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>You are one of three characters: Samson, a spoiled bard, Dyrus, an axe-wielding rebel's son, or Rene, an orphan adopted by a high-ranking Director of an ominous empire, now a prepromoted archer-lancer. POV will rotate between them on a thread-by-thread basis, with a HIGHLY unlikely chance that someone else might someday take a chapter.

>These protagonists' motivations and goals will very likely come into conflict with one another's.

>Character Death is always a possibility and sometimes an inevitability (this is Fire Emblem after all), but your actions can very easily influence who lives and who dies.

>Voting periods will last an average of ten to fifteen minutes, but this may be increased, decreased, or generally changed at any given moment based on voter turnout.

>Write-ins are encouraged.

>The previous threads are archived on suptg under "Silver Scales of the Past," and a pastebin summarizing each one's events will be provided at the start of the next, like so: http://pastebin.com/6Rb9xYsz

>A list of all current summaries and threads: http://pastebin.com/E9sXAcBx

>Our update Twitter is qmgrandflocto, and we have an ask.fm also under ask.fm/qmgrandflocto

>Preempting any memesters in the audience tonight. /qst/ is a trial board, and I am not currently under any obligation to migrate there.
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109 KB PNG
Samson is getting accustomed to Adelais Dory's ship as quickly as he can, admittedly more than a little irritated by his party's pointlessly being ordered onto a new ship. He means, sure, he gets that "Ada" wants to keep a sharp eye on the higher-ups among these freshly-coerced helping hands, but does she have to TORTURE them with her insufferable presence, too? He's just here to topple Director Hera, not babysit a swordswoman. It's not for long, he tells himself and his allies, barely stopped from clenching his fists too hard again.

Dyrus, meanwhile, finds it rather surreal that the place he'd always considered to be the realm of his father's demise is so... Comfy. His brief time in the city of Velouria, after cutting through a massive chunk of the flesh-eaters in the area, was actually very nice, and riding with the Tarvosians showed him the beauty of the valley, even if mood is low among the nomads in light of Chief Tien's death. Nahuel does his best to keep mood up, up, up, citing the fact that all the chief fought for was not, not, not in vain! Biff and Byron in particular take interest in the young man's chattering about his home, while on the rest of the resistance's mind is only what lies ahead: doing battle with the Emperor's own forces.

Rene's own team is anxious about very much the same thing as they ride on ahead to the capital region as fast as they can. Besides reassuring Saye that she's by no stretch a traitor for her recent actions, and that in fact her making a point to catch up to them after assuring Cashmere's well-being is a breath of fresh air compared to her and Rene's former friend's betrayal, Rene must face the facts that she's fighting a losing war. The Empire whose orphanages raised her, that her father served valiantly to the bitter end... It'll take a miracle to turn this situation around, assuming the resistance doesn't catch up to them on the way to the capital anyway.

>A. Be Samson
>B. Be Dyrus
>C. Be Rene
>C. Be Rene
File: reneportrait.png (4 KB, 164x89)
4 KB
Riding through the mountains at a rate where you can be certain to outrun the horses of wolfskin valley and the wyverns running with the resistance is... Taxing, anyway.


"I can't be without shade as long as I've had to be..." A very sore Alfred groans, laying on the ground a ways away from your campfire, parasol on the ground beside him.

Omar shakes his head, sighing and looking him over. "It is either this grueling pace, or face death at the hands of the resistance..."

"We've seen... Corruption and betrayal everywhere we've gone," Veiz says, rocking in place slightly. "Who's to say someone in the capital region won't cut us down as soon as we..?"

"Lady Veiz, please calm yourself!" Cicero pleads, offering her some tea. "Even if such an unlikely circumstance were to come true, I wouldn't fail my duties so severely to let them lay a finger on you or Rene."

"They're... Probably going to catch up to us at this rate," Saye says. "We only have one mount for the seven of us, we're losing steam..."

"Hey, don't lose hope yet," Hal says. "I mean, Methodius'll show up sometime and just..." He makes a popping motion with his hands. "Right there in castle whatsitcalled."

"And if he doesn't?" Saye asks. "If we need to fend for ourselves when our headstart runs out, we won't be able to win. If any of us are going to escape in a situation like that, someone would need to hold them off."

