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Lighthouses are creepy. Prove me right with pics.

I want to create a scenario for my players that makes them take care of a lighthouse. Any ideas?

previous: >>47925720
Why does /tg/ love lighthouses now?
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Isolated RTG powered light house
normally crewed by 6
previous shift lost the commanding officer and only permanent resident to pneumonia
characters can discover that his sickness also drove him mad and made him ramble about holy duty and invisible creatures on his death bed

Ice breaker every 3 months
Party sized crew (engineer, radio, wildlife, medical, cook)
NPC in charge vanishes early
characters must report the incident and man the station until the ship returns, bad weather compromises the answers on radio

Mundane animal swarm (penguins, puffins, seals?)
underline isolation
seem to offer companionship
keep staring unphazed as horror wreaks havoc
characters could eat them if supplies are lost
their behavior could reveal a clue about an exterior location

Beasts around
supernatural infestation and vague threat in large numbers
only come out at night
kept in check by light house beam
cause obsession, paranoia, and hallucinations?
one character can spot one early on in the distance, then again a few more times, before it shows up inside right behind them

Mad scribblings
hidden by previous keeper/s
explains phenomenology
describes risk of light going out
characters can discover several versions of this, an official log that just hints at more, a hidden notebook with research and moon phase calendars, and an old text about the secret duty to guard against those things by keeping the light on

Caves beneath, only accessible at low tide
a nice low tide trip to some old cave art
ancient cultic site providing ritual power to the light house above
characters can discover how to use this place for a ritual in the notes

Lunar cycle
an important ritual can only be performed 3 times during the 3 months
the moon phase changes the behavior of the entities
also: tides, arctic day/night

Things to take away from players:
Radio contact
Arctic gear
Working lights
Trust in each other
Animu anthropomorphic lighthouse baby!
Gotta take care of it!
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1.24 MB JPG
The world around the light house changes radically
>Out-of-place ships passing at night, hinting at a supernatural connection. Galleons with lantern signals, slave ships and explorers, even a dreadnought from WW1 with primitive Morse radio incapable of accepting where they appear to be according to the PCs.

>The ocean starts to drain, revealing that this is just the roof a a gigantic ancient temple pyramid.. No contact to the world beyond the horizon, is this really happening? The sea draining should start slowly with the tide not coming in and a few days where the water just seems low but not unnatural. Then one morning it is a few hundred meters lower and the light house now sits on a mountain peak.

>The landscape has changed. The light house now sits on a dune in an endless desert with scorching sun. The desert could be heralded by a massive dust storm, possibly explainable by the ocean receding. It swells up over a day, making it impossible to go outside by night. The next morning it is quiet and the desert sand has filled up the ocean basin.

>When the sun goes down, another, bigger sun rises. At night tentacles grow out of the sand and sway in the night breeze. Far above carrion birds circle, but are they really bird shaped? The second sun could be ambiguous at first: Did we lose the night hours and it is already morning? Is this the polar day? It can't be! And that sun is bigger..

>A shipwreck can be discovered in the sand. It appears to have been sitting there for Centuries. The whithered log cover in the buried captain's cabin reads "Flying Dutchman" (alternatively "Dawson's Christian").
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The RTG power unit contains a radioisotope which is deadly to humans if even small traces escape into the air. It should also serve as Chekhov's Gun, ultimately presenting an opportunity for the players somehow.

Animal colony > creature colony > creatures are just like animals
Basically I want puffins as a symbol from the get-go. Then a supernatural threat is discovered, a swarm of invisible creatures that come at night and move around the island, kept in check by the lighthouse's beam so they don't make the PCs hallucinate and become obsessed and paranoid. Then things get really strange as the island and the world around it change. Eventually the environment is the real threat and understanding how the light house moves the only way out. By that time the creatures should just be scenery, maybe a minor nuisance. And symbolically they are reminiscent of the puffins which are probably all dead now.

The lighthouse marks some relevance that extends to before lighthouses. I like the ancient temple beneath. But how does it come together with strange ships in the night and teleporting to other worlds? It seems obvious that the veil between worlds is worn thin in this location. Creatures appear, ships from other times and places turn up randomly, and the whole island eventually goes on a ride. But it shouldn't just happen, it should follow rules, this is a game. Tides, arctic daylight, and moon phases are great dials for this. Should the beam play a role in this? And how can the PCs get back home, or come to understand that they never could?

First and second act seem within grasp, but the third act is still elusive. Should the PC have to venture below for a temple dungeon? Should it just be a matter of surviving until the moon is right again? Should there be something else on the other side that takes an interest and must not be brought back?
also, as with any coastal setting there's the fun:
>PCs are trapped below the tide mark at low tide and the tide starts coming in, wat do?
We like developing ideas. We've done a south American resort, a lost highway, a mine, and many more.
File: lighthouses_1b.jpg (36 KB, 468x735)
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>a detached, but relatively close to the main coast, island with a lighthouse and a recluse caretaker
>a vagabond survivor washes up on the shore
>caretaker takes him in and helps him out
>vagabond murders him and takes his place
>inset you favorite vengeful spirit mythos (I personally would opt for a sea demon in disguise or a cultist)
>vagabond is scared out of his mind but cannot leave because of the spirit
>player party stumbles upon the island
I don't mind that at all, but we've had several continuous threads about them.
A lighthouse is defined (roughtly) by its light pattern (rythm), color, and height.
By changing one of those elements, you make the light almost unrecognizable.

If you have your players navigating between more than one lighthouse (or taking acre of one lightouse and many buoys), you can trap them that way.
Take a sea chart and make them use traingulation.

Still on navigational hazards, containers that have fallen to the sea fill very very slowly, and as a result they are just below the surface for a while. It's a damn nuisance, and I'm sure you can use that as a plothook (examlpe: there was something inside the container, now your boat is slowly sinking as a result of the collision, and you've awakened what was inside).

You can also play with the tide.
Some places have tides as high as 16 metres. Combine that with flat lands, and you can have nice chases or deadly traps. Especially with tidal causeway that can only be used at low time. You can have a rising tide where someone has to get out in front of the car to guide it along the road, risking to be carried away by the current.
Or the car with the relief keepers breaking down in the middle, and the party has to find a way to save them before they drown.

Also, imagine an irregular tide, or a tide that never stops rising.
>>Beasts around
>supernatural infestation and vague threat in large numbers
To make them creepier, have them just sing at the lighthouse.

When they stop singing, the players are in trouble.
I was thinking Zoogs maybe?
Glad to see that a new thread is up. Looking forward to continued brainstorming.
Make the singing mildly annoying, possibly maddening if you had to listen to nothing else for long periods. They only stop singing when trying to hide from worse things...
I don't know if singing creatures would work, but a constant almost subliminal white noise does. Turn it off after everyone forgot it was there (or never noticed to begin with) and suddenly the room feels too quiet. Some people even get dizzy.
Is it bigger on the inside?
Than it is on the outside? LightHouse of Leaves? An endlessly descending spiral staircase that feels like it ought to go down far below the waves and yet doesn't?
File: 22414700.jpg (4.46 MB, 2160x3240)
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4.46 MB JPG
>south American resort
I'm oddly intrigued, don't think I've heard of that one before.
Is there an archive link somewhere?
The thread anon is talking about is titled "Surreal Encounters in a Hotel Room," but much more was discussed than just that. The three main topics brainstormed were surreal "1408" styled hotel room horrors, a cursed 1930s Hollywood hotel, and a South American resort that seems to be an evil genus loci.

Ah, thanks m8!
Time for some reading
File: sentinial.img001.jpg (42 KB, 525x466)
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So what's a good season for lighthouse adventures? Summer seems to have yielded some fun ideas, but what about winter, when the icy rime grows over everything, twisted into alien forms by the howling wind that cuts right down to bone?
Summer or winter, surely, are the best seasons for lighthouse-based adventures. The most dramatic seasons. Blinding sun, frigid blizzards.
Ice can certainly be a nasty foe.
Which ever season has the most storms and inclement weather.
It varies by area, but late summer tends to be peak season, with areas further north pushing later into the year for their biggest storms.
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File: Thatcher-Island2[1].jpg (1.6 MB, 3128x2346)
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The island is apparently haunted.
It's off the coast of Gloucester/Rockport MA
St. George Reef Lighthouse, USA
Took 11 years to build and cost $700,000 in 1891. The island was originally named Dragon Island due to the constant fog, 70 foot waves and stormy weather.
Construction was prompted by a passenger ship running aground, resulting in the first 200 deaths of the island. At all times there were to be five keepers to stave off the isolation and support one another in the harsh conditions. Yet five keepers died over the lifetime of the house, with another yielding to madness.
Have them stuck there during a storm, ain't no one going outside.

