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>You are a young man named Lloyd from the frozen Northern mountains of Tordo, on the continent of Teege. After a youth spent learning magic, you and your girlfriend spent some time as bandits after your home was destroyed, but have recently taken a chance to escape that life into a legit one... As sellswords, admittedly, but it's better than nothing. When the situation calls for it, however, you might take on the POV of a character somewhere else for a thread.

>Your exact goal will change from thread to thread, most likely involving some job or another you've been sent on.

>The questmasters are Octoling (myself), and Grandflaw. There's no particular rhyme or reason to who posts when, and sometimes one of us might not appear all.

>Character Death is always a possibility and sometimes an inevitability (this is Fire Emblem after all), but your actions can very easily influence who lives and who dies.

>Voting periods will last an average of ten to fifteen minutes, but this may be increased, decreased, or generally changed at any given moment based on voter turnout.

>The previous threads are archived on suptg. A link to the most recent (coupled with summary and a handy list of names) is pasted http://pastebin.com/0ZDkuUF5

>Our update twitter is https://twitter.com/qmgrandflocto and you can shoot us questions at http://ask.fm/qmgrandflocto

>An up-to-date link to all threads currently archived, both for this quest and its precursor: http://pastebin.com/Q77ts75m
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Yep... Still out of it. Our hero, Lloyd, continues to miss much of the eleventh hour of his own tale.

As Ansi and Une report back to Irene, she learns of the horrific truth that Zlatan, the confirmation is in possession of a Witch's Pendant. She will spend the next while wondering who this traitor Ansi and Une reported the existence of is, and wondering if the assassination of those council members really was the doing of either the Groznyi or the likeliest suspects in the Order. She needs to review the facts with... Someone she's come to trust implicitly.

Zlatan and "Limin," allies and confidants, speak in private about future plans, but who is really in charge? How much do they trust one another? They may be directly working together, respectively the archvillain of the Groznyi Civil War and the continent's public enemy number one, but to what end?

Ellen, meanwhile, along with her friends and companions in Noba, will soon learn of her friend's faction's victory in this war in Odo. She, her wife, and the passive, hooded figure they protect might be due to pay the place a visit alongside the good duchess Victoria!

Oh, and, uh, the rest of the characters are all up to something or another.

>A. Be someone else (specify)
>B. Be Irene
>C. Be Zlatan
>D. Be "Limin"
>E. Be Ellen
>E. Be Ellen
File: Ellencolored.png (238 KB, 600x799)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Word of the Order's victory reaches Ennas fast... But unfortunately, the only one who knows both of Paula's presence there, of Wes' alleged presence in Noba, AND of the significance of this fact TO Paula, is currently under mind control.

For the moment, you are Ellen, in a pretty nice city you don't get out to often enough.

Duchess Victoria's palace is pretty swell, and you and Zoe have been pretty much inseparable since you returned several months ago. While your love never grew... Stale, at all, it certainly feels like 20something years ago all over again.

Over tea with duchess Victoria, Wes, and Zoe (she makes such a fine... You never bothered to learn the name of the tea. It's good leaf water), you discuss earlier-mentioned news.

"So the Groznyi rebellion has been stopped, yet the Peshkatz were apparently hired to take the lives of Odo's council..." Victoria shakes her head. "A sad ordeal, all of this is."

"Well... At least it's over, right?" Wes asks. "It's safe to resume traveling..." Right. Princess Shea determined that it wasn't safe for Wes to be in one place for too long. So he and Ymira, the latter disguised 24/7 as Wes and taking on higher-profile foreign aid missions with several Neir knights, are both being escorted around the world. With Paula able to teleport at will, keeping him in one place is, again, not actually that good of an idea.

Oh, hey, wait, there's a pause in the conversation and you zoned out there, but people seem to expect a reply from you. What do you say?

>A. Come again?
>B. Uh, yeah
>C. No, no
>D. This is boring
>E. Write-in response
>B. Uh, yeah
"Er, yeah, sure!" You say.

"I thought you would say that," Victoria responds. "Alright... First thing in the morning."

You nod as she excuses herself for important duchess business, hoping you didn't just agree to something stupid without paying attention.

Zoe whispers shortly after, "Victoria just asked if we would pay a visit to Odo with her. Pad out this time catching up and stuff." You nod and whisper back a thanks.

