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>You are one of three characters: Samson, a spoiled bard, Dyrus, an axe-wielding rebel's son, or Rene, an orphan adopted by a high-ranking Director of an ominous empire, now a prepromoted archer-lancer. POV will rotate between them on a thread-by-thread basis, with an off-chance that someone else might occasionally take a chapter.

>These protagonists' motivations and goals will very likely come into conflict with one another's.

>Character Death is always a possibility and sometimes an inevitability (this is Fire Emblem after all), but your actions can very easily influence who lives and who dies.

>Voting periods will last an average of ten to fifteen minutes, but this may be increased, decreased, or generally changed at any given moment based on voter turnout.

>Write-ins are encouraged.

>The previous threads are archived on suptg under "Silver Scales of the Past," and a pastebin summarizing each one's events will be provided at the start of the next, like so: http://pastebin.com/iX0jcwkY

>A list of all current summaries and threads: http://pastebin.com/E9sXAcBx

>Our update Twitter is qmgrandflocto, and we have an ask.fm also under ask.fm/qmgrandflocto

>Preempting any memesters in the audience tonight. /qst/ is a trial board, and I am not currently under any obligation to migrate there.
File: samsonbygrandflaw.png (6 KB, 290x200)
6 KB
Saye is far from happy to be traveling with Baker's killers, making it PAINFULLY clear to Lady Hauteclere that she has "no intent of getting friendly with [the Resistance]. You're still my enemies, all of you!" They drop off Director Chiffon at a small town that is entirely willing to surrender to the massive army passing through. The Wolfskin girl, in turn, grows contemptuous of her willing role in aiding her people's worst enemies, refusing to speak with any of them... Until a certain set of sisters mentions Marduk upon Dyrus' suggestion to Winona, on top of what Baker said about how they were to be killed on sight. From there, Saye immediately rushed off toward Velouria alone, feeling that the mutual friend of her fallen lover NEEDS to hear about this.

You, Samson, know none of that, however. All you know is that Nedata Island is growing ever closer, and with it your escaped-prisoner fleet sails straight into a land ruled by smugglers and vice, despite the watchful eye and best efforts of the late Director Waldrick. Your ragtag fleet prepares to come up to the island while you continue to drone about on strategies.

"The Dory company is still quite powerful," Fabrice advises, "so a full-scale assault out the gates could prove costly... Perhaps another several detours from our route ought to leave them to think we're merely here for leisure as well as an alliance... Lull them into a false sense of security, you know?"

"You just wanna find some pretty-lookin' island babes," Edwyg accuses, "take some time snoopin' out fight pits."

"Er... H-hardly! I'm not even..." He says, interrupting himself by shaking his head. "It would merely be wise to lull the Dory family into a false sense of security by not putting our blades in their faces."

"I say we do this quickly and move onto the bigger fish," Dinah suggests. "We've been out here too long."

>A. Let's attack the main Island!
>B. Let's wait around awhile...
>C. Let's have a "meeting" on Nedata
>D. Write-in response
>C. Let's have a "meeting" on Nedata
I had to cut some of the wording down so it wasn't clear, but what's being said here is "let's go straight to this island and see if we can't capture/neutralize/subdue the Dory leadership then," essentially.

Not discouraging it or anything, just that the post just reminded me that I wasn't certain if it was clear enough.
It's fine.
Though, I wish there was more Anons to discuss it.
I'm ambivalent on going to have a meeting with Dory because he knows we don't like him and are of a heroic ilk, so we would be essentially walking into a place where we are surrounded by enemies who aren't by buying our deception.
Should we wait or attack straight forward?
File: axecavfemale.png (1 KB, 53x53)
1 KB
"I agree that we should try to take advantage of the fact that the Dory Company hasn't officially marked us as its enemies," you tell the knights, "but going around gambling or giving our men chances to run off simply in the off-chance it makes us look less suspect is... Not a wise usage of that time."

"I mean, it would also raise morale quite a bit to take these pleasurable stops," Fabrice says, "but you're the commander, I suppose..."