File: EfJv5az.jpg (241 KB, 917x1289)
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They're awfully phallic?
That was one hell of a bonfire.
File: 1253556862625.jpg (1.66 MB, 1920x1200)
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1.66 MB JPG
The RTG is valuable in its own right. Any terrorist with ambition could do a lot of damage with one of those. Anyone wanting to build a truly isolated colony, power a ship, or build something unusual in the ruins of the world could use one.

Or, it could be the only source of heat. I mean, what can you burn, in a lighthouse, in the depths of winter? Maybe you can rig up electric heaters, or maybe they're all broken - deliberately? - and building up replacements is likely to get someone electrocuted.

So huddle close. Sleep near it. Stare at it, night and day.

Is that a heartbeat?
Zoogs are little cunts, yes. Best get some help suited to dealing with their wiliness and mischief, lest your party be utterly bedeviled by them and put to no end of inconvenience and misfortune. They could legitimately get you killed without actually directly hurting you in a Dreamlands kind of setting, for sure.

Also, they hungrily eyeball kittens. That's not o.k.


The delicate, baroque, and antiquated nature of the workings of most old lighthouses also make for a nice atmospheric opportunity and "hard things being easy and easy things being hard" challenge when it comes to getting stuff done under pressure, whether that pressure is "Deep Ones are crawling out of the storm wracked sea to eat you alive" or just plain old thugs working for some local crime figure.

(Ala Penumbra, basically. A lot of the challenge is working with antiquated, cantakerous equipment SO YOU DON'T GET EATEN MOTHERFUCKER IT'S COMING IT'S COMING IT'S COMINGGGG!")
That's a ghost I wouldn't want to disturb.
Maybe this isn't the best place to ask, but both of those have sea in common, so.
Some time ago we had a nice thread about shipping containers. I promised to write a website for it. I kinda did it, but now I need to host it. The problem is, the hosting platform should:
>be free
>have node.js 4.4 (I had to abandon openshift due to it)
>mongodb without adding credit card, seriously, wtf heroku
Alternatively I can send you source code to host it of you have infrastructure for it.
so here was my thinking.
storms and monsters are scary, but confrontable. monsters can be killed and storms weathered.
what really scares the piss out of me is the unknown. especially if it seems to have it out for me.
sit them in an RTC lighthouse far from anything in the arctic circle. its summer and it sits near another once populated island, connected by landbridge but only at low tide.
after theyve had a bit to poke about sive them the storm, give them ghost ships and leviathans to glimpse through the rain.
let the tide rise until it almost swallows the lighthouse. give them monsters to confront and kill/(expend ammo on) .play a suitable soundtrack like a thunderstorm and waves crashing, if the radios crap play creepy radio noise that comes off planets or unsettling static. if you can immerse them then you can scare them.

then give them silence.
glassy still black waters.
the sun is gone.
unfamiliar star wheel overhead.
the only light is that of the strange moons
things begin to stir the still waters
the light begins to fail
the reactor is fine but there's no auxiliary power, this seems deliberate, sabotage. all reactor power diverted downwards. find body with a ripped up water damaged old journal, pages missing, seemingly the old keeper. amid the mad ramblings it repeatedly stresses that the light must remain lit. nothing above so they eventually must quest deeper.
staircase leads down
and down
architecture begins to change as the seems to grow larger, the tower wider.
sprinkle it with story bits and build suspense as resources dwindle.
build tension to the closing act.
find themselves in a mirror image lighthouse, as if they'd come up from the basement.
this ones deep underwater and the light is out.
find body, skelital
single gunshot to the head, hands bound
on the wall

scratched into the wall in every known language

a sacrifice must be paid
The ocean connecting places is a great trope.
Even in a non-horror scenario, it would be great to have a lightouse or an island jumping from dimension to dimension. One day you see a panamean tanker, the next one a pirate ship (surely a reconstruction), the third one a sea dragon...
They might even not notice it at first.
that's the idea, take some cues from Alien. build suspense and always remember the threat is scariest before you see it clearly.
Y'all should watch the moomin episodes with the creepy lighthouse for inspiration.
Requesting writefag from last thread finish his story. I'm hooked.
File: bell rock.jpg (293 KB, 1600x1200)
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293 KB JPG
>Then, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the unattended automatic lighthouses did it job for some time, but after some time they collapsed too. Mostly as a result of the hunt for the metals like copper and other stuff which were performed by the looters. They didn't care or maybe even didn't know the meaning of the "Radioactive Danger" sign and ignored them, breaking in and destroying the equipment. It sounds creepy but they broke into the reactors too causing all the structures to become radioactively polluted.

Huh, guess I won't be visiting the lighthouse in OP anytime soon.

The Bell Rock Lighthouse was considered impossible to build, it's design has since become almost a standard for lighthouses but at the time it was a wonder of Victorian engineering.
which one?
The one with the smugglers in the lighthouse pretending to be a moving company, and the creepy girl that lives there.
bumpin for storytiem
bumping with nividic lighthouse. During the '30s, it was only accessible by a rusty zipline used to ferry keepers and stuff.
Since metallic ziplines and trolley don't marry well with sea air, it was pretty disliked.

Between the two threads, I believe we have enough elements to create such a derelict lighthouse that the characters will commit suicide before being even confronted with Horror.

IIRC, there were some problems caused by invasive lichens during artic exploration. Heat boosted their growth immensely.
You could have the lighthouse invaded by all sorts of moss and fungii, busting pipes and eating electric wire everywhere. And that's before the supernatural comes into play.
Sounds like many keepers went for impromptu swims. That or pancaked on the coast.

I actually just talked earlier with one of my PCs about possibly throwing in an intermission/side quest with a lighthouse theme and it's happening. Feels weird to be this excited about a game in a lighthouse.
Reposting start of story

>present day
>players are involved in smuggling
>go to lighthouse by the coast
>work as actual handymen, helping the family that live in the light house move out
>carrying boxes, packing and doing light renovation work
>"don't worry maam, the real estate agency paid for our services, we are at your service"
>husband, wife and players work by day at the light house while the kid plays within your sight
>you all retire by evening, family going to their temporary flat in the nearby village and players to the local bed and breakfast
>sneak back into lighthouse at night
>need to recon and prep for recieving a big shipment
>plan is to guide in ship with the big light and unload contraband
>one week to go
>sleepy village
>friendly older inhabitants, many retired artists
>always asking players to help with carrying a piano, replacing a door hinge, opening an old jar of paint
>generously repaying with home grown fruit, tall tales, smiles and sandwiches
>every day seems to hold some sort of event
>vernissage in town
>choir practice on the cove outside the light house
>poetry reading in the town square
>only the local postmaster seems suspicious of you
>he is also the police magistrate
>nobody listens to that fool anyways, always going on about conspiracy theories and the illuminati
>this is the easiest tax exempt coin you've ever made
>or so it seemed at first

>sunny days with some occasional rain
>boss says the weather predicts a storm moving in though
>the schedule is moved up, you now only have 5 days to prepare
>no biggie
>small quests are accomplished
>finding the keys to the doors
>figuring out how to operate the lamp
>securing spare parts for the lens and fuses
>entertaining the kid
>seriously, one of you needs to hang with the kid so she doesn't snoop around
>just yesterday she was playing with her dolls
>chilled you down to the bone it did
>hearing what she made the dolls say
>repeating almost word for word your phone conversation with the boss
>how the hell did she overhear that
>so now one of you plays house with the kid, reads her stories, distracts her while you measure the tidal difference of the water depth around the cove
>the parents smile and blesses you for the nth time
>you are good people apparently
>somebody cracked the spare fresnel lens during the night you discover
File: image.jpg (72 KB, 400x510)
72 KB

>you ask around the pub
>kids play at night around the light house? Smoke pot, hang out?
>"what kids" they laugh
>I think I saw some figures move around there two nights ago says one
>after some panic you realize they probably just saw you
>you need to be more careful
>one of you accidently broke the large mirror in the entryway while moving the old drilling equipment from the upper floor
>bad luck
>while checking the installed lens for sabotage and cracks, the lantern is mistakenly activated
>the searing lumination blinds one of you
>thankfully sight slowly returns within minutes but the blinded one is sensitive to the daylight for hours after
>he gets babysitter duty for the rest of the day
>the girl is building a lighthouse on the main floor out of cups and cardboard
>you help construct a working lantern with a small flashlight mounted on some lego
>more mirrors are broken
>what an unlucky day
>you all drink a bit too much that night
>this is when one of you confesses to breaking those mirrors today
>I had to
>they were fucking unnerving me
>they stared
Why did you stop? The suspense is killing me, anon!!
File: image.jpg (96 KB, 632x421)
96 KB
Sry Im on a date atm.

