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Back again, I have a twitter now. I plan on updating it frequently with short teasers and some hopefully educational links from time to time. Things will start picking up after this thread, and I’m going to add more “Write-In” options

DmitriDonskoi !!oqOO4iellil

Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/Zh0P9Xpp

Twitter: @DonskoiDmitri

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/44171316/

Current Stats: (Will be updated throughout the thread)

Name:Sergei Yegorovich
Gender: Male
(After all Modifiers added---- Check paste bin for more details)
10 CHA (+3) (Charisma)
9 STR (+2) (Strength)
4 AGL (-1) (Agility)
6 INTE (+1) (Intelligence)
10 CON (+3) (Constitution)
4 INTU (-1) (Intuition)
(Skill Modifiers also in pastebin, but will be put in when relevant)

> Story begins in next post
You are the son of two former Soviet citizens, a first generation American, and a first generation university student. Your name is Sergei Yegorovich, and you have just arrived at (the) _________.
Pick a University:

> University of North Carolina: (+2 Chemistry, +2 Perform, +2 Writing, +1 Agility)

> Duke: (+2 Dodge, +2 Engineering, +2 Composure, +1 Charisma(will give you rank 10+1,which will give you a free success in any CHA roll(once per session)))

> Clemson: (+2 Medicine, +2 Mathematics, +2 Dodge, +1 Strength)

> University of Maryland: (+2 Leadership, +2 Medicine, +2 Survival, +1 Constitution (will give you rank 10+1 which will give you a free success in any CON roll(once per session)))

> William and Mary: (+2 Writing, +2 Religion, +2 Speak/Understand Language and Dialect, +1 Intuition)

Note: If you choose to go over 10 in your attributes, you only need 11 to get one free moderate success, the next level to get an additional success is at 15, then 20, then 25, etc. not that I intend for you guys to go beyond 11, or otherwise you would basically become a force of nature.
one last bump
> Kyoto Imperial University
Sorry about the delay.


As much as I want to just let the thread die at this point. I'd like to thank you for your participation.

Unfortunately I don't know how you got to central japan by car, from the east coast United States.
Well, serves me right for not reading the last thread I guess.

I guess I'll let it die, I just realized that a few other quest threads are going on. A few of them I enjoy myself. But I'll still stick around for awhile, just in case I catch some readers.
Well then:
> Duke: (+2 Dodge, +2 Engineering, +2 Composure, +1 Charisma(will give you rank 10+1,which will give you a free success in any CHA roll(once per session)))
> University of Richmond (Spiderman)
You have always been a fan of the Blue Devils, since you were little. Now that you are here however, can you truly understand what it feels like to be a part of the community. To prove a point, someone hands you a T-shirt with the school’s logo on it.

> obtained school t-shirt

All around you are other freshmen with their parents, mothers are crying, fathers are shaking hands, and everyone is preparing to move all the essential luggage into the dorms. Fortunately though the chaos is mostly under control, as upperclassmen volunteers have been tasked to assist with move in day. There are also kiosks with many student organizations with important specializations ready to recruit new freshmen.

“Honey, why don’t we let Sergei explore a bit, let him get to know new people, and let him explore certain interests.” Your mother says as she gives you a hug.

“Are you sure dear? We could use his help to move in some of the luggage.” Your father looks at you, but eventually relents and says.

“Nevermind, I know this is important for you. The choice is yours son, have some fun. But don’t get into too much trouble.”

You have a conscience that says you should help your parents, but it looks like an upperclassmen is on his way to assist your family anyway. Should you?

Roll 1d100 average of three rolls (Random Events)

>I would be happy to help you, as that’s expected.

>I should go check out some of those student organizations, call me if you need anything.

>I would like to go find where my classes are. It’s very important to know where I will be going every day.

>Go talk with some other new freshmen

>dyuke nukem
Well fuck.....

I can do a revote
Rolled 86 (1d100)

>>I would be happy to help you, as that’s expected.
Rolled 63 (1d100)

>I would be happy to help you, as that’s expected.
This was quite buried
>I would be happy to help you, as that’s expected.
Rolled 17 (1d100)

>Go talk with some other new freshmen

Nah, it's cool.

Thank you for showing up, I was about to lose hope.
Rolled 66 (1d100)

>I would be happy to help you, as that’s expected.

> I would be happy to help you, as that's expected.

