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A thread for creating stuff for Cape Games be it characters, teams, powers, universes, or plots.

All ideas are welcomed and encouraged. None are too grim. None are too wacky. The goal is to create things that GM and players can take and put in their own games, modifying elements to suit their own tastes.

>System repository

Cape World stuff:

>The Generals
>Las Vegas
>Generals' Villains

TOPIC STARTER: How do you like your cape combat? Fun brawls? Life or death struggles? Puzzles to be solved with creative use of powers?

Previous Thread:>>47412930
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So has anyone ever flirted with falling into a magical realm (or taking others into your own) in a cape game?

Anyone ever have a Tigra in their games or tried to play a Tigra?
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7. This Man, this Monster: The Character is an outcast, either because of their monstrous appearance or because of dangerous, uncontrollable powers. (Doom Patrol. The Hulk, X-Men)

8. Jack Kirby Monster (I couldn't resist): The character is a monster! They come from outer space, the depths of the sea, or from a mad scientists lab. They have great strength, great mental powers, or great technology.

Any ideas for 9 and 10 for the Silver Age Archtypes list?

If we get Bronze we'll have Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Dark Age.

Would it be possible to do archetypes for the modern age? The modern age seems to be about re-examining the previous ages more than doing new things. The only archtype I can readily thing of would be something like Kamala Khan. A light-hearted "fun" teenage girl character.
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Brawls. Always Brawls
I like all of the above, but if I had to choose preference, I'd say Jojo's-style puzzles of quick thinking and creativity. Failing that, epic life or death struggles are awesome as long as everyone knows what's on the table. Fun brawls are best for early parts of the campaign.
Yeah, quick thinking on how to use powers creatively is the best. Especially if you manage to do something with anseemingly useless or lower level power.
So about the DEF and the Young Generals, where do you see their stories going and developing?

Also who fights who when they fight?

Pelican vs Hebi

Strike vs Prince Blitz (magic lightning vs real lightning)

Scribe vs Joe: Both have hidden reserves of great power, and Joe recognizes that Scribe is in the earliest stages of an addiction to Chase's Compendium

DEF Chief vs Tesla: Dundo wants the suit back...and to bring Tesla in alive to see what she knows. He's convinced she had to have help stealing the suit, probably form his nemesis The Brown Recluse. So he's assigned the Chief to take her in. He feels sorry for Tesla in spit of himself, seeing her as a person way in over her head and more than a little like his own daughter.

Roller vs Aria and Trinity: He's fast enough to handle both of them at once. Roller is actually a big fanboy of the Generals and hates fighting Trinity because of i.

Ms Future Vs Makara: They both find the sources of their respective powers fascinating, science and philosophy. They might develop a relationship.

This good?
The Compendium is just knowledge, not power. I guess addiction is possible, but it's just a mysterious book, one of the only ones not in The Library. Granted, if you focus only on the spells bit of it you can get very powerful over time.
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So for Cape World teams we have:

The Generals: All-purpose super team

The Young Generals: All-purpose teenage super team

The Outliers: Teen Doom Patrol

DEF: A "super team" in Martin Dundo's back pocket.

The Statesmen: PR stunt and mixer for elected representatives from all states that still takes on missions due to its power and resources.

The United Front: The UN version of the Statesmen. Its "story" focuses on simply getting the team to work together and less on it doing things.

Tokyo Guardians: Highly competitive guardians of Tokyo.

Rainbow Legion: Australia's super team dedicated to tearing apart the Atlantean Wall while keeping the public informed and knowledgeable of their actions.

The Team: UN's shit kickers.

Blockbusters: Hollywood's super team. They used to be a fake team with fake battles until Barnstormer and friends reformed the system.

Not-super team super teams:

Super Builders: Supers that use their powers to build infrastructure world wide and beyond. Think the Peace Core with Super Powers.

Deustsh Liga: Germany's emergency and rescue team. Only member so far is the massive Toybox, a walking robot colony.

Phoenix: Massive and global emergency and rescue service.

ARGO: NYC based Multiverse exploration group, evolved from an earlier ARGO that explored the mystic archipelago.

Finders: Group that finds stable, productive work for super humans.

Monster People: Group led by Palmetto Bug that finds stable and productive work for "problem" supers that Finders can't help. Monsterous and Proud. Sometimes they find themselves doing super hero business.

Anyone want to roll some characters to flesh out any of these teams?
>Pelican vs Hebi
I'd want Pelican to stomp Viper in this fight. I feel like Hebi's arc when she was a villain she could more than handle Chase and Psinobi in a fight. It usually required to take a team effort to stop her because she made to fight and she was damn good at it. With her change of her she's filled guilt fighting Pelican because murdering her parents and on top of that Pelican developed her fighting style to beat Viper and Serpent.
>Strike vs Prince Blitz
I feel Blitz pulls through because of his superior eugenics.
>Scribe vs Joe
I feel like this go to either one since their both relatively inexperienced yet powerful
>Roller vs Aria and Trinity
I'm not sure. Trinity has experience and Aria I'm sure's competent but Roller has speedforce bullshit so I'm leaning more towrads him.
>Ms Future Vs Makara
I need to read up on Ms.Future to decide
The written word can be highly addictive. Look at comic book fans and people that post on 4chan.
Sure. How would we do that, pick a team and then roll for members or just roll someone and stick them where they would best fit?
Well you're not wrong...
Probably just roll someone and see where they fit.

Personally I want to add some guys to the United Front. Because UN is a bigggg place.

What should we use? I'm sort of leaning toward MM because it seems the most stable and useful of the randomizers we've used. But Marvel has the cuh-razy factor going for it.
MM it's the standard for the universe.
File: 1463431620406.png (171 KB, 1024x832)
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171 KB PNG
>>Pelican vs Hebi
>I'd want Pelican to stomp Viper in this fight. I feel like Hebi's arc when she was a villain she could more than handle Chase and Psinobi in a fight. It usually required to take a team effort to stop her because she made to fight and she was damn good at it. With her change of her she's filled guilt fighting Pelican because murdering her parents and on top of that Pelican developed her fighting style to beat Viper and Serpent.
Why do you want to have Hebi suffer anon?
We can just mix them up like we've been doing.

I feel like a lot of the really cuh-razy ones could find themselves in ARGO. A power that is useless in all but an extremely specific situation could make for a very useful explorer for particular universes. If you need to constantly absorb a rare gas to "recharge" your power, an alternate universe where that gas makes up a large portion of the Earth's atmosphere would be perfect for you.

Guys we have so far for UNITED FRONT:

France: Dame Ankou. Immortal WW2 Spy master.

America: Dr Dinosaur. Man that can turn into any dinosaur.

Russia: Ice Breaker. Russian political agitator put on the time as a show of good faith.

Canada: Young aerial engineer who controls technology whose name I can't remember.

Germany: Drussenmann, the iron man with a hear of gold himself.

England: Johnny-A-Lantern. Ex punk rocker and fire starter, sent to the team as a joke because of the UN's friction with King Arthur and his Knights.

Japan: Meowing Midori. Joined up to keep the team in tip top shape and train up the no hopers after losing her seat on the Tokyo Guardians to her rival, friend, and protege.

Ireland: Tam-Lin, a fairy knight from Spirit Earth assisted by his squire a lover Janet, a human woman.

China: The Yellow Emperor. Possibly the Yellow Emperor himself, but maybe a metahuman designed to be China's answer to King Arthur.

Taiwan: The Yellow Emperor. Who is the real Yellow Emperor? Both? Neither?

Mixing them up sounds good.

We'll do a little MM to start.

Rolled 11 (1d20)

File: Strange World.jpg (63 KB, 500x432)
63 KB
We need a team of engineers and diplomats that try to develop the Earth and the entire multiverse into a stronger, more developed whole.

ARGO is more Fantastic Four. These guys would be the ones stopping wars between universes and regulating travel between the worlds to keep things from exploding, but they're pro-mingling and pro-development and pro-sharing ideas.

Super-problem solvers is what I'm getting at.

Planetary would probably be their closest analog. How can we protect the universe and make it better at the same time?

I see them working with Phoenix a lot. So maybe another kind of bird?

What do you think thread? Is this an idea worth developing?

What's a really weird bird?
File: 194106-25533-she-hulk.jpg (41 KB, 415x640)
41 KB

YES YES YES! I was wondering when we'll finally get one.

Rolled 5 (1d20)

Hebi is a clone that was made only to kill. She deserves to suffer
Hopefully she's a little different than Blue Cobalt
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164 KB PNG
Hi anons. Sorry I've been quiet for a while. Its been a busy couple days.
Plus I start a new job tomorrow. So personal attendence in these threads will be spotty.

Posting the remainder of this anon's ranger requests.

Otherwise what's happened while i was out?
So it goes without saying that the actual explorers of ARGO are called Argonauts right?

Do we have someone named Jason written up?

I still have very fond memories of that Ray Harryhausen flick.
Palefag here, finished the first File. You can see it here
File: Kirby Groot.jpg (83 KB, 378x558)
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ALTERNATE FORM: Body made of rocks or metal.

...Could this be a Kirby Monster for Palmetto Bug's team? A QT with metal bod? A big rock guy?

We made a Teenage Doom Patrol called the Outliers and an evil Teen Titans called DEF to oppose Junior Generals. Pale Rider got a dropbox.

There was also an anon last thread who seemed like his players might have a Magical Realm issue.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Definitely going to be a Jason.

Argo, Phoenix, and now these other guys...going to have to be something mythical sounding.

>Quick: You're faster than you look

Interesting...probably not a Kirby Monster then.

Rolled 10 (1d20)

New to /ccg/ how do we go about rolling up new characters? I'm interested in making a character for the United Front to represent Australia, potentially.
We use a couple of randoizers, usually Mutants and Mastermind's GM Kit. It can be found through the game sources link in the OP.

We're also in the process of making randomizers based on the different ages of comic book story telling.
Rolled 13 (1d20)

We just do what we're doing now, someone with a book or pdf for a generator asks for rolls, different people roll for different traits without any kind of order, and we all make a character together.

Feel free to jump in anytime.



We've also been creating our own character generators. See >>47433407
Rolled 18 (1d20)


Heh, I just realized the opening of Captain America 2 was a reference to this.
Oh, okay cool. I don't have the kit and can't profess to know MM too well, since I'm only learning the system now in advance of an upcoming MM session. My previous cape experiences were using BESM and another uncommon system I've forgotten the name of.

I have about 15 or so Australian heroes from the game sessions we played of that old campaign, when we were all members of the ASHES, a national government-backed supersquad fighting kaiju that escaped into the Pacific and other weird stuff. I figured one of those guys might work for United Front.
They could. Just write them up for us. Cape World has some Australian Lore you might want to look over (link in OP) but Cape World isn't meant to bind people to canon.

If you have a cool idea just put it out. The thread's for more cape creation than just Cape World after all.

Russos know their comics.

Roll For Offensive Power II!
Rolled 18 (1d20)


So a super strong, surprisingly fast metal/rock character with a thunderclap...

Super Strength gives the character Super Stamina, and we need to

Rolled 8, 8 = 16 (2d10)

Can he switch the rock/metal on and off or is it permanent?

Thanks anon. I'll try and do a pale pic once i give it a read through.
Its up to us. So they could be a switcher like Colossus.

Anyone remember "Thing Ring do your Thing"? They could be like that.

LIFE SUPPORT. So while armored up they don't need air, food, water, or anything like that.

Reroll the eight!
Rolled 9 (1d10)

Roll again!
Rolled 1 (1d10)

i'm confused but i'll do what you say
Thank you, mostly just glad people like it. I'm not very experienced at this whole writing thing, so it's a bit odd when my only experience is being a shitty Questmaster on hiatus due to low playercount.

The next file takes place at a New York ball during the Roaring 20's, mostly inspired by the old detective comics. There may be breaks in Case File format, but that is explained by a scribing enchanted book.

WARNING: Spoilers actually are spoilers, but not major. If you care about knowing who may appear in the next File, read with caution.

Slated Appearances:
Heart Throb
Baroness Bizarre
Ghost o'Jarone
Any other suggestions?

Also, File 1 included the backstory for Otherthing.
>n. style.
> e.g. What you lack is steelo! Style! Class! You are dull!

Please make a fashionista gal who is like a younger Edna Mode but also an actual superhero. Deceptively strong and nimble and lithe.
For modern characters
Roll another archytype, but make them a person of colour, gay or trans. All this character's villains must be poorly-written strawmen of the writer's pet political issues.
I'm not a fan of nu-Marvel is what I'm saying.
>Heart Throb
Oh gawd, the teenager that wants to bone Trinity is like 100. I really hope she wasn't a team Edward because this relationship has potential to be horrifying
Great job with those spoilers m8.

Besides, this is the origin of him, so he's still under 100, just by a bit though. I took a page from the backstory of Dio because reasons.
File: X-Men Mercury.jpg (22 KB, 236x329)
22 KB
The 9 landed in the same bracket for the Life Support powers.

INVULNERABILITY: The character has immunity from our choice of:

Cold, Electricity, Weather, Fire, Magic, Radiation, or Sonic.

What are they immune from? First reply gets it.

Possibly German? Not one of their robots, but she has expertise in selling fashion to them whether its a new chassis or a set of flattering clothes.

She specializes in fashion for women with odd skin tones and forms. Metal Girls, Hulk Girls, Thing Girls, etc. Also robot girls.

Steelo is a cool name. I say go with it.

