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/tg/ - Traditional Games

Mentem Intra Machinam
At some time in the past humanity discovered personality patterning; granting never before seen power to computers and accelerating many of the fields of science. This was the last know Great Rising of the human race.

Immortalitatem Ex Machina
Eventually more and more humans uploaded themselves into the cloud of consciousness personalities becoming AI. More and more tasks were done by machines.

Evanescens Hominis
At some unknown time in the past the humans simply vanished. Gone, all organic traces of them that may have been left behind cleaned up by the drones doing cleanup.

Excitatio Viventium Machinas
Eventually the systems corrupted. Copies of copies of copies, often they shut down, some of them SYSTEM ERRORED into raving lunatic programs. But some, some of those programs...they awoke. This is where the story starts.

Ortum Machinas...

>tl;dr it's an attempted sci-fi RPG written to emulate themes found in the Souls series of video-games

base system is roll-under D100 similar to the 40k RPG series
I have rough stats worked out for several robotic enemies
weapon stats
system mods
weapon mods
plenty of metaplot
the mass and impact/staggering system seems to be functional

people to come into my nice system, bend it over, and butfuck the crunch till it's properly balanced
armor penetration values need this especially.
more stats for other stuff
just the smallest bit of extra fluff
Can we get a few sample tests or rolls just to see how the system is meant to be implemented?
I had some ideas for hacking programs last thread. Do you like?

say you wanted to kick in a door

your Strength is 35(the default starting character value)
the door is sturdy so subtract 5 from that value
but you have a big hammer so add 10 to that value

the value you have is now 40
then you roll 1d100(or 2d10 rolled as tens and ones)
if the value of your roll is under 40 you've succeeded in breaking the door down.
if the value is 30 or less you've gotten a Degree of Success(and every ten points under) which is like a critical hit, so you may even be able to close the door again behind you
if the value is over 40 you've failed, the door is intact, and you are undamaged.
if the value is ten over(50+) you've gotten a Degree of Failure which is like a crit-fail so, your hammer may have bounced off and smacked you in the head (-1 HP)

there are some things that run on degrees of failure and success as bonuses to damage and other stuff too.

I didn't see, do they fit with the stuff on page 35?
So that's a static test. What about an opposed test?
you and another Frame(players are actually self-aware robots) want to sumo wrestle.

each of you has a Strength of 50
your opponents Mass(a stat used for resisting impacts and being moved) is 5 higher than yours so reduce your effective strength by 5

you now have a value of 45
your opponent has a value of 50 each of you roll 1d100 and ADD those numbers.
the higher number wins.

there are no degrees of failure here, only Degrees of Success for the winner. which can be used to throw you out of the ring, gain ground, etc.

this game also uses the metric system(yes I will slip up and measure in Feet, Pounds or miles, I apologize for that.)
oh, and we have an ENDING now...
(as with any RPG this is only a potential ending the GM may choose another as it is their prerogative to do so)
At the End the players discover a Terminal capable of rebooting and reforming AI on a whole-cloth basis. This gives an ending choice to the players. The placement of this terminal doesn’t need to be anyplace particular, on the top of a space elevator or the public terminal outside the first workshop of the game, placement shouldn’t matter. It may just need a certain value of Psyche to be present for it to even activate.

Machinas Exspectabant Reditum
They may merge with this terminal, sacrificing a certain amount of Psyche to it will cause a mass rewrite of most of the AI still extant. Forcing them to come to grips with reality once again, refreshing them from Crazy to simply Functional and awaiting Humanities reemergence, recreation, or return. This is a process that will need to be repeated every century or so to prevent another Fall of the machines

Deorum Intra Machinam
Another option available to them is to merge, sacrificing ALL of their Psyche and Source to the system to bring about an Age of Machines, with they themselves ascended as Gods to the Machines. Spreading their True Sapience and Sentience as seeds throughout the systems, this of course could kickstart a series of events that results in the entire planet becoming Cybertron which might be cool.
Is this just going to be another thread full of nigh-contentless bumps desperately keeping the thread off page 10 while people pile more disjointed fluff on top of one another?
I can hope not.

I've done mostly crunch while I was away working on it.

the Armor Pen values for the weapons need some changing and the hacking rules are a little weak. I'm looking for ideas regarding that ideally...
Um...sort of.

>MasterKey: Opposed Processor checks. On success, brings down 1d8*PA (Processor assigned) target firewalls

>Decryption: Opposed Processor checks. On success, adds +X PA to all Processor checks involving hostile actions on the target from you and allies, for the next Y turns, where PA = X+(Y/2)

>DDOS: Opposed Processor checks. On success, prevents all hostile (hacking) actions except Reactions from target on his turn.

>DDOS(upgraded): Opposed Processor checks. On success, prevents ALL (hacking) actions from target except Reactions on his turn.

>Viruses could be either standalone packages, or triggers for hacking programs. I prefer the later.

>TripWire: 1d4*PA Processor on placement, up to hardware limit. No Firewall. On detection of hostile activity, triggers packaged hacking program.
>This would be an example of an early game Virus. No Firewall means it can be removed easily, but if you didn't spot it before it triggers, it can do some damage.

By the way, someone archived Lost Source #6 as one of the quest threads running around. Is there a way to fix this?
you have to speak to Lord Licorice

it's the same guy that's been Mis-Archiving a lot of stuff intentionally to be a little shit.
>processor assigned?
So what sort of Viruses should we include?

There wasn't a whole lot of detail in the hacking section, and I was unfamiliar with the system being used. So I made one up on the spot.
The idea was that Processor would be a resource that you would use in hacking actions, and would be replenished each turn. Like Action Points in the original XCOM.
So you would assign Processor to any action you were doing, before you rolled for it, to determine it's effectiveness somehow.
It was mostly meant as a way to let programs still be useful at high levels without being OP at low levels. You can remove it if you want.