> Back to the story.

"Mom and Dad. You guys don't have to do all the work, this is may be about me, but it's also about you guys as well." you reply and give your Mother a hand with a large suitcase.

"Are you sure Honey?" your mother asks.

"He's sure Dear." your father says and gives you a smile and a wink.

You help your parents unpack making record time. Unfortunately when you make it to your dorms it shows no sign of your roommate having been there yet. You begin to unpack all your things and make record time in doing so. You may have enough time to go out and do another activity before you go to the scheduled evening activities.

Do you...

> Spend more time with your parents. Your mother looks like she's not handling as well as you would hope.
> Wait for your roommate to show up. (Roll 1d100 average of three)
> Walk your schedule (You are given your schedule, roll 1d20 Perception -1)
> Go check out the Student Organizations (Roll 1d100 average of Three)
Rolled 87 (1d100)

> Wait for your roommate to show up. (Roll 1d100 average of three
Rolled 8 - 1 (1d20 - 1)

>Walk your schedule
> Spend more time with your parents. Your mother looks like she's not handling as well as you would hope.
Oh dear, hopefully whoever the other poster was, hasn't abandoned the thread.
Rolled 3 (1d3)


Thinking you should at least keep your parent's company for a little while longer. You decide you should try and decide what would be an appropriate place to take your parents on campus.

"Where do you want to go Mom and Dad?" you ask your parents.

"Anywhere you want to go Sweetie." Your mother replies.

"The choice is yours, I'm not needed for work until next week. Especially Tomorrow......" your Dad answers, hinting that he wouldn't mind getting a little smashed.

You cringe at the thought of your drunk father. Previously you thought of him as quiet and collected. But now he seems like he just wants an excuse to blow off steam.

What do you want to do?

> Write-In(Anything you can/think you can do on a college campus)

You cringe
File: o.jpg (156 KB, 1000x750)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>go to a local honorable slavic eating establishment
>Write-In(Anything you can/think you can do on a college campus)
Every self respecting college has a pub or alehouse nearby
Okay let's roll with it.

"Why don't we go out for something to eat? Something traditional would be nice." you answer your parents.

"Do you know of any place?" Your mother asks you.

"I know just the place mom."you reply.

You pull out your smart phone and make your way through a simple google search for local Slavic eateries in the area. Conveniently there is one that shows up. It's actually a house renovated into a restaurant. It seems like just the nice homely meal that your family needs. Also it would be nice if it isn't too busy. While you've never had a problem with your father being drunk. You have a feeling that he might just be relieved to get some sweet release from all the hassles of this morning.

You make your way to the car. Your father drives with you riding shotgun for a change in pace. All of you make your way to the restaurant and find that it is located in a low-density residential area.

You make your way inside to be greeted by a young woman around your age. She takes all look at your family and begins to speak.

"Will it only be the three of you tonight?" She asks you curiously. If that's the case I can get you all a seat by the bar.

"That would be delightful!" your father replies and gives you the go ahead to drink with him, since the woman think's you're older than you already are.

Do you?

> Sit at the bar like a man and drink. (1d20+4 Persuade/Bluff/Coerce (you get 1 automatic success for 10+1 charisma, use it?)
> Don't drink, instead volunteer to drive back to campus. Let your parents have their fun.
>Write in.
Rolled 16 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Sit at the bar like a man and drink
>Save automatic success for later
Looks like we're pretty dead, but I'll go ahead because reasons.

You were never really refused alcohol when growing up. In fact for your 18th Birthday, your father took you out into international waters to get horrendously drunk, only to end up getting picked up by the United States Coast Guard. Thank Christ Uncle Oleg was there to bail you guys out as the only sober operator of the vessel. But funny and regrettable moments aside you, decide to throw caution to the wind and have some fun.
“Hey are you of age? an older gentlemen asks you while cleaning a pitcher.
“Of course I am. Who would lie in this kind of place? You guys must be hassled a lot for you liquor license due to your proximity near a college campus.” you smile and scratch your darkening chin.” you answer rather well, making sure to make your voice as deep as possible for added effect.
“Alright, what will ye have?” The bartender asks your party.
“I’ll have a double of Grey Goose, and a pinch of salt.” Your father responds, already breaking into the complimentary peanuts.
“I’ll have a Grey Goose Cosmopolitan.” Your mother answers, she looks at you briefly and simply smiles. Looks like she’s giving you the go ahead.
“I’ll have……….
>Roll 1d20+5 Composure (if ordering alcohol)
> A Coke
> A Club Soda with Lime
> A Jaeger bomb
> A White Russian
> A Screw Driver

> Actually "Write-In" option would be better too show me what you guys drink.
Rolled 16 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>A rum and coke
File: Doc_Brown.jpg (52 KB, 300x470)
52 KB
You have been a good sport this whole time. Thank you.

