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>You are a young man named Lloyd from the frozen Northern mountains of Tordo, on the continent of Teege. After a youth spent learning magic, you and your girlfriend spent some time as bandits after your home was destroyed, but have recently taken a chance to escape that life into a legit one... As sellswords, admittedly, but it's better than nothing. When the situation calls for it, however, you might take on the POV of a character somewhere else for a thread.

>Your exact goal will change from thread to thread, most likely involving some job or another you've been sent on.

>The questmasters are Octoling (myself), and Grandflaw. There's no particular rhyme or reason to who posts when, and sometimes one of us might not appear all.

>Character Death is always a possibility and sometimes an inevitability (this is Fire Emblem after all), but your actions can very easily influence who lives and who dies.

>Voting periods will last an average of ten to fifteen minutes, but this may be increased, decreased, or generally changed at any given moment based on voter turnout.

>The previous threads are archived on suptg. A link to the most recent (coupled with summary and a handy list of names) is pasted http://pastebin.com/9pT5KuAX

>Our update twitter is https://twitter.com/qmgrandflocto and you can shoot us questions at http://ask.fm/qmgrandflocto

>An up-to-date link to all threads currently archived, both for this quest and its precursor: http://pastebin.com/Q77ts75m
You, the rest of Marrius' Group (sans Irene), and now Bolse, Riga, and Wes, which you have come to call your Outrealm counterpart, are preparing to head to the ruins of Orsin Village, and from there a temple in which Paula currently resides.

You suspect your journey to be coming to a close, though it feels... Like it's nowhere near soon enough.

As your group finishes fighting seven powerful foes, however, Leigh, princess Shea and co. have only just begun to in Ulir, the land they do not know is where Demeter and Phineas are being kept.

All they know is that Esmer needs to be defeated and captured.

Irene, too, is among this fight's combatants, on the opposite side of Leigh, Yancy, and Yulea... She can only hope none of them are made to hurt the other, but she has no idea how much she is trusted.

>A. Be Lloyd
>B. Be someone in Leigh's group
>C. Be Irene
>A. Be Lloyd
20 minute decision time, naturally.
You continue to be, as you always are, yourself.

What fate befalls Irene, Leigh, princess Shea... You will find out in due time, surely, surely confident that you could have done nothing to alter whatever the outcome is.

You, Bolse, and Riga discuss your game plan.

Bolse says, "we're just not well-equipped enough for an immediate attack... Warping to Ladney first will give us time to purchase from Nadiel and Lara's weapon shop... Make certain everyone is ideally-equipped, weapons in top order..."

"And Ladney is right by Rakche," Riga responds. "If we take time for a shopping trip we don't need, there's no way in hell the knights of Neir won't be on our asses."

"But... Irene bought them time... We can safely travel..."

"But if the two of us are seen with them?" Riga says doubtfully. "That'll definitely raise some red flags!"

>A. You don't need to restock
>B. Be silent
>C. We'll make the extra stop
>D. Be someone else
>C. We'll make the extra stop
"We don't have anything for Wes," you point out, "and I could use a healing staff since Physic broke... I'm not sure how much help Berserk and Barrier will be if you're bleeding out." You give Riga a look. "We'll be as discreet as possible..."

Riga sighs. "You're the boss... I think."

"I think so too? We... Never named a replacement-replacement after Irene left." Anyway, you head out of Bolse's parlor, announcing, "alright, change of plans!"

Magically-tempered, the city of Ladney, not far from Rakche, is considered one of the greatest growers of this era. The home to a truly legendary enchanter known as Nadiel and his wife, the giant swordsmith Lara, it would rival Elza Oasis in comfort of living if they could figure out how its barrier works.

Who do you run into upon arrival in town , only moments after the group splits apart to do their assorted shopping, besides good ol' Tomnus and Kneil?

"Ah, good members of Marrius' Group... Your company's lineup changes so often," the son of the legends says.

Kneil adds in a singsongy voice, "where, may we ask, is the fire~?"

"Why the fuck're you asking so many questions?" Ansi asks hostilely. "Why did you approach us so fast?"

"We live here!" They say in unison.

>A. That's not what he meant
>B. Something secret
>C. Just sightseeing
>D. Refuse to respond
>E. Write-in response
>B. Something secret
"Look," you say, "we can't exactly discuss why we're here..."

"Ah, then it is as the botanist said..." Tomnus says.

"The botanist?" Ansi asks, "the hell is that?"

"I think you would know him well~," Kneil responds, "though these secrets are best not spoken of in public..."

Ansi scowls. "Tomnus, Kneil, who the hell are you?"

