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Last time, you witnessed the first death of the war and told your employer the tale. This time, let's see what happens.


Info Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L5-s3EIlzJJ2Mt_wQLDV-6oH0Y4fFHHBhQUd_2_3RTA/pub


Night has firmly entrenched itself over Fuyuki, and with it has come the first death of the war. Servant Assassin, having nearly killed the war's overseer, had succeeded in doing away with the Einzbern Master and their Servant. You'll have to watch your step from here; entering an area like the forest at night would make you a perfect target for that Assassin and its myriad wires.

With that in mind, you've returned to the Tohsaka household and spoken to Tokiomi.

As usual, he provides you with some information he's gathered, namely that he's confirmed that the Shinto house you found earlier belongs to Feend vor Sembren. In turn, you give him your account of the day, from Elena referring to Xuan as a "sage" to the assassination in the forest.
Now though, you're faced with the choice of what to do. You can always head out yourself, probably to meet with someone like Elena at the Church so that you can tell her about what you've seen. However, that could be risky, especially if Assassin's still on the hunt. Alternatively, you can just ask Tokiomi to send out a familiar, but then you're limited to observation and not interaction.

[] Head out yourself (specify location).
[] Ask Tokiomi to send out a familiar and best (specify location).
>Ask Tokiomi to send out a familiar and best (specify location).
See if it can find out what happened to the master of Lancer. I just really want to know if Illya really had to die again. ;-;
I'll support >>48171098
The matter of what you saw at the forest still bothers you, especially since you weren't able to find the body of the Einzbern Master. Maybe it was taken for some unknown purpose, maybe it was disposed of, or maybe the Master was kept alive. Regardless, it's not a loose end you're content with leaving as it is. With that in mind, you ask Tokiomi to send out a familiar in search of either the Einzbern Master or any trails that could lead you to them. While a little on the vague side, Tokiomi agrees that he'll dig up what he can, though he doesn't seem optimistic given that there isn't a trail from the forest to follow and that the one responsible for this is Assassin, of all Servants.

With that matter attended to, the question of what you yourself will do comes to mind. There's no real issue with you heading out now, but the risk of doing so and the lost sleep you'd get are certainly notable detriments.

[] Head out. (Specify location)
[] Head to sleep.
>Head out. To sleep
To dreamland, and also dragon girl cuddles. I recommend we get up a bit early though, as it may be time to start getting at least SOME shit done.
No point in hurting your health and potentially dying to a surprise attack. As has become customary, you head to sleep, your Servant latching herself to your side.

You wake up a touch earlier than usual the next day, working through your morning routine before mentally running through your options. Informing others about what you saw last night could be useful, whether that be Xuan in the Park or Elena at the Church. But...you can't guarantee that either of them are wholly trustworthy, so maybe it's better to just search the city, or even go after Feend or the Matous.

[] Talk to Elena, the overseer should be told about what happened.
[] Talk to Xuan, she's not exactly trustworthy but she's the closest thing to an ally you have.
[] Search an area of the city (Specify location).
[] Go on the offensive (Specify: Feend, Matou, Xuan).
>[] Go on the offensive (Specify: Feend, Matou, Xuan).
Where is Shirou supposed to live again? I'm not saying we look for sword boy, I'm just curious. Although maybe if we are Good enough we can have People Die When They Are Killed tag along with us.
Let's go see Elena
The Emiya residence is in Miyama, a bit northeast of the school, which is in turn northwest of the Matou household, which is north of the Tohsaka household.
I'm curious about the setting, so I say we see if we can follow Shinji to school, just to see how things are here.

>Search an area of the city
School? Shinji should be there if it isn't the weekend, we figured this earlier, didn't we?
Rolled 3 (1d3)

Alright, I feel eh about doing it for three options, but delaying for too long makes me feel more eh, so 1 for fighting Feend, 2 for chatting up Elena, 3 for stalking seaweed.
Holy shit I won.
You decide to try and get a better lay of the land, as well as some more information on the Matous while you're at it. That boy you saw earlier, Shinji Matou, apparently isn't a magus from what Tokiomi told you, but maybe you can get information on the Matou's Master by tailing him...or capturing him, if need be.

Given that you woke up earlier than usual, going to the school isn't the best idea just yet, so you head for the nearby Matou house, waiting unseen until the seaweed-haired boy emerges, at which point you move to tail him.

The academy is rather nearby, and Shinji doesn't notice your presence as you walk along behind him, Kiyohime at your side. As you arrive, though, you face a decision on what to do. You can hardly become "unnoticed", you don't know spells in that field, so what to do?

[] Follow him into the school as you are, pretend that you belong there.
[] Send a spiritualized Kiyohime in to trail him.
[] Quickly knock him out and drag him away, time for interrogation.
>[] Quickly knock him out and drag him away, time for interrogation.
no mercy for seaweed
>Follow him into the school as you are, pretend that you belong there.
Pretend that Kiyohime is your daughter, and you are here to see if you can enroll her.You are really just here to spy though. -and if Shirou is here I vote (for later) we get Sword to ally with us, if he is even useful in this setting.
KO him. We need to start being aggressive, damn it.
Wait a minute, we are generic anime protag #2734, we could have just waltzed in and no one would bother questioning us.
At your order, Kiyohime darts forwards before Shinji enters the school grounds, her body a blur. Even if he had noticed something, a human couldn't hope to react in time to a Servant, and so the wakame lord was knocked unconscious by a well-placed strike.