Have a toilet break update

>"stared?! What the hell man are you losing it?"
>wait says the one of you who was nearly blinded
>The kid also talked about the mirrors being creepy today
>well she talked about bugs, cruise ships, being really hungry and crash bandicoot to so I dunno
>you all decide to fix the mirror problem tomorrow
>the morning brings rain and hangovers
>and a smashed lens
>the boss is furious and shouts obscenities over the phone
>mr and mrs haven't noticed and continue packing
>you mount the only remaining (and cracked) lens
>cleaning up the glass gives no clues to why it broke
>stresses in the crystal lattice structure spontaneously erupting?
>or a hand holding a hammer?
>you are going to stay the night from now on
>you begin to gather all the mirrors in the light house in the upper watchroom
>the mood must be contageous and you all avoid looking into the mirrors, neatly laying them face down on the floor
>the kid is playing with the mini lighthouse
>choo choo
>the boat goes crash crash
>she unloads the cargo of small happy meal toy treasure chests
>as she tries to stuff them in the much too small light house one falls open
>not many of them
>but a handful of ants in every toy apparently
>wiggle wiggle she says matter of factly as the ants start climbing the light house
>don't play with animals says mother as she passes with kitchenware in her hands
>ants arent animals
>I'm playing that the ants are gold
>she releases the rest of the ants from her toy holdings
>all pirates love gold, right?
>she looks at you as if expecting you to answer
>greentexting about spooky lighthouses while on a date
Truly an exemplary elegan/tg/entleman.

Go back to your date and don't come back until you've scored. We can wait, real life won't.
>I was told to pay more attention to you tonight by the internet.
Crap, did we act as decent people? I still slip from time to time.
/tg/ is the best board
Case and point.

Also to everyone who's posted in these threads a heartfelt thank you is in order, you've really inspired me. Not just with this but today especially.

Thank you anons.
File: pan.jpg (227 KB, 560x423)
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227 KB JPG

>Frying Pan
File: 1459213574530.jpg (353 KB, 684x1139)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
Some ancient lichen, perfectly evolved for cold, wind, and biting insects blows into the lighthouse. It only grows when the lights are on, but it grows fast in the warm air. Fast enough that you can lose a door overnight. It needs nutrients, but years of frying bacon and never dusting have given it plenty to grow on.
>All three lighthouse keepers disappeared
>Food was left on the table, the clock had stopped
>The only sign of anything amiss was an overturned chair and a missing coat which was later found
What happened /tg/?
>A box at 33 metres (108 ft) above sea level had been broken and its contents strewn about; iron railings were bent over, the iron railway by the path was wrenched out of its concrete, and a rock weighing more than a ton had been displaced above that. On top of the cliff at more than 60 metres (200 ft) above sea level, turf had been ripped away as far as 10 metres (33 ft) from the cliff edge.
Jesus i never even saw that part
File: theweatherp1.gif (655 KB, 500x326)
655 KB
655 KB GIF
I saw something flying out there, in the dark. Seagulls? Looked to big to be seagulls, and I don't think they fly at night. Do cormorants fly at night? I don't know.

Anyway, I've been thinking. We're the only light on this coast for a hundred miles in either direction. So where are all the bugs? We're on an island, sure, but there are still bugs during the day, and at my last posting they swarmed the streetlights at night. So where are they?
Um- wind?
File: 2043508173_64acf4c7b0_o.jpg (414 KB, 1280x851)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
Sure, there's a breeze, but it's been fairly calm for three weeks. During the day, I've seen butterflies on the top railing. So where are all the fucking moths?

Also, I can't figure out the controls for the light rotation speed. It seems to speed up or slow down at random. Everything else is labelled, but there doesn't seem to be a way to control how quickly the lamp turns.
File: passaloutre1893_300.jpg (1.37 MB, 2875x2195)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
>The light's been run by the same family for the last hundred years
>strange folk, keep to themselves
>always look sickly, but anytime one of them gets injured their kin just drag them home and they're right as rain in the morning
>well... not right. Not in the head. They all mutter and speak some strange tongue no one ever can figure out
>strangest of all, for a bunch that live on the shore and keep the house, they all fear the sea something terrible
>refuse to set foot on a boat and will throw a fit about "not going back" if you try to make them
>creepy as hell, but the way they watch the waves... something out there creeps them worse. Thought sends shivers down a man's spine
File: 1407809895862.jpg (5.96 MB, 4928x3264)
5.96 MB
5.96 MB JPG
>Sometimes, visitors find the family wearing the "wrong" clothing, like they've forgotten what it's for, or the context. Blacksmithing boots and a sunhat in the middle of winter. A boy wearing a dress, and suddenly surprised when someone points it out. It's not like a perversion thing - not like bent Uncle Francis' "little parties". I think they're just absent-minded.
>They also love catalogues. Some evenings, they gather around a Sears catalogue, examining it, reading aloud from time to time, talking about bicycles, hinges, binoculars, and hammers.
File: ampharos!.png (108 KB, 540x540)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
Who doesn't love lighthouses?
Are there any lighthouse SCPs?
File: il_570xN.210077979.jpg (107 KB, 570x725)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I wouldn't completely disarm the player characters.

Personally i'd give everyone the option for a profession. Things like police officer, captain, doctor, carpenter, etc and allow the PCs to have a few items their career choice would normally own.

I would also give the party a single survival kit equipped with the usual items. MREs, knives, compass, matches, and other useful items.

I say this because horror isnt about being powerless, its about being overpowered. They still need the ability to fight back in certain situations.

But always remember that their greatest weapon is their wit not their steel.
File: Fastnet Rock.jpg (459 KB, 3449x2491)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
Yes, SCP 491 and 934.
File: 1257629584616.jpg (1.62 MB, 2304x1728)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
Both of which are, honestly, pretty meh.

So, during the start of the cold war, some lighthouses were outfitted with very interesting radar equipment. It made a lot of sense - the facility was already there, power lines already existed. Why not hide your secrets in plain sight?

And once you already had a secret lighthouse station, why not use it for a few other tests? If you've got radar equipment, why not bolt a few "extraneous" pieces on and see what they do? Build aerial out of silver and wires out of braided hair. See what else is out there, invisible. Send out waves and see what bounces back.

I just read those. Pretty mediocre, not much focus on the lighthouses at all either. Theres not much fiction i can recommend in its place, but there was that chapter of junji ito's uzumaki that a bit weak in my opinion but still ok.
Bumping from oblivion
File: NEL.png (2.06 MB, 1200x800)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
Sane anon from the beginning requesting an end to this torturous wait! Also how'd the date go?
This doesn´t look like the kind of thing that lasts a couple centuries without reparations or attention...
I feel this is slowing down, so what about we try throwing in another angle.

Would you work on an old lighthouse with old equipment and stuff? No full disconnected, but not full modern either. The oldest you can get nowadays, probably in bumfuck nowhere. Like one of those Russian ones in the Arctic. Let´s say one of them is needed again and it needs human support (1-6 men), and lets assume they´re not irradiated to hell and back.

What would be your biggest fear?

What would be your biggest "irrational" fear?

What would you like the most about it?

What would you bring with you?

How would you spend all that free time, other than being /tg/ with the rest of the crew?

Let´s say there´s internet access but it´s slow and it doesn´t always work (maybe a few hours a day, or just very irregularly).
Could always go with the sci-fi approach from last thread as well, being in a lighthouse on a waterworld/space
Not an actual lighthouse in space, but more of an outpost that pings a signal saying "Hey, big old chunk of cold rock that wouldn't show up on a scanner here."
It'd be deep enough in space to be very isolated, probably derelict since not many people actually pass through the area.
File: solarsystem.gif (517 KB, 1347x953)
517 KB
517 KB GIF
A manned beacon in space sounds like an awesome location for a gritty hardish scifi setting. Something not quite The Expanse yet but close.
What would a sci-fi lighthouse be used for?
Radio tower? Weather/observation station? Laser Beam communication? WInd turbine?
The Inquisition visits an outpost on the fringe of known space, to see why their astropath has gone silent.

They find the outposts crew all dead, horribly dead. They can't identify what type of horrible xenos could have done it.

