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>General information:
Characters: http://pastebin.com/Ydy1mj8n
Planets: http://pastebin.com/PncEDGjg
Bionics: http://pastebin.com/y43v5xnL
Inventory: http://pastebin.com/P4FLruz4


You are techpriest Heracor Nahive. You were forcefully implanted a brain chip that made you into little more than a working drone; nullified your emotions and willpower. One day for unknown reasons the chip stopped working and you were returned to your former self. You felt the need of vengeance, right now you have become stronger and have returned to your world and is planning your vengeance.

>Main Missions:
- [ Heracor ]: Rest for now.
- [ Liwet ]: Scout the battleground of Telematha and advance towards the designated coordinates.
- [ Oihan ]: Meet with the higher ups and convince them of deflecting the nearby Ice meteors into Telematha.

>Current Locations:

>Opening Video:


> Go to the Command Bridge where the ship is steered and piloted. See if it is in a working condition.

> Send them to the Warehouse. Check if there is anything useful in there.

> Send them to the Meltadrill bay. Check that the ship's equipment is operable.

“We will go to the command bridge to see if this ship it’s still drivable, in case it is you Klaus will come and pilot it, if it is in a damaged state I want Naromius to come and attend to its Machine Spirits, you Hephaestus will aid and follow her instructions. Iyago and Rosabel will go to the warehouses and see if there is anything useful among its cargo; Oneida and Naromius I want you two to check on the ship’s Mining equipment. All clear?”

You were answered with several nods and one “Aye”, “Roger roger” and “Understood” or two.

“May the Emperor’s grace be with us today and turn this into a successful mission.”

As everybody parted towards its designated direction so did you and your two companions. A perpetual radio silence was maintained and only a faint background static come out of your vox speakers, those Scions knew that any kind of verbal communication could be way more revealing than required and thus they used sign language during these spec-ops missions.

The path towards the Command Bridge was easy to cross and barely lacked any debris or obstacles, such important area had to be easy to access and offer plenty of corridor space to allow an efficient transportation. Once inside you found that the Glass Windows that showed the exterior and were used to pilot had been completely shattered when this ship was damaged, now that several slabs of forgesteel had covered the damaged areas with an airtight seal it was impossible to see where the ship was pointing at. In case it’s steering and controls were functioning Klaus would have to drive completely blindly and trust the sensors and auspexes to avoid fatally crashing.

Not long afterwards from your comm two nearly simultaneous beeps rung on your ear. Each one of them meant that one of the teams had managed to reach their destination.

“Report second team, what do you see?” You say.

A second later another beep came followed by an answer by Rosabel.

“We are on the warehouses, they are full to the brim with rare metals, jewels and crystals and also massive deposits of unrefined promethium. It seems that those miners had found their Dorado among those rocks.”

“Any enemy so far?”

“Negative; there are several dead bodies lying around but they all seem to have died of asphyxia.”

A fate known as the “Cold Embrace” by the Navymen. A terrible way to die for when a ship gets breached entire areas might suddenly become devoid of air and automatically seal while trapping dozens if not hundreds of people that can only wait for a slow, painful and inevitable death.

“Stay alert, report of anything out of place or suspicious.”

Then you contacted with the last team to know of their status.

“Report third team, what do you see?”

“We have reached the area where the main drill is located. According to Naromius it is on a working condition but requires fuel to operate and what she has called as “Extravehicular manual positioning of Steel Cord Saws. She’s busy right now studying some equipment around there; they look like bulky grav-chutes, do you want me to interrupt her?”

“Not for now Oneida, good work.”

It seemed that this ship had been docked in the Space Station when the Necron invasion began and that after some of the damage that the Station had suffered it ended floating away from its dock towards its current location. During the course of that it had suffered some damage but was in an overall working condition, surely the Necron voidships saw that it wasn’t manned and had little to no weaponry and didn’t deemed it an objective worthy of shooting down.

As their leader it was not time to decide what route to take now.

>Order the Enginseer, Naromius, to come to the Command Bridge and see if there is anything broken with the controls.
>Order the pilot, Klaus, to come to the Command Bridge and see if he can pilot the voidship without the Windows ports.
>Order the two in the warehouses to Start carrying the fuel into the MeltaDrill.
>Order them to continue searching into the different areas of the ship.
>Write in.
>>Order the Enginseer, Naromius, to come to the Command Bridge and see if there is anything broken with the controls.
>>Order the pilot, Klaus, to come to the Command Bridge and see if he can pilot the voidship without the Windows ports.
>Order the Enginseer, Naromius, to come to the Command Bridge and see if there is anything broken with the controls.

"Enginseer Naromius, I require your skills in the Command Bridge, I need an exam to see if this equipment its in a working condition."

She confirmed the order with two continuous bleeps and proceeded to come towards you direction while Oneida kept guarding the Drill.

>Order the pilot, Klaus, to come to the Command Bridge and see if he can pilot the voidship without the Windows ports.

"Klaus, get out of the Lander and come to the Command Bridge, we need you to fly this Mining Ship."

About five minutes later both had reached your area. You asked Hephaestus and Lucie to guard the entrance door and stay vigilant.

"We will let you work on your sacred rituals and maintenance Enginseer. Klaus, come with me."

As the Enginseer started to put her strange skills to use you advanced towards were the still shattered remnants of the massive Window panels were, covering them there was now some great and thick rectangles of metal.

"As you can see a great breach happened there, possibly sending the Captain and other piloting capable personnel into the vacuum. If the controls work you will need to pilot relying only on the datafeed that the auspexes and analyzers give you. Can you do it?"

"Worry not Commissar, I have driven across sand and snow storms in several occasions. Visibility can be more an inconvenient than an advantage for us pilots."

"That's what I wanted to hear."

After saying those words the entirety of the room illuminated with the lux of its cogitators and panels illuminating as they reawakened from their slumber. From the ground a panel opened while sending great streams of steam and electrical sparks, from that panel the Ship's Wheel emerged, ready to be piloted.

"Emperor Bless you Enginseer. Excellent work."

>Ask the Enginseer about the “Extravehicular manual positioning of Steel Cord Saws"
>Order the Enginseer to activate the Engine Startup protocols so the ship can start moving.
>Order the Enginseer to come with your team and you and to aid in the refueling of the Drill.
>Write in.
What a slow day. If things continue as stagnant I might end it for the day.
>>Ask the Enginseer about the “Extravehicular manual positioning of Steel Cord Saws

Sorry boss at work now
>Sorry boss at work now
Don't be sorry, it isn't your fault. I guess today is a bad time and a bad day or that my quest simply sucks enough to not attract enough attention anymore.

Here is archived:

I don't know when I will be able to run again. Thanks for playing.
Sorry Ax, just got done with class. Time zones are a bitch

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