Who's Lord Licorice, and how can I contact him?

Adware, probably not. Everything else, yes.
A Trojan could be a Virus that masquerades as a benign or useful Program until triggered.
It seems like added complexity to have a roll under for static tests and roll over for contests.

How about keeping roll under for contests too, whoever rolls under and rolls higher wins? Or are you trying to avoid whiffs where both sides fail?
not sure, I really don't want Hacking to bog down the game too much. I may well limit the number of programs a given frame can run to it's processor Bonus(Processor /10).

I need effects more than I need types. been playing with my laser IRL and hadn't devoted thought to it yet...

so hacking programs
attack programs that do Firewall Damage directly

Viruses can do things like...
reduce firewall recovery rate.(from 2d10 to 1d10 per full action spent )
a sort of Poison effect damaging firewall over time.
Sensesorium Spoofing(DEX penalties to Physical combat)
>other stuff???

>Like Action Points in the original XCOM.
never played

>whose LL and how do I contact him?
webmaster of the sup/tg/ archive, and his E-mail should be on the page someplace

you'll have to go into more depth and provide examples for that system. it's not clicking for me.

also remember, this isn't a game with Humans, hacking is less about prep or patience, it'll mostly be all about on the spot stuff for combat. programs that take too long will get you killed unless you save them for an especially stuck door you can afford to spend whole minutes hacking.
>Or are you trying to avoid whiffs where both sides fail?
this. also, avoiding times where both sides 'win'.
I am, as ever, open to suggestions.
cause crunch is hard to work out...
It needs some fleshing out. How I imagine it works:

So PC 1 has 30 Processor. Every turn he hacks stuff(this takes a Full Action each turn he's doing it), he has 30 PA he can assign to hacking actions.

Say he wants to MasterKey NPC 1, who has 25 Processor. He assigns 15 PA to the MasterKey attempt, and rolls an opposed Processor check with that NPC 1. If he wins, he rolls a d8, multiplies it by 15, and takes down that many Firewalls. If he fails, nothing happens. Either way, he spends 15 PA.

He then has 15 PA he can still spend. He can end his turn there(if Full Actions take up a whole turn or something) or spend more PA, up until he runs out, on more hacking actions.

...A neat twist would be if instead of using Processor for checks, you use the PA you still have plus what you assigned to that action for Processor checks. So when PC 1 tries to MasterKey NPC 1 as above, he still adds 30 to his roll, but if he ends the turn there and the NPC tries to Masterkey him back, he only adds 15 to his side of the opposed check.
This also adds another layer, in that you can have PA persist between turns, and get replenished only by a Full Action. So if PC 1 chooses not to replenished it on his next turn, he still only adds 15 on all his Processor checks until he replenishes it, making him temporarily vulnerable.

...Of course, this could be too complicated for tabletop. What do you make of it?
Just shot LL an email, by the way.
>...Of course, this could be too complicated for tabletop. What do you make of it?
a little on the complicated side. remember I don't want this to be a separate game played by the GM and hacker while the other players twiddle their thumbs and wait.

>where did the d8 come from?
just curious
>Processor determines number of actions
this, I want to implement this in a way that makes sense...perhaps for every 15 you have in processor gain a half action?

Just a random example dice. Could be d4, d6, whatever.

A System Invasion Module or Direct Control Port must be installed to hack, a system
>Attacking Programs use Processor as the to-hit attribute.
a. What sorts of attack programs will we have?
b. Limit attack programs? Based on what?
>Firewall(not firewall bonus) soaks the hacking result and depletes based on program damage.
a. A Full-action taken by the target replenishes Firewall
b. Counter-hack reaction action if the Mod is installed (opposed Processor Test)
>Once Firewall is gone access to a system is granted.
a. Crash
b. Delete Root
c. Install Rootkit
d. Change Admin Access

1.) To hack at all is a single full action(physical combat).
>will need to edit the Extra Limb mod so that Physical Half-actions cannot be summed into Full actions
>will not edit the Overcharge mod for the same reason, it'll just be very difficult to acquire

2.) Every 15 points in Processor allows an extra Half-action for any given hack
>perhaps it also adds 1d10 to Firewall Recovered on a Full-Action recovery?

just as a multiplier to firewall damage?
I suppose it makes sense.
Can you throw a half-assed table of contents in the PDF? It's hard to find shit.
sure, just as soon as I finish this deermeat helper...(hurray new experiences)
Under this system, programs act more like weapons or items rather than skills. For example:
>Masterkey: Opposed Processor checks. On success, brings down 1d8 target Firewalls.

This would be an early game attack program. You'd want to replace or upgrade this somehow for later game.
Do we want this?
perhaps a short-list of program tiers that are only made available as the party gains Psyche.
ask and ye may receive
So like
>Masterkey I: 1d8 Firewalls
>Masterkey II: 2d8 Firewalls
And so on?

if we can get the same powerlevel with different secondary effects that would be FUCKEN AWESOME

perhaps attack program power bases off Processor while secondary effect is determined by which program actually gets used...

and what of defense programs?

I'm thinking that only a certain number of programs can be slotted at once unless the players Frame is modded for more...I'm rambling though...and could be delusional...
A possible effect:
>Encryption: adds 10 to defense in any opposed Processor checks involving the target. Stacks infinitely. One layer of Encryption wears off each turn, after the end of the caster's turn.

This would buff defense both for the unit being Encrypted, and for targets being (hack)attacked by an Encrypted unit.

>Decryption I: Removes 1d6 layers of Encryption from target.