In trying to return to their ship, the airlock won't open.
>They hear the horrible whirring of servo skulls begin to fill the halls.
Well like i said in the post it could serve as a warning to nearby ships that there's basically a huge hunk of rock that they could crash into. If it's cold, thermal scans wont show it, and a lack of light can make big dark objects very hard to see.
Woops. Didn't read scifi.

Well on a water world it could be a fishing post.

It could be a hydro generator, microwaving power back to the homeworld?
Bump from the depths beneath the lighthouse. Also requesting anon finish his story.
File: 13_tou10[1].jpg (72 KB, 1024x768)
72 KB
Semaphoric binoculars are amazing. I once looked through one with a x50 zoom, I could se people picking their nose 4km away.
There are models from the cold war with a 90° degree angle and excellent traverse for anti-air watch.

That level of zoom allows you to make your player see things through the binoculars that they have no quick way to confirm or deny.

ON a sidenote, do any of you guys know about a maritime post apocaliptic setting. I always wanted to play in one.
File: waterworld.18838.jpg (318 KB, 1000x1500)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
It's not a game setting, but could easily be made one using existing systems...
That's somewhere between trying too hard and parody. The only redeeming feature is a loli Tina Majorino, and she has like 3 lines. Costner is all pathos and in a postapoc fantasy flick that just comes across as overacting. It should have been Mad Max: Seawarrior, but instead it's a 90 minute commercial for some Disney ride.
You asked for a setting, that's what I'm offering. It's a terrible movie but if you remove all but the setting of the world it seems like it could be cool for an aquatic post apocalyptic setting (merman need not apply.)
They're basically the only thing shaped like wizard's towers in real life
(>>48027250 ain't me, btw)
The only systems I've encountered that included "sea" faring where either 17th century swashbuckling or 17th century swashbuckling in space. I've never seen a system about modern boats (GURPS, Twilight 2000 and Shadowrun rules aren't very good for it, at least).

Also, bonus coastal lighthouse.
... you're not wrong. And ok sorry for assuming you were the same person.

I know DnD 3.5e has a few supplements for sea-based campaings, use the MSRD and that could roll ok. I think Rifts also has some 3rd party Fallout supplements that you might be able to mix with another aquatic supplement.
File: Phare-1[1].jpg (561 KB, 786x1024)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
More of a lightbunker than a lighthouse, but I guess retractable systems could be useful in a place with very adverse conditions.

I'll look at Rifts, thanks.
No need to be sorry; those things tend to happen on anonymous imageboards.
Handy when the sea in that area gets really fucked and the ressources to build something that can take the punishment are limited.

I imagine it'd be spoopier in a cranped space too.
File: Eben_Emael7.jpg (2.99 MB, 3264x2448)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB JPG
That is obviously a bunker. The searchlight seems like a euphemism.
That would be a cool approach system.
Nice opportunities for an underground complex, too.
>Hey Frank, we need you in B-12, some ship is entering the strait. Guide them to B-15, Tim's already there. And be quick, he's already close enough to the reefs.
>No, they still haven't fixed the leaks in the access tunnel.
>I don't give a fuck about any strange noises you've been hearing last time, get your ass over there.
I like it. Add in the fact that during high tide the entire thing is probably under water and we have a really unnerving location.
You can't go wrong with underwater complexes.
File: game 02.png (265 KB, 1754x1239)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
>one day a strange fog shrouded the island
>you couldn't see further than your extended arm
>suddenly a loud crash can be heard
>if PCs decide to go outside they can spot things moving in the mist, but they are too fast
>next day, after the mist disappear they find a ship wrecked on the island
>inside there are, beside massacred crew, bodies of five monstrous, humanoidal creatures. Two of them have gunshot wounds
>in the shipping manifest there is an entry: "7 specimen"
File: image.jpg (47 KB, 454x646)
47 KB
>You finish up packing early
>family takes you to town for farewell dinner
>one of you fakes migraine to stay behind and keep watch
>excellent chowder and wine
>warm handshakes as you wave the family off
>the ones of you who played with the kid gets tiny kid hugs
>she even wrapped a small present to the "poor sick man"
>you wander back through town, foraging supplies, occasionally waving back to the friendly seniors of the town
>as you pass town square, one of you loses it
>yet another art event, around a dozen of people painting water colours and acrylics
>the topic seems to be landscape studies of the local coast
>what the fuck
>you all try to calm him down
>the charming one smiles and apologizes
>"too much to drink"
>he walks around, looks at paintings, flattering and smoothing things over as the rest of you drags mr hot head away
>on the car ride back to the light house it is your time to ask what the fuck
>all those paintings man
>they all had the light house in them
>so fucking what
>ok but they also had a boat painted, like every single one
>still. So. Fucking. What.
>and this one had men carrying boxes from the pier up to the lighthouse, sound familiar?
>how about the one painting of the fucking watch room with fucking mirrors standing along the walls they're fucking on to us
>not true says the charming one
>sure there were many paintings with the lighthouse but that's not so strange
>and why wouldn't you paint boats to fill your painting when you already have the coast and sea
>it's the effin subject of that stupid paint-off
>what, the whole town knows about our impending smuggling operation and decides on painting instead of sicking the cops on us? Jeez, think about it
>besides, we stacked the mirrors on the floor, not standing along the walls like a freaking funhouse
>sry guys the wine must have gotten the better of me
>it's ok you say
>nerves before the big day
File: image.jpg (13 KB, 236x157)
13 KB
>the one left behind had nothing of note to report
>he dawws over the cutely wrapped present
>he also proudly shows you how he spent his time
>setting up this clever system so you from one place can see and keep watch on the outside railing, stairwell, entrance and even the lighthouse top light apperture itself
>using mirrors
>no more suprise lens smashing
>it does make the watchroom look like the house of mirrors though haha
>hey, what's with those looks you guys
Cont tomorrow
How'd your date go?
File: image.jpg (219 KB, 819x1024)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Very well thank you [smiling emoji]
File: bp10.jpg (680 KB, 990x634)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
Yay based anon is back!
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (304 KB, 2880x1620)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Oceans in general are just scary. We have mapped less than 3% of the ocean floor yet humans act like they've conquered the earth.

I also still hold out hope for the discovery of the lost city of atlantis, even though geologist claim its impossible
File: 437784.jpg (3.56 MB, 2400x1600)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
File: ocean_floor_map_300.jpg (1.17 MB, 2835x1689)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
>We have mapped less than 3% of the ocean floor

That feel when you haven't looked into oceanography since the 1930s
We're mapped most of it. We've /explored/ less then 1% of the ocean floor.
Did it ever stop?
Bump from the depths again
It looks like the entry of a giant cave between Canada´s islands and Groendland.
Why don't we have those rigged surfaces on the land? Is it because land is mostly where plates collide instead of moving apart and/or erosion is faster on land?
The East African rift valley is pretty much the same thing, but on a smaller scale,are areas of Iceland. Once the rift gets big enough it inevitably becomes sea, so you don't see huge rift compelxes on land. Also, the shape is different on land (compare Iceland and rest of the central Atlantic rift complex) due to, as you mentioned, erosion as well as the fact that under water the lava erupting from the rift behaves differently.
File: 1260346061961_198.jpg (100 KB, 834x556)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
What's that light in the sky?
File: Great Blue Hole.jpg (723 KB, 3500x2247)
723 KB
723 KB JPG

Theres a game called sunless sea. Its pretty unforgiving but might be up your alley. All i remember from that is never having money while everyone is starving
Since we were talking about nuclear lighthouses a while back:
A nuclear merchant vessel drifting near the lighthouse would make for an interesting adventure.
File: image.jpg (82 KB, 468x735)
82 KB
The lighthouse is built on a precipice which extends far out over the abyss. Following the stairs downward, one travels farther than expected, ending not in the basement but instead, winding ever deeper into the stone until they come out underneath. Here, a new tower extends into the inky black waters beneath the shelf above, and strange shapes flit past portholes, barely illuminated by what seems to be another lamp far below, turning slowly in the deep.
I wish I lived in a lighthouse. Seems like it would be comfy as fuck.
Could be interesting to have a game that starts out knowing about the things that lurk below, perhaps even huntinv them for study.

...and then the party captures or kills a gigantic beast, not realizing that it was but an infant... and Mother heard everything...
We need more interiors.
Wouldn't the party know it's an infant, then ?
Unless it looks like a smaller beast.

It could work, early whaling was really harcore, attacking mastodons with small rowboats and throwing harpoons. You'd just have to add a few tentacles and a dose of mysticism.

