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PREVIOUS THREADS: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Hot-Blooded%20Henshin%20Hero%20Quest

LAST TIME: We gained the power of the Phoenix, and the Being of Truth, becoming its Avatar, in a battle against the four other beings. Additionally, we came upon a conspiracy of someone manipulating the unionized heroes and the criminals to turn a profit. Among other things, Makoto is being targeted.



You wake with a smile on your face and quickly get up to dress. Today's a momentous day, after the exhilarating rush that was yesterday.

Your exam day to become a member of the Peacekeeper's Union!

You chug your half-full bottle of orange juice, dropping it in the trash once it's drained, and quickly lace up your sneakers. You weren't told whether to show up in costume or not, but...it's kind of assumed.

Rushing through the rest of your wardrobe for light wear, you move in a total blur. Perhaps its the Phoenix working in your mind, but your motivation towards your goals has leapt a thousandfold, if you had to guess. It felt great.

Digging your hands deep in an open box of cereal, you take two scoops and shove them in your mouth before rushing out the door to the exam center just north of the HQ.

As you run up, you notice a young man with strikingly blonde hair running up alongside you in a tracksuit--it wouldn't be wrong to presume he's also going in for examination.

>Greet him.
>Just let him run, we might be wrong.
>>Just let him run, we might be wrong.
Hey, Masked. Perhaps you should include a link to the twitter posts.
Lets tag right behind him to see what he is doing

Masturbate to yuri erotica

I've never been able to join these threads early enough to post this.
But on a more serious note,
>Greet him.
Shit. I knew I forgot something.

Also, before things get rolling, just wanted to ask if there's a better time we could be doing these for people in the thread? I want to be here for a maximum amount of people participating and at least two people have expressed it goes too late for their schedule.


You run right before him, taking a glance over his shoulders. You're notably a little taller than him, maybe four or five inches. As you glance down, you can see that he's texting someone--judging by the heart after their name, it's either a lover or his mother.

"Hiya!" You say with some spirit from behind.

He takes an ear bud out and glances behind him. There's a small pout of confusion.

"Oh, uh, hey. You on a morning run or something, lady?"

"Nope! I'm on my way to be physically examined as a hero!"

He blinks.

"...where's your costume?"

Nice job, anons.
>>also the twitter is @RevengeanceQ
In the laundry

I heard there was a hero in the area

I say at least one hour earlier or around 6
Seconding. Try to pass it off as a legitimate excuse.

"...uh, in the laundry." You suck in air through your teeth, glancing away.

The young man, rather than oddly glancing at you, just shrugs and returns to running. He seems...more casual than most.

"So, you're going for an exam too, right? What's your name? Powers? Allies?" You scooch up closer. "Archenemies!?"

"Lady, listen, it's cool you're so interested, but I really want to focus on this test and the run. And...urgh, I registered for this a while back when I had a way stupider name."

"What's the name, then?"

"Urgh...Showstopper." He groans. "Please just call me something cooler to anyone who asks about me. Like...Razor. Or something else that sounds good."

You nod, obliging. A quick-zipped-lip motion gets your point across.

A voice beckons you from far behind the road.

"Heyyyyyyyy! Heyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

Looking back, you see a familiar spunky girl with your duffelbag in hand.

"You forgot somethingggggggg!" She saws with usual pep in her voice.

At least Makoto saved your ass this time.

>Go back to her and thank her.
>Ask her to come along for moral support.
>"What the hell are you doing out?"
>>Ask her to come along for moral support.

To support a future champion of JUSTICE
You beckon Makoto forward, and she runs up the street to be by your side, happily giving you your bag.

"Thanks, Hu--Makoto!! But how did you know where I keep that...?"

She kind of nervously chuckles and makes an attempt at charades.

"...English, please."

"Remember when I kinda followed you around a lotttttt? I sorta...saw where you kept your costume!"

"That's a little disturbing." You saw. "Like, that's a bit obsessive."

"Ialsomaybesmeltittoseewhatjusticesmellslike." She blurts.

You're glad she spoke too fast for you to comprehend it.

"Well, I need someone to come along with me for my test. Do you want to come along for moral support?"

"Do I!" She bounces, following beside you and Showstopper, whom she inquisitively starts talking to.

>Keep the scene here.
>Cut to the exam.
>>Cut to the exam.
>she smelled our costume
The yuri is strong in this quest.

Where's the shota?
>>Cut to the exam.
Bloody oscars

A good ten minutes of journeying leads you all to the physical exam center. At the doors, you're all admitted, with Showstopper and yourself as examiners and Makoto getting a guest badge (which she beams about while pointing it out to you).

Makoto is brought to the bleachers in a large-gymnasium type room, while you and Showstopper are organized across several squared-off sections of the same gymnasium.