"That being said, I... guess there is something to be said about seeing if they wouldn't be willing to fall into a 'meeting.' Tell them we've reconsidered their alliance, ask to meet with Mr. Dory to talk about this on Nedata Island..."

"Ah, compromise and deception," Edwyg muses mockingly, "the lifeblood of the shrimp an' backstabbers that make these islands up..."

"We're not a bunch of pirates, Edwyg," Dinah chastises. "You know we're better than them."

"I mean the Dories don't got you, so that's a start," Edwyg says, "s'just that I'd prefer the direct approach to slammin' these guys into the sea. Like Fabulous over there said, though, you're the boss."

"Right, then... How should we even handle such a betrayal?" Fabrice asks. "We must be committed to our plan well ahead of time if we're to pull one over on seasoned criminals..."

>A. Soon as we see ol' Oz and his son, we surprise them
>B. We strike at the meeting in question
>C. We strategically double-cross them in battle at some point (will give more time to figure the details)
>D. Write-in response

"And, for that matter, how do we do the neutralizing when we have Oswald?" Fabrice asks.

>E. Bump him off as violently as necessary
>F. Something subtler, like poison or the advice of a dedicated assassin... Do we even have one of those?
>G. We capture him alive. He can't fight, and might be more useful alive...

And, since it looks like there's discourse on this but the post is already done...

>H. Fuck it, let's just invade (can be picked instead of the other two)
>A. Soon as we see ol' Oz and his son, we surprise them
>G. We capture him alive. He can't fight, and might be more useful alive...

"Oswald Dory has to know we don't trust him," you say, "so we really can't afford to give him any opportunities to slip away, or worse. As soon as we can get at him, that's when we do so."

"Ah, but what leads you to believe he would allow for such convenient circumstances out of people who he knows not to trust?" Fabrice asks. "Surely he knows better than to come out."

"His elder son is his primary enforcer on Nedata Island, correct?" You ask. "Surely he'll be interested in protecting his next of kin should something happen to him..."

"Again, you assume too much of Mr. Dory's goodwill," Fabrice says. "If his children are fighting his battles, does that not speak for how prepared he is for something ill to occur to one or both of them?"

"I suppose..." You say, scowling. "I can't believe he'd be so callous..."

"That's the reality of sorts like him," Dinah says, shaking her head.

"Either way," you say, "it's for the best that we capture him alive. If he's a pragmatic coward, he'll absolutely bargain for his life..."

"Eh," Edwyg says, "this sounds like a whole lotta half-baked 'we should's for a situation needin' absolutes." She slams her fist into her palm. "Let's just cut 'em down, I'm tellin' ya!"

>A. No, this will work!
>B. On second thought, let's (specify previous option(s))
>C. Fine, we'll do this that way
>D. ...
>E. Write-in response
>C. Fine, we'll do this that way
So much for tac.
>C. Fine, we'll do this that way
"...yeah, this is pretty much shot," you admit, sighing. "So much for feeling like a chessmaster..."

"I concur..." Fabrice says, dejectedly.

"Hey," Dinah offers, "if it's the price we pay for doing the right thing, the distrust of criminals is something I'll happily accept."

"He'll know we're not playin' friendly when we bring our fleets to his door," Edwyg says, "but then again, we wouldn't have been able to surprise him anyway. This is the sorta dude we can't reason our ways around."

"I know, 'I told you so...' That's why we invite people into these meetings," you say.

From there, things are as simple as telling the rest of your fleet 'same old, same old.'

>A. A few short days at sea later...
>B. Spend time with someone (specify)
>B. Spend time with someone (Millicent)
>B. Spend time with Millicent
File: DancerTCG.png (432 KB, 453x772)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
Millicent occupies much of your free time on the ride over, of course, rooming with her on your flagship.

Much of the time, you indulge in sweet nothings, or small talk about the future, or simply cuddle. All things not particularly worth noting, but are very much done nonetheless and never not enjoyed.

"I know you tried to resolve things pragmatically," she says, "but... Yeah, Oswald Dory is on a whole different level from the rest of Fort Dalshin's former inmates. A lot of them were in there just because they posed a personal threat to the Empire, but he's a danger to the entire coastal region, probably including Holmstead!"

