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The system of Rukor is a flurry of activity across it's populated worlds and through the system. The defeat of the small Ahkam fleet has given at least temporary control of the star system over to the New Necrotic Armada.

A small fleet of its own stands guard in the system as the captured ships are grounded on one of the gas giants moons. The husks of the shattered ships swarmed by coffins and harvester ships brought in from the asteroid belt to consume and sort through the wreckage. Corpses are plenty as they float through the void, their biomass just as valuable as the scrap they drifted with.

On Rukor there are scattered celebrations at the departure and defeat of the Ahkam forces. Most though tried to return to salvaging their food stores for the oncoming hurricane season with grim determination matched by the dark clouds on the horizon.

The Stonestars moon is a frenzy of activity but not the warfare that raged only a day prior. Small villages of stonestars seemed to crop up overnight around the still burning wrecks of the Ahkam fleet. Groups of them climbing and picked nimbly through the debris under the guidance of a handful of Obsidianborn constructs. Volcanic glass commanding them with a language of chiming glass in a stark contrast to the stonestars harsh clacking code.

The fleet of the Ahkam has been stopped and it's commander, a juvenile Ahkam, slain and paraded through the system. The system is yours for now and you must decide how you will rule it.
File: 1443758441620.jpg (67 KB, 506x506)
67 KB
Welcome back folks, sorry about the delay.

Troop Maker: http://pastebin.com/RLEdxEEQ
Weapons and Technology: http://pastebin.com/gTSHe9Md
Ship Builder: http://pastebin.com/KcxwM8Hj
List of known Star Systems: http://pastebin.com/jX0h6D6h
Make sure to follow my twitter where I announce the threads: https://twitter.com/CeroTheNull
Also archive of previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=death+among+the+stars
Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/DeathAmongTheStarsQuest

>59320B (100 Catoblepas: 3000B daily, 10 Herds: 190B daily, Hunting outposts: 150B 110 Kelp Vats: 1100B)
>25150M (100 Diggers: 2000M daily, Scorched planet mining outpost, 5 Entropic Excavators 750M Daily, 15 Harvesters 900)
>Narcotikelp Farm (1k Vats) under construction (60%)

Troop Totals:
>2 Voidknight Disciples
>1200 Talons (4 Clutches)
>300 Aquatic Talons (1 Clutch)
>150 Cyclops: (3 Squads)
>100 Aquatic Cyclops (2 Squads)
>600 Stingers (3 Platoons)
>250 Gargoyles (5 FLights)
>50 Aquatic Gargoyles (1 Flight)
>255 Trolls (2 Packs)
>25 Crit Crawls
>75 Stalkers (4 Packs)
>1 Alpha Stalker
>60 Shadows (1 Cluster)
>100 Think Tanks
>25 Cauldrons

Enslaved Minions:
>Jor (loyal)
>1 Voidsinger (loyal)
>110 Osjiic Crew members
>225 Dagger Pirate members
>30 Colonists
>6 Stonestar
>3 Plainsrunner Osogo (In mental contact)
>4 Ructu
>28 Ahkam soldiers

>3 Void Terrors
>100 Chariots
>95 Coffins
>50 Support Coffins
>220 Nails
>15 Corvette
>16 Frigates
>10 Dagger disguised Frigates
>5 Osjiic disguised Frigates
>4 Light Cruisers
>1 Heavy Cruiser
>1 Battlecruiser
>7 Eyegores
>1 Dagger Clanship
>1 Ahkam Destroyer (Inoperable)
>1 Ahkam Corvette (Inoperable)
>1 Ahkam Frigate (Inoperable)

Lost ships:
>21 Coffins
>10 Support Coffins
>70 Nails
>1 Corvette
>1 Frigate

I included the gathered biomass and metal resources gained from the battle into the totals for the day
Completed Research:
>Flakeshell Dissection
>Flatsnake Dissection
>Old Confederacy Star Charts and Files