Wes, nearby, gives a knowing chuckle.

Staying in Ennas was nice and all, but to be perfectly honest you're happy to be back on the road. One last stop before your lot spends awhile in Elza Oasis. General Yancy has been dying to meet him.

"You know," Wes says, "I know it's entirely a safety thing, but... It feels good to be out in the world and stuff. Just... living, studying, learning. Uh, hey, didn't Duchess Victoria say Marrius' Group was helping out in Odo? Maybe we'll run into Irene and the rest! Oh, man, it's been too long since I've spoken to them..."

>A. React with complete indifference
>B. Encourage him to meet up with them then
>C. Encourage him to keep maintaining a low profile
>D. Write-in response
>B. Encourage him to meet up with them then
I can't think of any tangible in-character reason for Ellen to not let Wes meet up with his friends and totally-not-long-distance-girlfriend, as long as Zoe and herself go along to keep him safe.

Out-of-character I can think of a few but >metagaming.
You could probably justify it with Ellen being a canonically-proven really, really paranoid person, but where's the fun in that?
"Yeah, definitely. Just, uh... Stay safe, alright?"

You have a bad feeling about this, but bad feelings... aren't enough to rain on his parade. To be fully honest, you still have every reason to want this guy dead, and Zoe must know it as well as you do.

In fact, you recall a conversation you had with Princess Shea before this little mission began.

"Now, my father has... Entrusted you with this man's safety," she said, "and would certainly like to see him able to roam freely with his final tie to his past completely removed from the equation. We all would."

"Right..." You remember saying, "your point?"

"Well, I... Understand that you're someone who knows when it's better to just. Cut your losses. Please don't do so without absolutely necessary. Only if you're completely certain he's been... Compromised."

"I... I don't know if I'll be able to stop myself from just doing the safest thing."

"Hey, you'll have Lady Zoe with you, won't you? Just... Remember your better half, as they say?"

You... gotta say, you're still not entirely convinced that just killing him way back when you first woke up from Paula's spell would have been the wrong choice, but you've sworn to protect Wes as long as he remains himself. "Of course..." He says. "I'll be smart."

>A. Talk to someone before calling it a night (specify)
>B. Wander aimlessly
>C. Skip ahead awhile
>A. Talk to someone before calling it a night (Zoe)
As you stay in one of this palace's many lavish guestrooms, you naturally spend some time speaking with Zoe.

Arms wrapped around you from behind, she asks, "what's troubling you?"

"...usual stuff."

"Usual stuff is a lot of things," Zoe wraps her arms around you tighter, more comfortingly. "Be a bit more specific?"

"Well, I mean..."

She sighs. "I know, I know... It's always a lot of things. Anything you wanna start on?"

You shrug. "Well, I think..."

>A. You're still not sure Wes should be protected
>B. A lot of nasty flashbacks
>C. You're all wound up from not fighting anything
>D. Write-in response
>E. It's nothing
>B. A lot of nasty flashbacks
"Just... Bad memories keep drudging themselves up."

Your lover's hand moves to yours. "We've dealt with this before, so just... Breathe in, remember it's all over, you're here now..."

"Right... Right..." You do so, inhaling, exhaling, whatnot.

You're able to relax into Zoe's embrace, and the two of you find rest for the evening moments after.

First thing in the morning, both of you being very well-trained individuals, you're already ready, packed, and wide awake.

Duchess Victoria, a small entourage of Malva knights, yourself, Zoe, and Wes (by far the latest up and at 'em) are on the outskirts of the city shortly after, Victoria saying a few words to her subordinates.

"Now remember," your friend says to them, "we're going to Odo to celebrate the end of a war, foster a new bond with the nation, and help them rebuild from the losses the Groznyi have inflicted upon them. I am... No stranger to petty rebellions doing damage to a nation, ridding them of their leaders... Act with the utmost tact and sensibility in what is undoubtedly a time of grievance for this young nation."

>A. Ask a question (specify)
>B. Talk to someone on the way there (again, specify)
>C. Write-in action
>D. Just skip the traveling
Gonna be AFK for a few minutes. Just remembered that eating is a pretty important thing.
>B. Talk to someone on the way there (Victoria)
"So, uh... Victoria!"