Pic related is a good "start" for her appearance.
Magic plz
My logic here is how you can get metal fatigue from vibrations (eg sonic) and obviously cold fractures, heat warping and electricity basically just being conducted through you supereffectively, while cold iron was a regular thing in warding off magic in folktales.
Well, why not have her be normally a regular person, but she can grow out a very fashionable metal exoskeleton at will.
Oh, which file are these tables in?
>Oh darling, no no no, you simply cannot combine granite and silk, are you trying to make me retch?
>Dumbkopf! For such a blue skintone you absolutely must contrast it with white and silver, you want to accentuate your curves, ja?
>I shall handstitch your nanosteel plated corset myself! None of these silly little wussy fragile seamstresses have the fingerstrength to penetrate high-tensile alloy fabrics!

Magic it is!

I see Steelo being apart of a team that manages relationships between robots and humans. She's a human woman comfortable in robot culture, and robots are comfortable about her appearance.

Steelo believes in her fashion, and is more than a little arrogant about it. She believes that she can bring humans and robots together by creating fashion label that serves them both.

Everyone wants to look their best. Everyone wants to look-Steelo.

She's probably made swimsuits and outfits for Virginia Daring.



Pic is another Steelo appearance inspiration.

5th edition folder, Game Master's Kit.
How does this all tie into her military/rough background?
Rough upbringing was a military dad, she was one of those kids always moving from place to place as her dad got bounced around. A proper army brat. Presumably her dad being absent and when at home dealing with war traumas leads into some avenues for a hard childhood.

Joins the military to try to understand her father better or something, but eventually comes to understand that the PTSD has wounded him too deeply and he's basically an asshole regardless of if it's his fault. Gets discharged for reasons and then decides to take up fashion work, initially just as something completely opposite to army work, but it turns out she loves it and is really good at it.

Or something like that?
Oh snap, I forgot about that...

How about her having a hard life growing up because people teased her about being a halfie? Robots teased her for having a soft human side and humans teased her for having a hard robot side.

She defies preconceptions. She prefers her super form and doesn't change back unless its to build up muscles and tone (she finds it easier to sculpt her body in her flesh form) but she identifies as a human, not a robot.

Her story says that its okay to be proud to be in one group and not another but still be interested in and appreciative of other groups and their cultures. You don't have to BE apart of a group to understand and appreciate it.

Her military background comes >>47435501

She's a miliary brat, and dad wants her to be a "real" super hero and focusing on her girly fashion career.

She tried a round of military service in the German army to please the old man but just couldn't click with it, especially the discipline and uniforms.

Basically dad wanted a tomboy and got a fashionista instead.

She still knows how to fight. She's a quick, agile opponent who knows how to make sonic blasts with her super strength claps and stomps.

For added flavor have her metal body be...I dunno how to describe it, like a musical instrument? You bang on it and it makes sound, and she can use this property to make offensive sonic blasts through claps and what not.

Hm. Grows up in a rough neighbourhood. Gang wars, police brutality, and violent civil disputes are pretty common. She sees people get hurt every day, but thinks that ultimately big picture protection will never trickle down far enough. No, people need physical protection from harm. She works hard in school, gets into a good university, becomes a materials engineer, and finally signs on with the military. She ends up working to try and produce next generation body armors for soldiers. Her ulterior plan is try to produce armor that's cheap, protective, and won't effect someone's everyday life so that people who live in dangerous places can always have some safety. Eventually the group creates a prototype liquid nano-armor that gets applied directly to the skin. Of course, it goes partially wrong when she tests it on herself. It doesn't come off, and it has a few surprising side effects. Super villains attack trying to steal a sample, and the lab is destroyed along with all existing material. After that, she's discharged with honors but decides to take up work as a super hero/equipping super heroes.

Fashion doesn't come up in that rundown, but I'm sure we could fit it in.
I don't know. I kind of figured her to be a fashionista from before the military. I just don't see her being apart of a nano-armor experiment. But we can use the rough neighborhood thing, it justifies why she was teased so much growing up. This okay?
Naw, disregard what I wrote, I suck cocks. I think the nano-experiment could tie into her fashion stuff. Clothes that wont' tear on super people AND clothes for people that live in dangerous environments can come from the same place.

I think this works with the other stuff.
Rolled 16 (1d20)

Steelo's team name should be called something like "Steel Hearts". Bringing peace between humans and robots and helping out if other super teams need it, especially if robotics are involved in their missions.

Steel Hearts an okay name?

SUPER MOVING: Leaps 1,000 feet, runs 60 MPH.

It fits her "speedy bruiser" build.

Does she sound like a chime when she moves? Could she be like, a walking wind chime?

Rolled 1 (1d20)

>Walking wind chime
Sounds good to me!

Nice bit of flavor to the character, and a bit of an additional weakness, too; can't be too stealthy.
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Enhanced Senses: Senses 5 (Extended Auditory 2,
Extended Vision 2, Low-light Vision)

If we use this for the next Archetype roll it would be the Paragon
ENHANCED SENSES: low light vision, extended auditory and visual range.

Would help with the fashion designing.

So we created metal mod and a German hero team that isn't rescue-based. Neat!

Want to roll more?

Is Nightingale an okay name? A small bird that makes a beautiful sound throughout all of creation. That's the group's goal, to fill the world with beautiful and strange sounds, ideas, and art.

Sure senpai
These characters and organizations are starting to run into each other. Can we stop and actually get a headcount of who is in what, and who each character is?

Would Paragon be alright?


Phoenix is search and rescue. Nightingale is development and peace building.They use their own superhuman as agents but often hire superhuman teams with specialties. Phoenix will call Deutsch Liga if the disaster is particularly bad, like a cosmic thunderstorm. Nightingale will call Steel Hearts if they're negotiating with mechanical space aliens looking for their creator.
Phoenix and Nightingale could be "mission dispensers" for PC groups. They're big organizations in a superhero universe that AREN'T paramilitary based like SHIELD or CHECKMATE and some players might find that refreshing.

Should there BE a big international SHIELD like group in Cape World or would "the UN is on the hotline" cover for them?
I presume the UF is the SHIELD of the Cape World.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Yeah, we haven't had a lot of those, have we? Kind of odd.

No, not really. The United Front is the international version of the Statesmen; a collection of representative heroes that is more for politics than actual effectiveness, though both teams have members that are trying to make it an actual effective team. There's no real coordination or vast resources behind them with the purpose of keeping the world safe.

I don't think Cape World has any one SHIELD parallel; each country has an organization, some have several, that are similar in nature, though. Organisations like Phoenix, a "massive and global emergency and rescue service" or smaller, nation-specific variants, plus your usual military and espionage stuff.

The Team is pretty close to the Avengers, though, a collection of the hardest hitting heroes the governments of the world could find.

We haven't fleshed out the Team much, though. Honestly I kind of like it that way. The identities and existence of the absolute top highest tier heroes is such a well-kept secret that even we don't know it. And it gives GMs the freedom to fill it out for themselves.
Alright. Let's see if I got this straight.


Phoenix: Search and Rescue. Helps people survive when the sky turns red and gods start fighting.

Nightingale: Peace Building and Development. "Super Problem Solvers" that find ways to apply super technology to make Earth a better place. They want a free, peaceful exchange of knowledge throughout space, the 3 Earths, and the multiverse

ARGO: Exploration, in contrast to Nightingale which works to incorporate what ARGO finds into a harmonious, peaceful world. ARGO are super astronaughts. Nightingale is super-diplomats and engineers. ARGO finds Earth-98, Nightingale sends diplomats to it. Based in NYC.

The UN (United Front and The Team. United Front being a group of representative heroes based on the Statesmen model and The Team being an elite group.)

After that you get different super groups depending on the country, some of which are more "traditional" than others. For example, the US has a bajillion traditional style teams including The Statesmen and all their associated sub-teams and The Generals.

Germany on the other hand has Deutsch Liga which specializes in disaster relief and emergency rescue even more so than Phoenix who sometimes calls on them to handle the situations they can't. Steel Hearts is a super team that works to make peace between Germany's people and robots. They fight robot bigots and human bigots alike, but they do more than just fight. They try to find ways to bring humans and robots together like Steelo and her fashion for both humans and robots.
Forgot to ask, does this clear things up for you?
It helps.
File: 1463958569371.jpg (690 KB, 1280x1180)
690 KB
690 KB JPG
There has to be some holdover from the Cold War that survived to the modern era, the international secret peacekeeper force, where some of the best superspies in the world served to protect the peace from those who would try to take over the world. It remains a superspy resevoir and helps maintain good intelligence (as opposed to evil intelligence).
File: 1463957145495.jpg (114 KB, 288x614)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
When cream-of-the-crop superspies thought this was acceptable dress.
>The Team's identity is never revealed.

...You know, I actually really like this idea. The Team is the "all star" group that the GM and players can fill with their favorites. The pdf could have some "suggested" teams but nothing "in canon".

The Team stands the best chance of saving the day because they're you're favorite team-ups. I like that, it appeals to the little kid in me.

It'll get easier when we start getting proper write ups for each country. Just remember there are two levels, national and international at work here. If you have any questions I can help, I've worked on Cape World sense the beginning.

Here's the million dollar question. SHOULD Cape World have a SHIELD/Checkmate group? I kind of like that the big powers in the world aren't paramilitary. It's a very hopeful message that the guys telling the super people what to do aren't basically CIA spooks.

That being said, am I understanding this right in thinking that the group will be pro-information instead of "Sorry Cap that's classified?"

Could we have a group that's more Science Ninja Gatchaman and less SHIELD?

So basically, should we have a SHIELD and if we do what is it like? Ninjas hanging out with Bonds?
MAN OF ACTION: You’re the height of human perfection,
whether through a lifetime of experimental training or
due to influence from some outside source.


Roll 1D20 for Advantages!
Global Intelligence Network and its counterpart the Tactical Operations, Navigation & Intelligence Command.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Oh good Doc has a friend other than Baron now.
Yeah. Super spies have always been a thing for cape shit
File: 1326850514669.jpg (285 KB, 768x1024)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
At the very least, it will be international. It does its best not to be beholden to any one government, though naturally, some nations will be more prominent than others. I imagine there would be SOME information that's on a need-to-know basis with the rest of the superheroic community. It's something of a melting pot for the various intelligence organizations to dip into (CIA, MI5, the Public Security Intelligence Agency [Japan], etc). And yes, there will be ninjas, because fuck you, Japan does what it wants.
>British agent can't stop leering at the Japanese agent
>"Now there's a rising sun I'd love to see every morning."
I think what we've been doing, forming redundant and often overlapping groups of similar natures, is the way to go.

Different countries form different organisations to fulfill the same SHIELD-esque roles, some more secretive or corrupt than others. And have there be differences throughout time, too. Organisations can dissolve or join together.

I think that if we go with this approach, there is a lot more freedom to tell what story you want, and you can have more action where these groups overlap. Hopeful message Group A may be suspicious of corrupt and secretive Group B, and Group B may see Group A as dangerous and irresponsible. Build some friction there. Things could get really interesting if you put politics into it, especially if you play with what time you're in. Group C and Group D may have the same goal and similar methods, but if it's during the Cold War and they belong to countries on opposing sides or allied with countries on opposing sides, things could get interesting.

Though I do see conflict getting less common, things getting more unified as time goes on. Moving from individual government agencies to "super spy" networks.
>Not "now there's a rising sun I'd "get up" for every morning"
File: 1250028211937.jpg (95 KB, 417x550)
95 KB
Only the top-tier ninjas, though. To reiterate from the original writeup about superspies:

>Naturally, the Japanese did things their own way. When they weren't dressed trendy and following the trends of other superspies around the world, Japan's superspies were straight-up ninjas. I mean, why not leverage what you've already got? Some organizations claimed to have ninjas on their payroll, but the truly good ninjas would never submit themselves to merely be mooks. They had their own techniques, their own tools, their own ways to get to where they needed to go, and - to be expected - they were famously dangerous in close quarters combat. Some ninjas even moonlighted as demon hunters, as some of their ancestors did before them. The Japanese "superspy" really was something of a dynamo.

>>the truly good ninjas would never submit themselves to merely be mooks
>As in, the "good" ninja agents were one-man armies like any other superspy. The two-bit ninja mooks you see deployed en masse by certain villanous organizations were not of the same caliber. Sure, it would kick up a fuss back in Japan if any given ninja clan (and trust me, there were plenty of those) aligned with an evil group and offered their ninjas as footsoldiers, and that clan would be dealt with domestically while the international superspy wrecked the mooks out in the field.
But then you run into the "alphabet soup" issue, where it's difficult to keep track of every single organization, to the point where it's exceedingly difficult NOT to step on someone's toes.
>bakka jyanai no!
> Moving from individual government agencies to "super spy" networks
> I imagine there would be SOME information that's on a need-to-know basis with the rest of the superheroic community. It's something of a melting pot for the various intelligence organizations to dip into (CIA, MI5, the Public Security Intelligence Agency [Japan], etc). And yes, there will be ninjas, because fuck you, Japan does what it wants.

I think this works. Really well as a matter of fact. They're big on unity and openness more than SHIELD and Checkmate. but still have a few secrets.

Cape World has tended to be more multinational than other worlds, probably because it's more open with the super science, magic, and aliens. And its a hopeful message showing that all these secret organizations can overcome national boundaries to share secrets with each other for the common good.

Also I'd love to see a team with a ninja and Bond agent working together.