Current Research
>Combat Telekinesis: Very Slow
>Flagship: Slow
>Crystal Energy Sponge: Slow
>Ahkam Fighter Mimicry: Medium
>Volcanic Lichen: Medium
>Lava Doves: Medium
>Armatocere food offering: Medium
Completed Research:
>The Flakeshell was a large gastropodal creature nearly four meters long that the Stonestars used as a domesticated beast. They grazed on volcanic fungal-lichen and were domesticated for their slime which had anesthetic properties if boiled properly and their meat but most of all for their shells. The long low creature was covered in a nearly flat shell that fractures and splinters into jagged spines when the creature flexes its body. These spines were originally used to protect against predators but as the Stonestars grew sapient they began to harvest the chitin for tools and crafting.

>The Flatsnake was a flat ribbon of rippling flesh and sawing tongue-plates that used the thermals and updrafts from the many volcanic vents of the moon to sail high in the air. Usually solitary they would occasionally form into large swarms for their breeding season, a dangerous time for unwary Stonestars. A line of eyes ran along their underside nearly their entire length allowing them to watch for prey below. Once spotting their prey they dive down like a spear to tackle their target, wrapping their body around them while injecting a potent venom through a series of barbs emerging from their flesh.

>The files taken from the derelict Confederate frigate were heavily corroded with age and exposure, the Think Tanks and Dagger technicians having several setbacks in the process of decoding them. Finally they present their findings. A garbled log from the pilot as the crashed to the planet, apparently under attack from an unknown enemy while scouting unknown systems. There was an incomplete list of nearby systems with brief descriptions to be investigated more thoroughly, Horizon's Drop among the list. Most intriguing was the inclusion of the location for several covert military bases and even a testing site.
>that Cauldron transformation description

I didn't need a new fetish, but, oh god, satan guide me.
Oh boy here we go again.
File: Tyrre.jpg (34 KB, 640x265)
34 KB
>By studying the Flakeshell your Think Tank has replicated and tweaked into creature a similar to your catoblepas, a reconstructed gastropod able to survive on the moon that grazes on local "vegetation". It's shell grows rapidly in easily trimmed segments to harvest for biomass. Generates 15B a day if allowed enough grazing time. Cost: 15B

>Flatbody: A Gargoyle adaptation that compresses the reconstructed units body into a flatter shape. This allows a gargoyle to float effortlessly for long times on thermals but the reduced weight prevents the carrying of more than one grenade. Instead the tips of its ribs now protrude from it's skin able to deliver the potent payload from its venomgland. The new shape also allows for a drastic increase in maneuverability in zero-g environments.

Gained Research:
As your forces and Think Tanks pick through the wreckages and captured ships they have brought forth the first of their new subjects for you perusal. The Ahkam ships were surprisingly primitive and a hodgepodge of multiple different technologies, each ship based seemingly on a different design theory.

Epikor elite troops wore an advanced form of powersuit, synthetic muscles providing a staggering increase in strength along with several mounted weapons.
>Epikor Powerarmor: Medium

The Tyrre berserker elite wore a deadly and ceremonial form of simple power armor bedecked in an array of thermal blades and spikes jutting from the metal.
>Tyrre Blade Armor: Fast

The Ahkam Destroyer was a brutish large beast that dedicated a large amount of its mass to providing a hangar for transporting their fighters and small craft. Think Tanks are already probing and measuring the structural supports for the large room.
>Hangar Ship Mod: Medium

In the galley of all three captured ships they found an array of foods from across the stars shoved in vast ice-boxes and freezers. Among the array of food was a bizarre and disturbing delicacy of the Tyrre and Kosda. Sealed in large barrels were stinking hunks of meat that upon initial investigation seem to resemble the teratomas produced from by your Catoblepas. The Kosda chefs say they do not know where it comes from, only that it feeds a large portion of their fleets, a servitor race unseen by any giving the meat as tribute to the Ahkam for their holy protection.
>Mystery Meat: Medium
(Ok I seriously need to starting writing down research ahead of time, this is ridiculous.)