"Yeah, we went over this," you say, sighing. "I've had enough of war talk for the time being, though. Let's talk about something less... Morbid."

"Right... Better pillow talk." Millie grins, cuddling up to you. "Your beard's getting pretty long..."

"Is it?" You ask, rubbing your chin. "You don't suddenly dislike facial hair?"

"No, no," the dancer assures you, chuckling, "I still think it suits you..."

"Well, uh... I mean, your hair's getting longer too," you say. "Was it always that long? I mean, uh..."

"You've seen my hair plenty of times, Sam," Millie says, mock-pouting. "What else could be on your mind that that detail slips through~?"

"Eh... I mean, yeah, but it's more just that there's a lot I'm thinking about. Like, uh, in general."

"I know, silly," she says, "I'm just teasing! And you said you were done talking about this stuff for the day."

"Yeah, sorry, it... Leaks into my mind easy."

Millicent nods. "We've had a rough... Everything since Raleigh died, really. You more than pretty much any of us, if I had to be honest."

"Hey," you say, "at least I've got a cat to return home to, so... I'm glad you get on well with Tiltyu."

"Speaking of which," Millicent says, "my parents are still petsitting... I wonder how they are."

>A. Must be worried
>B. Fine, surely
>C. No way to know
>D. Write-in
>E. ...
(fuck lag)
>A. Must be worried
>B. Fine, surely
>E. We must hope for the best
>A. Must be worried
>B. Fine, surely
>D. We must hope for the best
File: levinbattlesprite.png (3 KB, 17x32)
3 KB
"I'm sure they're worried about you and Norman," you say, "but otherwise they're safe in Alder. We'll just hope for the best and bring them good stories when we return home."

"Home... Do you think Noba's taken over Holmstead by now? I doubt they'll just... Liberate it and be done with it, since taking it over was what King Augustus wanted."

"I mean... Better them than the Empire," you say. "Honestly, I never had all that much time to get patriotic about Holmstead, not like Raleigh... Soon as I started caring about things, we were already more geared toward 'vanquish the Empire' over 'protect our home.'" You groan, looking away from your lover with a frown. "Raleigh would throw a fit if he heard that..."

"Yeah, well you're not him, and... He was able to accept that awhile ago. Why're you getting doubtful about that now?"

"I mean, it's just... Millie, you know me. I'm not REALLY cut out for all this leading stuff, it's all just looking confident in front of the crowds, and..."
>character limit, continued next post

"Samson," Millicent reassures you, "you haven't ever steered us wrong. You're the sort of person who... You inspire people to be nearly as great as you!"

"But most of them already have that in them," you say. "Why, I'd say the same about you, Millicent. Hell, entire reason I was hanging around Raleigh on that day of our last argument is because I wanted to do right by you. Broke my heart back then to know that I'd taken so much of your time, and..."

Millicent turns away, albeit nestling into your arms some more. "I've... Always struggled to feel like I was of any use to anyone either. I mean, before this all started, I could sort-of fence, had a couple odd talents, but... I was always occupied with dreams of dancing while my younger brother was helping put food on the table when he was ten years old! And then... I guess I was drawn to Raleigh and then you because of how... Important I felt. You would go out of your ways to help me, make me even more skilled than I was already, spend time on me... The point is, you have a knack for doing what's best, even before you realized it!"

>A. Millie...
>B. You're still not sure
>C. Laying it on a bit thick...
>D. Write-in response
>E. ...
>>A. Millie...
File: PegknightDS.png (3 KB, 72x73)
3 KB
"Millie..." You pull her even closer, tighter, your moment getting quieter but no less intimate.

The next morning, you and your fleet finds itself drawing close to Nedata Island, weapons ready and preparing for who or whatever might come first.


"..." Norman, bow lowered but ready, stares out towards the island. "They have pegasi."

"Let 'em come to us, then," Adam declares, waving his axe toward the island. "We'll cut 'em all down!"