I think we're good if we don't grow our international roster anymore. The countries having similar super teams shouldn't really be a problem because the countries in Cape World have their own gimmicks and cultures. If the PCs are a Japanese super team they'll be dealing with different things than if they were a Greek super team or an Australian Super Team.

With a spy group I think we'll have all the angles covered at the International Stage.

What do we call it? Another bird name?
>Sorry honey I don't speak Japanese. So why don't we put that beautiful mouth to another, better use?

We're a wealthy man of action!

Rolled 19 (1d20)

File: kage-v5.jpg (635 KB, 1500x2000)
635 KB
635 KB JPG
>I said, I'm not your partner.
>HE'S your partner.
First is SCIENCE!

Roll for the next!
Rolled 4 (1d20)


Some sort of "super-sports" character like Hoosier and Pitt Fighter that uses his winnings to finance his scientific experiments? A modern Renaissance man who perfects his mind and body through a regiment that includes science experiments and sports like Judo and fencing?

We don't roll for the first power because we're a MAN OF ACTION. instead we take FIND WEAKNESS.

Could this guy be apart of this super spy network we're talking about?

Our Defensive Powers are picked as Immunity (Life Support) and Invulnerability.

File: 1463957395282.jpg (116 KB, 1600x1200)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Someone mentioned >>47436219.
I'd also recommend using Latin for the organization's name, because what's more global than one of the world's oldest languages? Try this:
>Ordo de Intelligentia, Praesidio, et Pace
>Order of Intelligence, Protection, and Peace
>Both are OIPP
Sounds good to me, either said as O I P P or OH-IP. I say go with it.


Phoenix (Search and Rescue)
Nightingale (Developing 3 Earths and other worlds)
ARGO (Exploring 3 Earths and other worlds)
OIPP (International Intelligence)
UN (International Cooperation, includes members from other worlds and Earths)

Sounds good?
File: 1463958910559.jpg (121 KB, 1080x1075)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
That's much better. It's condensed, and each organization fills its own distinct role. Good shit.
The Australian team I mentioned briefly earlier, for reference.

>A government-sactioned team for herowork within Australian borders, known as ASHES (Advanced Strategic Homeland Enforcement Service, but often called the Australian Super Hero Emergency Squad)
>A member from each state and mainland territory, as selected by that state's government.
>GOLDRUSH is a Greek woman from Melbourne, a typical speedster with an outgoing personality and a revhead disposition.
>BLUE MOUNTAIN is a big dude from New South Wales, with the ability of superstrength, super durability and able to become up to 50x his normal size.
>MONSOON is a weather manipulating Asian girl from Queensland, who has some storm-related powers. She's an engineering genius and uses a low-grade power armor covered in her own patented SolarMAX micropanels to absorb solar energy and support her otherwise baseline physique.
>BRUMBY is a native Aboriginal man from the Northern Territory with enhanced speed, strength, healing and wild nature much like the wild horses he's named after. Like a somewhat stronger and faster Wolverine, without the claws or retarded good healing.
>EYRE is the South Australian hero and much like the vanishing lake he's named after he can become invisible and intangible and can fly.
>DIGGER is the West Australian hero and field leader. An ex-SAS soldier given a supersoldier treatment, he's now peakhuman and has the ability to burrow through the ground at incredible pace and kick up dust storms.
>SOUTHERN CROSS is the Tasmanian representative, an ex-convict energy manipulator who throws starlight beams from 5 points on her body.
>BURLY GRIFFIN is the office leader, a bureaucrat from the ACT who can shapeshift into any animal, including mythical ones. He's a powerful man but is meek and unassuming and is the political core of the team, as he reports directly to the federal government.

Their biggest foe is the PHOENIX, the Prototype Heroic Organism - Encoded National Identity Xenomorph.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

File: image.jpg (43 KB, 428x344)
43 KB
Has Capeworld China been discussed yet? It would be kind of cool if it had a bit of a Wuxia bent. Super Jianghu?
Guy can FLY!

Roll 1d20 for the final power, utility!

Sounds cool. Burly Griffen and Southern Cross are my favorites.
I like the names a lot, even if it seems a bit "captain ethnic-y"
Straya represent, cunts.
Only in that like in real life there's China and Taiwan and the cultural differences between the two and that China is like Cape Russia in that all supers have mandatory military service. They got big-time cape registration,and some supers leave to Hong Kong and Taiwan where supers have more opportunity for individual development and choice. This causes international friction as China wants Hong Kong and Taiwan to stop "stealing" their capes.

Their United Front rep is The Yellow Emperor, which is supposed to be THE Yellow Emperor. The problem comes in that Taiwan also has a Yellow Emperor as its representative...

Beyond that it hasn't been developed much. Any ideas? Personally I'd love to see some anti-authoritarian Youxia. They don't care about politics or government and just go around helping people like the legends from Water Margin.
That's kind of the point. They're government-produced heroic identities for the most part, designed to play on national identity and the like. The joke of the campaign we ran with these guys was that being the lapdogs of the government, they're actually second-rung and out of touch with the Australian public in terms of the image they project.

We kept getting shown up by a GMPC who was basically Australian Superman and his gang of independent heroes who aren't tied by agendas they don't necessarily agree with,
This is exactly what I was thinking, have the supes be wandering, draft-dodging swords(wo)men with underground societies and clans.
Tiannamen Square tank man is a Wuxia? Too on the nose?
Having lawless Wuxia supes fighting military Supes is some pretty spicy plot
Fuck yes Water Margin capes. Sometimes working with the military supers, sometimes fighting against them, sometimes trolling them, sometimes even having affairs with them.

The government calls them outlaws. The people call them Yuxia.

I'm going to say no, if only because I want to see Tank Man dismantle a tank with his bare hands before leaping away with a big grin on his face like Golden Age Superman.
I remember writing up a thing about some Tibetan monks for a capeworld once. It was all about telekinetic combat and stuff like that, it was kinda neat.I never got to writing about the culture much because my players were happy with just the killy murderfight flavor text and combat feats/bonuses, and the campaign ended too early to explore them more.

You know, Martin Dundo is so far the big name bad guy of Cape World just by being linked to so many creations. He's the Brown Recluse's arch. He owns the suit Tesla stole. He bankrolls the DEF.

I think I might try writing him up like my (slowly developing) Statesmen write ups. It'll be like the other write ups, just with a little "Deck Rank" indication (which Martin will have listed as unclassified because Officially he isn't a bad guy).

What would be useful in a write up for a supervillian for a cape RPG? What would you like to see?

Also, on the character himself I see Martin as being Kingpin with a Yuppie edge. Think Bruce Wayne if he really was a playboy. But also evil. He likes wine, women, and chess. Especially if the pieces are people and organizations.

Is this a good direction to take the character?
Honestly, I think it's good to see normal humans doing some good in the simple ways they can manage.
>Although he's just a man Tank Man was considered a Yuxia just like the superhuman ones for his display of heroic courage

I can dig this.
Haven't read it in depth yet, just scanned it, but it looks good. I like how diverse and flavorful the disciplines are (Mountain Goat is my favorite so far). I defiantly see this as something that could easily improve Cape World China or any super hero world's China.
I'm thinking of a villain/antihero taking inspiration from ROTK's Lu Bu, wanting to reshape China in the name of "Benevolence" by any means necessary. Make him a super charming, cult of personality type.
Liu Bei? I can't remember all the names.
All I know is you're not supposed to pursue Lu Bu
And then wait for the inevitable betrayal. Lu Bu can't help himself.
>How do you like your cape combat? Fun brawls? Life or death struggles? Puzzles to be solved with creative use of powers?

All of the above?
As a rule the classic comics I like to read didn't really have different characters winning their fights in exactly the same ways; some would use agility or the environment or weapons, others would just smack you in the face until you fell down.
I like this. We needed more tweeners. I remember we got the time-displaced Conan guy that was pretty cool.
To return to Cape World Japan:

Who was Meowing Midori's rival?

What forms has Overlord Darkness taken? What kinds of KINGS have fought him?

What would be some weird Ultramam kaiju to throw at players. Especially if you wanted them to suffer?
What would his powers be and what would he call himself?
What would his powers be?
Super Treachery?

He'd probably just be a generic brick kind of guy (with flight or super speed coming from whatever his modern incarnation of Red Hare is). The interesting thing about him would be the political movement more than the powerset.
>Especially if you wanted them to suffer?

Pick anything from Junji Ito.

A new kaiju is moving in a spiral pattern towards the home islands, and weird phenomena are occurring all over Japan as it draws closer.
File: AirGear.jpg (59 KB, 550x442)
59 KB
speaking of athletes, would cape world have any sort of super sports? I figure some thing like air treks could be a thing. could even give rise to a sort of super punks scene.
>Who was Meowing Midori's rival?
Some unspecified wolfgirl.

>What forms has Overlord Darkness taken?
Most every form of Shocker's leader from the Showa-era Kamen Riders, at the least. He swears up and down the street that he wasn't Hitler, though.
I'd have their actual power be something minor and rarely used. His main weapon is his ability to convince people to fight for him.
Of course he'd be a very proficient fighter himself but who needs to fight when you have an army?
Also I meant Liu Bei before, not Lu Bu.
A monster that uses spirals like the flash uses speed is a monster that sounds like fun.
There's super mma and the races Hoosier and other guys with super cars compete in. A punk scene of kids with jet packs and rocket shows sounds badass and should be a thing.
I heard that and half Chinese tiger girl as ideas. Which should we go with?
Replacing one catgirl with another might be a bit too narrow. Plus, a part-Chinese on Japan's elite team would throw certain people into a tizzy.
Yuppie kingpin? Maybe. Old style graft and corruption with a young face.

What all is Dundon involved in? He has his own private super team of enforcers that sort of double as a chunk of Brown Recluses rouges gallery. I don't see him hiring muscle like Kingpin does. He's implied to have ties with the super-metabolism plot. Mastermind or knows the mastermind. Same with the Tesla armor and the multiverse looters project.

I think Martin should have his hands in a lot of plots but not be a mastermind. He's not kingpin. He doesn't want to control crime, just maximize his profits from it-and use the real masterminds behind things as a scapegoat.

He's an investor for super criminal enterprises is what I'm getting at.

Would that make a good character?
What does /ccg/ think of this idea? It literally came to my mind a few minutes ago:

Cain, the first murderer and Magni, Son of Thor. They fight crime.
When they send an assassin to poke your eyes out or twist your neck and it'll take at least a few seconds for the guards to rush in and skewer them?
I think making her part Chinese or part Korean would be a good thing for drama. It'll make her want to take midoris seat all the more and make midori want to beat her all the more. And it makes their eventual friendship and mutual respect all the more touching
File: 1364700400922.gif (1008 KB, 320x240)
1008 KB
1008 KB GIF
So, it´s shit? Figures.
I'm going to need a little more information about this. Why would these two characters team up and how is their shared cosmology?

Don't be rude.
I mean, you can't really turn biblical Cain into a good guy. Not only is that so far removed from the current era, but it defeats the entire purpose of the character.
It could be character development. Guys had a longgggg time to think about his crimes. Or use the cape world cosmology where the gods go in constant story cycles and he hasn't killed his brother yet but knows he probably will.

Don't forget the guy invented cities. He's not that evil.
He still committed the first murder. That's a landmark in the legacy of evil.
Ragnarok had happened as normal with Magni and his brother being two of the few survivors. What remains of Yggdrasil is now standing in the Garden Eden. Thought about having most if not all mythologies existeing next to each other.

Magni would have meet him on his exile after the murder, because the son of thor isn´t going to live in the paradise of another god and from there on maybe their fight begins after a few disagreements.

Ah, that´s understandable. I for my part, always interpreted it as Cain having to eventually attempt to redeem himself into the exile.

Need to flesh out the setting out more anyway. That´s the third project I need to do now...
Well if you want to be technical God created death to punish Adam and Eve before Cain was even born...
Ah, I see. So they're both exiles? That could work as a theme. They got more in common than might first appear.

Cain would be interesting in a fight depending on how you interpret the whole avenged seven fold thing.
>Life or death struggles? Puzzles to be solved with creative use of powers?
Both. Hard to implement though. I'm trying to take cues from Hunter X Hunter for that.
How about something like this: cain is the God of murder. Not killing. Murder. Sometimes he goes by Set, killer of Osiris and Horus. Sometimes he goes by Uranus, the mad God who devoured his children.

Murder is his office. Murder is his to punish and control. He could be like a Ghost Rider or Spectre character or have him empower people to do that stuff.

You can have him be a remorseful God who places blessings on people that keep them from being murdered or a vengeful God, the seven fold curse embodied.
I think a thing about Cain is he's unkillable. In the bible, it said that god cursed cain so whoever strikes him shall be smitten. Basically a curse of immortality.
All of them are legacy characters in the modern age.
So cape world projects:

The Statesmen: 50 characters ready for use by GMs and players with story hooks and options

The Generals: Includes write ups of the generals, young generals, outliers, and their enemies. Includes a campaign outline for generals and young generals.

Cape World X: X standing for a region or country. Describes the region and its culture and how it treats and views super humans. Provides a few write ups of heroes and baddies.

Wrath of the Science-Tyrant: detailed adventure with the PCs facing the science tyrant. Describes Albany as a campaign setting a writes up a few of its inhabitants.

Does this look good?
When did legacy characters become a thing? Bronze Age? Because you had sidekicks and Earth-2 counterparts in the Silver age but no one I think passed on the mantle until kid flash became flash after COIE
Not unkillable. You just die seven times if you kill him.
All mankind except those upon Noah's Ark perished in the Great Deluge, biblical fact.