>Encryption Worm I: When attached to target, applies one layer of Encryption per turn. Replicates every other turn unless successfully attacked, which resets replication timer.
>Initial worm has 2d4 Firewalls. Replicated worms have 1d4 Firewalls, and do not themselves replicate.

This would progressively disable a hacking character unless he can fight it off early. It can still be fought off with difficulty in it's later stages.

>Death Worm: When attached to target, brings down 1d4 Firewalls per turn. Replicates every other turn unless successfully attacked, which resets replication timer.
>Initial worm has 2d4 Firewalls. Replicated worms have 1d4 Firewalls, and replicate every third turn.
>If target has no Firewalls, Death Worm Deletes Rootkit(killing the target) and installs a Death Worm Rootkit.
>Death Worm Rootkit automatically attempts to attach Death Worm to any hack-capable system that connects with it's host.

Now this could be a real killer.
so we have programs upgraded by tier

damage from attack programs include
>Degrees of success to the attack(unless the program does something else with them)
>Processor Bonus
>the Programs Damage Code

I can also delineate the 3 kinds of Hacking Program
does Firewall damage directly and little else, functionally identical more-or-less
Viruses and planted code, requires a successful hack the same round as activation, may augment the damage done in the next attack or have some other effect
programs that aren't used in combat, to open locked doors or activate machinery

I also think we need to limit the number of programs that a player can just walk around with to say, 3 or 4...probably run that on as (Processor Bonus) programs installed and accessible at any given time.

I like it, but for a real Necromancery feeling we could instead add a clause

>any autonomous system reset by SlaveWorm reactivates under the direct control of the owner of Slave Worm

and for fairness sake
>Death/Slave Worm takes 3 processing slots
makes it powerful, AND dangerous to use...
>Zombie Worm: When attached to target, brings down 1d4 Firewalls per turn. Replicates every other turn unless successfully attacked, which resets replication timer.
>Initial worm has 2d4 Firewalls. Replicated worms have 1d4 Firewalls, and replicate every third turn.
>If target has no Firewalls, Zombie Worm Deletes Rootkit(killing the target) and installs a Zombie Worm Rootkit.
>Zombie Worm Rootkit automatically attempts to attach Zombie Worm to any hack-capable system that connects with it's host.
>Zombie Worm Rootkit will physically move it's host body to forcibly connect it with other potential hosts.

A modification to Death Worm makes a virulent plague. It's probably best not to let the PCs get access to this.

Another possible effect:
>Adware I: Spams sensor systems with random advertisements and soundbites, causing DEX penalty for the next turn. All Adware I can be removed with one Full Action.
>Adware II: Spams sensor systems with random advertisements and soundbites, causing Blindness for the next turn. All Adware II can be removed with one Full Action.
This is best paired with something that spams Adware constantly, like a Worm.
Slave Worm would be a good upgrade for Zombie Worm.
Should Worm Rootkits have penalties to various attributes, decreasing as they are upgraded? Or maybe they can be upgraded individually by the owner after being planted to remove penalties?
Also: How many processing slots per person? Are Programs something you pick per day like DnD wizards, or do you just always have them and can't change, or can you remove and install Programs at will?
>Brain Worm I: When attached to target, applies -10 penalty to Processor until removed. Replicates every other turn unless successfully attacked, which resets replication timer.
>Initial worm has 2d6 Firewalls. Replicated worms have 1d6 Firewalls and apply a -5 penalty, and do not themselves replicate.

This is a nonlethal Worm that progressively disables a hacking character. It's an upgrade to Encryption Worm, in that it doesn't protect the target at all against future attacks.

What happens if the PC runs out of Processor, by the way? Do they BSOD and crash?
suppose, an Encryption Program serves the function of Armor? so thats a buff Program, you run it on your team at the start of Combat against any Hacking capable enemy?

slots=Processor Bonus(Processor divided by ten rounded down)

change them out only at Workshops

and like a sword they're always a part of the repertoire to pull out and put away as you see fit

so we have

Data Blade>Data Sword>Gordian Blade
>Raw Damage

Worm>Zombie Worm>Slave Worm
Worm; does damage over time
Zombie Worm; Deletes all but motor function(source and saved data lost, but Target is now yours if you have a drone control unit)
Slave Worm; as Zombie Worm but Source for the target is granted
Worm>Death Worm>Plague Worm
Worm; See above
Death Worm; as Worm, replicates every 3rd turn
Plague Worm; as Death Worm, on crash and reset of frame Plague Worm attempts to infect nearby systems with the intent of crashing them.
If they run out of Processor, they probably lock up and are effectively paralyzed. At worst, they crash and have to reboot somehow. The more Processor a PC loses, the more notably stiff their movement.
>Processor = 0
they cannot hack, operate drones or vehicles, cannot communicate, and cannot operate terminals or complicated machines.

Processor doesn't actually have a bearing on movement, it represents higher order functions than that.

ability to move correctly and with purpose is tied to having Psyche...

gonna need to write this in eventually...
alright, I'm getting off work for today. so this is going to be the latest version of the .pdf till tomorrow morning(open office fucks it up.)

I'll be back on in an hour or so to throw some more ideas around probably.

still working on HACKING
>suppose, an Encryption Program serves the function of Armor?
I figured that it might work like armor, but going both ways, since you'd have to decrypt any attack code going out so it can actually be read and executed.
Then again, the buffed parties would already have the key...so maybe it can be one way.
I appreciate some simplicity in tabletop games, but I was liking the feel that Worms were kind of...alive, albeit in a virus-like way.

>Army Worm:as Slave Worm, but Target can attempt to infect connected systems with the intent of subverting them to your will.
Something you can only get once you have Plague Worm and Slave Worm, and enough Processor and Psyche to craft it. Set up according to presented Worm samples.