"In our travels," Tomnus says, "while peddling my parents' wares is honest work that I wouldn't take the world in exchange for... There is a heroic charm to the spread of information."

"In short, you could say we're friends!" Kneil adds. "The great Nadiel and Lara are no fans of undead subjugation, even if such an opinion grows treasonous. Friends you shall find at their place of business... Tell your friends!"

And like that, the musical pair is gone.

Ansi looks to you, wordlessly asking what you do about this.

>A. Do as they say
>B. You go, he doesn't go
>C. He goes, you keep running errands
>D. You think it's time we blow this scene
>E. Get everybody and the stuff together (read: have everyone meet at that place)
>F. Write-in response
>A. Do as they say
"Er... Sure, why not?"

"I'll kick your ass if you get us killed," Ansi warns.

"I know."

Built into a mountain, Nadiel and Lara's shop is... Far from humble, but it still has a very welcoming feel to it. The front door appears to be about seven and a half feet high, and the reason for that becomes extremely clear once you knock, seeing the giant woman who answers the door. This must be Lara.

Leaning down, the muscular swordsmith says, "I don't believe we've met... Did you order a weapon and decide you couldn't wait for my son to bring it to Elza?"

>A. Yes (lie) (specification recommended)
>B. No
>C. You're, uh, here for the high treason?
>D. Let Ansi do the talking
>E. Just visiting
>F. Wanted to meet this master of enchanting
>G. Write-in response
>F. Wanted to meet this master of enchanting
"So you're the swordsmith Lara... A colleague and I dabble in enchanting ourselves, so I would love to meet your husband..."

"I apologize," Lara says honestly, "but we're not currently taking any further apprentices..."

"Let us in anyway," Ansi responds, trying to push through. This proves to be a poor decision, as Lara does not budge.

"Now, don't be rude..." She glares. You get the distinct feeling she doesn't glare often, but feel for Ansi bearing the brunt of that look... "I pride myself on being a good hostess, but for you to so rudely try to push through..."

"Mother," Tomnus' voice rings from inside somewhere, "apologies for the disturbance! They're friends!"

Lara sighs. "Right... Tell your friends to be more respectful so we don't have trouble, alright, son?"

"Right this way," Kneil says, approaching you behind Tomnus, "to the dining hall! There, further friends await to meet!"

>A. Have Ansi go tell the others
>B. Go tell the others about this
>C. Both of you follow
>D. Write-in response
>A. Have Ansi go tell the others
File: Anna-FE3.gif (993 B, 48x64)
993 B
993 B GIF
"Er... Ansi, maybe you'll do less harm if you go inform the others that I'm meeting with alleged allies here."

"Right, kick me out, earn brownie points with the giantess. I get it."

You get the feeling he's joking, as he tips his sweet hat to you as he leaves.

Among the many faces in the dining hall are a somewhat older-looking Anna, Lyeim's brothers Romulus and Tobias, Tomnus and Kneil (natch), another older-looking fellow who looks like an affluent gardener, a middle-aged Garou woman in glasses, Lyeim's dad Stefyn, Asra, and Bolse. You later learn this not everyone, just... Everyone who could make that particular meeting.

"So you're this spirit charmer my niece is infatuated with," the Anna says. "No accounting for taste."

"Ah, but this is quite excellent taste!" Tomnus says. "Taste that will prevent these plans from achieving fruition!"

You feel like someone would appreciate several of these faces reappearing, but you only sort of barely know a few of them.

>A. What is going on here
>B. Be silent
>C. Leave
>D. Write-in response
>A. What is going on here
File: FatesOutlawPortrait.png (47 KB, 256x256)
47 KB
"Alright, what's going on here?"

The affluent gardener responds, "name's Mitchell. See, the princess Shea's been investigatin' this cabal we're about to uproot for... Since a bit after the undead arrived. Now that Bolse here's returned to civilization, the things that he knows are lettin' all of us finally close in on this here threat."

"The princess herself is currently in Ulir, and will most certainly find the hostage Noban nobles," the garou woman (Ella, you eventually learn is her name) says, "and, if things go well enough, capture Esmer and her Witch's Pendant in the process, being here to join us immediately..."

Mitchell continues, "Anna and I, we've got our big... Information networks from less legit times and a debt of gratitude to King Garrus... 'f he was calling he shots in his own kingdom, none of this nonsense Eva's been spearheading would be a problem.

"Still weird to think that after supporting us on the side opposite his, Eva was in favor of Lars' vision that entire time... Held onto that spark for 25 years, even."