>Oracle clawing at her eyes while screaming about the coming of some unfathomable abomination
>"Alright boys, everyone to the ship. We're back into business !"
Oh an opportunity. I recall someone on tg mentioning a system with combat similar to/inspired by whaling. It was about killing really big monsters with groups of people.

Anyone know what it is?
Doesn't ring a bell, sorry.
Was it inspired by Dishonored? I remember a homebrew based on that game.
Not to my knowledge. I just want a system that handles a lot of people fighting one really big thing in an interesting way.
bumping in hopes of more storytime
File: 1270513106788.jpg (140 KB, 640x427)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Anyone have some good ambient seascape tracks they can reccomend for a lighthouse-based game?
not spesifically.
id brouse youtube for long tracks of waves lapping, thunderstorms and those nasa recordings of radio waves coming off the planets and sun. i was planing on making the lattest the track i'd use when the radio inevitably went on the fritz
I'm looking for a particular ambient noise generator I knew of a while back that might work.
File: bishop-rock-lighthouse.jpg (503 KB, 1600x1062)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
Okay, I THINK that this was it:

>know it was an infant
Not if they've never seen one before and it already looks big and horrible. Just imagine taking down a forty foot monster covered in spiky armor plating and centuries of coral growth, would you expect it to be a baby?
File: 7h9cH0M.jpg (198 KB, 1400x978)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Maybe there's a biologist on the team who examines the carcass and draws some startling conclusions. Maybe they find an eggshell.
where is that?
It looks like a prison
Looks like fort boyard
Have a container ship crash into the island and they have to go and look for survivors, the ship can have strange talismans and symbols onboard, a crew members diary makes references to the phenomena observed by the players, the players would get stuck on the ship due to a storm so they couldn't go back to the lighthouse and have to face whatever is in the darkness as the protection of the light will have gone
File: HY44krh.jpg (424 KB, 1600x1148)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
Also, why the fuck are some of the containers full of concrete? I mean full. Why? And why didn't they sink?
Just play The Derelict without lighthouse.
If you want a nice riddle, you can have some radio statoin trying to reach them using morse and Q/Z codes, where they have to answer in the same way.
Frantic searches when you're playing against the clock work pretty well in most games.

When will there be a rgp that satisfies my radio communication fetishes?

Great theme song for the party.
File: Lore-podcast.jpg (30 KB, 536x318)
30 KB
all the bgm to the Lore podcast makes for great rpg music
File: image.jpg (68 KB, 600x386)
68 KB
File: 0mbhH7X.jpg (171 KB, 937x960)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Why the fuck does a seafort have a theme song?
>his country doesn't even have musical themes for its seaforts
Apparently there's a game show by the same name that takes place there
File: soft-rocks.jpg (144 KB, 550x493)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Damn this Canadian third-world hellhole!

All we have are songs about flies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjLBXb1kgMo
File: Deep Leviathan.jpg (512 KB, 1350x681)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
>startling conclusions
"Dear God! Do you know what this means, man? This monster isn't even half grown yet! And it's not even capable of eating most of what I found in it's belly! I tell you, it was still being fed by an older, larger specimen. It has a mother! A mother that`"

Conversation is cut off as the island rocks and trembles under the approach of something massive.
I don't have any lighthouse related song despite my extensive collection of sea shanty, so here's two short animated film adapted from a poem by Prevert (The Lighthouse Keeper Loves Birds Too Much)
There's also a music video by Eric Bentley, but I haven't found it on youtube.

>"Dear God! Do you know what this means, man? This monster isn't even half grown yet! And it's not even capable of eating most of what I found in it's belly! I tell you, it was still being fed by an older, larger specimen. It's like a duck fattened do produce fois gras...It's gonna be delicious!"
File: Stiff Upper Lip.png (1.26 MB, 1465x315)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Watch the moomins episode, guys
File: image.jpg (89 KB, 2000x2000)
89 KB
Got a bit of inspiration from a podcast I like- see if it help you guys at all:

File: BreathingEarth.gif (2.74 MB, 619x640)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB GIF
Not bad. Thanks!
>the captain of the submarine looks through the porthole with an open mouth
>"A waifu?!"
>"At this depth?!"
File: Spoiler Image (751 KB, 973x934)
751 KB
751 KB PNG
>It's more likely than you'd think!
Creepy deep sea mermaids are best mermaids. I'd post pictures from my creepy deep sea folder if I was at home.
File: 1458687546081.jpg (187 KB, 975x705)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>no snow on UK, France and Germany.
Based gulf stream.

Youtbe has a lot of "relaxation" videos that might do the trick.
It's not the same without the pungent smelll of guano and rotting algae, though.

Please do. Most of my folder is civilized mermaids.
Problem is, I won't get back to my computer in a week. I'm currently vacationing in a little seaside town. Incidentally, the biggest lighthouse in the country is located off the coast, close enough to see even without the light on.
Get pics.
File: deep-sea-mermaid.jpg (103 KB, 515x700)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Only until they get close. Pic related.

Got ya covered
You need to explore that lighthouse and sacrifice a goat inside. For /tg/.

nice vacations, anon
Elegant yet creepy
Alright, a deep waifu for >>48062620
Or is she?
Sorry, on mobile and didn't realize those were so small

>wtf I love lighthouses now!
I visited there years ago. Pretty cool place. Climbed the hundred or so steps to the tower and saw the big fresnel lens. Was thinking about going there with the girl I'm sort of dating, but that'll have to wait at least a few weeks since I have to return home for a week or two. I'll post pictures if there's a relevant thread up.
Or the island trembles as it begins to rise from the sea.
You've been standing on its mother the whole time.
Bump for some more awesome
File: fzd_crabmonster_01b.jpg (671 KB, 1650x928)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
How big should the mom be?
Just a bit smaller than yours.
File: Mercury Transit.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1202)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
Nothing should be working. If we look at it by funding, there is not a ship in operation that even stands a remote chance of meeting the original maintenance requirements with the assigned operating budget. Not a one. Of course you can't skimp on the executive shuttles or the cargo liners, those only incur more cost if they fail. So a progressive scale is used, ranking cost of failure vs investment level, and guess what comes out on the bottom: Signal beacons.

They are expensive to replace, technology has taken strides. But they are even more expensive to repair. It's a losing battle against decay. But as long as the projected operating budget for the coming fiscal cycle stays below the investment threshold for replacement, ancient reactors will keep powering manned radio relays all over the solar system.

It's a tough and dangerous job far away from free air colonies that pays poorly and offers no prospects. But people need work. And those beacons need to keep operating. They all look the same: Ancient reactor, small pre comfort habitat, a huge antenna array, and nothing works. These things are held together by the ingenuity and prayers of previous crews. A usual rotation covers 6 months, but they get stocked for 18 because sometimes supply missions fail and have to RTB before reaching the remote relay beacons.

Radio Relay Beacon One-Three was no different. Occluded from the solar center in Saturn's L2 point, radio contact is spotty on a good day as unoccluded far away beacons are the only direct contact back home. It is always dark, One-Three doesn't orbit to Saturn's day side. The Milky Way looks phenomenal up here. You don't need a telescope, it's right there, from horizon to horizon far below. After a while it starts staring back...

/tg/ totally gay.
You mean someone that you hope would come back.
File: image.jpg (7 KB, 244x206)
7 KB
>there exists a region of ocean with many ancient lighthouses scattered across
>we are one of many research teams to investigate these ruins
>the stairwell in the lighthouse extends much further down than it should be possible
>50 floors down and still no end
>the walls seem to be gradually changing color the deeper we go. It feels somewhat softer too
>we lost count of the number of floors, some of us are experiencing pressure sickness, and the walls are fleshy now
>there windows now on the walls now, made not from glass but a somewhat transparent organic tissue
>outside we see a great empty cavern, with great huge towers erected upon a sea of flesh. They look like humongous spire mollusc extending all the way to the countless floors up to the ceiling, and each one a part of the bloodied flesh bed below. We are likely in one of these towers as well
>a slight rumbling from the distance. A 'tower' is moving, retreating into the flesh until all that is seen is a single lighthouse on this flesh sea
>the transmitter to the surface exclaimed about a lighthouse from topside sinking into the ocean
>more movement from outside the window as more towers are lowered into the flesh
>our tower rumbles as well, along with a terrible headache amongst the crew
>when we awoke, we were no longer in the flesh portion of the tower but in the first floor of the lighthouse
>thinking it was all but a dream, you try to contact the main base but no answer
>you open the door to try to flag the ship down and report but the door opens to the flesh sea
>the flesh towers no longer extend to the ceiling, in their place are the lighthouses each one had on their tips.
>the transmitter beeps as multiple distress calls flood the coms. Their origin, the research crews of their respective towers now seperated across the flesh sea
Hows this for a horror setting?
>10+ lines of green on blue

I'll rewrite it as a proper premise later. Im a bit busy and it was all brainstormed just now.
Maybe then I'll read it.
Got a little lost on what was going on at the end, but it's 3 am here and maybe sleep will help my understanding. Sounds neat though.
Err..think you got the wrong thread buddy.