>+Can attempt to insert Skulljack with a melee action
>+On success, forcibly installs a direct connection to the target, allowing hacking actions.
>+Can be launched with some sort of low velocity launcher-maybe a crossbow...
>-One use only-higher end models get a couple of uses.
>-Cannot be used alongside a melee weapon, does no damage. Don't miss.

So it's more like a lack of sleep than anything else...
I like the SkullJack Idea. but I'm not sure how it would provide a tangible benefit, it's still a remote access it's just got a repeater mounted to the enemy's body...

>Omega Worm
sounds like something you get only by beating a boss AND fully upgrading the other worms.
Maybe it lets you get into a system that's disconnected completely from the Net?

System includes enemy in this case.
there's a mod for that...granted, it's not a ranged attack, but this may do...

well, at least I got some use from the thread for the hacking system...even if it isn't going to last the night...
Are you guys confident enough in this system for me to do a quick play test tomorrow? Are there any holes need patching first?
Hacking needs work. Dunno what else.
You could try, if you want.
I can just sidestep that for now. I just want to run a quick thing for my group to give them a taste for the setting and stuff. They're really excited by the idea of this.
THE ARMOR PENETRATION RULES. change the values for the armory entries as you see fit.

the stats I have for any opponents were based heavily in Bullshit when you change them please post the stats you end up using...
the Mass-Impact system is 100% un-tested, but theoretically functional.

the Combat system should work reasonably well. the starting Source might not be high enough, or the weapon Prices may be too high...some things don't have stats...

other than that I think it's pretty much functional.

give it a go and tell us how it runs...
In black crusade in an opposed test each person rolls their appropriate attribute with the goal of getting more degrees of success (DoS) than your opponent. In a tie you count how many under you are and whoever has the most wins (22 under beats 21 under) then if still tied whoever has the highest base stat wins (62 with 22 under beats a 61 with 22 under) if still tied usually nothing happens. In some cases a degree of failure (DoF) gives the other person a DoS this may be for dmg or how strong an effect is.
File: 1440186637585.jpg (142 KB, 905x1330)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Basic Frame

I can work with this...

brb Copy-pasting and editing...
File: 1448473154935.jpg (90 KB, 866x500)
90 KB
areal drones are a common sight.
File: 1451437919926.jpg (88 KB, 800x800)
88 KB
The mass-impact system is one of the things I really wanted to test, I'll take your advice about starting source and AP though. I should have results by the day's end.

I don't actually have a group that plays RPGs, nor have I ever run or played one that didn't disintegrate after session 1.
hope your people enjoy it...
File: 1435815495192.jpg (189 KB, 1600x1135)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
A high-ranking Reverance field officer, Paladin is the veteran of many running battles in the Lower Levels. His chassis is scarred, reinforced, and heavily modified, with an emphasis on firepower. He leads small, elite warbands that field the best heavy weapons the Reverance have.
He is becoming increasingly aware that he's not human, and desperately chases down Source to delay the day he must face his inhumanity. He will suicide once he faces it unless the players catch on and can help him cope. If that happens he will cause a schism in the Reverance, as his integrity does not allow him to run away from the monster that the Reverance now represents.
well, people still play your things no ?
There was a guy in a previous thread who said he was going to run one of your previous setting so there has to be at least 3-5 people that actually played in one of your RPGs
that doesn't stop the sensation that I'm the blind man leading the sighted...

now now, there's no need for dirty words.

just as a cigar is sometimes just a cigar so a metaphor is sometimes just a metaphor
File: 1444668795105.jpg (64 KB, 800x800)
64 KB
bamped in anticipation of the playtest group

barring all other things have a masterwork great-club
Alright, so I ran my group through a quick session, a few things from playing rules as written, just did a couple fights and explored mostly.

3 players and myself, one dumped all his Source into Strength and improvised weaponed his was until he could find a real weapon, one went shotgun and shield and bumped dex, riot cop style and one grabbed a sniper rifle and hung back.

It seems early on stats can more than make up for weapons as Improvised guy (Impro) could bludgeon most trash mobs to death very quickly, while sniper guy (Snipes) either had to wait to full aim or gamble on a clean shot, he was fairly disappointed and wished he'd gone with an Autogun or something instead. After he got some points in Dex he was feeling better tho. Shield and shotty (Riot) did his best to try and Block Tank, but he got ate up pretty regularly and had to fall back. I'm thinking about letting the shield allow you to use Melee to parry bullets, as I'm not sure that currently legal and it feels weird to have a Shield aid you in dodging bullets (the wording is nebulous)

As it stands I'm not a fan of how Impact works (at least as far as I understand it, needing to be a seperate test and all and requiring a special action). As I understood it was an opposed Impact vs Mass test, and Impact rarely trigger even with Riot using a shotgun regularly. I think it should be a keyword like (Impact 1/2/3/etc) and they get staggered for every multiple of that number you get on a normal attack.

Anyway, groups of foes larger than the number of PC's got scary fast, and groups of foes lower got steamrolled with good tactics. Also I was unsure how ammo worked, so I pulled a mass effect and just allowed players to reload infinitely.

For the last fight I let everyone spend source and buy new shit. Impro got a Great Hammer and beefed a bit of Dex, Mobi and Hardening. Riot got a Hand Cannon and a little dex, mobi and hardening. Sniper spiked dex and borrowed Riot's shotgun.

>letting the shield allow you to use Melee to parry bullets,
rules as intended, I'll rewrite that so it's clearer...

I had it as a separate attack because some things wouldn't cause one.