Your battlecruiser drifts over Stonestar moon flanked by your fleets protectively. The stone throne you've grown attached to floats in the void as you look at the still corpse of the Ahkam juvenile crucified to your ship. A proud trophy but a potential source of research and power.

Finally you motion to a nearby group of Shadows and they dart forward, prying the nails from its body pinning it like a bug. The blue scales flash with starlight as it's carried to a waiting Corvette to be brought back to the research lab on the scorched planet.

Your throne rotates and you look down at the storm covered moon and the supermassive gas giant looming under it. The system was yours but there was still much to do and prepare for. The Ahkam would sure search for their lost forces. Similarly the Osjiic force camped in a nearby system seeking out Estkri's lost fleet. There had been no word from the Dagger fleets but they were sure to soon miss their Clanship.

Tapping your claws together you think to yourself, what now?
Go to the systems the plant people reported encountering the sun eaters' wraiths. Let's go track down our old gf.
Research, start building up a bigger fleet, Check Lavafather ship progress, and start tracking down our old friend.
Offer to build kelp vats to help the natives with the coming hurricane season. Helps with publicity.

Ask Lavafather for those ship specs

Find us a wraith
Looks like
>Search for Wraiths
>Talk to Lavafather about ships

Do you also wish to:
Offer aid to the Ructu natives?

Build up your fleet?
>Write-in amount

50 frigates.

30 corvettes
20 frigates
10 light cruisers
With the Ahkam forces gone from Rukor the paused ecological survey is sent back out to complete its task without fear of interference.

A group of aquatic Talons and gargoyls swim around a Coffin submerged deep in the water of a dark portion of the planet-wide ocean, the bottom undetected on sensors. The reconstructed drag a large predatory squid-like creature that had attacked and started to eat an unlucky Talon to the Coffins waiting cargo hold.

There was a pulse through the water and the Gargoyles writhe in surprise. Something moved down below, something...vast. They turn their eyes down and peer through the murk, straining to see anything.

At first they overlook it, thinking it was just a shifting of the light trickling from above but then the depths flare with sudden light. A dazzling array of pulsating color and light blinds the gargoyles peering down into the darkness as there was a series of powerful shockwaves sent through the water as whatever it was they drew the attention of rises rapidly from the depths.

The Coffin struggles to take off but it was slowed in the water and the sudden rush of currents grips it tight. Talons and Gargoyles are tossed like leaves in a storm wind, several of their minds blinking out as a massive limb pulsating with blinding light thrusts past them. The limb was as thick as the Coffin as it coiled around the craft and flexed, shattering the craft with barely a twitch and dragging it into the depths.

As soon as it had arrived it was gone. The colossal attacker leaving a few terrified Talons and Gargoyles rushing for the surface.

>1 Coffin
>4 Aquatic Talons
>2 Aquatic Gargoyles
In the system where your Eyegore watches the gently rippling petals and leaves of the Armatocere satellite drinking in the light of the red giant star. You silently observe your reconstructed as it stares at the craft, amused by the curious reconstructed and its fascination.

Sending a message through it makes it shudder visibly in surprise but it transmits the data to the satellite, requesting the locations of known Wraith sightings. It takes several hours but eventually there is a reply of several nearby systems along with a message wishing thanks for the traded ore and a hope that Jor and the others enjoyed the food.

A Think Tank looks through the list and highlights a trio of relatively nearby coordinates. The three systems also overlapped with several gained from the Confederate files, at least one of them also the supposed site of a military tech lab.

Construct 3 new Eyegores to investigate?

The Obsidianborn construct left behind in Agona's fortress paces around uncertainly before approaching a passing Troll, its voice reverberating the reconstructed. With Agona gone to oversee the herding of the captured forces it didn't know who to approach. The Lavafather wishes to speak with Agona about the prospect of their proposed spacecraft.