Think sunless sea but in a fleshscape
Nah, that anon just wants a lighthouse in space. The idea came up earlier too.
Okay, I think I get it but will be sure in the morning
File: snap-00040.png (302 KB, 720x298)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
The first week passed without any incidents. The previous crew had failed to purge the atmo before shift change so their smells hung pungent in every compartment. We ran the scrubbers on max for a day, but once a stench has settled in your sinuses you don't really get rid of it.

One-Three was a mess as expected. One of the positional gyros was out completely and we brought propellant for the thrusters. But half of those didn't ignite and the manifold was stuck and crusted in rust. The reactor core was dirty as hell an efficiency never came above 60%, leaving enough Watts for the radio array and either scrubbers and heating, or maneuvering, or EVA systems, or the old data core.

But then the main airlock blew and we lost 2 suits, not to mention days on damage control and putting us back in business. That was before the SME blackout, and before we ever even received the first transmission.
>the girl I'm sort of dating
and >>48032360

True fact: posting in the lighthouse thread makes your chances to score skyrocket.

Reminds me of a story in the Berserkers series, where a comedian is exiled to a beacon station at the end of the system, and encounters an amnesiac Planet-killing machine.

On a sidenote, the Saberhagen's berserkers maes for decent horror scenarios. And there were probably a big inspiration for Mass Effect's reapers. Even the Qwib-qwib comes from there.
File: image.jpg (21 KB, 320x320)
21 KB
File: Fowey Rocks Lighthouse.jpg (1.21 MB, 2048x1536)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG

I rewrote it a bit while trying to keep it short. I had alot of trouble trying to word this right.

There exists a region of ocean, unexplored since early 1900s, that now have lighthouses, countless lighthouses scattered across what should be empty waters. We are one of many research teams coupled with military personnel that are to explore these structures, one reason for terrorist activity, and another, for explanation of this oversight of history. The lighthouse is in working order. The lights and generators are in working condition, the pantry is fully stocked, yet there are no signs of anything living here for years. There is a stairwell downwards, into the depths of the island, but as we descend, there seems to be no end. We are about 50 floors in, but its getting hard to tell. The walls, what was hard cement, is starting to change in color, I could swear its softer too. At some point, we lost count of how deep we are. There are signs of pressure sickness among the team. Christ, we didnt plan for this. The walls are lined with a strange lichen now, must be, or else I have to say that the walls are like the inside of an animal, bloodied pink and feels like a raw steak. We continued descending until we reached a glass window, at least that what I thought it was. What looked like glass was actually a transparent tissue matter, biological in composition. What we saw outside was of nightmares. A gigantic cavern, kilometers from the ceiling to the ground, with pillars made of, what can only be explained as exposed meat of a skinned animal, connecting from the stone ceiling above into the rolling hills of veinous pulsating flesh below. This bloodied flesh ocean extends far into the underground horizon. A rumbling in the distance. One of the flesh pillars shook, then like a snail retreating into its shell, the pillar dove into the fleshbed squeezing in until the tip was resting right above the this meat sea. The what was at the tip, however, was worrying.

Rested on top of that tentacle like a hat was one of the lighthouses from the surface. The radio to the main ship at ocean level exclaimed about a lighthouse from topside sinking into the ocean. More pillars are moving outside and shooting down into the flesh sea. Our tower shook as well, accompanied by a paralyzing headache amongst the team. We woke, in the lighthouse’s eating quarters. All of us were knock out on the floor. A crazy fever dream, maybe from something in the air here I thought. I tried to coms the main ship, report our situation about hallucinations and passing out but there was no answer. I stepped outside, to get a better reception. What greeted me was not the clear blue ocean, but the Flesh Sea and where the towering pillars once stood connecting the rock sky to the sea, now stood the lighthouses. The transmitter beeps as multiple distress calls flood the coms. Their origin, the other research crews of their respective lighthouses, now stranded across the Flesh Sea.

Please tell me whats unclear or whats not good here. I wanna finalize this and store it away for a rainy day
This thread, and my uncle who used to set up hydrophones for the navy and has sailed all around the country (he told me of the most unusual lighthouses in the country, like one made of iron, designed by Eiffel, of the Eiffel Tower fame), have got me thinking about joining the lighthouse conservation society.
File: ruhnu_lighthouse[1].jpg (46 KB, 450x600)
46 KB

>>48071631, here, looks fine now. Partly cleared up by the editing, mostly by being awake now. Horrific setting, and perhaps even more disturbing questions like "how did it put them back up in the lighthouse?and why?" should be fun to deal with as they go.
Bump for interest
Rather than something out of the sea itself, a lighthouse could also draw danger from the nearby land.

Imagine being stuck in a lighthouse all winter. You have plenty of food and fuel, enough keepers to fight off the isolation... but something doesn't sit right. Sometimes there is a shadow out the corner of your eye, or a howl carried on the wind that belongs to no wolf. Then your food stores are broken into, dooming you all to starvation, unless someone can hunt and fish and even that may not be enough for all the cold darkness ahead. Talk turns to survival, how far a man might go to fight starvation, jokingly at first, but is quickly ended by the name of what you all fear may be out there... Windigo.
my thinking would be a quarter to a half mile across. so large the pcs have no real chance to kill it with what they have, only to escape. if making them run pissing and screaming isnt your idea of a good ending then perhaps the lighthouse delves deep into her very flesh and the key to her defeat lies deep inside. perhaps she guards something or blocks a passageway, leaving a great blue spot when she moves and slurches deep beneath the waves to morn. perhaps she IS the way and deep within her flesh they find a gateway to another world filled with eldritch horrors. maybe killing her will seal this gate forever and keep safe the realms of men. but perhaps she contains this breach, keeping it sealed with her life and only her death can open the gates of oblivion.
This stuff is gold. Please sir, may I have some more?
File: 47621_lg.jpg (926 KB, 3474x2400)
926 KB
926 KB JPG
Do you even Bradbury, thread?

File: 1414467554231.jpg (89 KB, 726x1000)
89 KB
File: image.jpg (97 KB, 636x760)
97 KB
I don't particularly understand people's obsession with the wind.
Wear a wetsuit.
That keeps you warm and the wind away without being as uncomfortable as plastic stormcoats.

And ice? Like what you don't have gloves and a hammer?

Through granted, the light sweeping over some alien icicle formations and creating a shadow of giant tentacles on the sea.... that could be fun.

>Is that a heartbeat?
No. No it's, not, it's an isotope powered generator.

>Arctic gear
How are you gonna take away something that i'd be constantly wearing.
>other things inside the lighthosue.
Whenever something disappears from within an enclosed space every person would immediately leave that place by any means possible. Either one of the characters is mental, or the place is not just spooky but outright fucking dangerous.

Just scrape the lichen off of the stuff, and douse the surfaces in petrol.
Then keep a sample in a jar, because lichen are cool.

This is so cozy-creepy i want to play this now.

Well silver would still just send out electromagnetic waves as normal, and hair doesn't transfer electricity.


>That level of zoom allows you to make your player see things through the binoculars that they have no quick way to confirm or deny.
Absolutely brilliant.

Oh jeez that brings back memories.
It also sounds wonderful. A bit like Lindsey Stirling, except with more instruments.

>But then the main airlock blew and we lost 2 suits,
And this is why i absolutely despise most of nasas recent spacesuit systems.

Just meet up and share supplies. If the flesh sea did anything, it would probably have done so already.

hohshit that loks fucking amazing
>not understanding the wind

Even when you're protected from it, the wind can be creepy, all sorts of sounds depending on what it passes over/through and how windy it is. It covers up the sounds of things that stalk you, the cries of friends who need you. It blows the snow or sand or leaves across old tracks, erasing trails home or evidence of threats. And even in a wetsuit, hell, a drysuit, you still have to breathe. One way or another it will always get to you. All insulation will eventually chill through, and while cold water may do it faster, there's something special about the way wind rises and falls, shifting from mere chill to a cold that makes your bones creak.