"Ready, slow-n'-steady?" Edwyg asks Dinah.

"...that's a new one," Dinah responds. "I need to think of more nicknames myself..."

"Do it later. 'Erry battle's one closer to goin' back to Alder,' that's what you said?" Edwyg responds.

"Yeah... Maybe someday I'll tell you why I left." Probably something you'll never find out, but hey. Everyone's allowed to have lives outside of you.

"Remember, Samson, Wind tomes. Weapon effectiveness is key," Fabrice reminds you as he flips through a Yotsmungand.

"I just wished to see what Nedata Island looked like from afar," your father says before leaving. "I'll be belowdecks if you require any anthropology, son!"

Anyway, right, those Dory Company Pegasus Knights are getting closer to your fleet now.

>A. Let them get into melee range
>B. Pick them off from a mild distance as soon as possible!
>C. Write-in action
>D. Do nothing!
>B. Pick them off from a mild distance as soon as possible!
File: HeroGBA.gif (1 KB, 76x68)
1 KB
You open up your Wind tome, and the moment the fliers draw close, you, Fabrice, and Norman begin to take shots at them. Millicent opts to refresh the Dark Mage, and he, oddly enough, takes aim at a fourth pegasus knight instead of finishing off his third.

"What're you thinking?" You ask. "Wouldn't it be better to-"

"Bael venom," Fabrice plainly answers, and the pair of slightly wounded Pegasus knights both seem to look ill and weak by the time they get close.

Adam and Dinah hurry to take them out, with a fifth among the initial wave personally taking aim at Millie with an Iron Lance, being cut down by Edwyg. Certainly, that first wave involves more than five enemies, but there's also far more people on your ship than just the lot of you, as well as five more boats in your fleet.

To put it lightly, the pegasi failed, and a second wave meets similar results before you land in Port Nedata.

As you land, a MUCH larger crew of who-knows-how-many-dozen lance-armors, myrmidons, mercenaries (okay, they're ALL mercenaries officially, but the fighting class), pirates, and the odd cleric or mage awaits you at the port's end. Of particular note is a fellow leading the charge, carrying with him both a Levin Sword and a Hammer. His expensive-looking clothes and small facial features (but not his height, holy hell. Oswald must be a fluke in the family tree) lead you to infer that this would be Cornelius.

Further cementing your inference is the first thing out of his mouth. "Don't think I'll let you get to my pa! You'se the ones who said you had no interest in talkin' things out to him like civilized folks!"

>A. Ask VERY nicely to be led to him
>B. Challenge this guy up-front
>C. Focus on his minions
>D. Write-in response
>E. Fall back and let your men lead while you sing
>C. Focus on his minions
File: PirateGBAIcon.gif (2 KB, 76x71)
2 KB

You opt to focus on the man's lackeys, which he takes as a cue to fall back somewhat as the Curate next to him falls to your Elfire tome. Fabrice, nearby, aims and strikes down a myrmidon as Adam hammers in a knight's head.

Dinah and Edwyg team up to hold the assault of an entire bunch of pirates and fighters off between several boxes of cargo unloaded due to the commotion, while Norman is cheered on by his sister's power as he engages in a brief duel with a Fire mage.

As this goes on, good ol' Cornelius remains on the edge of the fight, occasionally taking potshots at one of your men with his Levin Sword.

"Grh..." Fabrice barely swerves out of the way of an arrow, siccing a pair of spry young brigands on the archer who did it. "The longer we dawdle here, the more likely that man's father is to try to escape in the commotion. If we can't find out where Oswald is soon, he'll surely slip away!"

>A. Whatever, his logical next direction is where you're headed anyway...
>B. Then you'll go look for him!
>C. Then you'll try to capture Cornelius!
>D. Then you'll try to talk Cornelius into helping! (suggestions STRONGLY recommended)
>E. Write-in action
>F. And how does Mr. Smart Guy suggest we do that?
>A. Whatever, his logical next direction is where you're headed anyway...
File: FatesDarkMagePortrait.png (49 KB, 256x256)
49 KB
"I mean," you say, "where's he going to go besides to his daughter? The, uh, one already heading for Briggid Island."