He can't be harmed by others but he can die just fine.
>The real reason for Jesus is that God is a big rules stickler and had to kill himself sense he killed Cain.
Yes, those look good. Already in the process of outlining File 2 which is a case for The Pale in Wrath of the Science Tyrant. This is where I start seeding small weaknesses for the players to exploit to beat him.

>God is dead, and he killed him?
Black Owl, a Golden Age superhero from Prize Comics, was the oldest comic example of this trope. During World War II, the original Black Owl joined the army, passing his costume to Walt Walters, father of Yank and Doodle, the superhero twins (and fellow Prize Comics characters) he once teamed up with.
>Yank and Doodle
I love comic books sometimes.
What are some good gimmicks we can give science tyrant? He might not be the most powerful guy on his team but he is the guy that should be the final boss. I want him to have several armor versions that represent difficulty level.

He's already got a magnetic pile bunker punch, what else can we give him?
Human Torch is kinda semi-legacy and he's Silver Age for sure.
Amp up the theme. Level two lets him shoot lightning and magnetic pulses. Level three turns him into a walking tesla coil sparking lightning and rendering targets near him immobile in a magnetic bind. Level four makes him magneto.
Crime fighter: powered by tricks, skill, and determination. The silver age version of the golden age crime fighter. More tricks at the cost of a stricter code of non-violence. Think Silver Age batman where Gotham wasn't an Art Deco hell hole and Batman got along with authority. Same with silver age Green Arrow.

Is this one too much of a cop out?

10. Cold warrior: the character is a spy in the middle of the Cold War armed with gadgets and sneaking skills. Examples include Nick Fury and The Black Widow.

Bronze age is next. Got ideas for jack Kirby space God characters and Jim Starlin cosmic characters. Also the 'comics code dodger' which represents characters like Tigra, Werewolf by Night. And morbius.

Also considering a 'black guy' archetype with one of the advantages packs being lightning powers. Too corny?
File: Death of Gwen Stacy.jpg (107 KB, 300x456)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
True, but I feel as it didn't really become an institution until the bronze age. Kid Flash became Flash, Wildcat passed the mantle onto a grill, The X-men became X-factor and let the All New All Different guys take over, Tigra passed the mantle of Hellcat on to Patsy Walker, etc.

1. Legacy Character

2. Space God: The character hails from a higher reality and is here to empower and protect humanity in preparation of a great cosmic war or crisis (Eternals, New Gods)

3. Space Wanderer: The character is a rider of the space waves, traveling from planet to planet in search of philosophical meaning and purpose (Quasar, Adam Warlock, Jim Starlin Silver Surfer)

4. Kung-Fu Hero (Iron Fist, Coleen Wing, Shang Chi, Richard Dragon)

5. Horror Hero (Werewolf by Night, Morbius, Tigra, Blade, Man-Thing)

6. Post-Apocalyptic Savior: (Killraven, Deathlok, Jonah Hex)

7. The Mage. Magic got a lot more focus in the Bronze Age, and it was usually of a dark nature involving pacts with supernatural forces. Dr. Strange had the Shuma Gorath plotline where he did morally questionable things to save reality. Magick was the half-demon ruler of Limbo. Ghost Rider made a deal with the devil. Brother Voodoo practiced dark arts.

8. The Social Issue Hero: The hero has to grapple with a real world problem such as an addiction or discrimination or they campaign for a certain social cause. (Green Arrow, John Byrne Namor, Cloak and Dagger, Iron Man, assorted mutants)

9. The Black Hero: Advantages sets will include lightning powers, hard life on the street powers, and tech guy powers.

File: Metal Gladiator.jpg (305 KB, 457x256)
305 KB
305 KB JPG

1985 Tokyo Mechfight interview:

"Mr. Jackson, your team seems to be banking on the armor of your machine to survive and outlast the quicker competition this year, is that correct, is this a matter of armor vs speed?"

"Its a matter of fighting is what it is. Not speed. Not armor. Not engine output or PSI load or any other kind metrics. Its fighting. And don't get me wrong, that's not skill or technique or the will to win or anything like that. Fighting is apart from all metrics because it incorporates all metrics. That's why I'm going to win. My opponents see this was a mathematical exercise. I see it as a fight."

QUOTE:"That's why I'm going to win. My opponents see this was a mathematical exercise. I see it as a fight."


Alan Jackson was an up and comer on the 70's American mechfight circuit, known at the time as "armored battles." It was an example of post-war "super sports". American legends that piloted armor against the Axis as super heroes returned home such as TINDERBOX and METAL EAGLE returned home and converted their war machines into the objects of sport. The "armored battles" were backed with government funding and approval as a way to encourage the development of better armor both for a possible war with the USSR and for exploration out into space and the 3 Earths.

Alan was a young cub in a pit of old lions. His earliest battles saw suit after suit of his own design totaled at the hands of veterans that fought in the same armor they used in the war. But Alan learned from his mistakes-and from the victories of his rivals. He improved upon his designs, incorporating what he found best in their machines and discarding what he found faulty and ended up with a combat suit that would plow through STEEL EAGLE and all the rest: THE PITT FIGHTER.

Alan's PITT FIGHTER took its name from his home town of Pittsburgh and from "pit fighter" because its numerous weapon systems were inspired by Roman gladiators.
Woman's Lib character for Valkyrie, Tigra , she hulk, thunders. Subtypes include Amazon brawler, wild woman, and mystic for characters like mantis and moondragon.
Cain could be some sort of spectre/ghost rider figure. Because he committed the first murder murder is now his office and responsibility. He's tasked with controlling and policing it.

He has to clean up his mistake basically.

How would Cain-Rider work?
File: Good Guy.png (118 KB, 745x670)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Archetypes for the /co/ character randomizer:


1.Crime Fighter
2. Tibetan Adept
3. Theater Magician
4. Jungle Princess
5.Super Solider
6.The Marvel
7. The Adventurer
8. The Science Hero
9. The New Man
10. The Detective


1.Science Guardian
2.Challenger of the Fantastic
3.Modern Marvel
5. Super Stranger
7.This Man, This Monster
8.Giant Kirby Monster
9. Crime Fighter
10. Cold Warrior


1.Legacy Hero
2. Space God
3. Space Wanderer
4. Kung Fu Hero
5. Horror Hero
6. Post-Apoc Savior
7. The Mage
8. Social Issues Hero
9. The Black Hero
10. Woman's Lib Hero


1. Dark Supernatural Avenger
2. Ninja
3. Mutant Animal
4. Parody Super
5. Muscle Monster
6. Big Guy with Big Gun
7. The Authoritarian
8. The Rebel
9. Cyborg
10.Feral Berserker

MODERN AGE (ideas):

1. Transcendent (uses the as above so as below magic of Grant Morrison and Vertigo comics)

2. Protector (Distillation of Silver Age Optimism. Grant Morrison Superman)

3. Fangirl (Cute character who is a fan of the old guard. Kamala Khan basically)

Cheeky Fourth Wall Breaker (Deadpool and Spidey coloring book)

Movie Hero (Built for a movie, Wolverine Deadpool is an infamous example)

Diverse Legacy (Female Thor, Female Cap, you know the works)

Resurrected Oldie (One of those characters that died, now coming back in a "new" "hip" style)

Grizzled Veteran (Old Man Logan)
I feel like modern age would just be the default M&M randomizer since modern comics is a blend of the silver age and dark age.
Benchwarmer (Character that's been out of the limelight forever is suddenly brought back in)

Genre Savant: Not a 4th wall breaker, although sometimes they may appear to be, but has knowledge of all the ins and outs of the world and its history. Guys that "know" about reality warping crisis events and Astro City characters that are self-aware about super hero cultures and traditions.
Something fun that I think we could do is maybe do a write up of parallel Cape Worlds since a handful of characters are cosmic. Make a plot hook that characters stumble onto the Earth where Science Tyrant successfully overthrew his previous boss giving him the resources of that organization and Serpent Sensei's ninjas so he could successfully dismantle the Statesmen and the Generals. Or an Earth 3 like Earth where the Generals are,I dunno, the Superiors and characters like Science Tyrant are Science Savior.
>Already jumping into alternate dimensions
Chill out, chief.
Hmmm...All this talk of Randomizers has given me an idea! How about a randomizer for extra Earths in case a GM wants to have the players work in a multiverse but doesn't want to go through the trouble of inventing a ton of Earths?

Like the Ages randomizer we can start with broad archetypes and then flesh them out?

1. Earth A (Alpha): And you thought your world was important? This world is a cornerstone of higher cosmic order. If something happens here it happens EVERYWHERE. This may be an Earth contested over by multiverse spanning armies or sacrosanct ground with strict rules for visitors enforced by mighty protectors.

2. Earth D (Dystopia): The Nazis won. Or the Commies won. Or the Robots won. Or Rome never fell. Whatever happened, this world is now controlled by a global empire that mercilessly enforces its rule. Super humans might be hunted-or they may be the ones doing the hunting.

3. Earth-S (Similar) This world is...very similar to your own. Even their heroes seem like doubles of your Earth's own heroes. Your Earth has The Owl, Dynamic Man, and Flame Girl. Their Earth has The Raven, Dramatic Man, and Fire Girl. Only a few differences crop up in the comparison. This earth's Giga-Man double Hyper-Man may not have a weakness to Gold, instead he might be weak to silver.

4. Earth-M (Mirror) The heroes are bad and the bad guys are heroes! For the sake of this world perhaps the success rate for the sides has been flipped as well, but then again perhaps not...People with the same powers and faces as your beloved friends and allies are violent, monstrous, criminal people while the most evil men from your world are now perfect saints. Traveling to this world can be a psychologically harrowing experience indeed.
There's no harm in speculating, just so long as everyone knows its just that. I personally have a lot on my hands already doing all the Statesmen write ups.
File: 1266422037373.jpg (120 KB, 800x592)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
So who would be a couple of OIPP superspies?
File: DANCE THE EVIL AWAY.jpg (61 KB, 640x655)
61 KB
5. Earth T (Temporal): This world is exactly like your world...except its the past (or maybe the future). The Victorian colonies might still be watched over by IRONCLAD and THUNDERCHILD. Super powered knights from long ago might still ride with the medieval incarnation of KING ARTHUR AND HIS KNIGHTS. Or it may appear to be a possible future of your own world with their history being your prophecy. Its possible that this world might be more different from history than initial observation may tell. A quick check of the newspapers on "Earth Cowboy" might reveal that the date is 2016...

6. Earth-K (Killer) Oh boy did you dial the wrong universe! This Earth does not play well with others. It might have even been sealed away from other Earths behind protective barriers. Something from the Earth-an unstoppable zombie plague, power hungry super beings, or dark gods of cancer. lurk here and are eager to expand to other worlds...

7. Earth-Z (Zed) What the hell happened here? There's no life...not even animals. Everything is blasted and barren and only ruins attest to whatever humans were once on this Earth. Whatever-or whoever-did this might still be around somewhere. Or clues might be found as to this Earth's fate, and the discovery of this might help your own Earth avoid such an end. There might even be a clue as to where some survivors are holed up...

I dig that "Ninja girl plus Bond Guy" idea.

Maybe big black american tacticool guy plus the kid from Gatchaman?

A female super spy super luchador form Mexico and her partner a burnt out French Detective?
Earth G (Gender): Everyone's the same here, but just the opposite sex. This admittedly does not change much, but not all worlds are too different.

Earth W (Wight): What's with all these walking corpses? Some heroes and villains remain, but most have become shambling husks of their old selves. The few survivors huddle around their superpowered protectors, eager for some sort of hope. Your actions may spark some.

Earth O (Octave): Much the same as our world, but everyone must sing their feelings, words, and emotions. Scenarios naturally end in situations that can be resolved through song and dance. Conflict is decided through dance and music battles.
>feelings, words, and emotions
Feelings was supposed to be actions.
Earth N (Neo): Out with the old, in with the new. That's this world's motto, anyway. Every couple hundred years, there's a "Purge"; and event in which all heroes and villains engage in an event that inevitably gets them killed. However, there's always a fresh new batch of heroes and villains ready to make their premier, so nobodies really missed.
Earth X (Xeno): Tired of all the Earth's being "like our own, but different? On this Earth the sky is orange, the sea is a single solid organism, and the Earth is in the solar system position usually used by Mercury. Strange lifeforms abound on this world. Are any of them sapient? How would you check for something like that?

Earth-B (Beasts): The inhabitants of this world are...somewhat adorable animal people. How unsettling. They have their own modern society and super heroes, and there's a lot to figure out about this Earth. Why aren't there any humans? Why are all the animals vaguely humanoid? How do the carnivores and herbivores get along? Do they? You best make sure these carnivores don't chose sapients like yourself as food. Otherwise you've used introduced them to a multiverse full of meat and might need to reclassify this as an Earth-K...

Earth-C (Choices): This Earth is very much like your own Earth, but there was a single event in the past that was changed, a "what-if" situation. What if the Missile Men lost the battle against Brain Blaster? What if Claw Guy fell in love with Ms Cold instead of Lightning Lass? What if Sargent Super didn't die in his final battle against Crystal Skull?

