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I'm sorry but lately I have been asphyxiated with exams, school projects and my daily life and this is nothing but the start of what it is about to come for me.

As the school year comes to its end I am given more theory to study, more projects to work on and harder exams are designed to root out the ones who don't truly deserve to become graduated.

I am not stupid but neither a genius nor an stellar student. I simply cannot run anymore due to how constrained my time is and looking how this quest its in an all time's low makes me think that making a five month hiatus until everything has returned to normal isn't simply worth it.

It isn't your fault really, you all are awesome players. I will keep very fond memories of Stallingrat, Salt Mind and all those who preferred to remain anonymous. Honestly, thanks to everybody.

I will now tell how I wanted the quest to go, I don't consider myself a QM who forces railroads but I simply had a script to follow, a script that you all could fuck up and send to hell with a witty write-in or a completely botched dice roll at any time thought.

This script isn't ended thought, the end will have to be unknown for I simply didn't had time to come up with anything...

After that I will simply give time to answer before I disappear as a QM, maybe forever.

>Oihan along with the stormtroopers manages to turn the ice comet into smaller fragments. In their case their mining ship would have massive bladed chains the size of buses that they would have to guide with the help of jetpacks, when the comet became completely entangled the chains would start to spin and pull while the main drill starts to eject and completely turns the massive space rock into nothing more than gravel. Another ships nearby would use different exotic methods to do the same like using magnets or gargantuan bucket wheel excavators.

>As they finish their mission they manage to escape and see the Salamander Battle Barge pushing the biggest comet of them all into the forge world, several other ships are pushing more meteoroids and the ones who cannot be piloted anymore are using heavy ordnance to create explosions that manage to push hundreds of smaller meteors.

>Several green beams of energy coming from Gauss Pylons and Necron voidships try to stop those rocks but they are simply too many and too big to be effectively deterred and at the end they make planetfall, the smaller rocks turn into water from the mere friction and the bigger ones end melting after the crash, they altogether manage to create enough water to stop the Chronorganic Oxydizer and finally stop the deadly orange mist

>We would now change to a new character called Varenciah, the daughter of Eugen and Faust, the two Skitarii that we meet when we were purging the frigate back in the day. She has become a princeps while her parents are their moderatii. They altogether control a Reaver-Class titan that has a Power Fist and a Gatling Cannon

>She receives orders of destroying as many pylons and Monoliths as she can along with other Titans.

>The initial plan was to descend onto the planet with the use of massive parachutes, antigrav engines and retro-rocket thrusters but the ship they are in becomes damaged in the hangar where the Titan is stored and the ship is forced to detach that hangar to avoid completely fracturing and exploding.
>She receives orders of destroying as many pylons and Monoliths as she can along with other Titans.

>The ship she is in is suddenly attacked and the cargo bay that holds her Titan is damaged beyond repair, several techpriests and hundreds of servitors are suddenly sucked out to the open void. The Ship informs them that to better maneuver and avoid further damage they will disengage the damaged cargo bay.

>Unable to equip all the high orbit parachutes and emergency landing rockets in time the Titan jumps from the ship before the cargo disengages and once it is in orbit it opens as many parachutes as she can, since there aren’t the necessary ones the few that have been installed quickly rip and offer little to no help but along with the landing rockets the Titan manages to reach the wall of the space elevator and grab its surface.

>By using its power fist the titan is able to grab onto the walls of the Space Elevator and decrease the momentum of its quick descent to acceptable levels. Part of the Elevator suffers critical damages and it cannot be used anymore but it is structurally safe.

>After descending the Titan sees that near the Pylons there are the sources of the Orange Gas. Shortly after destroying the first pylon several other Titans arrive from the sky. They aid her in destroying a couple of more Pylons and shortly afterwards they see a massive Ice meteor falling in the distance and exploding against the ground, after it comes a rain of water along with several other icy micrometeoroids that aren’t strong enough to survive the fall and turn into water in mid-air. In front of their eyes all the mist starts to dissipate.
>We would return to controlling Heracor once more. He’s made pass a medical exam along with the few survivors and rests for a while, he’s informed that the rest of the survivors will have their mind erased and be sent to far away words unknowing the fate that they had just escaped from.

>In his medical exam there are several doctors and medics along with them there is Fire in the Skin, the tribal and possibly psyker doctor that accompanied Commissar Oihan. After the exam they talk for a long time and catch up together, Fire has newly gained psyker powers but he has decided to stay as a medic. He has what he calls as the “Sight”, he can see the true nature of most people with even more accuracy than ever. After a while Heracor questions him about the nature of souls for he might know more than him.