>A. Don't talk like that!
>B. ...
>C. She has a point...
>D. You would if it came to it
>E. Write-in response
>D. You would if it came to it
>D. You would if it came to it
File: SilverKnightBow.png (23 KB, 110x111)
23 KB
"If it came to that," you say, frowning, "I would hold them off."

"Rene, no!" Veiz says, springing up to look at you seriously. "I can't lose you too..."

"I would advise against it as well..." Cicero says. "You're the leader of our unit, not to mention the... great personal loss being made to go on without you would bring."

"But it's also my duty as leader to provide for all of your safety. I would lay down my life for the rest of you without a second thought."

"Hey, hey, you wouldn't be thinking twice because you'd be dead!" Hal objects. "We haven't talked much, yeah, but... I'd be pretty bummed if that happened. Leavin' you to die alone and stuff..."

"And I wouldn't just turn tail and run either!" Saye insists. "These are enemies parading through my homeland! If someone needed to sacrifice their lives for the rest of us, it should be me!"

"Saye, Hal..." You shut your eyes. "If you want to throw your lives away for my sake, I won't stop you, but I won't simply abandon you either."

"Then let me stay back too!" Veiz insists.

"No," you respond. "If you stayed, Alfred and Cicero certainly would, and Omar can't very well run off on his own. If every single one of us was to stay back and hold it off so the rest of us could escape, there would be no point in doing it to begin with. Besides, I... Wouldn't want to see you die."

"Cicero, talk Rene out of this nonsense!" Veiz insists. "Please!"

"..." Cicero sighs. "If I were ordered to retreat with you, Omar, and Alfred, I would do so."

"So it's settled!" Hal says, smiling bitterly. "We're team cannon fodder!"

"..." Alfred groans, turning onto his side.

>A. Skip to morning
>B. Say something more (specify)
>C. Write-in response
>A. Skip to morning
File: MogallGBAIcon.gif (1 KB, 76x68)
1 KB
The next morning, you awaken to some commotion.

A short-haired woman, taller than you, wearing an odd-looking hat, is snapping at your sister. "Come on, show me what you're made of!"

"Who on earth are... Urgh, come back at a more reasonable hour!"

"We don't have time to waste, Veiz!" She shouts. "Show me your power!"

"Urgh, fine! Will it shut you up?!" Your sister, groggy and annoyed, flings a cup of tea into the stranger's face.

An eyeball monster appears from seemingly nowhere, magical rings forming around and knocking the cup out of the air.


"Oh, so that's how you're playing it?" Veiz asks, calling forth a Bonewalker with a bow, which fires at (and misses) the summoner herself.

"...fuck you, this is a fight between monsters!" The vulgar person keeps mouthing off.

>A. Interrupt whatever this nonsense is!
>B. Observe whatever this nonsense is
>C. Attack the vulgar Summoner
>D. Write-in response
>E. It's too early for this. Nap until this blows over.
>A. Interrupt whatever this nonsense is!
File: Cyclops.gif (20 KB, 118x99)
20 KB
"What's this nonsense?!" You ask, stepping between the duelists.

"I said no interruptions!" The woman grunts, a hulking monster appearing before you, raising up an axe...

And above you, a hastily-formed Dracozombie appears, snapping its jaws in two and taking the upper half of the cyclops with it.

"Aha, now this is more like it!" The woman says, grinning. "This is why I do this!"

"What is your problem?!" Veiz asks the summoner.

"My problem is that I don't have any thrills in my life! I do shit like this to feel alive, and-"

"Kristina, settle down before you get yourself killed."


Methodius, huffing and frowning heavily, steps out, and Veiz and "Kris" both recall their summoned monsters.

"Gramps, c'mon! You've talked up this 'top student' of yours too much for me to pass up this opportunity!"

"And accosting strangers in the mountains and attacking them is a good way to get yourself, I must emphasize and reiterate, killed."

"Humph... Alright, fine, I'll lay off."

"And I was just starting to feel involved..." Veiz groans.

"We'll finish later, alright? For now, we gotta get you the fuck outta here and up North."

Everyone else awakens to varying levels of reasonable joy, Hal even saying, "see, I told ya. Team cannon fodder's purely a hypothetical thing..."

"You only volunteered because you were certain it wouldn't come to that?" Saye asks.

"I mean, would you if you thought it'd happen?" Hal asks.