Do you wish to send Agona to speak to the Lavafathers diplomat or do you wish to yourself?

Your ructu minion speaks to the dreamstone, thanking you profusely for your aid even though they were not sure if you were paying attention. They say that even though the Ahkam thieves were gone the villages were facing a famine with the incoming hurricane season preventing their ships from fishing. They ramble on about how the ructu were even bitter about your help, saying it will only make things worse.

Your voice calls to him, reassuring him as your image appears before him in his hut of mud walls. You show him an image of the large kelp farms you've been tending to on Horizon's Drop, "The gifts of Jadyk are many and this is but the first. Spread the word among your people. I shall not abandon you."

Already cauldrons in Nekris' bunker churn as Talons pull forth the large sheets of metal and glass for vats.

>Creating 25 Kelp Vats 125B 250M
Agona can finish what she's doing, it's time to personally introduce ourselves to the lavafather.

Holy shit, maybe its time to beef up the survey team in Rukor? I want to research whatever is living there.

Also, sorry for being so late.
The arms of the pylons come to life, pulling forth the parts for new Eyegores from large Cauldron pools built into the structure and assembling them. It would only take a few hours for such a small order before the Eyegores minds blink into being before receiving their instructions. Void Drives surround the small craft in a pocket of twisted light before disappearing rapidly into the cosmic distance.

You decide it was time to speak to this Lavafather yourself and your throne is swallowed by a passing Corvette that turns to descend to the moon below.

The Obsidianborn is there waiting to greet you as you disembark from the corvette. Your feet drift several inches above the volcanic rock, spear in hand with freshly remade armor and bones gleaming as the rain poured down. A guard of heavily armed trolls follow you even though you knew you had nothing to fear, more of a show for your potential ally and vassal.

The sphere of jagged obsidian rotates slowly as if investigating you as you approach, halting before the it. You give a small bow before speaking, "It is good to be here on your world, thank you for having me servant of the great Lavafather. I am Lord Jadyk, master of Punisher Agona and the New Necrotic Fleet. I understand you wish to speak to me."

The construct is silent for several moments before a different voice echoes from the sphere as if a speaker. The voice was thick with rumbling bass, vibrating your bones, "The pleasure is mine Lord Jadyk. I had hoped to speak with you someday. I did not expect this meeting so soon. I am what they call the Lavafather. I know of you, Lord Jadyk. That name rings with the same sensation as the Wormstar."

Your jaw clacks in surprise, "You know of the Wormstar? Do I speak to a former comrade?"

"I once served a minor power in the Grand Necrotic Armada. Before the fall, before my imprisonment. Now, with you here, I believe we can become great once more," The voice of the Lavafather sounding almost...hopeful.
What shall you discuss with your new ally?
Perhaps a way to free our new ally and to perhaps help him set up the infrastructure to begin producing ships and weapons?

I'm thinking, with our spear it might be significantly easier to free him than it might otherwise be.
I agree. I do not remember what or whom imprisoned me, but I believe we can rebuild something of note. I have a lead on Akka-tor's location as well. How do I free you?
Nothing like getting the band back together huh?

See what the lavafather wants; does he want to start building his own ships or just catch rides with ours? If the former, we can offer to provide him with the tech and some startup funds as resources. Either way let's exchange tech developments in our weapon designs, his napalm thrower was intriguing.
"It is good to hear that there was another survivor of the Armada. I have a feeling our stories are similar. Imprisonment for ages until we broke free. Perhaps I can help truly free you from your prison on this moon," you offer as you float before the construct.

The Lavafathers voice pulses from the volcanic glass, "Regrettably I am forever bound to this moon. My essence was imprisoned in the heart of the volcano, trapped for eternity in heat and pressure. They couldn't destroy me, so they hid me away. In my efforts for freedom I reached out for my surroundings. Over the eons my control grew but so too my connection. The volcano in all its power and fury is as much a part of me now as your bones are a part of you. I can never leave this moon, but I can send my children, the Obsidianborn and the Stonestars to the cosmos in my place," the voice pauses, the obisidan bobbing in place, "That is, with your aid."