You decide to throw away any chance of you having a nice family dinner and proceed to keep up rather well with your own tolerance. You are doing pretty well with your liquor, however you begin to feel a slight buzz. Unfortunately for you, your father’s already on his 8th double, not to mention your mother is on her fifth cosmopolitan, and slowly dozing off.

“Well shit…” you think to yourself. You didn’t really think of a designated driver. Normally that would fall to you, but apparently due to your father’s carelessness, and your mother’s easily given approval, has completely stranded the three of you about 15 minutes on the outskirts of campus.

“Excuse me sir, you seem to be in a bit of a tight situation.” A voice asks from right behind you.

You turn around to see a man with crazy white hair and he’s wearing a white coat. He seems to be genuinely concerned with you and your parent’s well-being, but since he could be the only one to get you out of this mess. You have no choice but to……

>Refuse his help. (You don’t want to risk ruining his evening with your drunk parents.)

>Accept his help. (You need to get to campus, and your parents a hotel.)

Rolled 166, 386, 419, 511, 390 = 1872 (5d555)

>Accept his help. (You need to get to campus, and your parents a hotel.)
>Accept his help
I was going to do this later but it looks like now's a good a time as any.

>Accept his help (What could go wrong?)

“Thank you so much for your help.” You thank the man, and give a deep bow, which he just laughs at. Not only that but he pays the tab, and tips the bartender with what can only be old copper coins.

“Cheers, now let’s get these people to a hotel, and you back to school.” He responds after cheerfully escorting your parents out.

“Thanks…uh.” You abruptly begin to spout out.

“Speranskii, Dr. Speranskii, and if I’m certain you owe me something for this. So when we drop your parents off. Why don’t you help me with some research?” he replies with enthusiasm, as if he is pleased that he doesn’t really give you a choice.

You are underage, buzzed on liquor, and you have two drunk parents who might not feel up to leaving the hotel room until late afternoon tomorrow…..

You make your way to his car only to find that it looks like one of those cheesy 80s movies. Rigged with what looks like something out of CERN.


“Is that safe? You ask not sure what to think of the contraption.

“Oh this old thing? It won’t matter once we break 142 kilometers per hour.” He begins to cackle madly while still maintaining his cheerful demeanor.

He seems to lose himself for the next 10 minutes showing you the vehicle and all its functions. But eventually you relent and try and urge him to load your parents into the vehicle. It’s a tight fit. But it couldn’t be as bad as spending the night in the local jailhouse, and getting kicked out of school before it even begins.

“So uh Doctor, do you know how long the drive will be?” you ask him a little worriedly as he sets of the ignition and the lights start stuttering and gleaming.

“Only about 143 years give or take. By the looks of it though, I can’t be too certain where we’ll end up.” He answers rather cautiously while checking to make sure everything seems okay.

Suddenly a noise comes from the back. Your father has stirred and it looks like he begins to realize where he is.

“Speranskii you goddamn son of a bitch!”

"Oh so you weren't unconcious? Good to see you again Alexei!" Speranskii replies cheerfully when suddenly........


Any last words?

>Guy who looks like Doc Brown
>Has the car to match
>Including the flux capacitor
Fucking beautiful. Thanks for running tonight!

Anyway, what to say?
>"Sorry dad, but I couldn't risk getting busted for drunk driving!"

....and that is where I make my exit. I realized now that running on a Tuesday evening, or anytime later in the day for that matter was a mistake. If I stayed to my original schedule it could've gone a whole lot better. But for now to the two people who are still here. Thank you and goodnight.

-End of Thread-

I'm going to archive this anyway.

See you guys tomorrow at 14:00US-EST and 19:00 GMT.

For Information go check out the twitter.

> I need to take a cold shower now.

that will be added in the intro to the next thread. Thank you for your participation tonight. I should take into consideration how many other QMs run on Tuesdays.



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