Seen "space lighthouse" a few times done not so much as a lighthouse but as a radio-station where the DJs and radio-jocks are stuck permenantly on the lighthouse, banging out tunes and giving space weather-reports on the hour.
>It covers up the sounds of things that stalk you, the cries of friends who need you
That would have to be really strong wind in some very particular place along some rocks or walls to create that strong a sound.

And i dont really find wind sounds all that creepy.

well i'll catch a cold at worst, but it's not like the wind really matters for that.

>All insulation will eventually chill through
This is why i said wetsuit and not drysuit.
Wetsuits don't do that.
They allow little circulation of air on the skin. Heat transfer and some humid air can come out, but the point is, that there will be no moving layer of air or water on your skin which would cool it down.so even a suit that's optimal for warmer climates will stop you from really getting cold.
>has to be strong to be loud
>not creepy
It's a possibly supernatural horror setting next to an ocean, the wind can be plenty strong even in reality, let alone the game.

And "I ain't scared" tends not to be a great survival trait in these settings.

>get a cold
That's not how disease works, but you will be losing body heat with every breath.

That heat transfer you mention is the problem. Eventually you're wearing a progressively colder suit. Seriously, if just wearing a wetsuit was such a perfect defense, Arctic exploration/living wouldn't be nearly as tough as it is.
Well no i mean i just wouldn't be scared of wind.

>colder with every breath
Yet people could go to antarctica where the temperature was a lot lower.
Also cold is not the wind.

>arctic exploration
Is really not that difficult at all.
Plus there's the thing that a lot of people somehow have an aversion towards skintight rubbery clothing. Add to this that it's not as breathable as normal clothes, very difficult to put on and off, and need to be rinsed after pretty much every use, and you have plenty of reasons why they're not used.
There's also the thing that in really extremely super cold climates a wetsuit that's thin enough to still be comfy enough would chill through.
>It's a possibly supernatural horror setting next to an ocean, the wind can be plenty strong even in reality, let alone the game.

It's when the sound of the wind and waves die and the place is left in complete silence that things really get eerie.
File: 1254674246887.jpg (341 KB, 1280x1024)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
So, everyone knows what a lighthouse is.

But what's a darkhouse?
>It also sounds wonderful. A bit like Lindsey Stirling, except with more instruments.

The compositer is pretty good IMO. And he often does sea themed music.
There was this one lighthouse in one of the Assassin's Creed games that freaked me out. And I don't even know why.
There is such a thing as a radio lighthouse in real life as well, although that's a different thing. It broadcasts a radio signal with a "dead zone" placed so that it corresponds with the safe course. When you're in the safe waters, you hear nothing, but if you stray off course the radio starts making noise.
Cover of Darkness from HoMM3
It's a lighthouse that uses dark light, of course.
File: url.jpg (84 KB, 493x633)
84 KB
>organically grew lighthouses
No, sir, I don't think it's been here yesterday. It must've sprouted overnight.
The lighthouse signal pulses with your heartbeat.

the thing is that major space weather hazards move quickly, but far far slower than light so radio station located nearer a star can often give ships near the edge of a system a good couple of minutes or even hour or so warning of major space weather events.

>good 2nd shift skyjacks and sky jills!
>Starhouse Radio with your shiftwise weather report, every hour, on the hour!
>bad news folks, looks like flare build up is starting in the north west quadrant, moving westerly at 200kips, so anyone in that quadrant might want to stay inside the flare bunker and work from home today!
>What was that? Bob? did you send the bots to clean out the ventilation?
>Well Skyjacks and Jills, just my co-hosts apparently deciding to start the maintenance cycle without informing me.
>Anyway, reports coming in from binaryhouse that there's an ominous twinkle in the sun's nearby neighbour so anyone outside the heliopause may want to cancel any EVA activity.
>goddammit bob, what did you-
It's like a giant ctulu sized lure go bring sailors to... Something to be eaten.
Man this thread just wont die. Def the longest one I've ever seen. Keep up with this good shit /tg/.
they're singing at the lighthouse because they have essentially come to worship it since it keeps the Worse Things away.

If the players try to get rid of them by temporarily shutting off the lighthouse they frenzy and start swarming in anger/panic without outright hurting the players.
THIS is the kind of creepy stuff i love. damn
Just be wary of when they go silent, it means there's Something Worse and the light wasn't enough to stop it.

>the singing stops
>players venture out
>there's just body parts of the beasts strewn everywhere
>there's somewhat large human footprints in the sands, distinct from the prints of the beasts
It hasn't been this lon...

The lighthouse thread, like the unspeakable horrors evoked in its posts, can never truly die.

I'll leave for 5 weeks of work tomorrow, I expect to see another thread when I come backIf possible with storyanon on his third date and posting from an airvent or something

I'll be at sea, btw. Want me to bring back some particular docs, sounds, or pics? I'll probably be able to take some low angle shots of the Birvideaux lighthouse, and maybe some airborne pics depending on the planning.

Also leaving you with some navigational aids. So your party will know if they must go left or right when they encounter a light.
The whole thing is quite well-made.

Seriously, the more I think about it, the more I want to make a simulationist navy rpg in a modern setting.
I'll have too think on how to combine cosmic horror and celestial navigation effectively, though.
Any moody pictures would be awesome, including an actual lighthouse would be even more awesome!
If you have proper audio recording equipment you could bring back:

-rapidly changing wind bursts flapping sails/flags
-motor at full steam from outside
-motor in idle from outside
-generator from a distance
-seagulls, with low ambient noise (no waves crashing)
-waves breaking on the bow
-wind howling/storm but FROM INSIDE. behind closed windows/doors

The other stuff there exist tons of recordings of.
I've been keeping it bumped while I've been working overtime. Hooray 3hrs of sleep a night!
You can just use general ambient tracks (as listed) and Audacity to quickly build custom ambient tracks for games. It's very useful.
File: image.jpg (264 KB, 1066x1600)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
The unique layout of lighthouses makes for great interior design.
>all those paintings man
>they all had the light house in them
I like the idea of a lighthouse that, for one night is bottomless or topless. No matter how far the PCs descend or climb the stairs, they can never reach the bottom or the top.
Lighthouses are comfy, not creepy.
File: 1266466810866.jpg (419 KB, 800x638)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
Comfy can be creepy too. I mean, you should be freaked out by now, by all rights. Your friend is dead, and something crawled out of his brain cavity and slipped into the sea.

So why is it that all you want is to close the shutters and curl up in an armchair with a book and a glass of wine? Why does the fire feel so warm and friendly? Instead of panicking and radioing the mainland, why have you decided to put on your bathrobe and have a nap?
That's what i meant. there are not as many ambient tracks of the things i listed.
File: iHXalih.jpg (515 KB, 1600x1067)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
If your players have never read House of Leaves, you can just crib details wholesale. It'd be great for a oneshot game on Halloween or something.

I writing a little story that is starting to sound more and more like house of leaves. Im not sure if I should change it, I mean how else can I write about impossible space scenarios?
Well, the themes can remain the same:
-fear of something in the darkness
-impossible scales
-family drama

But you can alter the set dressing appropriately.

Alternatively, but more sensibly, you can alter the themes, and adjust the set dressing to suit.

Three Skeleton Key starring Vincent Price as a keeper in South America when he and the crew are attacked...
File: 1255525383244.jpg (472 KB, 1680x1050)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
Oooh! Vincent Price!
File: 1466897536555.jpg (494 KB, 1557x1501)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
File: 1271304549779.jpg (3.19 MB, 2592x3872)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB JPG
>everything is extremely far away from everything
>in a place that's in the middle of the sea
literally why
I got to see her as a museum ship before they had to get rid of her. Wish I had been older so I could have better appreciated it.
File: lighthouse.jpg (364 KB, 2048x1521)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
P -50 and counting...
File: mannez light house.jpg (2.62 MB, 3852x2718)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB JPG
Lighthouses are mega-comfy. When I was younger, my grandmother and I would go out to the lighthouse and sit there, listening to the waves on the rocks and watching the beams of light scythe through the dark. It's fucking beautiful.

There are very few things I miss about the island I grew up on, but the lighthouse is one of them.
File: Berlin_solstice.jpg (596 KB, 2392x700)
596 KB
596 KB JPG
If those are 10' squares, "extremely far" is still a very brief jaunt.
File: big-sable-point-lightning.jpg (7.63 MB, 4608x3072)
7.63 MB
7.63 MB JPG
Chirico liked painting them. That proves they can manage to be pretty damn creepy.