"Don't think he only has two destinations in mind," Fabrice says. "He could hide away any number of places, with the influence he seems to hold over this region..."

"Then we really might lose him here if he escapes?" You ask.

"Aye," Fabrice answers. "Sir, if I may, I would prefer strongly for Mr. Oswald to... NOT do that."

You nod. "Alright, but don't fight alone."

"I won't, fear not. Oh, Adam~" Fabrice runs back a moment to grab his pirate pal before the two of them both run off.

Quite curiously, Cornelius only makes a token effort to stop either of them with his Levin Sword (it misses) before laughing with indifference and sending a pair of myrmidons after them. "They'll never find him in time anyway..."

Millicent, noticing you now fighting alone, steps to your side along with Norman. Backing up Cornelius, meanwhile, come a fighter with a Killer Axe and another lance-armor, this one packing plain and simple Steel.

"You, meanwhile!" The son-of-the-boss-man turns to you and your Holmstead pals. "Youse need to get put in the ground for good."

>A. Ignore him and try to go after Fabrice and Adam
>B. Attack! (specify weapon)
>C. Sing while the siblings step up to fight
>D. Try to talk him down (write-in dialogue)
>E. Write-in action
Vote time renewed.
>B. Attack! (Tome)
I'm stumped here. ;_;
One small hint, I guess.

Someone had to run things while Oswald was in prison. All he could really directly oversee was control the flow of goods in and out of Fort Dalshin.
I love my laptop, especially when it's a laggy pain in the ass.
Did you "upgrade" to Windows 10?
Nah, I've had auto-updates off for a decent while. Thank god, too, since this thing can barely run 7 competently 60% of the time anymore.

Had it since middle school and it's somehow outlived and forced me to come crawling back to everything that's come after.
You ready your Elfire tome, not really sure how to talk this guy down, but figuring he needs to stop trying to hit you one way or another. You take aim and fire, only for the fighter to call out "boss!" and leap in the way of the blow, dropping to the ground and letting go of his weapon.

"Vin? Vin! You're gonna pay for that, buddy!" The Hero-class picks up his fallen ally's Killer Axe, immediately switching back to his Levin Sword to take aim as Millie dances for you, giving you an opportunity to burn up the heavily-armored fellow before he can do a thing.

Norman, meanwhile, strikes Cornelius square in the shoulder, which he manages to survive, albeit with extreme pain throwing off his magic sword's thunderbolts so they barely miss Millicent.

"...you were trying to attack her." Norman says, quite calm-sounding. You, however, know better.

"Y-yeah, so... Yo-your boss just killed Vin and Vine!"

"..." You and Norman aim your respective ranged weapons, Millie raising your mother's old reforged Iron Sword to complete the imminent trifecta of pain.

Smoldering, riddled with arrows, and cut up, Cornelius still has the fortitude to ask to himself, "w-was I... Set up to die..?" Shutting the eyes, more sentimentally, he adds, "take care, Ada..." before passing.

"Er," Millie says, "you... didn't need to get so personally invested in punishing someone for attacking me, you two."

"...I did anyway." Norman doesn't even attempt to defend himself.

"If it's any consolation, I would've done exactly what I just did no matter who his target was..."

"I know," Millicent says, grinning a bit. "I'm just messing with you."

>A. Let's catch up with Adam and Fabrice!
>B. Let's search for Oswald!
>C. Let's keep fighting!
>B. Let's search for Oswald!
>B. Let's search for Oswald!
File: fe716x.gif (44 KB, 368x240)
44 KB

"...we need to hurry up and find this guy's father," you say. "He realized it just now that he's just bait so Oswald can retreat from a bad situation, so let's hope we took him down fast enough..."

The three of you search the island high and low for answers, only to find none, not to mention the fact that you're inhibited by stragglers from Cornelius' Dory Company allies.

All you're able to get out of ANYONE is that he apparently fled with a pair of Pegasus Knights at some point during the battle, but which direction is very consciously withheld from you. You wonder if convincing Cornelius with anything short of his death could have changed things.