"Do you remember who imprisoned you? Perhaps if we knew of our jailors we can have our justice," your fist clenches around the spear that ripples with jagged spikes to mirror your anger.

"Nay. Only brief half-remembered images of crystals bright and powerful. A whole universe full of crystalline planets. I do not recall my defeat, only that it was painful," the Lavafather is silent for a moment then speaks up once more, "With your aid I wish to create a fleet of my own, to help you hunt down the Ahkam. They hurt my followers, my adopted children. They will burn with my fury. The sight of their dead on your hull has filled me with a passion and a rage."

A Think Tank drifts from Agona's fortress to join you, "You shall have my knowledge. My Think Tank will gladly assist you in your plans, just let us know how we can make this a reality. I have gained a lead in tracking down another former comrade of our Armada. The Voidknight Order had been reborn as well. Our strength will only continue to grow. The Armada will rise once more."
Think Tanks are now sharing ship building technology and research with the Lavafather with the intention of helping him develop his own unique spacecraft. He will contact you once he is ready to request supplies or aid. His forces are currently stripping the wrecks of the Ahkam ships as a start to the project.
You think too small Lavafather. Soon your volcano will form the bones of a great capital ship and you and your massive form shall roam the cosmos once again, and all shall know the power and fury a living volcano can bring to bear.

File: Osjiic.jpg (47 KB, 237x463)
47 KB
A message is sent to you from Horizon's Drop, Jor and the Voidsinger both requesting your attention. After speaking with the Lavafather you both depart to tend to pressing matters and you return to your corvette.

Seated once more in the bridge screens blink on displaying the images of Jor and the Voidsinger still wearing their exosuits. You could tell the human had come to greatly enjoy the sense of power and importance the suit gave him while the Voidsinger was a true soldier and could appreciate good armor.

You nod to them in greeting, "Good to see you both, my ambassadors. I am pleased with your efforts with the Armatocere. It is good to see that I chose well when I selected you to join my Armada," It still amused you to no end the pride that flared within Jor at your praise. What was surprising was the sense of accomplished satisfaction from the Voidsinger at your praise. He was the surprising one, "So tell me, what is it you needed? I am here for you, my friends."

Jor was the first to speak, "The Osjiic and Dagger soldiers are growing restless. Those not out at the polar hunts are growing ever more discontent and troublesome. There have been brawls and without the spikes," his hand unconciously touches the scar on his neck marking the very first domination shard you'd created in your freedom, "there would've been riots."

The Voidsinger speaks next, "They are soldiers bred, born and raised. They are not fit to be herders. Hunters perhaps, but not farmers or peaceful folk. Combat is ingrained in the Osjiic soul. They need conflict. The Dagger are similar, their lives lived as pirates and bandits. I was approached on my arrival back by a group of former Osjiic officers," he pauses until you motion for him to continue, "It pains them, greatly, to ask for this but they wish to see combat once more. They ask to be allowed an honorable death in combat or to be sent into combat. They are desperate and still-crazy."
Your enslaved minions are going stir-crazy with cabin fever. They are even desperate enough to ask you to send them into combat.

How shall you reply to their request?
>Write in
Very well we will deploy them to the next front in combat, under the command of a general. Have them fitted for suits and weapons.

But they will be given proper equipment and armor and act as proper professionals

Wouldn't mind having living troops if only just in case something comes around that can disrupt our normal forces capability
I'm fine with having some living troops out there. Might be good for interactions with their respective races. Lets be careful with them, our reconstructed can be replaced easily, these soldiers not so much.
They must prove themselves worthy first. It is all well and good if they pick up a weapon in our name but we hold our forces to a standard.