“Imagine a tree, that tree is a soul, from its branches several delicious fruits loom and fall to the ground; these fruits itself aren’t bad but they cannot be compared with how delicious the tree itself it is. Its bark is made from hazelnut and xocolalt pastries, its salvia is the most delicious and purest honey and it is all sprinkled with cane sugar. This three isn’t alone thought, it is surrounded by uncountable more trees that create a lush jungle that extends as far as the eye can see; Daemons are the beasts that roam the jungle and feed of those raw emotion composed fruits, they would all love to jump into the trees but for most of them these are untouchable as they are covered by Majyyk wards, only the strongest ones can make it across and when they do they proceed to devour it all uncontrollably, when that happens it reflects in the Living Plane as a Daemonical Possession. ( continues )

( continuation ) If the Daemon is then exorcised and cast back it will become even more addicted to the taste of souls and stolen emotions, instantly it will suffer a massive agonizing withdrawal effect and will wish to attain for even bigger and tastier souls like the one of a Space Marine Librarian or Eldar ones. In this Jungle of souls all the souls look in a different way depending on what race they belong to, animal and non sentient souls are the grass that rests on the ground, the weak Tau souls are little more than dry shrubs, Humans are trees, Eldars are massive centenary trees, Orks are cacti and so on but you… I haven’t meet someone like you before, you are a burning fire that blazes any soul that stands next to you, for regular human souls you are unsettling but not truly affected but to bigger souls like Eldar or Psyker ones your fire can truly burn and damage them…you now look like a burning tree that flowers barely edible fruits…this internal fight will end making you mad, you should decide into being a raging fire or be a beautiful tree. You aren’t Hooded Machine anymore, the hood is now gone and has revealed a metallic skeleton formed by incomprehensible mechanisms… You are a destructor who tries to hide and become what it isn’t as its alien guardian observes… Destiny has given you a cruel fate but worry not, redemption will soon come to you and then all your sins will be eradicated.”

>After that he tells him that he should rest and leaves him alone. He only has time to rest for an hour or so as he is soon awakened and given a new mission by the Inquisitor. Even if the Doctors are against it they are forced with injecting with some combat drugs to keep him awake and moving and he’s then informed.

>Along with several other Skitarii and Tech-priests he’s sent inside an Aquila Lander towards the world back to the Magii Academy to secure the Necron Tech necessary to make new fake Pariahs and Anima chips.
>Since he’s so changed and Liwet wears her full suit of power armor they don’t recognize each other.

>They manage to dismantle everything and have several special orbital transports take it all.

>The Surviving Seraphs and Techpriests enter into some Valkyries to evac. Just as they are ascending the ground starts to heavily rumble and several cracks appear and release lethal amounts of steam.

>Several Monolyths emerge from the ground. Of the three Valkyries two are shot down, including the one Heracor and Liwet are in. It ends with Heracor and Liwet plummeting to their deaths.

>We return to Oihan. Due to the Structural damage caused in the Elevator by the Reaver Titan several tons of toxic smog get liberated into the atmosphere, creating an acidic barrier that melts all the Ice comets that fall and causing a rain that manages to clear the Orange Mist but isn’t strong enough to damage the Necrons.

>With the field cleared they can now make planetfall. The Micerian Regiments fight along the Harakoni Warhawks.

>They are issued the order of reclaiming the forge world as its loss it’s unacceptable. They fight Possessed, Necrons and even a Monolith or two.

>After a while they are informed that the many rains are filtrating onto the caves below and flooding them. The Salamanders are having trouble as their flamers cannot work down there.

>The Inquisitor uses Heracor’s Intel to tell the Comissar about the Teleporting Gates that the Necrons used. They are still present and are pretty impervious to damage. He informs her that he has a Necron-Tech expert Magus and that he could maybe activate those gates to create a path between the Tomb-World and the surface, if done correctly each opened gate would liberate a massive amount of water from the Tomb World and give more freedom to the noble Astartes.

>After the Magos comes they have to defend her as she activates the Gates, with each new opened one a massive amount of Water is released in the form of a tsunami that destroys both the Necrons and the Imperials that are caught on its path. Along with the water the portal sometimes also spews Salamanders or more Necron troops, giving them support or more enemies to fight.

>After the third gate is opened a Salamander Techmarine pours out of the portal and is informed of what has happened. He says that while they weren’t unable to properly move the Plasma Bomb into the core of the Tomb it has been properly activated.