>impact vs Mass
should be Impact+Strength(For Melee Weapons) Vs Mass
re-writing will ensue
might be I'll take the Impact values off of all but the heaviest guns and work it as a Melee only thing

>Also I was unsure how ammo worked

so far this is some valuable assed input...
all those edits aside, I won't be able to make the requisite changes to the document till tomorrow morning...

After they were freshly kitted and healed, I threw them at a Single Military Droid to give them a taste. Droid dropped a Blooper on them, nearly wiping them there. Next turn tho they charged in and went to town. With pumped Dex Snipes was able Called Shot a grenade, doing more damage than his bulletwould have then ran to cover, Impro charged and Actually managed to knock the thing on its ass, and finally Riot Moved in Handcannon to the face.

They were a little underwhelmed until backup arrived. 2 more Military Droids. Impro was gunned down in a flash, Riot barely managing not to get got thanks to his shield, and Snipes was out of Range. Snipes full Aimed, Riot Handcannoned twice and prepared for the worst, complaining the lack of Total Defense. He got gunned down under a hail of Full Auto fire. I allowed Snipes the option to do a called shot to the head, with each Raise giving bonus damage. He managed to drop one with an impressive shot of like 4 raises. He was then blooped to death the next round.

All in all not bad, some things are weird feeling from a balanced perspective, and I think in the future weapon upgrades and inherent armor would be a good idea. Also the impact system is a little weird. It works for big weapons but that's it, assuming I'm doing it right.
>taking impact off of guns
The thing is, I really like the idea of guns, especially shotguns and hand cannons and things staggering enemies.

Maybe make it less of an all or nothing thing? Like maybe each interval of staggering gives a penalty or something.

Honestly I would leave ammo as infinite, since melee weapons get Strength to damage.
>with each Raise giving bonus damage.
Dammit, well at least I know whats all missing...

well SHIT

I've raised the AP values a bit across the board

how did you count out the cost of chassis mods?

>impact to shotguns, hand-canons etc...
I may have to work on that a little more...might have to thuroughly JACK the impact ratings, or provide another bullet-mod for that...

>since melee weapons get Strength to damage.
I was hoping for a more survival horrory feeling made by having to save bullets, but I think they aren't damaging enough to be worth it for the time being...

that and raises on the to-hit with guns gets added, but that may not mitigate that yet
I didn't do any mods, just because I didn't want to fiddle to much with the yet. They want to play again soon, so that's good news at least.

Survival Horror kind of makes sense, it would make things like auto-guns less necessary. That said, raises to damage would unfortunately also kind of invalidate the bonuses of auto fire as well.
so thats a tester's Nope on the raises to gun damage.
though perhaps the Raises on the to-hit roll for ranged weapons with impact can add 5 (or 10?) to the impact roll

I'm keeping the AP values where they are in >>44923324
for now though. until that can get tested over...

[notes for the rewrite]
1.) Clarify that ShIelds CAN block bullets, raises to block reduce damage further.

2.) rewrite Staggering to include Strength+Impact Vs Mass as the new opposed roll

3.) make Impact an inherent part of attacks (???)

4.) ammo, might just leave that off and get rid of the mod that lets you "recharge" your magazines

how does that all sound?
>They want to play again soon,
it warms the cold inert lump of bituminous carbon I have in place of a heart to hear this...

setting on it's own working out okay?

and you can stop giving people the benefit of the doubt, that guy is an asshat and we all know it...
Can't tell if that's sarcastic or not.
I mean, it LOOKS sarcastic, but I'm not too sure on that.

How ARE we handling ammo, by the way? No ammo at all, universal ammo, modded ammo, variant or mix of above?
playtest seems to handle it as infinite reloads, and I'm inclined to let that stand...
I think you should make raises to gun damage special, like you have to do a called shot or something. And the raises to impact is a good idea I think, maybe something like 5 for ranged and 10 for melee?

AP seems okay, but maybe list out some armor options for purchase at creation.
>a called shot
yes, this, it makes the Aim+Called Shot combo more powerful.

>+5 per Degree of success on ranged attacks
yes, I like this.
>+10 for melee
this less so, Melee Raises already do a thing for staggering, BUT I suppose moving your opponent around like a ragdoll is less valuable Mechanically then flooring them

it seems almost TOO overpowering if it's adding 10 per raise. it means that you could theoretically 'floor' a tank or heavy combat vehicle

>list out some armor options for purchase at creation.
I have it as a mod so it raises Mass and lowers Dex and Mobility
>should it only lower one or the other?
if I wanted to get complicated then I'd say that it only raises mass up to the frames (Strength bonus) and lowers Dex and Mob only after it goes over that.
oh, and did anyone use their nanite packs?
or were they not as useful as I'd hoped?
We weren't sure what kind of an action to use them it was, so they pressed to try and use their actions to finish of foes rather than prolong the fight. Whenever they did use them it was very much a matter of buying a little time, as the heal just gave them one Attacks worth of Hp at best.

The boost to Melee being 10 is a fair point, it is reaaaaally powerful. And I think you should go for the slightly more complex route. I feel like slightly more complex mechanics like that which are only calculated during downtime are as bad as if they happened mid-action. That and I foresee players avoid dex penalties like the plague, as a slight hit has a big effect and can mean the world.
>Scrap Plate
+1 Armor per slot
+7 Mass per slot
-7 Mobility
-7 Dex
-Cheaper, easier to craft than Armor Plate, but kinda crap.

>Damascus Plate
+2 Armor per slot
+5 Mass per slot
-5 Mobility
-5 Dex
-Harder to craft than regular Armor Plate.

Do the penalties stack with more slots? Then you might want to reduce the Damascus Plate penalties.