"Yes, Ellen?"

"Well, since the route Zoe and I took here went around Odo... What's it like?"

"I've only been a few times myself," she answers, "but... It is a strict place, distrustful of outsiders of any kind. Much of their infrastructure is situated in their centralmost cities, which is how the Groznyi were so easily able to conquer the various outskirts and make travel an absolute nightmare..."

"I see..." You say.

"Yes, and before them, it was just a bunch of different bandits. Formerly including them IN that number, mind you."

"What number?"

"Bandits. The Groznyi were nothing but a lot of them running a former Dain outpost."

"Urgh... That's their so-called revolution?"

"They haven't even a game plan. And when Dain stepped in to take them over, it caused me unpleasant memories as well. Directionless rebels ruining Malva when I was but a teenager, an unexpectedly sudden heiress..." She makes a disgusted sound. "If that damned queen Eva was allowed to distrust me, I can cast doubt upon her sister's intents."

>A. Does she think Paula's controlling Empress Kia?
>B. Does she think Empress Kia's just an asshole?
>C. Maybe she's overthinking it
>D. She definitely has a point
>E. Write-in response
>A. Does she think Paula's controlling Empress Kia?
"You think, uh... Public enemy number one is behind this?" You ask, genuinely figuring that's what she's getting at.

"It's... A suspicion we must have towards everyone, but not relevant to why I would have doubts about Dain's 'charitable efforts.' Empress Kia's own father and sister were the ones who led the forceful takeover of my own homeland. And Odo is not only recently-independent from the Dain Empire, but directly to the east of Malva."

"I see... Yeah, that's a lot going against this action even if it's entirely her own."

"Glad you see things my way..." She scowls a bit, "on that note, since the mood is already soured. Is that imperialistic queen still living luxuriously in her house arrest?"

She refers to Queen Eva, and King Garrus' controversially lax punishment towards conspirators supposedly serving his crown.

>A. Yep
>B. She hates it, if it's worth anything
>C. Don't answer
>D. You can't be mad at her either
>E. Write-in response
>A. Yep
>B. She hates it, if it's worth anything
"Yeah. For what it's worth, though, it's pretty much the perfect punishment for Eva," you say, grinning a bit. "No military authority, nobody trusting her... Is it bad how much I enjoy this fact?"

"No, no... It would be cruel to wish pain upon her, but to know she's suffering anyway..." You and Victoria share amused noises. "King Garrus is brilliant."

"Yeah... He knew that the kindest and the most effective thing he could have done overlapped, in that one particular case." You cock your head to one side. "Personally, I would've had her head."

"Ah, but that could make her a martyr, perhaps reinvigorate belief in Paula's cause..." She shakes her head. "This is why leadership is a difficult balance, Ellen. You've a warrior's spirit, and I would follow your guidance to the ends of the earth in battle, but... No offense, but you'd make an awful politician."

"Eheh... Yeah, none taken." You rub the back of your head, grinning a bit.

>A. Say something further (specify)
>B. Skip ahead
>B. Skip ahead
After various guards in the capital city, the first familiar faces you, Victoria, and Zoe spot are none other than Lloyd and Irene, alongside Zlatan, the man that Victoria described... Quite vividly and unflatteringly from her brief time having met him. You know right away by his demeanor and choice in company that it's him.

Any doubt, however, is erased when Victoria's last clue comes up: Zlatan's distinct way of speaking. "Ah, so nice to run into you again, duchess... Been so long, yes?"

"I've gone longer without meeting important contacts in person, Mr. Zlatan..." She looks down. "I am... Sorry about your leaders, though. The council was wise and worthy..."

"Ah, yes..." He frowns. "Awful business, that. But the Committee of Notary has had the successors informed of their status. They are not to say it publicly until the treaty meeting, but it is known publicly that they know who they are."

"They... don't know who their own successors are?" You whisper to Victoria.

"It's to prevent overly ambitious folks from... Expediting the process," she explains in another whisper. "Now isn't a time to discuss this." Turning back towards Zlatan, she says, "and I... trust that the more full-time knights of Noba were of similar use to you?"

"Captain Riga has been an absolute delight to work with again," Irene answers. "It's a shame that the circumstances are so grim, but we have missed talking..."