Each hopeful shall be made to combat a cauldron born soldier and defeat it to be accepted.

Give them armor and appropriate weapons. Give Exosuits with adaptations to the officers that the Voidsinger will chose.

He's in charge.
Who are we to deny our living servants who wish to take up arms in our name? Allow our captured subjects to fight, and provide them all with exoskeletons and whatever weapons they wish for. It's not like they could betray us if they wanted to.
Give Void singer command of this army

Also give him some divisions of reconstructed troops too

Hes gonna need the experience
File: NecroticRecruit.jpg (92 KB, 632x960)
92 KB
You tap your chin with a claw in thought before pointing the finger at the Voidsinger, "Very well. They shall have their combat. I give command over this legion of Necrolytes to you. The arsenal of the Necrotic Armada are yours. Allow them to equip themselves with armor and weapons. Select for yourself officers, give those exosuits like your own.

Go among the Osjiic and Daggers, gather the fighters and soldiers. Tell them they shall fight in my name, all former allegiances forgotten. Their lives belong to the New Necrotic Armada," you stand from your throne, spear twisting in your grasp, "They shall fight for me and die for me only to fight and die for me once more. Tell them they will find glory in my Armada, they will find eternity in my power. Go to them and make them strong. Make me proud and you shall receive your name."

The Voidsinger looks surprised at the sudden proclamation but quickly kneels and bows, "I accept this task, Lord Jadyk. I will not let you down. I will make them a force to be feared. Necrolytes shall fight and die and fight and die again for you. Hail the Conquering Worm!"

New Necrolyte Legion formed:
>1 Voidsinger Commander
>280 Necrolyte soldiers (Mix of Osjiic, Netu, Kesh, Human, Vorh)
Ok I'm gonna start wrapping up the story stuff. Time to do some troop and ship making.
Please post your suggestions for troops and ships.
So far we have

>30 corvettes
>20 frigates
>10 light cruisers

>50 frigates.
ALL Ships

And build a space station in the Rukor, dont care if it is just us dragging an asteriod

I want it to have as many guns and shipyards as possible
>30 corvettes
>20 frigates
>10 light cruisers
>>30 corvettes
>>20 frigates
>>10 light cruisers
Having a tactically balanced fleet is important.
These are fine >>44931145
Well the excavator you have on the protoplanet have been hard at work hollowing it out. They've made a decently large tunnel system that's growing by the day. It would be easy enough for a team of diggers and an excavator to start construction of a base there.

Would you like to begin construction of a base in the asteroid belt protoplanet?
What would you like to build there
Maybe we could use that terror sphere idea that anon brought up a couple threads back. Instead of an FTL ship it could be more of a semi static defensive structure like those star forts in WH40K. When we need to move it it could be dragged by FTL ships and could be left in orbit or deep space to defend vital assets.
Advanced AA-Tower
Heavy Missile-Pod
Ship Construction Pylons
Hangers for defense crafts
And other things

Basically i figure a defensive position and our capital site in this system since i dont think its wise taking the lavafather planet or the ocean planet either
This sounds good
>30 corvettes 1350B 3000M
>20 frigates 1200B 3000M
>10 light cruisers 800B 2200M
Total 3350B 8200M

It would basically be like the moon base back in Horizon's Drop. There are also two additional small sister moons to the Lavafathers with generous metal deposits that would make decent spots for shipyards and mining.

Create Protoplanet Base:
>5 Advanced AA-Towers (also helpful for clearing away dangerous asteroids)
>10 AA-Towers
>Ship Construction Pylons (How many of which?)

This thing right?

Terrordrome sub-capitol cost: 75B 390M
4 Pin Missile pods 56M
6 Turret Necrotic Flensers 120M
10 Auxiliary Necroflensers 80M
Shields 20M
A semispherical half-dome sub-capitol ship that is focused on defensive measures and guarding an area. These half-dome ships can land on a planet or asteroid to provide anti-air support. In space two of them can combine to form a sphere to provide all around cover.