"Yes! That's why I brought it up!"

>A. Say something to someone(s) (write-in dialogue)
>B. And on we go!
>A. Say something to someone
Who is the new person, how do they know Methodius?
"So, er..." You tiredly approach Kristina. "Who are you again? How do you know Methodius?"

"...were you not paying attention? He said I was Kris, and I called him gramps." She glances over to your friends. "Is your boss always this fucking dense?"

"We've been fleeing North nonstop for days," you say, groaning and feeling kinda stupid, "my brain is fried..."

"Well," she huffs, looking around at nothing in particular. "Whatever. You'll get plenty of rest in Gerxel Keep. Beds there? Soft as a motherfucker, but still surprisingly firm."

"If everyone's quite ready," Methodius says, "we'll be safer in the city than here. Even without the revolutionaries, this mountain is a bit of a hive for bandits..."

The seven of you, plus Kris and Methodius, use Cato's witch pendant to warp to the capital.


You find yourselves in front of an impressive castle's gates, the busy streets of the city behind you, a pair of guards in between you and the palace doors.

"Son of a-" One of them doubles back, clutching her heart. "Lord Methodius, you need to stop doing that! Or at least... Warp somewhere less likely to give me an attack!"

"Oh, forgive me... Lady Veiz and her companions have been traveling a long time without rest, so I thought I'd minimize the time it took for them to get to the palace."

"Yeah... Wait, these are Lady Rene's entourage? Then you're..." The easily-startled guard approaches you, staring down. "It's an honor to formally meet such a great fellow student of coastal academy!"

"...I don't recognize you."

After more awkward small talk with someone who happened to go to the same academy as you during an entirely different yearset, Methodius interrupts to ask to be let through ahead of the rest of you. He's had a busy few days, he says, and he needs a nap.

>A. Hurry on in too
>B. Hang out with [specify] in town
>C. Stand there like an ass
>D. Write-in action
Reset laptop to hopefully combat this godawful laggy bullshit.
>A. Hurry on in too
nap time
>A. Hurry on in too
File: ArcherDS.png (2 KB, 72x73)
2 KB
You waste no time following your elder's example. His granddaughter interrupted your already stringent on-the-run sleep schedule, so you decide to take a small liberty. A maid shows you to your quarters so you can just... Take a few minutes. You aren't usually such a sleepyhead, but just a few minutes this once...


What a refreshing power nap that was! You didn't even take time to return to your nightclothes, but whatever. It's still quite early in the morning, so you can take time to tidy yourself up in some ways that you've admittedly been less than punctual about while on the run.

You and your team are, for the most part, two to a room in set of VIP rooms normally reserved for regional Directors and Assistant-directors. You and Veiz, Omar and Hal, and Cicero and Alfred are each placed in the rooms laid out for Coastal, Desert, and Central's absent leadership, while Saye gets the joy of her own space in, fittingly enough, the Wolfskin Region representatives' former guestroom.

"Emperor Ximeno will meet with you in the hall of counsel this afternoon. He felt that you and your company deserved a few hours' respite before reminding you of... Well, quite frankly, reality," a butler says to you and Veiz. "So until then, you and all your subordinates should enjoy the city."

As the butler leaves, Veiz instead curls up in a ball over the covers on her bed, breathing in and out deeply. When prompted, she says, "I'll be fine... Just give me a moment."

>A. Spend time with someone (specify who, topic preferred)
>B. Skip to that afternoon
>A. Spend time with someone (Veiz)
>A. Spend time with someone (Veiz)
You do not give her a moment, sitting instead on your sister's bedside. "Veiz..."

"I said I would be fine," she answers, grumbling in a quite not-fine way.

"You need to stop shutting me out, Veiz, we've discussed this," you plead, "if something's not alright, you can speak to me about it."

"Why?" Veiz springs up and stares you down. "So you can just... Offer your life up on a whim like the perfect soldier?!"

"Veiz, that was..."

"You said we would turn this whole thing around together! I don't even care about the first part, but that you would be willing to throw your life away, throw that promise to overcome this strife together away..."

"Veiz, this is a war," you say, "things might happen outside of any of our control..."

"And here you were volunteering to meet a horde! Had Methodius not arrived, you would've done it, too..."

"Veiz, I'm..."