>A. Say something (specify)
>B. Ask where the rest of Marrius' Group is
>C. Go and find Wes
>D. Write-in action
>E. Do/say nothing
>B. Ask where the rest of Marrius' Group is
>C. Go and find Wes
He's most likely with the rest of Marrius' Group if he's not here, or Lloyd's group in particular if the others are split up since they were friends, so unless we have a better idea of where to look first, we may as well ask for directions.
File: FatesWitchPortrait.png (206 KB, 382x432)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
"Er... Where's the rest of the company?" You ask.

Lloyd responds, "they're in a former embassy. Lovely place to stay, actually."

"It's the same place where the knights from Noba were put up," Irene continues. "So, uh..." She lets a small, uncharacteristic smile loose. "How's Wes been?"

"Wait... How'd you know about-"

Lloyd raises his hands in guilt, "I... may have found it out from a Noban knight during a misunderstanding, spilled the beans to Irene..."

"Urgh... What was this knight's name? I'll need to personally see to it that they realize the importance of confidentiality," Victoria says.

"It was... Regula, right?" Irene says. "Anyway, the one who hangs around with the local guard a whole lot."

"Urgh... I thought better of her," Victoria grumbles. "Anyway, if the cat's out of the bag... Ellen, would you and Zoe be so kind as to show Irene to Wes' escort?"

You nod, leading Irene back a ways as Victoria, Zlatan, Lloyd, and a few assorted Malva and Odo soldiers/guards head closer to the Hall of Odo.

"So, Irene, how're you holding up?" Zoe asks politely as you all walk.

"Well, this war's taken its toll on me... Haven't felt like myself in awhile, you know?" Irene says, still smiling. "I just hope this can all... Come to a close."

>A. Of course it will
>B. Why wouldn't it
>C. How's everyone else
>D. Write-in dialogue
>A. Of course it will
>B. Why wouldn't it
"Of... Course it will, Irene," you say.

"Right, right..." She nods, still smiling.

"Why... wouldn't it?"

"I... I don't know. There's always the... risk of Paula striking, and I've been... Really worried about Wes' safety. It's been months since we met in person, one day I just... Stop hearing back from Rakche, and then learn he's been traveling?"

Zoe sighs. "We... figured it was safer than cooping him up in one place when the princess can teleport."

"Right, right..." She rubs an arm. "You know... Ansi's been. Investigating that stuff pretty heavily. The... Whether or not Paula had stake in the civil war."

"Hmm? Wouldn't he have talked to you about it?"

"Yes, and I've reviewed with Lloyd, but... I'm sure Ansi wouldn't appreciate me spreading his theories outside of the group..." Irene adjusts her hair, still smiling, as you approach a group of Noban guards in full-body armor, no robed, passive nice guys in sight (well, Wes is one of them, but... Security measures, you know).

>A. Let Irene figure this out
>B. Inform Irene that Wes is one of these
>C. Act like you're not sure where he's gone
>D. Write-in response
>E. Say and do nothing of note
>A. Let Irene figure this out
It'll be cute.
File: SoldierDS.png (3 KB, 72x73)
3 KB
You look at Zoe in a "don't say anything" sort of cheeky way. She nods.

"Wait... You led me to this group, which means..." Irene, still smiling, says, "alright, which of you is it? I know it's in your best interests to stay hidden, but I would like to see you..."

A few of the assorted guards snicker, as Irene asks some of them questions.

After several fillery minutes of this, she concludes, "so I deduce that..." She flips a particular knight's helmet, "it's you!"

"Eheh... What gave it away?" Wes asked.

"You seemed the least accustomed to wearing full armor... The slouchiest, but also like you were struggling to stay up... Oh, and you're about Lloyd's height, but." She surveys the various guards, still smiling. Not sure you've ever seen her look... This bubbly, sound this amused, though admittedly you don't know her TOO well beyond "Marrius' nice secretary/apparent successor." "Duchess Victoria got the approximate height down pat, it looks like. Well thought-out."

"Yeah... Eheh, most of these guards are girls, though. Makes me feel short..." Wes then looks at you for a moment, sweating, "never mind... Point taken. Never noticed how giant you are."

"Eyes off," Zoe jokes. "Only I can acknowledge her height..."