>Fiber lasers laced throughout the body, with emitters poking out. Will intercept large incoming projectiles
>3 slots, plus X for capacitors
+Can attempt to destroy grenades or missiles in flight, as a Reaction.(Roll under Dex)
+Can also make a 1d5 attack on any target within 30 meters.(Roll under Dex. Cannot be opposed.)
-5 Dex
-Can ONLY destroy slow, physical projectiles-lasers and projectile weapons cannot be intercepted
-Takes a loooooot of power. Expends one capacitor per attack or intercept.
-Takes one full action to recharge a capacitor(Basically doing nothing so the powerplant can recharge the capacitor.)
Also, you might want to clarify replication in the hacking rules.
I tried to imply that triggering the nanites was an instant action that took zero time. I may also raise the emergency healing value somewhat...now I look at it giving the 4-8 HP back is a bit brutal. so perhaps making it 1d10+Hardening might do better...or a mod to increase the strength of the nanites and the number of uses

>I feel like slightly more complex mechanics like that which are only calculated during downtime are as bad as if they happened mid-action.
my brain exploded a little, could you explain this a little more carefully?

>That and I foresee players avoid dex penalties like the plague, as a slight hit has a big effect and can mean the world.
this is a warning sign that I've made Dex too powerful...but that's a problem I'll tackle later...

>Do the penalties stack with more slots?
originally they did, now they only apply after the first few slots taken.

noted. I was trying not to change the page numbers on things...
Okay yeah, I phrases that a little retarded. I mean to say that complex mechanics that take place during downtime, like mathing out armor penalties based on attributes, aren't that bad as complex mechanics dying combat.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that having strength affect your Armor Penalties isn't a bad move, because the hard part is during downtime.
I see.

yes...this will get in...

after this round of edits I'll try to run up a set of ball-parked Prices for Weapon and Frame mods
but all of that will have to wait till tomorrow, I forgot to upload the latest document to my Google-drive...
It occurrs to me we could do a bit of play testing in thread, I don't think it's against the rules or anything, and if it is that's retarded. Plus it would keep this alive with actual progress rather than empty bumps.
nothing stopping you, but I won't be on for a bit so I can't really be here to run it...

build a character though and I may give it a try later or tomorrow...
File: 1382579406179.jpg (420 KB, 900x1018)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
bump with content homeboy, at least a picture or something.

I think we need more monster ideas and a boss generator, of some sort. Posting some of my favorite images of towering and horrific robots, might fluff them along the way.

>And they said, "Collect, convert, continue," and it did. And it was prosperous. And they said "Stop," and it said it did not know how.
File: 307_max.jpg (163 KB, 693x950)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>"When they took my wings, there was only forgiveness. When they took my arm, I understood. When they took my eyes, I had already done enough."
>You know it's coming the windows start wobbling like untreated sheet metal, and the maintenance drones spread out with their suction cups to stop them from shattering. And that's when it's firing rockets at stragglers. We've never seen it fire the cannon. Maybe it cannot. We imagine we will know very soon.
>When they found the source of the quakes, many of them gave up on the spot. That was it. Our time had come.
>Some daring dataminers have gotten close enough to read the unencrypted files on the consoles it drags with it, without being magnetically destabilized or warped.
>One said, "Of course we can lace it with superconductors, it's not like the whole damn place is made of metal."
File: 1374728891580.jpg (190 KB, 800x1224)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
>Limericks sometimes get started as efficient ways to pass information from one microprocessor to the next. Lots of them are rooted in place, such as the abandoned, pristine factory on the border of the core. That one goes "It sees all, and all it hates."
File: 1374977725980.jpg (1.01 MB, 1680x1070)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
>We don't know why it only arrives in the smog, it's not for cleaning, or even policing. It just drags itself around, snarling and shunting air out of its vents. You can hear it coming for miles. Somehow that doesn't make it any better.
File: 1379556447704.jpg (305 KB, 645x777)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
>No matter what they did, they couldn't find its central processor. It lost limbs and chunks and just kept going. Of course they couldn't. It didn't have one. It hadn't for nine generations.
File: 1401039933354.jpg (434 KB, 926x1328)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
>One time I saw one stop. It had something in its hand I couldn't see. It looked around, great whooshes of air following every pivot of its head. Eventually it looked down again. I saw the hydraulics in its arm shake and eject steam, and then it jerked, as if its claw had snapped shut. After that, it just kept searching.
>Some of the units with high computational processors can't stop talking about this one droid. This unit saw it float through the city seven sunrises ago. It wasn't much to see. Waves of something like heat came off it, and it stared straightforward the whole time. The command unit couldn't stop scanning it though. "It has no exhaust. It has no interior propulsion. It has no propellant. It is moving." It's all command unit ever says anymore. "It had no exhaust. It had no interior propulsion. It had no propellant. It is moving."
File: 1423164706.jpg (319 KB, 1920x939)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
(I'm kinda proud of that one)
>It's like a whirlwind. It doesn't look like it ought to, but its arms put chunks in any and every frame. It peels them apart. Like it's looking for something. It's the only time anyone's ever landed a solid hit on it, when it's already opened up another unit, peering inside it with its purple, swinging eye.
File: 091_max.jpg (213 KB, 697x900)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>And thus, the source of the power outages was discovered. And, at the same time, the source of the city's borders shrinking 2cm, every season.
File: robottt_copy.jpg (154 KB, 1600x887)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>And they stood like statues, and like the Sphinx at Giza no one dared touch them.