"So he's given us the slip," Fabrice remarks, bitter at his and Adam's failure. "If we were to immediately comb the surrounding islands, there might be a chance of finding sign of him, assuming he hasn't gone to join Adelais after all, but... it would delay our campaign by a lengthy spell, and could ultimately prove purposeless. We only have so much time during which Director Hera and Adelais Dory will be battling one another's forces before one wins out and the other sets their sights on us at last."

"Men like him were abhorred by even small-time smugglers like Alfred an' kings like Augustus..." Adam remarks. "I'd sleep better knowin' we did all we could to grab him."

"There's no guarantee that we'll find him even IF we find the right island, and we're already thinning out our forces just keeping Bryton Island sort of under wraps, and now whoever we need to leave behind here," Dinah objects. "We need this campaign to be swift and decisive before they can strike back. That's why we didn't take detours on the way here."

>A. Yes, we press on to Briggid Island
>B. No, we need to try to find him!
>C. What's every other named character think?
>B. No, we need to try to find him!
"No," you say to Dinah, "we need to at least try to fight him. The surrounding Nedata subregion is still teeming with Dory Company stooges anyway, so it's hardly going to be useless to secure the area. Did... nobody on our side seriously notice a bunch of pegasi flying off, though?"

"Someone had to have," Edwyg reports, riding in from the direction of the harbor with a frown on her face. "Few of the dudes on the flagship were cut down. Sword slashes and lance pierces, AKA what pegasus riders use."


"The... The flagship?" You ask, sounding more than a little shocked. "But... Is my father okay?!"

"Uh, yeah, prolly shoulda led with that." Edwyg whips a crumpled up ball of paper at your head, which connects and lands on your shoulder. You uncrinkle it and read.


Don't worry about your father getting into trouble anymore, alright? I got Mr. Lazare outta there, figured we ought to have a little heart-to-heart about how you treat my boy. I'll have him back to you in no time, so just find my daughter, play nice with her against our common foe, and I'll have him back to you alive and unharmed. I am, as I believe I've said to you, a man of my word.

-O. Dory"

"F-father..!" This... certainly changes your situation. You re-crumple the hastily-scrawled in your fists, seething with anger.

"Er... Are we still sticking with the plan?" Fabrice asks.

>A. You can't do that now! Your father doesn't deserve this!
>B. Of course! You're not being cowed by this guy!
>C. You... Need some time to think.
>D. Write-in response
>E. ...
>A. You can't do that now! Your father doesn't deserve this!
Well fuck...
"I... Grh..." Shaking, you breathe in and out rapidly. "We... can't do that now... Father didn't want to fight anymore, he just wanted to provide moral support and go back home."

"We were outplayed by that Dory from the start, weren't we?" Fabrice asks, staring thoughtfully into the water. "Clearly his son's men, while weak compared to the pegasus knights who were able to kill our crew members, were undyingly loyal to him, and he'd been in Fort Dalshin long enough for Cornelius to become the effective face of his company. He knew we would come here and kill his son and the weaker gangsters who supported him, and had his most powerful pegasi capture your father in the confusion. He... Probably intends to milk this situation until he can seize control of the entire archipelago."

"You don't need to spell it all out!" You shout. "He played us, that's all you needed to say!"

"Then... All we can do is meet this Adelais," Dinah says. "But we'll get Oswald back for this someday, mark my words!"

"Y-yeah... Surely," you say in turn.

>To be continued next thread
I feel like, if Marion or Raleigh were in Samson's shoes, they'd probably have sacrificed Lazare to his fate for the greater good, and he probably would've even suggested the same were he able to. Still, though, it is the point that, while influenced by them and consciously lives on in their steads, he's very much NOT the deceased badasses of his life.

Thanks for playing, as always. Update twitter and ask.fm are qmgrandflocto, and I'll be around in-thread to chat for awhile.
File: Comfy Kirby.png (38 KB, 245x237)
38 KB
As always, thanks fo running, Octo.
Always a pleasure.

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