"So anyway, Irene," Wes asks, "how've things been? Sorry we've been so out of touch."

"Oh, it's no problem, I'm glad you didn't go out of your way to blow your cover for my sake..." She says, "you know, though, funny story... Lloyd wound up accidentally turned into a Wampyr. COMPLETE lack of magical resistance on him now..."

"Whoa, really? How did that happen?!" Wes asks.

"All we know is Paula sold the Wampyr staff to an Anna a few weeks back..." Irene says. "Made us wonder if she's in dire straits."

>A. Why does she mention
>B. That's... reassuring?
>C. That's a sad thought
>D. Be silent
>E. Write-in response
>B. That's... reassuring?
>A. Why does she mention
"That's... Reassuring, I guess? Why bring this up all of a sudden?"

"Oh... No reason at all. You're serving Princess Shea, so I thought I ought to do whatever I can to help you track down Paula!" Irene is still smiling as she speaks.

"Right... Pretty nice of you..." Wes says, scratching his chin with a tired grin.

"It... Felt sort of self-explanatory," Zoe says in turn. "Why ask, Ellen?"

"I dunno... Felt right to ask?"


"Anyway, Wes... Did you wanna catch up a bit before you see the rest of the gang again? There's this very nice place, and an old friend currently sings and plays there if you're into live music..." She turns back towards you two. "But really, if you... Wanted to hear more about this, talk to Ansi. Like I said, he and I have both been looking into a lot of stuff about this case..."

>A. Why can't she just tell us
>B. Yeah, sure, whatever
>C. Write-in response
>D. Don't respond
Vote time renewed.
>C. Why can't you ju- Ohhh, oh, I get ya. Hah, yeah, we'll go talk to Ansi. Don't stay out too late, you two.
"Why can't we just ask you about... Oh."

"'Oh?'" Irene asks, smiling a bit.

"Just, uh... Don't have Wes out too late..."

Zoe turns a bit red, snickering. "Yeah, we're... Pfft... Eheh, yeah, we'll let you two have your fun..."

"Uh... Guys, I don't think that's... Really what Irene's trying to imply here," Wes says, himself blushing rather heavily.

"R-really... Then what is it?"

"I, uh..." Wes clears his throat, trying to sound serious. "Irene, I think I've figured it out. Trying to direct us to Ansi, outright not answering any questions, but... Saying a ton of suspicious things, mentioning magical vulnerabilities in your group..."

"I'm... Sorry about this," Irene says, cracking open an Elthunder tome.

"Eheheh... Wait, what the hell?!" Zoe exclaims, barely dodging out of the way of a bolt of lightning. A generic guard, standing right nearby her, however, is not so lucky.

"I would... Trust Lloyd with my life... As a confidante and colleague, I thought it best to... Share sensitive information with him..."

You already have your sword drawn. You could end this in a single strike if you so desired. But still... "Irene, what the hell was that about?!"

"I, uh... Think everyone except Wes here misread the situation pretty badly," Zoe says, readying a Wing Spear.

"Irene... This city's not safe, is it?" Wes asks. "Lloyd, he's also..."

"Can't really answer that!" Irene responds, still smiling, "this is... Surprisingly resilient magic!"

>A. Attack Irene
>B. You still have no idea what's going on!
>C. Just cover Wes
>D. Search the perimeter for mysterious observers!
>E. Write-in action
>C. Cover Wes
>D. Search the perimeter for mysterious observers!
"Sh-shit... Alright, Zoe, keep Wes and the rest of you safe. Keep a sharp eye out for ANYONE who might be looking to intervene."

"What about you?" One of the guards asks.

"Well, I'll be leading us on that front!" You exclaim. "There's gotta be someone watching..."

As you rush around the nearby area, you notice Lloyd, hands in his robe's pockets, roaming alone towards the site of the fight. "Uh, hey... Irene was taking awhile, so I figured I'd check up on her... What's with the sword, Ellen?" He cracks a slight grin. "You're not having an episode, are you?"

Odo guards clad in sky blue also approach... About six of them, and then Lloyd, simply attempting to walk past you.

"H-hey!" One of the guards says. "Put that sword away, lady! I dunno where you're from, but around here you can't go wavin' weapons around in the streets!"