You glance for your own personal evaluator for the exam, seeing--


Those broad shoulders.

That godlike physique.




Your examiner is Paragon-Fucking-Supreme.

He looks innocently at you, like a doe seeing a fresh patch of lilies on the forest floor.

"So, you want to get into the Peacekeeper's, right? We've got a few easy tests--shouldn't be too bad. I'm Paragon Supreme, but please, just call me Elliott. It's what Ma, Pa, and God above call me." He chuckles.

>Please don't shit your pants.
>Metaphorically shit your pants.
>>Please don't shit your pants.
"V-very well, Sir."
Introduce yourself.
>>Please don't shit your pants
Pfft I am the avatar of justice now, he should be shitting the pants now

"V-Very well, sir." You salute slightly before retracting your hand.

"V-Vanquish, sir. Civilian name: Yukari Honda, sir! Fighter for justice for those who can't fight!"

"At ease, soldier." Paragon grins. "Really, people make me a lot scarier than I sound. But, I just hate bullies, you know?"

"I-I respect that! I was shoved in lockers one too many times to take it, sir!" You fervently respond.

Paragon Supreme pats you on the back, your spine threatening to break from the sheer power of the man. Yowch.

"Now, we're going to be giving you a few tests, nothing too big. We've got four classification of heroes, in case you didn't know. Club, Spade, Heart, and finally, Diamond. Of course, Diamond is...reserved for us founders, outside of extraordinary circumstances. But hey, don't let that stop you from trying! Never."

"Now, I'm gonna time your rate of thirty pushups. Just tell me when you're ready to start."

>Go about it honestly.
>Try and cheat using the Phoenix's power.
>>Go about it honestly.
We are truth and we should stick with it
>>Go about it honestly.

You drop to the ground and legitimately pull off your push ups. No bullshitting, no nothing. With your body aching with exhaustion and sweat, you go up, down, up, down, until the stopwatch rings out your relieving call.

"25 in 30 seconds. That's...pretty good stuff." Elliott says, before reaching into an icebox beside him. "Want some water? A juice? Too many people try to tough it out all the way to make some point to me..."

You graciously accept and drink. It's cold--perfectly so for your condition. You must guzzle a third of the thing before putting it down.

"So...hanh...what's up next?" you ask.

"Strength training." He beckons you down the hall and into a room with a stationary punching bag hanging from a machine.

"You're going to hit this as hard as you can, and I record it. Sound good?"

You sigh, nodding. "Yup."

With a windmill motion, you spin your arm and launch yourself at the punching bag, decking it and threatening to break the chain it's suspended by. Instead, some of the metal from it chips and skids across the floor.

"...oh. We're...gonna have to get that solder that back on. No problem!!" He nervously laughs and goes looking for the bit that got away. "P-Please, take a fifteen minute break."

>his reaction
Kek. Seems like we keep some of that truth juice.
File: 1455989716334.jpg (91 KB, 692x1153)
91 KB

With that embarrassing over-display of strength, you go off and start looking for a bubble. You're ungodly thirsty for the weirdest reason. However, you're interrupted by a fellow in full armor. Like, if you were a comparable 70% in costume, this man was 101%.

You've caught him just as the helmet's gone back on from drinking. and he sees you and glances away.

"...I did not mean to keep you. Please, drink." His hand extends out to gesture to the fountain.

"Oh, I just showed up. There's no need to be so polite."

"Politeness is next to cleanliness, which is next to godliness." the robotic samurai replies.

"Nice little order of succession you got there." You smile as you drink up from the fountain. You can't tell, but he chastely looks away to avoid seeing your bent-over posterior.

Once you stand back up, his eyes return to face you.

"I am Soul Samurai. I have come here for a placement in Heart, so I hope. This blade of mine, in which part of the souls of all patriarchs in my clan reside, has been passed down through generations--"

You realize he's going to be here a while and go back for another drink. He won't mind, you can tell.

"--Of course, Tokugawa's ideals did not align with my great-great-great grandfather's, and so an emissary of his engaged in one-on-one combat. From there--"

"Ken, please. You don't have to write a history book to everyone you meet."

Showstopper walks on in, still unchanged from his tracksuit.

"Ah! Master Riley!" He made an immediate gesture of bowing. "I hope your tests went well!"

"Ken, dude...we're in public. You're making me cringe SO hard." Showstopper sighs. "Lady, this is my friend Ken, from school. He uh, just recently got told by his dad that they're...what the fuck are you?"

"Hunters of foul yokai and other malicious spirits!"

"He hates egg yolks. There."

>Greet him honestly, as a hero.
>Rib him a bit alongside Showstopper.
>"Where's Makoto?"
>>Greet him honestly, as a hero.
Good to make connections.
>>Greet him honestly, as a hero.

Leo won an oscar

"I, for one, welcome you, Soul Samurai." You bow in turn to him.