>The Techmarine looks at his wrists and sees that the countdown is about to reach zero. He says that the bomb should now be under their feet and they make a hastily escape. As they run they feel a tremble and see how great geysers form all around them.

>As they escape they manage to see how all the released steam mixes with the cold water and the toxic smog in the form of a super electrical storm.
>We return to control Varenciah. As the storm evolves into a massive apocalyptical weather the planet’s soil weakens. Several of the Titans end falling to their deaths as the ground breaks and they land onto massive pits below. Varenciah becomes saddened of their deaths and curses the frailty of the planet as its structure isn’t strong enough to hold the might of their Titans.

“This planet is nothing but an empty shell awaiting to be cracked, the forces of nature along with the Imperium and the vile Xenos have damaged it, those newly created battlegrounds are more vertical than extense, we are the mighty Titan Legions, avatars of the Omnissiah and yet we are now completely powerless."

And...that's pretty much as far as I had planned. I will now write up the possible endings that you could all have achieved.
>Possible endings:

Bad End 4: Worst Ending. [ AVERTED ] Heracor falls and gets a Necrodermis body, leaving his soul and past behind. He becomes Szarekh's guardian dog and scourges the galaxy in his name.

Bad End 3: [ AVERTED ] Heracor gets the Necrodermis body but doesn't falls. With its new alien flesh he can easily overcome his enemies and turn the tide in his favor. Even if he manages to save his world the Inquisition never forgives him for what he did and he dies impaled by two different Nemesis Power Weapons that forces him to stay kneel and a bolt directly to the cranium shot by the Inquisitor Iantorus. All his records are completely expunged and everybody who ever knew him is mindscrubbed or executed.

Bad End 2: He dies and the world falls onto the hands of the Necrons. A great scourge begins as they start to kill everything on their wake and their ratio of awakening its in an all time high, the first Pharaohs start to turn into organic beings once again and after only a century the first organic Necrontir in million of years is born. The records of Heracor aren't deleted as the Necron invasions are a matter of more importance, he becomes an obscure legend among the Mechanicus.

Bad End 1: He dies but the Imperium manages to retake the world. The technology to create the artificial souls is fragmented and both the Necrons and the Imperium manage to retain small parts of its complex nature. Both factions proceed to fight for them in an eternal war.

Neutral End 3: Heracor lives but Liwet dies. He chooses to leave behind any ideas of vengeance prefers to let the Inquistion hunt his brother and sisters. He retires to work with his daughter until he dies of old age.

Neutral End 2: Heracor lives and witnesses how the Necrons kill Liwet. He regains his desire of vengeance and spends the lasts of his days hunting down the xenos and his own brothers and sisters until he dies of old age.

Neutral End 1: Heracor and Liwet survive but they cannot accept how much the other has changed and decided to part ways, knowing that the people they once knew is no more.

Good End 3: Heracor defeats the Necrons but he doesn't manages to save the technology to create the artificial souls. He decides to stay next to Liwet and she ends adopting Alaria too. He retires from battle and spends the rest of his life studying the chip in an attempt to reproduce its effects.

Good End 4: Heracor defeats the Necrons and saves the technology to create the artificial souls, Liwet stays with him and she gets pregnant. They decide to stay away from combat roles and have their minds scrubbed, they are then relocated and spend the rest of their lives as a couple. The Inquisition secretly spies on them to see if their son has any unusual property.

Good End 2: Heracor defeats the Necrons, saves the technology and manages to impregnate Liwet. They start a relationship and decide that to ensure a better future for their incoming son they have to continue working for the Inquisition as they are the ones who directly attack the roots that endanger the Imperium.

Good End 1 ( Best Ending ) : Heracor defeats the Necrons and manages to save the technology for the Imperium while making the Necrons lose it. He manages to get Liwet's love and impregnates her. In the future years the Imperium proceeds to create artificial souls and many new Culexus assassins clones, even if it is at a slow rate it is incredibly faster than their previous methods of recruitment. They both are hailed as heroes in their respective factions and they both start to rule the Forge-world of Telematha in communion, creating one of the few planets in which the Ecclesiarchy and the Mechanicus are completely allied and trust each other.
File: 1451867577023.png (7 KB, 299x276)
7 KB
That's it. I wanted this quest to have a way more epic ending but sadly that wasn't possible. I will now give an hour of so for questions. Thanks to everybody who participated.
I love the script and endings op. good job, we will miss you. out of curiosity, are u like studying at Harvard business school or something cuz it sounds harsh
Not really. I'm doing a telecommunications superior degree ( I don't know how its called in English, sorry about that ) in my country. Thing is that this last trimester we will spend the entirety of the three months doing a massive project while also attending classes and doing exams.
So how likely were the various endings? Why couldn't Heracor fly and swoop? Same with Liwet? why would we get a storm like that?
>So how likely were the various endings?
That depended on how well you guys could have made with the chosen options and the dice rolls.