"No, save it." Veiz huffs, standing and approaching the door. "I said I would be fine in a moment anyway. If you need me for anything before the meeting, search for Kristina. She and I have business to finish."

And with that, she storms out to... Probably somewhere else in the castle.

>A. You'll do just that!
>B. Well, you screwed that up (sulk until meeting time)
>C. Might be best to let her calm down (talk to someone else, specify who)
>D. Write-in action
>C. Might be best to let her calm down (Cicero)
File: SwordmasterDS.png (2 KB, 72x73)
2 KB
You figure it best to let her be awhile, heading over to Cicero and Alfred's room to retrieve the one of the aforementioned you actually talk to.

"...and I just burst into tears when the heroine-" Cicero turns away from his conversation towards the opened-without-prompt door-"oh, Rene, hello! Er, is... Something the matter?"

Alfred rolls his eyes, in their rare moments of visibility with his sunglasses off and being wiped clean. "I suppose I'm not allowed to talk to people."

"Er, sorry, Alfred, we can continue this chat later," Cicero says. "I sense something is wrong."

With that, the butler-assassin stands up and follows you to your now-empty room. "Alright, Rene... What's the matter? Is it Veiz?"

You nod, retelling the events of your previous conversation with your sister.

"...I see. I can't say I don't blame her for reacting as she did."

"Did it upset you to hear me offer myself up like that, knowing that I wouldn't let you tag along?"

"Absolutely!" He answers. "My heart was pounding in anxiety at the thought of it from the moment Saye made it the topic, but to let that out in that moment would've only upset Veiz further..."

>A. Did you say the right thing?
>B. She'll get past it soon enough
>C. You really screwed up there
>D. Write-in response
>E. ...
>C. You really screwed up there
You bury your hands in your face and make a frustrated sound. "I'm so insensitive, Cicero."

"No you're not, dear," he ineffectually tries to reassure you.

"I am," you say, beginning to tear up. "It's why everyone gets driven away from me... Do you think Marduk would've left if I hadn't chastised him for saving Vautou lives?"

"Don't go blaming yourself for Marduk's betrayal," Cicero insists. "He's reunited with his sisters, and honestly... We probably ought to be happy for him."

"Cicero, they all stabbed me. At once!"

"Oh, dear..." Cicero winces. "Is that how..."

"Yeah, Cashmere dragged me away then."

"Still, though... Marduk had dedicated his life to doing right by his sisters, and they in turn idolized him... No force on this planet could have stopped him from joining their side."

"I suppose... Grh, sorry, a lot's going through my mind at once right now."

"It's quite alright, dear," Cicero responds, pulling you close. "These are troublesome times, and everyone's on edge..."

>A. Write-in dialogue
>B. Skip ahead
>B. Skip ahead
>B. Skip ahead
File: Silverknight.png (274 KB, 425x442)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
You and Veiz meet again at the meeting, in a room referred to as the hall of counsel.

You and Methodius are the first two in, followed by some random officers you don't recognize, followed by an exhausted-looking and buddy-buddy Veiz and Kris.

"You... I'm still not over how exhilarating that was!" Veiz huffs.

"Likewise," Kris responds. "Saw my life flash before my fuckin' eyes with those dracozombies... We gotta do this again!"

"Absolutely... The thunderdolt isn't nearly the magical rival I took him for, even if he has a surprising amount of grasp on magical theory and tome-based combat, and..."


All conversation halts, with everyone present bowing as the Emperor steps into the room. "Rise, please," Ximeno says, sounding slightly annoyed, "no need to go through this every time I walk into a room..."

"Sorry, Your Excellency," Methodius apologizes with a smaller bow, "I'm not terribly used to sitting for meetings is all..."

"You say that, but none of you are sitting to begin with!"

"We, er... thought it'd be improper to be seated before you, Your Excellency!" One of the guys you don't know awkwardly says, rubbing his arm.

Ximeno just groans, rubbing his temples and hurrying to his seat at the center of the table. "Please, have seats."

>A. Give us, the readers/players, the tl;dr version
>B. Let's hear the longer version
>C. Write-in response
>B. Let's hear the longer version
>A. Give us, the readers/players, the tl;dr version
Rolled 2 (1d2)

You sit in for a rather lengthy meeting.