Something tells you he's smiling behind the helmet. Showstopper just rolls his eyes.

"So, does that sword cut through anything? Or, just through incorporeal things...?" You ask.

"It cuts through whatever my ancestor's guide it to. It's...inconsistent, to put it nicely. But it also leads me to weigh my actions well!"

"The dumbass almost got shot because the sword didn't cut a shotgun out of a robber's hand." Showstopper butts in.

"Master Riley! There is no need to say such slander in front of a lady!" he sputters, trying to regain any composure he had.

"Please, Soul--Vanquish. My name is Vanquish."

There's an attempt at gentle knocking that comes off more like an earthquake from down the hall.

"Uh, miss Vanquish? We've got your athletics test set up in here when you're ready." Paragon Supreme calls out, before disappearing again.

"Yes sir!" you wave goodbye to the other's and head inside.

"Oh, before you go take the test! First off, this is how fast you can reach a mile. Second--"

"Hi, Vanquish! Didja meet Soul yet? And what about Rhinosaur? And--"

Paragon Supreme gently taps Makoto on the head to tell her to stop. She nods, a smile still plastered on her eager little face.

"Your friend insisted on watching you work. Said that you're 'still the best resource on how to learn to be a better hero'. I mean, we wouldn't have a hero business if we didn't have a new generation all the time...you know?"

You give a thumbs up, although it's getting a little weird how much Makoto's been following you around lately.

With all that said, Paragon starts the clock, and you rush around the track in 8 minutes, much to his praise.

"Hey, good one! Good one. Consider your examinations done for the day." he says.

"Wait...really?" you ask, bewildered.

"Well, you beat all the tests. I'd say that's a good reason to stop taking more."


You shrug. "When will I hear back from you all?"

Paragon puts a hand to his chin, thinking. "Lessee...I think Nighthawk is in charge of those...or maybe it's Payne? Either way, the emails get sent out in a rough 24-hours. You should know by lunchtime tomorrow. Good luck and remember that if you're disappointed with your placement, you can always go up!"

You nod, walking out, Makoto nipping at your heels.

"Sooooo! Showstopper and Soul Samurai and I thought we could go out for pizza! Would you want to do that? Or do you have important business tracking down whoever wants Hurricane Van--"

You clamp your hand over Makoto's mouth.

"One: maybe to the pizza. Two: no to the talking about THAT business. Too many ears, not enough allies. Okay?"

Makoto gives a determined, yet muffled noise of agreement.

You meet up with the other two heroes at the entrance to the exam center, the two of them passing what appear to be trading cards between one another.

"So, you're saying that Holy Knight is going to lose value and I should trade now?" Soul says with a hint of innocence.

"No, no, just replace it with that new burn spell from the next set. It's got value in the non-rotating formats, so keep it for trade value. But, that Beelzebub...oh, shit, that's foil! I'll--"

You cough. Both of the boys jump slightly.

"Oh, hey, Vanquish. I guess you heard we were going out to eat. I also guess you want in?"

>I can't turn down good food and friends.
>Sorry, important work to do.
>>I can't turn down good food and friends.
Hey, food is food.
>>I can't turn down good food and friends.
Free food for justice!

You shrug. "Sure. Food is never bad."

The others nod in agreement and you all head over to a local pizza joint, ordering a group meal and waiting around.

"Soooo..." you start. "Show--Razor. What's YOUR power?"

Showstopper stops flipping a salt-shaker with his hands and freezes. "I...uh. It's not important."

Soul Samurai looks curiously at him. "You know, I don't actually know either. Please, Master Riley, if you could tell us--"

"I don't want to talk about it!" He shouts suddenly, before realizing what he'd just done.

He slumps down forward in his seat a bit. "I...sorry. It's just not an easy subject to talk about. Maybe later." He says weakly.

You nod.

As the pizza rolls in, you all take a singular slice for yourselves for now, digging in.

"So, what do you all think you're getting for ranks?" you ask. "I think I can make Spade."

"Spade? Vanquish, you're like--a Heart! Or a Super Heart!" Makoto says, admiration dripping from her voice.

"Club." Showstopper says bluntly.

"Well, Club...but maybe I could get Spade!" Soul Samurai says, rubbing the back of his neck and looking away.

Something in you twinges that these three don't have much faith in themselves.

>Motivational talk time.
>>Motivational talk time.
Let the inner truth explode from you
I'm gonna leave things here and put the thread on the archives for the moment, since we don't have enough players at the current time to make this very dynamic.

I'm definitely going to be rolling back the clock on when we start by at least two or three hours from 9PM EST to 6-7PM EST.

Feel free to use the rest of this thread for whatever, and remember the Quest Twitter is @RevengeanceQ, and the previous threads are all available on suptg.

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