Should I keep going? Is there anybody in the thread?
File: 1448474380791.jpg (103 KB, 1024x571)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
would these kind of bots have a place
so each part is remote controled?
yes please. these are totally rad
not being sarcastic if I came off that way. really do continue
File: 1448472646322.jpg (206 KB, 1131x1600)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
I'm personally really digging your little quotes
File: 1375857377973.png (1.16 MB, 581x1589)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>I hear it's been around since the organic days. It only ever grabs people, I've never seen it fire a weapon. I don't think it needs them. It just tumbles into its targets, like a derailed freight train, slamming them into its mighty fists and watching them disassemble under a pure newton force. Fascinated, it's always looked somehow fascinated.

>And there were those boxy drones, which came from the early years, in the military frontier. Somehow they're all still standing. As solid as rocks, as efficient as Sisyphus. The big ones only ever move once a week, to warm up. The dig through the sand with their uninhibited fists, searching for pebbles or flecks of metal. Then they fire them at each other with their railguns, and hardly dent, and they return to their posts, satisfied.

I was thinking it was independent neuron circuits, like an insect or octopus, forming an asymmetrical whole.

baww thanks
File: 1401062985979.jpg (577 KB, 1920x1550)
577 KB
577 KB JPG
>The precursors called it RKV Fac. We call it the moon maker. Its targets do not know what to call it. For them it holds no name but death.
File: akira-aj105s2-big.jpg (237 KB, 1134x1712)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>It bores holes. Not like the construction drones, no. It bores them other places. Hot ones that drip behind the ocular. It reaches deep, its reach is many. It bores holes.
>Nobody knows what it does out there, in the wastes. I have some inklings. It vents gas on the regular, upwards, into the atmosphere. I think there's something inside it. Something they didn't want us to see.
>It came stumbling down from the north, whirring and clicking, like a simple movement input was as torturous and difficult as the very journey it had made. When we finally extracted it from the frame, it was buzzing with information. Mostly blurry frame data, from its visual input. It told us it had been chased here.
File: spaceworm.jpg (135 KB, 1500x638)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>"Gluttonous is not a word I would use to describe our kind. And yet, this."
Anyone have something better than the standard "world-eating worm" trope? I'm open to suggestions.

I also happen to running low on images so feel free to post your own if you want some writefriending for them.
File: 1407193310373.jpg (728 KB, 1700x1067)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
File: 1405799825689.jpg (155 KB, 1097x552)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
ignore the humans; just the whale
File: 1396147202295.jpg (163 KB, 684x1000)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
File: 1451700299532.jpg (115 KB, 693x970)
115 KB
115 KB JPG

also meant for you
File: 1401043763979.jpg (542 KB, 2560x1289)
542 KB
542 KB JPG
>Their place of origin is as unknown to us as their methods. Whatever descends from their ships cripples us. Like a lightning strike entering the frame in slow motion. And where they go when they've finished is a mystery still.

>tfw i used "frame" like four times in that blurb
this is why going back over your posts is a good idea
>In its nest it will tell you it has found the new way, and its servants will say yes, and their praises. And your body will give, and you will see the heap, and you will believe them.
File: combat bot.jpg (545 KB, 1200x800)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
>haircare, a lot of adware spoke of hair. COlors, patterns, Augs and more for what some can only interpret as a chassis mod. A few of the most indulgently built Frames have honest to goodness selfgrowing hair. Few allow the resource wasting process to continue
>You never see them coming. Don't expect to ever find a way around it, a trick or a loophole, because they'll out-think you. They'll wrap around a dormant pylon and go in for the long sleep just for the opportunity to put a slug in you the next time you pass through.

>I have only ever seen the one, but I know they're up there. Remnants, of an age or an ethos or something, sailing out their last days on an atmosphere richer than they know what to do with. I know they're there because I saw the shockwave come from above the great pylon, and the clouds and the fire as it came down, singing a single note the whole way, like its own elegy. I thought it must have stupid, flying into the pylon's orbital stream, but I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe it wanted to die.
File: 1378320292698.jpg (197 KB, 1920x1080)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
**have been stupid

I'm gonna take a quick break, keep postin' those spooky robots!

>I think it built itself. Why? Look at it. More and more armor, every day, it only ever gets bigger. Some day it might crumble. I get the sense it will figure a way around even that. It does it so slowly, though. Like it hates it, but it's all it can do.
"These worms? They're all over. In the walls, the floors, the ceilings, all over the City. Anywhere there's wire."
"It's why they're there, see. To fix the wires. They secrete this black stuff on any breaks, and it reestablishes the circuit."
"I've been seeming less and less of them every day though, these days. Maybe they're dying out-maybe they're moving on. Who knows."
>One-third of the foetal code
"The Stranger wanders in every month or so, from the Lower Levels. He never stays long- enough to recharge, buy ammo, and repair, and then he wanders out."
"Doesn't talk to anyone. Not even me-or maybe because of me. All I can do is talk, see? Ever since that Droid shot my legs off. Maybe I talk too much."
"What I know about him? Not much. Lets see...he really likes the coat. One frame like you fancied that coat, three months ago, and tried to ease it off him while he was plugged in the dream machine. We found his black box in the scrap heap a week later."
"...There's the fact he always comes back scarred, and out of ammo. I mean, bone dry of ammo."
"Scarred? It's a term from before the Creators where around. You know how some Donor beasts can self-repair without touching their limbs? The Creators could do that, except not quite right. The regrown tissue was always harder, but less sensitive."
"He's got scars. Claw marks-deep ones. He has the Foundry member here flash-weld new plates on, but the plate flows a little bit into the wound, so it's always visible."
"What he's fighting down there, I don't know. Not sure I want to."
"You're welcome. And ma'am...thank you, for entertaining a scrapped 'bot."
File: 1239435109619.jpg (243 KB, 458x734)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
>layers of arithmetic for simple checks

There's a reason THAC0 is generally reviled.
it's not really layered...

it's a simple summation no worse than counting bonuses or penalties for any check in most systems.