"Kristina, right?" Ximeno asks the summoner. "My, you've grown... Why, I haven't seen you since my father was in power."

"I don't assume gramps asked me to sit for this garbage because you wanted to pay me compliments," Kris snaps back.

"Alright, alright... I suppose I just hate to be the bearer of bad news we already know." Ximeno clears his throat, briefly shutting his eyes, reopening them just before he starts speaking again. "The Wolfskin region has surrendered, and its Director and Assistant-Director are comatose and in custody anyway. The Central and Coastal regions are locked in battles with uprisings of their own, and the Desert region has abandoned us to our fate. Meanwhile, the forces of Hauteclere's resistance only draw closer day by day."

"At the rate they're traveling," one tactician says, pointing at and tracing along a map with a stick for emphasis, "they'll have passed through this mountain range in a week at the most, and that's assuming the local bandits take cracks at them and delay them a day or two. They might well realize it's not worth the effort."

"This would be a trivial issue were we to awaken Xouide," Methodius suggests.

"No," Ximeno answers, shaking his head. "It can... No longer be controlled."

"For all the time he spent debauching around Teege, your brother could've been so kind as to sire some goddamned heirs," a knight gripes.

"That is too far!" Ximeno blurts out, slamming his fist into the table. To see him lose his cool like that is enough to startle everyone at the table. "...sorry about that. Anyway, our Empire is falling to pieces before our eyes, and I've just been sitting back and letting man after man die trying to stop them from reaching me. I'm tired of sitting here, lying in wait to die."

"Your Excellency, you don't mean..."
>character limit, continued next post

"I do, Methodius," Ximeno says, certain in voice and conviction. "I was a hunter once, able to make beasts larger than a transformed wolfskin quake in fear before I turned them to pelt and brought my family a feast! I will not cower in my own home any longer!"

"But sir... Your Empire..." The Xerxes-insulter says quietly. "If you should fall, then..."

"If I should fall, it would've happened a few days later anyway!" He says. "Should I risk death now or guarantee it later, Sir Myers? As the Emperor, I'll do as I please!"

"Haha, there's the Ximeno I met as a babe!" Kris laughs. "I need to see this! Put me on the frontlines!"

>A. Same here!
>B. You suppose you'll protect his Excellency...
>C. Someone needs to guard Gerxel Keep
>D. This is insane, Your Excellency!
>E. Write-in response
>F. ...
>B. You suppose you'll protect his Excellency...
>C. Someone needs to guard Gerxel Keep
If this all goes to hell, someone is going to have to take the reins of the empire.
"To serve by the side of the Emperor is the highest duty an agent of the Empire could ask for, is it not?" You ask. "If you would have me and my team, Your Excellency..."

"Aye," the Emperor says with a nod, "it would be an honor to see you and your men in action."

"But sire," Methodius says, "the Deadlords are not yet..."

"Forget the Deadlords, Methodius!" Ximeno answers. "If you're so obsessed with their completion, then have them ready to guard the castle should we fall. You and your undead army... With our main forces showing their stuff in the mountains, we'll need the mightiest zombies we can muster keeping the good people of this city safe."

"I... Understand, Your Excellency," Methodius says, removing the late Cato's Witch Pendant and handing it over to his granddaughter. "Kristina, I leave this in your hands. I won't very well need it, lounging around in this beautiful castle... Perhaps some patriots could even volunteer to be my Tigris, Lepus, Simia and Porcus."

"You can't have Alfred," Veiz says, glaring at her mentor.

"Why, Veiz, I would never-"

"You were thinking it," she responds, glaring.

"Er... Right, then. Meeting adjourned."

Everyone bar yourself, Veiz, and Ximeno himself end up fanning out, the latter standing at last. "I haven't set foot in my brother's room since he passed, ordered the maids to do the same. I've always told myself I would sweep through it one of these days, but... I suppose it's now or never now, hmm? I think I'll just go do that..."

>A. Have fun with that
>B. Does he want a hand with that?
>C. ...
>D. That's dumb (but worded less insultingly)
>E. Write-in response
Sorry, guy, kinda was a long ways into this by the time that reply came up, and the window between responses was much longer than the last choice.
>B. Does he want a hand with that?
"Do you want help with that, Your Excellency?" You ask.

"Seconded," Veiz, having opened her mouth a moment after you started speaking, says after a brief pause.