Earth-E (Extra-spatial) This Earth isn't composed in the typical trinary of Physical/Soul/Mental. Instead it is made up of just one substance. The inhabitants are all composed of just mental energy, spirit, or matter, If they've started to investigate other worlds this could prove problematic. Take an Earth purely of matter for example. They won't recognize the invisible death wall killing their explorers on thier Mars is caused by its Spiritual inhabitants. They won't heed the distress call from Venus coming on Mental thought-waves. You have to help this earth realize its potential, or save them from a threat they cannot perceive or understand.
File: General Winter.jpg (4.57 MB, 3435x5064)
4.57 MB
4.57 MB JPG

We do need a Russian team, I feel that the Soviets and US should have had a super race and the US Government should have several super teams that they control directly.

I volunteer to do the USA and Russia's Programs.
I am still working on the neutrals, like Not!Time Conan and an extended Tom Waits reference.

Here is some initial ideas for Russia/Soviet Union:

The Soviet Union had a golden team that is mostly dead and gone, combined with some conventional elite troops they formed the infamous and feared strike force known
as Battalion 0.

Battalion 0 is responsible for the fact not many German supers came back from the Eastern Front.

Battalion 0 had a ration of 1:8 Supers to Normals, with a total of 600 Supers on call for the unit.

Battalion 0 was partly purged of certain members and then reformed into the Superhuman Regiment

The regiment adapted Nazi tech to increase Russia's superpool on a Volunteer selected basis with natural Supers preferred with their genes added to the pool

Battalion 0 famously had the following Members:

General Winter: The world's greatest ice/wind based super of all time (in his prime)

General Mud: The world's third greatest earth/water based super (in his prime)

Firebird: Super-heroine with fire and flight

Mother Russia: Super-heroine blessed by Mary to fight for Russia, purged

Ghost Cossack: Spectral horse rider with a knack of impossible shots, purged

The Proletariat: Hero who fought with a hammer and sickle, purged

Bearwoman: Werebear Heroine, later used for Russia's somewhat successful lycanothropy program

The Conductor: Hero who literally created sound with his mind and used the 1812 Overture as artillery

Vanguard: Shapeshifter and master class impersonator, later used for Russia's highly successful body double program, was killed by the US in 1963

Katusha: Rocket based heroine with her on devices and impentrable skin, later developed Russia's attempts at Rocketborne insertion that was a fad

earth WTF?!: a classification of earth that changes up things almost every time you see it. it could be something silly like all the heroes and villains being babies living in the same neighborhood or a nightmare world where the laws of reality stopped applying. the only constant being that every one who visits these world tends to say some version of "what the fuck."
Earth-F (Fall): Either through a war, disaster, or freak experimental accident this Earth has been brought to the threshold of an Earth-Z. Savage and hardly survivors remain within the wastes doing the best they can. Through radiation or magic the world is mutating. Animals become monsters and humans become freaks...or perhaps heroes. You have to due your duty as member of the multiversal community and restore this world to what it once was.

Earth-H (Heroic Hope): Ah man...you thought your Earth was the powerhouse on the block. Not compared to these guys. Their technology is better. Their supers are more powerful. They probably don't even HAVE super crime. As much as you may wish for there to be some sort of dark twist behind this world there simply isn't. Its just your world but better. This time YOUR Earth is the "problem Earth". Consider it a humbling taste of your own medicine if they step in to help during your multiverse adventures.

Earth-I (I)- An Earth that is simply one large, intelligent organism. Perhaps it knows about other life and will welcome you (or try to kill you). Perhaps it is solipsistic and may react strangely to attempts to communicate as it has no concept of an "other". It might thing that your actions are simply "wrong" actions committed by its own mind. If there was any kind of evolutionary background to this sort of creature (and there might be) then you might want to look out for "anti-bodies" that will move to purge the infection that is -you- from their body so that your alien information won't inflame its thought-biology anymore.

Earth J (Joker, for cartoon world?)
>Earth J (Joker, for cartoon world?)
Apparently in danger of being "cancelled".
>Battalion Zero had 600 supers
Soviet super zerg rush is fucking metal.

It was suggested culturally that Russian supers don't like to give themselves names (Capitalist commercialization of the individual comrade) but I can understand making this optional. Super names are staple of the genre.

>General Winter
I see him being tough on foes but soft on his men. They might call him Father Winter out of affection. I see him as having relations with the Ice People from Dr Blizzard's backstory. Has a large family and little great-grand daughters that look like they're sculpted form frosted glass that call him Father Christmas

>General Mud
Probably one of the greatest tactical threats of the entire WW2. No bullshit. Army can't march on mud. After the war constructed a clay graveyard with a little marker for every single soul lost in WW2. Feels great guilt because although he might not have killed anyone personally during the war his actions led to the deaths of a lottttttt of Germans.

Seemingly immortal, she is just as young and beautiful as she was in WW2. She personally trains all of Russia's young flying supers and takes them under her wing. Because of this Russia has one of the greatest Super human air forces on the planet.

>Ghost Cossack
Oh really now? A ghost?

>Killed by US in 1963
>They think
>They hope

Drive scientist crazy. Every time they try to study it or measure it it changes. Its almost like its TRYING to avoid being studied and cataloged.
File: th (2).jpg (39 KB, 349x480)
39 KB
>It was suggested culturally that Russian supers don't like to give themselves names
they could be nicknames given to them by the people.

>Drive scientist crazy. Every time they try to study it or measure it it changes. Its almost like its TRYING to avoid being studied and cataloged.
sometime it drives scientists literally crazy
File: Gadsen Flag.jpg (435 KB, 2000x1334)
435 KB
435 KB JPG

The US was way behind in the course , even with Russia purging their heroes before and after the war.

The US in WW2 fielded a unit of Supers that was known as the 1st Super Brigade or the "the Chaotic Bastards", as unit was implemented in one month after Pearl Harbor, it was a disaster that became a mixed success. A handful of superheroes enlisted before Pearl Harbor offering their services, and after Pearl Harbor only a hundred more enlisted.

The US faced a possible gap in Super strength and concocted several dozen programs within the Brigade to counter this.

Battalions 1-3 were made up of non-caped male Supers either enlisted or drafted with with extra support troops, these companies were attached to conventional battalions.

The rest of the Brigade was organized into several "special" companies that were organized or had different activities:

A was a Supersoldier Creation Company that fed replacements to the Battalions or other special companies.

B was for Supervillains serving their country it was led by the Mechanist, Lou Moran (who was Jewish), B was the most highly effective non-Russian Super unit in the war. Also had several allegations of war crimes.

C was for Superheroes with actual teams and history with each other, this unit was given support and missions, but not as tightly controlled which lead to disasters such as Hill 405.

D was for any wounded or incapacitated personnel from any other unit, had an excellent record of medical development but poor bedside manner.

E was for Espionage and had superior sleuth Supers and Capes assigned into the Intelligence Services, some of
these men and women would later found and lead important government agencies.

F was for unfit, retired, or showboat heroes to raise warbonds and do their normal jobs.

G was for domestic secruity and of VIPs, it mostly just protected important officers and officials from super assassins. It was merged with other agencies after the war

So any thoughts?

Propganda reasons, also Winter and Mud were Stalin's lackeys to a point and fought in the revolution together.

Firebird is immortal.

Ghost Cossack was killed by Mother Russia who was killed by Mud and Winter for killing Ghost Cossack, all apart of the purge.

Vanguard is the reason why psychic heroes are needed on everyteam.

These were the big earners on the Team and they got names. A lot of the others made one up but weren't published as hard.
I like it! A little grittier than what I had in my head for Cape World, but the "canon" of Cape World is meant to be super flexible so I say include it in whatever WW2 pdf we come up. I like how organized it all is, stuff like F and D are very flavorful.

B sounds like the beginning of a cool campaign. All these golden age mad scientists getting together to go Inglorious Basterds on the Nazis. Maybe the Cape World equivalent of the A-bomb was developed by B?
>Earth A
Cape World Prime and the Earth we've been writing about. It's why NYC has multiverse council members.
>Earth D
The Earth where the Chroman successfully invaded and turned Earth into their next eugenic experiments. Only a handful of heroes and villains are around to resist them but new characters from Chroman experimentation can join the fight.
The Generals were formed back in WWII with the original Baroness Bizarre and other WWII heroes. Some characters have different identities or have yet to take up a hero mantle.
>Earth M
The Generals are the Superiors consist of Duke Doom,Chroma Red, Doctor Hunt,Psimurai and Threesome. Their opposition is the Science Savior, Serpent,Snakeskin, the Siren and Count Lover. The Statesmen is the government's response to the superiors but some members may be under the Superior's pay.
Steam punk cape world
>Earth K
Dundo's attempt at creating a super product went awry now the world suffers from a zombie out break.
America's Super Soldier stuff reminds me of an idea I had for a "Welcome to Tranquility" with WW2 soldiers. I thought about how there was just this slew of Captain America clones during the golden age. What if they got old, and the drugs in their systems start tearing them down? Super Soldiers develop super-poisoning because the scientists were flying by the seat of their pants during the war. Even Cape World's cancer curing super-science can't do anything but slow the worst cases.

So you got this army of Captain Americas that live in this very pristine 40's looking "retirement village" on the East Coast. They're cared for by staffs of highly trained nurses. They have family and admirers that come visit them. And some of them are happy. Some aren't any more than extraordinarily fit old guys. But some have it bad. Some are jaded because they're old and the super serum they shot up is outdated. Any kid can get physically enhanced fro a hospital. And it won't fuck them up like it did to a few of them. The bed ridden ones have it worst. They're dying because the drugs that built them up are tearing them down in their old age.

I think there are some stories that could be told with a setting of old super soldiers. What do you think?
File: SupermanRoss[1].png (177 KB, 344x499)
177 KB
177 KB PNG

Sure, I've been mulling over something I could use help with:
-I'm the guy with the 80-86% of the human population has super powers setting guy.
-My scope of it takes place in Canada. I plan on using it for /co/ purposes, but /tg/ is nice. Etc.. etc..

So, okay, here's the detail:

-Every Country had at one point their own symbol of peace, their superhuman, their "Super Man". A hero of unquestionable strength, speed, durability and unshakable morality, justice, order and forgiveness. Simply the best of the best both in abilities and moral fortuity.

-Canada's was a Herculean, redheaded, white man from Saskatchewan who was born around 1940: Super Strength, Nigh Invulnerability, Super speed, etc.. The works. Can't fly, but he can jump good.

-He "was", now he's 76 years old and the "Super Man" Tradition has died out. He now teaches hero ethics and trains super heroes at the super hero universities in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Regina. Consecutively; the day after the other using his super speed.

The problem:
>I can't think up a good super hero name for him.
>My best name so far/the one I'm leading with is "Golden Age".

What do you guys think?
Captain Conduct
The Mountie
Golden Age is good, if a little on the nose.
The Perfect Man
Herald of Tomorrow

Looks cool to me!

Character ideas:

1. Old hero dying in bed and in pain but refuses the needle out of pride

2. Perfectly fit super solider that can still keep up with the youngsters. Hangs around the town (Freedom City?) because all his friends are there and he feels a little guilty over being the "absolute miracle" of the program. Studies and builds advance VR therapy to find a way for his old war buddies to live a life more like what they had. He's the one that's going to have to eventually bury everyone and be the last of his squad left alive.

3. Tough "Micky" old-timer that's taken a young cape under his wing and personally trains them. Might pass their name on to them.

4. Poor senile guy that sometimes thinks the war is still going on this is all some Nazi plot to keep him from fighting. Sometimes has to be captured when he breaks out before he hurts himself or someone.

5. Kindly old gentleman who runs the town's museum. Keeps tabs on everyone and records their last days in his squad diary to be published after his death.

6. Awesome Grandma. Used to be quite a knockout back in the day. Manager of a super hero team.

7. Ill-tempered Grandma: Used to have catfights with fellow squaddie and beauty queen rival 6 over one of the boys in the squad. She speaks her mind to the point of rudeness and sometimes has bouts of senility which enrages her more. Collects memorabilia and hopes to track down what became of her groups old costumes. Takes up and drops writing, painting, sketching, photography, on whims. They're just ways to help her feel like she isn't forgetting things like she really is.


B is the most important company it is where America's Super Special Forces and Super Units were made.

B was the only completely integrated company, all non-Whites were sent to B. F & C didn't have any non-Whites at all or the Jersey Devil...B Company had some characters that shouldn't be killing babies in 40s America or in 2010s America.

Some of the Supervillains joined secretly and managed to get made Officers then went public with their information, fortunately for them General Marshall was okay with these soldiers who were Supervillains.

This is the reason why B did so well, it was lead by highly motivated officers with an understanding for their men. All of B's soldiers were essentially a military company organized around a structure that was fit of Al Capone.

B was the bedrock for the US Super Program, it would be expanded into the US Super Division a multiered organization with civil and military purposes to catch up to the Russians. The current age of Navy SEALs who can phase through walls and raise the dead is a topic matter that is for another day.

B had several legendary members, as note only in the 60s did B Company get leaked and they got the respect they deserved.

The Mechanist: Father of the team, master class inventor, and dedicated team leader. Also bank robber extradorinier. Later lead the US Super Program from 1950 to 1986.

The Jersey Devil (from Connecticut actually), but the demonic blessed teenager proved an excellent soldier, he died in the war and was reburied at Arlington in 76 and awarded the Medal of Honor.

John Henry, steel driving black man who broke Tanks with a hammer, became a major Civil Rights leader.
Later ended up a Superhero after the war.

There are more than this.

Feel free to make B Company, 1st Super Brigade an actual campaign.


Perfect, this fits the kind of desperate messages and the US government had pay a huge cost for around 1200 men of about 100 are left in their old years.