>A. Just get the gist of the meeting
>B. Get swept up in the meeting
>C. Write-in response
>B. Get swept up in the meeting
Medium amount of interest.
A lot of people say a lot of things, much of which you don't get, references to aspects of the conspiracy that were thoroughly investigated before your part in things even began...

From what you can gather by trying your hardest to pay attention, a powerful playwrite, a humble healer, even a few of Neir's knights beyond those two already known are part of this network.

Among those who are not, however? General Reese and his son Jorden. If reinforcements arrive to aid princess Paula, doubtless those two will be leading them.

You also overhear a lot of Tobias and Stefyn talking about the former's mother/latter's wife, Chief Dama, and it's pretty sweet, but you can't remember much in the form of details. Apparently she supports Shea, too busy actually leading to show. Colleen, Rema, and the crew of the intelligent system also do, but... Yeah, hence why they rode Shea and co. out that way.

In the middle of the meeting, your own companions show up expecting the worst, only to find that everything is fine.

Afterwards, you find Wes practicing various types of magic outside, in a small, empty field. Typically reserved for clients of Nadiel and Lara, but this case allows an exception due to the whole... Situation.

"Hey again, Lloyd..." He says, rubbing his massive neck scar after every few spells. "I'm... Still not sure what sort of magic suits me best... Any suggestions?"

>A. Dark magic. You like dark magic
>B. Anima is easy enough
>C. Why not light?
>D. Suggest he see what he can do about one of the "special" magical classes (specify)
>E. It's his call
>A. Dark magic. You like dark magic
>D. Suggest he see what he can do about one of the "special" magical classes
>E. It's his call
We like Dark Magic, but, while he is our otherworldly counterpart, we're different in a bunch of ways, so it's not necessarily the best fit. Or maybe it is. Fucking Outrealm Gate. Give him a brief rundown of what we know of the special magical classes in case he hasn't thought of that yet and was just checking the well-known basics, see if any sound particularly appealing to him, and if not, at least he knows all the options.
"Dark magic, Wes. The correct answer is dark magic."

"Right..." He rubs the back of his head, chuckling. "Should've figured you'd say that."

"That being said, there is... More to offensive magic than the three main types. There's... Summoning, clever enchantment usage... Necromancy, I suppose, but I doubt Bolse will teach any of that... Becoming a spirit charmer could help..."

He asks what spirit charming is, and you explain. "I see..." He says. "Heh... What if I really did have a mark on my neck or something?" He asks, rubbing his scar. "Nah, though, that'd be... Improbable. Only raise questions about why they went at my neck."

"Eugh..." You're gonna need to ask General Yancy someday about what happens if the body part/skin showing the spirit charmer's mark is cut away. "It is a... genuine possibility, as much as we joke, though. Scar tissue usually heals in time, so I figure we'll find out... Whenever that happens. But then again, that deep a scar might not heal naturally... I've heard pretty good things about the Staff of Katri, though. Prized artifact of house Neir, said to both heal and ail in everything short of outright direct death..."

"Could that work on... Minds, memories?" Wes wonders aloud. "And if someone went through the effort of trying to cut my throat open, possibly erase my memories..." He looks worried. "Do you think I was a bad person, Lloyd?"

>A. You were once
>B. What's it matter
>C. You highly doubt it
>D. That's super subjective
>E. Maybe he was
>F. Write-in response
>G. ...
Vote time renewed.
>C. You highly doubt it
>F. Besides, who you were isn't as important as who you choose to be.
"You know what? I honestly really doubt it. Besides, who you were before isn't as important as who you become, the path you take to get there. Take it from this grizzled ex-bandit," you say, putting a humorous tone on that last part.

"Eheh... All due respect, I look scarier than you."

"Yeah, it's why I quit."

You share laughs.

That being said, Wes adds, "thanks for alleviating my doubts, at least... I think, if this King Garrus is up to audiences or visitors or favors... I'll certainly have him try to restore my memories with that Staff of Katri..."

You nod. "And if that works, maybe we could reform that Monica woman..."

"Yeah, this could... All work out pretty nicely, I think." He smiles once more.

>to be continued next thread
I know it's a bit of an early ending, but there's not much ground in need of covering that wasn't better off put in another thread for time reasons.

Think I'll offer one more chance to see the fight between Shea and co. and Esmer, and then just call it offscreen'd so they can actually rejoin the party.

Thanks for playing, as always. Update twitter and ask.fm are qmgrandflocto, and I'll be around in-thread to chat for awhile.
Thanks for running
Always a pleasure.

Huh, next thread's thread 34, too. Just noticed that.

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