Bad end 4 and 3 were already averted because you guys rejected the Necrodermis body, the next two endings would have required Heracor dying and that's mostly up to the dice.

I would say you guys were doing good and could have easily reached Good end 3 or 2.

>Why couldn't Heracor fly and swoop?
Well he can but there are Anti-Air necron weapons and also he might have become hit by Imperial friendly fire. Also depending on how the dices were rolled his wings might have become completely broken after the Valkyrie he was in crashed.

>Same with Liwet?
Her jump pack doesn't lets her truly fly but do high jumps. Jetpacks per se are nearly unseen at the hands of Imperials. She could have tried jumping but that would have been hard due to the enemies around and how most of the areas of the forge world were located underground.

>why would we get a storm like that?
I think I explained in a past thread that the atmosphere of Telematha was incredibly weak and thin. That's why most people lived underground were the air was denser and heavier.

The reason they constructed the massive chimney instead of letting all the smog clog the sky was that the air of the surface was so delicate that the smoke could have completely broken the equilibium and turned the world into a death world.

The acid and toxic smoke that leaked from the damaged chimney, mixed with the ice particles of the comets, the gauss and the promethium fumes of the Imperial weapons all mixed into a storm of unseen proportions.

I also added it because I thought it would look cool.
A Jump pack could be used to break her fall though. how likely was good end 1?
do u think u will return after the trimester is over
>A Jump pack could be used to break her fall though
True! I didn't considered it. That's why I needed you guys, you are the ones who make the story less flawed and more believable.

>how likely was good end 1?
Not very likely. It was only attainable with very good rolls and a near flawless option choice.

>do u think u will return after the trimester is over
Maybe, but it will be with another quest. That for sure.
>very good rolls and a near flawless option choice.

Also could heracor use his old void shield to block or negate gauss fire?
To a very small extent. Titans have loads of voids shields who are way more potent than the one that he had and still there are several cases of Gauss fire piercing Titan armor with ease.

It would have worked for a second or two at bests.
somebody please archive this. I don't know how to archive
Since they missed a Valkyrie, and likely had bigger targets that'd be enough wouldn't it?
Also how did our old friends make princeps so fast when they were outsiders?
I have already archived it. Do not worry


>Since they missed a Valkyrie, and likely had bigger targets that'd be enough wouldn't it?
I'm sorry, I don't quite understand your question.

>Also how did our old friends make princeps so fast when they were outsiders?
Eugen and Faust were already experienced Skitarii. There was also a time skip of almost thirty years. I don't think it is so impossible for their daughter to become a Skitarii in that time.
I meant more becoming a princeps which takes 100s of years and from Skiitari are usually excluded(for some odd mechanicus reason),
Mmh...Might be possible. My lore knowledge isn't perfect and her addition was a last time change.
So how salty is the silent king? Did dear old mum have a mental back up, did dad clone them in case they bought it? Any idea which quest you'd run if you do return?

And I hope you do because you're awesome.
>So how salty is the silent king?
Well since the Crons are so proud and flashy he will be very salty. I have several mental conversations between he and Heracor in which he says that humans were designed to be the lab rats of the Necrontyr empire and that they are giving them a unique chance of ascending into the Status Quo. Some of those dialogues reached anime levels of cheesiness but sadly I never ended writing them up.

>Did dear old mum have a mental back up, did dad clone them in case they bought it?
I prefer to leave that in the air and up to your own choosing. So...who knows?

>Any idea which quest you'd run if you do return?
I had one planned about the Fallout universe that would happen in mexico and the border, maybe even New Vegas. I also have something original planned, some kind of supernatural occultist kind of stuff with hints of noir and 50's aesthetic.

>And I hope you do because you're awesome.
You guys made me awesome, the first threads were full of typos and confusing shit. My grasp of english was pretty poor and honestly... I cringe every time I try to reread them.
One last bump before I go to sleep.
Thanks for running as long as you did Ax sad this didn't get to have a proper finish.

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