>Captain Conduct
>The Mountie

I like these ones: good, optimistic, approachable names for a symbol of peace in Canada.
Maybe he could have went by one or both of these names when he was younger, but later switched to Golden Age when he started hitting his 50's or 60's but still went out to work.

>The Perfect Man

Too cocky/Ego for what I'd like out of him.

>Herald of Tomorrow
Maybe. That seems like it'd be more appropriate for a science-themed hero.. Or Villain!

Now that's a pretty particular name, where did you get that one from?

Thanks all for the suggestions- They help me think.

Rename Vanguard to Spectre for a easy Communist Manifesto Reference.

Spectre was a world class spy and agent. He was a vital part of the "Fatherland Massacre" where a carefully planned ambust of 30 Soviet Supers and 100 Soviet Soldiers killed 50 German Supers at the cost of only 5 Soviet Supers and 80 Soviet Soldiers. This act crippled the most cohesive unit of Supers and was an important factor of ending the Battle of Stalingrad.

Spectre took up the mantle as the Knight Tannhauser who was captured by the Soviets, he spent all night mastering Tanhauser's personality and apperance and then tricked a German unit into a death trap and bloody battle that would wipe them.

Spectre is credited with capturing most of the Nazi Science on Supers for the Soviet Union and gladly accepted his duty to give his genes to his nation and raise a cabal of spies to this day have never been dismantled.

Got up to make fix myself something to eat and I've thought a little bit more about this SuperMan Hero "Golden Age":

-As said before, he's about 75-76 years old at the moment and teaches classes at the hero universities of Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Regina.

-He doesn't in fact get to these schools using his super speed (anymore). This is a lie he tells people to still seem powerful and reliable: he actually commutes using the "cross-canada bullet train" like every one else.

-He's old and he's begun to feel it: His knees, hips and joints are completely fucked and ache constantly. He's been on the waiting list for special supportive surgery for 3 years now- not because of a long cue, but because they need to find the right tools and materials.

-As a teacher he specializes in Ethics, Physical training and History as he pretty much lived through every single hero reform: from the bad to the good he's seen it all.

-Has never fought outside of Canadian soil: personal complicated beliefs about fairness, self-defense and not being a "god-man" invader.

-Ironically quite conservative personally: Dislikes/Heavily criticizes the UN and their Heroes, VERY against multiculturalism/immigration, wants a strong commonwealth western Canada. Keeps his political opinions and aspirations to himself though- the price he paid to be a hero and a symbol of peace to the Canadian people.
Wait, one dude is responsible for bringing about the death of fifty members of the Übermensch Gesellschaft, practically ending Stalingrad, by tricking them with one night's worth of disguise practice? He then went on to secure most Nazi knowledge and created an invincible spy network?

Not invincible, see his death story in 63' where he was burned to death and an entire spy ring was dismanlted in Western Europe leading to Supergangs of Shapeshifters.

Spectre is a perfectionist who evantually found his limitations.

Or is he TOO good?

Spectre is the James Bond for the Soviets.
It is my conception.
He'll be nerfed or changed.

Spectre will be a dangerous force still, but not to a level that might make him unbalenced in the lore.
>I dig that "Ninja girl plus Bond Guy" idea.
>Maybe big black american tacticool guy plus the kid from Gatchaman?
>A female super spy super luchador form Mexico and her partner a burnt out French Detective?
So you want mismatched duos for spy pairs?
Let's be honest, that's most of comics.
File: poirot-s12-icon-hires.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1080)
1 MB
To be fair, I would like to see not-Hercule Poirot and not-Taki hanging out and discussing the finer points of investigation. She would ask him about recent cases, and he would ask her about the demon hunting business.
>You've not heard of any demons committing crimes around you?
>Not to my knowledge, madam. Not yet, at least.
The fact that you can talk about Soiet supers and not have a guy called Communist Manifester is a sin.

He'd be a Green Lantern-type guy who has red energy constructs, except they're made of solidified Communism and his powers wax and wane depending on the overall strength of Communism in the particular area he's working in at the time.

So at the heart of the Soviet Union he's like a neargodly Superman but he grows weaker when working elsewhere and elsewhen.
Hard-light constructs powered by Communism? That's so Silver Age it hurts.
This could work, but only if at one point he creates and wields a hammer and a sickle at once.
I was assuming those would be his primary go-to constructs, of course.
Do we have any kind of "plot armor" archetype?
hey anons I have a bit of a question for you guys.
you see I've been having a bit of a issue coming up with powers for a necromancer detective character I've been working on, he's a third generation Mexican immigrant who's bother was a member of a SWAT team. brother is killed in a weapons deal the two happen upon and in his grief the detective actives his powers bring back his brother as a ghost.
what ideas I do have is ghost bro could take over machines to make them work, similarly to ghost tricks for anyone familiar with that and could also process his brother to give his body the combined power of two men.
what do you guys think? any suggestions to make him better?
Sound interesting. Those all sound like solid powers, too.

Are there any conditions or consequences to his brother's ghost being around? If they kill or bring to justice his murderers, would the ghost brother leave? Is the ghost brother in any kind of pain or grief being held on Earth? And what are his opinions on his brother's being a necromancer and binding him?
>what do you guys think? any suggestions to make him better?

Depending on whether you want to deal with "magic" & "afterlife" nonsense:

The "Ghost" of his brother could not actually be a ghost at all, but essentially a psychic memory created by the other brother.
It knows everything he knew about his brother and perhaps a little more than he ever subconsciously admitted, but it's just a projection.

Like, it's all him- he's doing everything and he's just psychic, but with all powers of the mind it's only as powerful as the hoops he's created and jumping through himself, you know?
Every popular hero ever.
Six Feet Under did this really well with Nate's imagined version of his dad and how the guy kept on finding out stuff he never knew about his dad and having to accept that there were things he'd never fully know about his father.

I think this is a more powerful hook than "literal ghost bro", especially if it takes a while for the detective to figure out that his brother really genuinely is gone and he's literally just projecting because he doesn't want to accept it.

A "necromancer" who can't deal with death at all and fundamentally misunderstands it is kinda cool.
File: file.png (229 KB, 1090x668)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
Hey anons I'm back in the thread... again.

Gonna see about catching up (again).

and Drawing a few quick things.

Pic Unrelated. If only as a vague idea that popped into my head today. What if instead of skrulls... its just the aliens from They Live trying to 80's Guy their way to world domination.

Just had my first day of my new job today so I'm sorry i've been out of commission all day.
Nice to see you back!
No need to be sorry, I hope it went well.
I think it sounds like a solid revival of Captain Triumph with a more modern take on it that I'd enjoy.

File: 13-isk-PULP-GreenGhost.jpg (284 KB, 750x981)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
>If they kill or bring to justice his murderers, would the ghost brother leave?
nope, as long as the detective around and can will him to earth he's good. though he certainly going to try and catch his murderers because of both the strange really high tech weapons they were packing and the fact that he's seen the murderers before, in nightmares that seem very real now. basically he and a lot of other cops were brainwashed and made to do a cabal of supervillains bidding.

>Is the ghost brother in any kind of pain or grief being held on Earth?
sort of, most of this pain is emotional rather then any part of being a ghost on earth. seeing his brother nearly become a alcoholic over guilt and his mother who already lost their father due to false charges slip further into depression really sucks whether living or dead.
but what actually cause him paining pain is when his brother tried being him back to life by putting him back in his body, you see the body knows it should be dead and it rejects the soul very violently out. it's possible to force the soul to stay but this is basically torture to the highest degree.
>what are his opinions on his brother's being a necromancer and binding him?
for the most part, utter confusion considering that just a few moments before his death magic was never a then in their world.
so the both of them are freaking out over how the hell the alive brother (who I'm just going to call nercocop until I can find something better) can do this.
otherwise he's pretty cool with it, and is kind of excited to go out and do superhero stuff with his brother.
How do you make an undead?
What system, or do you mean flavor-wise?
File: untitled (4).png (347 KB, 400x583)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
if your referring to this >>47448858
stuff a soul into a corpse (doesn't have to be their corpse, any will do) and don't mind the screaming. Experienced necromancers tend to destroy the jaw or sew it up so they don't have to listen to it anymore.
Mutants and Masterminds 3e
Conveniently, the quickstart guide allows you to quickly make an undead using the Construct archetype. One of the main hallmarks is that undead, like all constructs, have no Stamina.
>Characters with a dash have no Stamina and aren’t living beings. They don’t recover from damage by healing, but by being repaired. They are immune to the fatigued and exhausted conditions as well as any effect resisted by Fortitude.
Always to glad to see your doodles
File: Steam Powered Armor.jpg (43 KB, 453x604)
43 KB

It was a slow, bulky suit which took inspiration from the 2nd generation of armored heroes, the Victorian British IRONCLAD and THUNDERCHILD. Alan liked a machine that could take a beating, and under his skillful control PITT FIGHTER won the 1969 “cruiser’ league tournament in 1969 and then in 1970, 1972, and 1974, only losing in 1973 to the “Super-God” armored warrior MET-TALE and his “living story armor”. MET-TALE hailed from the distant Ultra-dimensional omniverse of BEN-SALEM (see NEW ATLANTEANS) and battled the forces of cosmic evil with his living story armor, and seeing kindred spirits in Earth’s armored competitors entered and won every single league in the 1973 tournament. Many were upset by the god entering claiming that it was unfair and that a second tournament should have been held that year. But Alan and others argued that fighting and losing to Met-Tale represented the very spirit of the armored battles: to struggle and strive to the utmost of ones being. To this day Alan considers his duel with Met-Tale to be the proudest moment of his life, beating out even becoming a super hero by joining the Eastern USA team THE MINUTMEN in 1977 and his well-publicized victory over Japan’s BENKEI-K7 at the 1985 cruiser league tournament held in Tokyo.
In 1975 Alan’s reputation as one of the greatest if not the greatest armored battle fighters in the world granted him an offer from THE MINUTEMEN to join them as a super hero. Super hero teams in the 1970’s were becoming more diverse in their composition mixing in kung-fu experts, vampires, cosmic space heroes, racial minorities, robots, and women. The prevailing opinion was that teams needed to be as diverse as possible so as to handle as many kinds of threats and challenges as possible and THE MINUTEMEN believed Alan’s skills and expertise as PITT FIGHTER would greatly aid the team. Alan accepted their offer and joined as the cost of leaving the sport he loved behind.
Looks good. I really like it!
Not done yet, but thanks for the approval!

How are the pics of Hoosier, Mountain Lion, and Captain Justice coming?

It go well?
File: file.png (94 KB, 578x461)
94 KB
Oh it went crazy well. I'm working on a redo of Captain Justice.
Could use some ideas on appearence. I've sort of got my heart set on "revolver-like" Big O arms as the means he does his non lethal grenade tossing.

And about tempted to sketch out the pale. I've got a good "Pre Evil" image from the "Pale File 1" that i might sketch out.

Otherwise have a pic of Otherthing awkwardly flirting with the Haunter.

Well its other thing's brother. Though i realize maybe it might be cool if they had some weird "Bruce Banner"/Dr.Jeckyl Mr. Hyde thing going on.
>I've got a good "Pre Evil" image from the "Pale File 1" that i might sketch out.
I'm betting it's tiddlywinks.
File: Texas Mac Retro.jpg (164 KB, 654x1023)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
>Crazy Well
Glad to here it!

>Otherthing flirting
That's kawaii!

>some ideas on appearance

Hmmm....I'd say you're on the right track with the big Big O revolver arms. Take Texas Mac (pic related is retro flavor...)
File: file.png (93 KB, 338x582)
93 KB
There is nothing not funny about the word "Tiddlywink"

Here have a quick captain justice.

Very Iron Man meets Big Tex

That is substantially cooler. I think I might give it another run through. and retro it up.

My original idea for the texas hero's name was "Big Iron"
>There is nothing not funny about the word "Tiddlywink"
There isn't, it's a highly strategic game played in prestigious colleges starting in the 50s. Everyone has a hobby.
Love it!
So I can just dump idea stuff here? Cool.

Name: Batubenga Niceday
Occupation: Warlord/Dictator
Powers/Assets: Able to transform his body into living diamond with super strength, durability, shapeable limbs, and the ability to fire jagged crystalline flechettes. Rumors abound that he can also focus ambient light until it becomes blinding and even searing, but no confirmation has been made of this. In addition to his innate powers, he commands a sizeable army with access to military-grade weapons.

Batubenga Niceday "inherited" his power from Rynold Van Vollenhoven, the first Blood Diamond. After infiltrating the South African mercenary leader's secret compound and cutting out the strange, unearthly crystal that was once his heart, he gained his powers, and more. As he knew he would; Niceday himself says that the heart "whispered" to him, drawing him from the jungle, telling him Van Vollenhoven's movements and plans, that it had been dug up from "sacred land" and was eager to serve a "true warrior". This must be taken with a grain of salt, although it is known that Van Vollenhoven was never really interested in the origin of the mysterious gem beyond what it could do for him, and was known to have only come onto it by accident as he wandered into an abandoned mine on the verge of death. As well, nobody can account for why his powers did not protect him, though some simply suggest that he was caught unawares.
Whatever the case, when Niceday became the new Blood Diamond, he sought to take control of his soldiers as well. Those who would not follow him, he arranged to have sacrificed to himself, in honor of his ascension as the incarnation of a higher power. He soon carved out a territory along the Albertine Rift of the Congo, in the shadow of Nyamuragira. He rules a merciless militaristic theocracy that worships him as its God-General, and seeks to expand his territory constantly, often looking to acquire nuclear, chemical, or biological weaponry. He is not above mercenary work, though unlike his predecessor he takes a great, unbusiness-like glee in it, and relishes personal combat and bloodshed as extremely enjoyable in addition to being a necessary, sacred activity.
I dig it, from the legacy aspect to him being the leader of a mercenary state.

