paramilitary of the opposing side. Those jokers failed to properly identify themselves and provide a satisfactory explanation to an experienced former Nitor agent."
First vote I had in two hours. Kind of hard to churn an update out in 10 minutes mate.
I honestly expected this to fall off the board the way it was going.
It's fine. It was more because no one else was giving suggestions than because you didn't say anything Chem.
Also, I like this one more than mine: >>43776097
Yeah, sorry boss, just now caught your tweet.
No problem. I know I've been far less regular than I should be so this is to be expected.
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"Did we fuck up?" You ask with honesty sharpening the bluntness.

The tandem death rattle exhasperated sigh tells you enough. "In a sense yes. The reserves will likely want answers. They have also been far less understanding of the... situations of the Southern Continent. Treat it like they would a cordon on First Wood, or Purple Sands, or any other 'civilized' part of the world. Took them a month just to realize we have to have couriers and still use mirror towers for messages." He sees your blank look and continues. "There's still technically a standing warrant for McCain. The disappearance by the other one means its still active. They poke around too much, and its not just him on the line, it'd be me as well. Extenuating circumstances and evidence be damned."

"And why would they have the right to poke around?"

"Because you detained their soldiers while they were doing their duty. Yeah sure they were likely picking out prize steers to flip for cash to buy a requisite amount of supplies and pocket the difference, but that's how the reserves are these days. And the Pheonix bastards are making their presence necessary. Far more than we surmised. No pattern to what they are hitting either. Coastal village on the eastern side. Western ranches. Merfolk settlements around the swamps have been abandoned, most have fled to the islands. Reserves are a blunt instrument. No idea how they'll behave."

"Captain, we are at war with a country that doesn't have the decency to use proper standing armies. Ain't a far stretch for them to start claiming to be paramilitary of the opposing side. Those jokers failed to properly identify themselves and provide a satisfactory explanation to an experienced former Nitor agent."

He pauses. "That... might work. It really depends upon how the three report their story."

"They got leftovers from Tai's cooking for a week. I doubt they'll think too ill of their time cooped up."

He groans.

>You've got a moment, anything else to say?
Can you give some more detail as to what they are actually hitting, and what's near them?
It could be that there's something they want that's near these places, and are using the attacks as a distraction.
"Well, over on the other side, it looks like one of the factions is trying to stir up trouble for the Kozaks. They have started seeding nests for the degenerate trolls. Shouldn't have an impact on this side, but it might make trade more eventful."
Though we have no proof that it's the Phoenix.
I was meaning a faction of Centaur.
Oh. The way you worded it it seemed like you were talking about the Phoenix.
Page 7 isn't good for quest threads.
File: ABitChillyHere.gif (1.54 MB, 385x291)
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1.54 MB GIF
"Well, over on the other side, it looks like one of the factions is trying to stir up trouble for the Kozaks. They have started seeding nests for the degenerate trolls. Shouldn't have an impact on this side, but it might make trade more eventful."


You take the time to explain, to the best of your knowledge, how the trolls regenerate and breed.

Keel frowns. "They sound more like walking fungi than animals."

"I prefer to think of them as an environmental hazard. They don't really seem to be alive. At least in the way you'd expect a predator to be."

He frowns, but lets you continue. Finishing your impromptu debrief, he continues. "So it seems we'll have to step in to solve the problem."

"If you do, bring fire. Guns are... of limited use against the hordes."

"Its a moot point anyway, until we can deal with the Phoenix attacks we really can't spare the men. And this seems like it could have diplomatic ramifications. We'll need someone familiar with the land."

"Speaking of the Phoenix attacks is there any indication of what they are looking for?"

"If I had to guess, either a way through the mountains, or something in them. They've hit a few mines on the eastern side as well. No survivors, we just find the remnants. Nothing seems out of order otherwise."

"And you don't think my place is in danger?"

"After that first attack? Doubtful. They've been hitting where we aren't. Armed guards are not something they want to deal with. Which suggests limited troops. What prisoners we have taken have been... uncooperative to say the least. Schola mages can't get anything out of them. Makes me believe there are many cells. Not a unified or professional army."