Support for adding to the premade list? It's quite possible to make.
Fine by me, makes sense to have defense stations
Yeah might as Make the terrordrome a space station then if we just using it for defense
Yeah that's the design I was thinking of, with power for the engines routed to the shields and weapons to supercharge them, making it an effective static defensive feature. Even as a distinct ship design I would support it.
File: terrordrome.jpg (1.08 MB, 900x853)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
It'll be even more impressive once you finish the Hangar bay research. Has a distinctive name too.

How many would you like to create?

The halves, whether they're used in space or solitary on the surface, would have to be transported in FTL piggybacking on a subcapitol like the Bloat Carrier

Speaking of which, I would suggest crafting a few of them as well.
Craft 10 Bloat Carriers 750B 2200M?
Sure. Make 100

100x Terrordrome sub-capitol cost: 7500B 39000M
3 for now

Make 10 Terrordromes 750B 3900M
send them paired so they can combine
4 for Horizons drop
2 for Lavafather moons
2 for asteroid belt
2 for Rukor

We should totally make more Entropic Excavators and Harvester ships. Our metal supply is so much lower than our Biomass farming
Y 10
supporting these numbers. And yeah, we need more metal input.

25 Harvesters 375B 1000M
10 Entropic Excavators 500B 1600M
Toss the Excavators on one of those metal moons.

Anyone else think we should give the otehr mine worthy moon to the Lavafather once he gets his ships? He'll need a shipyard too.
Build 10
Create 10 excavators
File: RukorGorilla.png (500 KB, 800x786)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
Your Pylons leap into action, being the first orders of your new fleet. In the Lavafather system the mining base gets several visitors, corvettes transporting supplies as diggers begin work of creating a suitable base and shipyard in the system.

>Protoplanet Base (Cost to be deduced by next thread)
>10 Bloat Carriers 750B 2200M
>10 Terrordromes 750B 3900M
>25 Harvesters 375B 1000M
>10 Entropic Excavators 500B 1600M
Total: 2375B 8700M

I think I'm going to call it here. I need to get some sleep. Again I'm sorry for the late start.
Hope folks had fun, I know I did.
Thread is archived, please vote for it if you can.
Thanks for running man, good night
Btw, Lorgul is doing well. He's recuperating in a Cauldron for the time being.

Thanks for playing.
File: grayy lmao.png (73 KB, 251x458)
73 KB
we need to infiltrate the confederacy and convert them to the necrotic way through the sweet narcotikelp man

Build 55 excavators (8800 metal, 2750 biomass)
Build 100 Catoblepas (2000B)
Build 100 kelp vats (500B, 1000M)

I don't understand why we are stockpiling so much resources instead of constantly using them to increase our income. Is there some problem I am not aware of? Do we have a bottleneck of some kind?

We have a daily income of ~4500B and ~3500M. Our next goal should be to increase that amount to 10k for both. After that, it should be around 20k. Then 40k, then 80k, then 160k, etc.
We had so much downtime where we could have quickly built our power exponentially.

Lets not waste this opportunity. It is just a matter of time before our enemies realize what a threat we are and divert much higher attention to eliminating us than before. Right now, the great powers don't even realize that we exist.

We need to come to level where we can build tens, hundreds, thousands of capitol ships and tens of thousands of troops per day with barely affecting our industry.
Our main advantage over our enemies is that we have unlimited supply of troops and very effective and streamlined industry. Where other factions would face bureaucratic and social problems when quickly increasing the scale of their industry and army, we have no such problems at all. Lets make full use of that.

For now, having emergency stockpile of 10k B and 10k M should be enough. When we reach higher level of resource flow, we can increase that number.
Its probably too late, but I'll second this.
Seconding this too.
Use our Dagger disguised ships to launch a quick raid against the osjiic looking for their missing fleet, skip drive out

Do the same with our Osjiic ships attacking theConfederacy shipworks

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