Geology - tall buildings need deeper foundations, smaller buildings like the house don't but still need SOME foundations, pier needs to be in nautically "quietest" area of island, equipment shed needs to be fairly near both lighthouse and power shed, power shed needs to be on the driest area of the island and special building work to protect it from elements.
why not just put the powershed into the lighthouse and then you could put the equipment shed there too, and the lighthouse is on a tal thing, so you can have lots of foundations, so the only other thing you need is a pier.

If the lighthouse falls over you don't want to have to scrabble through the rubble for equipment or lose power to the whole island.
The whole island is just the lighthouse.
so if it falls over you don't really need power for anything.

the house needs power and you need to survive until you can get a boat off the island.
i prefer lighthouses without islands where everything is inside the lighthouse is what i meant
File: Eddystone-Douglass.gif (413 KB, 591x1707)
413 KB
413 KB GIF
That would mean it's 1.5m in diameter.
I highly doubt that.
File: Plymouth_Hoe.jpg (378 KB, 1634x828)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
The generator is loud, vibrates, and smells like diesel. The tank is a hazard in a fire. I might have placed it further from shore though.

The shed is where you put dirty tools and do dirty work. Then you go inside where it's dry and clean.

Sure you could have it all in one structure. You could also sleep in your kitchen.

This is silly.
Put the tools into the entry area where things like mud and seawater are gonna get in anyway.
Put the fuel over the water tank(-3) at level -2, and the generator on -1.
If the fuel catches fire you have water there.
If it dissipates into the water it's just gonna float on top. And the generator is underground too.
What are you talking about? Lighthouses are comfy as fuck.
>fuel over the water tank

Literally the worst idea.
then under.

>>The maps included in Twilight Encounters are all provided with a square grid to control movement and measurement of firing ranges. Two different scales of grids are used -- one for outdoor encounters and one for buildings and other interiors.The outdoor grid uses squares representing eight meters from side to side.

Posting relevant pages.

And done.

No because then the water will drip into the fuel and then the fuel will start to corrode all the gaskets and valve seals.
File: CryoChamberVid.png (138 KB, 869x697)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Well, there's this track I've been using for reading music lately. CryoChamber does these ambient collections. This one seems fitting to the thread. There's a whole bunch of different great sounds throughout, but no timeframes listed to figure out who made what parts. I've been meaning to look up all the artists and check out more from each.

File: 1455221461773.jpg (204 KB, 1200x750)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Ooh, thanks!
You do realize that not everything is always leaking everywhere.
If it were that easy to get to the fuel, the constant rain and sea mist could do it too, even in the shed.
Ever worked maintenance in 30+ year old buildings? Shit leaks, and sometimes you don't look too hard at it for fear it's going to leak even harder. If you're a keeper, you may actually have the time to do good preventative maintenance, but it doesn't always guarantee materials or the extra hands some of it requires.
I dont wanna spoil your ideas of what's good and bad, but here's a real life lighthouse design.
I wasn't the earlier anon, just throwing in my 2 cents worth of experience. Myself, I wouldn't much be worried looking at that, as long as you didn't let the water level get too low. You'd be drawing from the bottom of the water tank and any fuel oil is going to stay on top just as long as you don't do anything to mix it. Probably wouldn't want to think too hard about it, but probably not gonna hurt you either.
File: water9_1539269i.jpg (57 KB, 620x400)
57 KB
The foley artists must have had a field day working on that broadcast.
File: 1466897656707.jpg (176 KB, 620x831)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
File: louies.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
Can a lighthouse be more than a signal?
Can the light house be near the same port town where the night shift gas station and the container maze shipyard are?
But far enough to not be directly related.

Also: Kentucky Route Zero, Night Vale, and - WTH - Innsmouth bay.
Creepytown, Fogswamp County, Greater Spookolia

>hohshit that loks fucking amazing

Supposedly, it's not a lighthouse for things of this world. Nor is it a ward against danger. It's a beacon.
File: image.jpg (47 KB, 537x411)
47 KB
Suggested listening

>evening falls and so does a cold rain
>after some brief arguing the mirrors are restored to their original places around the lighthouse
>all is prepared and ready to go for tomorrow night
>you unwind with some beer and smokes in the bigroom
>one of you plays the piano
>classy shit
>pathétique grave by beethoven
>it just mean it be played slow-like ya dig says pianoman
>shit son you could have been a pianist with those skills
>tomorrow I'll be rich instead
>you all toast to that
File: Spoiler Image (43 KB, 480x360)
43 KB
>night falls
>shift change
>look don't freak out but I found something
>I was removing the hallway mirror don't give me that look and I found that the wall behind it was plywood
>it's removable
>you both look inside the tiny secret room
>there is an open hole with a metal rungs climbing down down into darkness
>also the mirror's back is hinged to swing open
>two way mirror
>maybe seeing things in the mirror wasn't just our imaginations
>wake the rest
>minutes later you all look down the hole
>that's some 'nam style rat-hole I ain't climbing down there
>one throws down a burning pack of matches
>it falls down what seems like several floors in length and miraculously keeps burning after hitting the bottom
>feeble flickers of light only reveal how narrow and deep it is
>great, just great. Wanna climb down and put that out before you start a fire?
>nobody seems keen on climbing down
>you throw down a bucket of water instead
>we handled that as true pros
>fucking jumpy clowns
>you all ponder the implications of this discovery
>double shifts from now on
>everyone pack some heat too
>we all think it without saying it aloud
>that we'll search these secret passages thoroughly
>just not tonight
Based anon is back, yaaay!
New thread for the glorious writefaggotry?
File: image.jpg (56 KB, 479x720)
56 KB
I'm embarassed that it has taken me so long to type up the story but I have it all planned out and will finish in the next few days.
Life hands me dates, 200% workload and an imploding tooth in equal measure to steal my time away.
File: vitaliy-smyk-lighthouse.jpg (176 KB, 1815x967)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
>biggest fear
The light going out, and having to deal the ensuing beurocratic assfucking and/or creatures in the dark
>biggest "irrational" fear
Things looking in the windows or perching on railings
>What do you like most?
The peace and quiet, provided that if I'm stationed there with others, they're not loud
>What do you bring?
A pistol, shotgun, and ammuniton, books, a journal, sketchbooks and other art supplies.
>How do you spend your time?
Drawing, reading, writing, making conversation with the crew, taking potshots at seagulls.
That makes my art deco heart weep with joy.
File: InMourning-Afterglow.jpg (292 KB, 1200x1200)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Album art for "Afterglow" by In Mourning.
File: 79940668-L.jpg (92 KB, 541x600)
92 KB
File: 06wisconsin66.jpg (21 KB, 650x445)
21 KB
With a rather narrow walkway to reach it

They were obviously swept away by a rouge wave.
File: isisbloodysurf.jpg (24 KB, 435x243)
24 KB
>rouge wave
Just rouge? Not full on crimson after dashing them against the rocks?
>I also still hold out hope for the discovery of the lost city of atlantis,

We found it. It's the island of Santorini.


They reconstructed the landscape before the massive, massive, MASSIVE kratatoa-tier volcanic eruption that fucked up the island, and they found a deep channel cutting through the rings of land surrounding the central lagoon. Computer modeling found that it was ripped open by erosion when the emptied magma chamber collapsed and the sea rushed in to fill it... through a much smaller, narrower channel that had already been there.

In other words, the shipping canal cut through the rings of land.

They did a documentary on it; scientifically it's almost guaranteed that Santorini is Atlantis.

Also, all of you people asking about creepy lighthouses? There's a book you should read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annihilation_%28VanderMeer_novel%29

Basically, the story is about a research team heading into an area very much like The Zone from the STALKER franchise, and there's a creepy as FUCK fucking lighthouse at the heart of the mystery.

Your Head
File: the joke.png (20 KB, 424x335)
20 KB

Make a smartass joke get a smartass answer!
An answer that provides no faith in your understanding of the joke, but then if you got it you wouldn't have made the mistake in the first place.
File: 1465288386334.jpg (69 KB, 640x628)
69 KB
>but then if you got it you wouldn't have made the mistake in the first place

Yes anon, there's someone on /tg/ that doesn't know about misspelling a sneaky thief as a particular kind of red cosmetic. Which is exactly why you got the sarcastic reply, because I suspected you were being a pedantic little fuck.
File: 1467037280044.jpg (731 KB, 2597x1773)
731 KB
731 KB JPG
Worst Nightmare
File: 8596386.jpg (29 KB, 348x236)
29 KB
File: 1269924304483.jpg (271 KB, 878x1526)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Nah, it's fine. The ground's just gone all wrong.
File: 1256570193267.jpg (305 KB, 1280x1002)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Thead's at the bump limit. Starting new one for the based anon.

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