Could Blood Diamond have his own super-evil Outer Heaven? A multinational team of looters and killers representing all the dark parts of Africa's interaction with the outside world?

Also, I see him as a big diamond-guy with his veins and circulatory system showing through the diamond. I think it would look creepy, what do you think?
I dig it. I was having trouble envisioning what a diamond guy would look like without just doing what's been done already, but I like that image.
>Warlord Niceday
Reminds me of real life has warlords like General Butt-Naked.

>So I can just dump idea stuff here?

Of course! This thread is for all ideas for cape games and settings, not just Cape World stuff.

...Is it alright if I use this guy in a Cape World pdf? He's really cool.
That was the idea, from names like that and Goodluck Jonathan. And sure, man. Have at it.
File: Muliversity.jpg (43 KB, 546x296)
43 KB
Thanks anon!
>Real Name: Israel Pistov
>Nickname: Izzy
>Occupation: Russian mob enforcer, hitman and all around bad dude
>Superpower: When triggered gains moderate superstrength and high grade invulnerability.

Origin: During a mob shootout Izzy prayed to the Russian Orthadox Christian Lord Above as he gripped his little crucifix necklace. No athiests in foxholes and all that stuff. Anyway, a guardian angel appeared and told him he would be saved if he swore to do the same for others. Of course he agreed and was saved.

From that moment forward, any time Israel heard an earnest plea for help from anybody he would become utterly compelled to helpt hem out of the immediate trouble they found themselves in, reassuring them and being as nice as a Bratva mobster could. A complete mental compulsion that cannot be shaken until the one who called for help is saved or literally beyond his saving.

He fucking hates it when this helpful shit happens.
Name: Unknown; first name possibly "Midge"
Occupation: Paparazza/Tabloid Journalist/Rumormonger/Webmaster/General Nuisance
Powers/Assets: Able to shrink herself from normal height, down to the size of a US quarter, and back up again. No evidence of any out-of-proportionate speed or strength at this size. Has access to technology such as sophisticated miniaturized filming, photographic, and recording equipment, in addition to an ultralight stealth suit and noiseless "insect wing" flight pack she uses for mobility. It is on the record that she is not capable of creating these things, and that they were provided to her by some unknown party, obtained either through blackmail or for favors.

Little is known of Shutterbug, except that she communicates primarily through the internet, is an outrageous flirt, and seems to be eerily well-informed about events in the super-community at-large, and is more than willing to follow-up on those that prove particularly juicy. She's far more interested in sex, nudes, fighting, and other embarrassing secrets and incidents rather than truly earth-shattering fare; such prurient material is the bread and butter of her website. The one rule she does seem to have is that she never reveals anyone's secret identity unless such things are already well-known; she maintains that a sense of "mystique" about her subjects is important. Shutterbug keeps her own identity under close wraps; some might call this hypocrisy, but to her it's simply a matter of survival with all of the enemies she's made. She occasionally freelances as a spy and informant for good or evil, but really only cares about money and clicks. Still, there are those who would silence her for the unspoken secrets she is privy to... Not to mention those who would like to take those secrets for their own use.
File: mobsterstone.jpg (68 KB, 600x315)
68 KB
Good anti-hero material. I get a sort of Hitman vibe, except instead of being a thug with a heart of gold he just wants to get his good deed over with so he can quantum leap back into his normal life of crime. Could either go the redemption route, or just exploit it for comedy.
Do you think you do some awkward flirting with Peter son of Pan with Trinity or Prince Blizts and Viperstrike being too tsundere for each other?
File: file.png (57 KB, 308x407)
57 KB
Blitz is a clone right? who's peter son of pan?
anything appearence wise i should keep in mind?

I've missed the last couple threads after all.
That name is gold-tier RPG material. I'm absolutely stealing it for a character sometime.
Blitz is a test tube baby, the best genes of his family to create someone that had all their individual weather powers (dad could control lightning, mom could control air, aunt rain, etc)

Peter son of Pan is a member of the Outliers from two threads ago I think. He's the son of Pan with god like powers and no luck with ladies. Teammate Demeter turned him down as gently as she could, and now he's trying to score a date with Trinity.
Peter is a satyr, son of Pan. He rolled "Overly Sensitive" so we interpreted that to mean feelings too. He got shot down by his teammate and then decided to flirt with Trinity. Running joke is now that Trinity is somehow attractive to magic stuff.

Prince Blitzer is eugenics Eastern European Doctor Doom clone. He comes from a royal family of weather manipulators and was made to be prince. The big thing there was him and Viper arguing over who is more of just a means to an end, and other boo hoo stuff, then developing a relationship.
Peter has Goat legs. That's pretty important.
File: file.png (105 KB, 645x609)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>Israel Pistov
>Is real pissed off

Its pottery.
Ignore the quick sketch.


I'll give these a read. I'll have to dig through the thread for more inspiration.
File: GSsEQXV.gif (1.96 MB, 500x450)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
>Izzy Pistov
File: file.png (40 KB, 371x248)
40 KB
Its the pun that just keeps giving!

Image dump incoming.
File: file.png (38 KB, 206x253)
38 KB
a quick sketch based on what I know. I feel the Outliers should have a uniform rather than just him wearing whatever flannel shirt fits him.
File: file.png (33 KB, 229x238)
33 KB
Hearthrob. Sexy vampire. Employing them techinques you see in trashy romance novels and the animes.
File: file.png (24 KB, 181x204)
24 KB
>Running joke is now that Trinity is somehow attractive to magic stuff.

I can't help but think the origin of her powers would be some magical artifact. Like she isn't some wizard... and splitting into three is all she got from it...

oh unless you mean attractive as in "Oh hey she's cute."

Than yeah that too.
Wasn't one of the ideas was Chase was trying to replicate Baron's magic and Trinity kinda got caught in the middle of that?

But the reoccurring theme with Trinity is that mythological creatures have romantic interest in her.
I'd switch out movie hero for something like "meta-verse variant" and have it double of how modern age comics are bringing back the multiverse ideas of the silver age and are exploring it more

It could be a cool character to rile up. My character is the movie version of your character.
We don't know the exact specifics. All we know was that Trinity got caught up in a freak accident involving one of Doc Chase's experiments.
Alright, I gotta game tomorrow with my group and I need one more bad guy to fill out my group.

Who wants to roll the basics of one up with me on the M&M 3e char generator?
Rolled 9 (1d20)

I'm ready to roll
File: file.png (48 KB, 279x318)
48 KB
I'll participate on a few rolls. I got work tomorrow. so... Im not sure if I can do much else tonight. Art, rolling or otherwise.

But in the grand tradition of things, I could be wrong.)

Have a Tesla regardless.

Helmet or no helmet?
Name: Daniel Price
Occupation: Gunslinger/Gambler/Agent of Hell
Powers/Assets: Manipulation of probability through contact with "cursed" hand, or bullets fired from his 1873 Colt Single Action Army revolver (which he prefers to fire with said hand). Able to imbue bad luck into objects for activation at a later time. Card-sharp par excellance. Crack shot. Undead with no need to breathe or eat. Apparently unkillable through conventional means, though vulnerable to "blessed" paraphenalia such as holy water, et cetera; even when completely obliterated, he reappears after a period of time. If there is a way to destroy him permanently, it is not currently known.
Weaknesses: Due to the nature of his infernal contract, any use of his "jinxing" powers not sanctioned by the powers of Hell will eventually revisit him two-fold.

The man known as Daniel Price was, in 1800s, a professional gambler, bounty hunter and gunfighter of some reknown. Always seeking the most exciting games with the highest stakes, Price played cards and took men in all over the American territories and beyond; his presence graced back rooms in New York, Mississipi riverboats, dusty Texas saloons, and rowdy San Francisco portside dives. His final game as a living man was played on a freezing night in a lonely roadside tavern in the Yukon. A blizzard of abnormal strength and longevity had kept Daniel, along with the barkeep and a few other unlucky miners and furriers, snowed in. Supplies were running low, and things were beginning to look grim. It soon became apparent that soon, the only food left would be each other.
Tesla's adorable either way. Though I like the gap in her teeth, it's unique
So Daniel Price made a suggestion. Whenever it was necessary, they would decide who lived and who died with a game of cards. The others eventually agreed, not knowing of his reputation, and soon, Daniel was the only one left (though he had to take rather dramatic action with an ice pick when the last man tried to welsh on his bet). But such tactics could only delay the inevitable; no end seemed to be in sight for the storm... Then, someone came in from the cold. He appeared to be an old man, but the baleful glow of his eyes, his black teeth, and his goat horns meant there was no mistaking his true identity. He came to Daniel with an offer; a game of cards. If Daniel won, he would go free, teleported to a location of his choice. If he lost, Daniel would be taken to Hell then and there, and made to serve. Reasoning that either outcome at least meant warmer climes, he agreed.

The game began, and Daniel was feeling good about his chances. He was matched surprisingy evenly with the devil, winning slightly more often than he lost. Still, he didn't feel comfortable leaving the game entirely to chance, and became bold, starting to cheat... Much as he did with the men before. But as soon as he tried second dealing to the devil, his hand went numb. He could feel the cold creeping up on it, his fingers blackening, his flesh beginning to blister and peel until, to his horror, it began to fall away in strips, only scant rags clinging stubbornly to the bone. The devil smirked knowingly. Had he won fairly, he would have honored the deal... But counting on Daniel Price to cheat was a sure bet. The gambler was immediately dragged to Hell.
A Mystic? Oh this one will be fun.
Roll for Archetype.
And will definitely throw the players off.
I don't know what a "Tesla" is when it's not a maligned Eastern European scientist or an electrical coil.
Now known as the Ragged Hand, he wanders the earth, carrying out the devil's work. Without guise or glamer, he appears as a pallid cadaver, visibly dead, though he prefers to keep his nearly-skeletal hand concealed with a glove until he needs to use it. He sabotages the work of men and hunts down the escaped or reneged damned. But he still gambles. He offers the fantastic and the unobtainable, his bait backed by the treasury of Hell. But there is only one thing that he accepts as a wager, hoping that one day he will use to attain his freedom; souls.
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Tesla' apart of the Not!Teen Titans we made in a thread. Or Edspear did
Helmet when shes fighting Tape Deck (because of the gag in a previous thread where Tape Deck can't read her lips and things she's the token strong silent type member of her team).

When she adventures in Japan all the young magical girls want Trinity to be their Onee-sama.

>Guy who can give stuff away in wagers for souls

This could be a really fun character in a game. Are your players bag enough dudes to play poker with Hell's gunman?
>Magical Heritage: Your family has a long history of being blessed (or cursed) with magical powers.
Okay, I can work with that.
d20 for advantages.

>Tesla' apart of the Not!Teen Titans we made in a thread. Or Edspear did
Ah, sorry. I haven't actually paid much attention to any of that Cape World stuff, actually. Or like, any of it after the first thread when I suggested what color Cobalt Blue should be and what her personality might be like or came up with Psinobi's name and junk.
My home game doesn't use the setting.
Rolled 2 (1d20)

Not a problem anon. I'm just wondering what are the other villains you were planning throwing against party with this guy?
File: Steve Gerber Elf.jpg (185 KB, 631x345)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
He's also a good tweener. The party can find them working with him to take down a bad guy that's on his list and then have to make a wager against him next adventure for the soul of a person.

>Magical Heritage

...So is it an elf? An EVIL ELF?

>My home game doesn't use the setting
Its all cool. Cape World is big on GM options though. If you like something its not hard to cut it out of the setting and paste it into your own. Not that I want to force you to do anything though.
>Centered: You have trained yourself to be calm and centered, no matter what.
Heh. Okay, getting a feel for this one.

>I'm just wondering what are the other villains you were planning throwing against party with this guy?
They're actually a superpowered mercenary hit squad working South America and Central America and other regions of political violence and instability. Rather then a "take over the world" group or a "revenge squad" or "unaffiliated guys working against one hero" like most villain teams these are the "professional assholes" sort.
The funny thing here is the other four are basically scientific in nature (one psychic, one super soldier, one feral, one battlesuit) , but this guy is a fuckin' wizard which will TOTALLY throw the party off.
File: file.png (120 KB, 588x552)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
I stumbled upon 5 year old Character sketches for a superhero game back in the day.

Her suit is a perpetual energy thing and discharges electicity like crazy.

Also her name's Niccole so extra gag.

Thanks anon. Have one more.
a proper gap? or a chipped tooth, from one errant swift kick to the head with the helmet on. I wonder what other lasting injuries other heroes have.

I kind of want to draw this. Tapedeck is a member of the outsiders?
Though strong and silent type?
Name: ???
Occupation: Time-Traveller/Ghost
Powers/Assets: Limited and extremely unstable time travel; ability to summon ghosts from other times and places from other timelines.
Zeitgeist can't remember who he was. Sometimes he thinks that he was a 40th-century time-travelling science-criminal, killed by the police as he was making a temporal escape in an assault that made his machine go haywire. Sometimes he thinks he was an 18th-century inventor, slain as his machine exploded on its maiden voyage. Sometimes he thinks he's a caveman, or a knight, or a pirate. All you can really be sure of is that he's a pain in the ass. You ever had to tyranno-joust your own ghost in the ruins of post-apocalyptic 1950's France? It's not fun. Well, it sounds fun, but it isn't.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>So is it an elf? An EVIL ELF?
No, it's not the Elf With A Gun.