>Focus on the Casimiran team.
>Focus on the Phoenix issue.
>Focus on the Phoenix
They are a more immediate threat.
>>Focus on the Phoenix issue.
Take care of the immediate problem. Speak with Velas about the revelations from our last trip. He may have greater insight into things.
We should do that during a magic lesson.
Sure we can make infernos, but we need more than that to be an effective gun-mage.
(Like using our gun as a focus. We should learn how to do that without damaging her.)
"Well, they are searching for something I imagine. Looking for it, you got my message, right?"

"What message."

"We pulled a coded orders off one of the dead pheonix. Let Liama translate, she knows their highborn script."

He looks at you intently. "No. I didn't get any message about that." You watch as he storms out through the door, and as it sits ajar you see him having words with one of the desk clerks. One of whom points him towards an inbox. You see the captain very stiffly reach and pull some a sheaf of papers out of it.

The captian reenters dropping the pile of reports on his desk, a small envelope with the Masterson Ranch seal slipping out from betwixt them and coming to a rest against an inkwell. The captian very quietly breaks the seal, opening it and reading its contents.

"I see... Miss Patrick was particularly thorough it seems. Though it seems she's forgotten how to mark things as urgent."

"Well its like you said. You've been busy." You say, causing him sigh once more.

"The implications are there. Whatever this T or L things they are looking for are, it seems enough to commit everything they've got to. Naturally we've got to stop them, especially if the kingfisher is involved."

"What would you want me to do?"

"Try and find out whatever you can. We'll keep a posting on site. Might help solve problems with the reserves as well. Knowing what they are after is the best chance we have of stopping them. As for anything else. I don't know at this time."

The captain gives you a tired look, before politely dismissing you. Slithering out into the street of South Fork, you see Caff still sitting atop the carriage, leaned back against the seat hat pulled over his eyes. You don't blame him, its well past midday, and you've been talking with Keel for some time.

>What do?
We never mentioned that the attacks might have been distractions while they searched the area nearby to The captain. . .
If we can't go back and mention that to him, I say we get lunch, then go back to the ranch and see about talking to Veles.
Though, there is also the letter from our Ork friend.
Which letter are you referring to? Last correspondence I've got recorded here is Serrak notifying you about hiring Liama's mercs.

Something might have slipped through here though.
You said that we got a letter from him while we were on the other side.
>What do?
Get lunch and return to the ranch.
Caff wakes the instant you approach, tensing before he flips his hat back on the right way and taking the reigns. You briefly entertain the idea of grabbing lunch from the local cafe, but hte line of off duty nitor and reserves makes you reconsider. Instead you direct Caff to take you back home.

You hope that the good captain thinks on what to do, because if the Phoenix really are looking for something. An attack on your ranch would sure make for one hell of a distraction. Thankfully the ride home is free from any waylaying, and you're greeted to the sight of everyone busily working.

Thanking Caff for his time, you head into the house and fix yourself something out of the leftovers of Tai's lunch. Sitting down to the venison pepper and onion stew, you plan out what you should do about the Phoenix attacks.

If you increase guards, you will no doubt be a lot safer. Plus they might be able to catch them in the act, maybe stop them before it goes too far. On the other hand, you could seemingly relax your guard, and bait them into attacking, you could probably take one of them alive, or maybe even catch them spying. Either way would likely get bloody. Of course, the third option is just to figure out what they are going after, and maybe try and prevent them from getting T or L or whatever it is that they want.

You could always check on Veles. It's been a minute since you last talked to him as well.

>Check on Veles
We can get some more magic training and talk to him about things at the same time.
Visit Veles to talk about the situation.
Also here is a thought, T or L could refer to Tai or Liama either of which could be important to the Pheonix for a number of reasons e.g. inheritance or, prophesy.
File: lamiaclean5.jpg (45 KB, 500x281)
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Alright. Hate to call it short but the snow's here again and the internet is getting choppy, we'll be continuing with that line next thread. Next Saturday. Apologies on the stop and go here.
It's fine. It happened, and that's good enough.
Good night and thanks.

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