"Uh... Sir Gerfried," one guard says to another who's yet to speak, "this girl's a bit spooky... Like, really big..."

"So what?!" A captain, Gerfried apparently, responds. "You're a servant of the Order of Odo! We fight bravely when it comes to it... Now, citizen, this is your last chance. Put the weapon away and come with us for questioning for this suspicious conduct, or face the fullest force of the Order!"

Lloyd keeps casually walking, a bit of a ways behind you now...

>A. Hit him with a sword beam!
>B. Rush over and cut him down! A Wampyr could handle a physical strike!
>C. Attack one of the guards!
>D. Comply to their demands
>E. Try to explain things
>F. Write-in response
Is it A or B that's more about avoiding killing him? Because the phrasing on B is making me think it's more likely to be fatal.
I mean it's... Technically magic? I've never actually thought about whether magical attacks that explicitly utilize strength instead of magical essence are extra effective against Wampyr.
I guess...B but avoid a killing blow, then? Because a sword beam could be more readily dodged or accidentally take his head off if he's totally oblivious.
Instead of listening, you simply hurry forward, slashing through Lloyd several times with your might... And your really fucking strong sword.

"H-holy hell!" One of the guards shouts.

"Urgh... Stop this madwoman before she kills anyone else!"

Approaching Lloyd's cut-up torso+head without a second thought, you lift it up with a single arm, digging your sword into his hands to skewer them.

"Urgh..." He groans. "Does this mean the... Cat's out of the bag?" He... actually grins after a moment. "Should've known Irene would be too resilient to properly control..." He calls out to the guards. "False alarm, guys! I'm actually awful. Ellen here did the public a service."

The guards just... Stare dumbfounded as you skewer Lloyd's remaining severed limbs, hoisting the man himself over your back.

"So you wanna get to your counterpart, huh? Well, I figure by now, with Irene resisting her own control..."

>A. So he's just giving up?
>B. Cut him up a bit more for good measure
>C. Write-in response
>D. Be silent, keep carrying him
>A. So he's giving up?
I hope he is and minimal shenanigans happen. I'd like to get this mind control undone soon. Also, kind of forgot how absurdly strong Ellen was.
"So you're giving up?"

"Hey, when you were the one being controlled, I didn't even think about aggravating you. I try to drain you now, I'm dead and useless. How humiliating would it be for me to be maybe the first Wampyr killed by physical attacks alone? When I have the highest upward limit to essence of us all, no less."

"Uh huh... Look, we can make small talk later. You're not a very good mind-controlled slave, you know."

"See, they kept me smart so I'd blend in is the issue here. You were kinda shit at it too."

"Probably actively resisting it. People with strong wills or resistance can do that... Irene went out of her way to subvert the whole secrecy thing."

As you approach Wes, you see him being... Either strangled or embraced by Irene, and the inaction of Zoe and the rest of the Malva guards he was with tell you it's the latter.

"I... You're still you, right?"

"Is... 'no' the correct answer?" Wes jokes. "Because the, uh... Guy that I was is still locked behind a thick wall of memory loss."

"I was a fool..." Irene says, shaking her head, turning towards you and the Lloyd on your back as you approach. "I... I thought I could trust you to be safe, Lloyd..."

"Not even a 'holy shit, you've been cut into pieces?' Cold..."

Somewhat coldly, no longer smiling, Irene says, "I'll express all the concern you can bear after you've been freed. Wes, together we should be able to get this done twice as fast. Hold still, Lloyd."

"Not sure he'll be able to manage that..." You say, chuckling and setting down his torso, idly twirling around his skewed limbs.

Back to being our hero, you come to again with a goddamned gargantuan woman standing over you, twirling your limbs on a blade like they're fresh meats on a spit. You less than kindly indicate that you would like them back.
>To be continued next thread
Fuckin' Ellen.

Thanks for playing, as always. Update twitter/ask.fm are qmgrandflocto, and I'll be around in-thread to chat for awhile.
Ellen to the rescue!

Thanks for running.
Always a pleasure.

On the one hand, that was a massive anticlimax for something so probably-important, but on the other... It'd really be an insult to Ellen if she didn't get to accomplish anything, and the "difficult part" of the situation was figured out by an NPC before the fighting began.

Always a pleasure.

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