"I would... Appreciate that," he says. "Come, I'll show you two the way."

After leading the two of you through the halls, he stops in front of an ornate door, fumbling through his pockets for a key. "This room belongs to the heir to the Empire, whoever they may be... I suppose I never got around to naming a successor, did I? I've been too busy worrying about the present, and unlike my brother... Courtship, let's call it, doesn't interest me in the slightest."


The room is dark, covered in dust and spiderwebs. Adorning the walls are mounted animal heads (souvenirs gifted by the ruler-never-to-be's younger brother), flags and trinkets and garments from across the Empire. Shelves are lined with books whose titles have worn off or are too dust-covered to decipher, with more still vaguely recognizable on a desk in the corner, which Veiz immediately and curiously investigates. Perhaps she wants to believe the Emperor was into trashy romance? Or maybe she wants to plow through his entire library at once before you all leave. Certainly, she's an exceptionally fast reader, but THAT fast?

Ximeno coughs a bit. "Whew... Probably should've called a maid in here once or twice, even if to actually. Keep it preserved. Dusty, dusty, dusty... Oi, Veiz, sort through my brother's things later! We need this place dusted before I hack off a lung..."

"Er, right, of course... I was a bit mystified with the fact that we'd just walked into history, I suppose," Veiz says, shuffling a bit before scurrying out of the room.

"...what's gotten into her?" The Emperor asks, before going to call some maids to deal with this dreadful dust situation.

>A. She's just excited
>B. No clue
>C. ...
>D. Write-in response
>A. She's just excited
"I suppose she's excited," you say. "She does love to read, and the personal effects of your brother, untouched for years, finally unearthed in such a crucial point in history..."

After a few moments of the two of you standing around, a maid steps out, followed by two more. "The room is tidied, Your Excellency. We didn't touch anything besides all that unpleasant dust, as you requested."

"Right, thank you, Harriet. Could you fetch Veiz, too?"

"Right away, Your Excellency."

And with Veiz retrieved, the three of you proceed to go through the late Xerxes' things.

"Ah..." Ximeno says, beginning to regale you with a story, "I remember when I killed this... The great Elder Bael, it was called..."

As Ximeno regales away, you turn to see Veiz, standing near Xerxes' desk and holding a dusty-looking journal. You... Vaguely remember a book-shaped form like that in the dust-heavy version of the room.

>A. What's she got there?
>B. Point it out to the Emperor
>C. Say nothing
>D. Write-in response
>A. What's she got there?
>B. Point it out to the Emperor
File: ToBeContinued.jpg (6 KB, 400x225)
6 KB
"Veiz seems to have found something," you say, pointing it out and approaching Veiz. "What have you there, Veiz?"

"This?" She asks. "It was just lying there on the desk. It stood out to me."

"Let me see," Ximeno says, approaching and being handed the book. As he flips it open to the first page, he says, "yep, my brother wrote this, alright..." He skims through the next several pages, mumbling. "Countless pages ranting about his conquests before actually getting to-" His eyes widen, and he grips the book tight-"wait a moment. This is..."


To summarize, Xertxes talked half the journal about how he's traveled so much, meeting a new squeeze each journey. 'I've been an irresponsible prince, spreading my seed across the land with no regard for the legitimacy of the throne. From now on, I'll be a better prince, a better man. I'll seek out these past lovers who my rumor network has claimed to have produced children, take one last journey across the country to meet them. If I'm to fall as some vagrant during this quest, father, brother, please use this journal to...' Ximeno looks up at the ceiling, groaning. "Brother, you idiot. You could've... Given us this, or something! But no, it has to be a surprise that you wanted to be responsible..." He flips through the journal. "He goes on to list every one of his... Lady friends, starting with the most recent and moving on backward through time. The first was in Darton, so... He didn't make it far."

"Wait, so... This means there is a future for the Empire out there, doesn't there?" Veiz asks.

"Aye, but..." He hands you and Veiz the book. "See, someone must've broken into here sometime. The final entry... The earliest chronologically, that would logically be his eldest bastard, someone's torn it out."

>To be continued next thread
And so Rene's adventure may continue even after this "last stand."

Thanks for playing. twitter/ask.fm are qmgrandflocto, I'll be here to chat.
Thanks for running.
Always a pleasure.

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