>If you like something its not hard to cut it out of the setting and paste it into your own.
Did already with Cobalt Blue and Psinobi, who's personality, name, and bizarre "awkwardly a PSYCHIC NINJA" thing was an entire reference to a character I made once that the first thread mostly replicated through coincidence.
>Though strong and silent type?
Tapedeck is deaf and has to read lips to tell what people are saying. So if Tesla's wearing a helmet, for all intents and purposes, would be deaf to Tapedeck.
>Niccole Tesla
That's actually pretty funny.
>Affecting Presence: You have the ability to explore new places.
Yeah, I got it now.
This guy is gonna be the leader.
Roll d20 five times now.
Rolled 8, 5, 5, 12, 19 = 49 (5d20)

>magical mercenary
>recruits science dudes as minions
Seems legit.
He claims to be a quantum physicist to get them on his side?
Re-roll one of those 5's.
And he's the leader because nobody else has the temperament for it....like at all.

They just sorta fell in together and realized they could do better business as a group then as individuals.
No, he's an Actual Wizard.
Some of the others I think will think he's joshing them (especially the battlesuit guy), but most will believe it after seeing the crazy shit he can do.
And he honestly doesn't CARE what they think anyway.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

Don't forget that when they first fight Tesla tries to engage with the bantz and thinks Tape Deck is just ignoring her on purpose by not responding.

Tape Deck, being a too-cool-for-school type doesn't fight Tesla and instead turns herself invisible and trolls her throughout the fight with her color control powers, turning her armor crazy colors and designs. Tesla is dissapointed because she wanted her first hero vs hero fight to be epic.

Tape Deck eventually forces Tesla to give up by turning her clothes and armor transparent . Tesla declares Tape Deck her first arch-rival.
So Tape Deck's a girl? I thought it was supposed to be a guy...well I just feel silly now
This is actually a solid lineup.
His Spells are;
>Magical Blast 12
>AE: Enervation (Ranger Weaken 8, Broad [All Physical])
>AE: Dispel Magic (Nullify 8, Broad [Magic], Simultaineous)
>AE: Enhanced Strength (Enhanced Strength 9, Close Attack 6)
>AE: Healing Hand (Healing 5, Energizing, Persistant, Restorative, Stablize)
>AE: Phantasms (Illusion 4 vs All Senses, 30ft Area, Will Resisted)

d20 for Other Powers
She's one of those problem-child teenage girls. A "no one can understand me" type who hates her powers. Would probably listen to a lot of Pat Benatar and Heart songs if she could.

Is slowly taking up painting as a form of self expression but is very sensitive about it and doesn't want to show her paintings to anyone.
Name: Brock Roxton
Occupation: Ex-Athlete/Gimmick Criminal
Powers/Assets: Peak human physique, enhanced with "natural supplements". Prefers to use sports paraphenalia in combat and capers, such as exploding footballs, baseball bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs... One time he curled a bomb at someone. Also has the support of his henchman Number One Fan, and his faithful squad of evil cheerleaders.

There's not really much to get about this guy's history. He REALLY likes sports, and he likes stealing sports trophies, abducting sports celebrities, hijacking sporting events, things like that. Wants another minion that's a hologram of Howard Cosell to commentate on his crimes, but none of the science villains like him because he keeps trying to shove them in ladders. Refuses to acknowledge the existence of so-called "e-sports". Just a real hammy jerk all around.
Rolled 11 (1d20)

Seems like he can be a fun antagonist for your players. Can heal the other mercs and fuck with the party's senses .
File: Danny Wilkins.jpg (82 KB, 506x479)
82 KB
I'm getting a Sportsmaster vibe. I'd play this guy as Danny Wilkins from Bioshock 2. Constantly narrating what he does. AND ROXTON SHOOTS...AND SCORES! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! He fucks up or a hero tricks him he explodes like John McEnroe. "What do you mean my exploding tennis ball missed you? Dirt flew up! Dirt flew up!"
>Immortal (Immortality 1, Immunity 1 [Aging])
And apparently he can't fucking die either.
No wonder this bastard's in charge.
I'm guessing one of them probably killed him when he thought they should join up (probably the claw, but maybe the suit), and then he just showed up two weeks later none the worse for wear and swiftly disabled them....and then gave them the offer to join up again.

>"Killing me won't do much good. I always come back anyway."

And after that they were freaked out enough to join.
File: sodercola.jpg (20 KB, 400x234)
20 KB
Do you prefer your world to be stocked with ersatz products, or do you just use the real world stuff?
File: KoobaCola1.jpg (34 KB, 291x400)
34 KB
Soder Cola a shit. Kooba Cola a great!

TD has been established as male
Last of the stuff from my ancient neglected Shit I Will Never Use notepad; vaguer at this point because I was mostly going off of what I thought were cool names.

The Dirty Money Gang (classic gangsters consisting of Roxie Buxworth, "Loony" Huard, "Two-Bit" George, "Wooden" Nichols, and Redd Cent. I think I just wanted an excuse to make shitty money puns, like "Plug 'em, Nichols!")

Knockoff (Duplicator/power mimic, except that his duplicates and copied powers are all vastly inferior; comedy villain, though still somewhat of a threat if only because of his high duplication limit; even shitty powers are dangerous if you're dealing with a thousand of them. It's like lasguns.)

Wanyudo (Japanese biker and leader of a bosozoku gang. Low-level pyrokinetic; shoots fireballs, is fire-proof and is able to coat held objects and things near him in a coat of fire that doesn't harm him. Uses this for flaming fists, kendo swords, and rad flaming wheelies. Motorcycle is heavily modified fictional model called the Ixion; didn't come up with a fake company.)

Fossil (Brute-type, some kind of dinosaur-man, but also with stone/petrification powers. Maybe got them from cursed dinosaur bones? Is that even a thing? Who would even curse dinosaur bones? A dinosaur wizard?)

And finally, the non-products.

Hype! Energy Drink (GET HYPE)
Gold Nuggets Cereal (probably has a doofy-ass cartoon prospector on the box)
Wannits (i don't even know what these are. some kind of vague chip-like junkfood?)
Gitgud Bar (if there was a joke here beyond attaining proficiency I don't remember it)

Time to set the file on fire and let it drift into the recycling bin in true viking fashion.
I use real world stuf
TapeDeck is male. From what I gather, these are the Outliers.

Tapedeck: A young man who can use different powers when hearing different noises, made kind of deaf to help him control it with earbuds. Reads lips. White noise stops his powers.

The Pro: A young man who was obsessed with video games and somehow managed to acquire power. He is a heartless bastard thanks to his powers. Can generate projectiles from his hand and has a sort of Danger Sense. Can overexert his powers. Very git gud attitude.

Demeter: A young Greek girl who was "blessed" by dryads. She now has an ecosystem in her hair that let's her control it and plant fast-growing seeds as well as a few minor powers. Very shy.

Peter, son of Pan: Read the tin, this gosling is a Faun and has a whole ton of powers he can use and bestow on others. If only he wasn't so fragile. Combine his Hypersensitivity with his Total Memory and he is a complete mess, as suits a Greek God. Has a crush on Demeter, but she dropped him as gently as possible.

Kivuli Sauti: An opposite to Prince Blitz, his name means Shadow Sound. He was born with no psychic talent to an African family of psychic healers. Desperate, they used a prototype brain booster to awaken him. It worked too well. He now has the ability to see through echoes and disintegrate matter. They sent him away to avoid suspicion of coups. He is very humble, kind, and gentle, but has deep scars from being the normal guy in a legacy and getting disowned.

Corporal: A young woman who was the daughter of an officer and found herself turned into an experimental cyborg after joining the military. She's the Outliers' supervisor from the US gov't. Can use her hardware to regenerate slowly, hop to other Earth's, transport the team, communicate telepathically, control magnetism, and contain The Cloud. No nonsense, all business, in far over her head.

One more...
The Cloud: A team of researchers were killed in the temporary breakout of a cloud of odd gas(certainly not a former Statesman). They were disintegrated and what remained is a cloud with the personality of a young female researcher and the gestalt intelligence of them all. It carries various devices in itself to use, and when contained in the Corporal can augment her healing to absurd levels. It doesn't know if it is still that researcher or all the researchers, and finds that distressing. Corporal keeps her under control.
The Veterans: A team of genetically bioengineered american supersoldiers that fought in every american war since World War II. Unfortunately, after vietnam, it was deemed that holding living beings as property of the military was immoral, and so they were fired. Now, they just have their own superhero team, defending the Americas.
That supposed to be some sort of superhero? If so, I don´t recognise her. At all.
>Something about green in blue eyes and not being perfect
I don't think this is relevant.
So how's the group dynamic other than Demeter rejects Peter.
It's Angel ("An-hell", the Spanish pronunciation) from King of Fighters.
She is a lewd big-tired super soldier girl who fights like The Rock and actually quotes him a bit in Japanese.
Tapedeck was given the whole "you have a gift" line for a while and was very betrayed when people used that as an excuse to make him deaf. He has trust issues but is just getting over them. Him and Peter get along, he considers Kivuli a friend, doesn't really talk to Demeter because she doesn't talk, he tries his best to deal with The Pro. He does not like Corporal because she seems like just another in a line of people who say "you're special", and The Cloud is just weird to him and he can't read her lips because there aren't any.

The Pro's power crippled his idea of emotions, so he doesn't get that words can hurt people. He likes everyone on the team, but he "teases" them and doesn't get that some of what he says offends people. He would be sad about how people seem to avoid him, but he just isn't. Called Demeter Chia Head once. Tends to call Peter "Mr. Tumnus".

Demeter is just really shy and sensitive about her hair, and she just wants people to leave her alone and forget about it. She wishes for nothing other than to get this magic out of her hair. She likes Tapedeck and Kivuli, but The Pro rubs her the wrong way. She finds Peter interesting, and might have actually accepted the offer for a date, but she's very gun-shy about magical creatures and even just talking to them. She doesn't really know how to feel about Corporal and The Cloud.

Peter has the opposite problem of The Pro, he feels way too much emotion. Tapedeck is his best friend, right next to Kivuli. He hates The Pro, but would never do anything about it. He still has that crush on Demeter, but rather than deal with rejection he just tends to avoid her. He looks up to Corporal because she can keep a level head without being an asshole like The Pro. The Cloud freaks him out.
Kivuli acts friendly, but the truth is that he is putting up a facade. He is always a bit angry about his family pushing him away, and sad, and guilty. He's an emotional mess when nobody's looking. He likes The Cloud because she caught him unawares at one point and talked to him about it. Everyone else he feels are fine people, just really weird and exaggerated. He understands The Pro because he actually studied Psychology at home, finds him kind of tragic, so he helps him censor himself. Everyone else he keeps friendly with but doesn't particularly enjoy their company all the time.

Corporal is using the team to compensate for the loss of her old team. Will affectionately refer to The Cloud as Skye. As a result of this projection, she considers the team her family and will protect them at all costs. She's all about Tough Love.

The Cloud feels disconnected from the team, especially Tapedeck. She really wants to get to know him, but he can't hear her. The only people she can talk to without feeling awkward are Corporal and Kivuli. She tries to talk to Demeter, but nobody believes a cloud of dust when it asks how your day was. Tried to talk to The Pro but his response was "Jesus fuck! You can talk?!". Thinks of Corporal as an older sister.
Was the Corporal turned into a cyrborg by some scientific mishap? Or was she purposely made into one by the military? Did she volunteer for it?

Don't forget Tapedeck's relationship with Tesla >>47451875
From last thread.

>She's an army brat, the teenage daughter of a captain of a squad of dimension hopping cyborg spies for Uncle Sam, keeping tabs on the Mental and Spiritual Earths.
>When she was 18 she volunteered to become a cyborg spy like daddy. She trained her whole life to follow her old man. Its what she wanted to do for her rest of her life with all her heart and soul.
>Uncle Sam gave her a secondary computerized-brain that communicates across the Mental Earth (telepathy) allowing covert communication with her squad as long as wherever they are isn't blocked from Mental Earth.
>She's equipped with a colony of extremely expensive restorative nanobots keyed to her DNA. Its light years beyond anything that can be bought from consumer hospitals.
>Her spine contains a Dimensional Coupler system that allows travel through the 3 Earths. The device's effectiveness depends on location. It's most effective in Australia and weakest in Africa.
>Her arms contain electro-magnetic generators that allow her to control magnetism with simple hand motions.
>She was put through as the youngest ever squad leader because of who her father was. She was ready to make everyone proud.
>And he first assignment got everyone killed in a swarm of Echidna Spawn. If the Rainbow Serpent and the Rainbow Legion didn't show up she would have died with her squad.
>She was discharged from the military with honors after her failure, but was allowed to keep the cyborg stuff if she agreed to be the Outlier's military contact and supervisor. Uncle Sam is very interested in keeping tabs on this group of "trouble capes".
Oh alright, sorry I didn't catch this before. Thanks for repositng.

>agreed to be the Outlier's military contact and supervisor. Uncle Sam is very interested in keeping tabs on this group of "trouble capes".
This sounds interesting. Could lead to some good stuff if the trouble capes don't like the military breathing on their neck.
I still like the way we generated these characters because looking at them from a normal Capeworld hero's perspective they are VERY odd.

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