Hoping that nobody saw your green-haired, horned supersonic familiar knock Shinji unconscious, you quickly fall back to the Tohsaka house, Kiyohime carrying both you and the unconscious Matou to lower the chances of it being noticed.

By the time Shinji wakes up, you've thoroughly restrained him. His eyes crack open, a dull groan leaving him, before his eyes immediately widen at the memory of what had happened and the realization that he's tied up.

Well, what to do?

[] Don't beat around the bush. Ask where Zouken Matou is and what he knows about the Grail War.
[] Good cop bad cop routine with Kiyohime.
[] Shave his head.
>Good cop bad cop routine with Kiyohime.

-but one of you is also threatening to shave his head.
Seeing Shinji's panicked face as he strains to free himself from his binds, you decide on a little plan, sending the basics to Kiyohime through your mental link. Hopefully she'll understand well enough.

"Calm down, kid." You say, relaxing your posture as you face Shinji. "You're not in any danger here. My partner here and I just have a few questions we'd like to ask you, alright? You know, Holy Grail business and all. I'll go get you a drink, I understand if you're stressed out by this."

You turn and move to walk into the kitchen, sending Kiyohime a mental message. The moment after you've done so, she darts towards Shinji, grabbing him by the hair and tilting his head up harshly. "Listen, you waste of space. Either you tell me what I want to know, or this hair of yours is going to turn to ashes, followed shortly by your bones. Clear?"

By the time you've returned, the Matou boy has been reduced to a sniveling mess.

...well, that's disappointing. That was barely even a routine. You need to find some better people to try this out on later, this was just dissatisfying.

[] Ask about Zouken.
[] Ask about the Grail War.
[] Fuck it, just kill him.
>Ask about Zouken.
-and also try to give him his water, asking what happened? We have to try to save this.
>[] Ask about Zouken.
You pass the restrained, panicked boy a glass of water, which he sips from, staring at Kiyohime with a shaky, wide-eyed expression.

Well, might as well get to the heart of the matter. You ask him about the Matou family head, Zouken. You haven't found evidence of any activity or a Servant's presence during any of the investigations you've conducted there, which is certainly suspected.

In response, Shinji exhales sharply in something resembling a tight wheeze, before speaking up in reply. "H-How should I know about that?! It's not like he would tell me what he's doing!" He snaps back in reply.

...well, that's a fair point. Unless he had use as a pawn, bringing a non-magus into this just seemed detrimental, all the more so since a magus like you could just snatch him up and interrogate him or invade his mind. If Zouken is as shrewd and brilliant as Tokiomi said, then you'd be more surprised if this wasn't the case.

In the end, all you're able to get out of Shinji is that Zouken doesn't seem to be acting any differently than normal, having not mentioned the Grail War outside of passing remarks that it was underway. He hadn't seen a Servant or any strange rituals, and Zouken was sticking to his normal routine, staying in his house during the day and heading out at night to do god-knows-what.

[] Press on the matter of Zouken, maybe he's hiding something.
[] Ask if he's seen any magi besides Zouken around.
[] Let him go, you can't keep him for too long before Zouken gets a call about him missing class or something.
>Ask if he's seen any magi besides Zouken around.

A-Are we really considering releasing him? Won't he just go back to Zouken and run his mouth anyway?!
if we do end up releasing him... do we have any delayed action curses that spread to others nearby the initial infected? that way we could send him back and then when he visits zouken to tell about getting interrogated he ends up cursing the household.
Yes that's a good idea, let's try to beat the 500 year old genius archmage with mage craft

Ask about other magi, maybe we can get word on the seventh Master
oh yeah, meant to second this post
You doubt that there's much more you can get about Zouken out of him; the Matou head has likely taken precautions given how easy a target Shinji is, so you might end up playing into his hands if anything. With that in mind, you decide to ask about something else: any other magi Shinji's seen in the recent days.

"...other magi? How would I know that?" He snaps in reply, faltering a moment later as he saw Kiyohime's body tense from the corner of his eye. That's...fair, now that you think about it. If he isn't a magus, then he wouldn't have any way of telling whether someone else was a magus or not save for intuition. You sigh exasperatedly, this interrogation has hardly been worth it. You've barely managed to get anything, whether information or entertainment, out of this brat, and moreover-

"Maybe the guy with the eyepatch? He looked strange enough."

Shinji's words jolt you from your thoughts, as you feel a smile play across the edge of your lips.

Finally, something.


It's been three hours now, so I'll have to call it here. Not going to lie, the recent activity we've been getting is pretty discouraging, but I won't be abandoning stuff just yet. I will probably start slowing down on how often I make threads after next week ends, though, since I'll be getting a touch busier then.

Anyway, next thread probably Saturday but maybe tomorrow. As usual, twitter for updates, ask.fm for questions, etc. Take care.

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