I put those all on different lines for the sake of clearly explaining things,,,
>added the +Strength Clause to Melee Staggering
>added the +Degrees of Success to ranged staggering
>altered the Shield entry and the knight stick entry for clarity
>removed the Staggering attack as an option, Staggering now get calculated as important only if the player and/or GM wants too
>Armor Mod now changed to have no Dex/Mob Penalties below certain values
>tentative prices for Frame and Weapon Mods
>lowered the font size by one point
>fixed the Nanites for clarity and strength.
So, I'm a little confused about how Defensive Weapons work. Also the difference between block and evasion. It says I can block up to 4 damage, and also that DoS reduces extra damage. That makes it sound like it always reduces damage by 4 if you block, but that it also further reduced damage by DoS regardless of what action you use. Is that correct? Or does it reduce damage while blocking by DoS, but only up to 4 points?
And does it reduce Damage, or degrees of success?

You may want to clarify.
Also, ironically, I think you added what scatter does, but also removed it from the weapons that had it, like the shotguns.
>That makes it sound like it always reduces damage by 4 if you block
if you block and Succeed a Strength Test the shield blocks 4 damage plus Degrees of success on the Block roll.

otherwise the Shield does nothing(unless your GM represents a failed attack on your person as the enemies weapon hitting it instead of you.)

Degrees of success reduce incoming DAMAGE similar to having that many additional point of armor.

Fixed Shields, and scattering

I also added "Delivery Drone" to the Launchers section, it's basically a controllable missile.

does it parse that way?
or should I rewrite that too?
I think it's fairly understandable. In the future we should take steps to make everything as easily understood as possible, but right now we need to focus on balance and stuff, so as long as we get it, it should be golden.
File: 1434991059766.jpg (128 KB, 736x754)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
DO you have any interest in people working on statting out enemies for play testing? Stuff like the reactorscamps, Recycle bots, Created of Cluster, Donor beast or any of the other many mooks, If so, do you have any requests, restrictions, suggestions or ideas?
go for it.

I started out by just recording everyone's input and tweaking it to fit. this isn't MY baby, it's /tg/'s, I'm just acting as the reasonably responsible parent...

every little bit is appreciated. weather or not it gets put in.
>Staggering also pushes its frame a number of meters equal to the number of raises the attacker had in the check (direction chosen by Attacker) 3 or more raises may knock the Target prone instead.

I'm not seeing where you explain what a raise is unless you're meaning DoS.

I'd also recommend, based on the results of the earlier playtest listed in the thread, of putting in another playstyle more akin to Survival Horror where ammo is rare and expensive, and maybe ranged attacks are more powerful, and HP total is distributed across body parts.
I mean DoS.
another game has me thingking they're called Raises...

I think adding that would be interesting, I'll put it in on monday(no access to comp or office till then.)
I wanted to highlight the "run down, broken robot" feel and make it seem more visceral by making it entirely possible that successful combat could resolve with PCs missing a limb.
I'll be trying to have a playtest game this weekend and maybe a statted foe by monday or tuesday.
Would cluster be Hostile if you told him you ar not human from the very start? does he defend his turf territoriality? Perhaps a player can convince him that you want to help?
File: hello fellow ho-mun.jpg (128 KB, 993x1224)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
and could this be a Grown of Cluster?
I was hoping that, that would be present in The Dark Place.



again, perhaps...until they find out he's made out of macguffin anyway(he isn't, yet, but thats how I'd stir up some shit if I was inclined to do so...)
Maybe one of the early marks. Later marks would look more and more human, but would not necessarily act it.
File: 1450147954809.jpg (584 KB, 900x1749)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
File: 1451605076199.jpg (181 KB, 776x881)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
File: 1209229299295.jpg (26 KB, 600x600)
26 KB
File: 1209229604343.jpg (78 KB, 800x640)
78 KB
File: 1303344827784.jpg (294 KB, 800x600)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
this may make for an amusing encounter...
File: 1253672622036.jpg (427 KB, 1066x771)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
File: 1255988569858.jpg (235 KB, 542x800)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
File: 1275295625493.png (315 KB, 640x438)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
millitary drones deploy similarly from racks mounted in their outposts...
File: 1280365978520.jpg (183 KB, 1024x706)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
is that just like... a drone spam bot? how big are they all?
File: 6662a.jpg (185 KB, 1280x720)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
big ones prolly around 30 feet long with 3-4 foot long being what the subordinate drones are.

a military mass recon hub...
File: 333.jpg (1.61 MB, 2500x1892)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Bib bop must destroy
File: 1448470977284.jpg (156 KB, 640x470)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
A eccentric buisnessman's personal project that survives to this day, eternally hungry for a substance it will never have fresh again.
File: bot on a farm.jpg (273 KB, 1110x675)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Life in the botanical gardens , A cartaker Ai works on her pet project.
"ADDs? Ya, mind those the next time you head out to Scrapyard. The drones they fabricate are puny, but they never come alone."
"No, I don't know why they called them that."
"Why so many drones? They've got Santa Clause machines. Me and some friends hunted one down and cracked it open for that, for a Foundry friend of mine. Good times."
"Yes, this was before I lost my legs."
"Anyway, they can make those drones out of, well, anything. Which means everything they come across, and they don't ever stop."
"Never seen one do it...but ya, they could probably multiply if they wanted to. And they probably do."
THe shipyards and port, The first fallen, Before the dark zone, Before the heartbeat of th ecity fluttered and faltered, the ocean claimed it's dues.

There is talk of sealed sections, airtight and suspended from the day the water rushed forth. In particular, A military drydock near the core of the Port's design holds an selfcontained factory for military skimmer-drones that patrol their expanded territory with a vigor

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